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Taxila Business School

Questionnaire: Why people get Promoted

My Background
Academic details:

Class Year of %age Place Name of Was it English Was it Specialisati Look back at your
Passing School/college Medium Co-Ed on past. Were you
taught to yr



How many time you used to get punishment in the school for mischieves?

Never got Once In fortnight Once in month Specify__________

How many times were you beaten/ scolded badly by your parents?

Never Once In fortnight Once in month Specify__________

Prize details during your studies:

Class Prized for

Where do you used to sit in the class during your school days?

Front seats Middle seats last seats

What career you wanted to choose during your school days? _________________

What your father wanted you to become? _________________________

What is your school topper doing now? _______________ App annual Income___________

What is your college topper doing now? _______________ App annual Income___________

Do you meet your school/college friends even now?

I don’t remember their names once in a month once in a year Pl specify_________________

Which subject teacher you hated the most? ______________

Do you have the same feeling for him/her now? Yes No

What was the reason of hate? _________________________________________

Did you ever speak to him/her after your Job? Yes No

Which news paper did you read during studies? _________________

Which Magazine did you read during studies? _________________

How many years you stayed in the hostel? _________________

Do you eat Non Veg. Food? Yes No

Family Background:

Education Occupation Annual Income

Son/ Daughter

Which language do you speak at home? _______________________

What disturbs you the most at Home? __________________________

Are you the eldest son/daughter? Yes No

General Behaviour:
In absence of your peon who cleans the working area for you?

Not required to be cleaned you wait for another peon to come you speak to HR manager
any other action___________________

Do you take policy decisions in absence of your Boss?

Never Frequently rarely

Do you obey the office rules?

If situation demands I break Never Break Rules are meant to break

Is your boss less intelligent? Yes No

Do you have tiffs with your boss?

Never Frequently rarely

How many hours do you work in the office? 8 hrs 10 hrs 12 hrs 14 hrs

What is yr substantial achievement till date? _________________________________

How do you spend your evening?

With your family with your friends in your office some time family some time friends

How do you spend your Sunday? Pl specify___________________________________________________________

Which news paper do you read now? At Home___________________ At Office_______________

Which Magazine do you read now? At Home___________________ At Office _______________

How many people apart from your relatives do you know? ________________

Goals are assigned to you by yr boss or you create them for yourself? Your boss Yourself

Do you loose temper daily? Yes No Pl specify _______________

I jump red light? When in hurry When there are no cops In the Night For Fun Pl specify

What was the turning point in your life? ____________________________________________________________

Professional Life:
Year Company Starting Starting Last Last Brief Job How many No of yrs Reason for
Designation Salary Salary Designation Profile promotions worked leaving

What is your office timing?

Whom do you assign the reason of your success?

Father Mother Brother Sister Spouse School teachers MBA College Friends Any

Which functional area you want to enhance your skills? (eg Marketing, sales)__________________________

Would you like to upgrade your academics? Yes No

What kind of course you want to do? Less than a week one month 6months one yr

Pl specify_____

What is your budget for your own education? Rs____________

Juniors don’t know their jobs and you need to shout/ scold them. How many times in a day you shout on your
juniors? More than 5 times More than 3 times only once Never

Where you want to see yourself in the next 5 years ________________________________________

Please write one line of advice to MBA students for success in


What should extra be taught during MBA


Rank the following as per importance for your promotion.

Performance (______)

Academics (______)

Public relation (______)

Apple polishing (______)

Experience (______)

Politics (______)

Any other_____________ (______)

Write your weaknesses: 1 2 3 4

If you leave your job, in how much time company will find replacement for you? Replacement not required
One day One week One Month

Date of birth:____________ Time of Birth __________ Place of birth ____________

Name: Mr/Ms


Email Address