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President Leslie Milloy San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Vice President Jim Maxwell SF Council of District Merchants Secretary Jay Lampus Brown and Co. Real state Treasurer Rich !unn" C#$ Burr" #il%er & Mayer" 'nc. Immediate Past President $rt Swanson Li%htner #roperty !roup Executive Director Maherah Silmi

Dear Super,isor //// $fter careful consideration of Super,isor Scott +iener0s C 1$ reform proposal" the San Francisco Small Business *etwor2 3SB*4" an assembla%e of small business related or%ani5ations throu%hout San Francisco committed to the robust economic ,iability of the City" wishes to declare its stron% support for the lon% o,er6due le%islation. ,ery small business owner understands the essentiality of clear parameters when plannin% and executin% e,en the most elementary business plan. 7he 8only6in6San Francisco9 C 1$ procedures not only compromise efficient business operations and %rowth" but diminish San Francisco0s competiti,e positionin% amon% surroundin% cities and counties that follow far less con,oluted %uidelines. 7he SB* is fully ali%ned behind C 1$0s mission6critical %oals" but we understand first hand that the unwieldy and unpredictable application of its appro,al processes hinders business" community" and pri,ate 3home ownership4 de,elopment and e,en simple facility maintenance %oals city6 wide. Super,isor +iener:s carefully crafted and responsibly amended le%islation offers a clear path6way to impro,ed C 1$ implementation while at the same time allowin% timely" carefully6crafted pathways to business %rowth and community impro,ement sans both time and often e%re%ious financial impediments. +e encoura%e your support and appro,al of +einer:s C 1$ reform. 't:s %ood for business" San Francisco:s economic ,itality" and a well6maintained" safe public and pri,ate place to li,e. Sincerely"

Member Organizations
Buildin% (wners & Mana%ers $ssociation of San Francisco Chinese Real state $ssociation of $merica Coalition for Better )ousin% !olden !ate Business $ssociation !olden !ate Restaurant $ssociation *ational $ssociation of +omen Business (wners #otrero Do%patch Merchants $ssociation #rofessional #roperty Mana%ement $ssociation SF $ssociation of Realtors SF Chamber of Commerce SF Council of District Merchants $ssociations SF Small Business $d,ocates -nion S.uare Business 'mpro,ement District

Bay $rea De,elopment Corporation Renaissance ntrepreneurship Center Small Business De,elopment Center

MS$ #lannin% and Desi%n Consultants" 'nc. #roperty Mana%ement Systems Burr #il%er Mayer" 'nc.

$rt Swanson 'mmediate #ast #resident San Francisco Small Business *etwor2 3SFSB*4

305 Valencia Street ♦ San Francisco, CA 94103 Phone: 415-661-3860 ♦ www.s s!n.or" ♦ e#ec$irector%s s!n.or"