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Cloud Creek Systems executes a Database Migration Project for Jenny Craig taking them from a 6 node Oracle

RAC to the Oracle Exadata Database Machine

The Client:
Jenny Craig, Inc. (JC) is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA. It is one of the most recognizable consumer brands in the world, and is one of the largest weight management service companies in the world. It operates more than 700 company-owned and franchised centers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico, the UK, France and Guam. The company serves the needs of over 150,000 individuals on a weekly basis. Its Jenny's Cuisine prepared foods, along with DVDs, CDs, journals, and cookbooks, are sold to participants at its centers. The program is also available at home through telephone consultations and home delivery of food and support materials.

The Situation:
The primary systems that supported the 700 centers were a 6 node HP/EMC based system that ran both OLTP and Custom Data Warehousing activities. During the day, orders were placed from the 700 centers into Seibel CRM systems. Nightly, Jenny Craig would run batch processes to update their data warehouse. The DW was used by the Centers for analytics for next day activities. Other processes send food orders to warehouses for delivery.
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Jenny Craig required a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. There was NO way the existing platform could manage that growth requirement! The (Negative) Impact on the Business: Page 2 of 7 . Additionally. it was going to be a long night as the diagnosis of multiple touch points among DB. The Problem: In early 2011 Jenny Craig knew they required an IT infrastructure to enable much improved accessibility and personalization for on line clients. During our first meeting. based on what decision was made on their overall IT strategy. The expansion will bring focus to the ecommerce capabilities of the site enabling food ordering and coaching communications online to compete with similar offerings from competitors. The 6 Node system would crash during the day due to instability of the hardware configuration. Our challenge: assemble THE best performing Oracle on Oracle system possible from production to test to DR. Applications. forming the basis of key decision making and thus quick measurement of their impact. Networks. It was stated that if one person’s beeper went off – it’s likely the problem was in that person’s area of expertise and could be dealt with in a timely manner. They asked Cloud Creek to include design. Jenny Craig needed to improve their “brand” through better leveraging technology. the system was unable to run the nightly ETL processes to refresh the data warehouse. There were experts in their Oracle Database. and Globally. The new/improved platform chosen needed to be adaptable and enable business (client subscription) growth in the U. Key Business Intelligence metrics need to be available and current. planning and motivation for customized weight loss programs. But if 2 or more pagers went off simultaneously. The Jenny Craig IT operation was VERY complex! Jenny Craig was using some of the right technology from Oracle (RAC) but the underlying infrastructure was chaotic and unstable. The system was an Oracle uncertified installation which caused daily outages. Clustering. The performance was so poor. the meeting had to be moved to a larger room due to the number of IT people required to describe the current state of their Oracle systems. recommend the best platform and deploy the solution. and Middleware.When Cloud Creek Systems first met with Jenny Craig IT staff. storage systems. Storage. networks. multiple operating systems in use. JC knows that enabling multiple channels of consumer interaction will support the core strength of personal one-on-one coaching. pagers went off multiple times for systems issues. etc had to be debugged to find the root causes of the downtime.S. Jenny Craig also plans to migrate Australia and UK operations to the new centralized IT infrastructure.

EMC and Fusion I/O storage. Customer satisfaction and trust suffered. Jenny Craig was at serious risk of substantial customer losses. IBM and Netezza were also competing extremely aggressively for this business. This caused Jenny Craig to fall behind their competitors for business process and online offerings. Jenny Craig IT was continually in a defensive posture analyzing and debugging system failures. The Incumbent Systems: Over time. on a commodity server basis. Their CIO could have easily moved forward with an extension of existing HP footprint across the enterprise. reportedly offered extended ‘drop a box in’ trial and extremely deep discounting for what would have been a huge win for them.Not only had Jenny Craig customers and franchise owners lost faith that Jenny Craig could support their business and personal needs. The choice boiled down to an Exadata. After the Exadata win. The resulting system was unstable and unable to deliver performance to meet analytics SLA’s for customers. Jenny Craig had built up a custom system of HP Intel servers. the IT staff was constantly under stress and working unpredictable nights and weekends to fight fires caused by system and integration failures. Siebel Loyalty and Marketing. and other data storage providers. Jenny Craig has enterprise agreements with HP and Microsoft as a consequence of both having deep partnerships with their parent company Nestle. Our Oracle ZFS proposal faced an extremely competitive bid against the incumbent and corporate standard EMC. Like HP. This caused high turnover and low morale – which affected the knowledge base of complex custom made systems and made debugging that much more difficult. EMC very aggressively tried to compartmentalize Oracle to DB and Page 3 of 7 . An Oracle ZFS purchase would break the EMC stranglehold on storage for Jenny Craig. Infiniband networks and a 6 node Oracle RAC. HP used its political influence with the JC CIO to maintain its “insider” position. or extending their architecture with incumbent HP. Call Centre) were put on hold until IT could stabilize infrastructure. Consumers lost faith in JC’s ability to deliver the systems they required. Portal. Competition was fierce from incumbents HP and EMC. Oracle Incentive Compensation. New business offerings and improvements (Jenny Crag at Home. Netezza especially. This was a highly competitive situation given the established relationship that Jenny Craig and Nestle have with HP. Oracle on Oracle solution. EMC fought at an executive level to keep Oracle from completing the full Red Stack roll-out with Exadata/ZFS. Jenny Craig and (parent company) Nestle have a long standing relationship with HP as a customer for all hardware needs. HP introduced Flash caching technology from Fusion I/O for benchmarks to compete with Exadata.

coupled by the Cloud Creek Professional Services needed to. By winning with ZFS. but that the underlying infrastructure for RAC needed to be totally re-architected and upgraded. Jenny Craig purchased the following Oracle Software from Cloud Creek: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • DBEE RAC Partitioning Active Data Guard Diagnostics Pack Tuning Pack Change Management Pack Configuration Management Pack Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack Application Management Suite for Siebel Real Application Testing Test Manager Functional testing Functional testing Accelerator for Siebel Page 4 of 7 . The Oracle ZFS Storage unit was first designed to handle only Exadata/Oracle backup and DR.‘custom servers’. Deploy a new stable and superior performance platform to enable new business systems necessary for JC business growth. 2. in August of 2011. 1. Cloud Creek recommended that Jenny Craig expand the ZFS storage footprint to include general purpose IT storage further encroaching on EMC’s corporate standard offering. Cloud Creek worked with Jenny Craig to research and test environments for RAC before recommending an Engineered Systems approach to RAC deployment and management. Jenny Craig invested in an Exadata platform new and upgraded Oracle Software. Cloud Creek drove Oracle into a full solution provider status at Jenny Craig! The CCS Solution: Cloud Creek Systems was convinced that RAC. Deliver operational stability and improved performance of existing IT infrastructure and systems. This migration and redesign had to be done in a way that minimized system downtime during cutover. On Cloud Creek’s recommendation. Partitioning and the Oracle DB were the right tools to use. 1 Quarter Rack). Jenny Craig purchased 3 Exadata machines from Cloud Creek (2 Half Racks.

due to it failure to run in 24 hours – previous day data was not available for business analytics. Exadata 8 minutes Process E: Previous time 24+ hours (would not finish). but made much easier thanks to the Oracle on Oracle adoption! In addition. Red Hat and Windows OS. EMC storage.• • • Load Testing Controller Load Testing Load Testing Accelerator for Siebel For the follow-on Disaster Recovery system. Jenny Craig deployed a second ZFS to support the test/dev. Dev and Staging commodity Intel environments and will be replacing Red Hat on Intel Servers as corporate standard. Oracle Enterprise Linux and OVM for commodity Intel servers and ZFS for DR. Exadata 8 minutes Process D: Previous time 2..5 hours. Currently both EMC and ZFS are equal corporate standard choices for storage solutions.5 hours. Cloud Creek guided Jenny Craig to purchase an Oracle ZFS appliance to provide universal storage and full integration with both Exadata (using Hybrid Columnar Compression) and generic backup and storage for Jenny Craig IT. custom Infiniband networks and piece meal management tools. still a competitive challenge. Fusion IO flash drives. Exadata 8 minutes Process C: Previous time 7. This replaces HP servers. Jenny Craig has committed to the full Red Stack Oracle on Oracle. Exadata 8 minutes Process B: Previous time 7.5 hours. System Throughput Performance: Critical process throughput improved 90%+ Process A: Previous time 7. training environment separate from production. In December of 2011. Jenny Craig has purchased Oracle Enterprise Linux and OVM for Test. Exadata.999% uptime Page 5 of 7 . Jenny Craig plans to purchase additional ZFS appliances for their east coast data center in FY13. Reach target of 99. 2. Exadata 15 minutes o Note: Process E was designed to load critical metrics into Data Warehouse.5 hours. RAC Stability / Manageability JC is using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C Cloud Control to fully manage the Exadata RAC environment as a Grid. Huge issue with understanding business metrics daily. The Results: 1.

A reliable DR system those JC customers can trust. supporting their 24x7 interactions with 99. While RAC was functioning well. to oracle DB. to OEL/OVM Intel servers.) on the planet! Cloud Creek is proving that Oracle on Oracle is real. Infiniband.By leveraging Oracle Enterprise Manager to view.999% uptime. 3. complex multivendor technology alternatives can’t! Page 6 of 7 .) was prone to failure – NOT so on Exadata! CCS successfully migrated Oracle High Availability environment to a systems specifically engineered to support HA – thus fully exploiting the value of Oracle’s Database & Clustering solution. Partitioning. and delivers results heterogeneous. Cloud Creek moved JC from 10g to 11g to facilitate move to Exadata 4. the underlying complex environment (HP. JC has simplified the previous challenge of diagnosing issues that occur in a manually integrated environment (HP. building out our own Exadata “Center Of Excellence”. to ZFS for universal storage. Integrated Database Back & Disaster Recovery: • • • • • Meet SLA for DR for core systems – 60 minutes or less for all major applications. RAC. Why Cloud Creek Systems: Cloud Creek works EXCLUSIVELY with Oracle products – in software. Exploiting / Optimizing 11G & RAC: By moving RAC to Exadata. we were the FIRST North American Partner to install an Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) after being the FIRST VAR to sell one (to CallSource Inc. In January of 2011 CCS invested in its first Exadata platform. Windows. etc. CCS proved this could be dine in 30 minutes. Jenny Craig has a fully integrated Oracle on Oracle environment that extends from Engineered Systems. Jenny Craig was able to extend engineered systems seamlessly to DR storage due to the ZFS providing key elements (Hybrid Columnar Compression) that kept data compressed rather than having to hydrate the date and manually integrate EMC into the DR which would create risk and extra manual labor. EMC. Database 11g. Partitioning. In October of that year. Real Application Clusters. and Enterprise Manager. JC eliminated the risk involved by using disparate parts for the underpinnings of RAC. measure and control the unified environment. Franchise owners trust that their business won’t hang while clients are in the office or communicating on-line with coaches. Linux. Windows). EMC.

agile and timely benchmarking. Exadata and ODA clients. Once we had that established. Jenny Craig knew they had experts from CCS they could trust! Cloud Creek entered this volatile and competitively hostile situation with an Oracle Engineered Systems Strategy. Additionally. Cloud Creek was selected to partner with Jenny Craig on this extremely strategic initiative thanks to our Engineered Systems expertise. implementation and to teaching Jenny Craig about RAC systems management. sizing and deployment methodology for RAC and Engineered Systems for many other clients. but built on our Oracle’s Grid and Clustering computing infrastructure expertise. CCS has deployed Oracle RAC for 200+ clients and brings best practice methodology experience to design. Cloud Creek transformed the JC IT team’s view of Exadata from a ‘box’ to a fully engineered system with key design wins for creating extreme performance gains. Exadata experience. building a service portfolio and expertise that combine to offer a strong TOTAL solution to a customer’s needs. demonstrating that if deployed correctly will continually analyzes demand for resources and adjusts supply accordingly. That benchmark was turned around in 1 week with stunning results. Page 7 of 7 . Cloud Creek won/protected the account for Oracle. anchored by Exadata. Cloud Creek has developed best practice benchmarking. we simply needed to prove that the Exadata platform would optimize those assets – thus proving the Oracle on Oracle advantage! Jenny Craig staffers were extremely skeptical of a (NEW) Oracle hardware ‘box’. With over 200+ Oracle Real Application Clustering technology successes.Over our 16 year history we have earned a reputation as leaders in understanding Oracle’s software products. They understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the integrated system value. But through an extensive discovery process. including running (compelling!) real world benchmarks with actual Jenny Craig data on our own Exadata unit. The CCS best practices have been used repeatedly for RAC.