The Sparks Network members represent some of the most skilled developers and producers in the market. The combined resources within the network are giving rise to an impressive number of new formats that are developed, piloted and produced every year. The joint development resources of 13 of the world’s leading producers have so far resulted in more than 150 proven formats. In this catalogue, you find a selection of 31 formats for the fall 2005. Sparks Network is a unique and modern format exchange platform and is a new and better way to distribute formats. Sparks Network offers you as a broadcaster a strong catalogue of proven formats. Through the Sparks Network member in your territory, you get a respected production partner with a working relationship with the creator of the format. Book a meeting with Fredrik af Malmborg or Nicola Söderlund from Sparks Network at Miptv on phone +46 855 60 93 82 or e-mail MipCom stand R 28.02


CHAPEL OF LOVE Princess Productions COMEDY CLUB Globomedia DREAM POWER Promofilm I FANCY YOU Globomedia JOYA RUNS Zana Media MOTHER IN LAW Moskito TV

4 5 6 7 8 9

OFFICE MONKEY Princess Productions 10 SPLUNGE Globomedia 11 THE FRIDAY NIGHT PROJECT Princess Productions 12 THE TUNNEL Triangle Production 13 TWO FAT GROUPIES Crea Video 14




LIGHTS CAMERA AUCTION Princess Productions 16 ROOM 421 Elephant & Cie 17 UNEXPECTED VISIT STV Television 18 WE ARE DETECTIVES Princess Productions 19


AIDA Globomedia 20 FIRST LOVE ATM Grupa S.A. 21 LOS SERRANO Globomedia 22 NIEDRIG & KUHNT MME Moviement 23 TWO WITH KALWASS MME Moviement 24


AL DENTE Zana Media 25 CASH BATTLE ATM Grupa S.A. 26 CLUELESS ATM Grupa S.A. 27 HAZARD Triangle Production 28 HIT IT OR BEAT IT Globomedia 29 KITCHEN CLUB Zana Media 30 THE DEADLY KNOWLEDGE SHOW Princess Productions 31 ZULU BINGO STV Television 32


BUMP ‘N’ GRIND Princess Productions 33 PEKING EXPRESS Kanakna Productions 34 ON BOARD Promofilm 35


The show where couples get married live on television
GENRE: Entertainment LENGTH: 60 minutes BROADCASTER: Five (UK) RIGHTS HOLDER: Princess Productions CONTACTS: Sebastian Scott Princess Productions Phone: +44 207 985 1902 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

If you ever wanted an invite to a Vegas-style wedding organised by the best wedding planners in town, then Chapel of Love is the show for you. Every day we transform a fully-licensed studio into a different wedding chapel – and the happy couple exchange their vows live on air. In each show a different couple enjoy the biggest day of their lives – and we see all the preparations backstage. The chapel itself is a blank canvas that is transformed every day by our wedding planners and their team. At one end of the

chapel is a door leading to the bride’s quarters. At the other end is the groom’s backstage dressing-rooms. Both sets of rooms are fully equipped for dress fittings, hairdressing, make-up and last minute rituals to conquer nerves. Behind the scenes our cameras capture the whole carnival of emotion and nerves. As the couple get ready, we hear great stories of how they met and their romantic love affair. Meanwhile, the guests are arriving and we meet all the extra characters – the difficult mother-in-law, the sister of the bride who’s getting friendly with the Best Man… Prior to the big day we’ll have filmed all the pre-wedding preparations: everything from the bride deciding on what she’ll wear, to the style of her hair and the flowers. We’ll also see how the groom prepares himself for his big day – he might be enjoying his stag night or writing his speech. Then, back in the studio our participants say their wedding vows LIVE in front of the cameras and an audience of friends and family. Viewers will also be able to get lots of top tips and ideas that they can use for their own special wedding day. Weddings have always been huge ratings hits on TV, from soaps to royalty. The Chapel of Love is an intimate wedding show, but also an emotional journey, a make-over show and a fashion show rolled into one. It’s the ultimate wedding video.


The show that turns your favorite artist into a stand up comedian
Comedy Club is a reality make-over format that turns celebrities into stand up comedians for a night. Four celebrities, with no previous experience in the art of stand up comedy, will be trained to perform a stand up comedy act in a huge theatre. Each celebrity is coached by an experienced stand up comedian and a team of professional comedy script writers. The documentary elements of the show takes the viewers through the first attempts, training, fears and creative anxiety before the big final performance. An entertaining journey through ambitions, challenges, failures and finally a great performance in front of an enthusiastic, but demanding audience. Four celebrities in each episode will get a chance to show a new side of their artistic careers: the mastering of stand up comedy. In the latest adaptation of the format, viewers are voting on the best performance in the final episode. Comedy Club has finished its 6th season in Spain with great success. After its first season on pay tv Canal + in Spain, the format has in fact made seasons on all free-TV stations in Spain; Telecinco, Antena 3 and TVE. As a spin off from the TV series, live theatre versions of Comedy Club have been touring around the country, seen by close to 2,000,000 people. The audio CD with the monologues from Comedy Club has sold more than 100,000 copies in Spain. Comedy Club is currently in development for Belgium and Italy and has also made 2 seasons in Argentina. A license of the format includes also scripts from 127 episodes including more than 500 monologues. Experienced stand up comedy script writers are not always easy to find, so the archive of previously used scripts will be a good asset when launching the format in a new country.
GENRE: Stand up reality show LENGTH: 127 x 45 minutes BROADCASTER: Canal+,Telecinco, Antena 3 & TVE (Spain) RIGHTS HOLDER: Globomedia CONTACTS: Pablo Guerenabarrena Phone: +34 91 728 57 40 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



The surprise of a lifetime
GENRE: Weekly Entertainment/Reality Show LENGTH: 30 minutes BROADCASTER: Channel 13 (Argentina), Rated 1st in it´s primetime slot for five seasons, RCTV (Venezuela) 36 % share RIGHTS HOLDER: Promofilm CONTACTS: Marcela Campos Promofilm Phone: +54 114 779 66 37 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Take a dream, a fan and a plan... what do you get? The surprise of a lifetime. Dream Power mixes the funniest elements of a hidden camera show with the emotional punch of a wish come true. In this show everyday people are set-up by their friends and family members to unknowingly meet their favorite celebrities. The twist? The celebrity is involved in the set-up from the beginning. The conspirators trick the fan into thinking they are participating in an event, never realizing the celebrity is behind the set-up all along. As the plan plays out, the fan is suddenly caught off guard when they find themselves face-to-face with their favorite celebrity. Whether it’s Peter Frampton disguised as a fan’s driver, Sting walking in on a fan’s audition, or a fan participating in a sports clinic only to learn that his coach is none other than Shaq, the reaction is always the same... the surprise of a lifetime. Shock, awe, fear, tears, joy…it’s all part of Dream Power. Each show begins with our host introducing our participants: our fan, our conspirators, and our star. We’ll find out why the conspirators think our fan is deserving of meeting the celebrity. What qualifies them as a super fan? Do they have a memorabilia collection worth a small fortune? However we learn that these fans are not crazed celebrity stalkers but loyal and endearing fans who truly believe in the talent of their favorite celebrity. Next the master plan is laid out. What will be used as a decoy to get the fan to the location where the reveal will take place? Will the celebrity be disguised? At what moment should the celebrity reveal him/her self? Of course, there may be moments when the plan veers off course. Fortunately our hidden cameras will be along for every step of the ride until the moment where the celeb’s true identity is ultimately revealed.

Featured as a segment in the 2 hour weekly series “Sorpresa y ½”, Dream Power has been on the air for over 5 years. Past celebrity participants include: Peter Frampton, Thalia, Magic Johnson, David Copperfield, Luis Miguel, Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias, Whitney Houston, Sting, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Hanson.



It´s young, it´s funny and a formidable sucess
I Fancy You is the success of the summer on Spanish TV and from the start the show has held a firm grip on the young target groups. The average share for the 15 -24 is 38% and the broadcaster Antena 3 has prolonged the series for an extra month. In this dating show three suitors compete for the heart of a guy or a girl by answering compromising and funny questions in front of a studio audience. What they don’t know, since a curtain separates both groups, is that their prospective date has brought their mother or father with them to help determine who will win the date. The parents, the studio audience and the viewers, who submit their vote via SMS, choose the suitor. Then the couple must endure one final “trial by fire” by having dinner with the parents at their house. What happens at the dinner is anyone’s guess and is revealed during the next show. This uncomfortable set-up is embarrassing, nerve-racking, funny, and always entertaining. I Fancy You is a real hit with young demographics – as many suitors have already realized…
GENRE: Dating show LENGTH: 60 minutes BROADCASTER: Antena 3 (Spain) RATINGS: 38 % share in 15-24, channel´s average share 24,9 % RIGHTS HOLDER: Globomedia CONTACTS: Pablo Guerenabarrena - Globomedia Phone: +34 917 285 740 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



The ultimate flirt and travel show
GENRE: Flirt and travel Show LENGTH: 30 minutes BROADCASTER: Sat.1 Switzerland, local adaption in China. RATINGS: 8% in 15-49 compared to broadcaster average 6,7% RIGHTS HOLDER: Zana Media CONTACTS: Mathias Ruch – Zana Media Phone: +41 31 311 09 35 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Joya Runs is a spontaneous, speedy and interactive flirt-and-travel show, and a big ratings-success amongst 15-24 year-olds. The host finds two same-sex singles on the streets of a city, who then have 90 minutes to select one travel partner of the opposite sex with whom they would both be happy to travel from a list of preregistered internet entrants. The singles must return to the Joya Runs Stage in the city centre (the “home base”) with a third travelling partner within the time limit in order for the game to continue – the quicker they return, the better holiday they will complete for. All three contestant must then prepare for the trip, again within a time limit. This includes getting their passports, packing their bags and talking to their employers. The viewers follow how they explain this unexpected leave to their mothers, bosses or teachers and take a voyeuristic look into their personal and professional lives. Provided that they make it back to the home base within the time limit, it is time for the final decision to be made. Only two of the three people can go on the holiday, and the third, newly found internet-entrant must select one of the two original singles with whom to go on the trip. This couple then immediately leave for the airport and their fantastic vacation destination – the other single stays at home. During their trip, cameras follow recording the vacation. How do they get along with each other? Do they become more than just friends? Joya Runs is the winner of the E-Rose of the prestigious Rose d’Or Festival for the best internet-integrated format. The format is currently produced in a local version in China.



Bringing back the power of the mother-in-law
Mother-in-Law is a dating-show format that combines the eternal need to find a mate with the eternal humour surrounding mothers-in-law. It is a new dating/ matchmaking show that harks back to the good old days when mothers had their say about whom their child should (or could) marry. The mother is introduced at the beginning of each episode and her spirit is everpresent throughout the show. Which of our singles will be good enough for the mother-in-law to be? The mother, her son or daughter and three possible dates all nervously sit in the studio, and a partner is selected through a series of tough questions. The child seeking a partner makes their choice, and if the mother agrees they will get a firstclass prize. If the mother disagrees, the prize is much more modest. Mother-in-Law was nominated in the Rose D’Or 2005 (Game Show) category and was on the list of the most viewed programs. It has won awards as the best new format in Finland in 2005. Mother-in-Law was on air on Subtv Autumn 2004 an Spring 2005, with good ratings on Subtv – a young urban TV-channel in Finland.
GENRE: Dating Show LENGTH: 32 x 26 minutes BROADCASTER: Subtv (Finland) RIGHTS HOLDER: Moskito Television CONTACTS: Roope Lehtinen - Moskito Television Phone: +35 841 590 007 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



The world's funniest hidden camera show
GENRE: Comedy Show/Hidden camera LENGTH: 30 minutes BROADCASTER: ITV (UK) RIGHTS HOLDER: Princess Productions CONTACTS: Sebastian Scott Princess Productions Phone: +44 207 985 1902 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

The workplace clown is woefully under-appreciated by the world’s top dogs and big cheeses. Office Monkey is the show that rewards on-the-job pranksters and applauds their efforts to turn the workplace into one big joke. THE SHOW Each week two workers from the same company are signed up to be Office Monkey. No one else in the workplace is aware of what’s going on (apart from the company owner). As far as the regular staff is concerned, our two jokers are on the fast track to getting sacked. The workplace will be rigged up with secret cameras to ensure we don’t miss any Office Monkey action. When a contestant turns up to work in a chicken outfit we’ll be sure to catch everybody’s reaction. HOW IT WORKS Filming takes place over the course of one day. The contestants are assigned tasks prior to the day of filming, such as bring your grandmother to work, practise a dance routine on your desk or try and hypnotise a colleague. The winner is the Monkey considered to have provoked the best reactions from his colleagues, and is chosen by the office Managing Director. We’ll see the most outrageous sights in the most unlikely of locations. The workplace just got funnier…



The sketch show that breaks new ground
Splunge is a comedy sketch and chat show, based on fabulous scripts and a great cast. The 45 minutes of humour are divided into 30 minutes of sketches, no longer than one minute each, and 15 minutes of studio based comedy chat. Five well-known comedians are the cast together with one guest-artist per episode – perhaps a politician, sport star or artist. The guest-artist is not previously known for being a comedy talent, but that will soon change after appearing in Splunge. Splunge is unrivalled sue to it’s universal humour, which works in most cultures, being based on common, universal situations. A license of Splunge gives the format buyer more than 1200 sketches to use in a local adaptation. Splunge is currently in production for a second series in Spain with a number of local versions in preparation around the world.
GENRE: Sketches LENGTH: 16 x 45 minutes, second series in production BROADCASTER´S: TVE (Spain) RATINGS: 21% share, (broadcaster’s average 19%) RIGHTS HOLDER: Globomedia CONTACTS: Pablo Guerenabarrena Globomedia Phone: +34 91 728 57 40 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



Your friday night starts here
GENRE: Live Studio Comedy Entertainment Show LENGTH: 8 x 60 minutes (Season 2 from Jan 2006) BROADCASTERS: C4 (UK) RIGHTS HOLDER: Princess Productions CONTACTS: Sebastian Scott Princess Productions Phone: +44 207 985 1902 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

This is the big studio entertainment show that’s hosted by a different celebrity every week. It’s got great games, great comedy VTs and great prizes. THE SHOW The show begins as the four regular comedians meet their new Guest Host, who then delivers a hilarious topical monologue. The four members of the team each help the Guest Host with different segments throughout the show. There are sketches, secret filming, reality TV spoofs and a weekly phone-in competition. The show climaxes with a game show finale where one lucky audience member can win a great prize. Each week the game has 3 rounds, all inspired by the host. They involve lots of physical comedy, funny pictures, rude humour and more special celebrity guest appearances live in the studio. There’s also a different house band every week. They feature throughout the show and also play their new single. WHY WE LIKE IT The Friday Night Project is a big, glamorous and confident Friday night show, anchored by big-name celebrities. It’s a great platform for established comics, tal-

ented new comedians, as well as a chance to see famous stars from film, music and TV having fun and performing out of their usual environment.



The family dinner that turned out to be a hidden camera show
What would you think if you discovered that your son’s girlfriend was a star? The Tunnel is an amazing mix between fiction and reality in which a boy invites his family for dinner to introduce his new mysterious partner. To everyone’s surprise the person who opens the apartment door is a famous celebrity. The family members spend the evening in the house which is full of hidden cameras and microphones with a person they are used to seeing in the gossip magazines. We will study their reactions and comments, and listen to their opinions. The public will witness this meeting of two apparently distant worlds. The unsuspecting family will discover the phobias of the star, and our competitor will also have to overcome a difficult mystery test… All this will take place just a few metres away from a purposely-built state-of-theart television studio, from which a studio audience and celebrity guests are directly involved in all the events in the house, provoking unforgettable moments of entertainment. The studio is connected to the house through a long tunnel, at the end of which there is a hidden revolving door. Come through The Tunnel with us…
GENRE: Entertainment LENGTH: 10 x 60 minutes BROADCASTER: Raiuno (Italy) DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS: Triangle for Sparks’ territories Raitrade for the rest of the world CONTACTS: Cecilia Pagliani Triangle Production Phone: +39 06 375 16 442 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



The daredevils of the pop world
GENRE: Pop TV LENGTH: 24 minutes RIGHTS HOLDER: Crea Video CONTACTS: Mikko Räisänen or Vera Olsson - Crea Video Phone: +358 40 523 2927 E-mail: or Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Two Fat Groupies is a humorous reality/comedy series about a couple of ‘huge’ groupies and their adventurous trips around the world to meet international celebrities. It is an entertaining format about two fat fans conquering the world to meet some of the top 500 celebrities. The main characters are two quite literally big girls who worship celebrities. Their mission is to hunt down and meet international movie and music stars. Anything or anyone goes as long as they are famous – or at least know someone who is famous. They might not always know who they’re talking to, but it’s their ultimate desire and quest to meet international celebrities. In every episode their crazy journey culminates with them meeting a star who might know a star, who was married to a star, and who used to act in a movie with another star. Their mission is to meet all the celebrities in the world to become ultimate groupies and “almost as famous” themselves – to be in the “the inner circle”. Every time they manage to track down a star and collect a piece of evidence (such as hair, a broken nail, a shoe lace, toilet paper from their hotel room etc) they are one step closer to their ultimate nirvana. This celebrity evidence is carefully stored at their home base, the altar of the celebrity hunting.

Two Fat Groupies is an entertaining scripted reality format. It is a unique and funny way to present local and international celebrities. Get your celebrity hit, and learn about the latest gossip and trends in a humorous and very different way with Two Fat Groupies.



- 7000 of the world’s best stories that doubled the ratings
A man kills another guy but makes a mistake and puts his victim in the wrong car, a car that could belong to you… One night, after a tough discussion, your wife shoots you but saves your life because the “magic bullet” blows away an unknown cancer in your stomach… True stories, incredible scenarios, weird situations… Amazing Stories is based on more than 7000 stories gathered from all around the world by Pierre Bellemare, who wrote more than thirty best-sellers and hosted a radio show telling these incredible stories with enormous success, captivating French audiences for forty years. The idea behind Amazing Stories is to adapt the best of all these true stories for TV and to produce them in the most efficient way: docu-fiction. The format is clear and cost-effective; Pierre Bellemare starts telling a story from his office (with a huge archive, thousands of books and tabloid headlines…). Then gradually he changes the story telling into a newscast as if he were an anchorman on the evening news. He starts the video tapes where the action is based using several reconstructed key scenes, but most of the story is told through eye-witness accounts from actors: the victims 20 years later, neighbours, work colleagues, the police inspector in charge of the investigation, the journalist who covered the story in the past… Amazing Stories was on air on a daily basis in May 2005 on France 3 and became an immediate success (14% share) on a very difficult time slot (previously 7% average). The new season on a France 3 will be a weekly 90-minute show with longer stories every Saturday afternoon. A new challenge for an “amazing format”.
GENRE: Docu-fiction LENGTH: 90 minutes (or 60 minutes daily version) BROADCASTERS: France 3 (France) RATINGS: 14 % share RIGHTS HOLDER: Elephant & Cie CONTACTS: Thierry Bizot - Elephant & Cie Phone: +33 01 56 21 37 01 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



The live interactive auction - that´s also a celebrity chat show
GENRE: Entertainment LENGTH: 60 minutes CHANNEL: Channel 4 (UK) RIGHTS HOLDER: Princess Productions CONTACTS: Sebastian Scott Princess Productions Phone: +44 207 985 1902 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

THE SHOW Lights Camera Auction taps into the incredible worldwide success of eBay. It’s a celebrity chat show, but also a live auction. It appeals to both our interest in celebrities and nostalgic memorabilia – viewers can pick up a bargain, or even buy something from their favourite star. HOW IT WORKS Every day celebrities join our host in the studio for a live interview. Each star brings three personal items to sell for charity (a dress, a meal cooked by a TV chef, or a movie souvenir), and these items are the basis for the interview. Everybody in the audience also brings something to sell. The viewers at home call in during the show to place their bids for anything they see, and whoever offers the most for an item by the end of the show gets to keep it. Throughout the show there are updates on all our favourite items, and the cohost gives estimates on how much each item is worth, as well as any extra useful information on what to bid. It’s an entertainment show so there is also lots of fun in the studio with games and surprises for the audience, plus music from a house band (which changes every week). After the countdown to the end of bidding, we speak to the winners live on the phone. It’s a new way of interviewing stars, and is a truly interactive format with a fullyintegrated web site. It raises money for charity (and people in the audience) and features great entertainment for all ages.



ROOM 421
Celebrity surprise interview program
Celebrity interviews on TV all look alike, with the same questions and the same answers. Spontaneity is hard to find these days.... Room 421 is completely different. A celebrity is placed in a luxury hotel suite in a top city hotel, and four different people enter Room 421 to interview him/her, one after the other. The celebrity has no idea on who will be entering next to ask the questions. The interviewers can be part of the celebrity’s personal or professional environment; a close friend, a family member, a star-struck fan or another celebrity that she/he need not necessarily know, but whose provocative attitude is likely to uncover some very interesting information.
GENRE: Talk show LENGTH: 40 x 60 minutes BROADCASTER: Paris Première (France) since October -04, VRT (Belgium), piloted in Argentina. RIGHTS HOLDER: Elephant & Cie CONTACTS: Thierry Bizot – Elephant & Cie Phone: +33 1 56 212 37 01 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

After five hours of encounters and interviews, 52 minutes of the most interesting moments are broadcast. Laughter, tears, reconciliation, seduction, childhood memories, revelations, provocative questions - Room 421 has it all. Each interviewer is introduced to the viewers and their relationship with the celebrity guest identified as their arrival at the hotel is shown. Each interviewer selects an interview topic which is particularly relevant or important to them, and develops the interview in line with their personality: it could be provocative, accommodating, seductive, or confrontational etc. The interviewers’ questions are illustrated with archive footage such as film extracts, and clips from concerts. We’ll see the many different sides to our celebrity guest from the very different questions posed by our various interviewers. Room 421 has been a hit on French TV and was voted best show on cable and satellite in June 2005. It has attracted a lot of attention both amongst viewers and in the press.



The soul mate surprise show
GENRE: Factual LENGTH: 30 minutes BROADCASTER: Commissioned in Denmark, pilot available CONTACTS: Marianne Hansen - STV Television Phone: +45 70 27 53 00 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

The show where parted relatives suddenly get an unexpected visit from their dearest one….. Unexpected Visit combines great characters, exotic locations and strong emotions. Take Hannibal. When he was 28 he packed his rucksack and left for China. Four years have passed and he has not seen his dearly devoted grandmother since. It’s a long way to China when you’re 82 and live in a small village in Denmark. We will meet Hannibal in Beijing and learn about his amazing day-to-day life in China where he is trying to blend with the Chinese culture and way of living. Four days after our meeting with Hannibal, Grandma will be joining us in Beijing. To Hannibal’s huge surprise his Grandma has made the journey of her lifetime and comes on an unexpected visit. It’s all happening in front of the viewers – we know it all, but the main character is totally unprepared for the strong emotions involved. The meeting is carefully planned to maximise the surprise effect. We bring the past and present together when we invite their most beloved relative on an unexpected visit. Unexpected Visit is in production for Denmark to premiere in January 2006.



Private Eyes, Public service
We Are Detectives is the show that sets up a free detective agency to solve cases for the general public. We advertise for viewers to contact us if they need our help – the only condition is that they let us film the investigations… Each show helps 3 members of the public. Maybe a builder has run off with a family’s money, a village believes that a factory is poisoning their water supply, or perhaps someone is trying to get in touch with a long-lost relative to let them know they have inherited a huge sum of money. They’re the cases that the police have allowed to slip onto the backburner, or given up on entirely. Our team of young, talented Private Detectives won’t give up on them. They use forensic techniques and high-tech surveillance equipment to get to the truth. We’ll tap into the new resources and technology available that have made tracing people so much easier. Working in conjunction with a channel lawyer, the detectives deal with everything from consumer issues and dishonest tradesmen, to difficult neighbours and family problems. But there are also happy moments when people are reunited with long-lost relatives. Each case is covered from start to finish so there are 3 resolutions in each show.
GENRE: Factual Entertainment LENGTH: 60 minutes LCHANNEL: Channel 4 (UK) RIGHTS HOLDER: Princess Productions CONTACTS: Sebastian Scott Princess Productions Phone: +44 207 985 1902 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

It’s a consumer show, a public service show, and a reunion show. And it’s great drama. We Are Detectives - Private Eyes, Public Service.



The sitcom that brings back your childhood home
GENRE: Sitcom LENGTH: 27 x 45 minutes BROADCASTER: Telecinco (Spain) RATINGS: 5.905.000 viewers - 30,8% share RIGHTS HOLDER: Globomedia CONTACTS: Pablo Guerenabarena Globomedia Phone: +34 91 728 57 40 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Aida is the latest comedy series success from Globomedia and at present the most popular comedy series on Spanish TV. Aída, divorced, ex alcoholic and not the belle of the ball, learns at the funeral of her father that she is the heir of the family home where her mother now lives. The day Aída was born was the day all the mothers’ artistic aspirations died and she blames her daughter for all the family’s misfortunes. Aída moves into the family home with her children. Jonathan, Aída’s teenage son, has the face of an angel but the mind of the Devil. He’s a juvenile delinquent capable of anything from the greatest acts of kindness to the most evil acts known to mankind. And Lorena, the daughter, is obsessed by her television idols and the gossip magazines and whose only ambition in life to become famous. And if that wasn’t enough, making the most of the death of the father, Aída’s younger brother, Luisma, a womaniser who likes the nightlife and lives off little crooked deals and con jobs also moves in. Returning to the homestead means a trip down memory lane with familiar faces from her childhood, more surreal than real. Aída is a sitcom told from an ironic and no holes barred point of view albeit realistic. With a 35% share (22% average of the broadcaster) Aída is the number one sitcom in Spain.



The most successful telenovela in Poland
The telenovela First Love from ATM in Poland has been a big hit since its launch on Polsat, the largest commercial TV station in Poland. Now in its third series, First Love is available as a format, but may also be adapted and co-produced with ATM in state-of-the-art facilities cost-effectively in Poland. Maria, an18-year-old high school graduate, lives in Wadlewo, a quiet village far away from the every day rat-race. She decides to study medicine in Wroclaw’s Medical Academy and moves in with Teresa, her aunt who is 20 years her senior. Moving to the big city to study medicine is the only chance for Maria to change her social standing, and most likely the only chance for a better life. Five years earlier, Maria lost her mother who simply disappeared. The search found nothing. In Wroclaw Maria finds her first love, Pawel - a sincere and straightforward young man who had grown up in an orphanage. His big dream is to own his own flat. Teresa’s daughter Kinga, who is also Maria’s age, has been brought up in a totally different big city atmosphere. She lives from hand to mouth without worries and with no real plans for the future, dating Arthur - the only son of one of the richest local families.
GENRE: Daily Soap LENGTH: 200 x 30 min, new episodes still in production BROADCASTER: Polsat (Poland) RIGHTS HOLDER: ATM Grupa S.A. CONTACTS: Corinne Zema – ATM Grupa S.A. Phone: + 48 71 78 55 300 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

The moment Maria moves to Wroclaw is very unfortunate for Teresa: her husband, Marek had just left her for the much younger Sylwia. Teresa has to fight to keep her marriage alive. She finds a new ally - Maria, with whom she has much better rapport than with her own daughter, Kinga. However, Teresa has a secret she tries to keep from Maria: her first, the only and true love was always Jan, Maria’s father...



Top ratings for more than 3 years
GENRE: Comedy/Fiction series LENGTH: 100 x 75 minutes BROADCASTER: TELECINCO (Spain), in production in Portugal and Italy. RATINGS: 38.1% share (broadcaster’s average 22.1%) RIGHTS HOLDER: Globomedia CONTACTS: Pablo Guerenabarrena Globomedia Phone: +34 91 728 57 40 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Los Serrano has during the last years been at the very top of the ratings in Spain. It was the most successful drama/comedy series 2004. With ratings of nearly 7 million viewers, 30% market share and notably the highest ratings in the age groups 13-24, the series has delivered top ratings for more than 3 years. The series follows the lives of the members of a big urban family of seven. The husband and wife come from totally different backgrounds; she is an educated newly divorced middle-class woman and he is an owner of a small local bar and a widower. The series starts with the couple’s wedding and continues to tell the story about their common life under one roof.

The conflicts between generations, the concern for the children’s education and the adolescents’ lifestyle, the domestic problems and the difference in background between the parents but also the children generates many of hilarious situations and heartbreaking stories in this family comedy. Los Serrano is dynamic, amusing and targeted towards the whole family. Distinctive elements are the wealth of the scripts and the incorporation of typical humorous elements in the plot. Los Serrano has also extended its brand to other areas; the actor Fran Perea has recently had a big success as a singer and recording artist.



Real policemen solving fictional cases
The creators of Niedrig & Kuhnt pioneered the concept of using non-professional actors on TV when they launched Niedrig & Kuhnt in May 2003. The formula was used for the first time in a daily late afternoon series and “Niedrig & Kuhnt” has ever since been a huge success for Sat.1 in its daily weekday 5 to 5.30 slot. Cornelia “Conny” Niedrig and Bernhard “Bernie” Kuhnt are real police officers solving dramatic fictional cases. The show is shot both on location and in the studio, giving it a realistic, documentary-style look and feel. Viewers love the drama and suspense of these “scripted documentaries”. The use of real people in fiction series is a unique concept and has allowed the producer to build up a contact base of over 50.000 amateur actors. The show has reached a market share of up to 27.5%, making it the market leader in its timeslot. A license of the format Niedrig & Kuhnt also includes (apart from the format itself), the script from over 300 episodes as well as the know-how on how to successfully explore a genre with great potential. The format has been commissioned in Spain and Poland in the last month with a pilot in production for France.
GENRE: Fiction LENGTH: 300 x 30 minutes BROADCASTER: Sat.1 (Germany), commissioned in Spain by TV4 and in Poland by TVP for the fall of 2005. RATINGS: 20,5% average, peaking on 27,5% (channel’s average 9,9%) RIGHTS HOLDER: MME Moviement Group CONTACTS: Hamed Bahraynian or Lars-Uwe Höltich - MME Moviement Phone: +49 30 52 00 76 145 E-mail: or Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



- More than 750 episodes of psychological drama
GENRE: Fictional Court Show LENGTH: 750 x 45 minutes BROADCASTER: Sat.1 RATINGS: 14-49 % average share, broadcaster´s average 11,1 % RIGHTS HOLDER: MME Moviement CONTACTS: Hamed Bahraynian or Lars-Uwe Höltich - MME Moviement Phone: +49 30 52 00 76 145 E-mail: or Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Two With Kallwass is Germany’s first and also most successful daily psychology show, hosted by the famous and charismatic psychologist Angelika Kallwass. Since its start in 2001 MME Moviement has produced more that 750 episodes. Every weekday at 2 pm more than two million viewers watch the show on the commercial channel Sat1. In the show Angelika Kallwass helps people with their everyday problems. In fictionalised but authentic cases she works with the conflicting parties and offers them concrete solutions. Sometimes humorous, sometimes emotionally charged, the cases bring psychology to a broad audience. The creators behind Two with Kallwass have managed to create high quality drama combined with an extremely efficient production system. This groundbreaking way to produce daily drama gives broadcasters the opportunity to air daily drama with affordable budgets. This unique concept created by MME Moviement's daughter company Filmpool is highly successful and manages to achieve market share of up to 29% among adults 14 to 49. This makes Two With Kallwass by far the most successful psychology show on German television. In 2002 the show was nominated for the German Television Award.



The cookery quiz with 40% share
This primetime concept which combines quiz and cooking is a big ratings success on SF1 in German-speaking Switzerland, with an average market share of 40%. The local version of the format also premiered this summer in French speaking Switzerland on TSR1 and almost doubled the broadcasters share in the time slot. With great charm and skill, the show’s presenter guides three contestants through the program, testing their culinary knowledge and ability. Simultaneously in the TV kitchen, two professional chefs prepare delicious meals for viewers to try at home. Three contestants compete in four competition rounds. The questions are testing the contestants’ knowledge of food, cooking and the kitchen. It’s about skill, speed and ability. Blindfolded contestants will also have to identify items of food. The program’s two excellent chefs (one male and one female) conjure up culinary wonders in the studio kitchen in each show. The recipes are easy to recreate at home and are updated regularly on the Betty Bossi homepage. “Al dente” is presented by “Betty Bossi Verlag”, Switzerland’s largest cookery publisher. This offers great opportunities for crossmedia integration as well as an ideal sponsoring platform. Amongst all the regular cookery books, Betty Bossi has already published the second edition of the best selling “Al dente” cookery book.
GENRE: Cooking/Quiz LENGTH: 60 minutes BROADCASTER: SF 1 (Swiss Public Broadcaster), and local version on TSR1 (Swiss French language Public Broadcaster). RATINGS: 40% share compared to broadcaster average 34% on SF 1 RIGHTS HOLDER: Zana Media CONTACTS: Marc Görtz - Zana Media Phone: +41 44 308 55 11 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



No limits cash prizes
GENRE: Daily gameshow LENGTH: 200 x 45 minutes BROADCASTER: Polsat (Poland), TVNZ (New Zealand). RIGHTS HOLDER: ATM Grupa S.A. CONTACTS: Corinne Zema - ATM Grupa S.A. Phone: + 48 71 78 55 300 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Cash Battle is a general knowledge game show where there is no limit to how much you can win. Contestants play as teams and stay on the show until they are defeated, thus having the opportunity to win an unlimited amount of cash and gift prizes. The game consists of two parts. In part one, there are three rival teams with four contestants each. The presenter randomly draws a category and then each team bids money for the right to answer a question from that category. The bidding is fierce for each category, and this round lasts until two out of the three teams run out of money.

The second stage is a fight between the winners of part one and the winning team from the previous episode, the reigning “Champions”. The principles of this stage are similar to those of the first. The losing team has to leave the game. If a team goes bankrupt during the bidding, they lose all the money they have won. The show has been a hit since 2003. It has been on air on Polsat, the largest commercial station in Poland, in the most competitive timeslot between 7 to 8 pm. The share has consistently been over 20% of the Polish TV audience. In Poland more than 200 episodes have been produced. Cash Battle is optioned in a large number of territories around the world and is also produced and broadcast in New Zealand since July 2005 on TVNZ.



What, did I win?
In Clueless the contestants don’t know how much money they have won. In the show, they will have to make decisions based on knowledge they don’t have. They don’t even know how much their opponents have won or if their answers are right or wrong. Frankly, they don’t know anything – they are clueless. The show consists of two parts. In the first, the studio audience answers multiple choice questions about general knowledge. The person in the audience that gives the fastest answer on his voting device advances to the second stage of Clueless. In the second stage, the host and the player from the audience sit at a table with a paper shredder in the middle. The player chooses 10 random numbers from a board of 50. Each number represents a check with an unknown value. The host places the 10 checks with the back to the contestant so he cannot see the value written on the check, which may vary from 0 to 10,000. Now, the contestant will answer 10 general knowledge questions. For each incorrect answer, the contestant has to shred one check. However, before he does so, he is told how much the check is worth. For each correct answer, the player keeps the check. At any time the host may tempt the player with a selected amount of money to leave the game and forget about the overall cash prize. Without knowing the amount that is left on the remaining checks, the choice is very difficult for the contestant. In this part, the player may also be encouraged to leave the show with a “golden key” that opens a secret safe. There could be anything inside; an additional prize (money or an item), a command to turn over all money to charity etc. “Clueless” has been a smash hit on Polish TV and forced The Weakest Link off the air. Clueless is commissioned for a second season on Polsat, Poland’s largest commercial station and is also commissioned in Italy for two years.
GENRE: Daily game show LENGTH: 30 minutes BROADCASTER: Polsat (Poland), Commissioned in Italy and Ukraine for 2006. RIGHTS HOLDER: ATM Grupa S.A. CONTACTS: Corinne Zema – ATM Grupa S.A. Phone: + 48 71 78 55 300 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



The game that hits the headlines
GENRE: Game show LENGTH: 30 minutes BROADCASTER: Raiuno (Italy), France 2 (France). RIGHTS HOLDER: Triangle Production or Raitrade outside Sparks’ territories CONTACTS: Cecilia Pagliani - Triangle Production Phone: +39 06 375 16 442 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Do you think you know everything that goes on in the world? Do you think you are really up to date? Then there’s a new game for you… Three contestants bet on breaking news. They prepare by studying the last 48hours’ newspaper reports and newscasts. They must defend 250.000 euros from their opponents’ attacks by measuring strategy, psychology and luck. Only one of them will make it… An image from the newscast will introduce each question. On the basis of this clue only, the contestants must buy the right to answer. The host starts the auction. The highest bidding player will be awarded the right to answer. If the answer is correct, his bid will be taken from the other contestants. But if the answer is wrong, he will lose it from his own capital. But on Hazard things can change at anytime. Twice during the show, the player with the least amount of money has to answer the Hazard Question, a question with no clues. Only one correct answer and the leaderboard could be turned on its head…

The competition continues until the contestant who has defended his capital the best, eliminates his opponents and becomes the champion that night. In the final game the champion bets everything, face to face with the host. His hard-earned winnings are at stake; ten questions on the ten protagonists of the last 48 hours. For the first question, it makes no difference if he guesses the right answer or not. Everything is uncertain until the last second. Will he bring all his capital back home or will he leave the studio with just a handful of euros? If it’s the latter, never mind – each night’s winner enters the next episode of Hazard - the game that hits the headlines. Hazard has successfully been on air in Italy for two seasons on Raiuno and for two seasons in France on France 2.


The battle of the sexes
Hit it or Beat it (Date el Bote) is a fast and easy quiz show with a great sense of humour. The show is easy to follow and the audience is invited to participate from home; it’s a contest for everybody. One of the main reasons for the format’s success is the easy questions based on general knowledge; you don’t have to be Einstein to participate from home. Hit it or Beat is a 50 minutes daily quiz show in which 10 contestants - five men and five women compete in different rounds of general knowledge for a whole week. On the Monday, it is the boys against the girls. The following days, the losing gender is watching and commentating on the game from backstage while the remaining team is eliminating each other until there is only one man or woman left for the Friday finale. The contestants’ real thoughts and feelings are obvious when they are eliminated and watching the show as backstage spectators while the others continue playing. In the week final, the remaining man or woman competes against the 5 contestants from the opposite gender that lost on the Monday. The mechanics of the final round of the show are easy. The first person to answer five questions correctly wins (either the finalist or someone from the losing team). The finalists must choose one of three envelopes, each one with different questions for both themselves and the opposite team. The finalist faces a real challenge when it comes to winning the money. He must know more than all the five contestants of the losing team; he has to be able to control his nerves and, of course, handle the added tension that the host creates. Hit it or Beat it (Date el Bote) has been running in Spain for more than 5 years as the stable leader in the late lunch slot.
GENRE: Daily quiz show LENGTH: 10 x 30 minutes BROADCASTER´S: Tele Madrid, ETB, Canal Sur (Spain). RATINGS: Average share 32% (broadcaster’s average 18%) RIGHTS HOLDER: Globomedia CONTACTS: Pablo Guerenabarrena Globomedia Phone: +34 91 728 57 40 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



Guess who is coming for dinner?
GENRE: Cookery Show LENGTH: 30 minutes BROADCASTER: Sat.1 (switzerland) RIGHTS HOLDER: Zana Media CONTACTS: Mathias Ruch - Zana Media Phone: +41 313 110 935 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Kitchen Club is a fast and unconventional cookery show for cosmopolitan people in the 15-49 age-range. Citizens get a spontaneous visit by the host and a chef who will cook a delicious meal with the food that is found in their kitchen. The show starts in the streets of a town, where the host and a cook knock on doors to find a suitable apartment with willing inhabitants. Once the location is found, the cook creates a new meal using only what’s in the fridge while the host snoops around in the apartment to discover intimate details. The residents are actively involved in the process of cooking and get first hand tips, new ideas and inspiration from the well renowned cook. The residents will also lead the host through the apartment answering all kinds of impudent questions revealing some domestic secrets. Finally the residents may invite some guests to join for a spectacular dinner. This show has a different mood, atmosphere and voyeuristic appeal to other cookery shows, being on-site in their homes and showing how people live and cook.



The coolest quiz show on TV
THE SHOW Pop culture meets posh culture in this brand new quiz format with great youth appeal. The Deadly Knowledge Show tests anything and everything that is interesting, clever and amusing in a series of funny and fast-moving rounds. It’s got great gameplay, new ways of asking questions and is full of twists. HOW IT WORKS Two teams of two contestants go head-to-head in a series of four rounds. Round One is ‘Four Play’ where all four contestants play and each question has four possible answers. Players can also nominate the opposition to answer questions – if they get it wrong you receive some of their points, but if they answer correctly, they’ll take some of yours. Round Two is an exciting solo round called ‘Deadly Dilemma’ and one person from each team plays. It’s like quick-fire multiple-choice where the answers stay the same but each question is different. These two rounds are then repeated but with extra twists: all points are doubled, and in the second Four Play round the contestants’ buzzers are cheekily rewired. The winning team plays the final prize round: The Masters of Deadly Knowledge. In the final round, one contestant from the winning team faces six famous names – the ‘Masters of Deadly Knowledge’. Some are famous intellectuals and others are popular culture celebrities – for example, Shakespeare, Jennifer Aniston, Einstein and David Beckham. The more questions on each Master the team gets right, the better prize they win. It’s proof that knowledge is power…
GENRE: Daily Quiz LENGTH: 30 minutes BROADCASTER: Channel 4 (UK) RIGHTS HOLDER: Princess Productions CONTACTS: Sebastian Scott Princess Productions Phone: +44 207 985 1902 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



A new dimension to the classic game of numbers…
GENRE: Funky entertainment show LENGTH: 30 x 60 minutes BROADCASTER: TV2 Zulu (Denmark), pilot in the UK, in production for Spain. RIGHTS HOLDER: STV Television CONTACTS: Marianne Hansen – STV Television Phone: +45 70 27 53 00 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Zulu Bingo is a fast, furious and fun Bingo Show for young people. Zulu Bingo brings a completely new dimension to the classic game of numbers. Zulu Bingo is a live transmission where you can never be sure of what’s going to happen next. It’s a huge success on TV 2 ZULU in Denmark. The Bingo numbers are pulled out in unusual and amusing ways. How many grams of horse manure will a tough man rub in his hair? How many cigarettes can a beautiful woman stuff in her mouth? How long can a person stand wearing a mask filled with worms? The studio audience also participates in the competitions. Will someone in the audience dare to lick a very old and stinking cheese that was brought into the studio when the first program was aired - 40 weeks ago? In every program a celebrity is invited to the studio, entering through the famous golden closet. The guest then has to throw an item; two kilos of minced pork, a big fish or similar, at a running tombola and in that way pick up the next number in the Bingo game. Viewers can also join in the Bingo at home. The Bingo cards are available on the Internet free of charge and once a viewer has completed a line they can call the studio and participate in even more games to win hilarious prizes. A viewer once won a jet plane that was transported to his backyard in front of his stunned neighbours.

Zulu Bingo made 3 seasons in Denmark. A pilot has recently been produced for ITV in the UK for a series in 2006. Watch Zulu Bingo and see the future in television…



Dance talent search reality show
Bump n Grind is the hottest dance show for the teenage market. It’s a search to find the best young freestyle dancer in the country, who is rewarded with a contract with a professional dance company and a place in a pop music video. The search begins with two hour-long national auditions where we see all the best and worst entries. The best dancers are invited to a studio elimination show, where they are split into two rival camps: the Posh Camp and the Booty Camp. The series then follows a reality format, as the rival camps live together and perform different tasks every day to improve their dancing skills. By day they practice – everything from ballet to break-dancing, tap-dance to Tai Chi – and are toughened up by early starts and assault courses. By night they perform – in nightclubs, bars, outdoor events or auditions. They also go head-to-head in dance-offs and competitive events. Under the constant eye of the cameras, the rival camps live under very different conditions: the Posh camp live in luxury while the Booty Camp have to rough it. One judge looks after each camp – and they won’t spare the criticism if the dancers are not performing. After 4 weeks of living together (10 shows), there is a live studio final where the public votes for one overall winner. It’s packed with great characters making an emotional and dream-fulfilling journey. With cool moves, music and fashions, it has huge appeal with the teenage market, beating Friends to make it the biggest show for 16-24s in its 5pm slot.
GENRE: Reality/Talent Search LENGTH: 10 x 30 minutes and 60 minutes finale CHANNEL: Trouble (UK), second season aired in 2005 RATINGS: Bump n Grind was the No. 1 show with teens in the UK RIGHTS HOLDER: Princess Productions CONTACTS: Sebastian Scott Princess Productions Phone: +44 207 985 1902 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:



Eight couples in the ultimate race from Moscow to Peking
GENRE: Weekly adventure reality show LENGTH: 60 minutes BROADCASTER: VT4 (Belgium), Net5 (Netherlands), RTL (Germany), In production for France. RATINGS: 22% share (VT4), 8% (Net5) RIGHTS HOLDER: Kanakna Productions CONTACTS: Ludo Poppe – Kanakna Productions Phone: +32 27 05 10 10 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:

Eight couples set off from Moscow’s Red Square through the unknown territories of the Russian, Mongolian and Chinese mainland on a mission to reach Peking as fast as possible. The couples are given a mere two Euros a day to survive, yet despite their lack of funds the couples must travel, find food and places to sleep – all in a country where hardly anybody speaks anything but Russian. The contestants have no idea what awaits. They will have to cover a total of around 8000 km and the couple that reaches Beijing first wins.

The race is divided into ten stages, and each stage is a three-day journey. The backdrop for each stage is spectacularly different; from the plateau of the Volga river to the Ural mountains, from the endless green fields of Siberia to the savage Altai Gorge, all the way to Tian’an Men Square in Beijing. Halfway through each stage the contestants must face a grueling challenge, the winners of which are fast-forwarded in the race. At the end of each stage, time is translated into points and the last ranking couple is eliminated from the race. Upon arrival in Beijing two couples will remain, but only one can be the winner… Peking Express was created as an adventure reality series for the European market. It is an affordable alternative to the US format ‘The Amazing Race’. Focusing on the former Eastern Block, it is closer to the European heritage. Peking Express makes sure that the countries crossed are a real part of the show. The discovery of an unknown world is part of the format. Peking Express has made 3 successful series in Holland and Belgium and almost doubled the broadcaster’s share. M6 in France is currently producing an altered local version going from Paris to Peking, RTL in Germany has also made one season of the format. The routes used so far have been Moscow to Peking, Peking to Bombay and a third season is in pre-production, taking the route up the Mekong river in South East Asia.



14 courageous great challenge... one amazing voyage
In this series, fourteen contestants board a 16th century galleon for a forty day voyage where they will be tested with challenges and duties associated with living on the high seas. Drawing on skills they did not even realize they had, they will experience first hand the triumphs and tragedies associated with being part of a galleon’s crew. Every four days, the ship will arrive at a new destination where the contestants face a series of tests and challenges to determine which crew member will be stranded and the next to leave the game. As the end of the voyage approaches, the two remaining participants will face one final contest to determine the last crew member and ultimate winner of the show. For forty days, the fourteen participants will live together at sea only disembarking onto dry land to participate in the challenges leading to one contestant’s elimination. On board, they will sleep, eat and carry out crewmember duties assigned by the captain. In addition to living together under uncommon and adverse conditions, the crew must learn to endure the demanding physical responsibilities of running the ship, intense climate changes, abrupt and often uneasy motion of the sea, limited food supply and most importantly the mental games associated with playing the game. These are only some of the challenges with living On Board. Teamwork, endurance, determination, physical and mental strength. That is what it takes to be a crewmember in On board, a show that recreates Ferdinand Magellan’s amazing voyage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.
GENRE: Weekly Adventure/Reality Show LENGTH: 13 x 60 minutes, to be produced in 2006 RIGHTS HOLDER: Promofilm CONTACTS: Marcela Campos Promofilm Phone: +54 11 4779 6637 E-mail: Or: Sparks Network Phone: +46 8 55 60 93 82 E-mail:


ATM Grupa is the largest TV production company in Poland and is since 2004 a public company on the Polish stock market. ATM Grupa produces television programs, movies and works as a full service media and advertising house. Since the company was founded, ATM Grupa has produced numerous TV series, and soaps, reality shows and also developed a number of game shows that now are licensed internationally. Read more at

In Finland Sparks Network has two production companies, owned by the same media group as members; Crea Video and Moskito Television. Crea Video is one of the largest independent television production companies in Finland and part of the Varesvuo Partners Group. Moskito Television is a highly successful producer in Finland with a strong production record in both entertainment and fiction. Read more at:Read more at: and

Elephant & Cie, based in Paris, has had a remarkable development since it’s launch five years ago. Main productions include the very prestigious weekly magazine Sept á Huit on TF1 that ha s been on air since 1999 as well as the in house developed format Room 421. Elephant is known for high profile journalistic magazines and entertainment productions but is through Sparks diversifying in more genres. The company was founded by Thierry Bizot and the well-known presenter Emmanuel Chain.



Globomedia is the leading independent TV production company in Spain with more than 1.500 hours of airtime per year including fiction series, news magazines and entertainment formats. Globomedia productions have led the Spanish television ratings for the past decade and have been successfully adapted for the television markets in other European and American countries.


Kanakna Productions in Brussels has been highly successful in producing reality shows with local versions of Temptation Island, The Block, The Empire and Bachelor for The Netherlands and Belgium. Kanakna’s own format Peking Express has been a great success and is currently running for the third season in Holland & Belgium, one season in Germany and in production for France.

The MME MOVIEMENT Group is the result of MME Entertainment's acquisition of the production companies Filmpool and AllMedia in 2004. The new entity is the largest independent producer in Germany and a real powerhouse with offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne and major assignments for all German broadcasters.

Optimystix is a full service production house for advertising films, documentaries and television, with a solid track record in game shows, variety shows, children programs and fiction. They have expertise in developing original formats as well as adapting international formats to Indian tastes. Optimystix has excellent relationships with all major broadcasters in India and is so far the only production company with marketing experience and representation of international formats. Read more at



Princess Productions is one of the ten biggest television productions companies in the UK. Over the last nine years Princess has created and produced a wide range of innovative, must-see, award-winning and toprating programmes for all the major UK broadcasters as well as NBC, ABC and MTV in the United States. With a catalogue of successful shows including light entertainment, factual, reality and documentary, Princess has provided programmes for a variety of audiences.



Promofilm is an independent television production company specialized in entertainment, reality and variety. With head offices in Argentina and the United States and branches in Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, Promofilm has become one of the leading television production companies in Latin America and the Hispanic US. Promofilm is, together with Globomedia, part of Grupo Arbol, a Spanish holding company dedicated to the TV-industry.




STV Television is one of the most important production companies and also the fastest growing and the most profitable one in Denmark with offices in Odense and Copenhagen. STV is strong in factual entertainment, comedy, music productions, events and also in successfully producing foreign formats. The famous STV format Zulu Bingo has gained a lot of international interest and is currently in pre-production in several countries.



Titan Television is one of the leading independent production company in Sweden and has had a remarkable growth over the last year. Established in 1996, the company mainly produces talk shows, factual programmes, reality shows and entertainment shows. This year Titan is in production with 15 different series for all main Swedish broadcasters. Titan has also successfully produced several international formats.



Triangle Production, based in Rome, is one of the leading Italian independent producers. Triangle is currently is in production with the local adaptation of The Mole for Raidue several other entertainment shows but the company is also known as a successful special event producer in Italy. The Triangle format Hazard, aired on Raiuno, has been exported to France. Triangle is also distri-buting a number of top formats from Italian broadcaster Rai.



Zana Media is a joint venture between RingierTV and FaroTV. RingierTV is the leading independent producer in the German speaking part of Switzerland and is partnering together with FaroTV, an innovative format development company. RingierTV and FaroTV are producing a large number of shows, in a number of cases together with print publications. Read more at: and