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Task 9 Formal Proposals Title of Magazine For my magazine, I will use the title “The Zone”.

Although out of the 5 friends that I asked it was only chosen once and Verse was the most popular, I believe the name is the most suitable for the content that the magazine will contain. The contents of it will be heavily based on interviews with artists and album reviews, and the magazine will be almost like a “zone” where all of these things can be found. Explanation of choice of Genre The genre I will choose is Hip-Hop. This is because of multiple reasons. Firstly as fan of the genre myself, I know what readers will want to see in a Hip-Hop magazine. Secondly, my questionnaire showed that it was the most popular genre chosen, which shows the genre is popular within my target age audience. Another reason is that from my research, I found that there are very few Hip-Hop magazines in the UK. Along with this, in the UK music charts, Hip-Hop is gaining popularity in the UK, so another Hip-Hop magazine in the UK will only help boost the popularity and bring the genre more attention. Target Audience My target audience will be more of a mature age 15+ and both male and female. The reason it will be a more mature age as the content will not necessarily be suitable for a younger audience, nor will the content be as entertaining for a younger audience compared to a more mature audience. It will be male and female targeted through the use of the colour scheme I will use, which will be the Black/ Pink/ Blue scheme. This includes colours that are associated with both genders, blue and pink. Initial ideas about Front Page For my front page, I want to keep it simple and keep it “clutter free”, almost a minimalist approach. I want the main cover lines to alternate in a blue and pink font, which will stand out from the image. I want to have the image in a black and white effect so the cover lines are the main attraction on the cover. I want the barcodes and the other features that are not important to the contents to be out of the way and not to draw attention away from the image and cover lines etc. Initial ideas about Contents Page For my contents page, I want it also to be simple and minimalist. Using the black/ blue/ pink colour scheme throughout this also to match the front page. I will have a list on one side of page, aligned with one another so it has a professional look to the magazine. I will have images of the main features on the right with a border around the images matching the font colour scheme.

Initial ideas about double page spread My double page spread will most likely be in the format of a Q&A. This is because in my questionnaire a popular feature was interviews with the artists, so doing this will benefit the audience of my magazine. This also will match the colour scheme throughout the magazine. The questions will also be in a different font colour than the answer to give clear indication of what is the question and what is the answer. The images used will have links to the answers given by the artist. Also there will be certain facts on the page about the artist that many readers may not know. Initial ideas about photographs The photos I want to use will have an urban/ street look. This is because it suits the genre and can also be related to it, artists often say they grew up on the streets, this is why a street look would suit my images. The urban look can be from the use of walls and buildings that have been vandalized with graffiti, which is often associated with Hip-Hop/ rap.