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Dear Supervisor _______ After careful consideration of Supervisor Scott Wiener’s CEQA reform proposal, the San Francisco

Small Business Network (SBN), an assemblage of small business related organizations throughout San Francisco committed to the robust economic viability of the City, wishes to declare its strong support for the long over-due legislation. Every small business owner understands the essentiality of clear parameters when planning and executing even the most elementary business plan. The “only-in-San Francisco” CEQA procedures not only compromise efficient business operations and growth, but diminish San Francisco’s competitive positioning among surrounding cities and counties that follow far less convoluted guidelines. The SBN is fully aligned behind CEQA’s mission-critical goals, but we understand first hand that the unwieldy and unpredictable application of its approval processes hinders business, community, and private (home ownership) development and even simple facility maintenance goals city-wide. Supervisor Wiener’s carefully crafted and responsibly amended legislation offers a clear path-way to improved CEQA implementation while at the same time allowing timely, carefully-crafted pathways to business growth and community improvement sans both time and often egregious financial impediments. We encourage your support and approval of Weiner’s CEQA reform. It’s good for business, San Francisco’s economic vitality, and a well-maintained, safe public and private place to live. Sincerely, Art Swanson Immediate Past President San Francisco Small Business Network (SFSBN) Officers President Leslie Milloy San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Vice President Jim Maxwell SF Council of District Merchants Secretary Jay Lampus Brown and Co. Real Estate Treasurer Rich Gunn, CPA Burr, Pilger & Mayer, Inc. Immediate Past President Art Swanson Lightner Property Group Executive Director Maherah Silmi Member Organizations Building Owners & Managers Association of San Francisco Chinese Real Estate Association of America Coalition for Better Housing Golden Gate Business Association Golden Gate Restaurant Association National Association of Women Business Owners Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association Professional Property Management Association SF Association of Realtors SF Chamber of Commerce SF Council of District Merchants Associations SF Small Business Advocates Union Square Business Improvement District Affiliates Bay Area Development Corporation Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center Small Business Development Center Associates MSA Planning and Design Consultants, Inc. Property Management Systems Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc.