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The Charter School ofWilmington

The Charter School of Wilmington Wilnnington, Delaware Field Hockey Season Sunnnnary Fall 2013

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Season-End Varsity Roster

Varsity Results


Date 08/24/13 08/29/13

Day Time Sat Thu Tue Thu 9:00am 3:45pm 3:45pm 3:45pm 3:45pm 3:45pm


H/A Location Polytech HS Tatnall School Tower Hill School Al duPont HS Charter Scho^ Appoquinimink HS

1 W/L Score 1

Scrimmage Play Day A Tatnall School Tower Hill School Al duPont HS Concord HS, Appoquinimink HS A A A H A

,1 2 ^

09/10/13 09/12/13


2-0 j 2-0 i 3


09/18/13 Wed 09/20/13 Fri



^"W • "69^3??3

Mon"'™3':^pmr'"ArcFmere"A'caaemy"~'Cfiaffe^c^oo^^^^ 3:45pm 3:45pm 3:45pm 3:45pm 3:45pm 3:45pm 3:45pm 2:30pm 3:30pm DelcastleHS Padua Academy Middletown HS Ursuline Academy William Penn HS Newark HS St. Georges Tech HS S t Mark's HS Wilm Friends School A H H A A H • A H Marshallton Ed BIdg Charter School Charter School Serviam Field Wm Penn HS Charter School

6 |ri0/02/13 Wed 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 10/04/13 Fri


1 2


10/09/13 Wed 10/15/13 Tue

w L

3-2 1-2

10/16/13 Wed 10/18/13 Fri

10/23/13 Wed 10/27/13 10/28/13 Sun Mon

St. Georges Tech HS UD - Rullo Stadium Wilm Friends School T T W ,



^ ^ 1 / 0 6 / 1 3 ' ^ ^ " f ^ r r M t . Pleasant HS — - ^ r - ^ t Pleasant HS DIAA Playoffs 16 11/09/13 Sat ,11:00am Tatnall School H Tower Hill School DIAA Playoffs

Final Record: 11-3-2

Season-End JV Roster

w 1 2 6 8 1 10 11 14 19 1 22





m Abbott Culley



Charlotte Keira Erin Gina Hope

Jackson Zhu Abbott

K e l s e y ^ W i P Garrison Lexie Meghan Samantha McMann Purcell Krass

JV Results



Day Time


H/A Location A A H Tower Hill School Richardson Field Al duPont HS Charter School Appoquinimink HS Charter School Charter School Charter School Marshallton Ed BIdg Charter School Charter School Serviam Field Wm Penn HS Charter School St. Georges Tech HS Wilm Friends School

W/L Score T W „„,,.,^ w 1-1 2-0 2-0 1

1 09/10/13 Tue 5:15pm Tower Hill School 09/12/13 Thu 5:15pm Al duPont HS

3 09/18/13 Wed 5:15pm Concord HS
4 09/20/13 Fri


5:15pm Appoquinimink A HS Academy H H H A H H A A H A A

w w w w w


^5 09/23/13 Mon 5:15pm Archmere 6 09/27/13
Fri 3:45pm Glasgow HS

5-0 6-0 5-0 0-0 t 5-0

7 09/30/13 Mon 3:45pm St. Mark's HS
8 10/02/13 Wed 5:15pm Fri 5:15pm Delcastle HS Padua Academy Middletown HS

9 10/04/13

10 10/09/13 Wed 5:15pm


11 10/15/13 Tue 5:15pm Ursuline Academy 12 10/16/13 Wed 5:15pm William Penn HS

w w w w

4-0 4-0 7-0 ^

13 10/18/13


5:15pm Newark HS

14 10/23/13 Wed 5:15pm St. Georges Tech HS 15 10/28/13 Mon 5:15pm Wilm Friends School

1-0 2-2


Freshman Roster

l i i H i f i l Charlotte Brea Katherine

iiiHiMlii Leslie Chernokal Langseder McDermott Lyons Longenecker Woodacre

13 15 18 2

annah Taylor Emily Kathleen

Freshman Results

Opponent 09/12/13 Thu i 3:45pm \e HS 2 09/17/13 Tue 3:45pm 3 09/20/13 Fri 3:45pm A

Location Brandywine HS H H Charter School Charter School

Al duPont HS Newark Charter School

4 09/23/13 Mon 3:30pm , ML Pleasant A ML Pleasant HS ! I iHS I i 5 10/02/13 Wed 3:30pm ML Pleasant H Charter School HS 6 10/08/13 Tue 3:30pm 7 10/14/13 Mon 3:30pm 8 10/16/13 Wed 3:45pm 1 9 10/21/13 "^Mon 3:30pm William Penn A HS Concord HS Al duPont HS H A Wm Penn HS Charter School


; 0-0 1 L 1-2

w ! 2-0
4-1 W 5-0

Al duPont HS Charter School Final Record: 6-1-2

William Penn H HS

w '



Cindy DePrisco
Head Coach

Aly DePrisco


Melissa Aronson

(Last year's record in parenthesis) f FOOTBALL DIVISION I 1. Middletown 2. Caesar Rodney 3. Salesianum 4. St. Mark's 5. Sussex Central 6. Cape Henlopen 7. Concord 8. A.I. du Pont 9. Smyrna 10. Dover DIVISION II 1. Caravel 2. St. Georges 3. Hodgson 4. Archmere 5. Indian River 6. Milford 7. Howard 8. Delmar 10. St. Elizabeth (13-0) (10-1) (11-2) (8-4) (9-3) (3-7) (8-3) (7-3) (6-5) (12-0) (8-4) (10-2) (9-3) (8-3) (8-3) (6-4) (7-3) (4-6) (4-5) '^-3^ ^ '3 VOLLEYBALL I.St. Mark's 2. Padua 3. Ursuline 4. Concord 5. Archmere BOYS SOCCER DIVISION I 1. Salesianum 2. Charter of Wil. 3. Caesar Rodney 4. Concord DIVISION II I.Indian River 2. St. Georges 3. Archmere 4. St. Elizabeth 5. McKean FIELD HOCKEY 1. Cape Henlopen 2. Delmar 3. Caravel 4. Polytech 5. Wilm. Christian (18-1) (17-2) (15-3) (13^) (9-5-3) (17-2) (14-4) (12-5) (12^) (10-5-1) (17-1) (14-2-1) (14-3-1) (13-2-1) (17-1) (17-2) (14-5) (15-3) (12-4)

Charter of Wilmington 3, Concord 0 Concord 0 0 — 0 Charter 2 1 — 3 Rrst Haif-DiGuglielmo (J. Nixon), CSW, 14:34; Wood (DiGugiieimo), CSW, 11:05, Second Half-OiGuglielmo, CSW, 10:48. Shots-CHS 10, CSW 38. Penalty Comere-CHS 3, CSWIO, Saves-CHS 15 (Donlin 15); CSW 5 (Caliiil). Records: Concord 0-3-0; Charter of Wilmington 30-0.

Charter of Wilmington 6, Appoquiniminic 0 Charter 2 4 — 6 Appo 00 — 0 First Half-Wood (J. Nixon), CSW, 27:24; Lamey (J. Nixon), CSW, 24:05. Second Half-Wood (Lamey), CSW, 27:16; Lamey (J. Nixon), CSW, 23:02; Lamey (DiGuglielmo), CSW, 18:10; DiGuglielmo (Cfiitty), CSW, 9:50. Shots-CSW 30, A 7. Penalty Corners-CSW 7, AHS 5. Saves-CSW 5 (Cafiill), A16 (Symes). Records: Charter ofWilmington 4-0-0; Appoquinimink 2-2-0.

5. Appoquinimink (12-4-1)

1. Cape Henlopen (3-0) 2. Delmar (5-0) 3. Polytech (5-0) 4. Mount Pleasant (4-0) 5. Tatnall (4-1)

I" " <

1 2 3 5 NR

Charter of Wilmington 4, Arehmeie 3 Charter of Wilm. 2 1 1— 4 First Half - Lamey (DiGuglielmo), CSW, 23:06Conaty (Rath), A, 16:39; Lamey (Mash), CSW 11:36; Donovan (DaCosta), A 109 Second Half - Wood, CSW, 8:56; Conatv (Sullivan), A, 4:47. Overtime-DiGuglielmo,CSW 030 Shots-A 8, CSW 32. Penalty Corners-A 2, CSW 9. Saves-A 13 (Dempsey); CSW 5 (Cahill). Records: Archmere 2-1-1; Charter of Wilminaton 5-0-0. ^
Archmere 2 1 0 — 3


9. Del. Mil. Academy (7-4)

Charter 6, DekastleO Charter 4 2 — 6 Delcastle 00 — 0 First Half - (vlash (Snavely), CSW, 26:20; Lamey (Wood), CSW, 24:56; J. Nixon (Wood), CSW, 23:59; Trivits (Lamey), CSW, 14:09.; Second Half - Snavely (Reid), CSW, 22:15; Mash (DiGuglielmo), CSW, 4:06.; Shots - CSW 35, DHS1. Penalty Corners - CSW 5, DHS 0. Saves • CSW 1 (Cahill), DHS 23 (Magana).

FiBU Hodwv Vardiv

Charter of Wilmington 1, Padua 0 Padua 0 0 0 Charter of Wilm. 1 0 — 1 First Half - DiGuglielmo (Lamey) CSW 9-09 Shots - P 7, CSW 20. Penalty Comers' - P 4 CSW 6. Saves - P 8 (Clen/al), CSW 5 (Cahill)' Records: Padua 6-2-0; Charter of Wilmington 7-0-0.


Charter of Wihnington 2, Atexis I. du Pont 0 Charter of Wilming0 2 — 2 ton A.I. duPont 00 — 0 Second Half-DiGuglielmo (J. Nixon), CSW, 29:02; Umey (DiGuglielmo), CSW, 13:40. Shots-CSW 29, Al 15. Penalty Comers-CSW 15, Al 9. Saves-CSW 10 (Cahill); Al 15. Records: Charter of Wilmington 2-0-0; Alexis I. du Pont 0-1-0.

Charter of Wilmington 2, Middletown 0 Middletown 00 — 0 Charter of Wilming0 2 — 2 ton Second Half - Snavely (J. Nixon), CSW, 22:21; Chitty (DiGuglielmo), CSW, 8:20.; Shots - M 13, CSW 27. Penalty Corners - M 3, CSW 4. Saves - M 9 (DiAlessandro); CSW 7 (Cahill).

The News Journal/ In the Zone poll DIVISION I 1. Middletown (6-0) Prev.l 2. Salesianum (5-1) 2 3. Caesar Rodney (4-2) 3 4. Dover (5-1) 4 5. St. Marie's (4-2) 5 6. William Penn (3-3) 6 7. Sussex Tech (4-2) 7 8. A.I. duPont (4-2) 9 9. Sussex Central(3-3) 8 10. Concord (3-3) NR DIVISION II 1. Hodgson (4-2) 1 2. St. Georges (5-1) 2 3. Caravel (4-2) 3 4. Delmar (6-0) 4 5. Woodbridge (5-1) 7 6. Tower Hill (6-0) 6 7. Lake Forest(3-3) 5 8. Howard (4-2) 8 9. Delaware Military (4-2) 10 10. Brandywine (4-2) 9


3. Charter of Wilm. (9-2) 4. Concord (8-2) 5. Tower Hill (7-2)

3 NR 5


DIVISION I 1. Salesianum (9-0-1) 2. Appoquinimink (10-1) 3. Charter of Wilm. (7-2) 4. Caesar Rodney (7-1) 5. Cape Henlopen (9-1) DIVISION II I.Indian River(5-2-1) 2. St. Elizabeth (8-1) 3. St. Georges (7-2) 4. Wilm. Christian (7-1) 5. Mount Pleasant (6-2-1) 1. Cape Henlopen (10-0-1) 2. Delmar (10-1) 3. Polytech (10-0) 4. Mount Pleasant (9-0) 5. Tatnall (7-1)

1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5

2. Charter of Wilm. 3. Caesar Rodney 4. Newark 5. Sussex Tech DIVISION II 1. Tatnall 2. Archmere 3. DMA 4. Wilm. Friends 5. St. Andrew's

3 2 4 5 1 2 4 NR 5

DIVISION 1 I.Padua 2. Charter of Wilm. 3. Caesar Rodney 4. Concord 5. St. Mark's DIVISION II 1. Tatnall 2. DMA 3. St. Andrew's 4. Ursuline 5. Archmere


1. Padua (10-0) 2. St. Mark's (9-1)

1 2

DIVISION I 1. Salesianum


* W5CX4


Charter of Wilmington 3, Ursuline 2 Charter of Wilmington 2 0 1 " Ursuline 2 0 0 - ; First Half - Hurff, UA, 27:32; DiGuglielmo (J Nixon) CSW 26:23; Kirk ( H u , f O , U ™ DiGug le mo (Lamey), CSW, 3:40. Overtime DiGuglielmo (J, Nixon), CSW 710 Shots- CSW 28, UA 15. Penalty Comers- CSW 9,UA4,Saves-CSW9(Cahill9);UA9(Posa

TURF BOWL Caravel 2, Woodbridge 1 Woodbridge 01-1 Caravel 11-2 First Half - Reynolds (Gillen), CA, 16:28; Second Half - Anderews, W, 13:01; Gillen, CA. 3:18; Shots - CA 14, W 4; Penalty Comers - CA 9, W1; Saves - CA (Lester 3), W (Anderson 12). Charter of Wilmington 1, St. Mark's 1 (OT) St. Mark's 1 0 0-1 Charter 010-1 First Half - Evans (Tiberi), SM, 5:19; Second Half - Wood, CSW, 3:14; Shots - SM 11, CSW 28; Penalty Comers - SM 3, CSW 9; Saves - SM (Conway 12), CSW (Cahill 4). Dekastle 2, Del. Military Academy 1 Delcastle 11-2 Del. Military Academy 10-1 First Half - Cross, DM A, 19:15; Roy (Bemal-Ortiz), DTHS, 2:42.; Second Half - Roy, DTHS, 2:37. S t Elizabeth 1, Newark 0 Newark 00-0 St. Elizabeth 10-1 First Half -Kulesza(Kokoska) SE 12:43; Shots -SE-8; N-5; Penalty Corners -SE-6; N-8; Saves -SE(Stephano,8); N-5 St. Georges 7, Hodgson 0 St. Georges 43-7 Hodgson 00-0


William Penn 2, Charter of Wilmington 1 Charter of Wilmington 2 1 ^ 1 William Penn 0 2 — 2 Second Half - Lamey, C, 14:27; Stewart (Behornar) WR 10:28; Stewart, WP, 2:15. Shots - C 24, WP 6. Penalty Comers - C 8, WP 4. Saves - C 4 (Cahill); WP 14 (Hope).

Charter ofWilmington 2. Newark 0 Newark 0 0 0 Charter of Wilm. i i _ 2 First Half - Mash (Wood), CSW, 27:52 Second Half - Lamey (DiGuglielmo), CSW, 27:44 Shots - N15, CSW 27. Penalty Corners - N 8, CSW 3. Saves - N12 (Kelby), CSW7 (Cahill).

St. Georges 2, Charter of Wilmington 1 (OT) Charter 010-1 St. Georges 101-2 First half - Sterling (McVey), SG, 10:56 • Second half - Wood, C, 57:33.; Overtime - Sterling (McVey), SG, 60:54.; Shots - C 9, SG 6 Penalty corners - C 5, SG 3. Saves - C 3 (Cahill), SG 5 (fiy).


Charter of Wilmington 2, Wilmington Friends 2 Charter of Wilm. 1 1 n Wilmington Friends 1 , 0 2 First Half^- DiGuglielmo CW, 28:44; Yeatman (Gatti), Second Half - DiGuglielmo, C, 17:03; Kuller (Skibicki),

ST. G E O R G E S 2, CHARTER 1, CT - Wpcinesday's prep r « u f e . C4

St. Gaorget' Katelyn Sterling blasts s shot past Charter goalkeeper Mackenzie Cahill for the game-winnii>g goal in overtime on

Wednesday, WIIUAM ePET2GEiviHE Nfvrt


MHJWfTOWN - When S a r a M c V e y lipped Y Brad a Mpass y m toward Katelyn Sterling 4 secMids into overtime, Ihe St. Georges ield hockey senior knew exactly what to o. "I just hcmestly swung at the ball as a r d as I could at the goalie," Sterling aid with a laugh. "It was kind of hidden ly my body, so that helped a tittle bit." Sterling scored both of the H a w k s ' ;oais - bcMdi on assists from M c V e y - as It. Georges downed Charter of Wilmingon 2-1 in overtime on Wednesday a l St. Jeorges. "Charter came back in the second half

Juick score in extra period improves Hawks' tourney chances
St. Georges took a 1-0 lead in the 10th minute, as McVey got the ball on a fast break down the right side, drew the goalkeeper's attention and passed to a wide-open Sterling for an easy goal. ' T h e first goal, basically 1 was just in the right place at the right time," Sterling said. "Sara is always there to pass it across to me, so my job is to just make sure I get a stick on it and get it in the goal-1 had an t^en goal, bfuically,

and in the latter part of the first half with a lot of aggression, so we had to counteract that," H a w k s coach J e s s i c a Bloch said. "... I said nothing to them [going into overtime]. They and in the latter part of the first just half decided themselves that they weren't going to lose today."

because S a r a drew her out of the g o a l " T h e H a w k s almost made it stand up, despite constant pressure from the Force. C h a r t e r worked the ball into the cbecause i r c l e repeatedly, St. Geoi^es S a r a drewbut her the out of the ec defense - led by Lacie Craft, A n d r e a G r e g g , L a u r e n Unsihuay, Alexa Aguiiar and R y l e e Thompson - held C h a r t e r to nine shots.

St Georges' Katelyn Sterting jumps into the arms of teammate Sara McVey after the Hawks beat Giarter on Wednesday, WILUAM BRETIGEIVTHE NEWS JOURNAL

"We've had way more shots than that in the past, so we hit a little bump in the road today," F o r c e coach Cindy D e P r i s c o said. "Hopefully we c a n fix that in the next few days in practice. We're used to getting a lot more shots off." Charter finally scored in the 57th


Hockey: Sterling scores twice on assists from McVey
Continued from Page CI minute, when sophomore Jordan Wood shoveled in a shot during an intense scrum in front of the cage. The Force had the momentum and continued to press forward in the opening seconds of overtime, but the ball quickly reversed field and went to McVey, who fought off a defender and tapped it to Sterhng for the winning goal. "The girl trapped me, so I came around and reversed it farther out where [Sterling] was," McVey said. "She was able to hit it in." St, Georges moved to 10-2-1 and improved its chances of qualifying for the state tournament, which begins Nov. 5. Charter (10-2) has already earned a toimiament berth as the Blue Hen Flight A champion.
Contact Brad Myers at (302) 324-2807 or bmyers©de)awareorlir>

The News Journal/In The Zone poll DIVISION I 1. Middletown (8-0) Prev. 1 2. Salesianum (7-1) 2 3. Dover (7-1) 4 4. St. Mark's (5-3) 5 5. Caesar Rodney (5-3) 3 6. William Penn (5-3) 6 7. Concord (4-4) 9 8. Cape Henlopen (4-4) NR 9. Sussex Tech (4^) 7 10. Sussex Central (4-4) 10 DIVISION II 1. Hodgson (6-2) 1 2. St. Georges (7-1) 2 3. Caravel (6-2) 3 4. Delmar (8-0) 4 5. Tower Hill (8-0) 5 6. Indian River (5-3) 8 7. DMA (5-3) 7 8. Woodbridge (6-2) 9 9. Arciimere (5-3) 10 10. Lake Forest (4-4) 6 1290 the Ticket/DIFCA coaches poll DIVISION I 1. Middletown 1 2. Salesianum 2 3. Dover 3 4. St. Mark's 5 5. William Penn . 8 6. Caesar Rodney 4 7. Cape Henlopen 7 8. Concord 9. Sussex Tech 10. Sussex Central DIVISION II 1. Hodgson 2. St. Georges 3. Delmar 4. Caravel 5. Tower Hill 6. Indian River 7. Woodbridge 8. Archmere 9. Delaware Military 10. Howard

TUESDAY, OCT. 29, 2013 NR 6 NR 1 2 4 3 5 6 8 10 7 NR 1 2 NR 3 4


C5 2 3 5 NR


2. Delmar (14-1) 3. Polytech (13-2) 4. Tatnall (11-2) 5. Wilmington Christian (10-1-2)

DIVISION 1 1. Salesianum 2. Charter ofWilmington 3. Newark 4. Sussex Tech 5. Caesar Rodney DIVISION II 1. Tatnall 2. Archmere 3. Caravel 4. Delaware Military 5. Wilmington Friends 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5


I.Padua (15-0) 2. St Mark's (11-3) 3. Archmere (11-3) 4. Charter (13-2) 5. Concord (12-2) DIVISION 1 1. Salesianum (12-0-1) 2. Appoquinimink (13-1) 3. Charter (11-2) 4. Caesar Rodney (12-2) 5. Cape Henlopen (13-1) DIVISION II I.Indian River (10-2-1) 2. St. Elizabeth (12-2) 3. St. Georges (10-3) 4. Tower Hill (8-4-2) 5. Delmar (9-3-2)


DIVISION 1 1. Padua 2. Charter of Wilmington 3. Caesar Rodney 4. Smyrna 5. Concord DIVISION II 1. Tatnall 2. St. Andrew's 3. Delaware Military 4. Archmere 5. Ursuline
* - N5CTA

1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 NR 5 1

1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5


1. Cape Henlopen (14-0-1)

FIRST ROUND ff^^ Tuesday » No. 16 Ursuline (9-5-1) at No. 1 Cape Henlopen (14-0-1), 3:30 » No. 9 St. Georges (12-2-1) vs. No. 8 Wilmington Christian (11-2-2) at Tower Hill, 2:30 » No. 13 Caravel (9-4-2) at No. 4 Sanford (12-2-1), 2 » No. 12 Sussex Tech (1M) at No. 5 Polytech (13-2), 2:30 Wednesday » No. 15 Caesar Rodney (10-5) at No. 2 Tatnall (13-2), 2:30 » No. 10 Charter of Wilmington (10-2-2) at No. 7 Mount Pleasant (13-2), 2 » No. 14 Dover (10-5) at No. 3 Delmar (14-1), 2:30 » No. 11 Wilmington Friends (9-3-3) vs. No. 6 Padua (12-3) at Tower Hill, 2:30

QUARTERFINALS (NOV. 9) » Ursuline-Cape Henlopen winner vs. St. Georges-Wilmington Christian winner at Milford, 11:30 a.m. » Caravel-Sanford winner vs. Sussex Tech-Polytech winner at Smyrna, 2 » Caesar Rodney-Tatnall winner vs. Charter of WilmingtonMount Pleasant winner at Tower Hill, 11 a.m. » Dover-Delmar winner vs. Wilmington Friends-Padua winner at Milford, 2 SEMIFINALS (NOV. 12) Sites, times TEA CHAMPIONSHIP (NOV. 16) Site, time TBA

News Journal Delawareonline
Nov. 1,2013

Boys soccer, field hockey state tourney pairings announced
Written by

Brad Myers The News Journal

Field hockey pairings
Two-time defending state cliampion Cape Henlopen earned tlie top seed when the 16-team field was announced for the DIAA Field Hockey State Tournament today. The Vikings (14-0-1) will host No. 16 Ursuline (9-5-1) in the first round at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. Tatnall (13-2) is the No. 2 seed, followed by Delmar (14-1), which has lost to Cape Henlopen in the last two state championship games. First-round games will be played Tuesday and Wednesday. Quarterfinal games will be played Nov. 9, with the semifinals on Nov. 12 and the championship game on Nov. 16. Admission for first-round and quarterfinal games is $5. Semifinal tickets are $6, and championship tickets are $7. Semifinal and championship tickets may be purchased online at

WDEL.COM Cape Henlopen earns top Field Hockey tournament seed
By S e a n Greene Friday, November 1, 2013 - 1:44pm

Two-time defending champion Cape Henlopen earned the top seed for the DIAA Field Hockey tournament which begins Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Round 1 Tuesday, November 5 No. 16 Ursuline (9-5-1) at No. 1 Cape Henlopen (14-0-1) - 3:30pm No. 9 St. Georges (12-2-1) v s . No. 8 Wilmington Christian (11-2-2) - 2:30pm at Tower Hill No. 13 Caravel (9-4-2) at No. 4 Sanford (12-2-

1) - 2pm

No. 12 Sussex Tech (11-4-0) at No. 5 Polytech (13-2-0) - 2:30 Wednesday, November 6 No. 15 Caesar Rodney (10-5-0) at No. 2 Tatnall (13-2-0) - 2:30 No. 10 Charter of Wilmington (10-2-2) at No. 7 Mount Pleasant (13-2-0) - 2pm No. 14 Dover (10-5-0) at No. 3 Delmar (14-1-0) - 2:30pm No. 11 Wilmington Friends (9-3-3) v s . No. 6 Padua (12-3-0) - 2:30 at Tower Hill Quarterfinals (All games Saturday, November 9) Sites To Be Announced Cape/Ursuline vs. Wilm. Christian/St. Georges - at Milford - 1 1 : 3 0 a m Sanford/Caravel v s . Polytech/Sussex Tech - at Smyrna - 2:00 Tatnall/CR v s . Mt. Pleasant/Charter - at Tower Hill - 1 1 : 0 0 a m Delmar/Dover v s . Padua/Friends - at Milford - 2 : 0 0 Semifinals (Tuesday, November 12) Site To Be Announced Championship (Saturday, November 16) Site To Be Announced

By S e a n G r e e n e

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Wednesday, November 6, 2 0 1 3 - 5 : 2 6 p m

Charter hockey edges Mount Pleasant
Charter's Morgan Lamey scored a late first-ha If goal and it held up as the No. 10 Force upset No. 7 Mount Pleasant in the first round of the DIAA Field Hockey Tournament Wednesday afternoon. The deciding goal game on a forward attack by Paige DiGuglielmo who passed ahead to Lamey who slammed a shot into the left side of the cage for the 1-0 advantage. Mount Pleasant had several chances in the second half to try the game, but goaltender Mackenzie Cahill and her follow defensive players kept the Green Knights off the board. Charter advances to face No. 2 Tatnall Saturday at 11 am at Tower Hill.



Defenses rule as Charter moves on
By Brad Myers
The News Journal

at Tower Hill. The seventh-seeded Green Knights finished their season at 13-3.

— It can be difficult to score in field hockey, and the stout defenses of Charter ofWilmington and Mount Pleasant made it almost impossible Wednesday. The Force's Morgan Lamey was the only one to break through, converting Paige DiGuglielmo's deflected pass in the 24th minute to give Charter a 1-0 victory at Mount Pleasant in the opening round of the DIAA Field Hockey Tournament. The lOth-seeded Force (11-2-2) advanced to play No. 2 Tatnall in the quarterfinals at 11 a.m. Saturday

"Paige works her butt off every single game," Lamey said of DiGuglielmo. "She dribbles to the sideline,
passes it to me and it's my job to get it in."

field hocl<ey

Tatnall earns


win. C3

Lamey did just that late in the first half, and the schedules. Charter defense preserved the lead by holding Mount C 3 Pleasant to just three shots. St. Andrew's "They did a nice job defensively on us. We couldn't advances in capitalize on our opportunities," Green Knights coach soccer Peter Meisel said. "They had a girl that was just wide tourney. C 3 open, and she buried it like you're supposed to do." Game scores. CA
See CHARTER, Page C3

Charter: Cahill makes key saves
"Mount Pleasant is an absolutely great team. They Force goalkeeper have stick skills and they Mackenzie Cahill made were driving the field and two big plays early in the we knew they were just second half, foiling a pounding it in there. [Cabreakaway before Sarah hill] was exactly what we Gosling could shoot and needed." making a solid save on The Green Knights Kate Walker's shot off a made several other trips penalty corner. into the circle, but the "Our amazing goal- Force back line of Katie keeper, she came up big Harris, Victoria Muir and for us," Charter coach Sarah Groves joined with Cindy DePrisco said. other defenders to hold
Continued from Page CI

them off. "We knew they had a couple of players who were really strong, had really strong shots," Cahill said."... I really thank my defense. They are really good at blocking up." Mount Pleasant made big strides this season after going 9-6-1 with a first-round tournament loss to No. 1 Cape Henlopen last year.

"I did not expect to go 13-2 going into this season," Meisel said. "We accomplished our goals, which were to win Flight B, beat Brandywine, qualify for the state tournament and not play Cape Henlopen in the first game. That was our mission."
Contact Brad Myers at 324-2807 or

Charter of Wilmington 1, Mount Pleasant 0 Charter Mount Pleasant 10-1 0 0 - 0

First half; Lamey (DiGuglielmo), C, 24;00. Shots: C 8, MP 3. Penalty corners: C 7, MP 9. Saves: C 2 (Cahill), MP 2 (Munkittrick).

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The smallest of margins advanced Charter of Wilmington into a second round game with Tatnall.

WDEL 1150AM - V I D E O : Charter hockey edges Mount Pleasant Charter's Morgan Lamey scored a late first-half goal and it held up as the No. 10 Force upset No. 7 Mount Pleasant in the first round of the DIAA Field Hockey Tournament Wednesday afternoon.



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Wednesday, November 6, 2 0 1 3 - 5 : 2 5 p m

DIAA Field Hockey 1st Round Results Wednesday
By S e a n G r e e n

Tatnall scored a late goal to avoid an upset on the second day of the DIAA Field Hockey 1st Round Wednesday. Wednesday, November 6 No. 2 Tatnall 3, No. 15 Caesar Rodney 2 No. 10 Charter of Wilmington 1, No. 7 Mount Pleasant 0 No. 3 Delmar 3, No. 14 Dover 1 No. 11 Wilmington Friends 2, No. 6 Padua 1 Round 1 Tuesday, November 5 No. 1 Cape Henlopen 2, No. 16 Ursuline 0 No. 8 Wilmington Christian 1, No. 9 St. Georges 0 No. 4 Sanford 1, No. 13 Caravel 0 No. 5 Polytech 2, No. 12 Sussex Tech 1 Quarterfinals (All games Saturday, November 9) Sites To Be Announced No. 1 Cape Henlopen (15-0-1) v s . No. 8 Wilmington Christian (12-2-2) - at Milford - 1 1 : 3 0 a m No. 4 Sanford (13-2-1) v s . No. 5 Polytech (14-2-0) - at Smyrna - 2:00 No. 2 Tatnall (14-2-0) v s . No. 10 Charter (11-2-2) - at Tower Hill - 1 1 : 0 0 a m No. 3 Delmar (15-1-0) v s . No. 11 Friends (10-3-3) - at Milford - 2:00 Semifinals (Tuesday, November 12) Site To Be Announced Championship (Saturday, November 16) Site To Be Announced

November 6,2013

Brad Myers

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Charter 1, Mount Pleasant 0 final in DIAA field hockey



f!K^*Brad Myers

aBradMyersTNJe Nov

Morgan Lamey scores on assist from Paige DiGuglielmo in 24th minute, Charter leads Mount Pleasant 1-0 at half in DIAA field hockey f^delhs


KT^HSean Greene

S e a n G r e e n e W D E i e Nov

WDEL VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Field Hockey 1st Round - Charter ofWilmington 1, Mount Pleasant 0. #NetDE #DelHS

Flight A ' ' First team: Paige DiGuglielmo, Charter, jr.,' -, forward; Megan Lamey, Charter, sr., fon«ard;,> Seray Crescenzo, Concord, jr., midfield: Megan IVIcCormick, Al du Pont, jr., forward: Josie Nixon, Charter, sr, midfield: Anna Brad- ^ ley, Al du Pont, sr., midfield; Emily Wagner,, Appoquinimink, sr., midfield; Nina Dell'Orefice, Appoquinimink, sr., back; Kathryn Harris, Charter, jr, back; Christina Gotthold, Middletown, sn, forward; Chardonnay Hope, William Penn, sr. Goalkeeper, Second team: Lexi Mash, Charter, jr., forward; Emily Pantazes, Middletown, jr., midfield; Alison Pantazes* Middletown, jr, midfield; Haley McNulty, Al du Pont, sr, back; Allison DiCicco, Concord, sr, midfield; Sarah Groves, Charter, soph., back; Jordan Wood, Charter, soph., forward; Stephanie Dauis, Al du Pont, sr, forward; Madeline Davis, Concord, jr, fonward; Madison Stewart, William Penn, sr, forward; Margo Donlin, Concord, jr, Goalkeeper, Honorable mention: Devin Irons, Middletown, sr,, back; Jessica Symes, Appoquinimink, soph., fonward; Corinne Rydgren, Concord, jr, midfield; Kelly Pierson, Al du Pont, sr. Goalkeeper,. Julia Snavely, Charter, jr, midfield; Carolyn Stopera, Appoquinimink, jr, midfield; Meghan Jolikko, Middletown, soph., forward; All-' son Hoffman, Newark, sr., midfield: Colleen, • Meeley, William Penn, sr, midfield; Tasia Den-. nis, William Penn, jr, back; Paige DiAlesandro, Middletown, sr, goalkeeper Coach of the year: Cindy DePrisco, CharterlFlight B First team: Kate Walker, Mt. Pleasant, soph., midfield; Katie Sterling, St. Georges, sr, forward; Sara McVey, St. Georges, jr, fom/ard; Alyssa More, Mt. Pleasant, jr, midfield; Molly Kerrigan, Mt. Pleasant, sr, back; Tori Ryan, Mt. Pleasant, sr, forward; Andrea Gregg, St. Georges, sr, back; Jackie Beeson, Mt. Pleas-' . ant, jr., midfield; Alex Jordan, Brandywine, sn„ ' midfield; Brandi Hatfield, Hodgson, sr., midfield; Erin Munkittrick, Mt. Pleasant, sr. Goal- • ' keeper Second team: Nicole Fontana, Brandy- i wine, soph., forward; Dora Umana, Dickin-„ r son, sr, back; Alexa Douglas, McKean, jr, mid-.. field; Sarah Lea, Hodgson, jr, forward; Kristin • Cravrford, Hodgson, sr, midfield; Ashley Tyre St. Georges, sr., midfield; Lauren Unsihuay, St., ' Georges, sr, back; Rylee Thompson, St. ,| Georges, sr, back; Casey Wakai, Ml Pleasant 3 soph., forward; Ryan Taylor Mt. Pleasant sr., midfield; Taylor Fry, St. Georges, jr, goalkeeper Honorable mention: Caitiin Chinskt Hodgson, sr, midfield: Amira Brhimi, McKean, sr., back: Bailey Smith, Dickinson, jr, fonward; Haley Boulden, St. Georges, jr., back; Jordan Sis-" ^ kin, Mt. Pleasant jr, back; Julia Gilley, Brandywine, sr, forward; Jericca Orahana, Hodgson, sr, fon/vard; Lacie Craft, St. Georges, jr," back: Laurel Bradley, Brandywine, soph., back; Monica Cruz-Ortiz, Dickinson, soph., midfield; Bree LeCompte, McKean, sr, back Coach of the year: Jessica Bloch, St Georges'


DIAA State Quarterfinals Cape Henlopen 4, Wilm. Christian 0 Wilm. Christian 0 — 0 Cape Henlopen 4 — 4 Second Half -T Bernheimer (Coverdale), C, 35:59; Yeager (Smith), C, 48;55; Smith, C 51:59; Broadhurst C, 58:23 Shots-C 7, WCS 0 Penalty cofners-C-12,WCS-0 Saves C 0 (Kolobielski), WCS 3 (Whitesel) Delmar 2, Wilm. Friends 1 Wilm. Friends 1 — 1 Delmar 2 — 2 Second half: Veale gschantz), WC, 38:54; Ellis, D, 46:43; Twilley-Webster (Jarvis), 49.12 Shots: WF 7,D15 Penalty comers: WF 3, D20 Saves: WF 7 (Giilerlain), D 3 (Windsor) Polytech 3, Sanford 0 Sanford 0 0 - 0 Polytech 2 1 — 3 First Half - Trabaudo, p 16:38; Rutkoski, P 1:06 Second Half - DeFillipo, P 20:53 Shots-S1,P4 Penalty Corners - S 5, P 4 Saves - S1 (Hublein); P1 (Francois). Tatnall, Charter 1 Charter 1 0 — 1 Tatnall 1 1 - 2 First Half - Cannon (penalty stroke), T, 19:11; J Nixon (Lamey), CSW, 14:02 Second Half - Cannon (penalty stroke), T, Shots - CSW 13, T 8 Penalty Comers - CSW 7, T 7 » Saves - CSW 4 (Cahill); T 3 (Horgan). //'/P




NOV. 10, 2013



Cannon launches Hornets

into semis
Fifth-seeded Polytech tops Sanford
a 2-1 victory over No. 10 Charter of Wilmington in WILMINGTON — Shay a DIAA State Field HockCannon scored her second ey Tournament quarterfipenalty-stroke goal of the nal at Tower Hill School game with 20:06 left in the on Saturday. game to give No. 2 Tatnall Cannon put the HorThe News Journal

nets (15-2) ahead with her first penalty-stroke goal with 19:11 to go in the first half. But the Force (11-3-2) tied it up with 14:02 left when Josephine Nixon scored off an assist from

Morgan Lamey. The Force outshot Tatnall 13-8, but goalkeeper Abby Horgan made three saves for the Hornets, who advance to meet Delmar in the semifinals on Hiesday. Mackenzie Cahill made four saves in goal for Charter.


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Derniar, m , in the finals, GARY eMEiGHmE NEWS JOURNAI

ihip on Saturday afternoon. The Vikings ti

SPORTS ^.y^^ ^ vois


ViMngs secure three-peat
Cape edges Delmar in final for third year in a row
The News Journal

By Brad IMycrs

DOVER - Cape Henlopen did it again. The Vikings edged Dehnar 1-0 in the championship game of the DIAA Field Hocliey Tournament on Saturday at Dover High for their third consecutive state title. All three times, Cape had to beat Delmar in the final. A l l three times, it has been excruciatingly close. The Vikings ran their in-state winning streak to 51 games. The Wildcats have lost only six times in the last three years, all to Cape Henlopen - three in the regular season, three in the championship game. "It's hard to believe. I'm still shaking," Vikings coach Kate Windett said. "The whole game, I was shaking. [Delmar] is such a good team. It's hard to beat them six times in a row. It's mibelievable." Two years ago, the Vikings won 3-2 in the title game. Last year, Cape won 2-1. This year, it was 1-0. "The stars just aren't aligned for us in the state finals, I guess," Delmar coach Jodi HoUamon said. "I don't know. We just are unlucky, I guess. We played great hockey." Both teams are used to generating around 20 shots per game, but they knew that wouldn't happen Saturday. Cape (180-1) managed five shots, while Delmar (17-2) took three. The only one that got through came in the 39th minute, when Vikings junior Sam Broaclhurst drew the defense's attention and passed to sophomore Itess Bernheimer

Cape's Marlee McGlnness tries to maneuver around Delmar goalie Tressie Windsor during Saturday's championship game, GARY eMEiGnn-HE NEWS JOURNAL for an easy score. Delmar's best scoring chance came in the 23rd minute, when Cape goalkeeper Katie Kolobielski sprawled to stop two shots by Booter Ellis and Amy Wilson off of a penalty comer. "As long as we stopped the comer, I knew that we were going to win," Kolobielski said. "I stay on my feet when I know that it's right, but I knew that I had to dive to save the ball and I had to do whatever it took to keep the ball out of the net." Ellis was dominant in the midfield area, but Tiara Duffy and the rest of the Cape defenders did their best to keep the ball out of the circle. "We just knew that they would go to Booter a lot, and she is really powerful up the middle," Windett said. "We tried to shut her down and not give them comers." The Vikings did allow a comer in the final seconds, giving Delmar one more chance to tie it. But Bernheimer mshed out to stop EUis at the top of the circle, and that was it. The Wildcats' roster is dotted with 10 frustrated seniors. Their coach was proud of their effort - not just Saturday, but all through their high school careers. "They have nothing to put their heads down about," Hollamon said. "There are a lot of girls that wish to get to this spot every single year, and they've been there for the past three. "Sometimes, I think it has almost started to be taken for granted that we're supposed to be here. It's their hard work and the things they do in the offseason, that's what puts us here."
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OeJm* CapeH«iiopen

hunt), CH,

00 — 0 01—1


Cape Henlopen's Duffy earns player of year honor
The News Journal

Senior Tiara Duffy of DIAA state champion Cape Henlopen has been named Player of the Year and leads the All-State field hockey team, which was determined by a vote of the state's coaches. Duffy, a defender, helped the Vikings to an 18-0-1 season and their third consecutive state title. She was the only Cape Henlopen player selected to the first team. Three-time state runner-up Delmar placed three players on the first team - Booter Ellis, Amy Wilson and goalkeeper Tressie Windsor. Charter of Wilmington's Paige DiGuglielmo and Morgan Lamey are on the first team, along with Wilmington Christian's Kelly Ogle and Zosia Roberts. The other eight firstteamers represent eight different schools: Caravel's Jackie Gillen, Wilmington Friends' Danielle Kuller, Mount Pleasant's Kate Walker, Padua's Caitiin Cooke, St. Georges' Katie Sterling, Sussex Tech's Torrie Huk, Tatnall's Shay Cannon and Ursuline's Laura Hurff. Polytech's Lynn Richardson was named the Coach of the Year. The Panthers finished 15-3 and reached the state semifinals.

Cape Henlopen's Tiara Duffy, a defender, helped the Vikings to an 18-0-1 season and their third consecutive state title, W I L L I A M BRETzcER/rHE N E W S J O U R N A L

Setected by the Dela-

erts, sr., Wilmington Christian; Tressie WindFirst t e a m : Tiara Duf- sor (GK), sr., Delmar S e c o n d t e a m : Carofy, sr., Cape Henlopen; Jackie Gillen, sr.. Cara- line Rath, sr., Archmere; vel; Paige DiGuglielmo, Katherine Judge, sr.. jr., Charter of Wilming- Cape Henlopen; Maggie ton; Morgan Lamey, sr.. Delp, sr.. Cape Henlopen; Charter of Wilmington; Seray Crescenzo, jr.. ConBooter Ellis, sr., Delmar; cord; Tessa Jarvis, sr., Amy Wilson, sr., Delmar; Delmar; Alyssa More, jr.. Danielle Kuller, sr., Wil- Mount Pleasant; Jamie mington Friends; Kate Trabaudo, so., Polytech; Walker, so.. Mount Pleas- Carter Ayars, so., Sanant; Caitiin Cooke, sr., ford; Emily Bloom, sr., Padua; Katie Sterling, sr., Sanford; Sara McVey, jr., St. Georges; Torrie Huk, St. Georges; Claire Igo, jr., Sussex Tech; Shay jr., St. Mark's; Hannah Cannon, sr., Tatnall; Lau- Krause, sr., Sussex Tech; ra Hurff, sr., Ursuline; Taylor Kvilhaug, sr., SusKelly Ogle, sr., Wilming- sex Tech; Elise Brown, jr., ton Christian; Zosia Rob- Tatnall; Aimika Roberts, ware Field Hockey Coaches Association

so., Wilmington Christian; Chardonnay Hope (GK), sr., William Penn
Honorable mention:

Megan McCormick, jr., A.I. du Pont; Alexis Prillaman, sr., Caesar Rodney; AUie Yeager, sr., Cape Henlopen; Lauren Lynch, sr.. Caravel; Josie Nixon, sr., Charter of Wihnington; Elena Veale, sr., Wilmington Friends; Molly Kerrigan, sr.. Mount Pleasant; Taylor Holt, sr.. Red Lion Christian; Chelsea Kulesza, sr., St. Elizabeth; Jennifer Davis, sr., Tatnall; Jessica Clerval (GK), sr., Padua


W E D N E S D A Y , DEC. 25, 201,3




Amy Wilson, sr., Delmar

Booter Ellis, sr., Delmar

Caitiin Cooke, sr., Padua

Danielle Kuller, sr., Wilmington Friends

Paige DiGuglielmo, jr.. Charter of Wilmington

Laura Hurff, sr., Ursuline

Jackie Gillen, sr.. Caravel

Kate Walker, so.. Mount Pleasant

Katie Steriing, sr., St. Georges

Kelly Ogle, sr., Wilmington Christian

Morgan Lamey, sr., Charter of Wilmington

Shay Cannon, sr., Tatnall

Tressie Windsor (GK), sr.. Delmar

Tiara Duffy, sr.. Cape Henlopen Player of tfie Year

Zosia Roberts, sr., Wilmington Christian

Torrie Huk, jr., Sussex lisch

SECOND TEAM Caroline Rath, sr., Archmere; Katherine Judge, sr.. Cape Henlopen; Maggie Delp, sr.. Cape Henlopen; Seray Crescenzo, j r . Concord; Tessa Jarvis, sr, Delmar; Alyssa More, jr.. Mount Pleasant; Jamie Trabaudo, sc., Polytech; Carter Ayars, sc., Sanford; Emily Bloom, sr, Sanford; Sara McVey, j r , St. Georges; Claire Igo, j r , St. Mark's; Hannah Krause, sr., Sussex Tech; Taylor Kvilhaug, sr., Sussex Tech; Elise Brown, jr., Tatnall; Annika Roberts, so., Wilmington Christian; Chardonnay Hope (GK), sr., William Penn

HONORABLE MENTION Megan McCormick, jr., A l . du Ponf Alexis Prillaman, sr, Caesar Rodney; Allie Yeager, sr.. Cape Henlopen; Lauren Lynch, sr.. Caravel; Josie Nixon, sr.. Charter of Wilmington; Elena Veale, sr, Wilmington Friends; Molly Kerrigan, sn. Mount Pleasant; Taylor Holt, sr.. Red Lion Christian; Chelsea Kulesza, sr, St. Elizabeth; Jennifer Davis, sr, Tatnall; Jessica Clerval (GK), sr., Padua COACH OF THE YEAR Lynn Richardson, Polytech Selected by the Delaware Field Hockey Coaches Association

The News Journal will recognize the fall All-State teams this week. We need yearbook/mug shots of the athletes listed below. Photos should be 200 dpi. They can be emailed to sports®delaware For more information, call sports editor Jason Levine at (302) 324-2539.

FOOTBALL Deon Wright, Dover Michael Hurd, Dover

Tavarus Sample, Dover Darius Wade, Middletown Reggie Carroll, William Penn


m Capsules, Q

Switching gears

Tiara Duffy (left) had three goals, 11 assists and four


With slew of field hockey accolades, Cape's Duffy will turn her focus to softball at the college level
Duffy was voted the Delaware field hockey player of the year by state coaches this season, plus earned recognition as a regional Ail-American and second-team Whenever Kate Windett gave her field hockey team AIl-American by the National Field Hockey Coaches five minutes to cut loose before games, Tiara Duffy's Association, go-to move was the worm. But she may never play the game again. But the quiet Cape Henlopen senior defender says Duffy plans to play only softball m college and said she didn't need the impromptu dance pany to calm her she's considering attending South Carolina, East Caronerves. Just like she insists she doesn't need the wealth lina or Coastal Carolina because she enjoys that area of of accolades, either. Or even realize they're well-de- the country. The 17-yeaiM)ld star outfielder, who drove served. in the go-ahead run against Puerto Rico in the champi"I guess I'm really hard on myself," Duffy said, "so I onship game of the Big League Softball World Series don't notice when I do things right, but other people do and I don't expect them to It's just surprising." Se«DUf:FY.PBgea
The Newt Journal

By Jason Wotf

Duffy: State honor surprises defender
this past summer, has played sofrbali since she was 4 years old and said ^ only picked up field hockey in fifth grade at the request of a friejid. "Ijust like sofJball better because it's more challenging ihan hockey and it's more of a mental game." r>uff>' said. "It's more fun, I think." Duffy has started for the Cflpe Henic^-n fieid hockey te-iun siiKe the state playoffs of her freshman year, when the Vikings last suffei-ed an in-state loss, falling 1-0 to Sussex Tech in the 2010 {Semifinals. Cape Henlopen has since won three consecutive DIAA stjite championships, beating Delmar in the finals each time, and defeated 51 consecutive Delaware opponents, -She definitely protects her goalkeeper very Well," Delmar coach Jodi Hollamon said •'She stands usually in the backfield and makes some solid runs up the field two or three times a game and usually makes something happen when she does that. She has very low bk)dc tackles and is veiT hard to eliminate because of her size and quickness- And her speed is deceiving because of her size," Duffy had three goals, 11 assists ami four defen-^ sive saves this season, helping Cape Henlf^en to an record. Last year she scored in the state championship

t^e state player of tt»e year award is an unusual honor for someone ivho plays defense, •'I was really surprised," Duffy said. "I thought there were a bunch of players in the state that would ge* it instead of me, and I play defense, so I didn't think anywie would nominate me for it because I dont do much, unless it's a big game. "I guess when there were big games that coaches saw that I try really hard and I play well when I have to and step up."

"I've never seen a defender get it. But she's not a typical defender," sajd Windett, the Cape Henlopen coach. "It's hard to miss her. She's not a small girl you're going to miss. She's a force. At most schools, she would not be a center bat:k, but ttjar s jusl where we needed her ... We're hoping we can cmivince her to play hockey and sofibail sotncwbt^rt:. buj we'll see how that goes," f>liffy said she enjoyed playing field bctckey but is lookingftffwardto her finai high school seaswi of softbai! and fr<:using on that sport iii college. She admits it's difficult, at times, to thmk about leaving field hockey beliind for good, " 1 really miss it more than I thought J would." Duffy said, recalling Cape Henlopen's most recent state championship. "It's kind of sad that might have been my \s^?x game But at least it ende.; ^¥eJl."
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Cape*» Tiara Duffy ptaiKtoplay only MfUMfl mrolte^e.GARY mv6*VT»t KPW JOHMWH


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