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See Divine Mother blessing us all in Her Love

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day - February 2014 Newsletter
Dear Ones, Please pray for a little irl, Katelyn Crittenden, a e 2 of t!e Sa"ra#ento area, an$ for !er parents,

Kelly & Dave Crittenden. S!e went into t!e !ospital %e$nes$ay ni !t before &!an's i(in , 201), an$ !opefully will be release$ soon* The doctors discovered a rare immune system deficiency. Her platelets were (ery low* S!e !as a PICC line inserte$ in !er "!est for +V antibioti"s* &!ey e,pe"t it to stay in for #any #ont!s* + a# as'in all of t!e Healin Prayer -inistry to pray for !er for t!e ne,t #ont! to !elp s#oot! !er transition ba"' !o#e a ain, an$ ba"' to a so#ew!at nor#al life*

Please Choose an Affirmation on Cosmic Love for February:
I will behold God Himself bestowing on me His divine love through the love of all those who love me. In the temple of my earthly mother’s love I will worship the in arnated !ivine Mother’s love. All desire for love I will purify and satisfy in the sa red divine love of God. "eloved Infinite# I will $eep %hee ever imprisoned behind the strong walls of my undying love &hether or not %hou answerest my demands and prayers I shall go on loving %hee. ' (ather# tea h me to saturate my prayers with %hy love. %ea h me to reali)e %hy nearness behind the voi e of my prayer. I saturate myself with the perfume of %hy presen e and I wait to waft with the bree)e the aroma of %hy message of love to all. I $now that *ust behind the s reen of my love+demands God stands listening to the silent words of my soul.,
1 -etap!ysi"al -e$itations, by Swa#i .o anan$a, First /$ition, 10)21 Si,t! /$ition, 1022

Prayers For &rue an$ 3astin 3o(e
4y Para#!ansa .o anan$a Prayer to Attract a True ate

&o !elp us attra"t a true soul partners!ip, Para#!ansa .o anan$a offere$ t!e followin affir#ation, to be sai$ $aily after #e$itation5

Heavenly (ather# bless me that I hoose my life ompanion a ording to %hy law of perfe t soul union.
+f sai$ fait!fully an$ wit! $eep "on"entration for 6 #ont!s, you will #a neti7e your soul "o#panion, an$ if $rawn to t!e wron person, will per#it 8o$ to re#o(e t!at relations!ip fro# your life*

Prayer for !ncreasin"

arital #a$$iness

(ather# $eep me and my husband perfe tly united in body# mind and soul# and in ever+in reasing happiness by %hy perfe t law.
From Spiritual Relationships by Para#!ansa .o anan$a

%isuali&ation on Divine Love, 4y Para#!ansa .o


-y 'in $o# of lo(e #ust e,pan$* + !a(e lo(e$ #y bo$y #ore t!an anyt!in else* &!at is w!y + a# i$entifie$ wit! an$ li#ite$ by it* %it! t!e lo(e t!at + !a(e for t!e bo$y, + will lo(e all t!ose w!o lo(e #e* %it! t!e e,pan$e$ lo(e of t!ose w!o lo(e #e, + will lo(e t!ose w!o are #ine* %it! t!e lo(e for #yself an$ t!e lo(e for #y own, + will lo(e t!ose w!o are stran ers* + will use all #y lo(e to lo(e t!ose w!o $o not lo(e #e, as well as t!ose w!o lo(e #e* + will bat!e all souls in #y unselfis! lo(e* +n t!e sea of #y lo(e, #y fa#ily #e#bers, #y "ountry#en, all nations, an$ all "reatures will swi#* 9ll "reation, all t!e #yria$s of tiny li(in t!in s, will $an"e on t!e wa(es of #y lo(e* -Meditate# dwell on# and feel this.. /tory of /aint 0alentine# "y %imothy 1ret)mann -for all ages. God bless you all2 %han$ you for your servi e through prayer... 3ove in Him# Mary 1ret)mann

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