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BCCS/ANet Tuning Protocol, REVISED Tuning Protocol Purpose: • To provide Transition Fellows with an opportunity to examine lesson

plans and/or assessments to establish common CCSS expectations. Presenter Preparation: • Select 1, no more than 2, Common Core Standards on which to focus • Select a lesson or part of lesson, an assessment or portion of assessment, to share with peers • rite a 1!pa"e #roblem of #ractice that explains your attempt at includin" CCSS in a previously desi"ned lesson/activity/assessment and/or a newly created one. $arrate your process, and any problems you encountered while craftin" it. %t&s imperative that you include at least a draft of correspondin" documents. • %nclude 1 specific "uidin" 'uestion that you would li(e the "roup&s feedbac( on • )isseminate your lesson/activity/assessment and #roblem of #ractice usin" a lin( to the *oo"le )rive to the "roup prior to the meetin" Group Preparation: • +eview the lesson/activity/assessment and #roblem of #ractice shared by the presenter. ,nnotate the wor( and come prepared with clarifyin" 'uestions and warm/cool feedbac( to share with your triads. Protocol Group Goals: • #rovide feedbac( on the warm and cool feedbac( as outlined in the #roblem of #ractice • ,ssist in unpac(in" standards -when necessary. • $orm expectations in relation to CCSS Protocol Roles: • #resenter • Facilitator and Time(eeper -shared role. • /oard Scribe -if necessary.

Protocol Steps: Activity Presentation: The presenter "ives a 'uic( overview of the lessons/assi"nment/assessment and correspondin" standard-s.. The presenter "ives any context or content explanation if needed. S/he hi"hli"hts the ma0or issues or concerns, and frames a 'uestion for the "roup to consider. The "roup unpac(s the CCSS standard, with the presenter leadin" and sharin" his/her own interpretation of the standard. . Clarifying Questions *roup as(s laser!li(e clarifyin" 'uestions that adhere closely to the materials, standard -s., and 'uestion presented. Clarifyin" 'uestions are 'uestions that have brief, factual answers. Trio Prep and Group Feedback %n sets of 2, the "roup then be"ins a conversation around 3warm4 feedbac(55answerin" 'uestions li(e6 • 3 hat are the stren"ths in this assi"nment74 Role #resenter

Total time !" minutes Time Limit 1 minutes

*roup, Facilitator leads

2 minutes


: minutes

3 hat Common Core attributes do you see in the assi"nment74 • The "roup narrows down to 2!2 pieces of warm feedbac(, total The "roup then moves on to cooler feedbac( 55 answerin" 'uestions li(e6 • 3 here are the "aps in meetin" the CCSS74

• •

3 hat isn&t the presenter considerin"74

3 hat do areas for further improvement or investi"ation seem to be74 • The "roup narrows down to 2!2 pieces of cool feedbac(, total Specifically with cool feedbac(, "roups should use sentence starters such as6 • #resenter 8 should consider 999999999999.

• •

,n area of improvement for 8 is 9999999999999999999. % see a "ap in Standard 8 here 999999999999 . Trios, Facilitator ;eads : minutes

Group Feedback ith trios, share warm and cool feedbac(, with a representative sharin" for the "roup if possible. Presenter Response The presenter responds to what he/she heard and states his/her focus areas. pen !eason The "roup provides open advice and su""estions to the presenter about next steps and possible resources. This is an optional step and the "roup may not "et to every su""estion.

*roup, Facilitator leads *roup, Facilitator leads

2 minutes

2 minutes