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Bio-Fuels Corn Wet Milling Ethanol Malting Starch Sugar

our Vee-Wire® screens are ideal for the harsh environments of food and beverage processing. Johnson Screens can provide the following documents upon request: • • • • • • • • Quality plan Manufacturing plan Production schedule Process qualification record (PQR) Welding procedure specification (WPS) Welder performance qualification (WQR) In-house inspection reports Chemical and/or mechanical analysis certificates Our screens are quality inspected to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Johnson Screens is an ISO-certified company. Known for great strength. This process creates a slot that enlarges inwardly. Each project is designed to ensure complete satisfaction. 2 . A final inspection guarantees delivery of a product that fully meets the user’s technical specification. We provide guidance and support from project conception to completion. each product is subject to a procedure of self-inspection by each operator throughout the manufacturing process. These screens are found in industries such as: • • • • • • • • Bio-fuels Brewing Corn wet milling Ethanol Malting Starch Sugar Wine production Our state-of-the-art screens are made by welding our patented vee-shaped Vee-Wire screens onto various sizes and shapes of support rods. The equipment and screens work together. a long service life and a high level of adaptability. consistency and slot openings. and though technology has changed. Johnson Screens also produces industry-leading static and rotary equipment. In addition to screens. Johnson Screens has been producing industry-leading stainlesssteel filter elements for liquid/solid and gas/solid separation. durability.JOHNSON SCREENS: AN OVERVIEw INNOVATIVE DESIGN Since 1904. Our unique continuous welding method meets the most demanding standards for ruggedness. our commitment to quality products and services has not. QUALITY Johnson Screens has been delivering top-quality screens to various industries for more than a century. creating a large open area and clogresistant surface. creating the best-possible combination available to the food and beverage industry.

Features of this basket include: • • • • • • Increased fiber dewatering compared to nickel screens Extended wear life Custom manufactured to each centrifuge design Variable slot openings from 20 μm and up Fine Vee-Wire® construction prevents clogging Capable of withstanding high backwash pressures Continuous centrifuge baskets SUGAR PROCESSING Johnson Screens new patented fine Vee-Wire continuous centrifuge basket is guaranteed to provide a high-mechanical strength. They improve starch refining by providing accurate and customized slot sizes.Fine wire Baskets: STARCH & SUGAR Continuous centrifuge baskets STARCH PROCESSING Johnson Screens® starch baskets are custom made to fit into any existing or new centrifuge application. easy to clean Increase sugar production with Johnson Screens new patented fine Vee-Wire continuous centrifuge basket! 3 . Features of this basket include: • • • • • • Replaces electroformed and laser screens Variable slot openings from 20 μm and up Long lasting. a precise slot opening and a larger percentage of open area. The self-supporting structure of the basket is designed and engineered to withstand the high stresses and load conditions of the sugar industry. specific to your needs. fewer change-outs High resistance to abrasion Fast and easy installation Low maintenance. increasing the amount of sugar crystal recovery.

and meet high flow rate and heavy loading needs.VESSELS & VESSEL INTERNALS Steep tank screens Johnson Screens® cylindrical collector screens for steep tank systems can be customized for multiple configurations. including 304 and 316 Customized slot sizes SUGAR BEET TOwER SCREENS Ideal for use in cossette mixers and extraction towers. standard slot opening of 0. these screens are typically constructed out of looped-wire construction.007 in. Features include: • • • • • • • Self-supporting structure Engineered to meet design load requirements Larger open area. ABS and Kynar® Standard diameter of 1. . reducing abrasion of media Slot size variable depending on media retention needs Grids can be supplied with support beams.008 in. as one-piece construction or in multiple sections for on-site assembly. (50 mm). (0.18 mm) for stainless steel Standard slot opening of 0. The screens are typically connected to an external tank pipe manifold. bolting and all necessary accessories Holddown bolts  * Kynar® is a registered trademark of Atochem. Features include: • • • • Uniform collection Strong resistance against abrasion Made from various stainless steels. compared to wire mesh and perforated plate Smooth surface. rope packing.97 in. though Vee-Wire® construction is also available. • • • • High open area lends resistance to clogging Strong resistance against abrasion Customized slot sizes Fine-wires available for fine sand removal NOZZLES Johnson Screens nozzles enable a more effective use of the treatment media.2 mm) for ABS and Kynar nozzles Threaded end fittings or holddown bolts SUPPORT GRIDS The Johnson Screens support grid system is available in an assortment of framing options and designs. (0. Features include: • • • • • • • Economical and non-plugging design High open area Increased strength and corrosion resistance Available in stainless steel.

COLLECTORS & DISTRIBUTORS SCREEN LATERAL SYSTEmS These assemblies consist of a series of screen laterals connected to either a central-header pipe or a hub.25 mm) Larger open area when compared to wire mesh and perforate plate Increased process efficiency  . They are designed for effective media retention in a wide range of applications. Outlet baskets Johnson Screens® outlet baskets are necessary to prevent treatment media from migrating out of the vessel. (0.01 in. (0.787 in. couplings or flanges Header lateral design can be either side-mounted or have a center outlet. Features include: • • • • • Exceptional resistance to collapsing Typically made from 300 series stainless steel Slot size as narrow as 0.002 in. Features include: • • • • • • Uniform collection or distribution flow Designed to accommodate flow in any direction Slot sizes from 0. (20 mm) and up Typically made from 300 series stainless steel Connections of the laterals can be threaded fittings. These baskets can be built as a single unit or segmented for installation through a manway.05 mm) and up Diameters from 0.

As the slurry flows over the inclined screen surface. ® VIBRATORY ASSEmBLY In this pressure screen box. (10 mm) Typically made with 300 series stainless steel WIRE-STATIC ASSEmBLY This pressure screen box features no moving parts. The slurry is gravity fed to the head box and then flows to the screen. thus effectively achieving higher flow rates and sizing down to 200 μm.PROCESS EqUIPmENT 120° PRESSURE SCREENS Considering manual-handling restrictions. These easy-to-install gravity screens feature low operating and maintenance costs. Made from our patented Vee-Wire screens. • • • • • GRAVITY SCREENS Johnson Screens gravity screens are typically applied to make coarse separations ahead of additional processing systems. The screens are selfcleaning with very low maintenance requirements.394 in. a layer of slurry is sliced away. The solids retained from the screen gather for disposal or reuse. Johnson Screens has developed an innovative split-sieve concept. the vibrations are evenly distributed on the screen surface by Johnson Screens patented dual vibratory motor/shaft combination.  . made of wires which are perpendicular to flow. economical benefit by reducing the physical size and also the screen weight. The system uses a Vee-Wire dewatering screen to retain the solids while allowing effluent to run through the system. the pressure screens can provide up to 50 percent more open area because of our greater range of narrower wire profiles. Features of the pressure screen include: • • Johnson Screens® pressure screens are used in static sieves for either dewatering or classification. Reduced equipment and installation costs Low maintenance costs Better flow rate and finer fiber removal Wide range of applications Longer lifetime Slot sizes range from 25 μm to 0. The design offers a simple. The Johnson Screens team of engineers can customize according to client specifications.

The variety of baskets includes highstrength.PADDLE SCREENS Used mainly in the corn wet-milling industry for fine-fiber removal. dewatering and pressing of solids for the removal of free water. enhanced fiber retention and improved effluent clarity. Benefits include: • • • • Custom. washing. consistent slot size Fine particle screening Long lasting. durable Typically made from 304 and 316 stainless steel. drilled hole and Vee-Wire® slotted designs. Johnson Screens also manufactures screw press baskets that are custom designed to fit into any make and model of screw press.  . also other materials SCREw PRESSES & Screw Press baskets Johnson Screens unique modular design drainer screw press offers a singledrive solution for conveying. This screw press has separate washing and dewatering zones and reduces water content of the solids up to four times. which provide increased open area. Johnson Screens® paddle screens are custom designed to fit any centrifugal design.

the slot and wire sizes can be individualized to each process. which separates the liquids and solids as the system rotates. The screens inside the rotary sieve are especially designed to fit the specifications of each rotary sieve and are available separately from the rotary sieve itself. Rotary sieves can be manufactured in either 304 or 316 stainless steel. and come in any size diameter and length. They are ideal for replacing worn-out screens in existing applications. The slurry is pumped into the rotary sieve. Based on the screening needs.ROTARY EqUIPmENT ROTARY SIEVES AND SCREENS Johnson Screens® rotary sieves allow for large flows to be pumped over the Vee-Wire® sieve screen inside. and as the liquid and smaller solids pass through the slots in the screen. the larger solids travel down the length of the screen to the discharge end.  .

Johnson Screens® malting bed screens are the ideal choice for malting floors and other screening needs in the malting process.mALTING & BREwING SCREENS FLAT SCREENS Johnson Screens offers a variety of flat screens for the malting and brewing industries. (50 mm) Substantial length usually greater than 39.37 in. over supports or other structures. the filtration capacity can be modified easily by varying the number of candle filters to obtain the required filter area.97 in. reducing contamination of the process.000 mm) Very fine openings: 25 to 150 microns. (1. CANDLE fILTERS The filtration capacity can be modified easily by varying the number of candle filters to obtain the required filter area. These Vee-Wire® screens are ideal for: • • • • • • Lauder tubs Germination Kilning Ultra filtration Steeping Malt extraction Used in the kilning. Housed inside a cylindrical vessel. the screens are very easy to clean. These screen panels can be designed to minimize “dead spots” in the malting floor. Vee-Wire candle filters are used widely in the brewing industry for filtration. In between malting batches. to further improve the overall process. germination and drying phases of the malting process. according to the application  . Features include: • • • Small diameter usually less than 1.

135 m/s). This lower velocity helps to prevent debris clogging. the passive intake screen is designed to reduce slot entrance velocity to 0. simple and compact. cost-effective solutions for the treatment of water flows.5 ft/s (0. The key benefits and advantages to the CoMag process are: • • • • • • • • • • CoMag Clarifier Effluent CoMag Sludge Discharge Low capital and O&M costs Compact system equals smaller footprint Non-abrasive ballast High reliability High “turndown” capability Insensitive to solids loading changes Insensitive to flow changes Flexibility of coagulant type UV disinfection enabling No filter clogging or mudballing No backwash losses Adaptable into a mobile water treatment system • • Passive intake screens Johnson Screens® passive intake screens are carefully designed to protect the natural surroundings and aquatic life near the intake. Reliable. Equipped with our primary filtration Hydroburst® system. CoMag systems are high-performance. The Johnson Screens intake system offers many benefits including: • • • • • • Low cost Limited maintenance Environmentally friendly Easy cleaning No disposal of debris Adaptability 10 . robust.WATER TREATmENT & PROCESSING Comag® CLARIfICATION SYSTEm The CoMag system is a patented solids and precipitatedparticulate removal process that uses coagulation to produce a superior quality effluent at a fraction of the capital and operating costs of conventional clarification and filtration alternatives.

equipment and experience needed to provide the best field service available. Whether cleaning.EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCTS. or doing a complete replacement of screens. our field service team will be there to allow the screens to operate at maximum capacity. Our experienced welder/fabricators team is available for on-site installation. Our experienced technicians are also available for supervision of installations and on-site repairs. our technicians are equipped with all the tools. and can be available within 24 hours for emergency situations or scheduled as needed. making minor or major repairs. EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE FIELD SERVICE Johnson Screens offers a complete field service activity with a team of specialized and experienced supervisors available for various interventions like: • • • • • Full installation On-site repairs Technical assistance or expertise Work supervision Inspection Flexibility and expertise allow us to propose this extended scope of services under tailor-made contract conditions in order to better serve our clients’ requirements. Able to evaluate the condition of screens and make recommendations as to the best course of action. 11 . repairs and screen replacement.

com 7310. OUR WIDE RANGE OF PRECISION ENGINEERED EQUIPMENT IS SUITABLE FOR MORE APPLICATIONS THAN EVER.: +61 7 3867 5555 FAX: +61 7 3265 2768 EMAIL: salesasiapacific@johnsonscreens. Discover our ever-expanding range of products. SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA Johnson Screens USA TEL. Contact us today.Providing over 100 years of experience.AFRICA Johnson Screens France TEL. Turn to Johnson Screens® to help maximize your operational efficiency and find long-term.ASIA PACIFIC Johnson Screens Australia TEL.MIDDLE EAST . trouble-free solutions.00 Copyright ©2009 All rights reserved to Johnson Screens Inc.: +1 651 636 3900 FAX: +1 651 638 3177 EMAIL: salesamerica@johnsonscreens. designed with your needs in mind: PETROCHEmICAL AND REfINING Centerpipes Outer baskets Scallops Support grids and beams Outlet collectors Laterals Distributor trays Nozzle systems Scale traps WATER PROCESS CoMag® & BioMag® Passive Intake screens In-line self-cleaning filters Nozzles Triton® underdrain systems Fish diversion screens Collectors/distributors Resin traps Precoat filters Milliscreen® Suboscreen® Stepscreen Centre-Flo Screen ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION Column covers Urban furniture Frontages Floor grating Furniture Ventilation grids Sun-control screens Custom lighting Wall partitions MINERAL AND AGGREGATE PROCESSING Centrifuge baskets Pipo® modular screening systems Koko® screening systems Specialty wire & polyurethane combination screens Woven wire Sieve bends Trommel mats Frames Spray Nozzles HDPE Pipes Ceramics Rubber screening systems Mill liners & Rubber ceramic wear liners Urethane lined pipe GENERAL INDUSTRIAL Flat panels Sieve bends Cylindrical screens Centrifugal baskets 120° pressure fed screens Trommels Vibrator screens Diffuser screens Pressure screens WATER wELL Well screens (stainless steel and PVC) Riser pipes Sand spears Environmental monitoring screens Drilling fluid Nu-Well® rehabilitation chemicals fIELD SERVICES Installation Inspection Repair Assistance Supervisor A Weatherford Company AUSTRALIA . .com NORTH.: +33 (0)5 4902 1600 FAX : +33 (0)5 4902 1616 EMAIL: EUROPE . innovation and customer satisfaction.