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Created by The Visionaries

The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria
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Created for PM, Sales Director


Our project goal is to design such a Daycare Center which meets the requirements of infants, two year olds, playgroup kids and kindergarten level in a safe and nurturing environment. The female faculty staff will feel relieved in running their families and pursuing a career by working with devotion and sense of satisfaction of having their children nearby within the university campus.

Strateg e!
n our country !akistan, majority of women abandon their job careers when they have children" owing to a lack of workplace and family support. #y providing a daycare center within the campus, we are helping the women retain their jobs. The availability and access to such an up to the mark daycare facility would lead to the competitive advantage for the #$ Daycare Center. t will have a first movers% advantage as there is no concept of taking care of children of the female faculty at #ahria $niversity. &econdly, the facilities and value added services #$ Daycare Center is going to provide to the infants and children is another edge that sets the daycare center apart from any other daycare center in slamabad.

Pro%e&t 'a(age)e(t O** &e: !'O is located in the premises of #ahria $niversity and its job is to mentor a platform where all the shared resources will be coordinated among the team members across the project. t will also develop project management methodology and monitor project timeline and budget. Pro%e&t 'a(ger: !roject 'anager is the person responsible for ensuring the !roject team completes the project. (e is also responsible for communication, including status reporting, risk management, escalation of issues that cannot be resolved in the team, and in general, making sure the project is delivered in budget, on schedule, and within scope. Pro%e&t S+o(!or: The !roject &ponsor acts as a vocal and visible champion, legitimi)es the project%s goals and objectives, keeps abreast of major project activities, and is a decision*maker for the project. (e looks into the overall progress and status of the project and provides all the necessary actions to be undertaken.


Created by The Visionaries

The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria
13- !-" 1

Created for PM, Sales Director

Pro%e&t Tea) 'e),er!: The !roject Team 'embers are responsible for e+ecuting tasks as outlined in the !roject !lan and directed by the !roject 'anager. E)+lo-ee!: Their interest in the project is that they will be getting employment and in return they will be required to give their services. There will be a teacher, two nannies who will be responsible for taking care of kids and an accountant,manager who will be acting as an overall manager of the daycare center after its establishment. ASP!: They will be responsible for provision of construction services and workforce required for the project and will ensure delivery of a quality product at the end of the project.

B. PROJECT .ALUE: .al/e g 0e( to t#e &/!to)er:
Our project of development of a Daycare Center at #ahria $niversity will add a great value to this university, both in terms of enhancing its ability to improve its market value by satisfying its customers and also to be a socially responsible organi)ation. ts presence will also provide a distinctive competence to our customer which will add value to its credibility. -s by having this facility, #ahria $niversity would be able to attract and retain the female faculty members by making them satisfied through the delivery of daycare services. Through this project, we will not only try to e+ceed our customer e+pectations" but also provide them with quality products and services. Our customer will get a daycare center very well equipped, having an e+cellent learning environment that will emphasi)e on the health and safety of children.

.al/e g 0e( to o/r orga( 1at o(:
#esides the financial value which we will get from this project, the successful completion of the project will add value to our market positioning and will add to the image of our organi)ation. #ahria $niversity slamabad is a well known institution and we are going to establish and develop a Daycare Center for the $niversity. .ngaging in business activities with such a reputable institution will affiliate us with #ahria $niversity for a certain period of time" which in turn will add value to the standing of our organi)ation and will ensure our presence and also provide us value by increasing our credibility.

The project is going to take place in the premises of #ahria $niversity, slamabad Campus. The establishment and provision of a Daycare Center within the university will facilitate the female faculty members, by looking after their children during working hours and as a result, help the $niversity to retain the female faculty members. The Daycare Center is for infants, two year olds, play group and kindergarten.


ducational tools − #ooks − 4hite board − &oft*board − &wings − 'attresses The estimated cost for the project was between 6. This 3 . play. social interaction. sleep. the current estimated budget has reached to !93. whereas the services are going to be rendered to the children of the female faculty of the $niversity.8 million !93 but because of certain additional quality requirements and building design modifications from the customer. safety.8:..<66.7. hygiene − .1 million to 7.!-" 1 University Created for PM.*1. The #$ Daycare Center will meet the following needs of children2 − !hysical needs2 feeding.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. located in &ector . schedules and structure − ntellectual needs2 training and teaching − #ehavior management and discipline − Care for sick kids − Care for kids with special needs E2/ +)e(t The basic equipment that the project would require is mentioned as follows2 Ele&tro( &! − 3efrigerator − Television − -ir conditioner − 4ater Dispenser − 'icrowave Oven − D5D !layer − Computers − !rinter − (eaters F/r( t/re − Tables and Chairs for children − Office furniture Ot#er E2/ +)e(t − . slamabad.motional needs2 attention. Sales Director The primary customer of the /#$ Daycare Center0 will be #ahria $niversity itself.

?uality assurance is an ongoing activity that occurs in a planned and systematic way. (e will continuously monitor the project performance. install the basic equipment. − 4e will attempt to make every effort successful in meeting the client>s quality objectives. identify any performance gaps and take corrective actions.A!!/ra(&e ?uality assurance is intended to /design quality into0 the product. 4e will ensure that the contracted construction service providers are most cost effective and quality product providers.!-" 1 University Created for PM. PROJECT 3UALITY PLAN: 3/al t. The !roject manager will be reporting to the &ales Director about the utili)ation of project budget from time to time. D. − 4e strive to hire educated. The #$ Daycare Center is going to provide clean and hygienic service to look after the infants of the faculty members of the $niversity. − nternal and e+ternal audit will be conducted monthly. =unds for the project will be provided by #ahria $niversity. provide the center with the required tools and working staff and hand*over a furnished Daycare Center in a running position to the #ahria $niversity -dministration. Sales Director increase in budget has been accepted by the customer.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. − 4e intend to provide children with programs that promote healthy development. devoted staff inclined towards children%s needs. 4e will try to complete our project within the set budget by adopting cost effective ways. well mannered. 3/al t.'a(age)e(t A++roa&# !roject manager will assure that all clauses of the quality policy are being implemented by the project team.Pol &The quality policy adopted for the project is as follows2 − Our motive is to deliver quality services to the end user. − Our aim is to procure good quality and cost effective commodities. not as a /post facto0 event 4 . The project team is only going to establish the Daycare Center. 3/al t. 4e are going to successfully complete the project within a time span of three months once we have been assigned the project as successful bidders. The team is not providing training to the administration to run the center" however we are going to offer a si+ month maintenance service on request from the $niversity if needed. − 4e encourage timely reporting and regular quality*control reviews to ensure that established goals are met.

PROJECT PROCURE'ENT: PROCURE'ENT PLANNING -s our organi)ation is unable to supply all the products and services necessary to complete this project. number of activities have been benchmarked from these daycare centers. =ahmida in =*:. therefore we need to use the e+ternal sources that have the e+pertise to assist us in certain areas for completing all requirements of project deliverables. i. -ssociates C!vt. =*A − . educational tools etc are procured through random market survey. 1. swings.e. 3athor .Daycare institution run by 's. − (oney#ee Daycare and !re*&chools =*76.7.ngineers. quality and warranty services. & F 9 Construction Company. Bo bidding procedure was involved to procure small amount of equipment. Defense (ousing -uthority. with retailers giving us the best price. The basic raw*material requirements will be fulfilled with a contract with the specified -&!.quipment. − @overnment 3un Daycare Centers2 o &tatelife #uilding in 4omen Development 'inistry.. (abib 3afiq limited. mattresses.!-" 1 University Created for PM. 4e issued a tender document to the above listed -&!s for the purpose of construction services. . 8.D Gtd. :. 9. slamabad.nterprises Gtd. -. <. Pro&e$/re *or Sele&t o( o* ASP! To select an appropriate -&!C-uthori)ed &ervice !roviderD for construction purpose. #abar Construction Company. facilities and staffing. Sales Director 3/al t.lectronics. A. furniture.8 E. the following -&!s were considered2 7. Other . 5 . &'E nternational Constructers F .Co(trol C#e&"l !t! =ollowing daycare centers in slamabad have been considered while making the ?uality Control Checklist to ensure optimum quality of construction. The construction services have been outsourced through a procedure given below.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. .

l t-: Currently they are not involved in other mega projects and had time to do business with us. by delivering best quality products and services both at home and abroad. l t-: Checking that the tendered C(abib 3afiq CompanyD fully understands the implications of providing the construction services and will also support this with appropriate plans for risk management and quality. (abib 3afiq CpvtD Gtd has been successfully completing ambitious projects that have fostered economic growth in !akistan. Del 0er-2 They guaranteed turnaround time from order to delivery. Ha.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. Their vast F diversified e+perience in the construction and engineering fields has made H(abib 3afiqH synonymous with quality and professionalism. one of the largest and most renowned . A0a la. we selected (abib 3afiq Construction Company by taking following under consideration2 • • • • • • 'eet (g t#e re2/ re)e(t: Their bid document ensured that it covers everything that was required in tender document. 4ill also specify the evaluation criteria and tender submission instructions. A&# e0a. -fter proper evaluation of all the quotations received. They are ready to meet our deadline.!C C. they will provide that.ngineering. Sales Director Te($er $o&/)e(t !!/e$ 4e organi)ed a bidding conference and issued a tender document containing the following2 • • • Detailed document and information the construction service agencies are to be submitted. . 4ill clearly identify the nature. quality and most specifically the fee of the services provided by the construction company. Ra* 2 L ) te$ The contract for the construction services has been awarded to (abib 3afiq C!vtD Gtd. A*ter !ale! !er0 &e2 4hatever support and services are required after the contract is signed. quantity.!-" 1 University Created for PM. Pr &e2 The lowest price offered with the best available quality was by the (abib 3afiq Company. 6 . !rocurement and ConstructionD companies of !akistan. t is a direct result of (abib 3afiq dedication and commitment to fulfill all the requirements of customer.

6 days time. XYZ CO. The agreement includes full construction of the daycare building with the bathroom fittings and doors. Bo bidding will take place with any outer recruitment agency as no workforce is required for the project other than the construction workers that will be provided by (abib 3afiq Gtd as per the contract. .telephone.ft and the rate has been set accordingly.quipmant E2/ +)e(t Furniture Electronics Educational E ui!"ent %&in's (attresses )linds Ot*er +ccessories Ordering date 7/5/2010 7/8/2010 7/12/2010 7/1/2010 7/9/2010 7/9/2010 7/15/2010 Shipment date 7/5/2010 7/9/2010 7/1#/2010 7/2/2010 7/9/2010 7/9/2010 7/1$/2010 Delivery date 7/5/2010 7/9/2010 7/1#/2010 7/2/2010 7/9/2010 7/9/2010 7/1$/2010 Means XYZ CO. XYZ CO.!-" 1 University Created for PM.ft has been agreed upon after a number of meetings and negotiations.000 45.800 RESOURCES IN TER'S OF 'AN PO5ER The manpower resources will be rendered to the project by the (abib 3afiq Construction Company.000 205. XYZ CO.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. XYZ CO. !rocurement !lan =or .&q. XYZ CO. E6ter(al Ser0 &e! 7 .ICES There are two types of services we shall be providing2 I(ter(al Ser0 &e! • .intercom will be there to keep all of us project team members in contact with each other and in case of any issue we%ll sort it out by coordinating with each other. The company is responsible for all the construction material and the workforce needed. Tiling would be three feet high on the walls of each and cupboards.flat rate of 3s.000 15000 1$000 11.7766. Total Cost (Rs) 41. Sales Director Br e* O0er0 e4 o* t#e Agree)e(t The agreement is to provide all the services related to construction of a daycare center for entire phase appro+imately . The total covered area of the Daycare center is 166 &q. XYZ CO. SER.000 1$.

to organi)e and finali)e the work that was completed during the day. for the three months period. The cost for the e+change would be 3s. lower operating costs. 8 . increase reliability. The maintenance service will be provided to customers free of charge for the si+ months period the cost that will be incurred to us depends upon the type of the maintenance required. PROJECT SCHEDULES G. 4e have hired temporary construction workers on daily wage and for permanent staff on monthly.666 while cost of one intercom would be 3s. 4e shall be providing any maintenance services needed to #ahria $niversity within A months if asked for. whose services we will be utili)ing during the course of this project.intercom facility that is being provided within our team members in order to coordinate with each in case of issues and problems faced in performing the project activities.76.!-" 1 University Created for PM. Our major focus will be on quality of services delivered to client or the customers. The staff and the construction workers will work five days a week and as for the timings they vary for construction workers and staff.ICES Telephone. PROJECT BUDGET RESOURCE PLANNING The resource plan for our daycare project comprises of both permanent and temporary staff. and increase the life span of assets. -n effective maintenance program can enhance safety. 4e are not providing any training facility rather the nannies will be already e+perienced and trained. F. 'a (te(a(&e o* Co(!tr/&t o( a($ Ele&tro( &! 4 t# t! &o!t: 'aintenance is the process of keeping physical assets in working order to ensure their availability and to reduce the chances of failure.I66 each. Customer satisfaction will be ensured in the best possible ways. &o people carrying greater responsibility would have to stay a little longer.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. 4e%ll have a total of < intercoms for each of us to keep informed all the time. Sales Director • • The centre shall also have an operating telephone facility which would be accessible to staff during the operating hours of the centre for general business operations of the business and especially for calling of emergency services like notifying parents about their children%s illness or accidents. -fter the completion of si+ months we won%t be providing any maintenance facility to the university. -lthough we are not providing the maintenance facility to #ahria university so far but we may deliver it if the university asks for it but for A months time period. The table below illustrates in detail the resource plan for the day care project. reduce quality errors. until the completion of the project. SER.

tiling . 4e won%t have the maintenance e+pense for the electrical appliances as these all are bought with A months warranty and would be compensated by the companies within A months we have bought them from. The overall si+ month maintenance services includes any repairs and replacements on certain conditions. Sales Director The maintenance services we may provide as a reactive approach is to maintain the construction equipments like pipeline fittings in the bathrooms. defect in functioning of microwave ovens etc.1/Ma .7666 Three time maintenance in si+ months would include 2 3s.1e%) PROC REMEN T MANAGER (&'(a) ..:<66 K 3s.a) Tea0he% (+a/0a%e * Ce. 'a (te(a(&e o* F/r( t/re a($ t! &o!t: 'aintenance of furniture will be provided every 8 months for A months .!-" 1 University Created for PM.1e%) . The maintenance of construction and electronics will be provided by our -&! (abib 3afiq limited. The repair and maintenance of .Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. Carpenter J one time charges J 3s.666 H.)es (+a/0a%e Ce. treatment of termites and other maintenance required.1a. which includes polishing . PROJECT ORGANI7ATION !A$E! +"RECTOR PROJECT MANAGER/ CFR (Waqas Waheed) C !TOMER !O$ T"ON RE!PON!"#$ E (&'(a)%a) A002'.8<66 for the material used for polishing and labor cost of the carpenter would be 3s..a3e% (+a/0a%e ACCO NT! C !TOMER RE!PON!"#$E (!a%a) Na. water leakage prevention and seepage in the building. A$"TMANAGER (A(). Cost for polishing of furniture for three months2 =urniture e+pert.lectrical appliances may include the replacement of electric wirings if found some spark*plugs.

E6&ee$ B/$get Per*or)a(&e R !" 3/al t. months to have more customer trustworthiness./$get and once the budget is defined it would be difficult to get more funds from sponsor.r !" is also present but we don%t want to dissatisfy our current customers and we need to retain them as well as attract new ones.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. -lso if there is defected raw material and replacement of raw material is done quite often which is very time consuming. Dela-! ( Pro%e&t: There might be delays in the project if we don%t start the project on time.e6&ee$ . PROJECT RISK 'ANAGE'ENT T#e R !"! (&l/$e: Dela-! ( Pro%e&t Co!t 'a.!-" 1 University Created for PM. The &o!t )a. 4e also need to finish the project within the first allocated budget in order to gain customer loyalty The +er*or)a(&e r !" may also occur if proper performance management is not done and we need to have optimum performance by the team members so that there are no delays and increased costs. Sales Director I. The 2/al t. 4e want to complete the project within specified time which is . Our basic motive is to deliver quality products and services to the customer • • • The diagrams attached at the end of the repot show the reasons due to which a risk may arise. 4e need to do proper risk management in order to prevent such risks from occurring. 14 . months and we want to complete our project within that time limit.R !" • The agreed t )e on which the project is supposed to finish may also e+ceed which will lead to increased costs. The agreed time by the customer is .

The targets are not set clearly and no feedback is given to the employees. .performance appraisal is approved by the project manager then the pay rise is given. Gist of all the activities is made in a sequence which will be performed in our project. • 11 . . .Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. .performance risk can occur when there is improper performance management such that the instructions are not given clearly to the employees and they don not know what is e+pected of them. we selected (abib 3afiq Construction Company who fit our requirements best and agreed on timely completion of the construction. The project management office is the center point in which all the activities are coordinated and all the project reports circulate at one point. !erformance reporting is done over here as well as training is provided to the employees. The employees are dissatisfied because of the insufficient benefits given to them. • • n our organi)ation the targets are set which are then directly linked to bonuses. • • • • • Per*or)a(&e R !" 'a(age)e(t: . The durations have also been estimated for each activity in the time plan. Sales Director The following steps have been followed by us in order to reduce this risk2 • n order to achieve the target of .!-" 1 University Created for PM.proper process has been followed by us in which the activities are documented on regular basis and given to the project manager.time plan has been made by us which is efficiently followed. months we did thorough analysis before choosing our -&! for construction. !roper monitoring and control is also done by the project manager.tender document was issued and after proper evaluation of all the quotations received. !roper time management is done in which the data is collected on the activities of each department.

quality policy is not followed and inferior commodities are bought. • • • #ut still our cost did e+ceed budget in order to fulfill the quality demands of the customer and the new cost was analy)ed and verified by the customer itself.quality risk can occur when there are delays in reporting. -lso if there is late completion of the project. 4e focused on quality a lot which reduced our rework and overall costs incurred. 3/al t. 12 .!-" 1 University Created for PM.r !" 'a(age)e(t: . 4e kept our employees satisfied and were successful in having increased productivity.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. 4e tried our level best to finish the project within the specified and agreed upon time that is in . 4e have taken the following steps in order to reduce this risk. Sales Director • .stage gate process is followed in which approval is taken to finish one stage and move on to another. months. uncommitted staff is hired. Co!t e6&ee$! . • ?uality is implemented from the very first stage and is taken as an on going process. 4e controlled our costs by doing the following2 • 4e outsourced our construction to (abib 3afiq Gimited who gave us the best price./$get: The cost may e+ceed budget if there is inflation and high prices of commodities and increased wage rate.

The internal and e+ternal audit is done monthly. • • • • CHANGE 'ANAGE'ENT n scope verification we reviewed deliverables with the customer to ensure that they are completed on satisfied levels. n this stakeholder meeting everyone evaluated with their own e+pertise. . . -lso changes were made in the contract. !roject manager has assured that all clauses of the quality policy are being implemented by the project team.list was made of the customer requirements which were then discussed in a meeting. This is done in order to gain formal acceptance of deliverables by the customer. PROJECT CO''UNICATION 'ANAGE'ENT The communication amongst the members of the project team will be carried out through ntercom for regular direct contact. cabinets that were also included in construction etc. t was discussed if the particular requirements affected the cost. through ntranet for regular memos and requests and 13 . The -&!%s chosen by us make quality the integral part of their process. n scope verification we got to know some of the customer requirements which included quality construction in which he wanted . J. Sales Director • 4e have a common procedure of quality auditing and control. There are scheduled visits for customers and the supervisors also visit once a week. 4e analy)ed the consequences of scope and the effect on time and cost of the project. -lso if there will be any delays in the project.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. time or scope of the project. Our new budget that was set by us was then verified and approved by the customer. identifies any performance gaps and takes corrective actions. !roject manager does not have the authority to complete the change so complete information was taken from the customer and then a meeting was called up. ?uality control checklists are made for both customer and team. (e continuously monitors the project performance. feet high tiles in all the rooms.!-" 1 University Created for PM.quality policy is made for our project which is followed efficiently. -fter the heavy discussions that took place we came to know that there will be no delays in the project but our overall cost will e+ceed the budget.

and it gives guidance on how project scope will be managed. including the major deliverables. Bormally this is completed via inspection and ends with having a formal acceptance of project scope.ER HAND8O.le! * Deliverables are a required input because they are compared against the !roject &cope &tatement to ensure that they are complete and * &at o(: 5erifying project scope is just an outcome of the team%s fundamental truth. There are four inputs used to verify the completed project scope2 15 Pro%e&t S&o+e 'a(age)e(t Pla( * The !roject &cope 'anagement !lan will provides information on how the scope will be verified. TABLE Category Telephone ntranet nternet 'obile 'eans ntercom #log.4eb for any contact when the other two means of communication are not available. This activity is typically cyclic occurring at the end of each project phase or as a part of milestone reviews after the quality control check.J t will provide a brief definition of the deliverables for each component. 14 . nformation from the 4#& dictionary helps project managers verify that the work results are part of the defined project. 35 Pro%e&t S&o+e State)e(t * The !roject &cope &tatement provides a description of our project scope. PROJECT HANDO. 25 Del 0era. Sales Director through nternet. 5erifying project scope is the process of reviewing deliverables and work results compared to the 4ork #reakdown &tructure dictionary.'ail 4eb Cell !hones &torage * Outlook nbo+ * #ackup * .+ternal &torage * K. This information supports why the deliverables were created the way they were. and the project scope management plan. Deliverable is the daycare center with full fledge facilities.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. the project scope statement. 45 5BS $ &t o(ar. Cell phones will also be used as means of communication.!-" 1 University Created for PM.ER TO CUSTO'ER S&o+e .+ternal &torage .

a($ te!t J 'easuring. e+amining. n the signing of the document. and it notes any required changes.!-" 1 University Created for PM. =itness for purpose checklist for acceptance2 • • • -re all criteria measurableL s each criterion individually realisticL -re the criteria as a group realisticL i.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. 15 . f there is no acceptance signature. and testing has the stakeholder reviewed the deliverable to assure that the item has been completed satisfactorilyL Re0 e4 t#e $el 0era. The documentation may also detail what deliverables were not accepted and the reasoning for not accepting the deliverable. e6a) (e. Re2/e!te$ &#a(ge!2 3equested changes can occur as a result of the &cope 5erification process. The outputs are2 • • A&&e+te$ $el 0era. stakeholders and end*users who will be affected by the project.definition in measurable terms of what must be done for the project to be acceptable to the client. The process of verifying the project scope results in three outputs.e.le! a($ 4or" re!/lt! J The review involves auditing the deliverables and work results again the !roject &cope e+plained within the !roject &cope 'anagement !lan and the !roject &cope &tatement.2 high quality. Typically. There are tools and techniques that we used for verifying the !roject &cope2 • • 'ea!/re. or a deliverable may be accepted on the condition that slight changes will be done. early delivery and low cost may have any conflicting goals. Sales Director . there may be caveats and conditions that are added which need to be put into play as corrective actions.key component of this process is having the stakeholders participate collaboratively and formally accept project scope to assure that the stakeholders are in agreement with the proposed deliverables. then the project may need to be cancelled. !urpose of acceptance2 . n our case there was no change request after verification process.le!2 -ccepted deliverables refer to formal documents that indicate stakeholder approval of the reviewed deliverables. Changes may occur because deliverables are being rejected. a formal document specifies that the stakeholder has approved and accepted the deliverable. A&&e+ta(&e +ro&e$/re: S g(e$ $o&/)e(tat o( o* a&&e+ta(&e2 The e+ercise of signing the acceptance form validates the formal nature of the scope verification process.

!-" 1 University Created for PM. 8. This procedure is mandatory on all construction projects for the Customer and it is the responsibility of the !roject 'anager to ensure that the procedure has been followed on this very project. identify problems and ensure that the correct certificates and information is provided by contractors. HAND8O.ase of use Timings. !roject 'anager Consultants or in*house design staff Contractor &ub*contractors 16 . . PROCEDURE: -t the completion of project our !roject 'anager will arrange for a handover meeting to be held.ER OF E9PERIENCE This procedure sets out a standardi)ed approach to the acceptance of finished works by the Customer and establishes a system to review completed projects.operate a deliverable !erformance levels Capacity -vailability 3eliability Development cost 3unning costs &ecurity .. at which he will invite the following to attend Cas appropriateD2 7. I. Sales Director • Do the success criteria form a complete list of criteria to define what will constitute an outcome that is acceptable to the customerL f all the below stated thing are acceptable2 • • • • • • • • • • • • • Target dates 'ajor functions -ppearance !ersonnel level required to use.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13.

(andover Checklist should be prepared by the !roject 'anager prior to the (andover 'eeting. The !roject 'anager. to rectify the items on the &nagging Gist. Departmental 3epresentative This meeting will ensure that an inspection of the works and snagging list of outstanding items that require rectification has been compiled. 17 . 'aintenance . The &nagging Gist will be attached to the 'inutes.!-" 1 University Created for PM. Sales Director <. Design validation will occur at the handover meeting and the Departmental 3epresentative%s comments regarding the fitness for purpose of the finished project will be recorded within the 'inutes of the meeting.Contract -dministrator will instruct the Contractor. Clerks of 4orks A. . The !roject 'anager will ensure that 'inutes are taken of the meeting.ngineers :.copy of the -s*#uilt Drawings must be forwarded electronically to the university in order to ensure that the $niversity Database is maintained. $pon notification from the Contractor that the items on the &nagging Gist have been rectified. Draw on in*house and out*source e+perts. Le!!o( lear(e$ To have a successful project one should keep in mind the following thing which we identified through our e+perience2 • • • • Teamwork2 t is a very essential through out the project. will issue to the Contractor the appropriate Certificate of !ractical Completion Cor equivalent depending on form of contract usedD.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. the !roject 'anager will arrange for the works to be reinserted and if it has not already been issued. The 'inutes of the meeting will be distributed to all relevant parties with a copy retained within the !roject =ile. 9eep !roject =orward =ocused Team with project manager to drive schedule. in writing. 'eet with =ire Department early in process in order to ensure the safety standards.

!artner with company. Consider Mour Options .!ersistence JMou%ll Beed . *i'*er t*an esti"ate. or #. • • 18 . Gandfill as a last resort. Sales Director • • • • • • • Clear and simple bid documents and unique !roject wording is also important. )e !re!ared construction costs 2. !atience. Don%t #udget on a @uesstimate.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. 'ajor aspect of project management that can be problematic is the area of quality.!-" 1 University Created for PM.arly.Got of t. ?uality can be a challenge that%s the reason we tried our best to maintained the quality through out. Time to design F construct takes longer than we normally think. Fa l/re!: • 3eality Check while being Optimistic. a private dentify e+isting building or property.

HoneyBee Daycare and Pre-Schools. Social #el$are %r&ani'*care*centres*lack*basic*facilities 2. ( Daycare nstit*tion r*n !y -s. F-.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13. F-10/1. (a!para )omm*nity )enter +.nation. Sales Director REFERENCES 15 www. slama!ad "!-" 1 University Created for PM.elopment -inistry.. /. Stateli$e B*ildin& in #omen De. Fahmida in F-0/2 1* .

Sales Director 24 .!-" 1 University Created for PM.Created by The Visionaries The Visionaries: Daycare Center for Bahria 13.