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November 2009

Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement

Fugro is the world leading geoscience company operating around the world at sea, on land and from the air. Fugro uses professional, highly specialized staff and advanced technologies and systems to collect and interpret data related to the earth's surface and the soils and rocks beneath. No other company can provide the same comprehensive range of geotechnical, survey and geosciences services.



Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement

CONTENTS Page 1 2 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 4 5 6 7 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 INTRODUCTION ........................................................................................................ 1 COMPANY PROFILE ................................................................................................. 2 MAIN STAGES OF A CCS STORAGE PROJECT..................................................... 3 Site Characterization and Selection ........................................................................... 3 Project Operations ...................................................................................................... 4 Site Closure ................................................................................................................ 4 Post-Closure ............................................................................................................... 4 OCEAN STORAGE .................................................................................................... 4 FUGRO’S CCS CAPABILITIES.................................................................................. 5 HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY............................................... 10 PROJECT EXPERIENCE .......................................................................................... 11 Environmental Assessments ...................................................................................... 11 Geological Assessments ............................................................................................ 11 Geophysical and Borehole Geophysical Assessments, Borehole Testing ................. 14 Licensing and Permissions ......................................................................................... 17 Monitoring ................................................................................................................... 17 Reservoir Characterization ......................................................................................... 17 Survey ........................................................................................................................ 24

APPENDICES ............................................................................................................................... 25


Pre-combustion capture. Three main approaches (Post-combustion capture. Transporting CO2 from point-of-capture to storage sites is an important linking step in the CCS project cycle. ships. and deployment of CCS. ammonia. monitoring. CCS is a critical option in the portfolio of solutions available to combat climate change. also known as sequestration. Scenarios for stabilizing climate-forcing emissions suggest atmospheric CO2 stabilization can only be accomplished through the development and deployment of a robust portfolio of solutions. and inject it into deep subsurface geological formations for indefinite isolation from the atmosphere. cement. Other industrial processes that are potential candidates for CO2 capture are steel. and transport sectors. and be based on site-specific data. Existing injection programs provide experience for geologic storage. Slowing and stopping emissions growth from the energy sector will require transformational changes in the way the world generates and uses energy. compress it. Fugro has unique capabilities and strength in existing business fields that are closely interconnected to the CCS industry and are highly applicable to provide the CCS industry with high-value services and integrated. The storage plan for an individual site ultimately must reflect the heterogeneity in local geological conditions. because it allows for significant reductions in CO2 emissions from fossil-based systems. Carbon capture technologies have not been demonstrated on commercial-scale power plants yet. Although CO2 is transported via pipelines. and ethanol production. 1 . be informed by knowledge gained during project operations. Proper site characterization and operation are critical to successful geologic storage efforts. of CO2. managed approaches. increased reliance on renewable energy and potentially additional nuclear energy sources. Also integral to safe and effective geologic storage is developing a reliable measurement. pipeline transport is considered to be the most cost-effective and reliable method of transporting CO2 for onshore CCS. transport it mainly by pipeline to suitable locations. including significant increases in energy efficiency and conservation in the industrial. building.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement 1 INTRODUCTION CCS is a broad term that encompasses a number of technologies that can be used to capture CO2 from point sources. Oxy-fuel combustion) are used to capture CO2 from power plants. such as power plants and other industrial facilities. enabling it to be used as a bridge to a sustainable energy future. and tanker trucks for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and other industrial operations. and verification plan.

More detail on any of the services or companies discussed here is available in the form of datasheets. many of which have been developed inhouse.V. Fugro's organizational structure is decentralized and market orientated. Fugro's data collection equipment includes around fifty-five vessels. Fugro operates around the world at sea. in Amsterdam since 1992 and has been included in the Amsterdam Midkap index since 2002 and as of 2 September 2008 Fugro has been included in the AEX-Index. using professional. integrating geology. Fugro holds a leading and unique market position due to its (in-house) technological developments. and five AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles). CV’s and additional information upon request. Fugro also provides its clients with technical data and information in order to design construct and maintain installations. around thirty jack-up platforms. This Capability Statement summarizes the key services Fugro supplies to the CCS industry. has been listed on Euronext N. Fugro's highly qualified specialists work with modern technologies and systems. Fugro supports its clients in their search for natural resources and the production and transportation of those resources.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement 2 COMPANY PROFILE Fugro collects and interprets data related to the earth's surface and the soils and rocks beneath.000 employees in over 250 offices and a permanent presence in 60 countries. approximately sixty aircraft and helicopters. high-value services provision and strong international and regional footprint. as well as advanced (satellite) positioning systems. We are specialized in the collection. and engineering to construct the most accurate and detailed descriptions of your reservoir. one hundred and twenty-five ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). geophysics. We are the leading provider of seismic inversion and reservoir characterization products and services. petrophysics. on land and from the air. Fugro operates on a worldwide basis. Fugro NV was founded in 1962. highly specialized staff and advanced technologies and systems. To be able to meet their needs in the best possible way. some hundreds of CPT (Cone Penetration Testing) and drilling units. processing. 2 . interpretation and management of data related to the Earth’s surface. structures and infrastructure in a safe and efficient manner. Fugro NV is a company of approximately 14. We offer our customers a comprehensive network of offices where our locally based staff is thoroughly familiar with regional operating conditions. many of which have been developed in-house. Our goal is to provide our clients with superior quality service that meets or exceeds all agreed specifications and to deliver error-free goods and services achieved by doing it right the first time.

3 . During this phase.1 Site Characterization and Selection Site characterization and selection is the most important step in ensuring the safety and integrity of a storage project. geological. survey and geoscience services in order to ensure the successful start of a project and a reliable database for the entire CCS process. 3. with potential storage option within the subsurface or subbottom units can be subdivided into four different phases as presented in Figure 1. 2008) Our expert service teams extend your team throughout the entire project. Fugro offers to the CCS industry unique geotechnical. CCS Guidelines. services. petrophysical and environmental assessments. Figure 1: Projected Timeline for a CCS Project (modified after World Resources Institute (WRI). reservoir characterization as well as field and laboratory tests.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement 3 MAIN STAGES OF A CCS STORAGE PROJECT Onshore and offshore CCS storage projects. In addition. Fugro continues to invest in research and development to provide our clients with superior quality The characteristics. much of the site-specific data are collected and permits applications are developed. Fugro offers a wide range of services from survey. geophysical. specific needs and Fugro’s services for each single phase are summarized below and listed in more detail in Section 5. Specifically.

At these depths. seismic and In addition. assist the client during this project phase. 4 OCEAN STORAGE Besides the CO2 storage options within the ground.000 meters) via a fixed pipeline or a moving ship. Our modern fleet currently comprises over 45 vessels that can be deployed for a variety of purposes. Fugro operates geotechnical vessels for site investigations and marine drilling activities. 3. survey vessels for geophysical and hydrographic surveys. there is a potential CO2 storage option by injecting captured CO2 directly into the deep ocean. and the site is certified for closure. construction and drill support as well as deepwater survey activities. Fugro provides a wide range of monitoring services that are important for a smooth operation of a carbon storage facility. the storage project should not endanger human health and the environment. CO2 would be isolated from the atmosphere for centuries. or by depositing it via a fixed pipeline or an offshore platform onto the sea floor at depths below 3. Ocean storage potentially could be done in two ways: by injecting and dissolving CO2 into the water column (typically below 1. operators will undertake post-injection monitoring to demonstrate that the storage project does not endanger human health and the environment. site preparation and well construction are included as part of operational activities. Plugging and abandonment of wells is the primary task in site closure. the final wells are plugged and abandoned. Vessels play an important role in the activities Fugro carries out for its clients.000 m.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement 3. where CO2 is denser than water and is expected to form a “lake”.2 Project Operations “Project operations” is often narrowly defined as the period of active CO2 injection. Fugro provides Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) for subsea 4 . During site closure.4 Post-Closure Fugro’s monitoring capabilities and expertise in the development of legal and permit documents for site closure will Post-closure is the period of time after certification of site closure.3 Site Closure Site closure occurs when injection ceases. However. 3. At this stage.

Time Domain Electromagnetics. Electrical Resistivity Tomography. identification and evaluation of environmental adverse impacts Environmental Management Plans (EMP) Landscape management plans and spatial analysis Compatibility studies based on the Habitat and the Wild Birds Directive of the EU Council Conservation value assessments Environmental monitoring of natural systems Assessment of the baseline water chemistry and mineral content to enable future detection changes in groundwater quality Geological Assessments Site assessment. MAIN STAGES OF A CCS STORAGE PROJECT SITE CHARACTERIZATION AND SELECTION PROJECT OPERATIONS FUGRO SERVICES Environmental Assessments Environmental impact assessments (EIA) including ecological risk assessment. Multi Channel Analysis of Surface Wave (MASW). site evaluation. Frequency Domain Electromagnetics. P & S Wave Crosshole/Down-hole and OYO Suspension Logging. Borehole Testing Geophysical methods such as: Vertical Magnetic Gradiometry. P-Wave Cross-Hole Tomography. Shallow Soil Resistivity Surveying.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement 5 FUGRO’S CCS CAPABILITIES The following table provides a summary of Fugro’s CCS capabilities and gives an overview of the applicability at different phases of a CCS storage project. Ground Penetrating Radar. Microgravity. 9 9 5 SITE CLOSURE . Cross-hole tomography. Seismic Refraction & Reflection. site selection Preliminary characterization of geological structures Regional and local geological surveys and geologic hazard assessments Regional & site-specific fault & seismic source characterization Feasibility studies Mapping and identification of all potentially significant transmissive faults especially those that transect the confining zone within the project footprint 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Geophysical and Borehole Geophysical Assessments. Radiodetection. Some additional information to some of the listed services as well as an extract of Fugro’s technical capabilities is provided in the Appendices at the end of this document.

Full Wave Sonic. including porosity and permeability QEMSCAN™ (Quantitative Evaluation of Minerals by Scanning Electron Microscopy) providing digital imaging. condition.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement MAIN STAGES OF A CCS STORAGE PROJECT SITE CHARACTERIZATION AND SELECTION PROJECT OPERATIONS FUGRO SERVICES Rock and fluid properties analysis CO2 saturation (both dissolved and free). geomodel. Caliper. plugging. Water Sampler. Flowmeter. and mineralogical and petrological analysis Licensing and Permissions Licensing & regulatory interaction Preparation of operational plans Assembling a comprehensive set of data describing the location. 3D-Cavity Scanner. Gamma Gamma Density. Fluid Conductivity. and reservoir flow simulation data inversion of 4D seismic anomalies to obtain quantitative changes in pore pressure Borehole Geophysics. Deviation. Fluid Temperature. Resistivity. Natural Gamma Ray. Self Potential. Borehole Camera. Well Logging. Induction Electric Log. and oil saturation (for EOR projects) over time 4D prestack and poststack seismic data processing 2D-3D seismic reflection suitable for onshore seismic imaging of faulting between 50 m and 1000 m depth 1D and 3D seismic modeling using well-log. and abandonment procedures. and any integrity testing results for every well Preparing documentation for certification of site closure Monitoring Data Management and presentation of monitoring results as webbased solution Corrosion detection on wells 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 6 SITE CLOSURE 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 . Neutron Log. Tracer Log) Pressuremeter testing Packer testing Pumping tests Well drilling and completion Laboratory Testing Laboratory testing of soil and rock properties. Cement Bond Log. Wireline Logs (Acoustic and Optical Borehole Imager.

alkalinity. surface. atmosphere) Monitoring CO2 displacement and distribution in the subsurface to verify the quality of the containment Surface monitoring for water quality control or CO2 detection Measurement and monitoring of the CO2 plume Groundwater monitoring to detect potential CO2 migration (pH.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement MAIN STAGES OF A CCS STORAGE PROJECT SITE CHARACTERIZATION AND SELECTION PROJECT OPERATIONS FUGRO SERVICES Satellite monitoring service using radar interferometric techniques (INSAR) to identify any movement or instability or other surface deformation Effective monitoring of the environment to confirm storage integrity (aquifer. atmosphere) Monitoring CO2 displacement and distribution in the subsurface to verify the quality of the containment Surface monitoring for water quality control or CO2 detection Groundwater monitoring to detect potential CO2 migration (pH. alkalinity. and concentration of calcium or other alkaline earth metals) Well integrity testing Water injection tests Offshore Capabilities Desktop studies Top hole drilling Exploration and appraisal well drilling Subsea well intervention Subsea well plug and abandonment Formation strength evaluation Navigation services (surface (Starfix) and subsea positioning) 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 7 SITE CLOSURE 9 . and concentration of calcium or other alkaline earth metals) Microseismic monitoring Pressure. surface. and fluid chemistry monitoring in the injection reservoir Mechanical integrity tests to monitor and demonstrate the integrity of the injection and monitoring well(s) Monitoring for injected or displaced fluids to update and validate the subsurface models Monitoring of CO2 concentrations and fluxes and fluid composition to detect CO2 in the groundwater or at the surface Effective monitoring of the environment to confirm storage integrity (aquifer. temperature.

subsea depth and altitude measurement systems) Rig positioning Seabed mapping Site surveys. attitude monitoring sensors. testing and analysis Environmental sampling and seabed photography Spillage monitoring and oceanographic surveys Annex I habitat surveys including pockmark investigations Baseline environmental surveys Biological effects monitoring Drill cuttings pile surveys Fish spawning ground surveys and biotope mapping assessments (including coral reefs) Reservoir Characterization Development of subsurface reservoir models Static and dynamic reservoir modeling Integrated reservoir studies including reservoir characterization. reservoir simulation and field development planning Technical evaluation and reviewing to efficiency of EOR options Prediction/simulation of the injection over the lifetime of the storage project and the associated project footprint Subsurface flow simulation to predict the migration of injected CO2 Calibration of the reservoir and risk models 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 8 SITE CLOSURE 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 . including gyros and inclinometers. LBL acoustic systems for subsea applications and metrology.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement MAIN STAGES OF A CCS STORAGE PROJECT SITE CHARACTERIZATION AND SELECTION PROJECT OPERATIONS FUGRO SERVICES Structure positioning (DGPS/EDM surface positioning sensors. drilling hazard surveys Hydrographic mapping Metrology surveys Subsea inspection services using ROTV Single beam and multibeam echo sounder operations for bathymetric charting Side scan sonar surveys for detailed seabed mapping Seismic profiler surveys for the investigation of sub-sea geology Geotechnical sampling.

helicopter based scanning laser system Land survey and photogrammetric survey Processing and interpretation of satellite and remote sensing data Data capture – conversion of paper-based records to electronic format through scanning. digitization.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement MAIN STAGES OF A CCS STORAGE PROJECT SITE CHARACTERIZATION AND SELECTION PROJECT OPERATIONS FUGRO SERVICES Survey Seismic surveys Aerial photography LiDar mapping (fixed wings and helicopter) FLI-MAP® (Fast Laser Imaging and Mapping Airborne Platform). polygonisation and attribution Satellite monitoring service using radar interferometric techniques (INSAR) to identify any movement or instability or other surface deformation 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 SITE CLOSURE .

Through observance and encouragement of this Policy. 10 . clients. Fugro’s activities have little effect on the environment. Fugro will facilitate implementation of the HSE Policy by having a Fugro HSE Management System. Successfully managing HSE issues is an essential component of our business strategy. specifically. Safety and Environmental (HSE) responsibilities are integrated in the way in which Fugro conducts its business. Fugro will continue to address the environmental and health impact of our operations by reducing waste. We strive to be good citizens in every community in which we operate. we will identify HSE risks arising from our activities and reduce them to as low as is reasonably practicable. we assist in protecting the environment and the overall well-being of all our stakeholders. Our commitment is based on the conviction that accidents are preventable. In order to achieve this objective. to earn the confidence of customers. In general. In this way we aim to foster an HSE performance we can be proud of. Even so. subcontractors. Through its work within its own disciplines Fugro has gained extensive knowledge of environmental problems and contributes towards their solution. continuously reviewing potential areas of improvement. Fugro management will continue to take a proactive approach towards creating safe working environments for all employees and will be accountable for promoting continued safety education and training for all employees. Fugro pays due attention to the environment and is careful to protect it. Preventing or reducing environmental damage is a fundamental policy component. and discharges and by using energy efficiently. This System aims at continual improvement of HSE performance through definition of roles and responsibilities at all levels in the organization and an efficient communication structure. shareholders and society at large and to enable sustained growth and development. and communities.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement 6 HEALTH. emissions. our employees. assigning responsibility for all aspects of the HSE Policy. Health. and ensuring thorough evaluations of all incidents. Fugro complies with the stringent demands the industry places on contractors. SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY Fugro is committed to provide a healthy and safe workplace for all people at each work location and to protect the environment in accordance with applicable laws and our HSE Policy. when involved in these activities. This HSE Management System is consistent with the Fugro business principles whereby operating companies handle their operations in accordance with instructions and guidance from Fugro NV. A high proportion of Fugro’s activities is carried out on behalf of the oil and gas industry and.

seismic. Germany: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) EIA including environmental feasibility and strategy study. Germany: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) EIA including screening and Environmental Management Planning (EMP) for the construction of a wind farm consisting of 8 turbines. mapping and consultancy for the construction of the second runway and a new terminal building at the airport Strausberg. structural. wireline log and reservoir engineering data. x STRAUSBERG. UAE: Full field geological studies Characterization of reservoir development and evaluation of the influence of fractures in the upper Thamama reservoir.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement 7 PROJECT EXPERIENCE 7. 7. Environmental Management Planning (EMP). screening.1 x Environmental Assessments GROß SCHULZENDORF. Dubai. 11 . groundwater modeling. x BLIESDORF-THÖRINGSWERDER. x KOZLODUY. environmental and social impact study of the early closure of the VVER 440 reactor units of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (Bulgaria). Detailed reservoir description and construction of a predictive reservoir model incorporating sedimentological. monitoring and consultancy for the construction of 4 new waterworks pumping wells and new water pipelines. assessments in accordance with European Habitats and Birds Directive (NATURA2000). Germany: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) EIA including screening. groundwater modeling and water management. Environmental Management Planning (EMP). Bulgaria: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Economic. Germany: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) EIA including screening. x JÄNSCHWALDE.2 x Geological Assessments FATEH/FATEH SOUTHWEST. Canada: Steam-assisted gravity drainage field development plan The study involved construction of a 3D static model using Petrel and thermal reservoir simulation using individual well production forecasts and a project economic analysis. x TROUT. Environmental Management Planning (EMP). monitoring and consultancy for the lignite open-pit mine Cottbus Nord. The report provided an assessment of the consequences of early closure and presented a strategy to mitigate these consequences.

to characterize reservoir development 12 . static reservoir pressures. Integration of core and petrophysical data provided a framework for the production of parameter maps to assist the operator in producing a static volume model for gas storage. Fugro were commissioned to perform a geophysical survey along a 30 km pipeline route in Muscat. reservoir zonation and correlation together with diagenetic modelling to understand reservoir quality distribution. integrated with high resolution biostratigraphy. x STRATHSPEY. Gross thickness. and analysis of field facilities were thoroughly investigated. in conjunction with an intrusive investigation. reservoir zonation. The study involved close liaison with geophysicists and reservoir engineers x DÖTLINGEN. was to map the shallow stratigraphy along the route to aid in the pipeline design. flowing well analysis. material balance. resulting in comprehensive facies analysis. water saturation and hydrocarbon pore feet maps were also prepared using the facies and diagenetic models as templates. UK: Reservoir geological study A reservoir geological study of the Brent Group of twelve wells on the Strathspey structure. x FATEH/FATEH SOUTHWEST. The purpose of the survey. Dubai. Oman. porosity. oil from the heavily faulted Lower Cretaceous has already been produced. pressure transient data. In the neighboring block P9. mapping and channel modelling. Germany: Reservoir geological and petrophysical study A reservoir geological and petrophysical study of the Triassic reservoir using data from 38 wells to determine facies distributions. faultrelated compartmentalisation. Cut-offs were established for each lithological type and net to gross maps compiled. individual well production allocation. correlation.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement x OFFSHORE BLOCK P8. The Netherlands: Fault study A detailed fault study of the Lower Cretaceous in Offshore block P8. Reservoir layering was based upon core. East Shetland Basin. Oman: Mapping stratigraphy and bedrock profile for a pipeline route In 2005. UAE: Geological studies Full field geological studies of two adjacent fields. UK: Review of the Rotliegendes reservoir Review of the Rotliegendes reservoir and construction and history matching a reservoir simulation model that could be used to provide accurate performance and reserves predictions. Abu Dhabi. Historical field performance. wireline log response and interwell correlation. including modeling of stromatoporoid reefs. Petrographic analyses led to the development of a diagenetic model that was integrated with core petrophysics data x VICTOR. x MUSCAT. x ARZANAH. UAE: Full field geological modeling Full field geological modeling and reservoir simulation study of the Arab C and D.

Some 300 wells and more than 20. Philippines: Reservoir geological modeling and petrophysical study Integrated reservoir geological modeling and petrophysical study of the clastic Galoc reservoir in this offshore field. Egypt: Sedimentological and stratigraphic study An integrated sedimentological and stratigraphic study designed to resolve problems of reservoir correlation and flow unit recognition within complex discontinuous sandstone reservoirs in both the Jurassic and Cretaceous in a number of fields in the Western Desert. Location: Geological/engineering study Multidisciplinary geological/engineering study to review and model old oil fields scheduled for rehabilitation. their distribution in the reservoirs. Subsequent work has included detailed sedimentological and diagenetic description and modeling. The study was mainly conducted in the client’s office x EL GASSI.000 km of seismic data were involved in this study. 13 . The study incorporated high resolution biostratigraphy and detailed reservoir description which were together used to generate sequence stratigraphically controlled. x RAMOK/SENABING. The results of the study were used by the client for an EOR feasibility study. Algeria: Regional study A comprehensive regional study which included identification. wireline log and reservoir engineering data. and how best to recover them. seismic. and a review of well test data. x GALOC. structural. The study included detailed reservoir description and construction of a predictive reservoir model incorporating sedimentological. The study included an assessment of remaining reserves. Philippines: Reservoir geological modeling and petrophysical study Integrated reservoir geological modeling and petrophysical study that included seismic interpretation and integration with detailed sedimentological modeling x SHAMS/SALAM/HAYAT. including seismic and structural interpretation. Algeria: Geological and economic evaluation A geological and economic evaluation was conducted on the field in order to establish the potential commerciality prior to investment. as well as full economic assessment. x OCTON. genetically based reservoir models. with a view to ultimately providing input to the client’s reservoir modeling x ILLIZI BASIN. risking and ranking of prospects and leads in the Cambrian to Carboniferous section. Indonesia.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement and evaluate the influence of fractures in the upper Thamama reservoir.

Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement

7.3 x

Geophysical and Borehole Geophysical Assessments, Borehole Testing SLEIPNER FIELD, Norway: Reprocessing of Seismic Data Reprocessing several vintages of 4D seismic data from the Sleipner Field and invert the time-lapse anomalies for CO2 saturation changes. Despite the lack of good well control, we were able to invert the 4D seismic anomalies to obtain an estimate of the amount of CO2 that accumulated at the top of the reservoir after a few years of injection. x WEYBURN FIELD, Saskatchewan, Canada: Miscible CO2 EOR Project
Performance of 4D seismic processing and CO2 pressure/saturation inversion on two vintages of the Weyburn data. Performance of rock and fluid analysis and 1D modeling, and 4D processing and CO2 inversion.


NORTHERN ENGLAND, UK: Location of faulting beneath a key UK energy asset. Study involved the use of multichannel seismic reflection to 300 m depth to determine fault structures beneath a major industrial facility


ODYSSEUS UNBOUND, Greece: Research project to identify depth of channel sediments. Study involved the use of ERT, seismic reflection and microgravity to determine the location of ancient valley infill deposits, possibly caused by landslides. The purpose of this Fugro sponsored research project was to inform the Odysseus Unbound project that is attempting to investigate a new theory about the location of Homers Ithaca. For more details see:


CHEVAL ROC, Jersey, United Kingdom: Bedrock Profiling Profile of bedrock topography along a coastal frontage. Study involved the use electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and ground penetrating radar (GPR).


PROJECT ASH, AYRSHIRE, United Kingdom: Identification of fault position and dip. Study involved the use of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) to map fault structures to assist in economic assessment of coal deposits.


BARROW-IN-FURNESS, United Kingdom: Integrated geophysical survey Study involved the use of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), P-wave seismic refraction and frequency domain electromagnetics (EM) to locate the position of a natural ground peninsula to allow efficient construction of a new pylon.


ARMADALE, United Kingdom: Integrated geophysical survey Study involved the use of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), magnetic gradiometry (VMG) and frequency domain electromagnetics (EM) to investigate the nature of the underlying soils (peat) and man-made deposits beneath the site.


Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement


DRUMSHANGIE MOSS, United Kingdom: Integrated geophysical survey Study involved the use of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), seismic refraction and frequency domain electromagnetics (EM). The objective of the survey was to map the depth of the competent bedrock and investigate the possible presence of subsurface voids caused by mining activities


WORTHING FRONTAGE, United Kingdom: Integrated geophysical survey Study to measure the depth to the chalk bedrock and the thickness of overlaying shingle layers using a variety of different techniques including ERT, seismic refraction and GPR


THE PALM DEIRA, United Arab Emirates: Identification of boulders within sand. Study involving the use of a variety of different frequency domain electromagnetic sensors (to provide varying penetration depths) to identify boulders with sands and gravels that might provide obstructions to development


FREEPORT CONTAINER PORT, Bahamas: Microgravity survey of faults Project involved the use of microgravity to determine variations in the density of bedrock (voiding within limestone) caused by voiding and other structural controls.


NEWCASTLE LANDFILL, UK: Landfill base profiling and identification of mineshafts Project had two objectives, firstly to identify the depth of a landfill using seismic refraction and ERT and secondly to determine the use of location of mineshafts using EM techniques and vertical magnetic gradiometry.


HONG KONG, Republic of China: Thickness Determination of weathered overburden material The purpose of the survey was to determine and map the thickness of weathered overburden material over Granite bedrock prior to blasting operations for an industrial installation. Fugro used microgravity combined with intrusive results to model the depth to bedrock.


DOUNREAY, UK: Fracture and stratigraphic assessment at Dounreay power station Project involved collecting wireline natural gamma, optical and acoustic televiewer data from Dounreay Power Station in Scotland.


GRIEVEHILL, AYRSHIRE, United Kingdom: Identification of fault position and dip Study involved the use of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) to map fault structures to assist in economic assessment of coal deposits.


Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement


NORTHERN A BLOCKS AT THE DUTCH SHELF, The Netherlands: Seismic interpretation Interpretation and depth conversion was the base for the drilling program for the development of the tertiary gas field in block A12.


OFFSHORE BLOCK F9, The Netherlands: Hydrocarbon prospecting study Hydrocarbon prospecting study in block F9 offshore the Netherlands by means of 3D seismic data and well data.


A, B AND F QUADRANTS, The Netherlands: Regional geological study A regional geological study in the A, B and F quadrants by means of petrophysical interpretations of the well data in this area. About 30 wells were analyzed.


Several confidential projects for technical research for application of production and exploration concessions, ground subsidence, and CO2 storage


SE-England: ERT investigation ERT investigation to profile Chalk Bedrock


KORALMTUNNEL, Austria: Borehole TB01/05, Well Logging Well logging in an exploration borehole (depth 1200 m) along the route of the planned Koralmtunnel (railway-connection between Klagenfurt and Graz/Austria).


MAGNESITE MIN, Breitenau, Austria: Deviation Logging Measurement of borehole deviation in 20 directional exploration drillings (mostly horizontal, max. depth 250m), cased hole.


VRBINA, Slovenia: Well Logging Well logging in three exploration boreholes (depth approx. 100 m) at a planned deposit for low radioactive waste at Vrbina/Slovenia.


DESSEL AND OOSTENDE, Belgium: Well Logging Well logging in 2 exploration boreholes (depth 190m, 320m) for geotechnical and hydrogeological investigation.


GALERIE DE JANOTS/CASSIS, France: Well Logging Well logging in 7 investigation boreholes (depth max. 95m) in hard rock formation.


BOREHOLE KALLO: Well Logging Well logging in an exploration borehole (depth 150m) for geotechnical and hydrogeological investigation.


Recommendations on further appraisal were made as part of the study. x JUBAIL. The Netherlands: Application for a production license Application for a production license of the Marknesse gas field in the NE Polder in the Netherlands. Saudi Arabia: Well Logging Well logging in 3 boreholes to detect and characterize waterbearing formations. Pakistan: Analysis of log and test data An analysis of log and test data was made to independently assess this hydrocarbon discovery. rock and fluid analysis for miscible CO2 / oil / brine systems.6 x Reservoir Characterization SLEIPNER FIELD. 3D seismic modeling from flow simulation data. Saskatchewan. 7. 7. CO2 pressure/saturation inversion. Saskatchewan. x ZAMZAMA. and uncertainty analysis. 3D seismic modeling from flow simulation data. Norway: Seismic Modeling of CO2 Project Study a seismic inversion approach to estimate the Containment of CO2 injected into a reservoir using time-lapse seismic attributes. x WEYBURN FIELD. CO2 pressure/saturation inversion for Project Phase II x DOVER PHASE B. Canada: Miscible CO2 EOR Project Main component of the geophysical monitoring study for Phase II. Canada: Miscible CO2 EOR Project Performance of 4D prestack seismic processing and CO2 pressure/saturation inversion for Project Phase I and 4D prestack seismic processing.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement x LOZNICA. Serbia: Well Logging Well logging in 5 exploration boreholes (depth max. including 4D prestack seismic processing of multiple vintages.5 x Monitoring WEYBURN FIELD. Canada: World’s most mature SAGD pilot project A thermal simulation model was constructed in STARS and specialized gas-bitumen 17 . 1D seismic modeling from well logs. 850 m). 1D seismic modeling from well logs.4 x Licensing and Permissions MARKNESSE GAS FIELD. x SLOVENIA: TV-inspection and Well Logging Technical check of a hydrothermal borehole (depth approx. rock and fluid analysis for miscible CO2/oil/brine systems. 7. This study includes a calculation of the amount of gas in place and the expected recovery factor. 650m).

Reservoir modeling used Petrel. The Netherlands: Reservoir quality study Regional Zechstein reservoir quality study in the Q and P quadrant offshore the Netherlands x VEGA FIELD. x BRAVO FIELD IN BLOCK K10. x PARIWALI. simulation/history matching and forward prediction. Pakistan: Full field reservoir characterization and simulation study A full field reservoir characterisation and simulation study of a structurally complex 18 . Italy: Reservoir simulation of the fractured Jurassic carbonate reservoir The study involved a review of geological data. x DAKHNI. petrophysical evaluation. and economics. involving basic reservoir engineering. This study covered seismic interpretation. forecasting and economics. The main objectives of the work were to build the simulation model and prepare a preliminary development plan. x Q AND P QUADRANT. deliverability forecasting and reservoir simulation modeling of the Bhit field. x ADAR-YALE. Fracture modeling. reservoir simulation incl. tar mat analysis. from seismic interpretation and well analysis through 3D static model build (RMS). geological facies and fracture modelling. 3D static model construction. x SAZABA. Pakistan: Development planning Development planning. x BHIT. to history matching (Eclipse). petrophysics and construction of a reservoir simulation model.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement relative permeability curves were developed to model the leakage of non-condensable gasses from the SAGD chamber into the bitumen. history matching. Syria: Detailed static and dynamic reservoir modeling Simulation and history match of a fractured carbonate field containing medium heavy oil and tar mats with some 185 wells. detailed petrophysical analysis and rock typing. facilities engineering and economics for inclusion in field development planning. The Netherlands: Gas storage study A gas storage study (production geology and reservoir engineering) in the empty Rotliegend Bravo field in block K10 offshore the Netherlands. Sudan: Full field reservoir characterization and simulation study reservoir characterisation and simulation study of a clastic reservoir system with complex channelized architecture. simulations use Eclipse. drilling. Pakistan: Reservoir study A fully integrated reservoir study of a complex fractured reservoir containing a rich gas/condensate.

estimation of gas potential and identification of potential drilling locations for further field development x BRIGHTON MARINE. x SUNGAI GELAM C. to history matching and field development planning. The objective was to quality control the geological model. and to provide bank finance certification. integration of log and core analysis data and the generation of a reservoir geological model. the reserve potential of the Sara discovery was also reviewed. Indonesia. including the identification of potential reserves in a deeper horizon. which was subsequently successfully tested by drilling. probabilistic assessment of STOIIP/remaining reserves. Pakistan: Field evaluation An integrated full field evaluation of both the Sui Main and Habib Rahi reservoirs in the Qadirpur field. Pakistan: Seismic processing and detailed well studies Seismic processing across the field and detailed well studies of the Habib Rahi reservoir. 300+ wells field. The studies included sedimentology. Prior to carrying out this evaluation. conducted as part of an economic evaluation of the Tertiary carbonate reservoir in this field. reservoir and production engineering study of a mature. The objectives of the study were to establish GIIP. x QADIRPUR. reserves and deliverability. petrophysical. Panama: Economic review (Coalbed Methane Projects) Economic review of potential coalbed methane projects identified in the Magallenes Basin of Chile and in eastern Panama. make an independent. Pakistan: Study of facies and reservoir quality A major study of facies and reservoir quality. Philippines: Fracture description and core review Fracture description and core review. x MARI. x LINAPACAN West. facies modeling and structural work. x KHANDKOT. Sumatra: Evaluation of well results An evaluation of well results to assist in the understanding the hydrocarbon accumulation and a calculation of oil-in-place. Trinidad: Production engineering study A geophysical. and identify redevelopment scenarios. geological. from seismic interpretation and well analysis through fracture modeling and 3D static model build. conducted on the Sui and Habib Rahi reservoirs. 19 . x CHILE.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement fractured carbonate gas reservoir. involving detailed core logging and thin section analysis.

x AASGARD. Reservoir zonation. x ELDFISK. Norway: Volumetrics-driven study A volumetrics-driven study comprising a new PVT study and new petrophysical interpretation of flank wells to reassess porosity and hydrocarbon saturation development in the Chalk reservoir. the building of a definitive database and both static and dynamic field models x SIGYN. Norway: Reservoir geological study Reservoir geological study of the Are. Tilje. The study also included generation of input files for Irap-RMS models and an audit of the resultant static models to ensure consistency with the geological interpretation prior to their use for reservoir engineering 20 . reservoir engineering and seismic mapping of the Brent Group of Oseberg field. and generation of revised STOIIP and recoverable reserves estimates. These incorporated the development of a detailed field correlation scheme based on a clear understanding of the regional stratigraphic framework. reservoir zonation. reservoir models. Ror. hydrocarbon-in-place and reserves estimates for the Sigyn West and Sigyn East structures. based on approximately 40 wells. Comprehensive facies analysis. petrophysical and geological studies. Norway: Verification of the interpretations of well data Verification of the interpretations of well data. correlation and petrophysical parameter mapping were conducted in association with seismic mapping x SKARVE. Norway: Mapping Reservoir geological. identification of petrophysically consistent reservoir rock types and determination of probable sand body geometries.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement x EKOFISK. x OSEBERG. using the new petrophysical data to revise the existing Irap-RMS 3D reservoir model. Norway: Sedimentological description and reservoir characterization Studies involving detailed sedimentological description and reservoir characterization of Middle Jurassic shallow marine and Cretaceous turbiditic sandstone reservoirs. The study included a review of all previous engineering. Norway: Integrated study An integrated study incorporating new petrophysical and PVT interpretation of wells to address the uncertainty in net hydrocarbon pore volumes. Ile and Not Formations of eight wells on the Smørbukk and Smørbukk Sør structures. identification of the key uncertainties and sensitivities in the input parameters and assessment of the uncertainties associated with reservoir development. correlation and mapping. Petrographic studies leaching to diagenetic modelling and discussion of porosity/permeability relationships.

Austria: Integrated reservoir modeling and simulation study An integrated reservoir modeling and simulation study on the Middle Miocene fluvial and shallow marine sandstone reservoir interval. UK: Reservoir evaluation An extensive reservoir evaluation conducted during unitisation. and production engineering data. x HEWETT. Fensfjord and Heather Formations from approximately 25 wells on the Troll structure. By integrating reservoir geological. x HOCHLEITEN. integrated with detailed fracture analysis. reservoir zonation and correlation. leading to comprehensive facies analysis and depositional modeling. and economics. simulation/history matching and forward prediction. Syria: Static and dynamic reservoir modeling Detailed static and dynamic reservoir modelling. biostratigraphic.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement x TROLL. UK: Well study A 20 well study of the Zechsteinkalk carbonate reservoir of Hewett field and adjacent areas for development planning and economic evaluation. including the integration of petrophysical. Norway: Reservoir geological study A reservoir geological study of the Sognefjord. This study has been completed and the results have been used in an infill drilling campaign to increase waterflood efficiency and oil recovery with considerable success. 21 . simulations use Eclipse. detailed petrophysical analysis and rock typing. the main aim of the study was to produce a reservoir simulation model to identify unswept oil and locations for in-field drilling of wells. simulation and history match of a fractured carbonate field with some 170 wells. in order to generate an independent reservoir geological model. integrated with biostratigraphic analyses. Petrographic studies were followed by detailed diagenetic modeling. x KARATCHOK. encompassing over 35 wells within this highly faulted and fractured onshore field in the Vienna Basin. was conducted in the client’s office. Fracture modelling. depositional modeling. 3D seismic. x EMBLA. stratigraphic and sedimentological data. Comprehensive facies analysis and depositional modeling were used to constrain the reservoir zonation and correlation. x FORTIES. VIENNA BASIN. Diagenetic modeling was integrated with detailed fracture analysis to assess controls on permeability distribution and to assist with planning of development well location. included comprehensive facies analysis. 3D static model construction. HORDA PLATFORM. The study. Reservoir modelling used Petrel. UK: Sedimentological reservoir geological studies Sedimentological reservoir geological studies of the pre-Jurassic reservoir of the Embla structure and adjacent off-structure wells. seismic. Core description and petrography were performed.

Qatar: Well study A 75 well study of the Arab D reservoir from the giant onshore Dukhan field. Abu Dhabi. simulation and accurate history match of a fractured carbonate field. Oman: Detailed reservoir description Detailed reservoir description. 3D static model construction. Subsequent studies. UAE: Static and dynamic reservoir modeling Detailed static and dynamic reservoir modeling. fracture analysis. generation of a reservoir layering scheme and fieldwide correlation. involving the description of all cores. and generation of a sequence stratigraphic framework to aid reservoir correlation x DUKHAN. providing the basis for revised STOIIP calculations and a better understanding of production heterogeneity. including development of a sequence stratigraphic framework and reservoir layering scheme. 22 . simulation/history matching and forward prediction. Algeria. Saudi Arabia: Reservoir characterization study Reservoir characterization study of an undeveloped Middle Jurassic carbonate reservoir. including full integration with the client’s reservoir geologists and reservoir engineers. geology. including analysis of over 3000 thin sections and description of over 5000 feet of core.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement x AL HUWAISAH. x SE CONSTANTINE BASIN. Saudi Arabia: Detailed description of a rudistid Shuaiba reservoir Detailed description of a rudistid Shuaiba reservoir. geochemical and petrophysical data throughout the field. facilities engineering and detailed economic analysis. x AL NOOR/AL SHOMOU. x SATAH. focusing on the influence/distribution of bitumen within the reservoir. This was a fully integrated reservoir and prospect evaluation including geophysics. entailed integration of geological. x SHAYBAH. reservoir engineering. Constantine Basin. including development of a detailed sequence stratigraphic framework and rock type scheme. simulation using Eclipse. integration with wireline logs. petrophysics. drilling and well engineering. Core description of over 30 wells. Algeria: Evaluation of oil and gas fields Evaluation of 15 oil and two gas fields/prospects in fractured Cretaceous carbonate reservoirs. Reservoir modeling used ResFrac (RC2) and Petrel. x BE. sedimentological and diagenetic modeling and correlation of the complex siliceous Athel reservoir in a number of structures. detailed petrophysical analysis and rock typing. recognition of reservoir rock types and mapping of reservoir properties. integration with detailed fracture modeling. Oman: Full field reservoir characterization Full field reservoir characterization of the rudistid Shuaiba reservoir. development of a comprehensive depositional model. The study resulted in a detailed understanding of 3D facies distribution within the reservoir.

fractured and weathered Precambrian ‘granite’. mainly fluvial sandstone reservoir (Sarir Sandstone) in the Sarir L field of southeast Sirt Basin. including individual well production forecasts and a project economic analysis. The study indicated significant commercial potential from gas accumulations discovered (but not developed) in the 1960s through the early 1980s. log interpretation. This study included core sedimentology. The economic model and valuation of assets was used to guide the subsequent bid application. A programme of work to address the technical risks and demonstrate commerciality was 23 . fracture analysis. parameter mapping and calculation of a revised STOIIP estimate. 52 well reservoir geological/petrophysical study of a Lower Cretaceous. x SARIR L. reservoir layering. A data room review allowed recognition of the key value drivers and independent assessment of existing work and production forecasts. The purpose was to validate and improve the geological model. The study involved construction of a 3D static model using Petrel and thermal reservoir simulation using Star. x BARROW ISLAND. Canada: Field development study A study designed to develop a comprehensive steam-assisted gravity drainage field development plan for this heavy oil field. Australia: Technical feasibility study Technical feasibility study of obtaining commercial production from tight gas reservoirs on concessions in Western Australia.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement x NAFOORA-AUGILA. reservoir modeling and parameter mapping. diagenetic studies. 180 well reservoir geological modelling and petrophysical study of a complex. petrophysical evaluation and interpretation. and estimation of a revised STOIIP x TABAQUITE. Libya: Well reservoir geological modeling An integrated. depositional modelling. make an independent. x TROUT. mature field with over 150 wells. Libya: Well reservoir geological/petrophysical study An integrated. Trinidad: Geoscience and reservoir/production engineering study Integrated geoscience and reservoir/production engineering study of a large. x VARIOUS GAS ACCUMULATIONS. probabilistic assessment of STOIIP/remaining reserves. facies interpretation from logs. Australia: Economic valuation An economic valuation of Barrow Island field and associated exploration acreage in the Northern Carnarvon Basin of Western Australia. Cretaceous alluvial to marinereworked sandstone (Bahi/Maragh) and Upper Cretaceous (Tagrifet/Rakb) chalky to rudistdominated carbonate reservoir system in the Sirt Basin. and identify sites for future infill drilling. including core sedimentology. The study assessed optimum operating pressure and appropriate options for repressurising the existing gas cap. integration with structural geology.

deterministic and probabilistic reserves estimates. Russia: Analysis of field development plans Analysis of field development plans for a joint venture oil field development in western Siberia.Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement outlined. and petroleum engineering study. This programme included acquiring new seismic data. Wyoming. reservoir. and conducting a long-term production test. Wyoming. This entailed construction of a geological reservoir model using all available log. and assessment of reservoir engineering and field operations risks for economic evaluation. drilling a new well. 24 . conducted as an integrated geoscience. picking an optimal well location. x MOKHITOVSKOYE. Kluchevskoye. x WESTERN SIBERIA.7 x Survey SALTCREEK OIL FIELD. testing and hydraulically fracture stimulating the well. USA: Abandoned Oil Well Detection Survey Airborne magnetic survey of a field of over 3000 wells to detect un-recorded. Khvoinoe oil fields). Puglalymskoye. 7. core and well test data. The project involved evaluation of various developments plans to develop budget options for the newly formed joint stock company (Middle Nyurola. production profiles based on results from a reservoir simulation model. x ROCKY MOUNTAIN OILFIELD TEST CENTRE. Russia: Field evaluation Field evaluation and management for the Mokhitovskoye field development. Previously unknown wells discovered accounted for 10-20% of total wells in test area. abandoned oil wells for proper closure before CO2 injection for enhanced oil recovery. USA: Oil Well and Pipeline Detection Survey Airborne hydrocarbon and CO2 gas detection and magnetic survey to find abandoned and/or leaking oil wells and pipelines.

Fugro World Wide Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Capability Statement APPENDICES 25 .

com V1108 COMPANY PROFILE .www.fugro.

The equipment can work in water depths up to 3.Contents Introduction Profile Onshore Geotechnical Services Offshore Geotechnical Services International Network Offshore Survey Services Geospatial Services Development & Production Services Airborne Survey Services 3 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 Company Klaas S. Fugro operates around the world at sea. including infrastructure projects. the mining industry and the construction industry. oil and gas companies and government departments. The offshore services are supplied to a global market in which the oil and gas sector predominates. Fugro N. Introduction Fugro represents a unique combination of talent. This requires a strong international or regional market presence. the company offers a complete and high quality range of integrated geotechnical. Wester President and Chief Executive Officer Arnold Steenbakker Director André Jonkman Chief Financial Officer Paul van Riel Director Profile Fugro collects and interprets data related to the earth’s surface and the soil and rocks beneath. highly specialised staff supported by advanced technologies and systems. We are proud to introduce Fugro to you. These services make use of a large fleet of vessels.V. Box 41 2260 AA Leidschendam Veurse Achterweg 10 2264 SG Leidschendam The Netherlands Telephone : +31 70 3111422 Fax : +31 70 3202703 www. at sea and in the air and has international experience stretching back for more than 40 years. Fugro’s objective is to hold a leading market position due to its technological developments and quality. Onshore. the services are provided to the building and construction industry. many of which have been developed in-house. P. generally for purposes related to the oil and gas industry. on land and from the air. Fugro works on land.O. No other company offers the expertise and range of services that Fugro has developed. teamwork and tools. in particular for the infrastructure sector. technology. The airborne services are provided from our specially adapted aircraft and are used by mining 2 3 .fugro.000 metres. World-wide. survey and geoscience services. The equipment Fugro uses to carry out its work includes a large number of vessels. On the basis of this the Company provides advice. using professional. CPT (Cone Penetration Test) and drilling units and aeroplanes and helicopters as well as ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and AUVs (Autonomus Underwater Vehicles).

4 5 .V. Safety Management Systems are in place. However. The operating companies enjoy large but well controlled degrees of independence since much of the executive authority and responsibility is delegated to their managers. in Amsterdam since 1992. Our services are supported by a Quality Management System that ensures that all activities of the Group are carried out in a manner that meets or exceeds the requirements agreed with the client. geological advice.V.000 staff permanently stationed in over 50 countries. Throughout the world. which are appropriate to the particular nature and location of our various activities. Geoscience division Acquisition. It is our practice to assess the impact of our operations on the environment and to ensure it is within prescribed limits and as low as practicable. exchange of employees and technologies and short management lines. Quality Fugro provides services of high quality. staff training and health monitoring. To promote the efficiency of its operating companies the Group’s organisational structure is highly decentralised. We are dedicated to a high quality of service to our clients. mineral and water resources and the optimization of their exploration. Fugro N. hydrographic and geological mapping and support services for offshore and onshore construction projects. Fugro was founded in 1962 and has been listed on Euronext N. foundation design and construction materials. risk reduction. as well as data management. any risks to the health and safety of our employees and others involved in our projects are minimised by our attention to accident prevention. the Group responds to clients’ requirements speedily and efficiently with a full range of integrated services. processing and interpretation of seismic and geological data. Technology To be able to meet the requirements of our clients we have ongoing research and development programmes covering every aspect of our work. reservoir modeling and estimation of oil. gas. Fugro brings creativity to the solving of problems. Fugro has a well-earned reputation for working in hostile environments. The size of the Fugro group facilitates this and our clients share in the advantages of input to our research wherever they are located and our economies of scale.Profile Earth surface The key factors that contribute to the success of Fugro are quality. development and production. has a proven track record and remains committed to the success of each assignment it undertakes. is the holding company for a large number of operating companies located throughout the world and providing a variety of activities. GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES Depths 0-100 m SURVEY SERVICES 0-600 m GEOSCIENCE SERVICES 0-6. Co-operation and teamwork are enhanced by joint projects.000 m THE FUGRO GROUP Geotechnical division Investigation of and advice regarding the physical characteristics of the soil. Teamwork The Group’s overall policy of decentralisation allows operating companies to function independently and to have direct contact with clients whilst remaining able to call on the resources of the remainder of the Group. Survey division Precise positioning services. technology and teamwork. The Group has more than 13. The holding company’s activities are carried out by a limited number of people. topographic.

industrial complexes and land reclamation as well as hydrological studies. Pavement and Track Engineering In a number of countries Fugro is the leading firm in pavement and track evaluation to optimise maintenance or repair strategies and schedule condition surveys. Environmental investigations Fugro' s environmental services and state of the art data collection techniques enable our clients to gain good insight into environmental aspects of their projects related to soil and groundwater. groundwater quality and quantity assessments and monitoring. Material Testing Construction materials testing. Laboratory Services Laboratory testing is an essential element of our geotechnical and environmental analyses. Moreover. infrastructure projects. drilling and in-situ measurement • testing the availability and quality of construction materials • geotechnical and environmental laboratory testing • construction monitoring • data-management • consultancy and design assignments related to foundations for buildings. geophysical methods to conventional drilling techniques and borehole tests. Fugro has centres of expertise for earthquake engineering and water retaining structures. infrastructure projects. Geo.Geotechnical Services Onshore Geotechnical Services . cost-effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs. tunnels and other (geotechnical) structures is carried out during the construction process. industrial complexes and land reclamation as well as hydrological studies Geotechnical investigations Fugro acquires geotechnical and other data to characterise the subsurface.Onshore/Nearshore Fugro’s network of strategically located offices enables us to provide timely responses and innovative. Fugro has long experience with the development of Geographic Information Systems and Geo-ICT applications using industry accepted systems. Water Resources and Geohydrology Fugro offers a comprehensive approach to water and water resource management. Consultancy and Data Management Consultancy services and design assignments are related to foundations for buildings. varying per country/region Activities • probing. a critical component of quality control is conducted in our regional laboratories or in field laboratories constructed for major infrastructure projects. construction activity nearby is often a requirement to allow project development. industry and construction contractors Market Local/regional markets Market position Strong regional position. 6 7 . Fugro has focused its equipment research and development on efficient methods for assessment of soil and groundwater conditions. The monitoring sensitive or critical services when there is Major clients Government.and Structural Monitoring Fugro provides site supervision. foundations. tools and sensors ranging from cone penetration testing (CPT). field testing and monitoring services during foundation and building construction. Testing is performed using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest testing standards. which includes modeling. Data is collected using a variety of in-house methods. Fugro's regional centres throughout the world have laboratories that are accredited to internationally accepted standards. Instrumentation within and around excavations.

Our fleet of dedicated drillships enables us to provide tailored investigations in all the offshore regions of the world. Fugro can deliver the total package from conceptual design. We undertake foundation and geotechnical analysis for the design. life performance. These laboratories offer basic soil analysis through to the more advanced testing required for earthquake design and complex offshore structures.Geotechnical Services Offshore Marine Geotechnical Investigations Fugro Offshore Geotechnical capabilities make us the largest global supplier of marine geotechnical services. for coastal and offshore developments. All our laboratories are accredited guaranteeing that testing and processing of the results are all fully quality controlled. installation and operation of offshore facilities. contractors Market Global market Market position Strong leading position Activities • seabed investigations • advising on foundations for offshore structures. Foundation Analyses of Offshore Structures Fugro Offshore Geotechnics use the latest design methods and our own unique and comprehensive databases on soil and structure performance to provide safe and cost efficient solutions for our clients. Azerbaijan and Nigeria. through installation. and foundation model test facilities. in-house analysis programs for surface and deep foundations. When these are combined with our specialists within Fugro who operate in the fields of geology. Consultancy and Engineering Services Fugro Offshore Geotechnics provides analytical and engineering services for the design and installation of marine structures. bridges and tunnels 8 9 . A global network of geotechnical experts. and includes geoscientists. United Kingdom. full 3-D dynamic finite element analysis. bridges and harbour construction • collecting data for a variety of purposes including the laying of underwater pipelines and communications cables • monitoring large structures such as offshore platforms. Major clients Oil and gas companies. Our soil laboratories are located in The Netherlands. Middle East. and other specialists with extensive and varied offshore experience. tunnels. allows Fugro Offshore Geotechnics to provide comprehensive solutions for all foundation and soil mechanics requirements. Far East. standard and advanced soils testing facilities. advanced laboratory testing. Our field data acquisition capabilities are complemented by our other geotechnical services which include desk top studies. A global network of geohazard experts with extensive experience in the field of geohazard identification and analysis allows Fugro to provide comprehensive geohazard assessment for offshore field development anywhere in the world. operation and field abandonment. Geological Consultancy and Geohazard Services The Fugro Global Geohazards Group provides qualitative and quantitative geohazard analysis and risk assessment for offshore field developments. Basic and Advanced Soil Laboratory Testing Fugro Offshore Geotechnics operates a number of specialist soil and rock testing laboratories worldwide. installation. numerical and physical modeling of foundations and consultancy and engineering analyses. The geohazards group combines expertise from the survey. from the shallow nearshore environment to the newer deepwater plays. anywhere in the world. geophysics and other related geosciences. geotechnical and geoscience divisions. upgrades and abandonment of all offshore structures including Renewable Energy Structures. engineers. Our in-depth experience. telecommunications companies. USA (Houston). technological capability and global spread mean we can provide optimum solutions for the design.

complex integrated projects and to be able to offer Fugro services as a seamless one-stop-shop. Exchange There is an intensive co-operation and exchange of information. Integrated Projects Much attention is given to optimising and streamlining the contribution of Fugro in projects where various services and companies from different countries work together. 10 11 . equipment and tools improves efficiency. co-operation and exchanges. Although operating companies enjoy large degrees of independence. they do not stand or operate alone.International Network Co-ordination The different activities of the Group are carried out in many places around the world. Throughout the world the different companies within each business line work closely together and co-ordinate the deployment of resources and the development of new services and products. If required Fugro can quickly gather many resources from other locations. The introduction of standard procedures. equipment and staff not only within each business line but also with the rest of the Group. The requirements of clients can be met quickly and efficiently without requiring operational companies to have the full range of Fugro services available locally and without involving additional outside resources unnecessarily. This allows the Group to undertake large.

systems available today. and beneath the Pipeline Route Surveys Detailed corridor mapping surveys allow engineers to design cost-efficient. Oceanography and Meteorology A good understanding of oceanographic and meteorological (metocean) conditions reduces uncertainty in engineering specifications. rigs. lights. telecommunications. Fugro’s specialist survey vessels are equipped with a comprehensive array of systems. makes Fugro the company of choice for the provision of offshore construction survey support services. Geophysical Surveys Detailed surveys and assessments of the seabed and sub-seabed are critical to the cost-effective design of marine structures and subsea installations. umbilicals and telecommunication cables. Construction Support Services Innovative technological solutions. we have the ROV capability to match the need. construction barges. capable of supporting a variety of subsea tasks. navigation cameras.Survey Services Offshore Positioning Services The precise determination of position is fundamental to all successful survey and engineering operations at sea. platforms and other installations. Operating from drilling rigs. Fugro is the global leader in the provision of commercial metocean services. and enhances safety and operational efficiency. 12 13 . Survey and Inspection Predominantly designed and built in-house to fulfil the full range of service demands of our global client base. dredging and other marine civil engineering projects. In base form. telecommunications companies Market Global market Market position Leading position Activities • positioning services using GPS (terrestrial) and acoustic (underwater) sytems • geophysical surveys to map shallow geological features and hazards • route and site investigations (pipeline and cables) • marine construction survey support • acoustic and visual pipeline inspection surveys • oceanographic and metocean measurements and studies • LiDAR system • ROV support services waves using specialist underwater positioning systems. Derivative services serve other marine activities. ROV Intervention. deep water. Fugro provides a range of decimetre accuracy positioning services both on the sea surface. practical and safe routes for the installation of oil and gas pipelines. and testing from Fugro's vessels and AUVs permit detailed examination of the seafloor topography and provide information on the seabed structure. specialist intervention vessels or Fugro ROV support vessels. sonar and enough developed bollard pull to operate in the most demanding of environments. vessel tracking and fleet management. using Starfix Differential GPS. a highly skilled workforce and a track record of success working with the major construction companies. provides help in operational planning. Fugro’s satellite-based services are used by the offshore oil industry to precisely position ships. Fugro’s international fleet of strategically located geophysical survey vessels and state of the art AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) provide cost effective data acquisition covering all water depths. the Work Class ROVs are outfitted with both 7 and 5 function manipulators. High resolution geophysical surveys with seabed sampling Major clients Oil and gas companies. along with work class and survey class ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). the Fugro ROV fleet includes some of the most technologically advanced. flowlines. including defence. leads to reduced costs.

and geographic information services. as well as satellite-based position and tracking systems. We offer complete solutions related to the acquisition. Our worldwide GPS augmentation infrastructure supports both internal and external users. utilities. defence. oil and gas exploration. Terrestrial Survey Fugro staff carry out conventional land survey activities for cadastral and property surveys. visualization. flood modeling. asset managers. pipelines. and disaster response applications. mining & construction. land-use planning. emergency services. Fugro’s GeoSAR radar mapping system rapidly produces highresolution DEMs and radar imagery over regions previously considered inaccessible due to weather. Major clients Government. natural resources management. Accurate real-time positioning is a crucial element of many of Fugro’s survey. and natural resources. Market Global/regional/ local markets Market position Strong position in certain regions Activities • traditional land survey • engineering. and presentation of geospatial data. FLI-MAP Fugro’s FLI-MAP® system (Fast Laser Imaging and Mapping Airborne Platform) is a high-density lidar mapping system mounted on a helicopter. Airborne Sensing and Mapping Fugro’s dedicated fleet of fixed. as well as confined areas such as city centers and oil refineries. environmental protection. It is ideally suited for surveying corridors such as railroad tracks. oil & gas. including topographic mapping.Survey Services Geospatial Services Geospatial Services Fugro’s geospatial business comprises terrestrial survey. physical infrastructure. and 3D modeling capabilities designed to help customers better understand and manage land.The helicopter can easily access remote or dangerous locations without endangering survey crews. GeoSAR’s products support a variety of applications. laser. and terrain. GeoSAR Operating day or night and penetrating clouds and foliage. environmental stewardship. engineers. airborne sensing and mapping. rail. and radar mapping systems serve customers in engineering. forestry. defense. construction and mining surveys • topographic surveys • mapping and map revision • GPS control surveys • dimensional control and structural monitoring • aerial imagery acquisition and processing • digital mapping • GIS solutions • geo-spatial data registration and management 14 • FLI-MAP corridor laser mapping • fixed-wing laser mapping (LiDAR) • coastal and near coastal laser mapping (laser bathymetry) • regulatory & ecological assessment surveys 15 . electricity lines. economic development. size. Our sophisticated airborne imaging. interpretation. and archeology. agriculture. Geospatial Information Services Fugro offers a wide range of GIS. GNSS augmentation. GNSS Augmentation Fugro develops and operates satellite-based position and tracking system and offers provisions for related services worldwide. geoscience and geotechnical operations.and rotarywing aircraft operate worldwide to collect detailed information about the earth’s surface.

geophysical. global databases of a wide range of non-exclusive data in support of oil and gas exploration. geological and well data.Geoscience Services Development & Production Seismic and Gravity Seismic surveys continue to be the fundamental technology to seek out oil and gas reservoirs and to determine subsurface structure. Data Management Fugro has. To further complement its proprietary data. Fugro’s seismic business operates within the marine environment for 2D. application of advanced reservoir characterisation technology. Fugro provides a full service in all aspects of exploration including basin and prospect evaluation. These secure services employ proprietary. petrophysicists. gravity/magnetics data acquisition. by specialists’ skills (stratigraphers. Fugro’s geoscience reservoir services draw on extensive Non-Exclusive Data Fugro acquires and maintains large. through its core-operations. Reservoir Services Reservoir services assist in developing oil and gas reservoirs through the integration of well. GIS and knowledge management. Fugro also offers global data brokerage services. petrophysical and engineering skills combined with unique integrated subsurface interpretation and modeling software. sedimentologists. as required. Exploration Services Fugro’s exploration services combine the expertise from the key disciplines of seismic and non-seismic geophysics. a wide range of data reports is available in support of new ventures. 16 17 . and structural and petroleum geology supported. Fugro has a vast global library of acquired seismic and gravity data and reprocessed seismic data. geologic and seismic data. Proprietary software solutions are applied both on board and in full processing centres. reservoir engineers and economists). sedimentological. processing and interpretation • exploration services • reservoir services (integrated reservoir characterisation) • non-exclusive surveys. The objective is to substantially reduce the risks and costs associated with field appraisal. state-ofthe-art solutions and cover specialist areas such as web based technologies. development and production. Major clients Oil and gas companies Market Global market Market position Strong leading niche positions Activities • marine seismic. stratigraphic. geochemists. In addition to seismic. developed a strong technical focus on data management. Fugro offers a complete range of software for integrated interpretation with geophysical. reports and data sets • data management and GIS services business lines cover all aspects of land and marine data. To obtain maximum value from seismic and gravity data. fields and licenses information. In the geophysical data area. These technologies are applied in Fugro’s global data warehousing services. Further. The global databases include petroleum systems based on data sets of geochemical. reservoir modelling and field development planning. Fugro provides full services for marine gravity and magnetics data. 3D and 4D acquisition whilst the processing and interpretation geological.

or can be installed on a helicopter.Geoscience Services Airborne survey Airborne Survey Services The Airborne group has over 25 aircraft world-wide equipped with magnetometers and gamma-ray spectrometers. and saline layer detection for agriculture • structural mapping for oil and gas deposits. Environmental and Geotechnical Surveys Both magnetic and electromagnetic techniques can be used to help solve environmental problems such as contaminated waste sites (pollution associated with mine tailings ponds). and saline intrusion in rural agricultural settings. Mineral Exploration In addition to the use of aeromagnetics to assist in geological mapping. The Group’s main offices are located in Australia. Australia and the Americas to assist in geological mapping in areas where there is limited outcrop. Brazil. Major clients Mining and oil and gas companies Market Global market Market position Strong leading position Activities • mineral and diamond exploration • location of aquifers for water. Fugro has completed large mapping projects in Africa. as well as numerous helicopter EM and magnetometer installations. In addition. Its proprietary magnetic technology has been used for the location of unexploded ordnance in military test ranges. Using aeromagnetics. Fugro’s proprietary EM technology has been used for shallow bathymetric mapping in areas such as Australia’s Sydney harbour and to provide geotechnical information on flood defences. the underlying structure can be mapped to depths of several kilometres to assist the petroleum geologist in planning follow-up seismic surveys. as well as locating diamond-bearing kimberlites. the depth of exploration can range from near surface to over 500 metres. electromagnetic surveying has been used for mapping shallow gas deposits in paleochannels. as well as shallow gas exploration • environmental and engineering surveys and shallow bathymetric mapping • collection of geophysical data (including advanced magnetic. Geological Mapping and Petroleum Surveys The magnetometer and gamma-ray spectrometer installations are typically used for resource inventory mapping surveys. electromagnetics plays an important role in locating conductive mineral deposits such as massive sulphides (base metals and precious metals). Recently. aquifer mapping for water resources. A recent innovation has been the expansion of the fleet to include unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs) equipped with magnetometers. a further five aircraft with dedicated electromagnetic (EM) systems. The EM data can be inverted to create cross sections of the subsurface as an interpretation tool. Canada and South Africa. Depending on the system used. Fugro develops and manufactures its own EM equipment that is either permanently installed on the five dedicated aircraft. gammaray spectrometer and electromagnetic methods) to assist in the creation of geological maps 18 19 . mineral exploration and structural mapping for petroleum surveys.

are based upon a highly experienced and dedicated team of geophysicists backed by continuing investment in both software development and system resources. .& S-wave reflectivity.the generation of high-resolution seismic sections and volumes . With a thirty-five year history of continuous development. Structural inversion and depth imaging: FSI has successfully undertaken pre-Stack Depth Migration projects from many offshore areas including the Gulf of Mexico. deep-water Brazil. FSI. CO2 sequestration monitoring. globally active with processing centres worldwide. as part of the Fugro Geoscience Division. has acquired a wealth of global experience and expertise in the processing of datasets from land. land and transition zone environments. monitoring waterflood & steam injection programs. Pakistan and Africa. an integral member of one of the world’s largest and most progressive geoscience service organizations. regularly re-written to take advantage of the latest developments in IT. for purposes of fluid and lithological prediction. MGIVA velocity analysis system www. 3D and 4D datasets from marine. including detection of by-passed hydrocarbons and any associated issues of sub-surface compartmentalization. A wide range of approaches are available including Shuey. has the presence. OBC and borehole environments. India. Time-domain processing services: FSI commenced data processing operations in the early 1970’s and in the course of nearly forty years of continuous operations.Processing Services . robust and highly field-proven processing systems. Fatti and Aki & Richards for the generation of attributes such as normal incidence. Image courtesy: Shell Australia Image courtesy: Crown Minerals. P. Recent onshore projects have come from the UK. the UK. Norwegian and Dutch sectors of the North Sea. fluid factor and pseudo-Poisson’s ratio. hardware and experience to deliver world class geophysical results.fugro-fsi. Through this intensive and on-going No other company offers the same comprehensive range of Geotechnical. FSI has the software. Uniseis and MGIVA. Seismic Inversion: Projects have been undertaken for both exploration and appraisal purposes as well as generating the precursor products for lithotyping studies. the Mediterranean. Amplitude-versus-offset/angle analysis: FSI offers AVO/AVA analysis of 2D and 3D seismic data. marine. Service offerings include: • Data Processing: From Field Tapes to final Migrations • Structural Inversion: Depth–domain modelling and migration • Amplitude Analysis: AVO analysis and interpretation • Reservoir monitoring: 4D/time-lapse processing and analysis • Seismic Inversion: Acoustic and Elastic Impedance Inversion Image courtesy: FMCS FSI’s data processing services . to production focused offerings such as reservoir monitoring. FSI is a leading geophysical contractor and.Overview From the time processing of field data. depth and attribute domains for 2D. in particular. Fugro Seismic Imaging [FSI] offers a full range of processing and analysis service in the time. 4D/Time-lapse analysis: 4D/time-lapse technology addresses a wide variety of reservoir management issues. through structural and stratigraphic inversion. Service options for the processing of data cover both standard workflows. Australia and Indonesia. Europe. transition zone. reservoir characterization and geological modelling. Survey and Geoscience services. as well as a number of specialised/ proprietary offerings such as GeoQube and High-Resolution Short-Offset. gradient/constrained gradient. New Zealand Processing services are primarily based on FSI’s proprietary software. Smith & Gidlow. resources and flexibility to tailor its operation from the requirements of an individual asset team to corporate partnerships. Uniseis is one of the seismic industry’s most extensive. West Africa.

such as Reverse Time. Comparison: pre-STM vs. First.Depth Processing Creation of the model A typical starting point for model creation would be the ‘Dix-conversion’ of an existing RMS velocity field. A key element of FSI depth modelling workflows is the incorporation of corrections for anisotropic effects. non-physical interval velocity solutions emerging.fugro-fsi. Best-practice constrains the inversion to avoid unstable and. The results are then interpolated/extrapolated to produce a regular and finely spaced grid of interval velocities. layer-based or grid. both proprietary and third-party. Wavefield Extrapolation (WE) and common-reflection angle. allowing corrections to velocity and/or depth are established. as required Image full volume Post-Migration processing Imaging FSI also offers a wide variety of migration algorithms. calibrated using well log data. The degree of non-flatness observed in primary events is quantified. Algorithms include Kirchhoff. . an overall velocity trend field is established. In addition. Survey and Geoscience services. potentially. is the most commonly employed methodology for updating and improving interval velocity/depth models. Simplified Depth workflow Optimised processing velocities Constrained conversion: RMS to Interval Combine velocities and interpretations: Initial isotropic model Combine with borehole data: Initial anisotropic model Iteratively: Image TO lines Quantify cost-function to be minimized Minimize cost function: tomography Update model Finalize Intermediate caclulations. FSI R&D are currently engaged in developing a number of high-end No other company offers the same comprehensive range of Geotechnical. Wireline data is combined with seismic data to derive values for anisotropic parameters. Updating Tomography. pre-SDM www.

CO2 sequestration monitoring . Reservoir management decisions are more informed with consequent benefits for the future performance of the asset. time-lapse volumes can provide quantitative estimates of dynamic reservoir properties. Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. uncertainty analysis and risk assessment. West Africa. . Geology: Identification of sub-surface features such as large fractures. involving production scenario modelling. to monitor waterflood/steam injection programs and provide the basis for a detailed study of sub-surface compartmentalization. both pre. Typical uses of these would be in the mapping of by-passed No other company offers the same comprehensive range of Geotechnical. Where differences are observed. such as core analyses.sub-surface compartmentalization Engineering: Generation of property maps such as pressure and saturation will allow improved prediction of flow patterns. By integrating this information with other geoscience and engineering data. By combining the seismic data with other geoscience datasets.4D / Time-lapse Correctly processed.continuous cross-volume assessment . can be further used as input to a variety of post-processing studies. seismic reinterpretation. However. improved models. Engineering 4D/time-lapse technology addresses a wide variety of reservoir management issues.rectification/elimination of spurious effects . towed streamer versus OBC). PVT data. Brazil. Canada. along with associated uncertainties. in a quantified manner.detection of by-passed hydrocarbons . this involves the application of both additional quality control metrics over conventional 3D processing and also of convergence tests. borehole seismic & well logs. 3D seismic collected over the course of the field development provides a dataset of high potential value. faults and karst features which can cause drilling and production problems. www.and post-stack. whether the asset is likely to benefit from time-lapse analysis. fluid samples. all differences should have their origins in such factors as fluid movement. Completed correctly. Geology FSI has a toolkit of software and methodologies for assessing. Geophysics: Analysis of changes in p-wave amplitudes with azimuth can be used to infer the orientation of dominant fractures. 4D/time-lapse processing flows are designed to minimize the differential impact of the flow on the individual datasets. ranging from the choice of seismic acquisition parameters (for example. Survey and Geoscience services. First and foremost will be the quantification of reservoir property changes and the generation of ‘difference maps’ at the reservoir level. Studies have also been conducted over onshore assets in the US (Texas and California). under the general heading of inversion. pressure and saturation changes. including: . allowing an appropriate weight to be put on their contribution. In outline: . the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea and Australia. 4D projects have been performed by FSI for fields in the Gulf of Mexico.confirm convergence away from reservoir/target zone Geophysics The imaged volumes are now subject to post-processing and analysis. In practice. their origin needs to be identified and understood. The aim is to progressively eliminate all differences unrelated to production. A number of tools are available to reservoir management teams for optimization of the value of the asset. quantitative estimates of such reservoir attributes as pressure and saturation can be derived. can be created.quantification of differences between volumes .simultaneous processing of base and monitor volumes .identification of their possible causes .monitoring waterflood & steam injection programs . These range in sophistication from a simple spreadsheet analysis to a full feasibility study. there are a number of factors. with associated uncertainty analyses. both static and dynamic. The reflectivity data. the intrinsics of the geology to the nature of the reservoir fluids which mean that the realization of this potential value is not guaranteed.fugro-fsi.

g.fugro-jason. StatMod MC goes beyond traditional geostatistics and seismic inversion to: • Integrate high resolution well data with low resolution 3D seismic • Improve the vertical detail over deterministic seismic inversions StatMod MC Far greater vertical detail than available from standard seismic inversions • Produce reservoir property models with geologically-plausible shapes • Quantify model uncertainty for scenario analysis and risk assessment • Generate highly detailed petrophysical models ready for input to reservoir flow simulation With StatMod MC. Highly Detailed 3D Numerical Models of Rock and Reservoir Properties StatMod™ MC combines geostatistics and advanced statistical physics with innovative seismic inversion methods to integrate disparate data from multiple sources and generate reservoir models that can be used to reliably quantify uncertainty for risk assessment and reduction. Not only does simulating lithofacies and impedance realisations in one sweep save time as opposed to doing so sequentially. Generation of highly-detailed petrophysical models ready for input to reservoir flow simulation JOINT INVERSION OF IMPEDANCE AND LITHOFACIES StatMod MC simultaneously inverts for impedance and discrete property types. www. For larger bodies. . Once such highly detailed models of impedance and lithofacies have been generated. or lithofacies. geophysicists and other geoscientists can build highly detailed realistic 3D numerical reservoir models with more accurate estimates of uncertainty and less bias. it also enhances the accuracy of the results as significant synergies between the two can be leveraged during the inversion. instead of taking a two-step approach as is done by conventional inversion and geomodelling algorithms. any number of additional petrophysical properties (e.Realistic. Integration of high resolution well data with low resolution 3D seismic High vertical detail near and away from well control Generation of reservoir models with geologically plausible shapes Quantification of uncertainty to assess risk Comparison of the amount of detail in seismic data. but StatMod MC provides far more detail on thin layers beyond the seismic bandwidth. and StatMod MC. porosity) can be jointly cosimulated from them. StatMod MC agrees with the deterministic inversion as expected. deterministic inversion.

. Together. These evaluations depend on the ability to identify which data sources are most likely to reduce the overall uncertainty prediction and to properly weight redundant data. All product names and trademarks are property of their respective owners. Different scenarios are produced by targeting the uncertainty in the more sensitive parameters. scenario analyses and sensitivity analyses. each of which honours the known input information and is a plausible model of what the reservoir might look like. given what is known about the subsurface. For example. The redundancy of the information coming from such wells needs to be properly accounted for in order to avoid biasing the predictions. A customized Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm is used to obtain statistically fair samples from the posterior PDF. such analyses give an intuitive and accurate handle on development risk and uncertainty. Different realisations are produced by repeating the above steps with different random seeds. Because all of the input data is effectively inverted simultaneously. while the variograms give essentially the ‘characteristic scale’ and texture of the geological features in lateral and vertical directions. different realisations and scenarios can be ranked-only then can risk be evaluated and informed decisions be made. An accurate understanding of uncertainty is critical for risk assessment.g. thus producing models that are of greater detail. accuracy and realism than otherwise possible. Once uncertainty is adequately captured. 4.. from geological expectations to well logs. 3. wells. cores. A fair sample in this case means volumes of rock and reservoir properties of interest (e. Estimates of uncertainty are made by producing a series of slightly different realizations and scenarios. 2. Statistical Modelling. water saturation).HOW IT WORKS The way StatMod MC conceptually works is deceptively simple and consists of the following steps: 1.fugro-jason. This posterior PDF represents the overlap between all of the input PDFs—think of it as some sort of ‘evidence fusion’. Inversion and Cosimulation. www. rock physics modelling and geological insight. UNCERTAINTY Geostatistical Inversion makes it possible to generate multiple predictions. seismic) is represented in the form of a probability distribution function (PDF) characterised in geostatistical terms (histograms and variograms). well data is almost always preferentially clustered in higher pay areas. The histograms define the likelihood of different values at any given point.g. P-impedance. Multiple plausible predictions provide an intuitive understanding of uncertainty associated with any given model. A4I7 © Fugro-Jason. All Rights Reserved. significant synergies can be exploited. . and production history. porosity. This is a significant advantage. Uncertainty Assessment. Bayesian Inference. Bayesian inference techniques are used to merge these individual PDFs together and obtain a posterior PDF conditioned on all known and assumed information. seismic. thus removing subjectivity. Each source of input information (e. The histograms and variograms are obtained from log analysis. The advantage of this approach is that the weight assigned to each input data source is automatically determined by the algorithm. The Geostatistical Inversion and cosimulation procedures are iterated until a model is found that matches all information.

well logs. Our approach to Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling has always been to combine as much data and information about the reservoir as possible into a single model of the earth. shape. ROCKMOD BENEFITS Economic Risk Assessment Probability Models (P10. This service is based on a new algorithm.details well beyond the seismic bandwidth. our sixth major algorithmic innovation since the company’s founding 20 years ago. including (pre-stack) seismic amplitude data. . RockMod gives both tangible and intuitive indications of development risk. • The lithology cube output from RockMod facilitates “automatic interpretation/body-checking” for reservoir units. RockMod is “knowledge-constrained” geologic model building.fugro-jason. RockMod combines Simultaneous AVA (angle stacks) and Geostatistical Inversion in a single algorithm. P90. yet also provide coherent interpretations at the seismic scale. It uses Markov-Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation methods to build a series of highly detailed numerical models of the reservoir zone that all agree with all of the input data. yielding a model of the reservoir that is unparalleled in accuracy and detail. petrophysical relationships. and lateral extent. thickness. • Informational synergies (geostatistical and other relationships) allow substantial increases in detail . • By providing multiple. and on up to the km scale. and geologic inferences about reservoir trends. Net Pay Thickness Maps Realistic Uncertainty Analysis as all realisations honour all input data In essence. Fluid Saturations RockMod Project Workflow V /V V /V V /V p p V /V p sss p s Lithology Lithology Lithology L ithology y Lithology MuRho MuRho MuRho MuRho Fluids and d d Fluids and F Flu Fl lui lu ids id dsand an a nd Fluids and Fluids Saturations Saturations Saturations Saturations Reservoir Quality Indication Maps and Models of Reservoir Porosity. more accurate geologic models can be built in half the time and are easily updated with new wells. realistic scenarios. With this capability. www. RockMod AVA Geostatistical Inversion Seismic AVA Stack 1 Stack 1 Wavelet Seismic AVA Stack 2 Stack 2 Wavelet Seismic AVA Stack 3 Stack 3 Wavelet Seismic AVA Stack n Stack n Wavelet Well logs Reservoir Identification Maps and Models of Lithofacies at Fine Scale Detail grams Histograms RockMod AVA Variograms Geostatistical Inversion P-Impedance P-Impedance P-Impedance P-Impedance S-Impedance S-Impedance S-Impedance S-Impedance Density Density Density Density LambdaRho LambdaRho LambdaRho LambdaRho Constraints/ C Stratigraphic Model Features Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Technology Lithology Logs Horizons Customer Inputs Computed Inputs Outp Outputs u uts ut Reservoir Property Indication: Lithology. Velocity. for example) based on Multiple Realisation Modelling • The resulting models are plausibly detailed at fine scale sampling. Net-to-Gross Maps.RockMod Geostatistical AVA Inversion RockModTM forms the core of the newest Fugro-Jason Reservoir Characterisation consultancy offering.

The geomorphology looked correct and we obtained much more detail than what we were getting previously.MCMC MCMC is well suited for inversion problems. Strong wavelet effects at layer boundaries “When we mapped the [RockMod] attributes on different horizons. A4H7 © Fugro-Jason.fugro-jason. Other Geostatistical Inversion methods that use sequential simulation aren’t and can’t be statistically correct. Seismic Data The RockMod results for this deepwater GOM field show geobodies with the shape and lateral continuity expected in this geologic setting. All Rights Reserved. This is because the approximations on which sequential simulation is based break down once the grid has been filled. the shapes we saw for the anomalies were the way you would expect.” . Low Gamma Ray Images courtesy of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and The University of Texas at Austin Research Consortium on Formation Evaluation. All product names and trademarks are property of their respective . ~3km 300m High P-Wave Impedance 500m RockMod produces models with significantly higher vertical resolution than is possible using deterministic methods.Anadarko Petroleum RockMod Porosity Model Identifable prospects at boundary interfaces Three porosity layers identified RockMod was used to find the porosity distribution in this West Texas field. www.

. p a l y n o l o g y a n d nannofossils) High resolution reser voir stratigraphy Sequence stratigraphic evaluation Palaeoenvironmental analysis Biosteering (Stratsteer™) of horizontal wells (clastic and carbonate) Po s t .fugro-robertson. either independently or in collaboration with the The Technical Services Group at FRL offers the following expertise. ICP or QEMSCAN™ Correlation of barren sequences where other stratigraphic techniques are poor Complement conventional biostratigraphy to maximise resolution High resolution sequence stratigraphy Facies description and analysis Understand diagenetic changes and depositional history Individual well to basin scale Layering for input into static modelling Wellsite (Chemsteer™) and in-countr y applications Model changes in provenance Maximum permeability direction. determined by direct measurements . Reservoir and Geophysics/Structural Geology Groups: BIOSTRATIGRAPHY Wellsite and routine stratigraphic services ( m i c r o p a l a e o n t o l o g y.” Core re-orientation Sand source directions and sandbody geometry Fracture orientations Microfracture network characterisation using Magpore™ method Permeability anisotropy using Magpore™ method Magnetostratigraphy Rock magnetic properties n situ stress determination Maximum permeability direction.c o m p l e t i o n h o r i z o n t a l w e l l p a t h determination Stratigraphy to Seismic (StS™) CORE MAGNETICS Magpore™ helps you “Go with the flow.www. determined from pore long axis alignment Coloured pore long axis distribution. determined by MAGPORE™ CHEMOSTRATIGRAPHY Inorganic geochemical analysis by XRF..

CL.Core-PET™ High resolution FMI interpretation and upscaling into seismic Full field correlation input for reservoir modelling Drainage network analysis and hinterland modelling PETROLEUM LABORATORIES Petroleum geochemistry.FUGRO ROBERTSON GEOCHEMISTRY Reservoir geochemical correlation studies Source rock quality and distribution studies Maturity determination using kerogen and apatite fission track studies Thermal and migration modelling in 1D. fluid inclusions) Quantitative pore size distribution (image analysis) SGR correlation (Gammastrat™ and Gammafacies™) High resolution core petrophysics . XRD.000 samples processed to date) Biostratigraphic sample preparation Petrographic sample preparation Hotshot service Wellsite laboratory support QEMSCAN™ Quantitative evaluation of minerals by scanning electron microscopy 12000 mineral analyses per minute 24 hour operation Objective discrimination of mineral types using robust statistical software Chemostratigraphy Microfossil targeting and imaging Rock properties (including porosity and specific gravity evaluation) Rapid cuttings analysis/screening . including rock eva/6 source rock evaluations (>300. 2D and 3D Oil correlation studies for generative petroleum systems evaluation Source rock prediction from logs Surface geochemistry Oil store Microbial geochemistry SEDIMENTOLOGY Core and outcrop description High resolution sequence stratigraphy Reservoir quality (clastic and carbonate including chalky facies) High resolution facies architecture (clastic and carbonate) Petrographic and diagenetic studies Specialist diagenetic studies (SEM.

installations for storage and pipelines for the transport of gas. water. IBRD. climatic factors and material assets as well as archaeological heritages. According to national legislation of each country most projects must undergo a development consent procedure and EIA is a necessary part of that procedure. fauna. construction of oil platforms and crudeoil refineries. Normally the developer submits the environmental information to the competent authorities together with the application for development consent. design. The EIA procedure comprises three different stages: screening. Most countries established statutory thresholds and criteria for projects below which EAI is not required. UNIDO and so on. EIA aims to assess the effects of projects in order to avoid. All stages are undertaken by the developer’s EIS team. motorways. air. Therefore EIA is required for all projects funded by international financial lending institutions such as IFC. The competent authority must make the decision on the basis of the project information provided by the developer/ applicant and the EIS team. flora. size and location of the project. oil or chemical products. mitigate and. social and socio-economic conditions of man. scoping and the EIS. The application includes a technical plan for the construction work and an Environmental Impact Study (EIS). landscape. Consultancy and Preparation of Screening-Reports Screening is the part of the EIA process which determines whether an EIA is required for a particular project. remedy the significant adverse effects on health. Projects which often require an EIA are quarries and open-pit mines.General Information Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) Why Environmental Impact Assessment in Development Consent Procedures? Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is mandatory for all public and private projects which are likely to have significant adverse effects on the environment. reduce. construction of airports and waste disposal installations. EDF. The significance of the effects depend on the nature. inland waterways). But if a project for Environmental objectives of the EIA . construction of overhead electrical power lines and for long-distance traffic (railways. In order to realize a project the developer has to make an application for development consent. soil. if possible.

content and length of the environmental information (EIS). · baseline surveys and investigations which should be carried out. Scoping will identify the matters to be covered in the environmental information and specifies the content and the extend of the necessary investigations. Mining Area: subject to Environmetal Impact Assessement (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) the first time meets or exceeds defined thresholds an EAI must be carried out. · methods and criteria to be used for prediction and evaluation of effects. · organisations to be consulted during the environmental studies.Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) reference for the environmental studies to be undertaken to compile that information. It defines the »scope« of work for the developer and his EIA-team to be submitted to the competent authority and the terms of Consultancy and Preparation of Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) The information which is to be provided by the developer and his EIA-team include at least: 1. Description of the project. · the structure. there will be consultations with the environmental authorities. Site assessment and a compilation of environmental data are necessary to identify sensitive locations and protected areas. The Scoping Opinion identifies the types of environmental impacts to be investigated. After consultations the competent authority will then issue a Scoping Opinion to the developer which forms the terms of reference for the EIS. · mitigation measures which should be considered. In preparing the Scoping Opinion. In most countries Scoping is not made mandatory but the developer may request a Scoping Opinion from the competent authority. They may also cover: · alternatives which should be considered. especially when there are just changes in existing installations. Very often the EIA requirement must be considered on a caseby-case decision. · a description of the physical characteristics of the whole project bald eagle orchid (lady’s-slipper) lizard . Thresholds may help in the decision making process but in most cases it is not easy to determine whether a project is likely to have significant effects on the environment. Consultancy and Preparation of Scoping-Reports Scoping is an early stage in the process and is designed to ensure that the environmental study provides all the relevant information.

) resulting from the operation of the proposed project. Our major clients are the mining sector and the chemical/gas/oil industry as well as developers of infrastructure projects all over the world. field surveys. radiation. Outline of the main alternatives 3. biologists. providing integrated advice in current and impending legislation. a description of the main characteristics of the production processes. Our staff consists of environmental scientists. engineers. geologists and landscape architects and has a long-term national and international experience. nature and quantity of the materials used. air and soil pollution. including screening and scoping reports as well as baseline data collection. of expected residues and emissions (water. laboratory analyses. vibration. ecological mapping and preparing Environmental Management Plans (EMP). Description of the aspects of the environment likely to be significantly affected by the proposed project. an estimate. light. etc. FUGRO operates worldwide in association with their network of regional FUGRO offices. Operational Policy on Environmental Assessment OP 4.Profile of Services provided by FUGRO FUGRO CONSULT GMBH offers within its wide range of environmental consultancy services a complete package for development consent procedures and environmental impact studies for nearly all project-types. ring snake fly agaric frigate bird . by type and quantity. The preparation of an EIS requires a multi-disciplinary approach because of the variety of impact receptors. Non-technical summary of the information provided under the above headings. Description and an evaluation of the likely significant effects of the proposed project on the environment 5.01) and according to national laws and regulations. Description of the measures envisaged to prevent. e. for instance. Key stages of developement consent procedure with Environmetal Impact Assessement (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) · · and the land-use requirements during the construction and operational phases. reduce and offset significant effects on the environment 6. The FUGRO stuff is highly experienced in managing major projects and preparing application documents in compliance to international guidelines and safeguard requirements (i. 2. heat. noise. 4. chemists.

com FUGRO CONSULT GmbH is a member of the Fugro Group. Development of different offshore production platforms.fugro.. Development of proposed subsea gas pipeline between Ras Laffan in Qatar and Taweelah in Abu Dhabi (Client: Saipem Dolphin. 2002 – 2004) 3.und Pflanzenfotos S.fugro.Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) Off-shore oil platform: subject to Environmetal Impact Assessement (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) References www. 2003) oystercatcher starfish FUGRO CONSULT GMBH Umwelt – Geotechnik – Analytik Fachbereich Bergbau/Infrastruktur Wolfener Straße 36 V 12681 Berlin Tel. Construction of the Pipeline route to Ras Laffan land fall point Qatar (Client: Qatar Shell GTL Ltd. 2– 4: © Herbert Zick . 49-030-93651-324 Fax 49-030-93651-300 e-mail h. with offices throughout the world U3-1-3e Tier. 2004 – 2006) and 4. Preparation of the application documents for the brown coal mining operations. 2000 – 2006 2. the water refill of the open mining pit and the water body improvement of »Lake Cottbus« (Germany) including EIS.. regional planning and remediation of landscape (Client: Vattenfall Europe Mining AG.zick@fugro. onshore pro- cessing facilities and a gas export pipeline system from Qatar to the United Arab Emirates (Client: Dolphin Energy www.


content Identification of aquifers and water barriers Strike and dip of geological discontinuities Porosity GEOTECHNICS Bulk density Velocity of seismic waves (p. velocity Depth related water sampling BOREHOLE CONDITION Borehole geometry Borehole deviation Technical condition of well-screens Position of well-screens Inflow zones of sand and silt Position and tightness of casing joints Tightness of annular space Technical condition of well Casing thickness 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 T E 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 1 T E 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 Fugro Austria GmbH • Well Logging – Geoinformatics • 8600 Bruck an der Mur.WELL LOGGING .AN OVERVIEW . Einoedstrasse 13. HYDROLOGY Correlation of flow-rates to screen-sections Identification of different water bodies Vertical flow Horizontal flow. PH ABI / OBI 1 2 Standard Under favourable conditions or in combination with others FWSON SFLOW (D)FEL FLOW GGD CAM NGR SAM MAL CAL CBL CCL CSS DEV FTM RES CLS DFS TRL IEL NL SP GEOLOGY. Austria tel: +43 (0)3862 / 34300 • fax: +43 (0)3862 / 34300-12 • e-mail: office@fugroaustria. FTEMP. s) Elastic parameters of hard rock Consistency of hard rock Investigation of subsurface cavities HYDROGEOLOGY. OXI. LITHOLOGY Lithological profiles Clay / sand • www.

UK Paris. the structures built upon it and the soil and rocks Fugro Engineering Geophysics Comprehensive geophysical and geotechnical capability with centres of excellence worldwide MASW survey. Germany Cambridge. Whether you need a walkover survey of a local site or a large scale integrated geophysical and geotechnical investigation on the other side of the world. Austria Electrical resistivity tomography survey. UAE Fugro Aperio Limited Focal Point Newmarket Road Bottisham Cambridge CB25 9BD United Kingdom +44 (0)870 600 8050 ground@fugro-aperio. USA Berlin. Netherlands Bruck an der Mur. Germany Rapid reliable subsurface information Environment Engineering Geotechnics Minimal damage or disruption Site characterisation Engineering properties Void location . UAE Fugro collects and interprets data relating to the Earth’s surface. Abu Dhabi Borehole wireline logging. France Leidschendam. Key offices Houston. Austria Dubai.tion S wa t (P & direc ve) tion refra c refle c g ra p to mo hy seis mic ERT Seis mic mic ing ic shole shole eism W ger logg Dow nhole MAS n log Seis Cros Cros llel s hole ensio 38 Bore 1/ E M Para grad EM6 Mag netic 4 1 GPR iome iode tectio n Micr ogra vity Stratigraphy Voids/cavities S us p EM3 EM3 tr y Rippability/ground strength Rad Groundwater Mineworkings Contamination/landfill Services/utilities Foundations/obstructions UXO near surface Engineering properties Solution features Pile length determination Highly applicable Partly applicable Laser cavity scanning. and provides advice for the oil and gas. we can deliver. mining and construction industries.


An increase in transmitter power led to the introduction of GEOTEM1000. All systems are used worldwide for mineral exploration. Canada: Resistivity Depth Section from GEOTEM 30 Hz Data Increasing Dipole Moment FUGRO AIRBORNE SURVEYS FLYING WORLDWIDE MEGATEM II www.2 2.fugroairborne. The large scale and high transmitter power of these systems provide excellent effective depth of exploration/mapping as well as a large search footprint. and hydrocarbon exploration. mounted on a CASA 212 aircraft. GEOTEM1000 Mounted on a CASA 212 aircraft.8 1.2 1. 2. MEGATEM was originally introduced for surveying of high altitude areas that are beyond the capability of the CASA aircraft. each with a special focus. GEOTEM is continuously upgraded to provide a system with proven success worldwide. Proven success in locating deep mineral deposits led to a further upgrade.6 www.8 0. powerful four-engine Dash 7 aircraft. which doubled the transmitter power. GEOTEM®. groundwater .4 1. MEGATEM Mounted on a large. both of the cover and bedrock. Its focus is on improved quality of near surface conductivity mapping.6 0.0 0. TEMPEST The TEMPEST system.4 0.2 GEOTEM1000 M M M M M M M M M M M 0 GEOTEM 150 Hz GEOTEM 30 Hz GEOTEM 90 Hz INPUT 1970s INPUT 1980s Dipole Moment (Am2 ) MEGATEM Fort a La Corne. provides quantitative discrimination of conductivity and depth.0 1.fugro. MEGATEM is now extensively applied in exploration for deep targets of all types.Fixed-Wing Electromagnetics Fugro Airborne Surveys offers three fixed-wing electromagnetic systems: MEGATEM®. and TEMPEST®.

incorporating any additional data layers that you possess. to production of derived maps and reports.fugro. offering expert.K. TN8 Web: www. Tel: +44 (0)1732 865023 . Fugro NPA can provide your data as bespoke hardcopy www. Kent. Please contact Fugro NPA’s Imagery & Data Services team for more information: Address: Fugro NPA . Imagery: Fugro NPA process. or softcopy digital atlases. Fax: +44 (0)1732 866521 Email: imagery@fugro-npa. Edenbridge.fugro-npa. interpret and distribute a wide range of optical (natural or NIR false colour) and radar image data including: > Landsat (ETM/TM/MSS) > RADARSAT > SPOT > ERS & ENVISAT and the new generation of very high resolution imagery from: > Quickbird > IKONOS > WorldView > OrbView > FORMOSAT > Kompsat Elevation data: Fugro NPA are highly experienced in the production and supply of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) from a variety of sources including: > SPOT 'High Resolution Stereo' (HRS) > Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) > ASTER > IKONOS > LiDAR > Topographic Maps Data processing & production: Fugro NPA offer a comprehensive range of services from image processing through interpretation and information extraction.Fugro NPA Imagery & Data Services Distribution of optical and radar imagery Fugro NPA are the longest established satellite mapping specialists in Europe. Crockham Park. at any scale and projection. and elevation data for a wide variety of projects across the world. unbiased advice to help users select the most appropriate satellite and airborne imagery. Using these skills 2D & 3D visualisations can be generated to meet your project requirements. U.

topographic surveying. high precision dimensional control Melbourne Ph: +61 3 9780 0610 FSSC-DT-1635-4 Survey Services Cadastral & lease area surveys Engineering & Mining surveying Topographic surveys GPS surveys Dimensional control Structure monitoring Machinery alignment Terrestrial LiDAR Specialised Services 3D modelling & fly throughs Cloud seeding Asset mapping Virtual reality Multi-client data sales Our professional services support a range of industries and applications asset management land development corridor mapping urban planning mining environmental analysis civil construction national security agribusiness oil & gas Perth (Head Office) Ph: +61 8 9282 4100 reception@fugrospatial. These resources are backed by those of the global Fugro NV Group generating a significant network across more than 250 offices in over 60 countries. Fugro Spatial Solutions possess considerable resources. This network is characterised by strength. design & implement Oracle specialisation Data integration / conversion Strategic spatial consulting Data warehousing & management Size and Reliability With over 100 staff and the latest photogrammetry. Appropriate solutions are available to clients from our combination of extensive expertise and the latest technologies in digital airborne . Projects have been undertaken in over 20 countries. with a team of more than 13 000 staff. terrestrial and airborne laser Spatial Solutions Pty Ltd Spatial data is recognised as a key decision making tool for industry. commerce and the and Brisbane Ph: +61 7 3841 3433 brisbane@fugrospatial. Digital Mapping Digital Terrain Models Volumetric determination Digital orthophotos Feature capture & attribution Topographic mapping & revision Satellite data processing GIS Solutions GIS Applications . conventional aerial Sydney Ph: +61 2 8878 9078 sydney@fugrospatial. depth and diversity of resources and expertise. Service and Innovation Fugro Spatial Solutions are at the forefront of spatial service provision. geographic information systems (GIS) and data Aerial Survey Topography and bathymetric LiDAR Latest high-end film camera and digital sensors Precision scanning and digital photogrammetric systems Airborne Radar (GeoSAR IFSAR) Extensive Experience The depth and range of experience of Fugro Spatial Solutions provide value and dependability to our diverse range of clients . mapping.

• Geotechnical vessels Universal Surveyor Survey vessel. length 75 metres. length 37 metres. jack-up platforms and trucks. length 70 metres. An overview of this equipment that can be deployed is included in this leaflet. length 78 metres. length 86 metres. or four streamers up to 6 km long. three year charter agreement. tows ten streamers each up to 8 km long. owned by Fugro Victor Hensen Survey vessel. owned by Fugro • Major equipment (besides fleet of vessels). owned by Fugro Geo Barents 3D seismic vessel. length 39 metres. long-term charter Fugro Commander Geotechnical vessel. long-term charter. long-term charter Vessels play an important role in the activities Fugro carries out for its clients. long-term charter Geo Atlantic 3D/4D seismic vessel. length 56 metres. such as aircraft. length 77 metres. Fugro also uses other equipment. launched October 2006 Streamers for seismic vessels Number: 25 with an average length of 6 kilometres Aircraft Number: 40 Regio Zuid Weert tel: 0495-513 560 fax: 0495-513 561 Geo Baltic 3D seismic vessel. length 42 metres. owned by Fugro Zakher Fugro Survey October 2007 0174 . length 52 metres. length 82 metres. long-term charter Jack-up rigs Number: 25 Geotechnical vessel. owned by Fugro New Seaprobe CPT trucks Number: 75 Zakher Star Geotechnical vessel. owned by Fugro Land based drill rigs Number: 210 Reference Stations (Global Navigation Satellite System) Number: 105 • Seismic vessels Geo Arctic 2D seismic vessel. tows six streamers each up to 9 km long. The modern fleet currently comprises around 45 vessels that can be deployed for a variety of purposes. length 80 metres. length 74 metres. Fugro will take over ownership in 2010 Fugro NV Veurse Achterweg 10 PO Box 41 2260 AA Leidschendam The Netherlands www. owned by Fugro AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) Geotechnical vessel. long-term charter Skandi Inspector Multi-role ROV survey and construction support vessel. tows a 10-kilometre streamer. length 82 metres. owned by Fugro.fugro. long-term charter Bucentaur Geotechnical vessel. in service as of May 2007 Fugro Explorer Geotechnical vessel. length 81 metres. long-term charter Bavenit Geotechnical vessel. launch May 2007. length 64 metres. length 121 metres.• Survey vessels (continued) Fugro’s fleet Southern Supporter Multi-role survey vessel. owned by Fugro Mariner ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) Number: 100 Number: 2 (+ 2 in development) Markab Geotechnical vessel. tows six streamers each up to 4 km.

owned by Fugro Fugro Mercator Survey vessel. length 14 metres. length 84 metres. length 104 metres. length 40 metres. length 52 metres. length 68 metres. long-term charter Geo Endeavour Survey vessel. length 73 metres. length 37 metres. owned by Fugro Hawk Explorer 2D seismic vessel. long-term charter Survey vessel. tows eight streamers each up to 6 km long. owned by Fugro Geo Prospector Survey vessel. Operational in November 2008 Geo Celtic 3D/4D seismic vessel. length 55 metres. existing vessel that will be modified. length 70 metres. In service as from September 2007 Fugro Gauss Survey vessel. in service as from May 2007 Jetstream Survey vessel.• Seismic vessels (continued) • Survey vessels (continued) Geo Caribbean 3D/4D seismic vessel. owned by Fugro Kommandor Jack Survey vessel. tows a 10-kilometre streamer. length 74 metres. owned by Fugro Oceansatpeg 1 Survey vessel. four year charter agreement (with option for extension). Operational in September 2007 Geniusbank Survey vessel. owned by Fugro. tows twelve streamers each up to 8 km long. owned by Fugro. commenced July 2007 Geo Surveyor Survey vessel. length 73 metres. long-term charter agreement. owned by Fugro Fugro Saltire ROV-sub sea support survey vessel. owned by Fugro. length 72 metres. length 101 metres. launch February 2008. or 12 streamers each up to 8000 m. length 110 metres. owned by Fugro. length 92 metres. owned by Fugro Fugro Discovery Survey vessel. length 66 metres. tows 14 streamers each up to 6800 m. owned by Fugro Fugro Meridian Survey vessel. length 46 metres. owned by Fugro Skandi Carla ROV survey and construction support vessel. owned by Fugro Highland Eagle MarSol Mariner Survey vessel. long-term charter agreement (with purchase option per 2013) Fugro Synergy Multi-purpose vessel. longterm charter . length 101 metres. length 34 metres. length 16 metres. length 35 metres. long-term charter Island Spirit ROV-support survey vessel. length 74 metres. owned by Fugro Geo Eastern Survey vessel. acquired in March 2007 Meridian Survey vessel. tows eight streamers each up to 6 kilometres long. owned by Fugro Geodetic Surveyor Survey vessel. owned by Fugro • Survey vessels Albuquerque Survey vessel. length 60 metres. long-term charter Flamboyan Survey vessel. length 58 metres. long-term charter Fugro Enterprise Survey vessel. will be delivered in November 2008 Setouchi Surveyor Construction support vessel. length 82 metres. length 42 metres. owned by Fugro Ocean Surveyor Survey vessel. length 64 metres. length 46 metres. owned by Fugro. owned by Fugro Seis Surveyor Survey vessel. owned by Fugro Seisquest 3D/4D seismic vessel. owned by Fugro Geo Pacific 3D seismic vessel. length 73 metres. length 39 metres.