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Task 6 Cover Artist Choice

Eminem: I’d use Eminem for my cover as he is one of the biggest names in Hip-Hop, even people outside of Hip-Hop will know who he is. His music is often in the charts, which shows his popularity. These things make him ideal for my magazine cover.

Dre: Another of the biggest names in Hip-Hop. Dre has been around for nearly 30 years, and has been a major part in Hip-Hop. He produces albums for some of the newer artists in the genre, and also has a company called “beats by Dre” which is a headphone company. These factors show his importance to the genre and that is why he could be suitable for my cover.

Pusha T: An artist who doesn’t get the credit he deserves, his music is what hip-hop should be. He would be suitable for my cover as my magazine does articles on artists who deserve more credit and those not many know about, and Pusha T fits this profile.

Kendrick Lamar: An artist who is one of the biggest names in hip-hop, yet only a year or two ago not many people knew of him. He is the inspiration for the aspiring artists who would be mentioned in my magazine. He shows that it is possible to become successful. This is why he would be suitable for my cover. Hip-Hop in the Charts Vodafone Top 40 Number 9: Eminem Number 29: Drake Radio 1 Top 40 RnB Eminem: Number 2,9,10,13,36 Busta Rhymes: Number 7 Dizzee Rascal: Number 8 Childish Gambino: Number 11 Drake: Number 14 Macklemore: Number 15,18,26 Jay Z: Number 17 Kanye West: Number 19,40 A$AP Rocky: Number 32 2 Chainz: Number 33 These show that, hip-hop is slowly building in popularity, so I believe another hip-hop magazine in the UK would be beneficial to the growth of hip-hop.

Clothing in Hip-Hop Clothing in Hip-Hop is a massive aspect of the genre. It can vary massively from one artist to another. For example, A$AP rocky is known for connections with high-end fashion, collaborating with giant companies and designers such as Adidas and Jeremy Scott.

Other artists too have collaborated with giant companies. Kanye West has designed shoes for Nike, known as the “Yeezys”. They are one of the most well known shoes that Nike have made. Kanye has also designed shoes for Luis Vuitton, clothing for APC and has recently signed a deal with Adidas. Kanye alone shows how much of an influence clothing has on Hip-Hop.

A few of Kanye West’s Collaborations

One artist however, Kendrick Lamar, would rather stick to the music and dress in the simple clothing from the roots of Hip-Hop; plain white t-shirts, jeans and Nike Cortez. In one of his recent verses on the song “Control” Kendrick said: “And I ain’t rocking no more designer s***, white t’s and Nike Cortez” `below is a picture of Kendrick, wearing exactly what he said in his verse.