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Installation Instructions 3 ft Antennas (with E-Mount) PA, PAL, PAX SP, SPF, SPX

NMT 535-01(e)

200 km/h survival windspeed antenna version

250 km/h survival windspeed antenna version

These Installation Instructions are valid for antennas in the following version : • • • • • • • • • Reflector Ø 0.9 m (3 ft) Pipe mount for installation on pipe Ø 114 mm (Ø 89 mm optional) Antenna offset to the left or to the right Standard installation on Ø 114 mm pipe with offset to the left Safety collar for easy installation 2 spindles for fine adjustment of Elevation ±15° and Azimuth ±5° Reflector without shroud 200 km/h version : No sway bar 250 km/h version : With sway bar Ø 33 mm x 1 m (mandatory)

It is important to mount the antenna exactly as described in this installation instruction. The installed antenna shall be inspected once per year by qualified personnel. RFS disclaims any responsibility for the result of improper or unsafe installation. This installation instruction has been written for qualified, skilled personnel. We reserve the right to alter details, especially with respect to technical improvement
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Antenna offset Antenna Offset Overview Reflector “TOP” at the antenna top Offset left Elevation fine adjustment spindle Azimuth fine adjustment spindle Offset right Holes for feed systems equipped with guy wires Reflector “TOP” at the antenna bottom NMT 535-01e 2/9 . M6(10). tape measure • Key for socket screw : M3(2. pulley(s) and lifting accessories • 2 strong ropes (approx. M10(17) M12(19) • Shackle(s). roll(s). compass. Tools required for installation (Tools are not included with antenna) • Hoisting device for 100 daN • Torque wrench from 0 to 50 Nm • Wrenches for hexagon bolts : M5(8).5x tower high) • 1 strong rope or cable (approx. M8(13). length 2.1. cutter.5 tower high) • Water balance.5) (values in brackets = openings of spanners) 2. length 1.

5 Ø30 (Torque tighten) Eye spindle M10x100 2 brass nuts M10 2 washers 10.3 Steel U-Mount 3 ft 3 screws M10x25 3 SL washer 10 3 washers 10. and correct torque tightening. « Anti Seize » installation paste must be applied to all threads of bolts and fine adjustment spindles.5 NMT 535-01e C ar db 3/9 .4 3. After this. Pre-assembly of the mount For easy operation of the bolted joints.5 3.3. keep the lubricated threads free of dust and dirt! (a Torque Table is attached for specifications) 3.1 Install the reflector on the packing cardboard oa rd Do not take support on the reflector during assembly Connecting Support 3 ft E-Mount 6 screws M8x25 6 SL washers 8 6 nuts M8 (Torque tighten) 3.2 3.

4 Ø24 Take care to not dust or damage the elevation spindle during manipulation ing ck ard Pa dbo r ca Pre-assembled Sway bar clamp 5.5 Ø30 Screw M10x30 SL nut M10 Washer 10.5 Screw M8x25 Washer 8. Sway bar clamp installation (Only for antenna provided with a sway bar) (Tighten the assembly. Feed system installation (refer to Feed Installation Instructions joined) Safety collar installation and orientation on pipe support For an antenna Offset Left For an antenna Offset Right Minimum space 340 mm Minimum space 340 mm Minimum space 35 mm V-Bolt M10 Steel clamp 2 washers 10. 6.4.4 Ø24 Washer 10. keeping the sway bar clamp 33 and the sway bar terminal free in rotation without gap) Sway bar clamp 33 (L-Profil 40x40) Sway bar terminal SL nut M8 Washer 8.5 Ø30 4 M10 nuts Minimum Space 35 mm NMT 535-01e 4/9 .

and linked to winch 2 shackles with steel ring Shackle Steel mount Principle for an antenna with a left offset Strong rope fixed at the tower top. The rope is slipping through a steel ring attached with 2 shackles on reflector rim Strong rope or cable fixed to antenna steel mount to avoid collision with the tower structure during hoisting To winch NMT 535-01e 5/9 .5 mm) with a shackle.7. Hoisting on the tower (Feed system not shown) Strong rope attached on the reflector casting eye (Ø8.

torque tigthen the 2 M12 bolts (see torque table joined) Principle for a left offset Eye spindle M10x130 M10 nut SL washer 10 Screw M10x30 2 M10 brass nuts 2 washers 10.8. for the azimuth spindle installation) Azimuth safety collar installed on pipe support Azimuth spindle Installation (Rear view) After Azimuth spindle installation.5 NMT 535-01e 6/9 . Antenna installation on pipe support (Feed system not shown) Principle for an antenna with a left offset 2 U-Bolts M12 4 washers 13 ∅37 4 nuts M12 (handtigthen the V-bolts to permit the antenna free rotation around the pipe.

Azimuth fine adjustment Principle for a left offset After complete azimuth adjustment. and lock the 2 M10 brass nuts on the steel mount NMT 535-01e 7/9 . torque tighten the 4 first M12 nuts (V-bolts must have been greased) Steel clamp 4 M12 nuts (tighten with an usual wrench) Loosen M12 nuts ¾ turn Loosen or tighten M10 brass nuts to adjust the azimuth of the antenna Lock the 2 M10 brass nuts on the steel clamp 10. torque tigthen the 3 M10 bolts.9. Elevation fine adjustment Principle for a left offset Loosen or tighten M10 brass nuts to adjust the elevation of the antenna Loosen ¼ turn the 3 M10 bolts After complete elevation fine adjustment.

Sway bar installation (Only for antenna provided with a sway bar) For antennas provided with a sway bar. for direct mount on angle tower structure Screw M10x25 Fixing clamp sway bar (L-Profil 60x60) Washer 13 Ø24 SL nut M12 Screw M12x30 Washer 10.5 SL nut M10 Offset Left Offset Right Screw M10x70 Feed system not shown Sway Bar / Tower fixation configurations Fixing plate sway bar 33 8 nuts M6 2 U-Bolts M6x33 Typical config.5 SL nut M10 2 screws M10x25 Alternative config.5 2 SL nuts M10 NMT 535-01e 8/9 .11. with optional interface SMA-SKO-48-114 for installation on pipe Sway bar tower structure extremity Optional interface SMA-SKO-48-114 Fixing clamp sway bar (L-Profil 60x60) 2 washers 10. the sway bar installation is mandatory ! Washer 10.

Torque wrench NMT 535-01e 9/9 .Sway Bar orientation Offset Left Offset Right ±25° ±25° After complete sway bar orientation. It is especially important to check that all bolted joints are torque tightly locked (mandatory). torque tighten all bolted joints 12. it is necessary to make sure that the installation instructions have been followed in all aspects. Final Check When the installation of the antenna has been completed.