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Hot, New, Amazing Secrets Of Maximum-Leverage Marketing That Will Give You An Almost Unfair Advantage Over

The Competition And Help You Earn An Additional $50,000 – 600,000 Per Year-Guaranteed!

How To Think Like A ‘Marketing Genius’
Keys To Success As A Jay Abraham Protege/Mentor
Developed and presented by Harry C Pickens

How To Make $50,000 - $600,000 + Every Year (Working Only A Few Hours Per Week) As A NonTraditional Marketing Consultant/Practitioner
The Five Key Skills That You Must Master

1. Developing the ‘Marketing Genius’ Mindset
Mindset=Principles + Experience (yours or others) W. Clement Stone – R2A2

2. Eliciting The Information You Need From Your Prospects and Clients
Rapport-building Questioning Listening Checklist

3. Generating Breakthrough Marketing Ideas
All great marketing ideas are the answers to specific questions. Master the questions and you can generate great ideas effortlessly!

4. Creating Persuasive Marketing Communications
Documents Scripts ‘Benefit-speak’ (WIFM) Marketing “X-Ray Vision’ (problem-solver orientation) Technical Devices

5. Planning & Implementation
How to market your consulting services How to help your clients develop and implement effective marketing plans

Secrets of Maximum-Impact Learning

How To Develop Any Skill Up To 400% Faster
Follow this simple five-step formula and you can master the most Challenging skills with ease.

Outcome - What specifically do I want to be able to do?

Models Of Excellence – Who do I want to model my performance after?

Strategy – What are the key principles underlying the effective execution of this skill?

Practice – What are the key components which, when combined, results in mastery of this skill, and how can I most effectively practice them?

Feedback – How can I monitor my progress on an ongoing basis?

Eight marketing principles that will give you an almost unfair advantage over the competition








unemployed people. How many clients have you served since establishing your business? 6. Pickens & Associates Marketing Needs Analysis Questionnaire Please answer each of the following 50 questions as completely as possible. 1. The answers to these questions will help us: 1) target the prospects most likely to need your product/service. Where do you get your present customers? 13. What kind of marketing/advertising have you done? 14. nurses. attorneys. What has worked? What has not worked? 15. and 4) convert first-time buyers to repeat customers. Who is your competition? 11. 2) persuasively communicate how your product/service fill their needs. Does your average customer come back after the first purchase? 9. What demographics subcategories do your customers come from? (ex. doctors. How many clients do you serve per week? 3. How does your competition get customers? 12. housewives. Do you have the names of your active and inactive customers on computer? 8. etc) 16. What is the cost (range) of your products/services? 4.Harry C. What organizations do your customers belong to? . 3) convert the maximum number of prospects into new customers. How many new customers/week? 5. What is your primary product/service? 2. How have you built your business most successfully? 10. How long have you been in business? 7.

Do you regularly solicit customers to come back? 35. where did most of them emanate from? 20. Can you identify. How much do you typically gross for each $100 spent in advertising? 32. What is the average income of your typical customer? 26. from the prospect market. Have you every given away free samples of your product/service? 23. Are you price-competitive? 29. and if so. Can we assemble a listing by name of those most viable prospects? . who would they be? 38. After a new customer busy the first time. How much could you afford to spend on marketing over the next 90 days? 19. Of the clients you currently have. How much have you spent in the last year on advertising? 31. What’s the lifetime value of a customer – how much money does the average customer spend with you from their first to their last purchase? 33. what kind of business you get? Are they all kinds of people. Where do most of your customers come from? (Geographical proximity) 25.17. or can we identify the thousand or so most probably prospects in your marketing area. Do you have any special incentives for multiple purchases? 34. How big is the marketing area you serve? 24. do you have a follow-up procedure of any kind? 28. Who could refer customers to your business? 36. Right now. How much of your business currently comes from referrals? 22. What businesses do they patronize? 18. how much more business could you comfortable accommodate without having to add any more staff? 21. How often do you communicate with your customers? 30. How large is your staff? 37. Do most of your customers own their own home or rent? 27.

Of 100% of the business in your market area. What professional organizations are you a member of? 41. Describe the results your product/service gets for your clients. List below any further comments. What advantages do you have over your competition? 49. Why should someone buy from you? What do you have to offer that’s unique/special/better/different? 47. How much background information do you have about your products/services? (how developed. What kind of guarantee can/do you offer? 42. Who would know and have a great positive relationship with people who would be prospects for you? 40. etc. observations. etc) 48.39. . interesting facts. about your current marketing program. What is the industry standard re/guarantees? 43. how much do you get (market share)? 45. What specific problem (s) are you solving in your customer’s life? 46. 44. What are the objectives for 1990? Number of new customers Gross Sales Net Profit Other 50.

Discovering the hidden profit opportunities With in your business What noncompetitive businesses serve my target market? What preexisting groups of prospects can I market to and through what channels can I do this? Organizations Associations Nonprofits Schools Clubs Publications Conventions/Expos/Trade Shows Who is in a position to refer clients/customers to me? What salespeople/organizations currently serve my target market? Who could profit from accessing my customer base? Who can give my product away as a premium? How can I let prospects sample my product? How can I use consignment to sell my product/service? What kind of repeat/subscription-based contract can I offer? What additional products/services do my customers want and need? What related special events will get prospects to ‘try me out’? .

Mail 8. Drawing – leave business card 10. At cash register – 5% discount for filling out form 7. 11. Lucky # contests – weekly prize – in-store boxes/d. Treasure chest 9. etc. fliers. . Credit cards 4. 12. 2.How to capture the names and addresses of all your customers 1. 15. Coupon ads in papers. Checks 3.mailer 5. 13. Staff scripts – make sure every customer fills out 6. 14. Arrange for customers to pay bills (Electric/gas + phone) – copy addresses. – D.

bus.Idea Jogger – Marketing Methods Audiocassettes Audiotapes (personalized) Articles Ad Specialties Advertorial Services Advisory Board Answering Machine Messages Business Cards Business Card Ads Books Brochures Booths (Trade Shows.) Letters (Personalized) Listings Lossleaders Licensing Magazine Ads Matchbooks Movie Theater Ads Newsletters News Releases Newspaper Ads Personal Contact Postcards Party Plan Posters Public Speaking PSA’s Parking Meter Ads Point of Purchase Preferred Provider Placemats Publicity Per Inquiry Ads Premiums Personal Letters Positive Picketers Rolodex Review Radio Spots Radio Talk Show/Interviews Reports Referrals Recorded Phone Messages/Infolines Seminars Sales Reps Statement Stuffers Sponsorships Special Events Signs Surveys Telemarketing-Outbound Telemarketing-Inbound Teleprospecting Tabloid Television Trade Shows Take Ones T-Shirt Ads Videotapes Videotape (Personalized) Videocassette Box Ads Vehicle Ads Vanity Radio Workshops Word-Of-Mouth Yellow Pages Pick a specific business or industry and go through this entire list. subway. . seminar. brainstorming and writing down any workable ideas you generate. bench) Coop Mailings Crosspromotions Conferences Community Service Coupons Catalogs Consultations Contests Clinics Centers Of Influence Coop Mailings Car Cards Celebrities Courses Card Decks Calendar Listings Canvassing Direct Mail Distributors Donations (high-profile non-profits) Demonstrations Directories Doorhangers Education Exhibits Electronic Bulletin Boards Fairs Feature Stories Fliers Funraisers Gifts Gift Certificates Group Mailers Inserts Invitation-Only Events (guest even. Conventions. Expos. breakfast. etc.) Bulletin Boards Billboards (Highway. etc.

How to sell more to existing customers Direct Mail Offer To Existing Customers (w/wo phone followup) Upsell Offer To Every Current Customer – Scripted/POP Sign Sponsor Info-Based Event. Rent list of prospects & send letter to them—generic and occupational targets (Dentist’s special. prospects Contest w/2nd prize letter – have to come in to get prize Have sales people telephone prospect/customer list Value Dollars Corporations/Organizations/Clubs—value cards good for special offer only to organization’s members/employees . special offer.) Subscription-type service Bigbuyer discount card (like bookstar) Individualized.Amazing Secrets Of Maximized Marketing Leverage Marketing Tactics 1. contests Separate offer – customers vs. etc. ongoing service Monthly offer to house list (ongoing) private sales special promotions. follow-up Space Ads Fliers Non-Profit giveaway Endorsement letter w/check or ticket Give away tape or transcript of seminar as a bonus. How to find new customers 2. collect names.

and 3) they treat me like a king (+offer) . I’ve been buying all my K’s from Rubens. Why? Three reasons: 1) they’ve got the best quality. customer list. For almost 6 months now. % in exchange) your product as a bonus for min $$ purchase discount certificate special package offer samples info products-report/tape seminar tickets special coupons (in envelope-personal-look letter w/offer exclusively for customers of X – give out to customers with scripted statement – ‘this is a special gift from Ruben’s to you – or very low-key teaser copy on envelope) flier-type statement stuffers Hire student to go to host businesses everyday/hire person to test different approaches every week. 2) the price is competitive. secretary. w/$40 purchase free quarterly consultation normally worth $65 Give each customer referral certificate – Dear ______. you get names for backend promotions Offer special -.) Combine upsell w/subscription – ex. Let charity sell product and keep all the profit.Thank you letter to each customer after the sale Preferred provider – esp. odd hours (ex – for your business – Monday 6-9 PM) Free/loss leader to 1st 100 to show up Send samples out via direct mail to lists Get host businesses to give to their customers (offer to reciprocate – gift.$X discount for every $$ donated to Y charity/every item donated to Y Find expert on popular subject solving needed problem – host seminar/workshop in your store/office – pay him/her % of sales Direct mail to influencer (spouse. etc.

Thanks again for your business. Just bring this letter in before March 15 and come pick it up. house organs. right next to McDonald’s. appear on media. direct mail. We’re located on 1224 Broadway. I need to let the hotel know how many to expect soon. Thanks again. Find Speciality newletters. restaurant – dentist special – in dental newsletter) Find ancillary high-profit items to sell your customers. Look forward to hearing from you. when I looked at our customer purchase report. so give me a call to let me know if you can make it as soon as possible. (Ex. and other tightly target publications and run ads in them with free high-perceived-dollar item just for coming in. your’s in other retailer’s outlets – support w/news ads (Suarez) layout ad – w/retailers name in it Immediate thank-you/upsell letter to every new customer – personalized Invite key (influencer/center-of-influence/20%) customers to luncheon or dinner – as thank you for their business: Dear John.Get referral name from customer and send them gift certificate: ___ has arranged for you to receive a $25 floral arrangement free of charge. there was John Smith as one of our twenty best customers of all times! John. use testimonials -only if happy with product – same w/ other high-leverage prospects . since I know you’re a big opera buff. etc… Endorsement letter from key customers to their associates introducing your services + offer [“I’ve arranged for a 5% discount on your first purchase/free introductory consultation/etc. To my pleasant surprise. telephone – split profit w/ancillary item provider Consignment items – in your store. I really appreciate your business and would like to say thank you. We’ve got this new computer that tells us exactly what’s going on in our business. I’ve enclosed a gift certificate good for two tickets to the La Boeheme presentation coming to town next week. OR-I’m holding a special banquet to honor my top 20 customers and would love to have you and Mary attend as my guests.] PI deal w/media – great offer (1 medium per offer) Coop ads w/ noncompetitive peers (in or outside your market area) Service businesses only: give community centers of influence free service for limited time period – exchange – endorse program to associates. promote them: in store.

how can we serve you better. hundreds of stores Maximedia – Radio. association luncheons Info lines. TV. invite in for free XX just for participating in survey. shoestore –free shoeshine.Call sample % of customer base – survey. Salesperson in other retail stores w/display/set up consignment areas in dozens. etc.976/900/800/local – recording + offer Who else can sell my product?? Who else can give my product away as premium?? Door-to-door lead generation – (ex. Create testimonial book/folder POP signs in related retailers – “Ask about our resume preparation services” Clothing – fashion/style shows at prof. golf supply store – get caddies to pass out tickets to free seminar at your store – ‘the ultimate golf swing. seminars (have every employee list topics they could talk/teach about – Free publicity Retailers – free food/snacks/donuts. Big O) sell < $30 package w/$200+ perceived value (you get the backend) Create info-products related to customers needs and sell them – full retail and loss leaders Sales reps (working w/your target prospects – ex. Newspaper . foot massage – reflexology class – socks –shoecare kit --) New profit centers – info products (list types). etc –every Saturday – daily from 4-7 PM.) Free sample of related product – (ex. etc.

offer as bonuses Hire sales manager to do licensing deals for you – moneymaking/saving systems (turnkey) Talk to customers – person or phone – systematically and regularly 00 satisfied? other products/services needed? educate them Call inactive accounts Make USP an acronym – run ads for people to guess what it means (S=24/365) Coupons – super discounts – below cost – crosspromotion (bonuses to their customers + 10% commission for each coupon redeemed) Noncompetitive peers – send each others’ coupons as inserts in monthly statements .Telephone -.Direct mail -.In-store salesperson -.Advertorial service w/offer Offer other’s products/services to your customers for % (or sell/rent customer names) -.Outside salespeople -.All media Wholesaler/business-to-business – find concepts that help customer sell more – license these.

or special report type w/finite # of tips) 8. give them ads.Linkage Id ea s – How To Connect With Your Customers Often Enough To Maximize Both How Often They Buy And How Much They Buy 1. Database development 3. seminars.) 9. etc. Monthly article reprint. marketing. transcript. Monthly personalized letter – helping your customers – educational – something they will value and want to save (maybe case study oriented. etc) 7. save $. New offer to house list at least monthly 5. Ongoing communication w/customer 2. tape. book) 4. Minireport on postcard (how to make $. Sponsor info-based activities monthly (ex. etc. etc . Unsolicited gift to client list (ex. lunches w/speaker. Wholesalers – help retailers sell better – teach them sales. 6. serve clients better.

Treasure chest promotion (pharmacist) 8.How To Create Irresistible Offers 1. Packaged services – combine base product w/ancillary products/services 11. Puppydog close – free trial (high ticket items) 15. commit for z months if the system works.) 16. Organizations – one free for every x# that sign up from that organization (like tour organizers) 18. Recorded Message Infoline – Postcard mailer/Classified/ Tickler Ads 6. discount. free merchandise. Charity crosspromotions – 1) You give X (dollars. Distributors – include ad allowance in pricing – ‘for every 100 units you buy – you get $4000 in advertising’ 17.) 2) Fundraiser – sell tickets w/my offer which raises perceived value of ticket/even (50% off on sandwich. Free Samples 4. Free report/audiocassette/consultation/etc 10. Better-Than-Risk-Free guarantee 7. etc.winner gets something related to product/service 5. 12. goods) to charity – I’ll give you Y (great deal. . Bonuses 2. and telemarketing 9. Preferred customer club – annual fee entitles special deals/etc. Contests . Send 1st segment of bonus free (‘send rest when you buy your 1st X from me) 19. Extended guarantee 3. Offer – Local ___ Offers Free ____ To Anybody Considering ___________ 13. etc. ‘I’ll buy your first X if you’ll Y (come to workshop to learn how to use it. High-end bonuses – Free $5000 golfclub membership/ Free week RollsRoyce rental/etc 14. Private sales – postcards. etc. personal letters.

Special offer only to friends/acquaintances of current customers 28.20. Exch for fee – client send glowing testimonials to peers/customer list – get names for followup 29. Report (sell for $3-20) – self liquidating for lead generation 24. Let charity sell product and keep 100% of gross – exchange for names 25 Send samples of what you’re selling to selected individuals – known names in your field/other typical prospects – include response device – followup by phone 26. etc. 1 month free (chiropractic care)(Professional)(3 month free.) 27. For referrals . Find an expert in area relevant to your clients/prospects – tape them and give info product as bonus (like HCP w/TLC) 22. Info product to distributors/hosts to give away as premium 23.$500 bonus coupon 30. Miscellaneous free offers brochure booklet catalog resource guide newletter information kit invitation to seminar/talk program information trial use of product product sample gift certificate coupon consultation survey phone call analysis estimate problem evaluation product demonstration audiocassette videocassette gift sample issue information if requested on corporate letterhead information to qualified buyers only . Service contracts – extended time period – give bonuses for longer times (higher perceived value) 21.

How To Profit From The ‘Law Of Affiliation’: How You Can Use ‘Crosspromotions’ To Let Other Businesses. Organizations. niches. (who could instantly have 100 people around the US calling every prospect for you?) Hire college students to call vertical applications for host companies Who Can Give Away My Product As A Premium? . etc. nonprofits. Sales aids. parasites.For Pennies! Harry C.add to their existing line Go through phone book Yellow Pages for hosts. Pickens Swears Under Oath That None Of The “Supercharged” Cross-Promotion Ideas In This Report Are Illegal…No Matter How Much Money They Make You! Rolodex review – 2 noncompeting business owners go through database to Discover potential clients & brainstorm how to approach them Host companies – endorsement letters/coupons/gift certificates/etc Fundraisers w/nonprofits (Streetsmart book) Affinity discount clubs – send package of coupons to club president for members w/special offer Interview influential people for your newsletter/cultivate them Outside salespeople/reps currently serving your target prospects . And Non-Profits Bring You Tons Of New Customers – . letters. etc Buy leads from other business (unconverted leads) Host Newsletter Inserts/Articles Find Sales Organizations Currently working your target prospects – offer Generous deal to get your product out – include turnkey pitches. associations.

etc. – fill out these needs and send back – we’d like to send everyone at your meeting a 60-minute tape/when you listen to tape… Check yellow pages/news ads for retailers who work your prospect base – get them to carry your line. special events Seminar for charities/nonprofits – how to raise $100 – 1000/day for your group Consignment in host companies (ex. chiro.PI deals/Joint Ventures Solicit other mail order companies to sell your product for a % Get others to promote you for a % of the action Who would have lists of people who could be your customers? (ex. give out inserts. book on Europe in travel agencies) Barter for space in retailers/merchants establishments 12 points of (often free) distribution: (Streetsmart Marketing) Neighborhood businesses to their customers Employers to employees .) Exclusive supplier to conventions. etc. etc. meetings.) for their employees/customers (w/special discount) – or special gift/deal to host Retailers – you go onsite and have special day when all their customers/employees can get a free X All host concepts equally valid for customers and employees and peers (like letter from one general manager to all his peers) Have reps sell intro. etc. ask them to take on your line – give them big % (ex. names. car dealers’ credit turndowns = prospects for credit repair service) Organizations – send letter – next mtg. Roger Lane w/SDBJ advertisers) Commissioned person (on site) in host retailer w/info on your product/service Relationship w/’competitors’ to extend their product/service lines Offer great deal to hosts for doing mailing (if they’re current clients – free service for 2 years. seminar tickets – keep 100% commission (I get backend.) Look to current client base for host relationships Become ‘official’ provider (dentist. Go through magazines read by your customers – contact every advertiser.

clients.Associations to their members Educational institutions to their students Business suppliers to their customers Special event promoters to their audiences Nonprofits to their supporters Employees to their friends Customers to their friends. suppliers Self to customers News media Paid media Go to businesses – let them access your customers w/their products/services for a % .

Radio) usually . etc. Telemark. products. Hosts) more efficient than mass (TV. manufacturing. Newspaper.Mail (2-5 Days) – Telemarketing (2 days) = response compression Vertical Publications – customize to industries/markets (seniors. etc.Marketing Idea Box Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) Lifetime Referral Value (LRV) Pricetesting Become educational resource in your market area – workshops. Model most successful competitor strategies Get lists of all probable prospects in market area – create 5-10 different offers & test Targeted media (DM. etc) Spend $ on market validation before $ on product development. timed media mix (IDM) – maximum synergy Print 1st. info. Minimarkets niches/segments that can be dominated totally Develop USP around primary buying criteria of customers Become perceived expert in field License business-boosting ideas to noncompetitive peers nationwide License proven marketing/selling concepts to noncompetitive peers Free Sample Information in your promotional materials (teach immediately applicable and self-validating principles) Integrated.. women.

of 50 new customers/month – I will give you commission – Once you know LCV – spend whatever it takes to get them in – then court and seduce and service and educate them constantly In-house – mailing to own list – up to 25% response! .Spend 4 hours/month personally speaking w/customers/prospects 2 purposes to every communication w/customer/prospect: tell why p/s is superior & Tell them what to do next (programming) Brainstorm weekly w/peers – noncompetitive industries – Problemsolve/brainstorm/exchange ideas LG/LC/CC – three functions of all marketing Call/resolicit former customers regularly Solicit suggestions – suppliers. candy box + costume jewelry – 20% discount on combination Would you throw out $1000? (hold up 10 $100 bills) – That is value of each customer – if you can help me capture avg. employees Marketing assessment – vehicle/#customers/revenues/revenue per customer/cost/net per customer Monthly loss-leaders – just to get them back in the store & get them to initiate contact!!! LCV=annuity/autopilot/cashcow/profit center Upselling – new combinations of products – ex.

non-profits? what are their favorite charities? what do they do for a living? what companies do they work for? what magazines do they subscribe to? what publications do they read? what kind of car do they drive? what radio stations do they listen to? what TV stations/shows do they watch? where would they be most likely to hear about your product? what social activities do they participate in regularly? how do they decide where to purchase a product like yours? who makes the buying decision? what products and services do they purchase? what businesses do they patronize? what mailing lists would they be on? what contacts do they have with other people.Uncovering market niche opportunities Describe your most likely customer— geography age ethnicity children? how many? income? own/rent? What organizations do they belong to? . and media within a typical month? .clubs? . institutions.associations? .

festivals. sparts events.what schools do/did they attend? if small business owners – who are their suppliers? their clients? their non-competitive peers (local and national)? what special events do they attend? (concerts. trade shows.) what are their greatest frustrations? what are their greatest aspirations? what problem does your product solve in their life? who do they trust? . etc.

Chan) Solicit testimonials by letter – send gift for responding 2 testimonials/page in each marketing document .Advertising Basics Reasons Why Preemptive – explain/illustrate process – educate Comprehensive Fact Sheet Benefits Sheet Leverage – Headline to 2100% Offer to 1000% Price to 400% Layout to 400% Total to 10. daily papers) – 2 ways to work: 1) free offer w/wide appeal. brochure (3-4x). BRCard Swipe File Case studies – before/after – how you got result Multiple tiny ads – various headlines – run in same publication 2 step whenever possible Test ads – each of which addresses common considerations/misperceptions/objections about your product/service Generic publications (ex.1st 2 ¶s.000% + Editorial space ads Newspaper ads – front or back of section Pepper ads. body. PS. letters w/subheads Personalize headlines wherever possible Testimonial headlines Ad headline – Don’t X before you Y (X=product-related – buy a house in Vista – Y= read this ad/see this video/listen to this tape/etc) Headlines – brainstorm w/list of 100+ 800# . 2) tightly targeted headlines (like Dr.

When do seminar – take tape recorder – tape every comment – Collect testimonials – tape recorder. phone survey. written – specific casestudy oriented Address why people don’t come back – integrate and address those points in sales literature .

Frequency. reciprocity.The “Lazy Business Owner’s” Way To Riches How To Use Direct Mail To Get More Customers Than You’ll Ever Need – And Make More Money Than You’ll Ever Spend! Direct mail marketing is the most powerful form of direct marketing. Master these essentials and watch your profits skyrocket! Dollar bill letter/other grabbers/follow w/phone call Run full-page ad-reprint & mail Celebrity endorsement letter (only for preexisting product w/successful track record) Direct mail lists to rent – Similar product. Unit Of Sale Send $1-5. ????) Certified/registered/overnight/odd shaped/courier-delivered mail Reprint reviews/articles – use in mail pieces Assumptive letter w/sample of product 10 minute introductory videotape + personal letter Mail first-class Personalize mail whenever possible Send letters w/photos Use prospect name in personalized letter/article headlines Customize mailers psychographically (ex – Hustler readers vs. Recency.00 check w/checklist – lead generation Letter of appreciation endorsement w/gift cert/invitation/check (pay for this in %. GQ) . free services. flat fee.

as well as non-competitive local businesses. Follow the AIDA formula: Attention. Be sure to articulate the reasons why your prospective client should buy from you. Include testimonials wherever appropriate. . benefits. or creative. Study your competitor’s ads. Interest. 4.Tips For Successful Newspaper Advertisements 1. 14. Schedule regular brainstorming sessions for business-boosting ideas. Analyze them and make your ads better. Make it easy for readers to contact you. Always include your address and phone number. “Incredible”. 11. Forget about being artistic. “Fantastic”. 15. 6. If it’s a small ad. Testing is meaningless unless you track results. 17. Action. Desire. Benefits. Set your headline in large type. clever. Make sure your ad is consistent with the needs. make your border distinctive. etc. “It’s wonderful”. If the ad doesn’t sell. 16. desires. Use as much copy as you need to get your message across. 8. are not believable. Use a headline. 13. 2. it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. Use full names in testimonials whenever possible. 7. 10. Anything you do to add urgency will boost response. Put a border around your ad. benefits! 5. 18. Include a limited-time offer whenever possible. If possible. mention your offer in your headline and/or subhead. Don’t be afraid of using long copy. 12. and values of your intended market and the publication you’re advertising in. 3. Arrange to share advertising ideas with your peers in other geographic areas. and may actually decrease credibility and response! 9. Make sure your testimonials cite specific benefits provided by your product/service. Experiment with different ad sizes and shapes. Keep precise records of the results of every ad you place.

Speak in terms of his/her needs and desires.19. you’ll get an idea that dramatically improves your ad! . Ask every client/customer where he/she heard about you. Ask for feedback on your product/service. Ask them. Talk to your customers frequently. Demonstrate specifically how you have the unique solution to his/her problems. 20. what would you say in your advertising that would convince readers to buy your product?” Sooner or later. “If you were me. Target your ad to your ideal customer. 21.

”Deliver more in value than you’re paid in dollars and your chances for success will be dramatically enhanced. are treated as honestly and professionally as possible. “Many businesses fail because they fail to understand marketing”. B e s c r u p u l o u s l y h o n e s t i n a l l y o u r m a r k e t i n g c o m m u n i c a t i o n s . 2. Consumers – your . according to Kathryn Retzler. packaging. The physical appearance of my business and of all my products. She continues.) Michael Phillips discusses a number of points that you should pay special attention to. My pricing is clear. it’s because your marketing strategy is good. 7. I shared with your five fundamental marketing principles I’ve discovered after studying hundreds of businesses.” Brian Tracy. “With the increased competition in business today. Why? Because your interaction with that business exceeded your expectations. complete. A d v e r t i s i n g e x p e r t Hershel Gordon Lewis describes the last quarter of the 20th century as the age of skepticism. it’s because your marketing strategy is poor. Marketing Without Advertising (published by Nolo Press. 9. you’ll learn four more keys to marketing success. trainer. #1. and author of the bestselling audiocassette program The Psychology Of Achievement. every business man and woman. I can clearly describe my business and so can most of my customers and suppliers.Sample Article Keys To Marketing Success by Harry C Pickens No matter what your business.” Tracy continues. developer of The Finance Course.. including what is superior and unique about the way I conduct my business. and other materials encourages customer to trust my management skills. world-famous speaker. Roger Lane. and that the success or failure of the marketing strategy determines the success or failure of the company. don’t you tell others about it? Of course you do. marketing your products and services is critical for your success. 6. I schedule and carry out marketing activities on a regular basis. “The Money Game – How To Play It And Win”.must become and expert in the practice of cost-efficient marketing. ‘how often have you gone to a business and really been served in an extraordinary fashion? When you are. including the following: 1. In this article. and even those who dislike me. “If your company is succeeding.. The people around me. empowering experience? In his excellent book. How can you accomplish this? How can you make dealing with your business a pleasant. shares this idea in his audiocassette. 2. says: “We know that the purpose of a business is to create customers.” Last month. I’m prepared to handle an increase in the number of customers generated by my marketing plan smoothly and efficiently. My product or service is the best it can be. S e r v e y ou r c l i e n t s so w e ll t h a t t h e y ar e n a t u ral ly i n s p i r e d t o ‘ b r a g ’ a b o u t y o u r business to others. 4. friends. If your company is failing. president of the Greentree Group management consulting firm. My customers know as much as they want about my product or service. 5. suppliers. Customers who have problems with me or my business are aware of my recourse procedure and feel they will end up satisfied.. He asks. and fair. including employees. from one-person operations to Fortune 500 corporations. 3. 8.

report. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. First of all. Your mailing list. the card would come in a different colored envelope. flyer. Offer a free item of relatively high perceived value just for responding to your ad. 2. 3. a clinical hypnotist specializing in weight loss might offer a free report titled. or customer database is your biggest source of lifetime profits. even if you can prove them. “I like you!”. etc. 5. a d d r e s s e s . C o l l ec t t h e n a m e s . 3. luncheon with a guest speaker. Secondly. In advertisements. Increase the size of your ad. etc. They’ve already had a positive experience with your business. give it a title that promises a clear and practical benefit independent from the benefits provided by your product/service. They know you’ll deliver on your promises. 4. Your existing customers trust you. Here are a few more ideas for staying in touch: Sponsor some kind of information-based event (workshop. He would intercede personally with the service manager to make sure his customers were completely satisfied. or other marketing document you produce. exaggerated claims. Always ask for some kind of response in your advertising and promotions materials. 4. Articulate the specific reasons why someone should do business with you in every ad. seminar. The one individual who perhaps exemplifies this principle more than anyone is Joe Girard. introductory seminar. send a postcard with problem-solving tips (for example. send a postcard announcing a ‘private sale’ – with special discounts or added services exclusively for your customers. 5. always print the full name when you use testimonials. (For example. send them information that will help them become more successful ( for example. the more inquiries you will receive. letter. (Test this in small increments) . Here’s why: 1) according to Fortune magazine. All you need to do is create a systematic way of asking them to buy from you more often. Joe established a reputation for exemplary service. and would contain a simple message: “Thinking about you”. brochure. Each month. there is no reason why the customer should have to take any risk. if you work with businesses. than any other salesperson. for 11 years running. Feature your offer with larger type. your ad generates: 1. If offering a free booklet. The more you emphasize the offer (providing it is a good one). you can determine exactly where you failed by isolating its various components and testing each one separately. Here are a few techniques that tend to increase the number of responses.) that would be of interest to your list. a n d p h o n e n u m b e r s o f y o u r c u r r e n t a n d p r o s p e c t i ve customers and communicate with them regularly. “Why diets don’t work – new discoveries about the true cause of weight loss”) 3. a meditation center might send a card on the topic: ten ways to reduce stress). This simple strategy of keeping in touch helped Joe develop a business that was over 80% referrals and repeat sales.) 2. or other information product. consultation. 4. Incorporate your offer into the headline.000 name database. They want to make up their own minds. The public tells you by its response. flyer. Stay in touch with your customers. As a small business owner. The key to Joe’s success was his realization that only by establishing a long-term relationship with his customers and prospects could he maximize his success. If your product performs. Reverse risk by offering free trials or samples and/or a liberal guarantee policy. Provide the names of others who have benefited from your product/service. it costs 5 times as much to generate a new customer than to resell an existing customer.prospective customers – are tired of hype and exaggeration. They want to be sure your product delivers/measures up to expectations. Joe Girard was a car salesman who sold more cars every year. tape. If your ad fails. Avoid making unrealistic-sounding. Now a premier sales trainer. Here’s how you can counter their natural skepticism: 1. a copy of this article ) along with a personal note – “I thought this might be of interest to you”). or brochure. you need to make every dollar spent on advertising product maximum results. Leave price information out of your ad. (booklet. When you measure the response generated by each ad. without fear of manipulation. you know immediately if your approach has been successful. Joe would send a greeting card every month of the year to his entire 13.

a comprehensive. He can be reached at (619) 466-7747. . More than price. Familarity equates with confidence. In 1989. More than quality. preferable six. Make a commitment to advertise consistently for a minimum of three. And consistent marketing will breed confidence. Harry is also the developer of the MetaMarketing™ training. Marketing consultant Jay Conrad Levison explains why in his book. If you’re running the ad in a newspaper or magazine. 7. Pickens is an entrepreneur and direct marketing specialist. Research shows that repetition dramatically increases response. months.” Harry C. Confidence will be your ally. confidence in yourself and your offering will attract buyers more than any other attribute. And confidence equates with sales. Guerilla Marketing: “Consistency equates with familiarity. Provided that your products or services are of sufficient quality. request that the ad be placed on a right-hand page above the fold. More than service. More than selection. This position generally gets greater readership.6. his non-traditional approach to marketing earned his clients over 4.3 million dollars. hands-on marketing program for small business owners/operators.

I promise to ‘cut through the fluff’ and give you the practical. Now I’d like to do the same for you.3 million don’t know how to find the prospects who need what you’re selling. You haven’t identified your target market -. 3. In the past seven months alone. How? Simple. you’ll pinpoint the key marketing obstacles that are holding your business back. my work with clients is designed for fast. high-impact marketing – Only $29 to XYZ members and their guests In the past seven months. Unlike most ‘marketing consultants’. it’s probably because of at least one of the following reasons: 1. my high-impact marketing concepts have generated over $4. . non-traditional marketing concepts earned my clients over $4. concepts. In three hours. fact-filled hours. and are ready to increase your sales. In my three-hour MetaMarketing™ seminar. During the seminar. you’ll learn strategies that you have helped businesses in over 100 different industries increase their sales – and profits – as much as 450% within 90 days or less. you’re not persuading enough prospects to buy now – your ads. Pickens. Give me three hours and I’ll show you how to increase your sales—and profits— by up to 450% within the next 90 days. When you do contact potential customers. my unusual. You’re not contacting enough prospects – too few people know what you’ve got to offer them. generate more new customers. high-impact (but littleknown) marketing ideas. sales letters and other marketing documents don’t do the job. 2. Dear Business Owner: If you’re not making enough money with your business. measurable results. How to get maximum results out of every marketing dollar My name is Harry C. I’ll show you exactly how to integrate proven. In three intense.3 million in sales for my clients. and strategies into your business. I can help. Techniques that will help you put more money in your pockets – fast. step-by-step tools you need to immediately increase your income. If you’re sick and tired of financial frustration. and increase your net profits. and discover how to get all the customers/clients you’ll ever need. I’m an entrepreneur and direct marketer who specializes in helping small and medium-sized firms get maximum results out of every dollar they spend on marketing.Unique seminar reveals secrets of low-cost.

200% .qualified prospects for your products and services. no high (or low) pressure sales pitch . I also teach the MetaMarketing™ Intensive. The seminar will be held from 6:30 – 9:30 P. Harry C. Call today.just three solid hours of solid. Most of the people who attend my three-hour seminar are so impressed with the quality and quantity of practical information delivered. I look forward to helping you take control of your financial destiny. Seating is limited.S. The best part – seminar tuition only $29 That’s right. Unconditional risk-free guarantee If you’re not satisfied for any reason. How to establish a differential competitive advantage that makes your business stand out from the competition. in the first forty-five minutes of the seminar.000 last year!). I’ll show you 33 proven ideas that businesses just like yours have used to increase their sales – practically overnight. The 17 critical marketing mistakes made by virtually every small business (the probably cost you at least $15. March 28.Here’s what you’ll learn How to get maximum impact for every marketing dollar and produce two. on Thursday. three or four times the sales results for as little as half your current marketing cost. Pickens P. Call me today at (619) XXX-XXXX to confirm your reservation. . they immediately see the value of the longer program. Call me today at (619) XXX-XXXX. In fact. What’s the catch? There is none. no hard feelings. concise information that will help you reach your financial goals. 1990 at the Raddison Hotel in Mission Valley (3223 Camino del Rio South). How to get organizations. your cost is only $29. Of course. hands-on marketing training program. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can increase your sales and profits within the next 90 days. nonprofits. just let me know and you’ll receive a full refund. How to increase the dollar amount of the average new customer’s first purchase by 35. and other businesses to promote your products and services – for FREE.M.a tiny fraction of the value of the information you will receive. Because of your affiliation with XYZ. How to find hundreds of new. a comprehensive. Thank you. The single most common (profit-draining) mistake in direct marketing – and how to avoid it before you throw away thousands of dollars. highly . Sincerely. No questions asked. And more! You’ll walk out of this seminar with literally dozens of practical. there’s no obligation. maximum-impact marketing tools and techniques that you can use immediately to sell more products and services to your new and current customers.

In just three hours Harry will show you how to increase your sales – and profits – by up to 450% within the next 90 days. Have you ever wondered why your business is not as profitable as you hoped it would be? 3. what I’m going to share with you in this letter could be worth literally tens of thousands of dollars to you in the next few months.Unique seminar reveals secrets of low-cost. . Please read on.3 million dollars with his unusual. It could be worth thousands of dollars in extra income for you. Would you like to make more money? 2. ‘no holds barred’ seminar for XYZ members and their associates. Please read every word of this letter. I’d like to ask you four very important questions: 1. non-traditional marketing concepts . Now he’d like to do the same for you. Would you like to learn exactly how to earn – and keep – all the money you need – so that your business can help you live the kind of life you’ve always wanted? 4. I’ve persuaded Harry to conduct a one-time-only. Harry Pickens earned his clients over $4. Dear Friend. Have you ever wondered how much you could accomplish if you could really ‘release your financial brakes’ once and for all – and cut through every single limitation that holds you back from making more money than you can spend? If you’ve every pondered the answers to any of these questions. high-impact marketing – Only $29 ($19 to XYZ members) In the past seven months.

generated over $4. he shared no fewer than 7 specific non-traditional concepts that generated over $2 million just last year for one of Harry’s corporate clients. Unlike most ‘marketing consultants’. Harry showed the group how to increase their sales by 60-250%. he’s a born teacher. Plus. I’d like to introduce you to a man who can help you dramatically increase your income faster than anything else I know. maximum impact marketing ideas that can easily boost your sales – and profits – as much as 450% or more within a 90-day period. But how can this guy help my business? My business I different. high-impact (but little-known) marketing ideas. concepts. Every member of the spellbound audience walked out that night with a totally new perspective on marketing – and with money-making ideas they could put to work immediately! I’m telling you. Harry’s an absolute master at coming up with low-cost. Harry only works with large corporations who gladly pay him $1500 a day and more just to brainstorm. measurable results. profitminded entrepreneurs in which he will reveal many of the breakthrough marketing concepts that have. “Great. generate more new customers. Time after time. During the next 9 minutes. in the past seven months alone. However. Harry’s work with clients is designed for fast.If you’re sick and tired of financial frustration.3 million in sales for his clients. His name is Harry Pickens. I’ve seen Harry ‘cut through the bull’ and explain the most intricate concept so simply than any 12-year-old could understand and use it to make a lot of money. His audience was comprised of 43 seasoned and savvy entrepreneurs – open minded but not easily impressed. this man can generate more high-profit marketing ideas in one day than most ‘marketing consultants’ come up with in a lifetime. Then he worked his way around the room. he’s agreed to spend three intensive hours with XYZ members and affiliates sharing with them the exact techniques they need in order to integrate dozens of proven. Within the first 60 seconds of his talk. You business is unique. and increase your net profits. showing selected participants how to use these concepts in their businesses. Here’s what I mean. I’ve persuaded him to present a special three-hour seminar to a select group of serious. and strategies into their businesses. and are ready to increase your sales.” You’re right. Normally. Harry recently spoke for 15 minutes are our monthly XYZ meeting. Harry’s an entrepreneur and direct marketer who specializes in helping small and medium-sized companies get maximum results out of every dollar they spend on marketing. You’re probably thinking. .

he’s a compulsive learner.However. How to establish a differential competitive advantage that makes your business stand out from the competition: How to find hundreds of new. and exclusive newsletters – just to distill the best. and $25 million corporations) And that’s only the beginning. you’ll be able to pinpoint the key marketing obstacles that are holding your business back. And. highly . since Harry’s investigated over 2300 businesses in over 100 industries. chances are extraordinarily good that he’s uncovered ideas. or you’re not selling enough to your existing customers. First of all. best-selling authors. Techniques that will help you put more money in your pockets – fast. Harry’s not satisfied to learn just from his own experience – he knows that the fasttrack requires learning from the successes – and failures – of others. Plus. and other businesses to promote your products and services – for FREE. In fact. He reads at 2000 words a minute and drinks information like most people drink coffee. Harry’s marketing techniques can solve both problems – fast.000 last year!). specialty magazines. Harry’s no ‘ivory tower theoretician’. reading the latest books. and tactics that could be extremely profitable for you. every business that’s not making enough money has at least one of two problems: You don’t have enough new customers. analyzing successful ads. nonprofits. most solidly verifiable ideas into practical action steps you can take today to dominate your marketplace. You’ll also discover how to get all the customers/clients you’ll ever need. When you join Harry for the seminar. You see. he’s done his homework. interviewing successful entrepreneurs. How to get organizations. or four times the sales result for as little as half your current marketing cost. How to increase the dollar amount of the average new customer’s first purchase by 35-200%. strategies. The 17 critical marketing mistakes made by virtually every small business (they probably cost you at least $15. He’s a walking marketing encyclopedia who spends no less than 90 hours every month in intensive research. He’s in the trenches – every day – working with businesses in a wide variety of industries ) he’s masterminded marketing strategies for one-person operations. three. . Here are some of the specific topics Harry will cover during the seminar: How to get maximum impact for every marketing dollar and produce two.qualified prospects for your products and services. investigating winning marketing ideas.

on Thursday. Harry will teach you more solid. Seating is limited. 1990 at the Sheraton Harbor Island East (1380 Harbor Island Drive). . John Jones P. in the first forty-five minutes of the seminar. Thank you. proven money-making concepts in three hours than you could learn in four years at the top business schools in the country. they immediately see the value of working with him personally for four-and-one-half full days in his Intensive. The single most common (profit-draining ) mistake in direct marketing – and how to avoid it before you throw away thousands of dollars. Harry also teaches the MetaMarketing ™ Intensive. The seminar will be held from 6 – 9 P. hands-on marketing training program. maximum-impact marketing tools and techniques that you can use immediately to sell more products and services to your new and current customers. You’ll kick yourself if you miss this. Harry can help you make a lot of money. your cost is only $29 ($19 to members) – a tiny fraction of the value of the information you will receive. Give me a call to reserve your seat. Most of the people who hear Harry speak are so impressed with the quality and quantity of practical information delivered.S. This is an opportunity you really don’t want to miss. Of course. Harry’s promised to show you no less than 33 proven ideas that businesses just like yours have used to increase their sales – practically overnight. The best part – seminar tuition only $29 ($19 to XYZ members) That’s right. March 29. Give me a call today at (619) 283-3854 to confirm your reservation. Because of your affiliation with XYZ. In fact. concise information that will help your business become more successful than you’ve probably ever imagined. He’s that good. a comprehensive. And much more! You’ll walk out of this seminar with literally dozens of practical. What’s the catch? There is none. Sincerely. I look forward to seeing you on the 29th. there’s no obligation – just three solid hours of solid.M.

What personal contacts and centers of influence can you tap to ‘spread the word’ about your product/service? 16. What are the needs and desires of your target market? 4. What marketing documents will you need? 15. What singular. What is your marketing budget? 8. What modes of free publicity will you use? 14. What are the features of your product/service? 11. What are the specific tasks to be completed and who is responsible for each? . What media will you use to reach your prospects? 10. What are the most effective methods of reaching your market? 9. unique benefit do you have to offer your market? 6.How To Create A “Killer” Marketing Plan That Will Help You Find The People Who Want What You’re Selling And Persuade Them To Buy NOW! 16 Essential Questions You Must Answer 1. What are your objectives? # New Customers Gross Sales Net Profit # Ancillary Sales to Existing Customer Base 2. What specific problem are you solving in your customer’s life? 7. What are the key frustrations of your target market? 5. Who is your target market? 3. What are the specific. client-centered benefits of your product/service? 12. How many low-cost media can you exploit to communicate persuasively with the maximum number of prospects? 13.

Write Action Plan for each week’s activity 7. Determine Your Business Identity Product/Service Problem Solved Typical Customer Target Market Competitive Analysis Primary Non-Addressed Needs In Industry Differential Competitive Advantage Industry Leaders Analysis 2. Create 1-year Marketing Calendar One tactic per week 6. Create Master Calendar 8. Write Marketing Document Templates 9.Promotions Generating Referrals Ancillary Products/Services New Niches/Market Segments 5. Determine Your Marketing Objectives 4. Evaluate & Prioritize Available Tactics General Resoliciting Past Customers Cross. Evaluate/Modify Tactics based on test results . Implement Marketing Tactics 10. Conduct An Inventory Of Your Business Success Factors Marketing History Current Sales 3.10 Step Marketing Action Plan 1.

4. 2. 2. 6. 5. 5. 2. 3. 4. 7. 6. Offer #3 Media: 1. 3. Documents Needed: . 5. Offer #2 Media: 1. 3.General Offer # 1 Media: 1. 4. 7. 7. 6.

2. 5. 4. 4. 7. 6. 5. Offer #2 Media: 1. Offer #3 Media: 1. 6. 2. 4. Documents needed: . 5. 6. 6. 3.Resoliciting Past Customers Offer #1 Media: 1. 7. 2. Offer # 4: Media: 1. 3. 3. 7. 2. 3. 5. 7. 4.

c. a. b. Documents needed: . d. 5. 2. a. a. 6. d. 3. c. c. c. b. d. 7. d. c. b. b.Crosspromotions Tactic #1 Offer Business Categories 1. d. b. 4. a. d. b. a. c. c. Specific Businesses a. a. d. b.

Tactic Offer Media 7. Tactic Offer Media 4. Tactic Offer Media 3. Tactic Offer Media Documents needed: .Referral 1. Tactic Offer Media 5. Tactic Offer Media 6. Tactic Offer Media 2.

Ancillary Products/Services 1. Item Market: Offer: Media: Documents needed: Marketing Calendar Week Date Tactic Media Goal Actual Rank .

3 2-3x/week once/week occasionally never Weekly Monthly Rarely Never AM Stations KMON 1200 WESC 1130 TV Stations 3+ hours/day 1-3 hours/day 1 hour or less/day 2/3x/weeketc Have you recently seen our advertising? Where? Thanks for your help. Newspapers How often do you read: Daily San Diego Union Light Connection San Diego Reader Others: (please list) Radio Stations Daily FM Stations KSDS 88.3 KJPO 98. Return this form and receive a free ________. Thank you. .Customer Media Survey Please check the appropriate boxes.