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Date________________ Mr. Brown

Writers Workshop: Station 1 Writing for Audience Directions: At this station you will answer questions about the speed of two cars. You will have two different audiences to keep in mind while explaining your answers. The first person you have to explain your answers to is an 8 year old, which means you have to use simple language to get your point across. The second person you have to explain your answers to is a mathematics professor, so be sure to impress Mr. professor with your fancy vocabulary.

Problem: Jacob plays soccer every weekend. On Saturday his mother brings him to practice while his father brings him to games on Sundays. One weekend Jacob times each of his parents to see who drove to the soccer field the fastest. Jacobs mother drove 11 miles in 12 minutes. Jacobs father liked to take a different route to the games so Jacobs’ father drove 14 miles in 15 minutes. Does Jacobs mother or father drive faster? Be sure to explain both parts of speed (hint: distance and time)

Bonus questions: 1. If the field is 154 miles away how long will it take each parent to get there? 2. If each parent leaves at 10:30 in the morning what time does each parent get to the field? 3. What time would both parents have to leave in order to get to the field at the same time?