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Video Interviewing:
No Longer for Early Adopters
The use of video interviews has been around the recruiting ecosystem decades - from video conferences of the 1990’s to the video chats of the 2000’s, the understanding that video could one day change how we hire existed. In 2005, the understanding of what Video Interviewing was was minimal resulting in a market that was almost nonexistent. By 2010, the industry was preparing to emerge from the early adopter timeframe, with an industry accepted adoption rate around 15%. Today, more than 38% of respondents to our 2012 Video Interviewing Usage Survey say they use video at some stage of the hiring process.1 The rapid growth within the market was not only tied to the introduction of a number of vendors into the video interviewing market but also a rapid growth in online consumer video viewing and sharing, thanks to sites like YouTube, Facebook, hulu, Netflix as well as the video communication sites like Skype, Google Talk and more. In addition, it is estimated that 79% of all laptops now have webcams built in making video accessible anywhere with wifi access.2

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Sarah White is an Industry Analyst and CEO of Sarah White & Associates, LLC, a Human Capital Market Strategy & Advisory Firm. ! Since 2006, she has been writing, speaking and consulting with corporate HR teams looking to better understand how technology & emerging media can improve their hiring & retention practices.

Thanks to the combination of consumerization trends in talent acquisition technology 3 and the rise of consumer video usage - the video interviewing market has been in an accelerated rate of market adoption. In just the last 18 months, the video interviewing market has grown from Early Adopter numbers to the range of the Early Majority.


Video Interviewing Usage Study, Conducted in 2012 by Sarah White & Associates, LLC Underwritten by Wowzer - Included segmented responses from Recruiters and Hiring Managers from 158 Unique Company Responses. 56% of responses were from Global Organizations.
2 3

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Source: 5 Trends in Talent Acquisition for 2012, Spring 2012 imsosarah/5-strategic-trends-in-recruiting

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4 Video Interviewing Usage Study.Video Interviewing: No Longer for Early Adopters © We anticipate the early majority range to last just a few years before hitting the late Majority at some point in 2015. Google Talk. 2012. Face Time. 78% respond they would be equally or more comfortable with a video interview. There are two main types of video interviews: One-way ( . etc 4 These numbers highlight the readiness of users to move further into the mainstream market.Underwritten by Wowzer © 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 2 of 8 www. Types of Video Interviews The increase in organizational use of video interviewing programs is impressive and even for those who were not in the category of early adopter or early majority it is a great time to learn more about where video fit into your overall hiring strategy. asynchronous) or Two-way (live) which can be integrated to enhance or build efficiencies into the hiring process at most organizations. When asked specifically about comfort levels with video interviews compared to traditional interviews (phone or face to face). LLC . more than 78% of our recruiters and nearly 90% of the hiring managers had some experience with a video chatting platform like Skype.SarahWhiteLLC. Already we found that outside of work. Sarah White & Associates.

Many vendors use their own language to describe the same thing. they are presented with four to six questions. and context.SarahWhiteLLC. they can be aim to emulate the key screening questions asked in a phone interview. They allow the job seeker to answer a set of questions at their convenience. while a single set of questions for all applicants must be general in nature. Practitioner Note: In recorded video interviews. The job seeker then gets a set amount of time to respond. From a return on investment (ROI) perspective. With recorded interviews. Video Interviewing can also referred to as Video Screening. or a combination of those options.Video Interviewing: No Longer for Early Adopters © Recorded (One-Way or Asynchronous) One-way. or Recorded. On the corporate side. applicants are emailed a link to log into a custom interface featuring a particular corporate branding. These questions are presented in written . and share it internally . each applicant for a particular job is asked the exact same set of questions with the same tone. inflection. The recorded nature of the one-way interview allows recruiters to not only review the interviews on their own time. but also forward to hiring managers or teams for immediate feedback before moving forward in the process. recorded videos allow the recruiter and hiring manager to review the interview multiple times. as an audio or video-recorded version. just as they would in a face-toface or phone interview. Once they have logged in. any time they like. This is considered an advantage because consistency is key in interviews. videos typically occur earlier in the hiring cycle than twoway or live interviews and are designed to be the least intrusive for all parties involved. which is one of the most time consuming portions of the interview process. Video Recruiting or Video Hiring.all on their own schedule. Anyone involved in the hiring process has the ability to compare the answers of various candidates quickly and easily. add notes. This speeds up the hiring process by narrowing down candidates more quickly and getting the right people in front of the hiring managers sooner. from any location they like. It takes more than 30 minutes per candidate just to schedule a phone screen at 35% of organizations surveyed © 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 3 of 8 www.

the benefits of this option include the ability to review for both candidate selection as well as interview coaching. after the phone . Sarah White & Associates. While this is an internally debated issue at many organizations. and is traditionally Even though they are called “two-way” these interviews can typically accommodate multiple interviewers from the organization to save time and money. with dedicated video interviewing platforms. Both hiring managers and recruiters rated saving time as the most important factor when Live (Two-Way) Practitioner Note: Live. Converting even a portion of the phone screen or early screening process to recorded video will have a direct impact on ROI. A growing number of vendors also allow these ‘live’ interviews to be recorded. used by organizations looking to reduce their travel expenses or or increase their “green” focus during a candidate search. LLC Underwritten by Wowzer 6 Video Interviewing Usage Study. 2012.Video Interviewing: No Longer for Early Adopters © More than half (53%) of companies surveyed5 phone screen 4-9 people per open position and for 35% of organizations it takes more than 30 minutes per candidate to even schedule the phone screen. 5 Video Interviewing Usage Study.way videos offer the ability for the conversation to go both the addition of a direct. face-to-face on demand. Sarah White & Associates. 2012. Much like the recorded option. on the market. allowing the benefit of a group or panel interview. or two. LLC Underwritten by Wowzer © 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 4 of 8 www. like Skype. Most live or two way video programs have expanded to allow more than two people to participate. This type of interview typically comes a little later in the hiring process. end user support for questions. utilizing a dedicated video interviewing platform provides benefits to organizations that are not possible with the non traditional options such as branded interface. considering video interviewing6 . users log in and get a fully branded experience and insight into the organization .SarahWhiteLLC. While there are a number of free video conferencing solutions. instead of the one-way nature of a recorded video. interview specific note tracking and certain compliance factors.

and live video is a great alternative to preview or interview candidates before or instead of flying them out for an in person meeting. LLC .Video Interviewing: No Longer for Early Adopters © The major benefit of the live interview is the fact that it can be done on demand. 2012.Underwritten by Wowzer © 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 5 of 8 www. (4.5/5) 8 was followed closely by cost savings and ease of use for the hiring manager. 70% of organizations will fly a candidate in at some point for an interview7.Underwritten by Wowzer 8 Video Interviewing Usage Study. For hiring managers. 2012. Sarah White & Associates. They wanted it to be easy while saving the company time and money. LLC . What Matters in Video Interviewing Corporate recruiting teams and hiring managers were both very clear when it came to discussing what mattered most when considering video interviewing technology. 7 Video Interviewing Usage . Sarah White & Associates. saving time and money both ranked much higher than any other consideration.especially valuable if you would be losing time trying to schedule travel. saving time was rated as equally important as candidate experience. For recruiters. without scheduling ahead of time .SarahWhiteLLC.

SarahWhiteLLC. Sarah White & Associates. LLC . the use of video was limited to the sphere of personal entertainment. the recorded (or asynchronous) interviews not only eliminate time spent in the screening or phone interview phase. LLC . in a way that fits best with their individual schedule.Underwritten by Wowzer © 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 6 of 8 www. but will also allow interview teams or hiring managers to preview their candidates and provide valuable feedback of who should come in for a full interview. or not. The time savings with recorded.Underwritten by Wowzer 10 Video Interviewing Usage Study.Video Interviewing: No Longer for Early Adopters © For organizations with a main focus to save time. 9 Of those with a Yes/No Opinion. combined with the travel cost savings of the live interview have resulted in reduced time with role open as well as multi million dollar savings for a number of large. Sarah White & Associates. Video Interviewing Usage Study. Conclusion Two decades ago. 2012. a medium with which to easily share videos had not yet been developed. While camcorders had gained in popularity. 2012. This allows hiring managers to be more involved in the process while seeing more depth than what a traditional resume may show. Those companies that were most interested in cost could find the largest savings through the dual implementation approach. 9 While some organizations decide to start with just one. global organizations over the last few years.10 many companies that have implemented video interviewing as a strategic part of their hiring process use both styles at various stages of the hiring . 74% of Recruiters & 60% of Hiring Managers thought Video Interviewing would make their job easier. speeding up of phone screen phase. 13% of the surveyed organizations currently use the two-way (live) interviews as their exclusive video interviewing strategy.

With the rapid increase in consumerization among video as a whole. With headquarters in Silicon Valley. Deloitte & Intel. positive employment brand experience while recruiters enjoy the benefits of a faceto-face interview using less time and resources than phone screening. The newest evolution of video interviewing solutions goes beyond basic video interviews or live conversations to a strategic part of the hiring process at multiple stages.Video Interviewing: No Longer for Early Adopters © In the business world.SarahWhiteLLC. © 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 7 of 8 www. This research report underwritten by . With Wowzer Video Screening. Video interviewing technology in 2013 has evolved to provide corporate human resource teams a true competitive advantage and positive ROI through multi-video option offerings. combined with the new focus on dedicated video interviewing platforms. thoughtful analytics. For more information. and custom user interfaces unique to any brand. Wowzer enables more personal interactions between hiring teams and candidates through its web-based video interviewing platform. the market is has reached early majority status. executive search firms were creating the groundwork for what would eventually become the video interviewing market by sending candidates to third party locations and setting them up for remote interviews with live video feeds. candidates see a consistent. Wowzer empowers leading employers globally including or follow us on Twitter at @goWowzer. visit http://wowzer.

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