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2014 3rd International Conference on Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering (ICMIE 2014


Registration form of the ICMIE 2014
March 22-23, 2014, Bali, Indonesia http: !!!"icmie"org

NOTE: To avoid dela s in registration! "lease read t#e entire for$ carefull % &ou $a su'$it our co$"leted (egistration )or$! Co" rig#t for$! final "a"ers (doc% * "df%) and t#e +canned ,a $ent of t#e a""lica'le registration fee to icmie#iacsit"org 'efore February 20, 2014% ,lease su'$it one for$ for eac# "artici"ant%

$articipant Information
- Co$"ulsor ite$s%
-,refi.: -)irst Na$e: -/ffiliation(Organi1ation or 2niversit ): --Mailing /ddress: -Cit : -Countr : -Tel%: +tudent I0 Nu$'er: ,a"er I0 Code: ,a"er Title: ,a"er /ut#or (s): ,a"er ,ages: -6ill ou attend t#e conference in "erson7 T#e "artici"ant9s na$e (If es): +"ecial dietar : 0ia'etic □ :egetarian □ Musli$ □ Ot#er □ ("lease s"ecif : ,# sical re;uire$ents (if an ): ) /dditional ,age: &es □ No □
Note: T#e conference "roceeding and recei"t 8ill 'e sent to ou after t#e conference for free if ou can9t attend %

(,rof%! /ssistant ,rof%! 0r! Mr% Ms% etc%) -)a$il Na$e:

Male □ )e$ale □

-+tate3,rovince: -4I,3,ost Code: -E5$ail: )a.: I/C+IT Me$'er Nu$'er:

Conference %ees &'( )* +ollar, --Ite$s /$ount &our C#oice (2se /ra'ic Nu$erals)

please pay Euros as: 1 Euro = 1.1ne reg0lar paper registration can co2er a paper !ithin 3 pages. such as Iran. ta'les.artici"ation in t#e tec#nical "rogra$ >unc# * 0inner on Marc# 23 ?adge Conference 'ag and3or conference accessories Conference docu$ent (. incl0ding all fig0res.34 USD /0thors Registration incl0des .2014 3rd International Conference on Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering (ICMIE 2014) Authors (IACSIT Member)*: 400 USD (Regular Papers) 470 USD (Long Papers) Authors (Student)* 400 USD (Regular Papers) 470 USD (Long Papers) Authors (Non Member)* 450 USD (Regular Papers) 520 USD (Long Papers) Listeners: Only for Presenters * Invited Speaker Additional Paper(s)** Additional Page Extra Proceeding Total 250 USD 320 USD Free 300 USD 60 USD / One Page 50 USD .roceeding "rinted in @ournal) Coffee 'rea<s . *** For the authors who have difficulties to pay US Dollars. and references" ** One regular registration with one or more additional papers has only one proceeding book.ote: /0thor: $a<e a "resentation on t#e conference and t#e "a"er 8ill 'e "u'lis#ed on t#e "roceedings3=ournals% $resenter: $a<e a "resentation on t#e conference 8it#out "a"er "u'lis#ing% . and long paper registration co2er a paper !ithin 4-15 pages.

a $ent ' credit cards% Credit Card $a(ment Information $/7I. http: !!!1"'ei:ing"com"cn 0ser meeting meeting.o handling fees.0m'er after pa(ing" 1% E5$ail: 2% Order Nu$'er: 2% (egistration fee can 'e "aid to t#e Organi1ing Co$$ittee t#roug# 'an< transfer% If ou can not "a 8it# credit card! ou can "a t#roug# 'an<% Our 'an< infor$ation is as follo8ing: ?an< Na$e : Ma 'an<! +inga"ore ?an< /ddress : 131 @urong East +treet 13 +inga"ore A00131 Na$e of /ccount : BIE &I ?eneficiar 9s /ddress: C0D542! ?>E D0F! +t% D1! @urong 6est! +inga"ore A40D0F /ccount Nu$'er : 1541G50H5DHF15H ?IC3+6I)T Code : M??E+I+I .8 ME691+ &.2014 3rd International Conference on Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering (ICMIE 2014) $a(ment 6erms 1" . please pa( 30 )*+ more.ote: 3" $a(ment '( Method 1 is priorit( to accept" 4" Ban> ser2ice charges sho0ld 'e paid '( the pa(er" 5" If pa( '( method 2.en":sp< $lease ma>e s0re (o0 ha2e ?I*/ or Mastered Card Credit Card 'efore clic>ing this lin>. and (o0 sho0ld also calc0late the right amo0nt and pa(" $lease fill in the E-mail and Confirmation . for the handling fees @" Registration can onl( 'e sec0red and confirmed !hen pa(ment has 'een recei2ed" ICMIE 2014 Organi1ing Co$$ittees #tt":33888%ic$ie%org3 icmie#iacsit"org ?ali! Indonesia .pa(order.