By Charles and Frances Hunter

1 2 3 4 & * ) 2 3 Healing: A Life-Style Laying on of Hands The Spine (by Dr Le!oy" The #e$% Thing The 'el(i$ Thing +ro,ing -.t Ar/s and Legs 0sn1t !eally +ro,ing -.t Ar/s and Legs Learning #e, Things The 0//.ne Syste/ Se(en Steps to 4inistering Healing 4 10 20 24 2) 31 3) 43 4& *2

10 As 5o. Are +oing 0ll.strations 6hart of the Spine 6hart of Sa$r./7 'el(i$ 8ones7 Hip 8ones

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Healing is si/ple7 easy and .n$o/pli$ated be$a.se it is all done ,ith +od1s po,er in the na/e of 9es.s: Healing ,as a life-style for 9es.s and for the early dis$iples7 and it sho.ld be e;a$tly the sa/e today for e(ery born-again7 Spirit-filled 6hristian on earth Ho,e(er7 sin$e the ti/e ,hen the dis$iples li(ed on earth7 only a fe, people < /ostly /inisters < ha(e been gifted ,ith ,hat is $alled a healing /inistry or gifts of healing -nly re$ently7 pri/arily d.ring this generation7 ha(e ordinary 6hristians dis$o(ered that they7 too7 $an do ,hat 9es.s told all of .s to do There is a big differen$e bet,een the gifts of healing and being /erely obedient to the $o//ands 9es.s ga(e .s The gifts of healing are still present in a n./ber of 6hristians7 b.t all 6hristians ha(e a responsibility to obey e(erything 9es.s told .s to do 0n 4ar% 1*:12 He said that those ,ho belie(e =,ill lay hands on the si$%7 and they ,ill re$o(er > This is a life-style 9es.s ,as tal%ing abo.t7 not a spe$ial gift7 b.t a nor/al sign and ,onder that ,o.ld follo, e(ery belie(er to $onfir/ the fa$t that they ,ere telling the tr.th ,hen they spo%e abo.t His /ira$le-,or%ing po,er Healing is not an end .nto itself7 b.t it is a +odgi(en tool for .s to .se7 ?.st as 9es.s and the dis$iples did7 so that people ,ill belie(e in 9es.s 4

6hrist as their Sa(ior and Lord and be born again 0t is /ost $ertainly a tool ,hi$h is (itally needed by 6hristians today 8.t e(en /ore i/portant7 it is probably the best tool ,e ha(e been gi(en to aid in the e(angeli@ation of so.ls Ahen indi(id.als are healed by the po,er of +od7 it is e;tre/ely diffi$.lt for the/ not to belie(e in 9es.s 0n the beginning of o.r /inistry7 s.$$ess in healing ,as beyond o.r rea$h be$a.se ,e did not ha(e the baptis/ ,ith the Holy Spirit -.r $h.r$h had ta.ght against it7 and ,e belie(ed it ,as not for today 8e$a.se of o.r intense h.nger7 ho,e(er7 +od opened o.r spirit.al eyes7 and ,e re$ei(ed the baptis/ ,ith the Holy Spirit in an e;$iting ,ay Ae ne(er B.estioned its reality or the fa$t that it ,as a gift fro/ +od Ae %ne, beyond all do.bt that it ,as not ?.st senseless ?argon fro/ the de(il7 as so/e ha(e tried to tea$h -n$e ,e re$ei(ed this ,onderf.l gift of +od and spo%e in tong.es7 ,e instantly %ne, ,e had re$ei(ed His po,er ,ithin .s7 and ,e belie(ed that e(ery person ,e to.$hed ,o.ld be healed < b.t they ,eren1t: Ae laid hands on e(eryone ,e $o.ld 4ore res.lts o$$.rred7 b.t it ,as nothing as ,e e;pe$ted7 so ,e ,ent ba$% to the 8ible to see ho, 9es.s healed the si$% As fanati$al as ,e ,ere abo.t ,anting to learn ho, to heal the si$%7 ,e ne(er lost sight of the p.rpose of healing: =9es.s1 dis$iples sa, hi/ do /any other /ira$les besides the ones told abo.t in this boo%7 b.t these are re$orded so that you will believe that he is the Messiah, the Son of God, and &

that believing in him you will have life” (9ohn 20:30-3 17 TL87 itali$s added" 9es.s laid hands on the si$%7 and they re$o(ered 9es.s $o//anded fe(er to lea(e7 and it obeyed 9es.s spo%e to diseases and e(il spirits7 and they left 8.t7 strangely7 9es.s ne(er =prayed> for the si$% He healed the/ 'a.l =healed> the si$%7 too (A$ts 22:2" A light began to shine in o.r hearts7 and a %ey of .nderstanding opened a door of healing for .s The prin$iple of healing the si$% ,as s.//ed .p by 9es.s as: =The ,or%s that 0 do in 4y Cather1s na/e7 they bear ,itness of 4e 4y Cather ,ho has gi(en the/ to 4e7 is greater than allD and no one is able to snat$h the/ o.t of 4y Cather1s hand> (9ohn 10:2&723" =5o. shall re$ei(e po,er ,hen the Holy Spirit has $o/e .pon yo.> (A$ts 1:2a" =He ,ho belie(es in 4eD the ,or%s that 0 do he ,ill do alsoD and greater ,or%s than these he ,ill do> (9ohn 14:12b" Ae are told in the +reat 6o//ission that all these /ira$les are to be done in the na/e of 9es.s Therefore7 healing is si/ple be$a.se it1s done ,ith the po,er of +od1s Holy Spirit and by the a.thority that is (ested in .s ,hen ,e .se the na/e of 9es.s Let1s e;a/ine the ,ay a do$tor =heals> the si$% Ae ,ill ass./e that ,e ha(e $a.ght a ger/ of so/e %ind and ha(e /ade an appoint/ent to see o.r do$tor He e;a/ines .s and gi(es .s his diagnosis Then he pres$ribes a $ertain a/o.nt of peni$illin or other /edi$ation and says7 =That sho.ld $a.se yo. to get o(er this in t,o or three days >


5o. go ho/e7 and ,hat happensE 0n t,o or three days yo. are ,ell Ahat happenedE Did the do$tor heal yo.E #o7 he .sed his s%ill and %no,ledge and .nderstanding to dis$o(er ,hat ,as ,rong7 and he pres$ribed the proper /edi$ation for the proble/ Ahat healed yo. thenE The peni$illin or other pres$ribed /edi$ation did Di(ine healing is si/ilar in prin$iple The po,er is in?e$ted by the laying on of hands for healing7 b.t it is the po,er fro/ the +i(er of po,er ,ho gets all the $redit Ahen ,e re$ei(e the baptis/ =,ith> or =in> the Holy Spirit7 ,e ha(e the /ost dyna/i$ healing po,er of all ,ithin .s Ae are end.ed ,ith +od1s Holy Spirit Ahen this di(ine po,er is dispensed into a si$% body7 the po,er does the healing Ae al,ays gi(e glory to +od and 6hrist 9es.s Al,ays7 ,hen /inistering healing7 do it in the na/e of 9es.s

You Are a “Light Switch”
0f yo. ha(e e(er t.rned a light s,it$h on or off7 yo.1re s/art eno.gh to heal the si$%: So/e,here7 not too far fro/ ,here yo. are7 is a generator (a po,er plant" that generates ele$tri$ity A ,ire brings this ele$tri$ity7 this po,er7 fro/ the so.r$e to yo.r ho.se and .p to yo.r ele$tri$ b.lb The energy that flo,s fro/ the po,er plant to the light b.lb $a.ses the fila/ent of the b.lb to ill./inate Ahen this happens7 ,e say the light is on 8et,een the po,er plant and the light b.lb is a s,it$h or a brea%er The s,it$h is designed to brea% )

the flo, of the energy7 the po,er7 fro/ its so.r$e to the destination in the light b.lb 0f yo. t.rn the s,it$h on7 the t,o ends of the ,ire are $onne$ted so the energy ,ill flo, thro.gh 0f it is t.rned off7 the ,ire is separated7 and the energy $annot $ontin.e be$a.se of the gap bet,een the po,er so.r$e and the light b.lb 0n the sa/e ,ay the Holy Spirit in yo. is the generator or the po,er plant < the so.r$e of the po,er 5o.r hands a;e the on and off s,it$h7 and the person needing healing is the light b.lb #o, it is entirely .p to yo. ,hether yo. t.rn the s,it$h on or off 0t is entirely yo.r $hoi$e in healing to lay hands on the si$% A$t.ally7 the only $hoi$e yo. ha(e is ,hether or not to be obedient to a $o//and of 9es.s The po,er of +od ,ill do the healing7 ?.st as the ele$tri$ $.rrent ,ill light the b.lb if yo. ,ant a dar% roo/ to light .p7 yo. $an t.rn the light s,it$h on 0f yo. don1t flip the s,it$h7 the roo/ ,ill stay dar% 0f yo. ha(e an opport.nity to /inister healing to so/eone7 it is the sa/e %ind of $hoi$e 5o. $an lay hands on the/ and see the/ re$o(er7 or yo. $an let the/ re/ain si$% 0f yo. ha(e not yet re$ei(ed yo.r generator7 do so right no, As% 9es.s to bapti@e yo. ,ith the Holy Spirit Lift yo.r hands .p to +od and begin to praise Hi/7 b.t not in any lang.age yo. %no, Start e;pressing so.nds of lo(e so that the Holy Spirit $an ta%e ,hate(er so.nds yo. gi(e Hi/ and gi(e yo. the lang.age that ,ill t.rn any ordinary indi(id.al into an e;traordinary person: Let yo.r spirit soar as it tal%s to +od for the (ery first ti/e (1 6or 14:2"


8e a light s,it$h for 9es.s7 b.t be s.re yo. are =t.rned on> for Hi/ 9es.s said7 =5o. are the light of the ,orld> (4att &:14" Let this be part of yo.r being the light of the ,orld Laying hands on the si$% and healing the/ is one /eans that 9es.s .sed to be the light of the ,orld7 to ill./inate the ,ay for the lost to find Hi/ He passed this earth-?ob on to .s and ga(e .s this healing (irt.e7 this dyna/i$ po,er7 so ,e $o.ld effe$ti(ely $arry on all of His ,or% ,hile ,e are on earth (Charles)


'robably e(erybody ,ho has a healing /inistry has his or her o,n fa(orite ,ay of healing the si$% 6harles li%es one ,ayD 0 li%e another 4y o,n fa(orite /ethod is s.//ed .p in 4ar% 1*:1)-12 ,here 9es.s says7 =And these signs ,ill follo, those ,ho belie(e: 0n 4y na/e they ,ill $ast o.t de/onsD they ,ill spea% ,ith ne, tong.es They ,ill lay hands on the si$%7 and they ,ill re$o(er > 0t see/s to /e that the si/plest ,ay to heal the si$% is by the laying on of hands The 8ible does not lea(e any do.bt 0t does not say some of yo. or ?.st a few of yo. ,ho belie(e 0t si/ply says all those ,ho belie(e are going to lay hands on the si$%7 and the si$% are going to re$o(er Believers are the ones ,ho are B.alified to heal the si$%: 8.t ,ho is a belie(erE A belie(er is one ,ho belie(es that 9es.s is the di(ine Son of +od and o.r !edee/er A belie(er is also one ,ho belie(es he or she $an $ast o.t de(ilsD spea% ,ith ne, tong.esD handle Satan and his de/onsD and lay hands on the si$% and /inister healing to the/ Ae need to belie(e all the ,ay if ,e ,ant all of that S$ript.re portion to ,or%: 5o. ha(e to belie(e in di(ine healing if yo. ,ant signs and ,onders and /ira$les to follo, yo.r prea$hing of the Aord 5o. ha(e to belie(e that healing is for today7 or else the si$% ,on1t re$o(er ,hen yo. lay hands on the/ 10

5o. ha(e to belie(e that yo. ha(e been $o//issioned by the Lord 9es.s 6hrist Hi/self to $ast o.t de(ils7 or yo. ,ill ne(er $ast the/ o.t: The greatest /inistry 6harles and 0 ha(e is probably in the area of healing Ae ha(e ne(er been afraid to step o.t and do the things +od has $alled .s to do So/eti/es ,e ha(e e;peri/ented The 8ible lists /any ,ays to heal the si$% 8.t yo. $an e;plore ne, a(en.es ,here +od ,ill open the door to effe$ti(e healing 8.t7 yo. /ight say7 it is not ,ritten in the 8ible 9ohn said7 =And there are also /any other things that 9es.s did7 ,hi$h if they ,ere ,ritten one by one7 0 s.ppose that e(en the ,orld itself $o.ld not $ontain the boo%s that ,o.ld be ,ritten> (9ohn 21:2&" Ae /.st ne(er depart fro/ the principles of the 8ible7 b.t ,e $an see /any %inds of /ira$les that are not spe$ifi$ally des$ribed there The o$$.rren$e of these /ira$les is not ne$essarily .ns$ript.ral They /ay si/ply $o/e .nder the a.thority of S$ript.re passages s.$h as 4ar% 11:23 or 4ar% 1*:12 The first ,ay 9es.s healed d.ring His earthly /inistry ,as by to.$hing people or by =laying on of hands > To.$hing still ,or%s today So/eti/es people ,ill say7 =0t is not +od1s ,ill to heal > They do not %no, the S$ript.res =9es.s 6hrist is the sa/e yesterday7 today7 and fore(er> (Heb 13:2" 0f He healed yesterday7 He ,ill heal today =8elo(ed7 0 ,ish abo(e all things that yo. /ay prosper and be in health7 e(en as yo.r so.l prospers> (3 9ohn 27 F9G" 11

A good (erse to gi(e the/ is A$ts 10:327 ,here 'eter told =ho, +od anointed 9es.s of #a@areth ,ith the Holy Spirit and ,ith po,er7 ,ho ,ent abo.t doing good and healing all ,ho ,ere oppressed by the de(il7 for +od ,as ,ith Hi/> (itali$s added" 4atthe, 3:3& says7 =And 9es.s ,ent abo.t all the $ities and (illages7 tea$hing in their synagog.es7 prea$hing the gospel7 and healing every si$%ness and every disease a/ong the people > This is a ,onderf.l proof that ,as sent to bring not only sal(ation b.t healing to His people 0t is +od1s ,ill for His $hildren to be healed +od anointed 9es.s so that 9es.s ,o.ld ha(e the po,er to do ,hat +od ,anted Hi/ to do He th.s p.t His sta/p of appro(al on Hi/ ,ith the Holy Spirit and ,ith po,er 9es.s said7 =All a.thority has been gi(en to /e in hea(en and on earth> (4att 22:12" 0t ,as gi(en to Hi/ < then He t.rned aro.nd and ga(e it to .s =8ehold7 0 gi(e yo. the a.thority to tra/ple on serpents and s$orpions7 and o(er all the po,er of the ene/y7 and nothing shall by any /eans h.rt yo.> (L.%e 10:13" Satan is the a.thor of all that is e(il7 in$l.ding si$%ness +od is not the -ne ,ho sends si$%ness .pon His $hildren7 b.t +od $an ta%e si$%ness and /a%e a /ira$le o.t of it There ,as no si$%ness on earth .ntil the de(il appeared in the garden of Hden His p.rpose in life is to =steal7 and to %ill7 and to destroy> (9ohn 10:10" He $o/es to steal yo.r health7 yo.r happiness7 yo.r finan$es and yo.r pea$e of /ind 0 ha(e heard people say7 =+od p.t this si$%ness on /e to tea$h /e a lesson:> 0 find that diffi$.lt to 12

belie(e Ao.ld +od gi(e so/ething as horrible as si$%ness to His $hildrenE Ao.ld yo. do that to yo.r $hildrenE Thin% ho, /.$h /ore +od lo(es .s than ,e lo(e o.r earthly $hildren: =IAnd the Lord ans,ered" 6an a ,o/an forget her n.rsing $hild7 and not ha(e $o/passion on the son of her ,o/bE S.rely they /ay forget7 yet 0 ,ill not forget yo.> (0s 43:1&" +od transfor/ed si$%ness into a great /ira$le in /y life after an a.to/obile a$$ident in 13*4 0 s.ffered a blo, that $a.sed /e to lose the sight of /y left eye That $o.ld ha(e been a horrible tragedy7 b.t instead +od transfor/ed it into the greatest thing that e(er happened to /e 0 fo.nd 9es.s: After r.nning fro/ 9es.s for forty-nine years7 0 finally a$$epted Hi/ +od did not $a.se that a$$ident to happen +od did not $a.se /e to lose the sight of that eye 8.t +od .sed that $ir$./stan$e to bring sal(ation to /e7 and He ga(e /e /y eyesight ba$% as ,ell There are /any e;a/ples in the +ospel of 4ar% of ho, 9es.s healed people !ead 4ar% and then read all of the other +ospels7 sear$hing for ?.st one thing: ow did !esus heal the sic"# 4ar% 1:40-42 tells ho, 9es.s si/ply =to.$hed> the leper He laid hands on hi/7 and he ,as healed 4ar% &:3&-40 says: Ahile He ,as still spea%ing7 so/e $a/e fro/ the r.ler of the synagog.e1s ho.se ,ho said7 =5o.r da.ghter is dead Ahy tro.ble the Tea$her any f.rtherE> As soon as 9es.s heard the ,ord that ,as spo%en7 He said to the r.ler of the 13

synagog.e7 =Do not be afraidD only belie(e > And He per/itted no one to follo, Hi/ e;$ept 'eter7 9a/es7 and 9ohn the brother of 9a/es Then He $a/e to the ho.se of the r.ler of the synagog.e7 and sa, a t./.lt and those ,ho ,ept and ,ailed lo.dly Ahen He $a/e in7 He said to the/7 =Ahy /a%e this $o//otion and ,eepE The $hild is not dead7 b.t sleeping > And they la.ghed Hi/ to s$orn 8.t ,hen He had p.t the/ all o.t7 He too% the father and the /other of the $hild7 and those ,ho ,ere ,ith Hi/7 and entered ,here the $hild ,as lying 5o. ,ill noti$e that He got the .nbelie(ers o.t of the roo/ (Jnbelief $an stop healing fro/ flo,ing " The story $ontin.es: Then He too% the $hild by the hand7 and said to her7 $alitha cumi, ,hi$h is translated7 =Little girl7 0 say to yo.7 arise > 0//ediately the girl arose and ,al%ed7 for she ,as t,el(e years of age And they ,ere o(er$o/e ,ith great a/a@e/ent (4ar% &:41-42" 9es.s touched the little girl1s hand At the (ery /o/ent 9es.s touched her hand and spo%e to her7 life $a/e ba$% into her 0n this episode 9es.s p.t t,o faith prin$iples into a$tion: He to.$hed her7 and He spo%e He iss.ed a $o//and to get .p 4aybe if He had ?.st to.$hed her and had not said a ,ord7 she ,o.ld not ha(e gotten .p off that bed 8.t 9es.s iss.ed a $o//and He said7 =+et .p7> and she got .p7 e(en tho.gh she 14

,as dead She didn1t ?.st lie there and say7 =01/ dead 0 $an1t do that:> She got .p: Ahen +od to.$hes .s7 ,e need to p.t o.r faith into a$tion and do so/ething ,e $o.ldn1t do before He to.$hed o.r li(es Ahen 0 ,as hospitali@ed a fe, years ago7 0 ,as greeted at /y bedside by the head n.rse ,ho said7 =Hight years ago 0 ,as dying of 6rohn1s disease 0 ,ent to one of yo.r ser(i$es All yo. did ,as lay hands on /e and say7 K0n 9es.s1 na/e71 and 0 ,as totally healed:> Then she added7 =8y the ,ay7 the little girl 0 had ,ith /e ,ho had $erebral palsy ,as also totally healed ,hen yo. laid hands on her > 0t ,as probably a ser(i$e ,here there ,ere a lot of people7 so ,e ?.st said7 =0n the na/e of 9es.s > Ahen the Holy Spirit1s po,er ,as released as ,e laid hands on her7 she ,as healed by that sa/e po,er +lory: That ,as not prayer That ,as not a $o//and That ,as healing thro.gh the laying on of hands: Ae share these personal e;a/ples ,ith yo. be$a.se ,e ,ant yo. to belie(e7 =Ao,7 0 $an do that7 too:> So/eti/es people ,ill be in o.r ser(i$es and say7 =6harles and Cran$es $an really go o.t and heal the si$% They ?.st lay hands on the/7 and things happen:> 6harles and Cran$es H.nter have no more power than you have% 8.t there is so/ething that /ay be a little different abo.t .s Ae use that po,er /ore often than /ost people do Ae are t,o of the /ost persistent people in the ,orld7 si/ply be$a.se ,e do not get dis$o.raged as a lot of people do


5o. need to be persistent7 too 0f yo. lay hands on so/eone and nothing happens7 try the ne;t one Lay hands on hi/ or her 0f nothing happens7 don1t gi(e .p So/eti/es 6harles and 0 ha(e /inistered to the sa/e person in as /any as fi(e different ,ays Ae try $o//anding7 laying on hands and $asting o.t de(ils Cinally the persisten$e pays off7 and ,e see the indi(id.al healed Ahat if ,e ,ere to say that it ?.st ,asn1t a person1s night7 ,hen he or she didn1t get healed the first ti/eE They /ight ne(er be healed if ,e ha(e that /ind-set 8.t ,e $ontin.e in perse(ering to e;plore areas that are not f.lly des$ribed in the Aord of +od This is ,hat +od ,ants e(ery belie(er to do: to step o.t in faith and lay hands on the si$% and believe they are going to re$o(er Do yo. %no, ,hy 0 e;pe$t the si$% to re$o(er ,hen 0 lay hands on the/E 8e$a.se 0 belie(e ,itho.t a shado, of do.bt that 9es.s 6hrist li(es His life in and thro.gh /e 0f 0 did not belie(e that7 there ,o.ld be no ,ay people $o.ld get healed ,hen 0 lay hands on the/ Thro.gho.t all of his epistles7 'a.l prea$hed7 =6hrist in yo.7 the hope of glory> (6ol 1:2)7 itali$s added" 'a.l ne(er portrayed 9es.s as being o.tside a belie(er7 dragging hi/ along7 saying7 =6o/e on7 0 a/ going to /a%e yo. lay hands on the si$% 0 a/ going to /a%e yo. heal the/:> 8e$a.se the Aord of +od says it7 ,e ha(e to belie(e that 9es.s 6hrist is li(ing in and thro.gh .s The %no,ledge that 9es.s 6hrist is resident in /y physi$al body is e;$iting to /e 1*

Ahen yo. f.lly reali@e that 9es.s is li(ing inside yo.7 it ,ill totally transfor/ yo. Then one day yo. ,ill reali@e that ,hen yo. p.t o.t yo.r hand7 it is the hand of 9es.s 6hrist rea$hing o.t to heal 9es.s said7 =He ,ho belie(es in 4e7 the ,or%s that 0 do he ,ill do alsoD and greater ,or%s than these he ,ill do7 be$a.se 0 go to 4y Cather> (9ohn 14:12" So ,ho/ did 9es.s lea(e on this earth to $o/plete His ,or%E He left .s ,ho belie(e He $o//issioned .s to lay hands on the si$%7 .sing is a.thority !e/e/ber < it1s all done in the na/e of 9es.s 0t is in the na/e of 9es.s that all /ira$les are a$$o/plished7 be$a.se 9es.s li(es in and thro.gh .s 4any ti/es be$a.se of the si@e of an a.dien$e7 6harles and 0 do not ha(e the opport.nity to /inister to e(ery indi(id.al in a /eeting7 so ,e say7 =H(ery person7 lay hands on yo.rself:> And it ,or%s: (&rances)

Jesus’ Command to Heal
-ne night a lady of abo.t fifty years of age $a/e to /e for healing of her nose She had bro%en it ,hen she ,as fo.r or fi(e years old7 and it had healed ba$% at a $roo%ed angle 0 ran /y finger softly do,n her nose 0n front of /y eyes the bone straightened instantly 4onths later ,e ,ere ha(ing a 4e;i$an dinner ,ith a gro.p of people7 and 0 ,as telling this story To de/onstrate ,hat 0 did7 0 ran /y finger do,n the nose of the lady sitting ne;t to /e Her /other7 a 1)

/inister1s ,ife7 ,as sitting a$ross the table fro/ her7 and she re/ar%ed7 =Loo% at yo.r nose < it isn1t $roo%ed any/ore:> Caith had been bro.ght to her by telling abo.t a /ira$le7 and the po,er ,ent into her nose by the laying on of a finger +od did a t,entieth-$ent.ry /ira$le +lory to His /ighty na/e: Ha(e yo. noti$ed that the 8ible doesn1t say7 =Lay hands on the heads of the si$% and heal the/E> -bser(e the healings ,e ha(e /entioned7 and yo. ,ill see that hands ,ere laid on a nose7 on ears7 on heads7 on hands7 on feet7 on eyes 8e$a.se it is the flo, of +od1s po,er that heals the si$%7 ,e get o.r hands as $lose as ,e $an to the part of the body that needs healing This allo,s the po,er to go dire$tly into the si$% part -ften the po,er goes in so strongly that if ,e to.$h a foot7 the people ,ill fall to the floor .nder the po,er of +od Another s.ggestion is to stand as $lose as possible to the person being healed7 be$a.se the po,er a$t.ally flo,s fro/ all parts of yo.r spirit7 thro.gh all parts of yo.r body7 into the person near yo. Ae belie(e that /any are healed in an a.dien$e be$a.se the faith of belie(ers $a.ses the po,er of the Holy Spirit in the/ to be$o/e a for$e field that goes into those aro.nd the/ 9es.s healed d.ring His earthly /inistry to bring people to belie(e in Hi/ as the 4essiah7 the Sa(ior (9ohn 4:42" The dis$iples also healed the si$% as a /eans of $onfir/ing the ,ord they prea$hed (4ar% 1*:20" Ahat a tre/endo.s pri(ilege7 yet ,hat an a,eso/e responsibility 12

Ahat a tr.st o.r Lord 9es.s has pla$ed in .s: Ahat a great $o//ission He has gi(en .s < to be His body ,or%ing here on earth7 to do His good ,ill 9es.s died not only to sa(e the lost b.t to heal the si$% and free the $apti(es fro/ the e(ils of the de(il Doing His ,ill is so easy 9.st si/ply lay yo.r hands on the si$% and belie(e that this dyna/i$ po,er ,ill go forth fro/ the Holy Spirit in yo. into those ,ho need His to.$h thro.gh yo. 9es.s Hi/self set into /otion this dyna/i$ ,ay of healing the si$% He ,ants .s to .se it to release h.rting h./anity and to bring the/ to belie(e in Hi/ 9es.s said7 =They ,ill lay hands on the si$%7 and they ,ill re$o(er>(4ar% 1*:12" The Li(ing 8ible says7 =And they Ithat1s yo. and /eL ,ill be able to pla$e their hands on the si$% and heal the/ > 9es.s spo%e this dire$tly as part of His great $o//ission These ,ere a/ong His last re$orded ,ords ,hile on earth 0s there a differen$e in obedien$e no, fro/ thenE 9es.s has si/ply said7 =6harles7 go lay hands on the si$%7 and they ,ill re$o(er for yo. ?.st as they did for 4e Cran$es7 yo. go lay hands on the si$%7 and 01ll heal the/ thro.gh yo.7 too:> He has said the sa/e thing to yo.7 so there sho.ld be eno.gh faith in ea$h of .s to obey Hi/ The Aord tells .s that ,e 6hristians are the body of 9es.s 0f He did it in a body t,o tho.sand years ago7 ,hy sho.ld ,e try to $hange Hi/ todayE 0t is an e;$iting thing to %no, that 9es.s li(es in and thro.gh .s: And it is o(er,hel/ing to reali@e


that the sa/e po,er of the Holy Spirit is al,ays a(ailable ,ithin .s to do /ira$les 0f yo. ha(en1t e;perien$ed the thrill of seeing +od heal thro.gh yo.r hands7 ,hy not try itE Start right no,: (Charles)



0t is esti/ated that $lose to 2& per$ent of ad.lts ha(e ba$% andMor ne$% proble/s of so/e sort 4ost of these proble/s are a res.lt of so/e %ind of in?.ry Js.ally the $ondition that o$$.rs is a $o/bination of /isaligned (ertebrae7 /.s$le strain7 liga/ent and tendon strain or tearing The dis$s that sit bet,een the (ertebrae /ay also be da/aged Aith s.$h a high in$iden$e of spinal proble/s7 a large per$entage of people need to be healed of ba$% andMor ne$% proble/s 6harles and Cran$es ha(e ni$%na/ed ,ays of /inistering healing to these in?.ries: The ne$% thing The pel(i$ thing +ro,ing o.t ar/s +ro,ing o.t legs They $all the $o/bination of all of these =the total thing > Therefore ,e ,ill briefly re(ie, the spine and its proble/s The (ertebrae are the bones that /a%e .p the spinal $ol./n They sit one on top of the other 0n bet,een these (ertebrae are the dis$s7 or pads7 that allo, a $ertain a/o.nt of /otion in bending and t,isting the ba$% and ne$% All of these bones are held in pla$e by sets of liga/ents7 tendons and /.s$les 0n a person1s ba$%7 the (ertebral $ol./n is a $hannel /ade .p of the $ir$.lar rings of bone on the ba$% of the (ertebrae This $hannel ho.ses and 21

prote$ts the spinal $ord7 the /ain b.ndle of ner(es r.nning fro/ the brain to all the parts of the body A se(ere fra$t.re or dislo$ation $an $a.se da/age to the $ord itself or to any of the thirty-one pairs of ner(e roots that $o/e o.t fro/ bet,een the indi(id.al (ertebrae Da/age to a dis$7 ,hi$h is the pad bet,een the (ertebrae7 $an $a.se it to b.lge o.t and p.t press.re on a ner(e root This $reates pain and7 at ti/es7 ,ea%ness on either one side or both sides of the body Cig.re 1 at the end of this $hapter des$ribes ,hi$h ail/ents are asso$iated ,ith disorders in ea$h se$tion of the spine The portion of the spine lo$ated .nder the base of the s%.ll is $alled the $er(i$al spine This series is /ade .p of the first se(en (ertebrae7 the top/ost being the atlas and the se$ond one the a;is The head rotates fro/ side to side on the atlas7 and for,ard and ba$%,ard on the a;is The ner(es fro/ the $er(i$al spine affe$t the fa$e and the head7 the ne$%7 the sho.lders and do,n the ar/s Any press.re on these ner(es ,ill $a.se pain and interferen$e ,ith nor/al f.n$tioning in these areas Cor healing in this area 6harles and Cran$es do =the ne$% thing> (see $hapter 4" The thora$i$ (or dorsal" spine $onsists of the ne;t t,el(e (ertebrae7 ea$h of ,hi$h has a pair of ribs $o/ing off the sides7 for/ing the rib $age The ner(es that $o/e o.t fro/ the spinal $ord at this le(el affe$t the lo,er ai/s7 the hands and the $hest Cor healing in this area they do ,hat is $alled =gro,ing o.t ar/s >


The l./bar spine $onsists of the botto/ fi(e (ertebrae7 ,here the ner(es s.pplying the legs and feet $o/e fro/ bet,een the (ertebrae Cor healing in this area they do ,hat is $alled =gro,ing o.t legs > The ne;t bone7 rather larger than the (ertebrae7 is $alled the sa$r./ 0t s.pplies s.pport for the entire spinal $ol./n The sa$r./ is also ?oined to the t,o hip7 or ilia$7 bones (part of the pel(is" thro.gh a series of liga/ents7 tendons and the sa$roilia$ ?oints 9.st belo, the sa$r./ is the $o$$y; bone7 a short bone that $o/es $lose to the re$t./7 also %no,n as the tail bone Cor /inistering healing to the entire pel(i$ area7 6harles and Cran$es do ,hat is $alled =the pel(i$ thing > Ahile /inistering to so/eone ,ith a ne$% or ba$% in?.ry do not re/o(e or read?.st an orthopedi$ apparat.s To do so is illegal .nless yo. are a li$ensed /edi$al professional Alter the person has been /inistered to7 the H.nters s.ggest that yo. as% ,hether the pain is gone ,hile the $ollar or bra$e is still in pla$e e or she /ay ,ant to re/o(e the apparat.s to see ,hat +od has done Let it be the indi(id.al1s $hoi$e ,hether or not to do so Hn$o.rage the person to ret.rn to his or her do$tor for e(al.ation7 B.alifi$ation or (erifi$ation as appropriate ('oy !( )e'oy) 'oy !( )e'oy went to almost all of our ealing *+plosions( e was an outstanding chiropractor who practiced in his field for forty years before he retired( 23



Ae de$ided in the beginning of o.r /inistry that +od had /ade e(erything si/ple and therefore ,e sho.ld too So ,e ga(e si/ple titles to all the things ,e do in healing to /a%e the/ easy to identify and store a,ay in yo.r /e/ory file +od enlightened .s abo.t =the ne$% thing> a long ti/e ago Ae had a g.est in o.r ho/e ,ho had a pain in his toe 0 =gre, o.t> his ar/s and legs7 and the pain did not lea(e So 0 as%ed the g.est ,hat the do$tor said ,as $a.sing the pain 0 did this be$a.se ,e belie(e that if yo. don1t get healed by di(ine po,er7 yo. sho.ld see a do$tor to find o.t ,hat the proble/ is Then ,e $an %no, ,here and ho, to /inister healing by +od1s po,er He said the $hiropra$tor had told hi/ that he had a thin dis$ in his ba$% Altho.gh the thin dis$ ,as in the lo,er ba$%7 the do$tor =ad?.sted> the /an1s ne$% This relie(ed the pain7 b.t s.bseB.ently it ret.rned 0n a$$ordan$e ,ith 4ar% 1* (=Those ,ho belie(e ,ill lay hands on the si$%7> (( 1)-12"7 0 p.t /y t,o hands on his ne$%7 pla$ing /y fingers on his .pper spinal $ol./n 0 did not reali@e ,here the other parts of /y hands ,ere a$t.ally resting Later 0 dis$o(ered that the pal/s of /y hands ,ere on the $arotid artery7 the /ain artery on both sides of the ne$% that s.pplies blood to the brain 4y 2*

pal/s ,ere also on the ner(es that go fro/ the brain do,n the front of yo.r body This hand position a.to/ati$ally /a%es yo.r th./bs fall right on the te/poro/andib.lar ?oint7 better %no,n as T49 0 ,as laying hands (th./bs" on one of the strongest /.s$les of the body Aas it a$$idental that +od /ade o.r hands so that ,hen ,e pla$ed the/ in the right position ,e ,o.ld be =laying hands> on three (ital parts of the body at one ti/eE -r did He plan it so that ,hen ,e started probing into ho, to heal the si$% the s.pernat.ral ,ay7 ,e ,o.ld dis$o(er ,hat He %ne, all alongE Aith /y hands gently in pla$e as des$ribed abo(e7 0 then as%ed the /an to t.rn his fa$e slo,ly to the left and then to the right7 then ba$%,ard and for,ard Then 0 as%ed hi/ to rotate his head At the sa/e ti/e 0 ,as doing ,hat ,e later na/ed =the ne$% thing>: 0 $o//anded all the /.s$les7 liga/ents7 tendons7 ner(es7 dis$s and (ertebrae to go into pla$e7 and the thin dis$ to be healed in the na/e of 9es.s Ahen he rotated his head7 he sho.ted7 =The pain is gone:> Ae .sed this te$hniB.e for years and dis$o(ered the res.lts ,ere pheno/enal for heada$hes Then one day !oy Le!oy told .s ,hat ,e ,ere a$t.ally doing and ,hy the res.lts ,ere so tre/endo.s Ae ha(e seen o.tstanding healings thro.gh the ne$% thing7 not only in o.r /inistry7 b.t also thro.gh the h.ndreds of tho.sands ,ho ha(e learned this s.per nat.ral appli$ation of +od1s healing po,er thro.gh o.r healing se/inars7 healing e;plosions7 (ideoMa.dio tapes and boo%s 2)

Al/ost 100 per$ent of ne$% proble/sD heada$hesD ner(e deafnessD arthritis in the ne$%D fra$t.red (ertebraeD deteriorated7 herniated and disintegrated dis$sD and e(en bro%en ne$%s and proble/s ,ith T49 ha(e been healed by this appli$ation of +od1s healing po,er Large per$entages of health proble/s ,ill be healed thro.gh the basi$ healing appli$ation of the total thing7 gro,ing o.t ar/s and legs7 the ne$% thing and the pel(i$ thing This healing affe$ts not only the spinal syste/ b.t also internal parts7 be$a.se ner(es /a%e /.s$les ,or% properly (Charles)

The Sciatica or the Sciatic Nerve
Did yo. e(er ha(e a pain shoot do,n yo.r entire leg7 and yo. felt as if yo.r leg ,as going to b.$%le .nder yo.E 5o. ,ere probably a (i$ti/ of s$iati$a7 a painf.l sit.ation generally $a.sed by a pin$hed ner(e 8.t it $an also be $a.sed by a strained ba$% This is one of the /ost painf.l of ba$% proble/s7 b.t one of the easiest to heal Si/ply find the ?.n$tion of the pel(i$ bone and the sa$r./7 lay t,o fingers on this area of the ba$% (on the side ,here the proble/ is" and $o//and s$iati$a to $o/e o.t Ha(e the person bend o(er #o painE Hallel.?ah: !e$ently an ad/inistrator of a $h.r$h $a/e to /e ,hen the ser(i$e ,as o(er and said7 =0 $an hardly ,al% This pain shoots do,n /y leg to /y toe7 and it1s %illing /e:> 0 pla$ed /y fingers on her s$iati$ ner(e 8efore 0 said a ,ord7 the po,er of +od had healed her La.ghing7 she said7 =0t1s gone:> 22



+od ,ill gi(e yo. =,itty in(entions> and ideas beyond yo.r ability and $apability if yo. ,ill be sensiti(e to the Holy Spirit and /o(e ,hen He /o(es At a ser(i$e in 9a$%son(ille7 Clorida7 a /an ,ho ,as d.$%-footed7 ,ith his feet pointed o.t,ard7 $a/e for,ard 0 $ertainly didn1t %no, ,hat to pray e;$ept to $o//and his feet to t.rn in,ard instead of o.t,ard 8.t then a tho.ght flashed thro.gh /y /ind 0t see/ed as if +od ,as indi$ating it had so/ething to do ,ith the spine 0 as%ed a $hiropra$tor ,ho ,as ,ith .s ,hether there $o.ld be a proble/ in the spine that $o.ld $a.se the /an1s feet to t.rn o.t The $hiropra$tor replied that the /an1s pel(i$ bones ,ere t.rned o.t and needed to be t.rned in,ard 0n the nat.ral real/7 or e(en in the s$ope of $hiropra$ti$ treat/ent7 this ,o.ld be diffi$.lt or i/possible to do7 b.t in +od1s %ingdo/ and in the s.pernat.ral ,orld it1s no proble/ 0 pla$ed /y hands on the top of his pel(i$ bones and $o//anded the pel(is to rotate in,ard .ntil his feet ,ere nor/al 0 ,as probably the /ost s.rprised person there ,hen 0 noti$ed the entire pel(i$ area t.rn fro/ side to side 0 ,asn1t doing it He ,asn1t doing it 0t had to be the po,er of +od: 30

9.st as B.i$%ly as the rotating had started7 it stopped The /an fell .nder the po,er of +od Ahen he stood .p again7 his feet ,ere no longer t.rned o.t,ardD they ,ere perfe$tly straight -n$e again +od had opened a nat.ral-s.pernat.ral $hannel for .s to learn /ore abo.t healing 0t didn1t ta%e .s long to fig.re o.t that if rotating in ,ith the po,er of +od ,o.ld $orre$t feet ,hi$h t.rned o.t7 then s.rely rotating o.t ,o.ld $orre$t feet that are pigeon-toed or t.rned in,ard Ae tried it7 and it ,or%ed Sin$e then ,e ha(e seen /any people healed of feet that t.rn in Ae1(e dis$.ssed this healing te$hniB.e ,ith /any do$tors on o.r do$tors1 panels They1(e all agreed it $o.ld be in(al.able in the healing of /any other diseases as ,ell 8e$a.se of the in(ol(e/ent of the entire pel(i$ area7 /any fe/ale proble/s are healed thro.gh the si/ple laying on of hands H.ndreds of ,o/en ha(e been healed of pre/enstr.al syndro/e by the si/ple a$t of $o//anding the fe/ale organs to go into pla$e and be healed ,hile the pel(is is rotating 4any proble/s in the lo,er l./bar area (the lo,er fi(e (ertebrae" and the sa$r./ are healed by $o//anding the (ertebrae to be ad?.sted properly -ften a fro@en or dislo$ated sa$r./ is restored to its right position by doing the pel(i$ thing C.rther7 prostate proble/s often $an be healed this ,ay by $o//anding the prostate to be$o/e nor/al 6olon proble/s are healed by $o//anding ner(es $ontrolling the $olon to be$o/e nor/al Any organ or part of the body ,hi$h lies bet,een the 31

,aistline and the hips often $an be healed by this si/ple a$t 0t ne(er h.rts to loo% at a pi$t.re of the h./an body so yo. ,ill %no, ,here $ertain parts are lo$ated The pel(i$ bones are so/eti/es $alled the hip bones They are the flat bones that /a%e .p yo.r s%eletal str.$t.re for the hip and pel(i$ area 0f yo. ,ill r.n yo.r hands do,n yo.r side in the area of yo.r ,aist7 yo. ,ill dis$o(er that the top of the bones lie right in that area That is ,here yo. pla$e yo.r fingers ,hen yo. $o//and healing -n$e yo. gi(e a $o//and in the na/e of 9es.s7 the pel(is ,ill rotate or /o(e in one dire$tion or the other < if that portion of the body needs ad?.sting 0f nothing is needed7 nothing ,ill happen7 and the pel(is ,ill not /o(e 0f one side of the pel(is is higher than the other7 $o//and the high side to lo,er and the lo, side to $o/e .p Don1t .nderesti/ate the (al.e of this si/ple healing pro$ess The res.lts are in$redible (&rances)


The sa$roilia$ $an ass./e /any different positions So/eti/es the ili./ (pe4$ bone" rotates on the sa$r./ and $a.ses one leg to appear short -r it $an go o.t of position7 $a.sing the spine to be $roo%ed (s$oliosis" e(en tho.gh the legs appear to be e(en The sa$r./ $an tilt for,ard and $a.se lordosis N 24 (s,ayba$%"7 or ba$%,ard and $a.se a straight =/ilitary> ba$% 0n all these e;a/ples7 do the pe4$ thing and $o//and the sa$ni/ to /o(e into $orre$t position


5o. /ay ha(e ne(er seen an ar/ or a leg gro, o.t 0f not7 yo.1re in for a real treat Aat$hing the po,er of +od /o(e a part of the body is an e;$iting /ira$le to see This is also perhaps the si/plest and /ost $o//only perfor/ed 0t is a tre/endo.s ,ay to $on(in$e so/eone ,ho is .nsa(ed or not yet filled ,ith the Spirit of the po,er of a li(ing +od ,ho heals the si$% 5o. /ight ,ant to try it on yo.rself Stand .p straight7 p.t yo.r feet together so that yo.r toes are e(en and loo% straight ahead H;tend yo.r ar/s in front of yo. ,ith the pal/s fa$ing ea$h other7 abo.t a half-in$h apart Then p.sh or stret$h yo.r ar/s straight o.t as far as yo. $an This e;er$ise ,ill help yo. test for spinal proble/s in the .pper part of yo.r ba$% Ahile yo.r ar/s are stret$hed7 bring yo.r hands tightly together Hold the/ together .ntil yo. bend yo.r elbo,s so that yo. $an see the ends of yo.r fingers 0f yo. ha(e a spine proble/ in the .pper part of yo.r ba$%7 the fingers on one ar/ ,ill $o/e o.t farther than the fingers on the other 0f this is the $ase ,ith yo.7 then yo. ha(e an opport.nity to see a /ira$le Stret$h yo.r ar/s o.t in front of yo. again7 34

letting yo.r hands to.$h ea$h other lightly7 b.t don1t hold the/ tightly together 5o. /ight ,ant to say so/ething li%e this7 =Spine7 in the na/e of 9es.s7 0 $o//and yo. to be healed 4.s$les7 ner(es7 liga/ents and tendons7 be ad?.sted in the na/e of 9es.s > Jsing yo.r %no,ledge of the proble/7 $o//and healing as spe$ifi$ally as yo. $an Then gi(e than%s to 9es.s and belie(e it is done Stand there for a fe, /o/ents7 and ,at$h the /ira$le as the ar/ gro,s 5o. ,ill see the short ar/ gro, to the length of the other ar/ and /aybe e(en feel the ad?.st/ent The ad?.st/ent7 ho,e(er7 ,ill be either in the ba$% or the ne$%7 ,here(er the proble/ happens to be The instr.$tions for gro,ing o.t legs are si/ilar H;plain to the person that ,hile the ba$% is being healed7 the legs ,ill appear to gro, 8e$a.se of the ,ay yo. ,ill s.pport the person1s legs7 yo. ,ill ,ant to ,at$h yo.r th./bs to see the po,er of +od released The person to be healed sho.ld sit ere$t in a straight-ba$% $hair ,ith his or her hips positioned tightly against the ba$% of the $hair 5o. sho.ld be standing in front of hi/ or her The person sho.ld e;tend the legs parallel to the floor ,itho.t for$ing the legs to stret$h beyond the point of pain Hold the person1s an%les so that the inside tip of yo.r th./bs is e;a$tly on top of the pea% of the inside an%le bones on both legs Th./bs sho.ld be dire$tly opposite ea$h other and pointed straight at the floor This allo,s yo. to help s.pport the .plifted legs !e/e/ber the person1s spe$ifi$ proble/7 and $o//and the ans,er to the proble/ Don1t ?.st 3&

$o//and the leg to gro,7 b.t $o//and the proble/ to be $orre$ted7 ,hether it be fro/ an a.to/obile a$$ident7 $r.shed dis$s7 deterioration7 s$oliosis or ,hate(er 6o//and it to be $orre$ted in the na/e of 9es.s Aat$h the /ira$le happen: This parti$.lar /ira$le has a pe$.liar effe$t on people 8e$a.se they $an a$t.ally see it7 it is .s.ally re/e/bered /ore than any other one And be$a.se it is si/ple to do7 yo. ,ill probably see /ore of these %inds of healing than anything else yo. do Ae $o.ld ,rite se(eral boo%s on the ba$% healings that ha(e ta%en pla$e in o.r ser(i$es (Charles)

Two Healings at !ne Time
Ae1(e dis$o(ered so/ething else abo.t gro,ing o.t ar/s and legs to heal ba$% proble/s 4any ti/es another needed /ira$le ,ill ta%e pla$e at the sa/e ti/e: Cor instan$e7 a $o,boy had three s/ashed dis$s in his ba$% ,hen he $a/e to his first /ira$le ser(i$e 8y a ,ord of %no,ledge 0 pointed hi/ o.t in the bal$ony and said7 =5o.r ba$% has ?.st been healed > 0nstantly he felt the ,ar/ po,er of the Holy Spirit /o(e thro.gh his spine His leg gre, o.t7 and he ,as totally healed Jp to that ti/e he had been ,earing a bra$e to ride7 b.t he has not had to ,ear one sin$e the night of his healing Ho,e(er7 another (ery interesting thing happened He ,as so ,o.nd .p after the ser(i$e that he $o.ldn1t go to sleep7 so he pi$%ed .p his 8ible He p.t on the glasses he had ,orn for thirty-one years and reali@ed he $o.ldn1t see: Alar/ed7 he said7 3*

=+od7 5o. didn1t heal /y ba$% ?.st to let /e go blind7 did 5o.E> He too% the glasses off to $lean the/ and dis$o(ered his (ision ,as perfe$t without the glasses +od had healed his eyes at the sa/e ti/e that He had healed his ba$% Ae didn1t asso$iate the t,o healings .ntil +od began to sho, .s a relationship bet,een ba$% healings and other healings 6o.ld the ba$% ad?.st/ent ha(e relie(ed an opti$al ner(e or ad?.sted an eye /.s$le to bring ba$% the (isionE Another night a /an ,ho had been in an a$$ident abo.t thirty-se(en years earlier $a/e for healing His ba$% had been se(erely in?.red So/eone ,ho ,as ,ith hi/ s.ggested that he also ha(e his ear prayed for be$a.se he ,as $o/pletely deaf in that ear 6harles as%ed hi/ ,hat $a.sed the deafness He replied that it happened the sa/e ti/e his ba$% ,as in?.red #or/ally 6harles ,o.ld ha(e p.t his fingers in the person1s ears and $o//anded the deaf spirit to $o/e o.t 8.t before he $o.ld do that7 +od $learly spo%e to hi/ and said7 =+ro, o.t his leg7 and he ,ill hear:> Aho has e(er heard of gro,ing o.t a leg to heal a deaf earE Ae $ertainly had not7 b.t 6harles ,as obedient He said7 =Sit do,n +od said to gro, yo.r leg o.t7 and yo. ,ill be able to hear > 01/ glad the /an didn1t ha(e ti/e to thin% that o(er be$a.se he /ight ha(e tho.ght 6harles ,as $ra@y 6harles /eas.red his legs7 and one ,as abo.t three in$hes shorter than the other He $o//anded the ba$% to be healed Then he $o//anded his /.s$les7 ner(es7 liga/ents and tendons to be ad?.sted and his leg to gro, 3)

The leg gre, B.i$%ly to f.ll length7 and 6harles tested his ear He $o.ld hear perfe$tly: He ,ent all o(er the $h.r$h telling e(eryone that he $o.ld hear ,ith his deaf ear He ,as so e;$ited abo.t hearing that he forgot to $he$% his ba$% for abo.t an ho.r Then he dis$o(ered his ba$% ,as healed7 too Apparently the in?.ry had pin$hed or da/aged a ner(e to his ear and $a.sed ner(e deafness This ,as a ne, insight for .s into +od1s healing ,orld H.ndreds ha(e been healed this sa/e ,ay sin$e ,e dis$o(ered there is ob(io.sly a $onne$tion bet,een ner(e deafness and ba$% proble/s Ahen the tiny7 hair li%e ner(es inside the ear ha(e died be$a.se of a disease or high fe(er7 ho,e(er7 ,e ha(e learned to $o//and a $reati(e /ira$le of life to the ner(es 8e$a.se gro,ing o.t ar/s and legs see/s so $o//onpla$e7 ,e o(erloo%ed the (ast field of /ira$les that belongs in this type of healing +od has sin$e re(ealed /ore and /ore /ira$les relating to ba$%7 /.s$le and ner(e ad?.st/ents 'eople ,ho ha(e had $hroni$ ba$% proble/s for7 say7 thirty years ha(e been healed si/ply by $o//anding the (ertebrae and dis$s to line .p and be healed So try it on e(eryone you %no, < yo. $an1t h.rt the/ Ae al,ays say7 =Ahen in do.bt7 gro, it o.t:> -n a re$ent trip to a foreign $o.ntry7 a person in a ,heel$hair had a bro%en spine 0 gre, the /an1s legs o.t7 $o//anded a ne, spine in his body7 and in less than thirty /in.tes ,e sa, hi/ ,al%ing a$ross the stage7 p.shing his ,ife in the ,heel$hair he had been in for t,enty years 32

+od is preparing the bride of 6hrist for His soon-$o/ing ret.rn7 and He ,ill do it largely thro.gh the de/onstration of His Spirit and His po,er Ae ,ant yo. to be a li(ing part of this e;$iting /o(e of +od in these last days Start gro,ing o.t ar/s and legs: 'a.l said7 =And /y spee$h and /y prea$hing ,ere not ,ith pers.asi(e ,ords of h./an ,isdo/7 b.t in de/onstration of the Spirit and of po,er7 that yo.r faith sho.ld not be in the ,isdo/ of /en b.t in the po,er of +od> (1 6or 2:4-&"


4inistering healing is a $onstantly $hanging and i/pro(ing opport.nity The /ore ,e /inister healing7 the /ore ne, ,ays ,e learn Ae listen to /edi$al do$tors and $hiropra$tors and ha(e dis$o(ered inn./erable s.$$essf.l ,ays to help people

Car"al Tunnel S#ndrome
!e$ently a $hiropra$tor told .s abo.t a $o//on proble/ today a/ong people ,ho .se their ,rists a lot 6alled $arpal t.nnel syndro/e7 it $an $a.se s.$h pain in the hand and ,rist area that so/e indi(id.als are .nable to sleep or perfor/ their ,or% 0n the hinge of the ,rist there e;ists a =t.nnel> that ho.ses liga/ents and tendons Ahen the t.nnel be$o/es infla/ed or s,ollen7 the passage is $losed to (arying degrees 'ain7 ,ea%ness or other dis$o/forts in the ,rist area arise To heal $arpal t.nnel syndro/e7 pla$e yo.r th./b on one side of the soft spot in the ,rist ?oint and a finger on the opposite side 6o//and the t.nnel to open7 both the infla//ation and the s,elling to be healed7 and the tendons and liga/ents to go ba$% to nor/al length and position 6o//and the/ to be healed in the na/e of 9es.s There is a si/ple ,ay to test for healing of $arpal t.nnel syndro/e Ha(e the person p.t his or her th./b and 40

little finger together to for/ an =o > Then p.t yo.r forefinger in the $ir$le and for$e the fingers apart 0f the person has $arpal t.nnel syndro/e7 yo. $an p.ll yo.r finger thro.gh easily -n$e it is healed7 yo. ,on1t be able to brea% thro.gh the th./b and little finger 4ira$les for $arpal t.nnel syndro/e happen reg.larly !e$ently Cran$es had her hair done at a bea.ty parlor in preparation for ha(ing o.r pi$t.res ta%en Her hair stylist ,or%ed $aref.lly7 fe(erishly and patiently to a$$o/plish a perfe$t hairdo 0 noti$ed she ,ore a steel bra$e on her left ,rist7 e;tending abo.t eight in$hes .p her ar/ Ahen 0 as%ed her if she had $arpal t.nnel syndro/e7 she ans,ered yes She added that she had set si;ty-t,o ,igs that day 8e$a.se of the strain this had p.t on her left hand7 she $o.ld hardly /o(e her ,rist 0 as%ed her if she ,o.ld li%e for +od to heal it The /in.te she got a brea% 0 did ,hat ,e had learned and ga(e the $o//ands Ae had tested the ,o/an1s strength7 and there ,as no resistan$e ,hen 0 /o(ed /y finger thro.gh the ioop she had /ade by holding her th./b and little finger in position After ,e ga(e the $o//ands7 ,e i//ediately tested her strength again She ,as .tterly a/a@ed She shoo% her ,rist and in a fe, /in.tes had re/o(ed the bra$e She ,as ,or%ing free of pain Ahen ,e tal%ed to her abo.t t,o ,ee%s later7 she ,as e;.berant ,ith praise to +od for $o/pleting this /.$h-needed /ira$le A /edi$al do$tor re$ently $alled Cran$es to tell her his e;$ite/ent abo.t di(ine healing s.$$ess after he ,at$hed o.r fo.rteen-ho.r (ideo series and read 41

the boo% ow to eal the Sic"( She told hi/ abo.t $arpal t.nnel syndro/e healings7 e;plained to hi/ ho, to test this before and after /inistering7 and ho, to do it Abo.t t,o ,ee%s later this sa/e physi$ian $alled her again7 b.t ,ith e(en /ore e;$ite/ent He said /any patients ,ith $arpal t.nnel syndro/e had $o/e to hi/ H(ery single one ,as healed ,hen he did ,hat +od had sho,n .s Then he as%ed ,ith a la.gh7 =Ahat sho.ld 0 do ,ith the tho.sands of fliers 0 bo.ght7 telling ho, s.rgery $o.ld help heal the proble/E> A $orresponding soft spot is lo$ated in the an%le area Cor $ertain feet proble/s7 the pain $an be alle(iated by gi(ing the sa/e $o//ands Si/ply hold yo.r an%le the sa/e ,ay yo. hold yo.r ,rist At the sa/e ti/e7 $o//and the t,enty-si; bones in ea$h foot to go into perfe$t position A third ail/ent7 tendinitis7 is healed by the sa/e pro$ess 0f yo. ,ill be alert to the n.dgings of the Holy Spirit7 yo. ,ill dis$o(er /any ne, ,ays to see so/eone healed

Tic $ouloureu %Trigeminal Neuralgia&
!e$ently ,e (isited ,ith Hilton S.tton7 president of 4issions to A/eri$a and a great 8ible prophe$y tea$her He shared ,ith .s for the first ti/e that he had a proble/ $alled ti$ do.lo.re.;7 or trige/inal ne.ralgia Ae had seen fe, people healed of this painf.l affli$tion and did not %no, of any /edi$al pro$ed.re that ,o.ld help the proble/ The ,merican Medical ,ssociation &amily Medical Guide, p.blished by !ando/ Ho.se (#e, 42

5or%7 1331"7 des$ribes this affli$tion as pain fro/ a da/aged ner(e This %ind of ne.ralgia rarely affe$ts anyone .nder fifty e;$ept in $ases of /.ltiple s$lerosis The trige/inal ner(e is a /a?or ner(e in the fa$e 0f it is da/aged7 the res.lt is se(ere pain that is .s.ally felt on only one side of the fa$e Altho.gh it is not life-threatening7 trige/inal ne.ralgia $an be distressing and disabling Ae ha(e tal%ed to people ,ho say it is one of the /ost painf.l affli$tions there is 0n fa$t7 it is so/eti/es $alled the s.i$ide disease This sa/e /edi$al g.ide reports that the pain of trige/inal ne.ralgia shoots thro.gh one side of the fa$e along the length of the ner(e 0t /ay last for a fe, se$onds or as long as a /in.te or /ore Ahile it lasts it $an be e;$r.$iating So/eti/es atta$%s o$$.r e(ery fe, /in.tes for se(eral days or ,ee%s for no apparent reason They /ay then fade7 b.t stabbing pains .s.ally ret.rn ,ith de$reasing inter(als bet,een the/ Atta$%s /ay e(ent.ally be$o/e al/ost $ontin.o.s 0n so/e $ases o$$asional /.s$.lar spas/s a$$o/pany the pain and $a.se a fa$ial ti$ (t,it$hing" Hilton told .s that for eight long and painf.l years he had s.ffered ,ith ti$ do.lo.re.; 0t ,as getting so bad that he ,as $onsidering $an$eling so/e of his spea%ing engage/ents Then he said7 =The /edi$al ,orld has dis$o(ered a s.rgery that $an stop this e;$r.$iating pain > Ae listened intently7 be$a.se ,hen a $a.se and a $.re are dis$o(ered7 ,e often find $l.es to a healing that +od has in store for .s


He e;plained the type of s.rgery they perfor/ They drill a hole thro.gh the s%.ll and go into a pla$e ,here a blood (essel or artery is too $lose to a ner(e Then they pla$e a /edi$al ,edge bet,een the t,o7 ,hi$h stops the pain -.r response ,as =Than% 5o.7 9es.s:> 0//ediately ,e laid hands on Hilton1s head and $o//anded a di(ine ,edge to separate the (essel or artery and the ner(e Ae ga(e than%s to 9es.s Ahen Hilton $alled a /onth later7 he said the only pain he had e;perien$ed sin$e that day ,as a heada$he res.lting fro/ a stressf.l sit.ation Another /onth ,ent by7 and ,e tal%ed again on the day ,e ,ere ,riting this story Hilton said he has had no /ore pain +lory to +od for healing hi/: And than% 5o.7 9es.s7 for sho,ing .s ho, to heal ti$ do.lo.re.;

$rug Addiction
A /an na/ed Al $a/e to one of o.r ser(i$es re$ently and told .s an .n.s.al story Aro.nd /idnight he ,as so.nd asleep in a /otel roo/ The /anager7 thin%ing the roo/ ,as (a$ant7 entered the roo/ Al tho.ght he ,as a b.rglar7 ?./ped o.t of bed and7 in his h.rry7 $a.ght his feet in the bedding He fell against a $hest of dra,ers and hit the ,all This $a.sed so/e dis$s and (ertebrae to go o.t of align/ent be$a.se they ,ere fra$t.red The do$tors said he had /.ltiple fra$t.res C.rther7 his /.s$les7 ner(es7 tendons and liga/ents ,ere all torn badly Cor si; years he had s.rgery e(ery year7 trying to eli/inate eno.gh of the pain so that he $o.ld bear 44

it To help the sit.ation7 the do$tor had pres$ribed a strong pain %iller #ot only did the e;$r.$iating pain persist7 b.t the /an dis$o(ered after a ,hile that he ,as hoo%ed on the pres$ribed dr.gs Ae sat the /an on a $hair and /eas.red his legs They ,ere appro;i/ately t,o in$hes off Th.s7 ,e $o//anded a $reati(e /ira$le and the healing of all the (ertebrae7 dis$s7 /.s$les7 tendons7 liga/ents and ner(es Ae also $o//anded all of the s$ar tiss.e to be healed and then reb.%ed the pain in 9es.s1 na/e Ahen he got .p fro/ the $hair after seeing his legs =gro,> o.t7 he bent o(er and /o(ed aro.nd (igoro.sly Then he as%ed7 =4ay 0 r.n aro.nd the $h.r$hE> He ?./ped off the stage7 ran aro.nd the $h.r$h7 ?./ped ba$% on the stage and then ?./ped .p and do,n as hard as he $o.ld7 sho.ting7 =The pain is gone: 01(e been healed:> Later that night ,e ,ere /inistering to people indi(id.ally S.ddenly 0 sa, Al again +od i/pressed /e to go dire$tly to hi/ and pray the follo,ing: =Cather7 in 9es.s1 na/e7 0 $o//and a ne, blood syste/7 $leansed of all dr.gs Than% 5o.7 9es.s Ae belie(e it1s done:> Ae ne(er re$o//end that people stop ta%ing their /edi$ine ,itho.t the ad(i$e of their physi$ian 8.t later Al reported to .s that he thre, all of his /edi$ine a,ay on the ,ay ho/e that night He said he has ne(er had one ,ithdra,al sy/pto/ or been in need of the /edi$ine sin$e 0n o.r $o//.ni$ation ,ith Al7 ,e1(e fo.nd o.t that he has had no ba$% proble/s He1s also been freed of dr.g addi$tion


Do yo. see ,hat ,e learnedE A ne, blood syste/ $an $orre$t dr.g7 $igarette or al$ohol proble/s #o, ,e pray for a ne, blood syste/ for all addi$ts so that there ,ill be no $ra(ing for the dr.gs7 $igarettes or al$ohol (Charles)

5o. ,ill be .sed in /any healings be$a.se yo. %no, to ,hat part of the body yo. sho.ld dire$t +od1s po,er in 9es.s1 na/e To /inister effe$ti(ely7 yo. ,ill also need to .nderstand the i/portan$e of a healthy7 a$ti(e i//.ne syste/ The follo,ing is a B.ote fro/ the Complete ome Medical Guide (6ol./bia Jni(ersity 6ollege of 'hysi$ians and S.rgeons7 6ro,n '.blishers 0n$ 7 #e, 5or%" To .nderstand allergies7 one /.st first .nderstand the i//.ne syste/7 ,hose /isdire$ted response $a.ses allergi$ rea$tions The ?ob of the i//.ne syste/ is to sear$h for7 re$ogni@e7 and destroy ger/s and other dangero.s in(aders of the body7 %no,n as antigens 0t does this by prod.$ing antibodies or spe$ial /ole$.les to /at$h and $o.ntera$t ea$h antigen The %ey soldiers of the i//.ne syste/ are the ly/pho$ytes7 the ,hite blood $ells /an.fa$t.red by the /illions in the bone /arro, The ly/pho$ytes prod.$e antibodies spe$ifi$ to ea$h .n,anted 4*

antigen 6ir$.lating in the bloodstrea/7 the antibodies atta$% the antigen7 or prote$t the body1s $ells fro/ in(asion by the antigen7 or /a%e the in(ader palatable to roa/ing s$a(enger $ells $alled /a$rophages Antibody-prod.$ing ly/pho$ytes or plas/a $ells are $alled 8 $ells Ahen ly/pho$ytes are a$ti(ated7 so/e of the/ be$o/e =/e/ory> $ells Then the ne;t ti/e a person en$o.nters that sa/e antigen ,hi$h earlier t.rned the ly/pho$ytes on7 the i//.ne syste/ =re/e/bers> it and is pri/ed to destroy it i//ediately This is a$B.ired i//.nity Apparently the i//.ne syste/ ignores $an$er $ells .ntil they spread $an$er This /ay also be tr.e of A0DS or other /ysterio.s diseases for ,hi$h s$ien$e has fo.nd no $.re 8.t do$tors and s$ientists belie(e they /ay ha(e dis$o(ered a ,ay to de(elop an i//.nity to $an$er $ells Ae are planning to test a ne, area of $o//ands for $an$er patients7 saying7 =0n 9es.s1 na/e7 ,e $o//and the /e/ory of the i//.ne syste/ to be healed7 so that it re$ogni@es and destroys the in(ading $an$er $ells > 4any $an$er patients ha(e been healed as ,e bind Satan in 9es.s1 na/e by the po,er of the Holy Spirit7 $o//anding the spirit of $an$er to lea(e and the seed and root of e(ery $an$er $ell to die Then7 by faith7 ,e belie(e +od for ne, i//.ne and blood syste/s (Charles)


9es.s said: =+o into all the ,orld and prea$h the gospel to e(ery $reat.re He ,ho belie(es and is bapti@ed ,ill be sa(edD b.t he ,ho does not belie(e ,ill be $onde/ned> (4ar% *:1&-1*"

Ste" () *elieve +hat the +ord o, -od Sa#s
And these signs ,ill follo, those ,ho belie(e: 0n 4y na/e they ,ill $ast o.t de/onsD they ,ill spea% ,ith ne, tong.esD they ,ill ta%e .p serpentsD and if they drin% anything deadly7 it ,ill by no /eans h.rt the/D they ,ill lay hands on the si$%7 and they ,ill re$o(er (4ar% 1*:1)-12" 0 repeat these last ele(en ,ords: =They ,ill lay hands on the si$%7 and they ,ill re$o(er > 0t is i/perati(e that ,e belie(e ,ith all o.r hearts that His desire is for belie(ers to lay hands on the si$% with results( Ae /.st also belie(e 'hilippians 2:3-11: =Therefore +od also has highly e;alted Hi/ and gi(en Hi/ the na/e ,hi$h is abo(e e(ery na/e7 that at the na/e of 9es.s e(ery %nee sho.ld bo,7 of those in hea(en7 and of those on earth7 and of those .nder the earth7 and that e(ery tong.e sho.ld 42

$onfess that 9es.s 6hrist is Lord7 to the glory of +od the Cather > The na/e of 9es.s is abo(e the na/e of e(ery disease that e;ists or ,hi$h ,ill e(er e;ist 0t is abo(e the na/e of $an$er7 arthritis7 $erebral palsy and 'ar%inson1s disease So/eti/es ,hen ,e1re first obedient to 9es.s and lay hands on the si$%7 ,e approa$h the po,er that is in the na/e of 9es.s7 as%ing7 =0n the na/e of 9es.sE> 0nstead ,e sho.ld approa$h healing ,ith absol.te $onfiden$e in the po,er that is in that (ery spe$ial na/e 0 /ade a (ery interesting typographi$al /ista%e ,hen 0 typed the original notes for this boo% 0 dis$o(ered that 0 had /ade a (ery interesting typographi$al /ista%e 0 had planned to type =/editate in the 8ible>D instead 0 had typed =/edi$ate in the 8ible > 0 la.ghed as 0 started to $orre$t the error 8.t the /ore 0 tho.ght abo.t it7 the /ore 0 reali@ed that the 8ible is /edi$ine to o.r /inds7 bodies7 so.ls and spirits The /ore yo. medicate on the Aord7 the /ore yo. ,ill be $on(in$ed that +od heals today #othing ,ill %eep .s as strong as +od1s Aord7 and nothing ,ill help in healing /ore than the Aord Ahen yo. =/edi$ate> on the Aord of +od7 it ,ill heal yo. of any .nbelief To be s.$$essf.l in the healing /inistry yo. /.st get rid of .nbelief < the de(il $onstantly tries to p.t B.estions abo.t healing in yo.r /ind 8.t it is a/a@ing to see ,hat happens ,hen yo. gi(e the Aord to so/eone to ,ho/ yo. are /inistering healing


0 re/e/ber the day 0 ,as healed of diabetes #ot reali@ing that +od had healed /e7 0 ,as still ta%ing /y ins.lin and ,ent into ins.lin sho$% in the Atlanta airport As 0 fell o(er in the $hair7 /y 8ible opened to 'sal/ 30:27 ,hi$h says7 =0 Lord /y +od7 0 $ried o.t to 5o.7 and 5o. healed /e > 0 repeated that (erse .ntil it be$a/e a reality in /y /ind and life The sa/e do$tor ,ho had diagnosed /y diabetes t,o ,ee%s earlier ree;a/ined /e and said7 =5o. ha(e a ne, pan$reas7 so thro, a,ay yo.r /edi$ine:> 0 %ne, right then and there that 0 had been totally healed of diabetes 0 ha(en1t had a proble/ or sign of diabetes fro/ that day to this 0 belie(e that ,hat +od does7 He does ,ell =He hath done all things ,ell> (4ar% ):3)7 F9G" There1s po,er in +od1s Aord That S$ript.re passage in the airport ga(e /e so/ething to $ling to 0t let /e %no, beyond any shado, of do.bt that 0 ,as healed 0n 1322 0 ,as healed of endo$arditis (the infla//ation of the lining of the heart and its (al(es" At that ti/e +od ga(e /e another (erse The do$tors had told /e 0 ,asn1t going to li(e be$a.se /y blood syste/ ,as p.lling off pie$es of /y heart They said that ,hen eno.gh heart tiss.e had been destroyed7 /y life ,o.ld end The night after 6harles prayed for /e7 a s.pernat.ral e(ent too% pla$e right in o.r bedroo/ Altho.gh in /y spirit 0 did not re$ei(e the diagnosis the do$tors had gi(en /e7 6harles too% /e to a heart spe$ialist in Ho.ston ,ho ordered


additional tests Ahen ,e ret.rned ho/e7 0 ,as e;ha.sted and fell into a so.nd sleep 0 ,as a,a%ened in the /iddle of the night and felt as if 0 had been hit on the head and $hest by a t,o-by-fo.r pie$e of ,ood Ahile 0 do not %no, if it ,as a (ision or a drea/7 it ,as one of the /ost real things 0 ha(e e(er e;perien$ed in /y entire life: 0 loo%ed7 and there7 $o/pletely $o(ering /y $hest7 appeared to be a h.ge7 ,ooden boo% -n it ,as one single (erse of S$ript.re: Those ,ho ,ait on the Lord Shall rene, their strengthD They shall /o.nt .p ,ith ,ings li%e eagles7 They shall r.n and not be ,eary7 They shall ,al% and not faint (0s 40:31" 0nstantly7 in that split se$ond of ti/e ,hen +od ga(e /e that (erse7 0 %ne, that - "new that - "new that 0 had been healed7 be$a.se +od had rene,ed /y strength: 4any S$ript.re passages ,ill gi(e yo. $onfiden$e if yo. ,ill re/e/ber the/ ,hen yo. are laying hands on the si$% They are also benefi$ial to yo. in the e(ent yo. yo.rself sho.ld e(er need healing . ebrews /012 OThe ,ord of +od is li(ing and po,erf.l7 and sharper than any t,o-edged s,ord7 pier$ing e(en to the di(ision of so.l and spirit7 and of ?oints and /arro,7 and is a dis$erner of the tho.ghts and intents of the heart > Ae need not fear disease7 be$a.se the Aord of +od is so sharp that it $an $.t thro.gh any disease or $rippling sit.ation in ,hi$h ,e /ight find o.rsel(es &1

. -saiah 33011 4 So shall 4y ,ord be that goes forth fro/ 4y /o.thD it shall not ret.rn to 4e (oid7 b.t it shall a$$o/plish ,hat 0 please7 and it shall prosper in the thing for ,hi$h 0 sent it > . )u"e 11025 4 8lessed are those ,ho hear the ,ord of +od and %eep it:> #ot only do ,e need to hear it7 b.t ,e also need to %eep it 5o. $an be blessed ?.st by hearing it7 b.t yo. $an be /ore than do.bly blessed by hearing it and %eeping it: . Mar" 16061 4 Hea(en and earth ,ill pass a,ay7 b.t 4y ,ords ,ill by no /eans pass a,ay > Ahat a po,erf.l $o/fort to %no, that His ,ord ,ill ne(er pass a,ay 5o. $an rest ass.red that this is a fa$t ,hi$h ,ill ne(er $hange P !o/ans 10:1) < So then faith $o/es by hearing7 and hearing by the ,ord of +od > At ti/es this is the ,ritten Aord of +od7 b.t often it1s the rhema ,ord that +od spea%s into yo.r heart 5o. %no, that yo. ha(e heard fro/ +od ,hen He gi(es yo. that spe$ial ,ord7 and that it ,ill $o/e to pass in yo.r life . 7salm 118011 < 5o.r ,ord 0 ha(e hidden in /y heart7 that 0 /ight not sin against 5o. > Ahen that old nat.re $o/es .p in .s7 gi(ing .s an .rge to sin7 ,e need to re/e/ber7 =5o.r ,ord 0 ha(e hidden in /y heart7 that 0 /ight not sin against 5o. > 0t is a/a@ing ho, fast the re/e/bran$e of that (erse ,ill %eep .s fro/ $rossing o(er the line into sin again: . )u"e /0/ 4 0t is ,ritten7 K4an shall not li(e by bread alone7 b.t by e(ery ,ord of +od 1 9*very, not ?.st part7 b.t by every ,ord of +od


Ste" .) /a0e Healing a Li,e1St#le
6at$h a (ision of ,hat +od has $alled yo. to do Then go o.t and do it 0t goes beyond p.tting on a hat on S.nday /ornings7 going to $h.r$h and7 ,hen the ser(i$e is o(er7 thin%ing7 =Aell7 0 did /y little thing for the ,ee%7 so here 0 go:> Then yo. go o.t the door and li(e ?.st as yo. did pre(io.sly7 $o/ing ba$% the follo,ing S.nday7 thin%ing that yo.1re li(ing the 6hristian lifestyle !eal 6hristianity is a life-style that yo. li(e e(ery /o/ent of e(ery day There1s no ti/e off7 no (a$ation ti/e7 be$a.se it1s a t,enty-fo.r-ho.r-a-day thing7 e(ery day of the year 0 got sa(ed at the ripe old age of forty-nine7 and 0 ,ent .p li%e a ro$%et 0 left the $h.r$h that /orning and tried to beat 9es.s into the head of e(ery person 0 /et 0 ,ent .p and do,n J S High,ay 17 in Fendall7 Clorida7 li%e a ,ild ,o/an And 0 ,as < 0 ,as ,ild abo.t 9es.s: Ahen 0 ,ent to $h.r$h the ne;t S.nday7 0 ,as e;$ited be$a.se of all the ,onderf.l things that had happened d.ring /y first ,ee% as a 6hristian 0 started o.t the first day to /a%e 6hristianity a lifestyle 0 sho$%ed /any of the =old> saints in the $h.r$h ,ho pro/ptly said: =She1ll ne(er /a%e itD she1ll fi@@le o.t She ,on1t last long Those ,ho go .p li%e that $o/e do,n real fast7 and then they $rash > 0t1s been /ore than t,enty-se(en years7 and r/ still going strong7 and 0 intend to %eep on going stronger .ntil 9es.s ret.rns 'e$.liarly7 /any of those =saints> ha(e ba$%slidden sin$e then 0t has $a.sed /e to ,onder abo.t so/ething &3

Ahat /a%es a person hang in there ,ith +odE Ahat /a%es a person fi@@le o.tE Ahat /a%es a person hang in there ,ith healingE 4any ti/es at a healing e;plosion ,e see people get so e;$ited that they ,ant to lay hands on e(eryone in sight 5o. see the/ laying hands on the si$% in the hotel ele(ators 5o. see the/ gro,ing o.t ,aiters1 and ,aitresses1 ar/s 8.t the i/portant thing is not ,hat they do at a healing e;plosion7 b.t ,hat they ,ill do to %eep fro/ fi@@ling o.t on$e the healing e;plosion is o(er 6harles and 0 ha(e /ade healing a life-style H(ery,here ,e go ,e lay hands on the si$% Ae tal% abo.t 9es.s and healingD ,e don1t tal% abo.t anything else Ae don1t feel anything else is ,orth tal%ing abo.t The other night in a $afeteria a /an $a/e .p to .s and as%ed if ,e /inded the interr.ption After ,e ass.red hi/ that ,e did not7 he said7 =Cifteen years ago yo. laid hands on /e for deli(eran$e fro/ $igarettes Altho.gh 0 ha(en1t seen yo. fro/ that day to this7 01(e ne(er s/o%ed another $igarette sin$e > Ahat a ,hoop-and-holler ti/e ,e had right there in the $afeteria lb /e that is e;$iting ne,s < and 01/ s.re there ,asn1t another $on(ersation in the $afeteria nearly as e;$iting as o.rs Ae praised the Lord right there in p.bli$ be$a.se it is a lifestyle ,ith .s 0t1s not so/ething that ,e pretend to ha(e in the p.lpit 0t1s so/ething ,e do e(ery ,a%ing /o/ent of o.r day The e;$ite/ent of o.r first ,ee% of sal(ation needs to be part of o.r ,al% ,ith 9es.s right no, &4

Ae sho.ld all noti$e the needs of others < ,hether ,e are in a gro$ery store7 at ,or% or in the $h.r$h Those people need yo. and /e to help the/ find the ans,er to life The day 0 got sa(ed 0 /ade a decision, a B.ality de$ision7 and nothing $o.ld e(er /a%e /e $hange /y /ind 0 /ade an everlasting de$ision Ae /.st not (a$illate Ae need to get into the 8ible7 o.r holding po,er7 instead of saying7 =0 don1t thin% this Kst.ff1 ,or%s:> or =01/ not s.re 0 $an $ope ,ith this > Thin% ho, /.$h ,orse it ,o.ld be if yo. didn1t ha(e the Ans,er to $ope ,ith proble/s: !e$ently 6harles and 0 ,ent to a $onferen$e ,here the /ain topi$ ,as s.r(i(al Ae1(e ne(er heard so /.$h gloo/ and doo/ in o.r entire li(es 6harles and 0 are loo%ing for,ard to the best years of o.r li(es7 tho.gh ,e1re older than ,e ha(e e(er been before: Ae1re loo%ing for,ard not ?.st to s.r(i(ing7 b.t to li(ing the ab.ndant life 9es.s pro/ised Ahere(er yo. go7 the Lord al,ays pro(ides opport.nities to /inister in His na/e -ne day a /an $a/e into o.r offi$e to see abo.t so/e $on$rete ,or% ,e needed He had ne(er seen a /ira$le7 b.t before he got o.t of there7 he sa, his o,n leg gro, o.t in di(ine healing He ,as already sa(ed7 b.t he ,ent on to re$ei(e the baptis/ ,ith the Holy Spirit7 ,hi$h he had been see%ing for years He ,al%ed o.t a different person: So/eti/es ,e thin% that ,e sho.ldn1t tal% abo.t 9es.s to people ,ith ,ho/ ,e do b.siness be$a.se ,e thin% they &&

/ight not be interested or be$a.se ,e thin% =b.siness is b.siness > 0 personally belie(e 9es.s is the best b.siness to tal% abo.t7 and that1s ,hy ,e dis$.ss Hi/ all the ti/e Ahen +od planted a seed in yo.7 He did not plant that seed to die He planted that seed to gro, in yo. 5o. apparently ha(e so/ething inside of yo. that /a%es yo. ,ant to heal the si$%7 or yo. ,o.ld not be reading this boo% +od has dropped a seed into yo.r heart7 and yo. need to n.rt.re that seed and get a (ision of ,hat +od has $alled yo. to do 0gnore $ir$./stan$es that /ight try to $hange yo.r /ind

Ste" 2) Have Con,idence in -od
0t1s easy to ha(e $onfiden$e in +od7 be$a.se nothing is i/possible ,ith +od Ae all %no, He $an do anything Ae %no, He $an heal the si$%est personD thro.gh +od the /ost $rippled person $an be healed and ,al% perfe$tly 8.t do ,e belie(e +od $an .se .sE Ae need to ha(e $onfiden$e in +od in .s 0n 4atthe, 1):14-20 ,e read: And ,hen they had $o/e to the /.ltit.de7 a /an $a/e to Hi/7 %neeling do,n to Hi/ and saying7 =Lord7 ha(e /er$y on /y son7 for he is an epilepti$ and s.ffers se(erelyD for he often falls into the fire and often into the ,ater So 0 bro.ght hi/ to 5o.r dis$iples7 b.t they $o.ld not $.re hi/ > &*

Then 9es.s ans,ered and said7 =0 faithless and per(erse generation7 ho, long shall 0 be ,ith yo.E Ho, long shall 0 bear ,ith yo.E 8ring hi/ here to 4e > And 9es.s reb.%ed the de/on7 and it $a/e o.t of hi/D and the $hild ,as $.red fro/ that (ery ho.r Then the dis$iples $a/e to 9es.s pri(ately and said7 KAhy $o.ld ,e not $ast it o.tE> So 9es.s said to the/7 =8e$a.se of yo.r .nbeliefD for ass.redly7 0 say to yo.7 if yo. ha(e faith as a /.stard seed7 yo. ,ill say to this /o.ntain7 K4o(e fro/ here to there71 and it ,ill /o(eD and nothing ,ill be i/possible for yo. 71 0 ,ant to b.rn the last part into yo.r heart so that yo. ,ill ne(er forget it: 9,nd nothing will be impossible((((” if 0 stopped right there7 it ,o.ld be easy to agree ,ith /e 8.t if yo. read the entire $la.se7 it says7 9,nd nothing will be impossible for you(” 9es.s /eant it That is ,hy He ga(e .s the pri(ilege of stepping o.t in faith and laying hands on the si$%7 %no,ing they ,ill be healed As yo. ?.st read7 He said that nothing ,ill be i/possible for yo. He didn1t say for Me, be$a.se ,e all %no, that nothing is i/possible for Hi/ To thin% that nothing is i/possible for .s7 ho,e(er7 $ertainly $hanges o.r ,ay of thin%ing The apostle 'a.l ,rote7 =0 $an do all things thro.gh 6hrist ,ho strengthens /e> ('hil 4:13" Ae need to get that in o.r spirits and %no, ,e $annot do it on o.r o,n7 b.t that ,e $an do all &)

things < ,hate(er +od $alls .s to do < thro.gh 6hrist ,ho strengthens .s -ften ,hen 0 lay hands on people7 0 pa.se before 0 start and say: =0 $an do all things thro.gh 6hrist ,ho strengthens /e > 9es.s /ade a positi(e state/ent in 4ar% 1*: =Those ,ho belie(e ,ill lay hands on the si$%7 and they ,ill re$o(er> ((( 1)-12" #o ifs, ands or buts abo.t it < =those ,ho belie(e ,ill lay hands on the si$%7 and they ,ill re$o(er > 9ohn 14:127 one of /y fa(orite (erses7 says7 =4ost ass.redly7 0 say to yo.7 he ,ho belie(es in 4e7 the ,or%s that 0 do he ,ill do alsoD and greater ,or%s than these he ,ill do7 be$a.se 0 go to 4y Cather > 0 didn1t say that < 9es.s did: As a belie(er7 0 ha(e the right7 the pri(ilege and the a.thority to do e(en greater things than He did #ot only that7 0 ha(e a responsibility to f.lfill the Aord of +od in /e be$a.se +od li(es in /e7 and 9es.s li(es in and thro.gh /e Ae need to belie(e that +od1s Aord is spea%ing dire$tly and personally to .s in this t,entieth $ent.ry H(ery ti/e a ne, year rolls aro.nd7 both 6harles and 0 get e;$ited be$a.se ,e anti$ipate all the great and ,onderf.l things +od is going to do thro.gh .s Then ,hen ,e rea$h the /iddle of the year7 ,e loo% ba$% and say: =+od7 ,e1re so gratef.l for ,hat 5o. did in the first si; /onths #o, ,hat are 5o. going to do in the last si; /onthsE> He al,ays tops ,hat He did the first si; /onths: Ae all need to be re/inded of o.r potential7 be$a.se ,e often forget that ,e $an do all things thro.gh 6hrist ,ho strengthens .s 0 $an do greater &2

things than 9es.s did7 not be$a.se 0 say it7 b.t be$a.se He says it in His Aord: Ahen yo. ha(e $onfiden$e in +od in you, then yo. ,ill reali@e yo. don1t ha(e to ans,er e(ery (oi$e of $riti$is/ Ahen yo. get in the healing /inistry7 people ,ill $riti$i@e yo. 8.t ,e need to .nderstand that ta%ing $riti$is/ is a part of anyone1s life ,ho is on the front lines So instead of $onfiden$e in the $riti$al things that so/eone /ay ha(e said to yo.7 yo. need to ha(e $onfiden$e in +od in yo.

Ste" 3) *e 4ersistent
0f yo. ,ant to be s.$$essf.l in healing7 yo. /.st be persistent 5o. $annot let go the first ti/e so/ebody $o/es .p to yo. and says: KAho do yo. thin% yo. are to lay hands on the si$%E> That $an either $r.sh yo. or inspire yo. to pray7 =Than% 5o.7 Cather7 5o.r Aord says 0 $an lay hands on the si$%7 and they ,ill re$o(er > The pri/ary reason that so/e people fi@@le o.t after a healing $lass or e;plosion is be$a.se they fail to persist 4aybe on yo.r first healing trip or /ission yo. $a/e against a hard $ase To +od no $ase is harder than anotherD b.t to .s so/e see/ harder than others So ,e /ay en$o.nter t,o or three people ,ho/ ,e $lassify as i/possible $ases Ae thin%7 0 had three people ,ith se(ered spinal $ords7 and not one of the/ got healed: Don1t get dis$o.raged: 8e persistent: Feep on going: -ne of the /ost persistent /en in the 8ible ,as Hlisha He got a (ision of ,hat he ,anted7 and h.ng &3

on < and he got e;a$tly ,hat he ,anted (see 2 Fings 2" 6harles and 0 ha(e often failed to see people healed Ae ha(e prayed for $an$er (i$ti/s ,ho ha(e died 8.t ,e ha(e also prayed for /any ,ho li(ed Ae %eep right on going regardless of ,hat happens7 $onstantly learning /ore abo.t healing in 9es.s1 na/e than ,e %ne, ten or fifteen years ago < or e(en one year ago Ae are t,o of the /ost persistent people on earth 4any people are healed ,hen they B.ote7 =8y His stripes 0 a/ healed > 0t1s ,onderf.l ,hen that happens 8.t there are ti/es ,hen so/eone lea(es a healing ser(i$e loo%ing ?.st as bad as ,hen he or she arri(ed 0 often la.gh at 6harles He ,ill $all to the stage so/eone ,ho has a ba$% proble/ So/eti/es he does ,hat ,e nor/ally do7 and the person doesn1t get healed right a,ay 0f so/ething doesn1t ,or%7 6harles tries another prayer or $o//and He is persistent7 and 0 ha(e al/ost ne(er seen so/eone ,ith a ba$% proble/ fail to be healed 5o. $an gi(e .p easily and say7 =Aell7 it isn1t ,or%ing > 5es7 it is7 be$a.se in the final analysis7 it ,ill: 0f yo. ,ant to be a s.$$essf.l 6hristian < one ,ho is ali(e to the Holy Spirit all the ti/e < yo. /.st be persistent in e(ery area of yo.r life: in reading the 8ibleD in ,inning people to 9es.sD in tal%ing abo.t 9es.s All of these things are (ital 8e persistent: Don1t gi(e .p: The de(il is the one ,ho $o/es in and says7 =0t1s not going to ,or% > 0f yo.1(e e(er laid hands on so/eone7 *0

yo.1(e /ore than li%ely had a (isit fro/ the de(il before yo. e(er too% yo.r hands off: He1ll tell yo. that yo.r 6hristianity ,on1t ,or% 8.t the 8ible tells .s that ,e1re (i$torio.s in all things and /ore than $onB.erors 0 $onstantly say that e(erything 0 p.t /y hand to prospers 8e$a.se 0 belong to 6hrist 9es.s 0 a/ blessed ,ith e(ery spirit.al blessing Therefore it pleases +od for /e to ,al% in di(ine health 5o.7 too7 need to be persistent in spea%ing the Aord of +od o(er yo.rself 8e persistentD don1t gi(e .p #o /atter ho, /any ti/es the de(il $o/es against yo.7 don1t yo. e(er gi(e .p #o /atter ho, /any ti/es yo. thin% yo. ha(e failed7 hang in there 8e persistent

Ste" 5) 6now +hat You Are $oing
5o. $an be ignorant b.t sin$ere7 and +od ,ill honor that 0t ,ill help tre/endo.sly7 ho,e(er7 if yo. learn e(erything yo. $an abo.t healing 0 often a/ a/a@ed at so/e of the things 0 did ,hen 0 first got sa(ed Cor instan$e7 at the first $h.r$h in ,hi$h 0 e(er spo%e7 0 ga(e an altar $all and didn1t %no, ,hat to do ,hen people responded 0 don1t thin% 0 belie(ed anyone ,o.ld ans,er the altar $all7 so ,hen the first person $a/e7 0 tho.ght to /yself7 Ahat a/ 0 going to do ,ith the people ,ho $o/e .pE Ahen others $a/e and began to tell /e their reB.ests7 0 ,as d./bfo.nded Cinally 0 said7 =As soon as 0 get ho/e7 01ll start praying > 0sn1t it ,onderf.l that +od ,ill bless .s in spite of o.r ignoran$eE 8.t 0 dis$o(ered that if 0 ,as going to *1

spea% in $h.r$hes7 0 needed to learn ho, to /inister to people at the altar7 to /eet their needs right there and to introd.$e the/ to 9es.s -- the -ne ,ho $an gi(e the/ the ans,er to e(ery proble/ they /ight ha(e Li%e,ise7 learn as /.$h as yo. possibly $an abo.t healing 5o. $an1t learn too /.$h 6harles and 0 are $onstantly learning ne, things abo.t healing The other night ,e ,ere ,at$hing so/e (ideotapes of old healing ser(i$es 4any ,ere fro/ the $r.sades of /en s.$h as A A Allen and Aillia/ 8ranha/7 ,ho ,ere ,ell-%no,n years ago for their tre/endo.s healings on the =Goi$e of Healing> progra/ Ae ,at$hed a $o.ple of ho.rs of the a$t.al li(e ser(i$es they $ond.$ted7 and ,e learned tre/endo.s things fro/ these /en Ahene(er ,e ,at$h a healing ser(i$e on tele(ision or go to so/eone else1s healing ser(i$e7 ,e ,at$h $aref.lly to see if ,e $an learn so/ething ne, Ae lo(e to ,at$h the ne, =babies> at a healing e;plosion So/eti/es they do things they ne(er learned b.t apparently ,ere instr.$ted to do by the Holy Spirit Ae see the/ doing things ,e ne(er tho.ght abo.t doing or saying7 and ,e dis$o(er that ,hat they do is effe$ti(e Learn e(erything yo. $an abo.t healing fro/ s.$$essf.l people Don1t learn things fro/ indi(id.als ,ho ne(er ha(e any s.$$esses in their healing atte/pts !e$ei(e instr.$tion fro/ those ,ho ha(e had s.$$essf.l e;perien$es and ,ho %no, ,hat they1re doing: Altho.gh 6harles and 0 ,rote the boo% ow to eal the Sic", ,e still read it o(er and o(er be$a.se *2

,e forget so/e of the things ,e ,rote Ae ,at$h the (ideotapes o(er and o(er7 la.ghingly a/a@ed at the fresh inspiration ,e re$ei(e fro/ the/ ea$h ti/e And e(ery ti/e 0 ,at$h the/7 the Holy Spirit re/inds /e of so/ething 0 ha(e forgotten Ahen yo. ,at$h those (ideos or read the boo% ti/e and again7 yo.1ll learn so/ething ne, e(ery ti/e !ead the fo.r +ospels and the boo% of A$ts repeatedly to learn /ore abo.t healing in the first$ent.ry $h.r$h 0 still read those fi(e boo%s /ore than any others be$a.se they tal% abo.t healing /ore than any other part of the 8ible 0f yo. ,ant to learn ho, to heal7 do the sa/e things 9es.s did Say the sa/e things 9es.s said 5o. ,ill be a/a@ed at ho, effe$ti(e that ,ill be T,o things bring /ira$les7 and they go together < the na/e of 9es.s and the po,er of +od1s Holy Spirit The po,er 9es.s displayed in His /ira$les $a/e fro/ His Cather and fro/ the Holy Spirit 9es.s said7 =Cor the ,or%s ,hi$h the Cather has gi(en 4e to finish < the (ery ,or%s that 0 do < bear ,itness that the Cather has sent /e> (9ohn &:3*" 5o. also ,ill be able to do /ira$les by .sing the na/e of 9es.s and the po,er of +od1s Holy Spirit 'ra$ti$e on e(eryone yo. $an 'ra$ti$e on yo.r friends 'ra$ti$e on yo.r fa/ily and on yo.rself .ntil yo. learn ho, to be profi$ient The /ore yo. lay hands on the si$%7 the /ore profi$ient yo.1ll be$o/e and the greater res.lts yo.1ll see Feep yo.rself prayed .p: And %eep yo.rself =read .p> in the 8ible at all ti/es


Ste" 7) Tal0 a8out Your Successes9 Not Your Failures
Ahen 6harles and 0 ,rite or spea%7 ,e al,ays tal% abo.t s.$$ess Ae ne(er tell abo.t the people ,ho don1t get healed < ,e tell abo.t the ones ,ho do 0n doing this7 ,e ha(e dis$o(ered that the /ore ,e tal% abo.t s.$$ess7 the /ore people get healed As ,e tell the (i$tory stories7 e(eryone1s faith rises 0 re$ently heard abo.t a lady bro.ght to one of o.r healing e;plosions on a stret$her7 dying of $an$er The do$tors had allo,ed her to $o/e be$a.se they said she had less than t,enty-fo.r ho.rs to li(e This ,as /ore than a year ago7 and ,e ?.st heard that she ,as $o/pletely healed by the po,er of +od #o, she1s telling e(eryone ,hat 9es.s did to her ,hen she $a/e to a healing e;plosion Those are the %inds of stories to tell < the s.$$ess stories -ne of /y fa(orite S$ript.re (erses is 'hilippians 4:2: =Cinally7 brethren7 ,hate(er things are tr.e7 ,hate(er things are noble7 ,hate(er things are ?.st7 ,hate(er things are p.re7 ,hate(er things are lo(ely7 ,hate(er things are of good report7 if there is any (irt.e and if there is anything praise,orthy < /editate on these things > Thin% abo.t the good thingsD thin% abo.t the praise,orthy things Thin% abo.t that $rippled person ,ho got o.t of a ,heel$hairD thin% abo.t that person ,ith the horrible ba$% proble/ ,ho got *4

healed ,hen her legs gre, o.t: Don1t tell people abo.t yo.r fail.res < tell the/ abo.t yo.r s.$$esses:

Ste" :) -et to 6now Him
0f yo. ,ant to ha(e s.$$ess in /inistering healing bibli$ally7 get to %no, 9es.s in the po,er of His res.rre$tion 'sal/ 2):1-4 in the Li(ing 8ible is tre/endo.s There is a real $l.e in here The Lord is /y light and /y sal(ationD ,ho/ shall 0 fearE Ahen e(il /en $o/e to destroy /e7 they ,ill st./ble and fall: 5es7 tho.gh a /ighty ar/y /ar$hes against /e7 /y heart shall %no, no fear: 0 a/ $onfident that +od ,ill sa(e /e The one thing 0 ,ant fro/ +od7 the thing 0 see% /ost of all7 is the pri(ilege of /editating in his Te/ple7 li(ing in his presen$e e(ery day of /y life7 delighting in his in$o/parable perfe$tions and glory 0 don1t %no, ,hat part of that (erse spo%e to yo. the /ost $learly 8.t one day d.ring a prayer /eeting in o.r offi$e7 ,e as%ed the staff ,hi$h part of that passage /inistered to the/ the /ost -ne /an said7 =0 a/ the /ost gratef.l for /y sal(ation > Another one said7 =0 ?.st praise the Lord that He ,ill prote$t /e Altho.gh an ar/y /ar$hes against /e7 0 ,ill be prote$ted > 6harles and 0 ,ere thrilled the /ost by the part that says7 =The thing 0 see% the /ost of all is the *&

pri(ilege of /editating in his Te/ple7 li(ing in his presen$e e(ery day of /y life > Ahen yo. get to %no, 9es.s7 yo. ,ill ha(e the sa/e desires He has The /ore yo. get to %no, Hi/7 the $loser yo. get to Hi/ The /ore inti/ate yo. be$o/e ,ith Hi/7 the /ore yo. ,ill be$o/e li%e Hi/ The /ore yo. ,ill ha(e $o/passion in yo.r heart to rea$h o.t to people ,ho are lost7 dying and si$% The entire ,orld desperately needs to %no, a li(ing 9es.s7 b.t they also need yo. and /e to introd.$e the/ to the -ne ,ho is the ans,er to all of life1s proble/s Ahat an a,eso/e pri(ilege7 yet ,hat an eB.ally a,eso/e responsibility is gi(en to .s to bring the ,orld to a li(ing %no,ledge of the Lord 9es.s 6hrist: 8.t ,hat things ,ere gain to /e7 these 0 ha(e $o.nted loss for 6hrist 5et indeed 0 also $o.nt all things loss for the e;$ellen$e of the %no,ledge of 6hrist 9es.s /y Lord7 for ,ho/ 0 ha(e s.ffered the loss of all things7 and $o.nt the/ as r.bbish7 that 0 /ay gain 6hrist and be fo.nd in Hi/7 not ha(ing /y o,n righteo.sness7 ,hi$h is fro/ the la,7 b.t that ,hi$h is thro.gh faith in 6hrist7 the righteo.sness ,hi$h is fro/ +od by faithD that may "now im and the po,er of His res.rre$tion ('hil 3:)-107 itali$s added" Gerses 12 thro.gh 14 e;po.nd on other great things: #ot that 0 ha(e already attained7 or a/ already perfe$tedD b.t 0 press on7 that 0 /ay lay hold of that for ,hi$h 6hrist 9es.s has **

also laid hold of /e 8rethren7 0 do not $o.nt /yself to ha(e apprehendedD b.t one thing 0 do7 forgetting those things ,hi$h are behind and rea$hing for,ard to those things ,hi$h are ahead7 0 press to,ard the goal for the pri@e of the .p,ard $all of +od in 6hrist 9es.s > =0 press to,ard the goal > 'robably 'a.l1s greatest desire ,as to "now Hi/ To %no, Hi/ /ore inti/ately than 0 $an e(en drea/ possible is the desire of /y heart The day 0 got sa(ed 0 heard a song that said7 =T.rn yo.r eyes .pon 9es.s7 loo% f.ll in His ,onderf.l fa$e And the things of earth ,ill gro, strangely di/ in the light of His glory and gra$e Q> The /ore yo. get to %no, Hi/7 the di//er the things of this earth ,ill be$o/e and the less hold they ,ill ha(e on yo. '.t all of these se(en steps into pra$ti$eD thin% abo.t the/ and /editate .pon the/ 0 g.arantee they ,ill lead yo. to s.$$ess in /inistering healing bibli$ally Feep it .p7 re/e/bering yo. are doing yo.r part to .sher in the Fing of %ings and the Lord of lords And yo. are ,ell-eB.ipped and dangero.sly loaded and ha(e the ability to e;plode all o(er: (&rances)


Q6opyright R1322 Singspiration 4.si$0AS6A' All !ights !eser(ed Jsed by per/ission of 8enson 4.si$ +ro.p 0n$

Ten As Yo ARE GOING !!!
Ahen 9es.s told .s to go7 He /eant =as yo. are going>O going abo.t yo.r daily b.siness7 at ,or%7 in s$hool7 at the par%7 at the shopping $enter7 before and after $h.r$h7 in the resta.rant7 at the health $l.b7 at prayer /eetings7 at $offee or l.n$h brea%s or ,here(er yo.r daily life ta%es yo. Ae sho.ld be f.lfilling the +reat 6o//ission on a $ontin.al daily basis Aal%7 r.n or fly ,ith .s thio.gh a fe, of the life-style e(ents of o.r nor/al daily ,al% ,ith 9es.s: Clying to a /eeting one day7 the /an sitting ne;t to .s stood .p Ae noti$ed a spe$ial ba$% pillo, in his seat To .s that ,as a signal for a /ira$le Ahen he ret.rned7 ,e B.estioned hi/ abo.t his ba$% He ,as a sales/an ,ho tra(eled o(erseas as ,ell as in the Jnited States He said the pain ,as so e;$r.$iating that he didn1t belie(e he ,o.ld be able to /a%e it to 0reland the ne;t ,ee% As ,e ,ere getting off the plane in the ne;t $ity7 ,e as%ed hi/7 =Ao.ld yo. li%e to go to the lobby and let .s pray for yo.r ba$% to be healedE> Ahen yo.1re h.rting badly eno.gh7 yo. ,ill ne(er resist s.$h an offer Ae told hi/ he had nothing to lose *2

He ,as in s.$h se(ere pain as he hobbled to the lobby that he ,as al/ost in tears He didn1t ,ant to sit do,n in p.bli$7 so ,e p.t hi/ behind the ti$%et $o.nter ,all His ba$% ,as so o.t of line7 ,e dis$o(ered7 that one leg ,as t,o in$hes shorter than the other leg Ahen it gre, o.t7 he ?./ped .p7 bent o(er7 t,isted his ba$% and then heard7 =Cinal boarding $all:> He ran do,n the ra/p as fast as he $o.ld7 yelling7 =0 ha(e no /ore pain:> Another healing o$$.rred ,hen ,e stopped at a resta.rant on a trip After seating .s at a dirty7 oil$loth-$o(ered table7 the ,aitress ga(e .s the /en.s 6harles noti$ed so/ething He said to the ,aitress: =4y ,ife has a ,onderf.l /inistry for pregnant ,o/en Ao.ld yo. li%e for her to pray for yo.E> The yo.ng ,o/an b.rst into la.ghter and said7 ='rayE> and $ontin.ed la.ghing 0 i//ediately sensed a ,onderf.l =as ,e ,ere going> opport.nity So7 grabbing her left hand7 0 laid /y hand on her t.//y and said: =Cather7 0 than% 5o. for this bea.tif.l baby Than% 5o. that ,e don1t belie(e in abortion > 8efore 0 said another ,ord7 she b.rst into tears 0 %ne, she had $onsidered abortion 0 as%ed her ,hether she ,as /arried be$a.se there ,as no ring on her finger She st./bled for ,ords and finally $a/e o.t ,ith a (ery ,ea% yes 0 said: =5o. need 9es.s7 honey 'ray this prayer after /e > She prayed7 and ,hen ,e finished7 0 as%ed her7 =Ahere is 9es.s right no,E>


She said7 =0n /y heart:> The girl ,e left behind ,as not the sa/e girl ,e /et ,hen ,e $a/e in She ,as a ne, $reat.re: At a resta.rant re$ently7 a friend $o/plained that her ba$% ,as h.rting 6harles i//ediately ?./ped .p7 /eas.red her legs and $o//anded the ba$% to be ad?.sted She ,as instantly relie(ed of pain: Then he finished his dinner Don1t get dis$o.raged if yo. don1t see an instant /ira$le So/e /ira$les happen the /o/ent yo. lay hands on the si$% < b.t other healings ta%e ti/e Tell the person to ,ho/ yo. are /inistering that the healing has started on$e yo. ha(e laid hands on the/ Do e(erything yo. $an to %eep people fro/ be$o/ing dis$o.raged 8.ild their faith < and yo.rs < ,ith e(ery senten$e yo. spea% Ae do not lay hands on the si$% ,hen ,e feel li%e it Ae lay hands on the si$% at e(ery opport.nity: So/e of the greatest healings ,e ha(e e(er seen ha(e ta%en pla$e ,hen ,e ,ere si$% or $o/pletely e;ha.sted Don1t ,ait for a feeling < do it now% Ahen +od opens a door for yo.7 go thro.gh it He al,ays has so/ething spe$ial for yo. on the other side 0f an opport.nity to lay hands on so/eone o$$.rs < go for it < regardless of ,hether yo. feel anything or not 5o.1ll be in the /ira$le /inistry7 too:


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