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4. Here are a few examples of the types of things we have seen published on Scribd. 2. Scribd Stats gives you all the analytics you need on who is reading your content. distribute it to a wide and global audience. you can set a price for your content and make it for sale through a simple link. Reach Scribd's audience of 90 million monthly readers. Twitter. iPad. 1. and provides an even better reading experience for people who download Scribd's apps. 1. and other social networks. Scribd makes all content easily readable on the mobile web. Turn your content into a beautiful HTML5 webpage. 5. Make your content social and get distribution on Facebook. If you choose to. Scribd does SEO for you. and the earnings go right to your account. By publishing on Scribd. and potentially make money from selling that content. Scribd's patent-pending conversion technology instantly turns documents into beautifully formatted webpages. Creative writing… 2/7 . Scribd socially optimizes all content to maximize social distribution. Android. that you can even embed on another website. Make money by selling your content. and even written documents now need to be social. Social networking gets bigger every year.2/14/2014 Upload a Document | Scribd More reasons to publish on Scribd Scribd's platform is designed to help you easily publish your content on the web and mobile devices. 3. Here's more on the benefits of publishing on Scribd. Get your content indexed by Google and other search engines. Make your content readable on iPhone. What's published on Scribd Scribd supports just about any kind of written content. and other mobile devices. 6. 7. Get detailed stats on readership of your content.scribd. Every word of your content will be fully indexed by all major search engines. your content can be seen by up to 90 million people from all around the world who use Scribd.… 3/7 . odp. 10. 5. 4. 3. pptx. ps.scribd. 8. 7. 6.2/14/2014 Upload a Document | Scribd 2. 8. 6. 5. you agree to the Scribd Uploader Agreement. 9. odg. docx. epub. 12. Please install Adobe Flash Player to upload files Drag files here from your computer. 4. http://www. ppt. xls. sxc. Recipes How-to-guides Books Presentations School papers Spreadsheets Original essays Travel guides Legal documents Business forms Sheet music Study guides Academic papers Poetry Catalogs Speeches Letters Historical documents Scientific data Infographics Source documents Magazines Newspapers Comics Resumes Get Started. txt. 13. ppsx. 11. rtf. 2. odt. 11. 1. 7. 3. pps. Supported File Types: pdf. sxd. Select files from your computer or simply drag and drop. 9. Select files to upload For multiple files hold down the shift keythe command ⌘ key when selecting. key. 10. doc. xlsx By uploading. odf. 13. ods. sxw. sxi.

pdf *Title: (Required field) w 3 e r t h y *Description: (Required field) k j h g Tags: Category: Scribd Store: If you would like to sell this document rather than making it freely available.2/14/2014 Upload a Document | Scribd Tell us more Make it easier for other people to find your content by providing more information about it.. Tell us how you would like to be paid for your sales by going to your account settings… 4/7 . Price: Free Apply these attributes to all documents you're uploading.. Edit File 1 of 1 |w3erthy. We do not have your payment info..Save & Continue Your document is now published and for sale in the Scribd Store..scribd.pdf|Add additional information to improve discoverability! 99% Uploading. Edit Image Uploading. Apply To All Changes Applied Please fill out the required Title and Description fields to continue. Please wait for the upload to finish before continuing. Converting.. choose a price. View documents on Scribd Add more files Drag files here from your computer.. w3erthy Abhishek Sarraf kjhg Preview in a new tab Discoverability Score 1/5 Private Filename: w3erthy. http://www.

2/14/2014 Upload a Document | Scribd We do not have your payment info. which will always be accepted. you should upload something that is not already on Scribd and that you have permission to use. Why stop there? Keep uploading and you'll continue to get one free download for each quality document you contribute. Return to "Introduction to Turbovisory Instruments" to download it. we require that certain uploads meet a set of quality standards. Try uploading again Make sure your document contains valuable content. View document on Scribd Congratulations! Your document has been accepted as a quality document and is published on Scribd. Share your content Click on the social networks on which to share your uploaded content. To keep Scribd a valuable resource for everyone. This contribution grants you one free… 5/7 . Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Embed Get link Submit content to be featured on Scribd's homepage. Explain why this content should be featured on Scribd. Submit Sent! Go Back | You're done. Upload More Files Go back to edit Sorry. Go to settings to add. Select files to upload or http://www.scribd. Among other requirements. The best way to make sure what you are uploading will meet our quality standards is to upload something you wrote yourself. this document was a duplicate of a document already on Scribd.

scribd. .com/upload-document?archive_doc=94865586&escape=false&metadata=%7B%22context%22%3A%22archive%22%2C%22action%22%… 6/7 .2/14/2014 Upload a Document | Scribd Don't want to upload? Get unlimited documents as a subscriber Sign up and download now View documents on Scribd * Note: Scribd charges a 20% fee for each item sold. Like 351k About Browse Books About Scribd Team Blog Join our team! Contact Us Subscriptions Subscribe today Your subscription Gift cards Advertise with us Get started AdChoices Support Help FAQ Press Purchase Help Partners Publishers Developers / API Legal Terms Privacy Copyright Get Scribd Mobile http://www.

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