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You are Wave Tribe. Together we shall start an eco revolution and united we are surfers who care about what is happening to our planet and its oceans. Wave Tribe is each one of us, doing our part to make this world a little better through our awareness for the environment and stoke for surfing. Our oceans and planet deserve and demand an immediate action. It’s up to all of us to join this tribal movement and to recognize the importance of doing something that contributes to positive change. We as consumers have forced companies to deliver lower and lower priced products via the ‘Walmart Effect’. The reality is that ‘how’ a purchase impacts one’s wallet is more decisive than ‘how’ that product influences our environment. We need to change how we think, how we look, how we consume, and how we live. Every Wave Tribe product is made using high quality eco materials like hemp, cork, bamboo and recycled fabrics. It feels great to know that our custom upcycle boardbags are being made in California by fellow surfers, people who share a similar vision and stoke for life. At the same time, we are helping to reduce the amount of plastic that goes into landfills by repurposing used billboards and textiles. We started Wave Tribe back in 2007 when the word green referred to a color. Now many of the mainstream surf brands are jumping on the green bandwagon—Wave Tribe helped build that eco conscious surf movement with deep roots in ecology, sustainability and lots of hard work. We are stoked to see that other companies are starting green initiatives. We applaud their efforts and invite them to help us build a better planet.

Wave Tribe Founder One Ocean, One Planet, One Tribe. 

Cover photo by Joshua James This page: Gordon Fontaine in Maldives. Photo by Antoine Quinquis.

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Plant Power
It takes about 450 years just for one plastic bottle to decompose. One of our original goals at Wave Tribe was to reduce the need for plastic in surf product design. This goal was achieved through the innovative use of hemp in most of our board bags and surf travel gear. Twenty-five years ago, 70 to 90 percent of all rope, twine, cordage, ship sails, canvas, fibre, cloth, etc., was made out of hemp fibre until it was replaced by Dupont’s then newly discovered petrochemical fibre (nylon). We refuse to take part in the plastic (not fantastic) movement and resolve to do something about it. Wave Tribe is committed to helping reduce the use of plastic in surf products and help heal our oceans. We use hemp, a wonderful alternative to plastic because: •hemp grows naturally without pesticides •hemp is strong and durable •hemp is mold resistant •hemp is biodegradable •hemp reduces heat and remains cool •hemp protects against the sun’s harmful rays But most importantly, at the end of its life-cycle hemp goes back into the earth and decomposes. Hemp will not rot in some landfill for the next thousand years or float next to you in the ocean while you paddle for your next wave. Plants are powerful and we are stoked to use them to build your surf gear. Please visit for more information on hemp.

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GLobal hemp travel bag

for the nomad i n all of us


The top rated surfboard travel bag is exquisitely strong, blissfully stylish and as reliable and durable as they come.
• High Quality Durable Eco Hemp • Fits TWO Boards • Padded Board Separator • 13 mm Thick Padding +13 mm extra at nose/tail sections • YKK Silver Plated #10 Zipper • Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap • 3-System Handles (including rear handle) • Interior Fin & Leash Pockets • Energy Shield Steel Mesh Bottom • One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee Sizes: 6’2 Mini - 6’7 Mini - 6’7 Short - 7’6 Gun - 8’6 Mal - 9’6 Longboard

wheeled HEMP travel bag

We make them extra thick, using durable hemp and high quality components so that you can count on your surfboards arriving safe and sound at your far-away travel destination.
• Fits 3-4 Boards • Roller Derby Wheels • 2 Padded Board Separator • 13 mm Thick Closed Cell Foam Padding • Reinforced Double Top Handles • High Quality Eco Hemp & YKK Silver Plated #10 Zipper • Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap • Interior Fin & Leash Pockets • Energy Shield Steel Mesh Bottom

“Absolutely blown away with the quality of the bag . . . the only travel bag to grab.” ~John from Setauket, New York

• Money Back Guarantee Sizes: 6’8 - 8’6 - 9’6

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Day bags
pioneer HEMP day bag
Pioneer Surfboard Bags made to fit your 6’ Fish, 6’6 & 7’6 Shortboard or 8’6, 9’6 and 10’ Longboard and protect it from dings and dents with eco quality and style.
The substantial hemp fabric holds its durable shape and the steel mesh bottom protects the board from sun damage keeping it cool in direct sunlight. • High Quality Durable Eco Hemp • YKK Silver Plated #10 Zipper • Adjustable Fin Expander • 6 mm Closed Cell Foam • 8’6, 9’6 & 10’ have fin slots • Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap • Rubber Cased Comfort Handle • Interior & Exterior Fin & Leash Pockets • Energy Shield Steel Mesh Bottom • One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee * This bag is also made in a Mini Simmons style or if you want us to make a special shape or color we can do that too - see our custom bags on the next page. Sizes: 6’ - 6’6 - 7’6 - 8’6 - 9’6 - 10’

The Zen is super light and compact, it is our most economical and ecological surfboard bag. You can fold it up small and stuff it in your backpack or just wrap up your favorite stick and let the two of them bro down. If you want just one bag for multiple boards, this is the one for you.
• High Quality Durable Eco Hemp (both sides) • 6 mm Closed Cell Foam • 8’ & 9’ have fin slots • Interior Fin & Leash Pockets • One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee Sizes: 5’ - 6’ - 7’ - 8’ - 9’

“It’s this mix of eco and quality that makes me love the boardbag.” ~Surfers Path Magazine

(Both Sides Hemp - Most Eco Bag)

Photo by Alex Mooney

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You asked us for custom designs and fabrics because we all know how important it is to express yourself in this Walmart world.

Unique boardbags made by your bros in California using upcycle materials. • 6 mm Thick Padding • Build Like You Want (send us your logo) • Choose between Eco Hemp, Stylish Fabric or Billboard • YKK Marine #10 Zippers • Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap • Interior Fin & Leash Pocket • One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee * Note: Currently Custom Bags Take 1-2 Weeks


Upcycling is the process of repurposing waste materials into new and creative products. In most instances, the original waste material is reformed or melded to construct a product that is an innovative expression of the upcyclist’s imagination—some call it art.

“I love the bomb proof zipper and the pockets on my custom Wave Tribe boardbag.” ~Jake Sacks, Fort Bragg, CA

“I love my Wave Tribe bag, it fits the board with glassed on fins perfectly. The zippers are great. The billboard material is really nice.” ~Bill Rasmovicz, Brooklyn, NY


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It’s all about the mini
Mini Simmons surfboard Bag


Mini Simmons Surfboard Bags made to fit your Mini Simmons and protect it from dings and dents with a wide arse and mid section.
• 23 Wide - Huge Tail - Round Nose • High Quality Durable Eco Hemp • YKK Silver Plated #10 Zipper • Adjustable Fin Expander • Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap • Rubber Cased Comfort Handle • Interior & Exterior Fin & Leash Pockets • Energy Shield Steel Mesh Bottom • One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee Sizes: 5’ - 5’2 - 5’6 - 5’8 - 5’10 - 6’ (5’10 and 6’ add $10.00)

Mini Simmons E-Book

“The bag itself is very nice. Extra room for fins and compartments for accessories. Well stitched so it seems like it will last a long time.” ~JT, Santa Cruz, CA

Keel Nation is a shapers guide to the Mini Simmons surfboard design. In this one-of-

a-kind e-Book you’ll find lots of how to examples, including sections on blanks, hull design, rails, keel fins, resin, tail design and some great diagrams and photos. “Keel Nation was well-languaged, good proportion of wholeness-spirit and detail, and a light enough touch on eco-persuasion. A fine tour.” ~ Doug Honeyman, Ventura Surfer

Photo by Ben Hicks

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put a sock on i t
board socks
Sometimes you want something a bit lighter than a board bag, perhaps something more colorful or just a little love to slip over your board while it’s chilling in the corner of your room or stuffed in the backseat of your car. Of course, if you’re down with the Wave Tribe vibe then you know it’s got to be ecological and cool at the same time. Respect to Mother Earth yo. The Wave Tribe Surfboard Socks (or light covers) are made from recycled material and have a nice padded hemp patch at the nose to help protect the most vulnerable areas of your ride.   Reinforced nose for protecting against sucker punches from non-surfboard friendly kooks. Stylish and protective with an eco touch, Wave Tribe board socks are rad.  

P.E.T. is recycled after consumption. After consumer recyclables have been collected and sorted by type at recycling centers, P.E.T. products are crushed, pressed into bales, shredded, and refined into P.E.T. flakes. These flakes are transformed into the raw materials that innovative companies transform into new products.

“Rad sock. Everyone loves the skull!” ~Simon Stock
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cu st om t sh ir ts
All 100% organic




A five star leash that comes with a one year unbreakable warranty, remarkable strength, and cutting edge double swivel technology. • You Break It, We Replace It • Doesn’t Tangle - Double Swivel Technology • Stays Attached with Superglue Velcro • Better for The Planet Made with Eco Materials • One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee • Sizes: 5’6 - 6 - 6c - 7 - 8 - 9 - 9c - 10 - 10coil
* Comp leashes are a little thinner (but strong) and better for smaller waves or groms. We’ve got a 10’ SUP coiled & regular for you dudes that like to stand up with a paddle.

Worry-free Surfboard Leash.



“Been selling too many Wave Tribe leashes, can’t keep them in stock!” ~ Mike, Mollusk Surf Shop, NY

cork deckpads

Wave Tribe’s original cork deckpad is lighter and more versatile than ‘regular’ stomp pads while helping to reduce your plastic footprint.
• Super Stick 3M Glue & Made with Real Cork • Your Foot Won’t Slip • Tail Stays Lighter & Cork Repeals Water • Your Knees Won’t Get Cut • Cork Is Soft But Firm Your Pad Won’t Rip • Cork Stronger Than Plastic • One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee
* Coming soon: SUP & other cork pads.




American Apparel Organic Ts with Wave Tribe original designs. Express your inner surfer and be free. • 100% Certified Organic Cotton • Organic Fine Jersey Cotton (100% Cotton, 4.3 oz)

Coming Soon

1. Mini Simmons Otter 2. Wave Tribe Whale 3. Eco Skull 4. Manifesto 5. Carpe Diem

“Wave Tribe cork deckpad is one of the best pads I’ve used.” ~Jeff Glass, Owner, Rider Surf Shop, Los Angeles


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e ’ s b i c o m r T m i tment to H eal The Oceans e v a W

Photo by Amy Farid

The ocean, that playground of everlasting joy for surfers, is our sanctuary, but parts of it are sick and require our help. We created the Heal The Oceans Campaign to give back and help support other organizations that are consciously helping to heal our oceans and that educate present and future generations about ocean ecology and sustainability. 

Please go to and click Heal The Oceans for a list of partners.  We encourage you to get involved and support one of the organizations list through volunteer activities or with donor contributions.
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r Eco Surf Gea
Travel Racks Tailgate Pad Rack Pads

Tote Bag

Recycled Straps

Bamboo Wax Comb

D-lux Travel Wallet

Fin Wallet

Eco Surf Wax

Yes, it’s true, you can eat it.
We searched far and wide for the right organic wax. When we found this one made in the USA on wood stoves we were super excited to test it out. Unlike most eco waxes, when we tested this one we discovered that it really works fantastically. The wax goes on the board easy and does its job, it keeps your feet where they are supposed to be—a great eco wax made in the USA. Each time you purchase a bar of Wave Tribe Eco Wax, a portion of the sale will go to the surf artist Olivier Longuet—supporting creativity and style is at the core of Wave Tribe’s values and we thank you for joining us in this wonderful journey and great product. We offer basecoat, cool, cold, and warm wax.

Passport Wallet

Hemp iPad Case

Available in: • Basecoat • Warm 64-74 • Cool 58-68 • Cold 32-58

Wax performs just as well as the petroleum based waxes out there!” ~Jason McGrath from Kodiak, AK
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ove us l l l i w ons you s a e r 5 . 9

sunshine , swells and smil es
Retail 100% Stoked Guarantee Payments/Prices
If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t fit, or if it just isn’t what you thought it was, return it. Just let us know why you didn’t like it (so we can help you find something you do like). We want you to be happy with your purchase and there is no need for excuses. If you buy any product and decide to return it, just do so within 30 days.

You may pay by check, money order, American Express, VISA or Master Card. Add sales tax to all California orders. Catalog prices are valid through December 31, 2014 and may fluctuate with online pricing. We guarantee you the lowest published price. Send catalog orders to Wave Tribe HQ, 1129 Maricopa Hwy, Suite 175, Ojai, CA 93023.

Returns & Exchanges

Return product to the store where you bought it or call our customer service line for an RA number at 800-791-6521. Once you have an RA number, please return your products to Wave Tribe Returns, 1129 Maricopa Hwy, Suite 175, Ojai, CA 93023. (No returns will be accepted without an RA number. Please insure your package, as we cannot be responsible for lost items and returns are not acceptable if used or damaged.)

The Bone Yard. Photo by Sam Jones

Wholesale Accounts

1. You are eco rad. 2. You support our Heal The Oceans campaign. 3. You are a surfer and like to play in the ocean. 4. You want to be part of a surf family that cares. 5.You support ecology and a healthy environment. 6. You are part of the change, not the problem. 7. You demand quality surf gear, that lasts.

The Wave Tribe family is growing and if you are down with eco surf products and lots of stoke, we would love to work with you. Please give Mike a call at 760.213.1480 with any wholesale questions (he’s our wholesale guru) or send us an email, it’s really that easy. Help us change the surf industry!

contact us:
Email us at Call us at 800.791.6521 We are available 24/7. Visit to shop, learn about our mission, read about our team riders, watch videos about our products, or meet our ambassadors. Read tweets from Wave Tribe @wavetribe

8. You share Wave Tribe’s vision. 9. You like having fun. 9.5 You love to surf!




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Shout out to Caitlin Jean Peterson for the awesome product photos in this catalog!