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1. Why do you think students should join these clubs? a. Due to sheer compulsion. b. For academic improvement c. For personal fluency d. Not necessary at all 2. Personally, do you feel it is a necessity to join such clubs or simply it’s an overload of excessive responsibility? a. Considering the workload from studies, these clubs double up the pressure only. b. Very much educative and useful, considering present day placement situation. c. The clubs are, to some extent, beneficial. But at the same time, uneven session timings are a serious headache. d. Personally, I do not have interest in the clubs due to the constant coercing by the faculties to join the clubs which is now becoming a severe nuisance. 3. Are the events conducted in the clubs of any help to the students practically? a. Yes, they help me in improving overall personality. b. I don’t think they are of any serious help. c. The clubs have been effective only in certain areas only. d. Practically, the clubs are detrimental to academic progress. 4. Almost all the faculties of concerned clubs belong to the English Department. Are you motivated in any manner by their dedication to these clubs? a. b. c. d. Yes. No Barring a few, other faculties are of no help None of the above.

Poor 6. c. 8. my problems became more problematic. 7. Yes. ii. b. How can students willingly join and participate in the club events? a. b. No. d. Both (a) and (b). 9. d. Excellent b. LANGUAGE CLUB (scintilla) b. Did you ever talk personally to the faculties regarding your problems in the clubs? a. Impossible for students to join willingly. as they are rather being persuaded more than being motivated. they have been very much helpful and co-operative in sorting out my problems.5. By conducting interactive and entertaining events. c. How do you rate the overall performance of these clubs? a. I fear to approach them since academic performance is at stake. Good c. LITERARY CLUB( srujanee) . Whenever I approached them. By creating a livelier atmosphere rather than monotonous sessions. Average d. Any suggestions for the faculties of the concerned clubs? a. Two practical ways to make the clubs a hit among the students : i. I never felt the need to approach them.

1. Mr Sanat Ku. According to the annual report presented by Sir. the actual scenario ids quite different as it seems to be. Lenka on the eve of annual function. . Overall how many events are being conducted annually on an average basis? 2. Any reason behjiind this/ 3.