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coalesces free space and monitors system activity to ensure the Oracle instance is in a valid state &"O# $ the process monitor !hich monitors other server processes and performs recovery !hen a process fails . The background processes manage system activity and i/o. the background processes are started after the memory for the SGA is allocated. monitor other processes and maintain the integrity of the system. Smon – instance crash recoverer. Uncommited – pinned buffer. • • S"O# $ the system monitor process !hich performs instance recovery on startup if re%uired. Oracle Background Processes When an Oracle instance starts. Mandatory Background Processes The e act Oracle architecture you have depends on your database configuration !hich determines !hich background processes run but every Oracle instance !ill have the follo!ing background processes.Commit – durty buffer.

S"*3 $ the space management coordinator process !hich coordinates space management related tasks Database (Files) The final component in the Oracle architecture is the database.W(n $ the database !riter process-es.at least sets of redo log files must exist to store the information re!uired to redo changes to data. "ach group must comprise at least one file a parameter file .a database must have at least one data file containing the system data (information about the database such as the data dictionary) control files .either text or binary #hich contains the parameter settings for the database a temp file .• • • • 'GW( $ the log !riter process !hich !rites the redo buffers to the online redo log files ()*O $ the recoverer process !hich cleans up distributed transaction failures in distributed databases +.this is a small file storing information about the physical structure of the database.W(n. they are usually multiplexed to reduce the risk of losing the control file redo log groups . processes to !rite changed data blocks to the data files ""O# and ""#' $ the manageability monitor processes !hich collect data for the Automatic Workload (epository -AW(.this is used to hold temporary data for example during sorting of results • • • . This comprises the physical files that hold information about the database. • Optional Background Processes These include0 • A(*n $ the archiver processes !hich archive inactive redo logs • *123 and 1nnn $ the 4ob %ueue coordinator and slave processes !hich perform scheduled tasks for users • • 5.+A $ the flashback data archiver process !hich !rites the pre$change image of changed ro!s of tracked tables into 5lashback +ata Archives. The various types of files in the database are: • • data files . !hich !rite changed data blocks from the database buffer cache to the data files */&T $ the checkpoint process updates the control file and data file headers !ith checkpoint information and signals the database !riter -+.

the pre-change image of changed data blocks .this holds the undo data i.e.• an undo file .