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: and ; (Colons and Semi Colons

Semicolon: Used to separate independent clauses that have a close relationship to each other and that don’t already have a conjunction. Incorrect: My sister is a great artist; that random stranger is looking at me. Correct: My sister is a great artist; I can barely draw a straight line. Incorrect: ue loves animals; I just bought a new garage door opener. Correct: ue loves animals; however! she eats hamburgers. Used to avoid con"usion i" a list has items with commas. #$ample: I ran a marathon! which was e$hausting; went shopping! which was "un; and ate dinner with my old smelly aunt! which was boring. Colon: Used be"ore a list o" items "ollowing an independent clause. #$ample: I went to the store "or the "ollowing items: milk! toothbrush! bread! and %ysol. Colons NEVER EVER EVER EVER come after a verb! Incorrect: I need: chips! dip! and sodas. Correct: I need the "ollowing: chips! dip! and sodas. Used in subtitles o" books and movies. #$ample: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Used to tell time. #$ample: &:'( ):)* A. Add the correct p nct ation to the sentences. +. ,llen! "old the laundry -enny! clean up the yard -oan! take the dog "or a walk. .. /ew animals in the collection include a cheetah! an okapi! and a harpy eagle "rom ,"rica a tiger! two peacocks! and a rhinoceros "rom India a snow leopard "rom 0ibet and two caribou! a 1odiak bear! and an arctic "o$ "rom ,laska. 2. an 3rancisco! %os ,ngeles! and 4akland! Cali"ornia 5allas and 6ouston! 0e$as and /ew 7ork and 8u""alo! /ew 7ork! have pro"essional teams. ). It was a clear day moreover! it was a per"ect day "or swimming. &. -on prepared dinner 8rian set the table. 9. :rinning broadly! %ee crossed the "inish line ten "eet ahead o" the others however! the grin "aded when the judges told her she had been dis;uali"ied. *. 8ring three things to class tomorrow your te$tbook! paper! and a blue or black pen. (. 7ou will need to meet me between ( 2' and ( )& ,. M. <. 7esterday was a cold autumn day however! it was ;uite sunny. +'. Mom’s plane arrives at 9 && =.M. 5ad’s will land at * +& =.M. ++. -im studied hard "or the test yet he thought it was one o" the hardest ones he’d ever taken. +.. I know that there is not much time nevertheless! the work must be "inished by & 2' =.M. +2. I have a lot to do tonight make dinner! baby sit my little brother! "inish my homework! and clean my room. +). =lease stop at the store and bring these items home a gallon o" milk! a can o" tomatoes! and a bo$ o" crackers. +&. 0racy was reading a mystery andy was talking on the phone. +9. 0he =ep Club will handle ticket sales the cheerleaders will help with parking. +*. 4ur bus leaves at * +& ,.M. my sister’s bus doesn’t leave until * )& ,.M. +(. 0he snow was blinding however! the school bus arrived on time at * .&. +<. 0he running back made a spectacular drive to the goal! a )*>yard run the de"ense! which couldn’t get organi?ed! was stunned. .'. 8ring these items to sewing class on 0uesday tracing paper! your pattern! thread! and pins. .+. 1ent broke his leg there"ore he had to learn to use crutches.

.. 6er wallet contained the "ollowing items ten dollars! two credit cards! a driver’s license! a ocial ecurity card! and several pictures..2. 0he junk shop was "illed with old! broken>down chairs rickety! wobbly tables! and do?ens o" useless items. 0he "og is really bad all "lights to and "rom the airport have been cancelled. 0he beaches are closed temporarily the pollution level o" the water is too high.. . .). !. "rite # sentences sin$ semicolons and five sin$ colons. . %o &ill have ten sentences.&.