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INTRODUCTION The following list of Bible names is a compilation of material available in the best Concordances and Bible Dictionaries. It is a consensus of the meanings of Biblical names from many scholars. "In the multitude of counselors there is safety. (Pr. 11:14). EXPLANATORY NOTES The meaning of some Bible names is completely unknown, or is so doubtful that there is wide disagreement by Bible scholars. These names are not found in our list. If only two or three reference books give the same meaning to a certain Bible name, them we have indicated that the particular meaning given is very questionable, by means of a question mark used in two different ways: (1) Addi (ornament?) and (2) Pas-dammin border (or end) of blood (?). In the first example, the, word (or words) will be found enclosed between parentheses, and the last word is followed by a question mark, to indicate that the meaning given is not generally agreedor end are in parentheses, the question mark is placed between parentheses, to indicate that the whole meaning given border (or end) of blood (?) is not generally agreed upon. Words enclosed in parentheses, but not followed immediately by a question mark, are used in the following cases: (1) Abihu God is (my) father. The word (my) in parentheses indicates that this word is an alternate reading: i.e. God is father is the preferred meaning, but God is my father is also an acceptable meaning for the word Abihu. (2) Ahira brother of (or is) wickedness. In this case, the word or indicates that is may be substituted for of, so that the meanings are brother of wickedness, or brother is wickedness. (3) Gittites dwellers in Gath (winepress). In this case, the word (or words) enclosed in parentheses give the meaning of the Bible name which it follows. Alternate meanings indicated by the word or, but not enclosed in parentheses, signify that neither meaning is preferred. For example: Shaalbim cave or p lace of foxes. Cave of foxes, or place of foxes," are equally acce ptable meanings. Generally speaking, one Bible reference, giving book, chapter and verse, i.e. Gen.1:1 is given for each Bible name, to indicate that the name has the same meaning wherever used in the Bible, and reference given shows the first passage where the particular name is used. But, when one Bible name in English represents two or more words in the original, with separate meanings, then it is necessary to indicate in some way which references go with which meaning. For example, Abel (1) breath or vapor (Gen. 4:2); (2) meadow (only in 1Sa. 6:18 & 2Sa. 20:18). This indicates that there are two words in the original, having separate meanings, but which are represented in the English language by the one word, Abel. One meaning is meadow, and it means this only in 1Sa. 6:18 & 2Sa. 20:18. In all other references where Abel is found, it means breath or vapor, and the first reference where it has this meaning is in Gen 4:2. Ham black; (hot?) (Gen. 5:32) (but not in Gen. 14:5). This indicates that in Gen. 14:5 another word is used in the original, whose meaning is unknown, or so questionable that it is not given.

A Aaron Enlightened; shining (Ex. 4:14). Abaddon Destroyer; destruction (Rev. 9:11). Abagtha Father of fortune; giver of fortune (Es. 1:10). Abana Perennial; permanent; stony (2Ki. 5:12). Abarim Places (or regions) beyond (Nu. 27: 12). Abba Father (Mk. 14:36) . Abda Servant (1Ki. 4:6) . Abdeel Servant of God (Jer. 36:26). Abdi Servant (of Jehovah) (1Ch. 6:44). Abdiel Servant of God (1Ch. 5:15). Abdon Servile (Jos. 21:30). Abel (1) Breath or vapor (Gen. 4:2); (2) Meadow (only in 1Sa. 6:18 & 2Sa. 20:18). Abel-beth-maachah Meadow of the house of oppression (1Ki. 15:20). Abel-maim Meadow of the waters (2Ch. 16:4). Abel-meholah Meadow of the dance (Jdg. 7 :22). Abel-mizraim Meadow or mourning of Egypt (Ge.50:l1). Abe1-shittim Meadow of the acacias. (Nu.33:49). Abez White new, shining, gleam, conspicuous (Jos.19:20). Abi Fatherly; father (2Ki. 18:2). Abia Jehovah is father (2Ch. 3:10). Abiah .Jehovah is father (1Sa. 8:2). Abi-albon Father of strength (2Sa. 23:31). Abiasaph Father of gathering; My father has gathered (Ex. 6:24). Abiatbar Father of abundance (1Sa. 22: 20). Abib Green ear or ears of corn (Ex. 13: 4). Abida Father of knowledge; My father has knowledge (1Ch. 1:33). Abidah Father of knowledge; My father has knowledge (Ge. 25:4).

Abidan Father is Judge; father of judgment (or judge) (Nu. 1:11). Abiel God is my father; Strong father (1Sa. 9:1). Abiezer Father of he!p; father is help (Jos. 17:2). Abigail Father of joy or rejoicing (1Sa. 25:3). Abihai1 Father of power or might (Nu. 3:35). Abihu God is (my) father (Ex. 6: 23 ). Abihud Father of renown (1Ch. 8:3). Abijah Jehovah is father (1Ki. 14: 1). Abijam Father of the sea; father of light (1Ki. 14:31). Abllene Grassy meadow (Lu. 3:1). Abimael Father of Mael; (My father is God?) (Ge. 10:28). Abimelech Father of the king (Ge. 20:2). Abinadad Father of generosity; father is noble (1Sa. 7:1). Abinoam Father of pleasantness or grace (Jdg. 4:6). Abiram Exalted father; high father (Nu. 16:l). Abishag Father of error (1Ki. 1:3). Abishai Father of gift (1Sa. 26:6). Abishalom Father of peace; father is peace (1Ki. 15:2). Abishur Father of the wall; (father is) upright (1Ch. 2:28). Abital Father is dew; father of dew (2Sa 3:4). Abitub Father is goodness; father of goodness (1Ch. 8:11). Abiud Father of renown (Mt. 1:13). Abner Father of light; father is light (1Sa.14:50). Abraham Father of a multitude (Ge. 17:5). Abram High father; exalted father (Ge.11:26). Absalom Father is peace; father of peace (2Sa. 3:3) Accad Fortress; castle (Ge. 10:10). Aceldama Field of blood (Ac. 1:19). Achan Trouble; troubler (Jos.7:l). Achar Trouble; troubler (1Ch. 2:7). Achaz Possessor; he that possesses (Mt. 1:9). Achbor Rat (Ge. 36:38). Achim (God will establish?) (Mt. 1:14). Achor Trouble (Jos. 7:24). Achsa Anklet; (charmer?) (1Ch. 2:49). Achsah Anklet; (charmer?) (Jos. 15:16). Achshaph Fascination; enchantment (Jos. 11:1). Achzib Deceit; deceiver; (lie?) (Jos. 15:44). Adadah festival (Jos. 15:22). Adah Ornament; (beauty?) (Ge. 4:19). Adaiah Jehovah has adorned (2Ki. 22:1). Adam Man; human being; red (color of the earth) (Ge. 2:19). Adamah (red) land (Jos. 19:36). Adar (fire?) (when it refers to the month)(Jos15:3). Adbeel (miracle of God?) (Ge. 25:13). Addan Strong (Ezr. 2:59). Addi (ornament?) (Lu. 3:28). Addon Strong (Ne. 7:61). Ader Flock (1Ch. 8:15). Adiel Ornament of God (1Ch. 4:36). Adin (voluptuous?) (Delicate?) (Effeminate?) (Ezr. 2:15). Adithaim Double booty (Jos.15:36). Adlai Justice, righteousness (1Ch. 27:29). Admah Fortress; red earth (Ge. 10:19). Adna Pleasure (Ezr. 10:30). Adnah Pleasure (1Ch. 12:20). Adoni-bezek Lord of Bezek (lightning) (Jdg.l:5). Adonijah Jehovah is my Lord (2Sa. 3:4). Adonikam My Lord has risen or rises (Ezr. 2:13) Adoniram Lord of height; my Lord is exalted (1Ki. 4:6). Adoni-zedek (my) Lord is justice; Lord of justice (Jos.10:1). Adoraim Two hills; double honor (2Ch. 11:9). Adoram Lord of beights; my Lord is exalted (2Sa. 20:24). Adrammelech Splendor or honor of the king (2Ki.17:31). Adriel Flock of God (1Sa, 18:19). Adullam Justice of the people; (place of rest?) (Jos. 12:15). Adummim Red objects (Jos. 15:7). Aenon Fountains (Jn. 3:23). Agabus Locust (Ac. 11:28). Agag Flame (Nu. 24:7). Agar Flight (Ga. 4:24). Agee Fugitive (2Sa. 23:11). Agur Gatherer; collector (Pr. 30:1). Ahab Father's brother (uncle) (1Ki. 16:28). Aharah After or behind the brother (1Ch. 8:1). Aharhel After or behind the intrenchlllent (1Ch. 4:8).

Ahasai Protector; possessor (Ne.11:13) Ahasuerus King (Ezr. 4:6). Ahava (River?) (Ezr. 8:15) Ahaz Possessor; he that possesses (2Ki. 15:38). Ahaziah Jehovah has seized or possessed (1Ki. 22:40). Ahban Brother of intelligence (1Ch. 2:29). Aher Another; the one behind (1Ch. 7:12) Ahi Brotherly; (my) brother (lCh. 5:15). Ahiah Brother of Jehovah (1Sa. 14:3). Ahiam The mothers or fathers brother (2Sa. 23:33) Ahian Brotherly (1Ch. 7:19). Ahiezer Brother of help; brother is help; Brother who helps (Nu. 1:12). Ahihud (1) Brother of renown (or majesty) (Nu. 34:27). (2) Brother of mystery (1Ch. 8:7). Ahijah Brother of Jehovah (1Ki. 11:29). Ahikam My brother who rises up or stands (2Ki. 22:12) Ahi1ud Brother of one born; brother of birth (2Sa. 8 :16). Ahimaaz Brother of anger; (powerful brother?) (1Sa, 14:50). Ahiman Brother of (or is) a gift (Nu. 13:22). Ahimelech Brother of the king (1Sa. 21:1). Ahimoth Brother of death (1Ch. 6:25). Ahinadab Brother of liberality (1Ki. 4:14). Ahinoam Pleasant brother; brother of grace (1 Sa. 14:50). Abio Brotherly (2Sa. 6:3). Ahira Brother of (Oris) wickedness ( Nu. 1:15). Ahiram Brother is exalted (Nu. 26:38). Ahisamach Brother of support; brother has supported (Ex. 31:6). Ahishahar Brother of the dawn (1Ch. 7:10). Ahishar Brother of the singer; brother has sung (1Ki. 4:6). Ahitope1 Brother of folly (2Sa. 15:12). Ahitub Brother of goodness (1Sa. 14:3). Ah1ab Fertile place; fruitful (Jdg. 1:31). Ah1ai Oh that! Would that! (1Ch. 2:31). Aholah Her tabernacle (or tent) (Ezr. 23:4). Aholiab Tabernacle ( or tent) of his father (Ex.31:6) Aholibamah Tabernacle (or tent) of the high places (Ge. 36:2). Ahumai Brother of water (1Ch. 4:2). Ahuzam Possession; possessor (1Ch. 4:6) Ahuzzath possession (Ge. 26:26). Ai Heap (of ruins) (Jos. 7:2). Aiah Falcon; vulture (2Sa. 3:7). Aiath Heap (of ruins) (Is. 10:28). Ai.ja Heap (of ruins) (Ne. 11:3l). Aijalon Places of gazelles (or deer) (Jos. 21:24). Aijeleth Shahar Hind of the Morning (Ps.22.title). Ain Spring; eye (Nu. 34: 11). Aj Falcon; vulture (Ge. 36:24). Ajalon Place of gazelles (or deer) (Jos. 10:12). Akan Twisted (Ge. 36:27). Akkub Insidious (1Ch. 3:24). Akrabbim. - Scorpions (Nu.34:4). Alameth Covering; hiding (1Ch. 7:8). A1ammelach King's oak (Jos. 19:26). Alamoth Virgins; soprano (1Ch. l5:20). Alemeth Covering; hiding (1Ch. 6:60). Alexander Helper of men (Mk. 15:21). Aliah (Iniquity?); (sublimity?) (1Ch. 1:51). Aliam (Sublime?) (1Ch. 1:40). Allon Oak (Jos. 19:33). Allon-bachuth Oak of weeping (Ge. 35:8). Almon Hidden; hiding place (.Jos. 21:18). Almon-diblathaim Two hidden figcakes (Nu. 33:46) Aloth (mistresses?) (IKi. 4: 16). Alphaeus Changer; to change (Mat. 10:3). Alush Tumult (Ru. 33:13). Alvah (iniquity); (sublimity?) (Ge. 36:40). Alvan (sublime?) (Ge. 36:23). Amad A place (Jos. 19:26). Ama1 Labor; fatigue (1Ch. 7:35). Amam Gathering place (Jos. 15:26). Amama (secure?); (permanent?) (S of S. 4:8). Amariah Jehovah has promised or said (1Ch. 6:7) Amasa Burden; (burden-bearer?) (2Sa. 17:25). Amasai Burdensome (1Ch. 6:25). Amashai Burdensome (Ne. 11:13).

Amasiah Jehovah has burdened; burden of Jehovah (2Ch. 17:16) Amaziah Jehovah is strong; strength of Jehovah (2Ki. 12:21). Ami Worker; builder (Ezr. 2:57). Aminadab People of liberality; my people is liberal; (my people is noble?) (Mat 1:4). Amittai Truthful (2Ki. 14:25). Ammi My people (Hos 2:1). Ammiel People of God; (my people is strong?) (Nu. 13:12). Ammihud People of praise (Nu. 1:10). Amminadab People of liberality; my people is liberal; (my people is noble?) (Ex.6:23). Ammi-nadib My people is liberal (S of S. 6:12). Ammishaddai People of the Almighty (Nu. 1:12). Ammizabad My people is endowed; people of the gift giver; my people has given; dowry of the people (1 Ch. 27:6). Ammon A fellow-countryman; of the same race (Ge. 19:38). Amnon Faithful (2Sa. 3:2). Amok Deep (Ne. 12:7). Amon Worker; builder (1Ki. 22: 26). Amorite Mountaineer; highlander (Ge. 10: 16). Amos burden; (burden-bearer?) (Am. l:l). Amoz Strong (2Ki. 19:2). Amphipolis About the city; surrounded city (Ac. 17:1). Amp1ias Enlarged (Ro. 16:8). Amram (1) Exalted people (Ex 6:18) (2) Red (only in 1Ch. 1:41). Amzi Strength (1Ch. 6:46). Anab (Place of) grapes ( Jos. 11:21). Anah Answer; answering (Ge. 36:2). Anaharath Gorge (Jos. 19:19). Anaiah Jehovah has answered or answers (Ne. 8:4). Anak Long-necked; neck; collar (Nu. 13:22). Anan Cloud (Ne. 10:26). Anani Jehovah covers (with cloud) (1 Ch. 3:24). Ananiah Jehovah has covered (Ne. 3:23). Ananias Jehovah is gracious (Ac. 5:1). Anath Answer (Jdg. 3:31). Anathema Cursed (1Co. 16:22). Anathoth Answers (Jos. 21:18). Andrew Manly (Mat. 4:18). Andronicus Conqueror of men (Ro. 16:7). Anem Double fountain; two fountains (1Ch. 6:73). Aner Boy (Ge. 14:13). Aniam Lamentation of the people (1Ch. 7:19). Anim Fountains (Jos. 15:50). Anna Grace (Lu. 2:36). Annas Grace of Jehovah (Lu. 3: 2) Aphek Fortress; strength (Jos. 12:18). Aphekah Fortress; strength (Jos. 15:53). Aphik Fortress: strength (Jdg. 1:31). Aphrah Dust (Mic. 1:10). Apollyon Destroyer (Re. 9:11). Appaim Nostrils (1Ch. 2:30). Aquila Eagle (Ac. 18:2). Ar City (Nu. 21:15). Ara Lion (1Ch. 7 :38). Arab Ambush (Jos. 15:52). Arabah Wilderness; desert (Jos. 18:18). Arabia Wilderness; desert (1Ki. 10:15). Aiad Fugitive; wild ass (Nu. 21:1). Arah Wayfarer (1Ch. 7:39). Aram High place; high (Ge. 10:22). Aran Wild goat (Ge. 36:28). Ararat Hoy1 land (Ge. 8:4). Araunah (Jehovah is ) strong or firm (?) (2Sa. 24:16). Arba (four?) (Jos 14:15). Arbah (four?) (Ge. 35:27). Archelaus Prince of the people (Mat. 2:22). Archippus Master of horses (Col. 4:17). Ard (descendent?) (Ge. 46:21). Ardon Fugitive (1Chr. 2:18). Areli Heroic (Ge. 46: 16). Argob Stony (De. 3:4). Arieh Lion (2Ki. 15:25). Ariel Lion of God (Ezr. 8:16). Arimathaea Height (Mat. 27:57). Erich (lion-like?) (Ge. 14:1). Aristarchus Best ruler (Ac. 19:29). Aristobulus Best counselor (Ro. 16:10). Armenia Holy land (2Ki. 19:37). Armoni Of the palace (2Sa. 21:8). Arnan Active (1Ch. 3:21). Arnon Noisy or rushing (stream) (Nu. 21:13). Arod (mountain ass?) (Nu. 26:17). Arodi (mountain ass?) (Ge. 36:16). Aroer Naked; (ruins?) (Nu. 32:34). Artaxerxes Great king (Ezr. 4:7).

Aruboth (lattices?); (window?) (1Ki. 4:10). Arumah Height (Jdg. 9:41). Arvad Refuge for the wanderer (Eze. 27:8). Arza (of the) earth (?) (1Ki. 16:9). Asa Physician (1Ki. 15:8). Asahel God has made (2Sa. 2:18). Asahiah Jehovah has made (2Ki. 22:12). Asaiah Jehovah has made (1Ch. 4:36). Asaph He who gathers (2Ki. 18:18). Asareel God has bound or united (1Ch. 4:16). Asarelah Upright toward God (1Ch. 25:2). Asar Happy (Lu. 2:36). Ashan Smoke (Jos. 15:42). Ashbea I adjure (1Ch. 4:21). Ashchenaz (spreading fire?) (1Ch. 1:6). Ashdod Fortress; stronghold (Jos. 11:22). Asher Happy (Ge. 31:13). Ashke1on (migration?) (Jdg. 14:19). Ashkenaz (spreading fire?) (Ge. 10:3). Ashriel Vow of God (1Ch. 7:14). Ariel Made by God (1Ch. 4:35). Askelon (migration?) (Jdg. 1:18). Asriel Vow of God (Nu. 26:31). Assir Prisoner or captive (Ex. 6:24). Atad thorn (Ge. 50:10). Atarah Crown (1Ch. 2:26). Ataroth Crowns (Nu. 32:3). Athach Lodging place (1Sa, 30:30). Athiah (Jehovah has-helped?) (Ne. 11:4). Athaliah Jehovah is strong; afflicted by Jehovah (2Ki. 8:26). Athali Jehovah is strong; allicted by Jehovah (Ez. 10:28). Atroth Crowns (Nu. 32:35). Attai Timely, opportune (1Ch. 2:35). Augustus Venerable; august (Lu. 2:1). Aven Nothing; thing without value (Eze. 30:17). Avim (dwellers in ruins?) (Jos 18:23). Avims (dweller in ruins?) (De. 2:23). Avites (dwellers in ruins?) (Jos. 13:3). Avith (dweller in ruins?) (Ge. 36:35). Azaliah Jehovah has pardoned (2Ki. 22:3). B Bela consuming (Ge. 14:2). Belah - consuming (Ge. 46:21). Belial worthless; perversity (De. 13:13). Belshazzar Baal protects the king; (prince of Bel?) (Da. 5:1). Belteshazzar (perserve his life?) (Da. 1:7). Ben-ammi son of my people (Ge. 19:38). Benaiah Jehovah builds or has built (2 Sa.8:18). Bene-berak son of lightning (Jos. 19:45). Bene-jaakan sons of intelligence (Nu. 33:31). Ben-hadad son of Hadad (powerful?) (1 Kl. 15:18). Ben-hail son of strength (2 Ch. 17:7). Ben-hanan son of grace (I Ch. 4:20). Beninu our son (Ne. 10:13)a Benjamin son of the right hand (Ge. 35:18). Beno his son (I Ch. 24:26). Ben-oni son of my sorrow (Ge. 35:18). Azaniah (whom) Jehovah hears (Ne. 10:9). Azarel God has helped or helps (Ne. 12:36). Azarael God has helped or helps (1Ch. 12:6). Azariah God has helped or kept (1Ki. 4: 2). Azaz Strong (1Ch. 5:8). Azaziah .Jehovah is strong (1Ch. 15:21). Azekah Cultivated; plowed (Jos. 10:10). Azgad Strong in fortune (Ezr. 2:12). Aziel Jehovah strengthens (1Ch. 15:20). Aziza Strong (Ezr. 10:27). Azmaveth Death is strong; strength of death (2Sa. 23:31). Aznoth-tabor Peak (or ear) of Tabor (height) (Jos. 19:34). Azor (helper?) (Mat. 1:13). Azotus (fortress?) (Ac. 8:40). Azriel Help of God (1Ch. 5:24). Azrikam Help against (or of) the enemy (1Ch. 3:23). Azubah forsaken (1Ki. 22:42). Azur Helper; useful (Jer. 28:1). Azzah Strong (De. 2:23). Azzan Strong (Nu. 34:26). Azzur Helper; useful (Ne. 10:17).

Ben-zoeth son of Zoheth (strong) (I Ch. 4:20). Beon lord of dwelling (Nu, 32:3). Beor torch (Ge. 36:32). Bera (gift?) (Ge, 14:2). Berachah blessing (I Ch. 12:3). Berachiah Jehovah has blessed (I Ch. 6:39). Beraiah Jehovah created (I Ch. 8:21). Berechiah Jehovah has blessed (1 Ch. 3:20). Bered hail (Ge. 16:14). Beri (man of) a well (I Ch. 7:36). Beriah in evil; (difficulty?) (Ge. 46:17). Berith covenant (Jdg. 9:46). Bernice victory bringing (Ac. 25:13). Berodach - baladan Berodach (bold?) gave a son (2Ki. 20:12). Berothah (wells?);(cypresses?) (Eze. 47:16). Berothal (wells?);(cypresses?) (2 Sa. 8:8). Besai (domineering?) (Bzr. 2:49). Besodeiah in the counsel of Jehovah (Ne. 3:6). Besor cool (1 Sa. 30:9). Betah confidence (2 Sa. 8:8). Beten belly (Jos. 19:25). Bethel - house of the lord (Jos. 1:28). Beth-anath house of answers (or echoes) (Jos. 19:38). Beth-anoth house of answers (or echoes) (Jos. 15:59). Bethany house of dates (Mat. 21:17). Beth -arabah house of the desert (Jos. 15:6). Beth-aram house of the height (Jos.13:27). Beth-arbel house of God's ambush; (house of God's court?) (Ho. 10:14). Beth-aven house of vanity; house of idols (Jos. 7:2). Beth-azmaveth house of the strength of death (Ne. 7:28). Beth-baa1-seon house of the lord of dwelling (Jos. 13:17). Beth-barah house of the ford (Jdg. 7:24). Beth-berei house of ray making (1 Ch. 4:31). Beth-car house of pasture; house of the lamb (I Sa. 7:11). Beth-dagon house of Dagon (fishgod) (Jos. 15:41). Beth-diblathaim house of two fig cakes (Jer, 48:22). Beth-el house of God (Ge. 12:8). Beth-emek house of the valley (Jos. 19:27). Bether division; separation (S. of S. 2:17). Bethesda house of mercy (Joh. 5:2). Beth-ezel house of the side; (adjoining house?) (Mic. 1:11). Beth-gader house of the wall (I Ch. 2:51). Beth-gamul house of the weaned; (house of the camel?) (Jer. 48:23). Beth-haccerem house of the vineyard (Ne. 3:14). Beth-haran house of the heights (Nu. 32:36). Beth-hogla house of the partridge (Jos. 15:6). Beth-horon house of a hollow; (cave?) (Jos. 10:10). Beth-jeshimoth house of the deserts (Jos. 12:3). Beth-jesimoth house of the deserts (Nu. 33:49). Beth-lebaoth house of lionesses (Jos.19:6). Beth-lehem house of bread (Ge, 35:19). Beth-maachah house of oppression (2Sa. 20:14). Beth-marcaboth house of chariots.(Jos. 19:5). Beth-meon house of habitation (Jer. 48:25). Beth -nimrah house of sweet water; house of the leopard (Nu. 32:36). Beth-palet house of flight (Jos. 15:27). Beth-pazzez house of dispersion (Jos. 19:21). Beth-peor house of breach (De. 3:29). Beth-phage house of figs (Mat. 21:1). Beth-phelet house of flight (Ne. 11:26). Beth-rapha house of the giant (1 Ch. 4:12). Beth-rehob roomy house; house of the street (Jdg. 18:28). Bethsaida house of fishing or fish (Mat. 11:21). Beth-shan house of rest or safety (1 Sa. 31:10). Beth-shean house of rest or safety (Jos. 17:11). Beth-shemesh house of the sun (Jos. 15:10). Beth-shittah house of the acacia (Jdg. 7:22). Beth-tappuah house of apples (Jos. 15:33). Bethuel house of God; (dweller in God?) (Ge. 22:22).

Bethul house of God; (dweller in God?) (Jos. 19:4). Beth-zur house of rock (Jos. 15:58). Bethonim pistachio nuts (Jos. 13:26). Beulah married (Isa. 62:4). Bezaleel in the shadow (or protection) of God (Ex. 31:2). Bezek lightning; (breach?) (Jdg. 1:4). Bichri youthful; (first-born?) (2 Sa. 20:1). Bidkar (stabber?) (2Ki. 9:25). Bigtha given by fortune (Es. 1:10). Bigthan given by fortune (Es. 2:21). Bigthans given by fortune (Es. 6:2). Bigvai (happy?) (Ezr. 2:2). Bildad son of contention (Job. 2:11). Bilgah happiness; happy (1 Ch. 24:14) Bilgai Happiness; happy (Ne. 10:8). Bilhah modest; modesty (Ge. 29:29). Bilham modest; modesty (Ge. 36:27). Bimhal (circumcised?) (1 Ch. 7:33). Binnui building; (built?) (Ezr. 8:33). Birsha (of wickedness?) (Ge. 14:2). Bishlam (in peace?); (son of peace?) (Ezr. 4:7). Bithiah daughter of Jehovah (1 Ch. 4:18) Bithron divided place; gorge (2 Sa. 2:29). Bizjothjah contempt of Jehovah (Jos. 15:28). Blastus sprout (Ac. 12:20). Boanerges sons of thunder (Mk. 3:17). Boaz agility; (strength?) (Ru. 2:1). Bocheru youth; first-born (1 Ch. 8:38). Bochim weepers (Jdg. 2:1). Bohan thumb (Jos. 15:6). Booz agility; (strength?) (Mat. 1:5). Boscath stony; elevated land (2Ki. 22:1). Bozez shining(1 Sa. 14:4). Bozkath stony; elevated land (Jos. 15:39). Bozrah corral; enclosure (Ge. 36:33). Bukki (mouth of Jehovah?); (wasteful?) (Nu. 34:22). C Cabbon (mountainous?) (Jos. 15:40). Cabul (sterile?) (Jos 19:27). Caiaphas - depression (Mat. 26:3). Cain spear; acquisition (Ge. 4:1). Cainan (acquisition?) (Ge. 5:9). Calah (maturity?); (firm?) (Ge. 10:11). C Calcol sustenance (1 Ch. 2:6). Caleb dog; impetuous (Nu. 13:6). Caleb-ephratah fruitfulness of Caleb (1 Ch. 2:24). Calneh fortress (Ge.10:10). Calno fortress (Isa. 10:9). Calvery skull (Lu. 23:33). Cana (place of reeds?) (Joh. 2:1). Canaan low (land) (Ge. 9:18). Canaanite merchant; trafficker; pertaining to Canaan (Ge. 12:6). Canneh fortress (Eze. 27:23). Capernaum village of Nahum (comfort) (Mat. 4:13). Careah bold (2Ki. 25:23). Carmel fruitful place (Jos. 12:22). Carmi vine dresser (Ge. 46:9). Carpus fruit (2 Ti. 4:13).Casiphia (silvery?) (Ezr. 8:17). Cedron dark; turbid (Job. 18:1). Cenchrea millet (Ac. 18:18). Cephas stone (Job. 1:42). Chalcol sustenance (1Ki. 4:31). Chanaan low (land) (Ac. 7:11). Charashim craftsmen (1 Ch. 4:14). Chebar (great or large?) (Ezr. 10:30). Chelal complete; complement (Ezr. 10:35). Chelluh (completed?); (strong?) (Ezr. 10:35). Chelub basket (1 Ch. 4:11). Chelubai dog; Impetuous (1 Ch. 2:9). Chemosh subduer; (fore?) (Nu. 21:29). Chenaanah low (land); (humiliation?) (1Ki. 22:11). Chenani (firm?) (Ne. 9:4). Chenaniah (jehovah is firm?.(I Ch. 15:22). Chephar-haammonai village of the Ammonites(fellow-countrymen) (Jos. 18:24). Chephirah village (Jos. 9:l7). Bukkiah wasting of Jehovah (1 Ch. 25:4). Bui rain (1Ki. 6:38). Bunah discretion (1 Ch. 2:25). Bunni built (Ne. 9:4). Buz contempt (Ge. 22:21). Buzi (despised?) (Eze. 1:3).

D Dabareh pasture (Jos. 21:28). Dabbasheth camel's hump (Jos. 19:11). Daberath pasture (Jos. 19:12). Dagon fish (Jdg. 16:23). Dalaiah the Lord has freed (1 Ch. 3:24). Dalphon (dripping?) (Es. 9:7). Damaris (heifer?); (gentle?) (Ac. 17:34). Dan judge (Ge. 14:14). Daniel God is my judge (1 Ch. 3:l). Dannah (murmuring?) (Jos. 15:49). Dara pearl of wisdom (1 Ch. 2:6). Darda pearl of wisdom (1Ki. 4:31). Cherethims executioners (Eze. 25:16). Cherethites executioners (1 Sa. 30:14). Cherith passage; (cutting?) (1Ki. 17:3). Chesil fool; (fat?) (Jos. 15:30). Chesulloth fatness; (loins?) (Jos. 19:18). Chezib deceitful; lie (Ge. 38:5). Chidon javelin (I Ch. 13:9). Chilion pining; languishing (Ru. 1:2). Chimham longing; pining (2 Sa. 19:37). Chislon hope; strength; (confidence?) (Nu.34:2l). Chisloth-tabor sides of Tabor (height)(Jos. 19:12). Chium image; statue (Am. 5;26). Chloe green (grass) (1 Ch. 1:11). Chor-ashan Booking furnace (1 Sa. 30:30). Chozeba deceitful (1 Ch. 4:22). Christ anointed (Mat. 1:1).Chun (established?) (1 Ch. 18:8). Clement kind; merciful (Php. 4:3). Col-hozeh seer (Ne. 3:15). Conaniah (Johovah has sustained?) (2 Ch. 35:9) Cononiah (Jehovah has sustained?) (2 Ch. 31:12) Corban an offering to God (Mk. 7:11). Core baldness; bald; (ice?) (Jude 11 ). Coz thorn (1 Ch. 4:8). Cozbi false (Nu. 25:15). Crescens growing (2 Ti. 4:10). Crispus curly ; curled (Ac. 18:8). Cush black (Ge. 10:6). Cushan black (Hab. 3:7). Cushi black (2 Sa. 18:21). Cyrus sun (2 Ch. 36:22). E Ebal bald (moutain?) (Ge.36:23). Ebed servant (Jdg. 9:26). Ebed-melech king's servant (Jer. 38:7). Ebenezer stone of help (1 Sa. 4:1). Eber beyond (Ge. 10:21). Ebiasaph father of the assembly; my father has gathered (1 Ch. 6:23). Ecclesiasters the preacher. Ed testimony; witness (Jos. 22:34). Edar flack (Ge. 35:21). Eden delight (Ge. 2:8).Eder flock (Jos. 15:21). Edom red (Ge. 25:30). Edrei powerful; strong (Nu. 21:33). Dathan (of) a fountain (Nu. 16:1). David believed (Ru. 4:17). Debir (oracle?) (Jos. 10:3). Deborah bee (Ge. 35:8). Decapolis ten cities (Hat. 4:25)o Dekar (stab?) (1Ki. 4:9). Delaiah Jehovah has liberated (I Ch. 24:18). Delilah (languishing?) (Jdg. 16:4). Deuel known of God; (God knows?) (Nu. 1:14). Deuteronomy second law; repetition of the law, Diblaim two cakes (Ho. 1:3). Dibon wasting; pining (Nu. 21:30). Dibri (wordy?) (Le. 24:11). Didymus twin (Joh. 11:16). Diklah palm tree (Ge. 10:27). Dilean place of cucumbers (Jos. 15:38). Dimnah dung-heap (Jos 21:35). Dimon wasting; pining (Isa. 15:9). Dimonah wasting; pining (Jos. 15:22). Dinah Judged; (justice?) (Ge. 30:21). Diotrephes nourished by Jupiter (I2Jo.9). Dishan antelope (Ge. 36:21). Dishon antelope (Ge. 36:21). Dizahab region of gold (De. 1:1). Dodai loving (1 Ch. 27:4). Dodavah love of Jehovah (2 Ch. 20:37). Dodo loving (Jdg. 10:1). Doeg fearful; (timid?); (anxious?) (1 Sa. 21:7). Dophkah (cattle driving?) (Nu. 33:12). Dor habitation (Jos. 11:2). Dorcas gazelle (Ac. 9:36). Doehan two wells (Ge. 37:17). Dumah silence (Ge. 25:14). Dura circle (Da. 3:1).

Eglah heifer (2 Sa. 3:5). Eglaim two pools (1 Sa. 15:8). Eglon like a calf (Jos. 10:3). Ehud union; powerful (Jdg. 3:15). Eker (transplanted?) (1 Ch. 2:27). Ekron eradication ; rooting up (Jos. 13:3). Eladah God has adorned (1 Ch. 7:20). Elah oak (Ge. 36:41). Elasah God has made (Ezr. 10:22). Elath palm grove; forest of palm trees (De. 2:8). El-beth-el God of the house of God (Ge. 35:7). Eldaah whom God has called; (God of knowledge?) (Ge. 25:4). Eldad God has loved; (whom God loves?) (Nu.11:26). Elead God has testified; (whom God praises?) (1 Ch. 7:21). Elealeh God is exalted (Nu. 32:3). Eleasah God has made (1 Ch. 2:39). Eleazar God is helper; (God has helped?) (Ex. 6:23). El-elohe-Israel God, the God of Israel (Ge. 33:20). Eleph ox (Jos. 18:28). Elhanan God is gracious (2 Sa. 21:19). Eli high (1 Sa. 1:3). Eliab God is father; (God of the father?) (Nu.l:9). Eliada God knows; (whom God cares for?) (2 Sa. 5:16). Eliadah God knows; (whom God cares for?) (1Ki. 11:23). Eliah God is Jehovah (1 Ch. 8:27). Eliahba God hides or will hide; (whom God hides?) (2 Sa. 23:32). Eliakim God establishes; God raises up (2Ki. 18:18). Eliam (God of the people?); (God is kinsman?) (2 Sa. 11:3). Ellas God is Jehovah (Mat. 11:14). Eliasaph God has added; (whom Cod has added?) (Nu. 1:14). Eliashib God restores (1 Ch. 3:24). Eliathan God comes or has come (1 Ch. 25:4) Elidad God has loved; (whom God has loved?) (Nu. 34:21) Eliel God Is God (1 Ch. 5:24). Elienai towards Jehovah (are) my eyes (1 Ch. 8:20). Eliezer (my) God is help (Ge. 15:2). Ellhoenai my eyes are towards Jehovah (Ezr. 8:4). Elihoreph God of autumn?) (God rewards?) (1Ki. 4:3). Elihu God is he (1 Sa. 1:1). Elijah God is Jehovah (1Ki. 17:1). Elika (God rejects?) (2 Sa. 23:25). Elim trees or palm trees (Ex. 15:27). Elimelech (my) God is king (Ru. 1:2), Elioenai my eyes are towards Jehovah (1 Ch.3:23). Eliphal God has judged or Judges; judged by God (1 Ch. 11:35). Eliphalet God is (or of) liberation (2 Sa.5:16). Eliphaz (my) God is strength; (God of gold?) (Ge. 36:4). Elipheleh (God distinguishes?) (1 Ch. 15:18). Elphelet God is (or of) liberation (2 Sa. 23:34). Elizabeth God Is (her) oath; God of oath (Lu.l:5). Eliseus God is salvation (Lu. 4:27). Elisha God is salvation (1Ki. 19:16). Elishama God has heard; God is hearer (Nu. 1:10). Elishaphat God judges; God of judgment (2 Ch. 23:1). Elisheba God is (her) oath; God of oath (Ex. 6:23). Elishua God is salvation; (God is rich?) (2 Sa. 5:15). Eliud (God is majesty?); (God of majesty?) (Mat. 1:14). Elizaphan God protects (Nu. 3:30). Elizur God Is a rock (Nu. 1:5). Elkanah God creates; (God obtains?) (Ex.6:24). Elnaam God is (his) delight (1 Cb. 24:8). Elnathan (God is giver?) (2Ki. 24:8). Elon oak tree (Ge. 26:34). Elon-beth-hanan oak of the house of grace (1Ki. 4:9). Eloth palm trees; palm grove (1Ki. 9:26). Elpaal God acts; (God is reward?) (1 Ch. 8:11). Elpalet God is (or of ) liberation (1 Ch. 1:15). Eltekah God is its fear (Jos. 19:44). Eltekon (God is firm?); (foundation?) (Josl5:59). Eltolad (God begets?) (Jos. 15:30). Eluzai God is my strength; (God is defensive?); (God is praise?) (1 Ch. 12:5). Elymas magician; sorcerer (Ac 13:8). Elzabad God bestows; God has given (1 Ch. 12:12).

Elzaphan (God protects?) (Ex. 6:22). Emims terrors; the terrible (ones) (Ge. 14:5). Emmanuel God with us (Mat. 1:23). Emmaus hot springs (Lu. 24:13). Enam two fountains (Jos. 15:34). Enan having eyes; (springs?) (Nu. 1:15). En-dor fountain of Dor (dwelling) (Jos. 17:11). En-eglaim fountain of two calves (Eze. 47:10). En-gannim fountain of gardens (Jos. 15:34). En-gedi fountain of the kid (Jos. 15:62). En-haddah swift fountain (Jos. 19:21). En-hakkore fountain of the crier (Jdg. 15:19). En-hazor fountain of the village (Jos. 19:37). En-mishpat fountain of judgment (Ge. 14:7). Enoch dedicated; (instructed?); (teacher?) (Ge. 4:17). Enos human; man (Ge. 4:26). Enosh human; man (1 Ch. 1:1). En-rimmon fountain of a pomegranate (Ne 11:29). En-rogel fountain of the fuller (2 Sa. 17:17). En-shemesh fountain of the sun (Jos. 15:7). En-tappuah fountain of an apple (Jos 17:7). Epaenetus worthy of praise ; praised (Ro. 16:5). Epaphras (beautiful?) (Co. 1:7). Epaphroditus (beautiful?) (Php.2:25). Ephah darkness (Ge. 25:4). Epher calf; (gazelle?) (Gc. 25:4). Ephes-dammin boundary (or end) of blood (1 Sa. 17:1). Ephal judge; judgment (1 Ch. 2:37). Ephraim double fruitfulness (Ge. 41:52). Ephrain (fawn-like?); (calf-like?) (2 Ch. 13:19). Ephratah fruitfulness (Ru. 4:11). Ephrath fruitfulness (Ge. 35:16). Ephron (fawn-like?); (calf-like?) (Ge. 23:8). Er watcher; watchful (Ge. 38:3). Eran watcher; watchful (Nu. 26:36). Erastus beloved (Ac. 19:22). Erech (length?) (Ge. 10:10). Eri watcher; watching (Ge. 46:16). Esaias Jehovah has saved; Jehovah is helper; (salvation of Jehovah?) (Mat. 3:3). Esau hairy (Ge. 25:25). Esek contention (Ge. 26:20). Esh-baal man of Baal (1 Ch. 8:33). Eshcol cluster (of grapes) (Ge. 14:13). Eshean support (Jos. 15:22). Eshek oppression (1 Ch. 8:39). Eshtemoa (obedience?) (Jos. 21:14). Eshtemoh (obedience?) (Jos. 15:50). Eshton (rested?) (1 Ch. 4:11). Esrom fenced; walled (Mat. 1:3). Esther star (Es. 2:7). Etham place of hawk (or wild beasts) (Jdg. 15:8). Etham (boundary of the sea?) (Ex. 13:20). Ethan permanent; constant (1Ki. 4:31). Ethbaal with Baal (1Ki. 16:31). Ether abundance (Jos. 15:42). Ethiopia burned by the sun (Ge. 2:13). Ethan gift (1 Ch. 4:7). Ethni liberal (1 Ch. 6:41). Eubulus prudent (2 Ti. 4:21). Eunice victorious (1 Ti. 1:5). Euodias (good trip?) (Php. 4:2). Euroclydon (storm from the east?) (Ac.27:14). Eutychus fortunate (Ac. 20:9). Eve life; living (Ge. 3:20). Evi desire (Nu. 31:8). Exodus exodus; going out Ezar treasure (1 Ch. 1:38). Ezbai shining (1 Ch. 11:37). Ezekias Jehovah is strong; strength of Jehovah (Mat. 1:9). Ezekiel God will Strengthen (Eze. 1:3). Ezel separtion (1 Sa. 2O:l9). Ezem bone (1 Ch. 4:29). Ezer (1) treasure (in Ge. 36 and 1 Ch. 1) (2) help (1 Ch. 4:4). Ezion-gaber backbone of giant (Nu. 33:35). Ezion-gener backbone of a giant (1Ki. 9:26). Ezra help (1 Ch. 4:17). Ezri my help; help of Jehovah 1 Ch. 27:26). F Felix happy (Ac 23:24). Fortunatus fortunate 16:17).



G Gaal loathing (Jdg. 9:26). Gaash shaking (Jos. 24:30). Gaba hill (Jos. 18:24). Gabbai tax collector (Ne. 11:8). Gabbatha pavement; elevated place (Joh. 19:13). Gabriel man of God (Da. 8:16). Gad fortune; troop (Ge. 31:11). Gaddi fortunate (Nu. 13:ll). Gaddiel fortunate of God (Nu. 13:10). Gadi fortunate (2Ki. 15:14). Gaham to burn (Ge. 22:24). Gahar hiding place (Ezr. 2:47). Galal worthy (1 Ch. 9:15). Galeed the heap of the testimony (Ge. 31:47). Galilee circle (Jos. 20:7). Gallim heaps; fountains (1 Sa. 25:44). Gamaliel reward of God (Nu. 1:10). Gammadims warriors (Eze. 27:11). Gamul weaned; rewarded (1 Ch. 24:17). Gareb scabby (2 Sa. 23:38). Getam (burned valley?) (Ge. 36:11). Gath wine press (Jos. 11:22). Gath-hepher wine press of the well (2Ki. 14:25). Gath-rimmon wine press of the pomegranate (Jos. 19:45). Gaza strong (Ge. 10:19). Gazer (precipice?) (2 Sa. 5:25). Gazez shearer (1 Ch. 2:46). Gazzem devourer; devouring (Ezr. 2:48). Geba hill (Jos. 21:17). Gebal mountain (Ps. 33:7). Geber (valient) man (1Ki. 4:13). Gebim cisterns; ditches (Isa. 10:31). Gedaliah Jehovah is (or makes) great (2Ki. 25:22). Gedeon feller; cutter; (warrior?) (He. 11:32). Geder wall (Jos. 12:13). Gederah sheepfold (Jos 15:36). Gederoth sheepfolds (Jos. 15:41). Gederothaim sheepfolds (Jos. 15:36). Gedor wall (Jos. 15:58). Gehazi valley of sight or vision (2Ki. 4:12). Geliloth circles (Jos. 18:17). Gemalli camel driver; owner of camel (Nu. 13:12). Gemariah Jehovah has perfected (Jer. 29:3). Genesis beginning; generation. Genubath robbery (1Ki. 11:20). Gera a grain (Ge. 46:21). Gergesenes (dwellers in clay?) (Mat. 8:28). Gerizim (desert?) (De. 11:29). Gershom expulsion (Ex. 2:22). Gershon expulsion (Ge. 46:11). Geshur bridge (2 Sa. 3:3). Gesheri bridge (De. 3:14). Gethsemane oil press (Mat. 26:36). Geuel majesty of God (Nu. 13:15). Gezer (precipice?) (Jos 10:33). Giah breaking forth (as a fountain); fountain. (2 Sa. 2:24). Gibbar hero (Ezr. 2:20). Gibbethon high place (Jos 19:44); Gibea hill (1 Ch. 2:49). Gibeah hill (Jos. 15:57). Gibeon (city of?) the hill (Jos 9:3). Giblites dwellers in Gebal (mountain) (Jos. 13:5). Giddalti I have made great (1 Ch. 25:4). Giddel very great (Ezr. 2:47). Gideon feller; cutter; (warrior?) (Jdg. 6:11). Gideoni feller; (war-like?) (Nu. 1:11). Gidom feller; (desolation?) (Jdg. 20:45). Gihon stream (Ge. 2:13). Gilalai (dungy?); (heavy?) (Ne. 12:36). Gilboa bubbling spring (1 Sa. 28:4). Gilead rugged; hard (Ge. 31:21). Gilgal wheel (De. 11:30). Giloh exile (Jos. 15:51). Gimzo place of sycamore trees (2 Ch. 28:18). Ginath (protection?) (1Ki. 16:21). Ginnetho (gardner?) (Ne. 12:4). Ginnethon (gardner?) (Ne.I 10:6). Girgashite (dweller in clay?) (1 Ch. 1:14). Gittah-hepher wine press of the well (Jos.19:13). Gittaim two winepresses (2 Sa. 4:3). Gittites dwellers in Gath (winepress) (Jos. 13:3). Goath lowing (Jer. 31:39). Gob pit; hole (2 Sa. 21:18). Gog (mountain?) (1 Ch. 5:4). Golan (circles?); (captive?); (exiled?) (De.4:43) Golgatha place of a skull (Mat. 27:33). Goliath exile; exiled (1 Sa. 17:4). Gomer consummation; complete (Ge. 10:2). Gomorrah submersion (Ge. 10:19).

Gomorrha submersion (Mat. 10:15). Gozan (quarry?) (2Ki. 17:6). Gudgodah incision; (thunder?) (De. 10:7). Guni colored; (protected?) (Ge. 46:24). Gur Idon's whelp; (dwelling?) (2 Ki. 9:27). Gur-baal dwelling of Baal (2 Ch. 26:7). H Haahashtari messenger (1 Ch. 4:6). Habaiah Jehovah has hidden; (Jehovah has protected?) (Ear. 2:61). Habakkuk embrace (Hab. l:l). Habaziniah light of Jehovah (Jer. 35:3). Habor united; uniting (2 Ki. 17:6). Hachaliah darkness of Jehovah (Me, 1:1). Hachilah dark (1 Sa. 23:19). Hachmoni wise (1 Ch. 27:32). Hadad (Powerful?) (Ge. 36:35). Hadadezer (powerful help?) (2 Sa. 8:3). Hadad-rimmon (powerful pomegranate?) (Zec. 12:11). Hadar enclosure; (powerful?) (Ge. 25:15) Hadarezer (powerful help?) (2 Sa. 10:16). Hadashah new (Jos. 15:37). Hadassah - myrtle (Es. 2:7). Hadattah new (Jos. 15:25). Hadid sharp (Ezr. 2:33). Hadlai resting (2 Ch. 28:12). Hadoram Lord of heights (Ge. 10:27). Hagab locust (Ezr. 2:46). Hagaba locust (Ne. 7:48), Hagabah locust (Ezr. 2:45). Hagar flight (Ge. 16:1). Haggai festive (Ezr. 5:1). Haggi festive (Ge. 46:16). Haggiah feast of Jehovah (1 Ch. 6:30). Haggith festive (2 Sa. 3:4). Hai ruins; rubbish heap (Ge. 12:8). Hakkatan little (Ezr. 8:12). Hakkoz thorn (1 Ch. 24:10). Hakupha twisted (Ezr. 2:51). Halak smooth (Jos.11:17). Halbul (full of hollows?) (Jos. 15:58). Hali (Necklace?) (Jos. 19:25). Hallohesh the enchanter (Ne. 10:24). Halohesh the enchanter (Ne. 3:12). Han black; (hot:) (Ge. 5:32) (but not in Ge. 14:5). Hainan magnificent (Es. 3:1). Hamath fortress; walled (Nu, 13:21). Hammath warm springs (Jos. 19:35), Hammedatha (gift of the moon?) (Es. 3:1). Hammelech the king (Jer. 36:26), Hammoleketh the queen (1 Ch. 7:18), Hammon hot springs; hot (Jos. 19:28), Hammoth-dor hot springs of Dor (dwelling) (Jos. 21:32). Hamonah multitude (Eze. 39:16). Hamon-gog the multitude of Gog (mountain?) (Eze. 39:11). Hamor donkey (Ge. 33:19). Hamuel heat or wrath of God (1 Ch. 4:26). Hamul pitied (Ge. 46:12), Hamutal relative of the dew (2 Ki. 23:31). Hahameel God has favored (Jer. 32:7). Hanan merciful; kind (1 Ch. 8:23). Hananeel God has favored (Ne, 3:1). Hanani kind (1 Ki. 16:1). Hananiah Jehovah has favored (1 Ch. 3:19). Haniel grace or favor of God (1 Ch. 7:39). Hannah grace (1 Sa. 1:2). Hannathon favored (Jos. 19:14). Hanniel grace or favor of God (Nu. 34:23). Hanoch dedicated; (Initiated?) (Ge. 25:4). Hanun favored (2 Sa. 10:1). Haphraim two holes or pits (Jos. 19:19). Hara mountainous (1 Ch. 5:26). Haradah terror (Nu. 33:24). Harbona ass driver (Es. 1:10). Harbonah ass driver (Es. 7:9). Hareph (plucking?); (early-born?) (1 Ch. 2:51), Hareth thicket; weeds (1 Sa. 22:5). Harhaiah (dry?) (Ne. 3:8). Harhas poverty; shining (2Ki. 22:14). Harbur inflammation; (fever?) (Ezr. 2:51). Harim flat-nosed (1Ch. 24:8). Hariph autumn (rain?) (Ne. 7:24). Harod fear; terror (Jdg. 7:1). Haroeh seer (1Ch. 2:52).

Harosheth carving; cutting; (forest?) (Jdg. 4:2). Harsha artificer; (enchanter?) (Ezr. 2:52). Harum elevated ; exalted (1Ch. 4:8). Harumaph flat-nosed (Ne. 3:10). Haruz diligent (2Ki. 21:19). Hasadiah whom Jehovah loves; Jehovah is kind (1Ch. 3:20). Hasenuah thorny (1Ch. 9:7). Hashabiah whoa God considers (1Ch. 6:45). Hashbadana (solicitous judge?) (Ne. 8:4). Hashem (fat?) (1Ch. 11:34). Hasmonah fruitfulness (Nu. 33:29). Hashmonah (considerate?) (He. 3:11). Hashubah esteemed (1Ch. 3:20). Hashum rich (Ezr. 2:19). Hashupha naked; nakedness (Ne. 7:46), Hasrah poverty (2Ch. 34:22). Hassenaah thorny (Ne. 3:3). Hasshub (considerate?) (1Ch. 9:14). Hasupha naked; nakedness (Ezr. 2:43). Hatach (truth?) (Es. 4:5). Hathath terror (1Ch. 4:13). Hatipha captive; to capture (Ezr. 2:54). Hatita exploration; excavating (Ezr. 2:42). Hattil vacillating (Ezr. 2:57). Hattush assembled (1Ch. 3:22). Hauran land of caves (Eze. 47:16). Havilah sandy; (circle?) (Ge. 2:11). Havoth-jair villages of Jair (Jehovah enlightens) (Nu. 32:41). Hazael God sees (1Ki. 19:15). Hazaiah God sees or has seen (Ne. 11:5). Hazar-enan village of fountains (Nu. 34:9). Hazar-gaddah village of fortune (Jos. 15:27). Hazar-hatticon village of the midway (Eze. 47:16). Hazar-maveth village of death (Ge. 10:26). Hazar-shual fox village; jackal village (Jos. 15:28). Hazar-susah village of the horses (Jos. 19:5). Hazar-susim village of horses (1Ch. 4:31). Hazazon-tamar row of palm trees; (pruning of the palm tress?) (2Ch. 20:2). Hazelelponi (to shade the face?); (giving me shade?) (1Ch. 4:3). Hazerum villages (De. 2:23). Hazeroth villages (Nu. 11:35). Hazezon-tamat row of palm trees; (pruning of the palm tress?) (Ge. 14:7). Haziel vision of God (1Ch.23:9). Hazo seer; vision (Ge. 22:22). Hazor enclosure; (castle?) (Jos. 11:1). Heber (1) beyond (only in 1Ch. 5:13;8:22); (2) society (Ge. 46:17). Hebrew descendent of Heber (beyond) (Ge, 14:13). Hebron union; association (Ge. 13:18). Helah rust (1Ch. 4:5). Helam fortress (2Sa. 10:1 & 6). Helbah fruitfulness (fatness) (Jdg. 1:31). Helbon fruitful or fat (Eze. 27:18). Heldai (worldly?); (durable?) (1Ch. 27:15). Heleb fatness (fruitfulness); fat (fruitful) (2Sa. 23:29). Heled worldly (1Ch. 11:30). Helek portion (Nu. 26:30). Helem (dream?); (stroke?) (1Ch. 7:35). Heleph change (Jos. 19:33). Helez strength (2 Sa. 23:26). Heli high (Lu. 3:23). Helkai Jehovah (is) his portion (Ne. 12:15). Helkath portion (Jos. 19:25). Helkath-hazzurim (field of swords?);(field of rocks?) (2Sa. 2:16). Helon strong (Nu. 1:9). Hemam destruction; (furious?) (Ge. 36:22). Heman faithful (1Ki. 4:31). Hemath fortress: walled (1Ch. 2:55). Hemdan pleasant (Ge. 36:26). Hen grace (Zec. 6:14). Henadad favor of Hadad (powerful?) (Ezr. 3:9). Henoch dedicated; (instructed?); (teacher?)(1Ch. 1:3). Hepher pit; well (Nu. 26:32). Hephzi-bah my delight is in her (2Ki. 21.1). Heres sun (Jdg. 1:35). Heresh artificer; (silence!) (1Ch. 9:15). Hermon abrupt; (mountain peak?) (De. 3:8). Herod heroic (Mat. 2:1). Hesed favor ; mercy (1Ki. 4:10). Heshbon (intelligence?) (Nu. 21:25).

Heshmon fruitfulness (or fatness) (Jos.15:27). Heth terror (Ge. 10:15). Hethlon hiding place; (stronghold?)(Eze. 47:15). Hezeki strength of Jehovah (1Ch. 8:17). Hezeiah Jehovah is strong; strength of Jehovah (2Ki.16:20). Hezion vision (1Ki. 15:18). Hezir swine (1Ch. 24:15). Hezrai inclosure; walled (2Sa. 23:35). Hezro inclosure; walled (1Ch. 11:37). Hezron inclosure; walled (Ge. 46:9). Hiddai powerful (2Sa. 23:30). Hiel God lives (1Ki. 16:34). Hieraplois holy city (Col. 4:13). Hilen (strong place?) (1Ch. 6:58). Hilkiah portion of (or is ) Jehovah (2Ki 18:18). Hillel praising; he has praised (Jdg. 12:13). Hirah nobility; (splendor?) (Ge. 38:1). Hiram noble (2Sa. 5:11). Hittites sons of Heth (terror) (Ge. 15:20). Hivite village dweller (Ge. 10:17). Hizkiah Jehovah is strong; strength of Jehovah (Zep. 1:1). Hizkijah Jehovah is strong; strength of Jehovah (Ne. 10:17). Hobah beloved (Nu. 10:29). Hobah hiding place (Ge. 14:15). Hod splendor; majesty; glory (1Ch. 7:37). Hodaiah praise Jehovah; Jehovah is praise (1Ch. 3:24). Hodaviah praise Jehovah; Jehovah is praise (1Ch. 5:24). Hodesh new moon (1Ch. 8:9). Hodevah praise Jehovah; Jehovah is praise (Ne. 7:43). Hodiah majesy or splendor of Jehovah; (Jehovah is praise?) (1Ch. 4:19). Hodijah majesty or splendor of Jehovah; (Jehovah is praise?) (Ne. 8:7). Hoglah partridge (Nu. 26:33). Holon (sandy?) (Jos. 15:51). Homam destruction; (furious?) (1Ch. 1:39). Hophni pugilist (1Sa. 1:3). Hor mountain (Nu. 20:22). Horam elevated (Jos. 10:33). Horeb desert (Ex. 3:1). Harem sacred (Jos. 19:38). Hor-he-gidgad cavern of the cleft (Nu. 33:32). Hori cave dweller (Ge. 36:22). Horims cave dwellers (De. 2:12). Horites cave dwellers (Ge. 14:6). Hormah devoted (for destruction) (Nu. 14:45). Horonaim two caverns (Isa. 15:5). Hosah refuge (Jos. 19:29). Hosea salvation (Ho. 1:1). Hoshaiah Jehovah has saved (Ne. 12:32). Hoshama Jehovah hears or has heard (1Ch. 3:18). Hoshea salvation (De. 32:44). Hosanna save now; save we plead (Mat. 21:9). Hotham seal (1Ch. 7:32). Hothan seal (1Ch. 11:44). Hukkok decreed (Jos. 19:34). Hukok decreed (1Ch. 6:75). Hul circle (Ge. 10:23). Huldah weasel (2Ki. 22:14). Humtah lizard (Jos. 15:54). Hupham (protection?) (Nu. 26:39). Huppah covering (1Ch. 24:13). Huppim (protection?) (Ge. 46:21). Hur (Noble?) (Ex. 17:10). Huri weaver of linens (1Ch. 5:14). Hushah haste (1Ch. 4:4). Hushai hasty; hurrying (2Sa. 15:32). Husham haste (Ge. 36:34). Hushim (those who hurry?) (Ge. 46:23). Huzzab established; decreed (Na. 2:7). Hymenaeus God of marriage; (nuptial?) (1Ti. 1:20) I Ibhar thing chosen; chosen (2Sa. 5:15). Ibneiah Jehovah builds (1Ch. 9:8). Ibnijah Jehovah builds (1Ch. 9:8). Ibri hebrew (1Ch. 24:27). Ibzan illustation (Jdg. 12:8). Ichabod without glory (1Sa. 4:21). Idbash honeyed (1Ch. 4:3). Iddo timely: opportune (1Ki. 4:14), (but not in 1Ch.27:21; 2Ch.9:29; Ezr. 8:17). Idumaea red (Mk. 3:8). Idumea red (Isa. 34:5). Igal God will avenge or vindicate (Nu. 13:7). Igdaliah Jehovah is (or makes) great (Jer.35:4). Igeal God will avenge or vindicate (1Ch. 3:22). Iim ruins (Nu. 33:45). Ije-abarim ruins of Abarim (regions beyond) (Nu. 21:11). Ijon ruin (1Ki. 15:20).

Ikkesh perverse (2Sa. 23:26). Ilai supreme; exalted (1Ch. 11:29). Imla full; God fills (2Ch. 18:7). Imlah full; God fills (1Ki. 22:8). Immanuel God with us (Is. 7:14). Inner talkative (1Ch. 9:12). Imna God keeps back; whom God keeps back (1Ch. 7:35). Imnah prosperity (1Ch. 7:30). Imrah obstinate (1Ch. 7:36). Imri eloquent (1Ch. 9:4). Iphedeiah Jehovah sets free (1Ch. 8:25). Ir city(1Ch. 7:12). Ira watcher (2Sa. 20:26). Iram of a city; citizen (Ge. 36:43). Iri (of a city?);(watcher?) (1Ch. 7:7). Irijah Jehovah sees (Jer. 37:13). Ir-nahash city of a serpent (1Ch. 4:12). Iron (pious?); (fear?) (Jos. 19:38). Irpeel God heals; (resotred by God?) (Jos. 18:27). Ir-shemesh city of the sun (Jos. 19:41). Iru of a city; citizen (1Ch. 4:15). Isaac laughter (Ge. 17:19). Isaiah Jehovah has saved; Jehovah is helper; (salvation of Jehovah?) (2Ki. 19:2). Ishbah he praises; praising (1Ch. 4:17). Ishbak he leaves behind; leaving behind (Ge. 25:2). Ishbi-benob dweller in the high places (2Sa. 21:16). Ish-bosheth man of shame (2Sa. 2:8). Ishi (1) my husband (only in Ho. 2:16); (2) saving; salutary (1Ch. 2:31). Ishiah Jehovah lends; (whom Jehovah lends?) (1Ch. 7:3). Ishijab Jehovah lends; (whom Jehovah lends?) (Ezr. 10:31). Ishma desolate (1Ch. 4:3). Ishmael God hears; (whom God hears?) (Ge. 16:11). Ishmaiah Jehovah hears (1Ch. 27:19). Ishmerai Jehovah keeps (1Ch. 8:18). Ishod man of renown or glory (1Ch. 7:18). Ish-tob man of Tob (good) (2Sa. 10:6). Ishuah (level?); (resembling?) (Ge. 46:17). Ishuai (level?); (resembling?) (1Ch. 7:30). Ishui (level?); (resembling?) (1Sa. 14:49). Ismachiah Jehovah sustains (2Ch. 31:13). Ismaiah Jehovah hears (1Ch. 12:4). Israel he will reign with God; he that fights with God; God fights; soldier of God (Ge. 32:28). Issachar he will bring a reward; (hire?}(Ge. 30:18). Isshiah Jehovah lends; (whom Jehovah lends?) (1Ch. 24:21). Isuah (level?); (resembling?) (1Ch. 7:30). Isui (level?); (resembling?) (Ge. 46:17). Ithamar palm coast; (isle of palms?)(Ex. 6:23). Ithiel God with me (Ne. 11:7). Ithmah orphanage; bereavement (1Ch. 11:46). Ithra excellence; (abundance?) (2Sa. 17:25). Ithran excellent; (abundance?) (Ge. 36:26). Ithream the remnant of the people (2Sa.3:5). Ittah-kazin (time of a judge?) (Jos. 19:13). Izehar (anointed with) oil; (shining?) (Nu. 3:19). Izhar (anointed with) oil; (shining?) (Ex. 6:18). Izrahiah Jehovah shines or will shine (1Ch. 7:3). J Jaakan (intelligent?) (De. 10:6). Jaakobah supplanter (1Ch. 4:36). Jaala (mountain goat?) (Ne. 7:58). Jaalah (mountain goat?) (Ezr. 2:56). Jaalam (hidden?) (Ge. 36:5). Jaanai (responding?) (1Ch. 5:12). Jaare-oregim forests of the weavers (2Sa. 21:19). Jaasau (maker?) (Ezr. 10:37). Jaasiel (made by God ?) (1Ch. 27:21). Jaazaniah Jehovah hears (2Ki. 25:23). Jaazer useful; (Jehovah helps?) (Nu. 21:32). Jaaziah Jehovah consoles (1Ch. 24:26). Jaaziel God consoles (1Ch. 15:18). Jabal stream (Ge. 4:20). Jabbok pouring our; (emptying?); (flowing?) (Ge. 32:22). Jabesh dry (1Sa. 11:1).

Jabesh-gilead dry (place) of Gilead (rugged) (Jdg. 21:8). Jabez he causes sorrow (1Ch. 2:55). Jabin intelligent (Jos. 11:1). Jabneel God builds (Jos. 15:11). Jabneh building; God builds (2Ch. 26:6). Jachan troublous; afflicted (1Ch. 5:13). Jachin (he establishes?); (he strengthens?) (Ge. 46:10). Jacob supplanter (Ge. 25:26). Jada wise; knowing (1Ch. 2:28). Jaddus knowing; known (Ne. l0:21). Jadon judge (Ne. 3:7). Jael mountain goat (Jdg. 4:17). Jagur lodging; shelter (Jos. 15:21). Jah he who has exietence in himself (contraction of Jehovah) (Ps. 68:4), Jahath union (1Ch. 4:2). Jahaz trodden down (Nu. 21:23). Jahaza trodden down (Jos. 13:18). Jahazah trodden down (Jos. 21:36). Jahaziah Jehovah sees (Ezr. 10:15). Jahaziel God sees (1Ch. 12:4). Jahdai guided by Jehovah (1Ch. 2:47). Jahdiel God makes happy; (union with God?) (1Ch. 5:24). Jahdo union (1Ch. 5:14). Jahleel hope in God (Ge. 46:14). Jahmai (Jehovah protects?) (1Ch. 7:2). Jahzah the threshing floor; trodden down (1Ch.6:78). Jahzeel God distributes (Ge. 46:24). Jahzerah Jehovah brings back (1Ch. 9:12). Jahziel God distributes (1Ch. 7:13). Jair (1) he enlightens (Nu. 32:41); (2) forest (only in 1Ch. 20:5). Jairus he enlightens (Mk. 5:22). Jakan (intelligent?) (1Ch. 1:42). Jakeh pious (Pr. 30:1). Jakim Jehovah raises up (1Ch. 8:19). Jalon lodging; shelter (1Ch. 4:17). James supplanter (Mat. 4:21). Jamin right hand (Ge. 46:10). Jamlech Jehovah makes to reign (1Ch. 4:34). Janoah rest; quietness (2Ki. 15:29). Janohah rest; quietness (Jos. 16:6). Janum light and tranquil sleep (Jos. 15:53). Japhia bright (Jos. 10:3). Japhlet he will deliver (1Ch. 7:32). Japhleti he will deliver (Jos. 16:3). Japho beauty (Jos. 19:46). Jarah honey (1Ch. 9:42). Jareb cententious (Ho. 5:13). Jared descent (Ge. 5:15). Jaresiah God sustains or feeds (1Ch. 8:27). Jarib adversary (1Ch. 4:24). Jarmuth elevation (Jos. 10:3). Jaroah new moon (1Ch. 5:14). Jashen sleeping (2Sa. 23:32). Jasher upright (Jos. 10:13). Jashobeam the people return (1Ch. 11:11). Jashub he returns (Nu. 26:24). Jashubi-lehem returning to Lehem (bread) (1Ch. 4:22). Jasiel (made by God?) (1Ch. 11:47). Jason (healing?); (to cure?) (Ac. 17:5). Jathniel God gives (1Ch 26:2). Jattir (eminent?); (excellence?) (Jos. 15:48). Jazer useful; (Jehovah helps?) (Nu. 32:1). Jaziz (shining?) (1Ch. 27:31). Jearim forests (Jos. 15:10). Jeberechiah Jehovah blesses (Isa. 8:2). Jebus trodden under (Jdg. 19:10). Jebusite pertaining to Jebus (Ge. 10:16). Jecamiah Jehovah rises up (1Ch. 3:18). Jecholiah Jehovah enables (2Ki. 15:2). Jechonias Jehovah establishes (Mat. 1:11). Jecholiah Jehovah enables (2Ch. 26:3). Jeconiah Jehovah establishes (1Ch. 3:16). Jedaiah (1) Jehovah knows (1Ch. 9:10); (2) Jehovah praises (only in 1Ch. 4:37 and Ne. 3:10). Jediael known of God; God knows (1Ch. 7:6). Jedidah beloved (2Ki. 22:1). Jedidiah beloved of Jehovah (2Sa. 12:25). Jeduthun praising; who gives praise (1Ch. 9:16). Jeezer Father is help (Nu. 26:30). Jegar-sahadutha heap of witness (Ge. 31:47). Jehaleleel he praises God (1Ch. 4:16).

Jehalelel he praises God (2Ch. 29:12). Jehdeiah Jehovah makes happy; (union of Jehovah?) (1Ch. 24:20). Jehezekel God is strong; God strengthens (1Ch.24:16). Jehiah Jehovah lives (1Ch. 15:24). Jehiel God lives (1Ch. 15:18). (but not in 1Ch. 9:35 and 11:44). Jehleli God lives (1Ch. 26:21). Jehizkiah Jehovah is strong; strength of Jehovah (2Ch. 28:12). Jehoadah Jehovah adorns (1Ch. 8:36). Jehoaddan Jehovah pleases (2Ki. 14:2). Jehoahaz Jehovah holds or has (2Ki. 10:35). Jehoash (Jehovah sustains?) (2Ki. 11:21). Jehohanan Jehovah is gracious (1Ch. 26:3). Jehoiachin Jehovah establishes (2Ki. 24:6). Jehoiada Jehovah knows (2Sa. 8:18). Jehoiakim Jehovah rises up or establishes (2Ki. 23:34). Jehoiarib Jehovah will contend (1Ch. 9:10). Jehonadab Jehovah is liberal or generous (2Ki. 10:15). Jehonathan Jehovah has given (1Ch. 27:25). Jehoram Jehovah is exalted; exalted by Jehovah (I Ki. 22:50). Jehoshabeath Jehovah has sworn; Jehovah is an oath (2Ch. 22:11). Jehoshaphat Jehovah judges; Jehovah is judge (2Sa. 8:16). Jehosheba Jehovah has sworn; Jehovah is an oath (2Ki. 11:2). Jehoshua Jehovah saves (Nu. 13:16). Jehoshuah Jehovah saves (1Ch. 7:27). Jehovah self-existent one (Ex. 6:3). Jehovah-jireh the Lord will provide (Ge. 22:14). Jehovah-nissi Jenovah is my banner (Ex. 17:15). Jehovah-shalam the Lord is peace (Jdg. 6:24). Jehozabad Jehovah has given or bestowed (2Ki.12:21). Jehozadak Jehovah is just (1Ch. 6:14). Jehu Jehovah is He (1Ki. 16:1). Jehubbah hidden (I Ch. 7:34). Jehucal Jehovah is able or potent (Jer. 37:3). Jehud praise (Jos. 19:45). Jehudi jew (Jer. 36:14). Jehudijah Jewess (1Ch. 4:18). Jehush (gathering?); (hurried?) (1Ch. 8:39). Jeiel (caught up by God?); (treasure of God?) (1Ch. 5:7). Jekabzeel (God gathers?) (Ne. 11:25). Jekameam (he unites or raises a people?) (1Ch. 23:19). Jekamiah Jehovah rises up (1Ch. 2:41). Jekuthiel (reverence towards God?) (1Ch. 4:18). Jemima dove (Job. 42:14). Jemuel day of God (Ge. 46:10). Jephthae He opens, or will open (Jdg. 11:1). Jephunneh (prepared for the way?); (for whom away is prepared?) (Nu. 13:6). Jerah moon (Ge. 10:26). Jerahmeel God has mercy or compassion (1Ch. 2:9). Jered descent (1Ch. 1:2). Jeremai elevated; (dwelling in the heights?) (Ezr. 10:33) Jeremiah Jehovah establishes (2Ki. 23:31). Jeremias Jehovah establishes (Mat. 16:14). Jeremoth high places (1Ch. 8:14). Jeremy Jehovah establishes (Mat. 2:17). Jeriah (built by Jehovah?) (1Ch. 23:19). Jeribai contentious; (Jehovah defends?) (1Ch. 11:46). Jericho fragrant place; moon city (Nu. 22:1). Jeriel founded by God (1Ch. 7:2). Jerijah (built by Jehovah?) (1Ch. 26:31). Jerimoth high places (1Ch. 7:7). Jerioth curtains (1Ch. 2:18). Jeroboam (the people will contend?); (he contends for the people ?); (whose people are many?)(1Ki. 11:26). Jeroham beloved; (mercy?) (1Sa. 1:1). Jerubbaal Baal contends against him (Jdg. 6:32). Jerubbesheth contender with the idol (or with shame) (2Sa. 11:21). Jeruel founded by God (2Ch. 20:16). Jerusalem founded in peace (Jos. 10:1). Jerusha possession; possessed (2Ki. 15:33). Jerushah possession; possessed (2Ch. 27:1).

Jesaiah Jehovah has saved or is salvation (1Ch.25:3) Jeshanah old (2Ch. 13:19). Jesharelah upright toward God (1Ch. 25:14). Jeshebeab dwelling of the father (1Ch. 24:13). Jesher uprightness (1Ch. 2:18). Jeshimon desert (Nu. 21:20). Jeshishai aged (1Ch. 5:14). Jeshohalah humbled by Jehovah (1Ch. 4:36). Jeshua Jehovah is salvation; Jehovah saves (2Ch. 31:15). Jeshuah Jehovah is salvation; Jehovah saves (1Ch. 24:11). Jeshurun upright (De. 32:15). Jesiah Jehovah lends: (whom Jehovah lends?) (1Ch. 12:6) Jesimiel God establishes (1Ch. 4:36). Jesse Jehovah is or exists (Ru. 4:17). Jesui (level?); (resembling?) (Nu. 26:44). Jesurun upright (Isa. 44:2). Jesus savior; Jehovah is salvation (Mat. 1:1). Jether excellence; abundance; preeminent (Jdg.8:20). Jethlah high; (suspended?) (Jos. 19:42). Jethro excellence (Ex. 3:1). Jetur inclosed (Ge. 25:15). Jeuel (caught up by God?); (treasure of God?) (1Ch. 9:6). Jeush Jehovah hastens (Ge. 36:5). Jeuz counsellor (1Ch. 8:10). Jezaniah (Jehovah hears?) (Jer. 40:8). Jezebel chaste; not married (1Ki. 16:31). Jezer formation (Ge. 46:24). Jeziah Jehovah sprinkles; (Jehovah assembles?) (Ezr. 10:25). Jeziel assembly of God (1Ch. 12:3). Jezliah Jehovah frees (1Ch. 8:18). Jezoar (shiny?) (1Ch. 4:7). Jezrahiah Jehovah shines or will shine (Ne.12:42). Jezreel God sows (Jos. 15:56). Jibsam fragrant; (agreeable?) (1Ch. 7:2). Jidlaph tearful; he cries (Ge. 22:22). Jimna prosperity (Nu. 26:44). Jimnah prosperity (Ge. 46:17). Jiphtah he opens (Jos. 15:43). Jiphthah-el God opens (Jos. 19:14). Joab Jehovah is father (1Sa. 26:6). Joah Jehovah is brother (2Ki. 18:18). Joahaz Jehovah holds or has (2Ch. 34:8) . Joanna Jehovah has favored (Lu. 3:27). Joash (Jehovah sustains?) (Jdg. 6:11). Joatham Jehovah is perfect or upright (Mat. 1:9). Job hated; persecuted (Job. 1:1) (but not in Ge. 46:13). Jobab howling (Ge. 10:29). Jochebed Jehovah is glory or glorious (Ex. 6:20). Joed Jehovah is witness (Ne. 11:7). Joel Jehovah is God (1Sa. 8:2). Joelah (Jehovah helps?) (1Ch. 12:7). Joezer Jehovah is help (1Ch. 12:6). Jogbehah elevated (Nu. 32:35). Jogli exiled (Nu. 34:22). Joha Jehovah revives or lives (1Ch. 8:16). Johanan Jehovah is gracious (2Ki. 25:23). John Jehovah is gracious (Mat. 3:1). Joiada Jehovah knows (Ne. 12:10). Joiakim Jehovah raises or establishes (Ne. 12:10). Joiarib Jehovah will contend (Ezr. 8:16). Jokdeam burning of the people (Jos. 15:56). Jokim Jehovah rises up or establishes (1Ch. 4:22). Jokmeam (may Jehovah raise up a people?) (1Ch. 6:68). Jokneam possessed by the people (Jos. 12:22). Jokshan bird catcher (Ge. 25:2). Joktan small; made little (Ge. 10:25). Joktheel subdued by God; (reverence to God?) (Jos. 15:38). Jona dove (Joh. 1:42). Jonadab Jehovah is liberal or generous (2Sa. 13:3). Jonah dove (3Ki. 14:25). Jonan (given by God?) (Lu. 3:30). Jonas dove (Mat. 12:39). Jonathan Jehovah has given (Jdg. 18:30). Joppa beauty (2Ch. 2:16). Jorah (watering?); (rain?) (Ezr. 2:18). Joram Jehovah is exalted; exalted by Jehovah (2Sa. 8:10). Jordan that descends (Ge. 13:10). Jorkoam spreading or extension of the people (1Ch. 2:44).

Josabad Jehovah has given or bestowed (1Ch. 12:4). Josaphat Jehovah judges or is judge (Mat. 1:8). Jose he adds; may he add (Lu. 3:29). Josedech Jehovah is just (Hag. 1:1). Joseph he adds; may he add (Ge. 30:24). Joses he adds; may he add (Mat. 13:55). Joshah Jehovah is a gift; (establisher?) (1Ch. 4:34). Joshaphat Jehovah judges or is judge (1Ch. 11:43). Joshaviah (Jehovah is sufficient?); (Jehovah is equality?) (1Ch. 11:46). Joshbekashah seated in hardness (1Ch. 25:4). Joshus Jehovah saves (Ex. 17:9). Josiah Jehovah heals; (Jehovah sustains?) (1Ki. 13:2). Josias Jehovah heals; (Jehovah sustains?) (Mat. 1:10). Josibiah Jehovah causes to dwell (1Ch. 4:35). Josiphiah Jehovah adds (Ezr. 8:10). Jotbah pleasantness; goodness (2Ki. 21:19). Jotbath pleasantness; goodness (De. 10:7). Jotbathah pleasantness; goodness (Nu. 33:33). Jotham Jehovah is perfect or upright (Jdg. 9:5). Jozabad Jehovah has given or bestowed (1Ch. 12:20). Jozachar Jehovah has remembered (2Ki. 12:21). Jozadak Jehovah is just (Ezr. 3:2). Jubal (music?); (stream?) (Ge. 4:21). Jucal Jehovah is able or potent (Jer. 38:1). Juda praise (Mat. 2:6). Judaea praise (Mat0 2:1). Judah praise (Ge. 29:35). Judas praise (Mat. 1:2). Jude praise (Jude. 1). Judea praise (Ezr. 5:8). Judith Jewess; (the praised one?) (Ge. 26:34). Julia (soft-hair?) (Ro. 16:15). Julius (soft-hair?) (Ac, 27:1). Jushah hesed goodness is rewarded (1Ch. 3:20). Justus just; upright (Ac. 1:23). Juttah extended (Jos. 15:55). K Kabzeel God assembles or unites (Jos. 15:21). Kadesb holy (Ge. 14:7). Kadesh-barnea sacred; holy place (Ge. 14:7). Kadmiel in the presence of God; (the Ancient?) (Ezr. 2:40). Kadmonites men of the east (Ge. 15:19). Kallai swift (Ne. 12:20). Kanah place of reeds (Jos. 16:8). Kareah bald (Jer. 40:8). Karkaa floor (Jos. 15:3). Karkor foundation; level place (Jdg. 8:10). Kartah city (Jos. 21:34). Kartan two cities; double city (Jos. 21:32). Kattath small (Jos. 19:15). Kedar dar; black (Ge. 25:13). Kedemah eastward (Ge. 25:15). Kedemoth beginnings; eastward parts (De. 2:26). Kedesh sanctuary (Jos. 12:22). Kedesh-naphtali sanctuary of Naphtali (my wrestling) (Jdg. 4:6). Kehelathah assembly (Nu. 33:22). Keilah (fortress?); (inclosure?) (Jos. 15:44). Kelaiah (Jehovah is light?) (Ezr. 10:23). Kelita dwarf (Ezr. 10:23). Kemuel assembly of God; raised by God (Ge. 22:21). Kenan (acquisition?) (1Ch, 1:2). Kenath possession (Nu. 32:42). Kenaz hunter; to hunt; hunting (Ge. 36:11). Kenezite pertaining to Kenaz (Nu. 32:12). Kenizzites pertaining to Kenaz (Ge. 15:19). Keren-happuch horn of eve paint; child of beauty (Job 42:14). Kerioth cities (Jos. 15:25). Keturah incense (Ge. 25:1). Kezia cassia (Job 42:14). Kibroth-hattaavah graves of the lustful (Nu. 11:34). Kibzaim two heaps (Jos. 21:22). Kinah lamentation (Jos. 15:22). Kir wall; fortress (2Ki. 16:9). Kir-haraseth fortress of bricks (2Ki. 3:25). Kir-hareseth fortress of bricks (Isa. 16:7). Kir-haresh fortress of bricks (Isa. 16:11). Kir-heres fortress of bricks (Jer. 48:31). Kiriathaim double city; two cities (Ge. 14:5). Kirioth cities (Am. 2:2).

Kirjath city (Jos. 18:28). Kirjathaim cities (Nu. 32:37). Kirjath-arba the city of Arba (the four?) (Ge. 23:2). Kirjath-arim the city of the woods (Ezr. 2:25). Kirjath-baal the city of Baal (Jos. 15:60). Kirjath-huzoth the city of streets (Nu. 22:39). Kirjath-jearim the city of the woods (Jos. 9:17). Kirjath-sannah city of palms or of scribes (Jos. 15:49). Kirjath-sepher city of the book or books (Jos. 15:15). Kish bow (1Sa. 9:1). Kishi (bow of Jehovah?) (1Ch. 6:44). Kishion har; hardness (Jos. 19:20). Kishon (1) winding (Jdg. 4:7). (2) hars; hardness only in Jos. 21:28). Kison winding (Ps. 83:9). Kithlish (fortified?) (Jos. 15:40). Kitron burning (Jdg. 1:30). Kohath assembly (Ge. 46:11). Kolaiah voice of Jehovah (Ne. 11:7). Korah baldness; bald; (ice?) (Ge. 36:5). Kore (1) partridge; crier (1Ch. 9:19), (2) baldness; bald; (ice?) (only in ICh. 26:19). Koz thorn (Ezr. 2:61). Kushaiah bow of Jehovah (1Ch. 15:17). L Laadah (order?) (1Ch. 4:21). Laadan order; placed in order (1Ch. 7:26). Laban white (Ge. 24:29). Lachish impregnable (Joe. 10:3). Lael consecrated to God (Nu. 3:24). Lahad oppression; (dark colored?) (1Ch. 4:2). Lahai-roi the Living One who sees me (Ge. 24:62). Laish lion (Jdg. 18:7). Lakum obstruction; fortification (Jos. 19:33). Lamech (vigorous?); (powerful?) (Ge. 4:18). Lapidoth torches (Jdg. 4:4). Lasha fissure (Ge. 10:19). Lasharon plain (Jos. 12:18). Lazarus God has helped (Lu. 16:20). Leah fatigued; wearied (Ge. 29:16). Lebana white (Ne. 7:48). M Maacah oppression (2Sa. 3:3). Maachah oppression (Ge. 22:24). Maadai ornament of Jehovah (Ezr. 10:34). Maadiah ornament of Jehovah (Ne. 12:5). Maai compassion; compassionate (Ne. 12:36). Maaleh-acrabbira ascent of scorpions (Jos. 15:3). Maarath desolation (Jos. 15:59). Maaseiah (1) work of Jehovah (1Ch. 15:18); (2) refuge of Jehovah (only in Jer. 32:12 and 51:59). Maasiai work of Jehovah (1Ch. 9:12). Maath (little?) (Lu. 3:26). Maaz anger (1Ch. 2:27). Maaziah (strength of Jehovah?) (1Ch. 24:18). Lebanah white (Ezr, 2:45). Lebanon white (De. 1:7). Lebaoth lionesses (Jos, 15:32). Lebbaeus courageous (Mat. 10:3). Lebonah incense (Jdg. 21:19). Lecah journey (1Ch. 4:21). Lehi jawbone (Jg, 15:9). Lemuel consecrated to God (Pr. 31:1). Leshem precious stone (Jos. 19:47). Letushim oppressed; hammered (Ge. 25:3). Leummim nations (Ge. 25:3). Levi joined; (adhesion?) (Ge. 29:34). Leviticus pertaining to the Levites.47 Libnah whiteness (Nu. 33:20). Libni white (Ex. 6:17). Likhi instructed (1Ch. 7:19). Linus linen (2Ti. 4:21). Lo-ammi not my people (Ho. 1:9). Lo-debar without pasture (2Sa. 9:4). Lo-ruhamah not pitied (Ho. 1:6). Lot covering (Ge. 11:27). Lotan covering (Ge. 36:20). Lubim (s) (people of a dry land?) (2Ch. 12:3) Lucifer light-bearer; shining one(Isa. 14:12). Lucius of light (Ac. 13:1). Luhith made of boards (Isa. 15:5). Luz almond tree (Ge. 28:19). Lycaonia (land of wolves?) (Ac. 14:6). Lycia (wolf.) (Ac. 27:5). Lysanias sorrow ended (Lu. 3:1).

Machbanai (thick?); (mantle?) (1Ch. 12:13). Machir sold (Ge. 50:23). Machnadebai (gift of the noble?) (Ezr. 10:40). Machpelah double (Ge. 23:9). Madai ornament of Jehovah (Ge. 10:2). Madian strife; contention (Ac. 7:29). Madmannah dunghill (Jos. 15:31). Madmen dunghill (Jer. 48:2). Madmenah dunghill (Isa. 10:31). Madon strife; contention (Jos. 11:1). Magdala tower (Mat. 15:39). Magdalene of Magdala (Mat. 27:56). Magdiel praise of God (Ge. 36:43). Magor-missabib fear on every side (Jer. 20:3). Magpiash moth killer (Ne. 10:20). Mahalah disease (1Ch. 7:18). Mahalaleel praise of God (Ge. 5:12). Mahalath (disease?); (instrument of music?) (Ge. 28:9). Mahali sickly; sick; weak (Ex. 6:19). Mahanaim two camps (Ge. 32:2). Mahaneh-dan camp of Dan (judge) (Jdg. 18:12). Maharai impeturous; hasty (2Sa. 23:28). Mahath grasping (1Ch. 6:35). Mahazioth visions (1Ch. 25:4). Maher-shalal-hash-baz the spoil hastens, the prey speeds (Isa. 8:1). Mahlah sickness; disease (Nu. 26:33). Mahli sickly; sick; weak (Nu. 3:20). Mahlon sickly; sick (Ru. 1:2). Mahol dancing; dance (1Ki. 4:31). Makaz end (1Ki. 4:9). Makheloth assemblies (Nu. 33:25). Makkedah place of shepherds (Jos. 10:10). Maktesh mortar (Zep. 1:11). Malachi my messenger; messenger of Jehovah (Mal. 1:1). Malcham their king (1Ch. 8:9). Malchiah Jehovah is king (1Ch. 6:40), Malchiel God is king (Ge. 46:17). Malchijah Jehovah is king (1Ch. 9:12). Malchirara (my) king is exalted (1Ch. 3:18). Malchi-shua king of (or is) help; king of height (1Ch. 8:33). Malchus king; governing; (counsellor?) (Joh. 18:10). Maleleel praise of God (Lu. 3:37). Mallothi (fulness?) (1Ch. 25:4). Malluch governing; counselor (1Ch. 6:44). Mamre strength; vigor (Ge. 13:18). Manaen consoler (Ac. 13:1). Manahath rest (Ge. 36:23). Manasseh one who makes to forget (Ge. 41:51). Manasses one who makes to forget (Mat. 1:10). Manoah rest (Jdg. 13:2). Maoch oppressed; oppression (1Sa. 27:2). Maon habitation (Jos. 15:55). Mara bitter (Ru. 1:20). Marah bitterness (Exo. 15:23). Maralah trembling (Jos. 19:11). Maran-atha our Lord cometh (or has cone) (1Co. 16:22). Mareshah peak; (possession?); (capital?) (Jos. 15:44). Maroth bitterness (Mic. 1:12). Marsena (worthy?) (Es. 1:14). Martha damsel (Lu. 10:38). Mary bitterness; rebellion (Mat. 1:16). Marshal entreaty (1Ch. 6:74). Masrekah vineyard (Ge. 36:36). Massa burden (Ge. 25:14). Massah trail; temptation (Ex. 17:7). Mathusala man of the dart (Lu. 3:37). Matred propelling (Ge. 36:39). Matri rainy (1Sa. 10:21). Mattan gift (2Ki. 11:18). Mattanah gift (Nu. 21:18). Mattaniah gift of Jehovah (2Ki. 24:17). Mattatha gift (Lu. 3:31). Mattathah gift (Ezr. 10:33). Mattathias gift of Jehovah (Lu. 3:25). Mattenai liberal (Exr. 10:33). Matthan gift (Mat. 1:15). Matthat gift (Lu. 3:24). Matthew gift of Jehovah (Mat. 9:9). Matthias gift of Jehovah (Ac. 1:23). Mattithiah gift of Jehovah (1Ch. 9:31). Mazzaroth the twelve signs of the zodiac. (Job. 38:32). Meah a hundred (Ne. 3:1). Mearah cave (Jos. 13:4). Mebunnai built (2Sa. 23:27). Medad love (Nu. 11:26). Medan contention; strife (Ge. 25:2). Medeba waters of quietness (Nu. 21:30).

Megiddo place of troops (Jos. 12:21). Megiddon place of troops (Zec. 12:11). Mehetabeel God blesses; God does good (Ne. 6:10). Mehetabel God blesses; God does good (Ge. 36:39). Mehida union (Ezr. 2:52). Mehir price (1Ch. 4:11). Mehujael wounded by God (Ge. 4:18). Mehuman faithful (Es. 1:10). Me-jarkon yellow waters (Jos. 19:46). Mekonah base, foundation (Ne. 11:28). Melatiah Jehovah delivers (Ne. 3:7). Melchi my king (Lu. 3:24). Melchiah Jehovah is king (Jer. 21:1). Merchisedec king of justice (Heb. 5:6). Melchi-shua king of justice (Ge. 14:18). Melea fulness (Lu. 3:31). Melech king (1Ch. 8:35). Melicu governing; counsellor (Ne. 12:14). Melzar steward; overseer (Da. 1:11). Memphis (place of the good one?) (Ho. 9:6). Menahem consoler (2Ki. 15:14). Meonenim enchanters (Jdg. 9:37). Meonothai my dwellings (1Ch. 4:14). Mephaath (beauty?) (Jos. 13:18). Mephibosheth that destroys shame (2Sa. 4:4) Merab increase (1Sa. 14:49). Meraiah rebellion (Ne. 12:12). Meraioth a rebel (1Ch. 6:6). Merari bitter (Ge. 46:11). Merathaim double rebellion; two rebellions (Jer. 50:21). Mered rebellion (1Ch. 4:17). Meremoth heights (Ezr. 8:33). Meres worthy (Es. 1:14). Meribah strife; contention (Ex. 17:7). Meribah-Kadesh contention of Kadesh (holy) (De. 32:51). Merib-baal striver against Baal (1Ch. 8:34). Merodach (bold?) (Jer. 50:2). Merodach-baladan Merodach gave a son (Isa. 39:1). Merom height (Jos. 11:5). Meroz azylum; refuge (Jdg. 5:23). Mesha (security?) (only in 2Ki. 3:4 and (1Ch. 2:42). Meshelemiah Jehovah recompenses (1Ch. 9:21). Meshezabeel freed by God (Ne. 3:4). Meshillemith recompense (1Ch. 9:12). Meshillenoth recompenses (2Ch. 28:12). Meshobab returned; restored (1Ch. 4:34). Meshullam friend; ally (2Ki. 22:3). Meshullemeth friend (2Ki. 21:19). Mesopotamia between the rivers (Ge. 24:10). Messiah anointed (Da. 9:25). Messias anointed (Joh. 1:41). Metheg-ammah bridle of Amman (metropolis or mother city) (2Sa. 8:1). Methussael man of God (Ge. 4:18). Methuselah man of the dart (Ge. 5:21). Meunim (dwelling?) (Ne. 7:52). Mezahab water of gold (Ge. 36:39). Miamin on the right hand (Ezr. 10:25). Mibhar select; chosen (1Ch. 11:38). Mibsam fragrant odor (Ge. 25:13). Mibzar fortress (Ge. 36:42). Micah (who is) like Jehovah? (Jdg. 17:1). Micaiah (who is) like Jehovah? (1Ki. 22:8). Micha (who is ) like Jehovah? (2Sa. 9:12). Michael (who is) like God? (Nu. 13:13). Miahah (who is ) like Jehovah? (1Ch. 24:24). Michaiah (who is) like Jehovah? (2Ki. 22:12). Michal stream (1Sa. 14:49). Michmas hidden (Ezr. 2:27). Michmash hidden (1Sa. 13:2). Michmethah hiding place (Jos. 16:6). Michri (precious?) (1Ch. 9:8). Middin measures; (extensions?) (Jos. 15:61). Midian strifer; contention (Ge. 25:2). Migdal-el tower of God (Jos.19:38). Migdal-gad tower of God (Jos. 15:37). Migdol tower (Ex. 14:2). Migron precipice; (thrown down?) (1Sa. 14:2). Mijamin on the right hand (1Ch. 24:9). Mikloth rods; staves (1Ch. 8:32).

Mikneiah possession of Jehovah (1Ch. 15:18). Milalai eloquent (Ne. 12:36). Milcah counsel; queen (Ge. 11:29). Milcom their king (1Ki. 11:5). Millo fulness; (rampart?) (Jdg. 9:6) Miniamin on the right hand (2Ch.31:15). Minnith (given?); (distribution?) (Jdg. 11:33). Miphkad appointed place; appointment (Ne. 3:31). Miriam bitterness; rebellion (Ex. 15:20). Mirma deceit (1Ch. 8:10). Misgab high fortress; height (Jer. 48:1). Mishael who is what God is? (Ex. 6:22). Mishal petition; prayer (Jos. 21:30). Misheal petition; prayer (Jos. 19:26). Mishma hearing (Ge. 25:14). Mishmannah fatness (1Ch. 12:10). Mispereth enumeration (Ne. 7:7). Misrephoth-main burnings of waters (Jos. 11:8). Mithcah sweetness (Nu. 33:28). Mizar little, small (Psa. 42:6). Mizpah watchtower (Ge. 31:49). Mizpar number; enumeration (Ezr. 2:2). Mizpeh watchtower (Jos. 11:3). Mizzah terror; fear (Ge. 36:13). Mnason (remembering?) (Ac. 21:16). Moab of the father (Ge. 19:37). Moadiah feast or assembly of Jehovah (Ne. 12:17). Moladah birth (Jos. 15:26). Molech king (Lev. 19:21). Molid begetter (1Ch. 2:29). Moloch king (Am. 5:26). Mordecai (small man?) (Ezr. 2:2). Moreh teach (Ge. 12:6). Moresheth-gath possession of Gath (winepress) (Mic. 1:14). Moriah Jehovah provides (Ge. 22:2). Mosera bond; prisons (De. 10:6). Moseroth bonds; prisons (Nu. 33:30). Moses drawn out of the waters (Ex. 2:10). Moza (going forth?); (fountain?) (1Ch. 2:46). N Naam pleasantness; satisfaction (1Ch. 4:15). Naamah pleasantness; satisfaction; pleasant (Ge. 4:22). Naaman pleasantness; satisfaction; pleasant (Ge. 46:21). Naarah a girl (1Ch. 11:37). Naarai young; youth (1Ch. 11:37). Naaran a girl (1Ch. 7:28). Naarath a girl (Jos. 16:7). Naashon enchanter (Ex. 6:23). Naasson enchanter (Mat. 1:4). Nabal foolish (1Sa. 25:3). Naboth fruits (1Ki. 21:1). Nachon prepared (2Sa. 6:6). Nachor snorting (one) (Jos. 24:2). Nadab liberal (Ex. 6:23). Nagge brilliant; splendor (Lu. 3:25). Nahalal pasture (Jos. 21:35). Nahaliel torrent-valley of God (Nu. 21:19). Nahallal pasture (Jo. 19:15). Nahalal pasture (Jdg. 1:30). Naham consolation (1Ch. 4:19). Nahamani compassionate; comforter (Ne. 7:7). Naharai snorting (one) (1Ch. 11:39). Nahari snorting (one) (2Sa. 23:37). Nahash serpent (1Sa. 11:1). Nahath rest (Ge. 36:13). Nahbi hidden (Nu. 13:14). Nahor snorting (one) (Ge. 11:22). Nahshon enchanter (Nu. 1:7). Nahum comforter; consolation (Na. 1:1). Nain pleasant; (pasture?) (Lu. 7:11). Naioth habitations (1Sa. 19:28). Naomi pleasant; my delight (Ru. 1:2). Naphish refreshment (Ge. 25:15). Naphtali (my) wrestling (Ge. 30:8). Narcissus narcissus; flower that stupefies (Ro. 16:11). Nathan gift; he gave (2Sa. 5:14). Nathanael gift of God (Joh. 1:45). Nathan-melech the king gave (2Ki. 23:11). Naum comforter; consolation (Lu. 3:25). Nazareth branch (Mat. 2:23). Nazarite separated; consecrated (Nu. 6:2). Neah descent (Jos. 19:13). Neapolis new city (Ac. 16:11). Neariah servant of Jehovah (1Ch. 3:22). Nebai fruitful (Ne. 10:19). Nebaioth heights (1Ch. l:29). Nebajoth heights (Ge. 25:13). Nebat look; aspect (1Ki. 11:26).

Nebo elevated; speaker (Nu. 32:3). Nedabiah Jehovah impels; Jehovah is generous (1Ch. 3:18). Nehemiah Jehovah comforts; consolation of Jehovah (Ezr. 2:2). Nehum consoled; comfort (Ne. 7:7). Nehushta bronze (2Ki. 24:8). Nehushtan (thing) of bronze (2Ki. 18:4). Neiel dwelling of God; (moved by God?) (Jos. 19:27). Nekeb cavern; the hollow (Jos. 19:33). Nemuel day of God (Nu. 26:9). Nepheg sprout (Ex. 6:21). Nephish refreshment (1Ch. 5:19). Nephishesim expansions (Ne. 7:52). Nephthalim (my) wrestling (Mat. 4:13. Nephtoah open (Jos. 15:9). Nephusim expansions (Ezr. 2:50). Ner light; lamp (1 Sa. 14:50). Neri light (or lamp) of Jehovah (Lu. 3:27). Neriah light (or lamp) of Jehovah (Jer. 32:12). Nethaneel gift of God (Nu. 1:8). Nethaniah Jehovah gave (2Ki. 25:23). Nethinims the given or dedicated (ones) (1Ch.9:2). Netophah distillation; action of dropping (Ezr. 2:22) Neziah illustrious; preeminent (Ezr. 2:54). Nezib (idol?) (garrison?) (Jos. 15:43). Nibshan (soft soil?) (Jos. 15:62). Nicanor conqueror (Ac. 6:5). Nicodemus victorious (among the people) (Joh. 3:1). Nicolaitanes followers of Nicolas (conqueror over the people) (Re. 2:6). Nicolas conqueror over the people (Ac. 6:5). Nicopolis city of victory (Tit. 3:12). Niger black (Ac. 13:l). Nimrah clear water (Nu. 32:3). Nirarim clear waters (Isa. 15:6). Nirashi drawn out (1Ki. 19:16). Nisroch (eagles?) (2Ki. 19:37). Noadiah Jehovah convokes (Ezr. 8:33). Noah (1) rest; comfort (Ge. 5:29)(2)movement (only in Nu. 26:33; 27:1; 36:11; Jos. 17:3). Nob height (I Sa. 21:1). Nobah barking (Nu. 32:42). Nod flight; pilgrimage (Ge. 4:16). Nodab nobility; noble (1Ch. 5:19). Noe rest; comfort (Mat. 24:37). Nogah shining; brightness (I Ch 3:7). Nohah rest (1Ch. 8:2). Non fish; (continuation?) (1Ch. 7:27). Noph (place of the good one?) (Isa. 19:13). Nophah blast of wind (Nu. 21:30). Numbers numbering. Nun fish; (continuation?) (Ex. 33:11). Nymphas (bridegroom?) (Col. 4:15). O Obaiah servant or worshipper of Jehovah (IKi. 18:3). Obed serving (Ru. 4:17). Obed-edom serving; (servant of) Edom (red) (2Sa. 6:10). Obil camel-driver (1Ch. 27:30). Oboth bottles (Nu. 21:10). Ocran afflicted; he who afflicts (Nu. 1:13). Og (round?) (Nu. 21:33). Ohad (union?); (Sower?) (Ge. 46:10). Ohel tent (I1Ch. 3:20). Omar eloquent; talkative (Ge. 36:11). On (1) sun (Ge. 41:45); (2) strength (only in Nu. 16:1). Onam strength; strong (Ge. 36:23). Onan strength; strong (Ge. 38:4). Onesimus useful; profitable (Col. 4:9). Onesiphorus bringing profit (2Ti 1:16). Ono strong (1Ch. 8:12). Ophel a hill (2Ch. 27:3). Ophni (man of the hill?); (the high place?)(Jos. 18:24). Ophrah fawn (Jos. 18:23). Oreb raven (Jdg. 7:25). Oren pine; ash (1Ch. 2:25). Orion (giant?); (strong?) (Job 9:9). Oman (strong?) (1Ch. 21:15). Orpah (wild goat?) (youthful freshness?) (Ru. 1:4). Osee salvation (Ro. 9:25). Oshea salvation (Nu. 13:8). Othni Jahovah is strength; powerful (1Ch. 26:7). Othniel God is (my) strength; powerful (Jos. 15:17). Ozem strength (1Ch. 2:15). Ozias strength of Jehovah (Mat. 1:8). Ozni attentive (Nu. 26:16).

P Paarai (open?) (2Sa. 23:35). Padan a plain (Ge. 48:7). Padan-aram plain of Aram (height) (Ge. 25:20). Padon redemption (Ezr. 2:44). Pagiel meeting with God (Nu. 1:13). Pahath-moab governor of Moab (of the father) (Ezr. 2:6). Pai screaming; bleating (1Ch. 1:50). Palal judge (Ne. 3:25). Pallu distinguished; famous (Ex. 6:14). Palti delivered; deliverance of Jehovah (Nu. 13:9). Paltiel God delivers (Nu. 34:26). Pamphylia (every tribe or race?) (Ac. 2:10). Parah heifer (Jos. 18:23). Paran place of caves (Ge. 21:21). Parmashta (superior?) (Es. 9:9). Parmenas constant; faithful (Ac. 6:5). Parosh a flea (Ezr. 2:3). Paruah (flowering?); (increase?) (1Ki. 4:17). Parvaim (the east?) (2Ch. 3:6). Pasach to divide; divider (1Ch. 7:33). Pas-dammim border (or end) of blood(?) (ICh. 11:13). Paseah lame (1Ch. 4:12). Pashur prosperity; liberation (1Ch. 9:12). Patrobas (fatherly?); (fathers life?) (Ro. 16:14). Pau bleating; screaming (Ge. 36:39). Paul small; little (Ac. 13:9). Paulus small; little (Ac. 13:7). Pedahel God saves or delivers (Nu. 34:28). Pedahzur rock saves or delivers (Nu. 1:10). Pedaiah Jehovah has saved or delivered (2Ki. 23:36). Pekah alert (2Ki. 15:25). Pekahiah Jehovah has observed or opened the eyes (2Ki. 15:22). Pekod visitation (Jer. 50:21). Pelaiah Jehovah has distinguished or honored (1Ch. 3:24). Pelaliah Jehovah has judged or judges (Ne. 11:12). Pelatiah Jehovah has delivered or saves; Jehovah delivers (1Ch. 3:21). Peleg division (Ge. 10:25). Pelet swiftness; (flight?) (1Ch. 2:47). Peleth liberation (Nu. 16:1). Peniel the face of God (Ge. 32:30). Peninnah coral (1Sa. 1:2). Pentecost fiftieth (day) (Ac. 2:1). Penuel the face of God (Ge. 32:31). Peor split, cleft (Nu. 23:28). Perazim breaches; divisions (Isa. 28:21). Peres divided (Da. 5:28). Peresh (dung?); (distinction?) (1Ch. 7:16). Perez breach; (break forth?) (1Ch. 27:3). Perez-uzza breach of Uzzah (strength) (1Ch. 13:11) Perez-uzzah breach of Uzzah (strength) (2Sa. 6:8) Pergamos (citadel?) (Re. 1:11). Perida kernel (Ne. 7:57). Peruda kernel (Ezr. 2:55). Peter stone; rock (Mat. 4:18). Pethahiah Jehovah has delivered or delivers; (Jehovah has opened or opens) (1Ch. 24:16). Pethuel (enlarged of God?) (Jos. 1:1). Peulthai (industrious?); (wages of God?) (1Ch, 26:5). Phalec division (Lu. 3:35). Phallu distinguished; famous (Ge. 46:9). Phalti delivered; deliverance of Jehovah (1Sa. 25:44). Phaltiel God delivers (2Sa. 3:15). Phanuel face of God (Lu. 2:36). Pharaoh (sun?); (great house?) (Ge, 12:15). Phares breach; (break forth?) (Mat. 1:3). Pharez breach; (break forth?) (Ge. 38:29). Pharisee separated (Mat. 3:7). Pharosh a flea (Ezr. 8:3). Pharpar swift (2Ki. 5:12). Phaseah lame (Ne. 7:51). Phenice palm tree (Ac 11:19). Phenicia palm tree (Ac. 21:2). Phichol mouth of all; (powerful?) (Ge. 21:22). Philadelphis brotherly love (Re. 1:11). Philemon loving; friendly (Phm. 1:1). Philetus amiable (2Ti. 2:17). Philip lover of (or fond of ) horses (Mat, 10:3). Phlistia migratory (Ps. 60:8). Philistim migratory (Ge. 10:14). Philistine migratory (Ge. 21:32). Philologus lover of words (Ro. 16:15). Phinehas (serpent's mouth?) (Ex. 6:25). Phlegon burning (Ro. 15:14).

Q R Raamah trembling (Ge. 10:7). Raamiah trembling before Jehovah; Jehovah makes to tremble (Ne. 7:7) Raamsas son of the sun (Ex. 1:11). Rabbah great (Jos. 13:25). Rabbath great (De. 3:11). Rabbi my master (Mat. 23:7). Rabbith multitude; populous (Jos. 19:2O). Rabboni my master (Joh. 20:16). Quartus fourth; four (Ro. 16:23). Phrygia dry (Ac. 2:10). Phurah branch or twig of a tree (Jdg. 7:10). Phuvah mouth (Ge. 46:13). Phygellus fugitive (2T. 1:15). Pi-hahiroth (place of seaweed?) (Ex. 14:2). Pilate armed with a javelin (Mat. 27:2). Pildash flame of fire (Ge. 22:22). Pileha (slice?) (Ne. 10:24). Piltai liberation (Ne. 12:17). Pinon (darkness?) (Ge. 36:41). Piram savage (Jos. 10:3). Pirathon leader (Jdg. 12:15). Pisgah (part); (division?) (Nu. 21:20). Pison flowing; (stream?) (Ge. 2:11). Pispah expansion (1Ch. 7:38). Pleiades grouping (Job 9:9). Pochereth trap (Ezr. 2:57). Pontus the sea (Ac. 2:9). Potiphar belonging to Ra (sungod) (Ge. 37:36). Poti-pherah belonging to Ra (sungod) (Ge. 41:45). Praetorium judgment hall (Mk. 15:16). Prisca ancient (2Ti. 4:19). Prlscilla ancient (Ac. 18:2). Prochorus choir director (Ac. 6:5). Psalms "Book of Praises" (in Hebrew). Pua mouth (Nu. 26:23). Puah (1) mouth (Jdg. 10:1); (2) splendour (only in Ex. 1:15). Publius common (Ac. 28:7). Pudens modest (2Ti. 4:21). Punon darkness (Nu. 33:42). Pur (to cast) a lot (Es. 3:7). Purim (to cast) lots (Es. 9:26). Puteoli wells (Ac. 28:13). Putiel afflicted of God (Ex. 6:25). Rab-mag chief magician (Jer. 39:3). Rab-saris chief eunuch (2Ki. 18:17). Rab-shakeh chief cup-bearer; chief (military) official (2Ki. 18:17). Rachab wide; large (Mat. 1:5). Rachal traffic; commerce (1Sa. 30:29). Rachel ewe (Ge. 29:6). Raddai to subdue or subjugate (1Ch. 2:14). Ragau friend (Lu. 3:35). Raguel friend of God (Nu. 10:29). Rahab (1) wide;large (Jos. 2:1); (2) violence (only in Ps. 87:4; 89:10; and Isa. 51:9). Raham compassion (1Ch. 2:44). Rahel ewe (Jer. 31:15). Rakem (the colors) combined; variegated (1Ch. 7:16). Rakkath bank; shore (Jos. 19:35). Rakkon (thinness?) (Jos. 19:46). Ram high; elevated (Ru. 4:19). Rama height (Mat. 2:18). Ramah height (Jos. 18:25). Ramath high places; heights (Jos. 19:8). Ramathaim-zophim double-height or two heights of Zophim (watchers) (1Sa. 1:1) Ramath-lehi hill or height of Lehi (jawbone) (Jdg. 15:17). Ramath-mizpeh high place or height of Mlzpeh (watch-tower) (Jos. 13:26). Rameses son of the sun (Ge. 47:11). Ramiah Jehovah is exalted (Ezr. 10:25). Ramoth heights (De. 4:43). Ramoth-gilead heights of Gilead (rugged;hard) (1Ki. 4:13). Rapha giant (1Ch. 8:2). Raphu healed (Nu. 13:9). Reaia Jehovah has seen (1Ch. 5:5). Reahiah Jehovah has seen (1Ch. 4:2). Reba fourth part (Nu. 31:8). Rebecca noose; (Ro. 9:10). Rebekah noose; (Ge. 22:23). Rechab rider (2Sa. 4:2). Rechah side (1Ch. 4:12). Reelaiah Jehovah makes to tremble (Ezr. 2:2). Regem friend (1Ch. 2:47). Regem-melech friend of the king (Zec. 7:2). Rehabiah Jehovah has enlarged or enlarges (1Ch. 23:17). Rehob roomy place; extension; street; (Nu. 13:21).

S Rehaboam He (or Jehovah) enlarges the people (1Ki. 11:43). Rehoboth roomy places; extensions (Ge. 10:11). Rehum compassionate; merciful (Ezr. 2:2). Rei friendly (1Ki. 1:8). Rekem (the color) combined; variegated (Nu. 31:8). Remaliah Jehovah had adorned or adorns (2Ki. 15:25). Remeth height; high place (Jos. 19:21). Remmon pomegranate (Jos. 19:7). Rephael God heals or has healed (1Ch. 26:7). Rephah riches (1Ch. 7:25). Rephaiah Jehovah has healed (1Ch. 3:21). Rephaim (s) giants; strong (Ge. 14:5). Rephidim (support?) (Ex. 17:1). Resen bridle (Ge. 10:12). Resheph flame (1Ch. 7:25). Reu friend (Ge. 11:18). Reuben behold a son (Ge. 29:32). Reuel friend of God (Ge. 36:4). Reumah lofty; raised (Ge. 22:24). Rezeph hot stone or coal (2Ki. 19:12). Rezia delight (1Ch. 7:39). Rezin (friend?) (2Ki. 15:37). Rezon prince (1Ki. 11:23). Rhegium breach (Ac. 28:13). Rhoda rose (Ac. 12:13). Rhodes rose (Ac. 21:1). Ribai contentious (2Sa. 23:29). Riblah fruitfulness (Nu. 34:11). Rimmon pomegranate (Jos. 15:32). Rimmon-parez pomegranate of the breach (Nu. 33:19). Rinnah a shout (1Ch. 4:20). Rissah ruin (Nu. 33:21). Rithmah broom or juniper (Nu. 33:18). Rizpah hot coal or stone (2Sa. 3:7). Roboam He (or Jehovah) enlarges the people (Mat. 1:7). Rogelim fullers (2Sa. 17:27). Rohgah outcry (I Ch. 7:34). Romamti-ezer I have lifted up a help (1Ch. 25:4). Rome strength (Ac. 2:10). Rosh head; chief (Ge. 46:21). Rufus red (Mk. 15:21). Ruhamah pitied (Ho. 2:1). Rumah high (place); height (2Ki. 23:36). Ruth friend; friendship (Ru. 1:4). Sabaoth hosts (Ro. 9:29). Sacar recompense; hire (1Ch. 11:35). Sadoc just (Mat. 1:14). Sala sprout (Lu. 3.:35). Salah sprout (Ge. 10:24). Salathiel I-have asked of God (1Ch. 3:17). Salcah pilgrimage; wandering (Jos. 12:5). Salchah pilgrimage; wandering (De. 3:10). Salem peace (Ge. 14:18). Salim peace; peaceful (Job. 3:23). Sallai (basket-maker?) (Ne. 11:8). Sallu heavy; (exalted?) (1Ch. 9:7). Salma clothing; garment (1Ch. 2:11). Salmon (l)clothing (Ru. 4:20); (2) shady (Ps. 68:14). Salome peace (Mk. 15:40). Salu heavy; (exalted?) (Nu. 25:14). Samaria watch-tower; watchman (1Ki. 13:32) (also:watch-mountain) Samlah clothing; garment (Ge. 36:36). Samos height (Ac. 20:15). Samson like the sun; strong (Jdg. 13:24). Samuel heard of God; God has heard (1Sa. 1:20) Sanballat (the moon-god gives life?) (Ne. 2:10) Sansannah palm branch (Jos. 15:31). Saph threshold (2Sa. 21:18). Saphir beautiful (Mic. 1:11). Sapphira beautiful (Ac. 5:1). Sara princess (Heb. 11:11). Sarah princess (Ge. 17:15). Saraph burning (1Ch. 4:22). Sarepta (place of refinement (Lu. 4:26). Sargon (he establishes the king;?) (Isa. 20:1) Sarid survivor (Jos. 19:10). Saron plain (Ac. 9:35). Sarsechim chief of the eunuchs (Jer. 39:3). Saruch branch; tendril (Lu. 3:35). Satan adversary (1Ch. 21:1). Saul asked for (Ge. 36:37). Secacah inclosure (Jos. 15:61).20) Sechu watch-tower; (1Sa. 19:22). Segub elevated; exalted (1Ki. 16:34). Seir rough; hairy (Ge. 14:6). Seirath woody; (rough?) (Jdg. 3:26). Sela rock (Isa. 16:1). Selah (1) pause; (elevation?) (Ps. 3:2) (2) rock (only in 2Ki. 14:7).

Sela-hammahlekoth rock or crag of divisions (1Sa. 23:28). Seled exultation (1Ch. 2:30). Sem name; renown (Lu. 3:36). Semachiah Jehovah supports (1Ch. 26:7). Semei famous (Lu. 3:26). Senaah thorny (Ezr. 2:35). Senah thorn (1Sa. 14:4). Senir peak; (coat of anas?) (1Ch. 5:23). Sennacherib the moon-god has increased the brothers (2Ki. 18:13). Senuah thorny (Ne. 11:9). Seorim barley (1Ch. 24:8). Sephar numbering (Ge. 10:30). Serah abundance (Ge. 46:17). Seraiah (soldier of Jehovah?) (2Sa. 8:17). Seraphims firey beings (Isa. 6:2). Sered fear (Ge. 46:14). Serug branch ; tendril (Ge. 11:20). Seth substituted; named; substitution (Ge. 4:25). Sethur hidden (Nu. 13:13). Shaalabbim cave or place of foxes (Jos. 19:42). Shaaraim two gates (1Sa. 17:52). Shaashgaz servant of the beautiful; servant of beauty (Es. 2:14). Shabbethai sabbath-born (Ezr. 10:15). Shage erring; wandering (1Ch. 11:34). Shaharaim double dawn; two dawns (1Ch. 8:8). Shahazimah heights; high places (Jos. 19:22). Shalem peace (Ge. 33:18). Shalim foxes (1Sa. 9:4). Shalisha trebled land; triple lands (1Sa. 9:4). Shallecheth casting out; felling (1Ch. 26:16). Shallum retribution; recompense (2Ki. 15:10). Shama hearing (1Ch. 11:44). Shamed destroyer; (guardian?) (1Ch. 8:12). Shamer destroyer; (guardian?) (1Ch. 6:46). Shamgar cupbearer (Jdg. 3:31). Shamhuth desolation (1Ch. 27:8). Shamir thorn (Jos. 15:48) (but not in 1Ch. 24:24). Shamma desolation (1Ch. 7:37). Shammah desolation (Ge. 36:13). Shammai desolation; desolate (1Ch. 2:28). Shammoth desolations (1Ch. 11:27). Shammua famous; fame (Nu. 13:4). Shammuah famous; fame (2Sa. 5:14). Shaphan rabbit (2Ki. 22:3). Shaphat judge; he has judged (Nu. 13:5). Shapher beauty (pleasantness?) (Nu. 33:23). Sharai Jehovah delivers; free (Ezr. 10:40). Sharaim two gates (Jos. 15:36). Sharar (firm?} (2Sa. 23:33). Sharezer protect the king (2Ki. 19:37). Sharon plain (1Ch. 5:16). Sharuben (dwelling of pleasure?) (Jos. 19:6). Shashai whitish (Ezr. 10:40). Shaul asked for (Ge. 46:10). Shaven plain (Ge. 14:5). Sheal request (Ezr. 10:29). Shealtiel I have asked of God (Ezr. 3:2). Sheariah (Jehovah esteems?) (1Ch. 8:38). Shear-jashub a remnant will return (Isa. 7:3.) Sheba (1) seven; oath (in Josh. 19:2; 2Sa. 20; 1Ch. 5:13); (2) beauty (Ge. 10:7). Shebah seven; oath (Ge. 26:33). Shebam fragrance; balsam (Nu. 32:3). Shebaniah Jehovah has grown (1Ch. 15:24). Shebarim ruins; breaches (Jos. 7:5). Sheber breach ;fracture (1Ch. 2:48). Shebna young, youth (2Ki. 18:18). Shebuel captive of God (1Ch. 23:16). Shecaniah Jehovah has dwelt (1Ch. 24:11). Shechaniah Jehovah has dwelt (1Ch. 3:21). Shechem shoulder (Ge. 33:18). Shedeur he who sends light (Nu. 1:5). Shehariah Jehovah has sought or seeks: Jehovah is the dawn (I Ch. 8:26). Shelah (l)request (Ge. 38:5) (2) sprout (only in 1Ch. 1:18). Shelemiah Jehovah recompenses (1Ch. 26:14). Sheleph extracting; drawing out; drawn out (Ge. 10:26). Shelesh triad; triple (1Ch. 7:35). Shelomi peaceable; peaceful (Nu. 34:27).

Shelomith peaceful; peacefulness (Le. 24:11). Shelomoth peaceful; peacefulness (1Ch. 24:22). Shelumiel peace of God; friend of God (Nu. 1:6). Shem name; renown (Ge. 5:32). Shema fame; rumor (Jos. 15:26). Shemaah fame; rumor (1Ch. 12:3). Shemaiah Jehovah has heard or hears (1Ki. 12:22). Shemariah (whom) Jehovah has guarded or guards (1Ch. 12:5). Shemer (guardian?) (1Ki. 16:24). Shemida renown of wisdom (Nu. 26:32). Shemidah renown of wisdom (1Ch. 7:19). Sheminith eight (1Ch. 15:21). Shemiramoth exalted name (1Ch. 15:18). Shemuel heard of God (Nu. 34:20). Shen tooth (1Sa. 7:12). Shenir peak; (coat of arms?) (De. 3:9). Shephatiah Jehovah judges or has judged (2Sa.3:4). Shephi baldness (1Ch. 1:40). Shepho baldness (Ge. 36:23). Shephuphan serpent (1Ch. 8:5). Sherah abundance (1Ch. 7:24). Sherebiah Jehovah has sent (his) heat (Ezr. 8:18). Sheresh root (1Ch. 7:16). Sherezer protect the king (Zec. 7:2). Sheshai six; mercy; flax; noble; whitish (Nu. 13:22). Shesan lily (1Ch. 2:31). Sheshbazzar - (fire-worshipper?) (Ezr. 1:8). Sheth substituted; named; substitution (Nu. 24:17). Shethar star (Es. 1:14). Shethar-boznai star of splendour (Ezr. 5:3). Sheva (vanity?) (2Sa. 20:25). Shibboleth ear of corn; stream (Jdg. 12:6). Shibmah fragrance; balsam (Nu. 32:38). Shicron drunkeness (Jos. 15:11). Shihon ruin (Jos. 19:19). Shihor black; turbid (1Ch. 13:5). Shihor-libnath (glass river?) (Jos. 19:26). Shilhi dart; (armed?) (1Ki. 22:42). Shilhim darts; (armed?) (Jos. 15:32). Shillem retribution; recompense (Ge. 46:24). Shiloah sent (Isa. 8:6). Shilah rest; tranquillity (Ge. 49:10). Shiloni dweller in Shilah (Ne. 11:5). Shilshah triad; triple (1Ch. 7:37) Shimea fame (1Ch. 3:5). Shimeah fame (2Sa. 13:3). Shimeam fame (1Ch. 9:38). Shimeath fame (2Ki 12:21). Shimei famous (Nu. 3:18). Shimeon hearing (Ezr. 10:31). Shimi famous (1Ch. 8:21). Shimi famous (Ex. 6:17). Shimma fame (1Ch. 2:13). Shimon (desert?) (1Ch. 4:20). Shimrath vigilance; guardian (1Ch. 8:21). Shimri watchful (1Ch. 4:37). Shimrith watchful (2Ch. 24:26). Shimrom watchman (1Ch. 7:1). Shimron watch-place; watchman (Ge. 46:13). Shimshai sunny (Ezr. 4:8). Shiphi abundant (1Ch. 4:37). Shiphrah beauty (Ex. 1:15). Shiphtan judge; judicial (Nu. 34:24). Shisha (shining?) (1Ki. 4:3). Shitrai Jehovah is arbitrating; (official?) (1Ch. 27:29). Shittim acacias (Nu. 25:1). Shoa rich (Eze. 23:23). Shobab rebel (2Sa. 5:14). Shobach pouring out (2Sa. 10:16). Shobai (carrying captive?); (captor?) (Ezr. 2:42). Shobal flowing (Ge. 36:20). Shobek abandoning; (abandoner?) (Ne. 10:24). Shobi carrying captive; captor (2Sa. 17:27). Shocho hedge (of thorns) (2Ch. 28:18). Shochoh hedge (of thorns) (1Sa. 17:1). Shoco hedge (of thorns) (2Ch. 11:7). Shoham onyx; beryl (1Ch. 24:27). Shomer watchman (2Ki. 12:21). Shophach pouring out (1C. 19:16). Shophan hidden; nakedness (Nu. 32:35). Shua riches (1Ch. 2:3). Shuah (1) pit; depression (in Ge. 25:2; 1Ch. 1:32 & 4:11); (2) riches (Ge.38:2-12) Shual jackal; fox (1Sa. 13:17). Shubael captive of God (1Ch. 24:20). Shuham depression (Nu. 26:42). Shulamite peaceful; tranquil (S. of S. 6:13).

Shunammite dweller of Shunem (1Ki. l:3). Shunem two resting places (Jos. 19:18). Shuni quiet (Ge. 46:16). Shupham serpent (Nu. 26:39). Shuppim serpents (1Ch. 7:12). Shur wall (Ge. 16:7). Shushan lily (Ne. 1:1). Sia assemble (Ne. 7:47). Siaha assembly (Ezr. 2:44). Sibbecai (thicket); (tangle?) (1Ch. 11:29). Sibbechai (thicket?); (tangle?) (2Sa. 21:18). Sibboleth ear of corn; stream (Jdg. 12:6). Sibmah fragrance; balsam (Jos. 13:19). Sibraim (two hill?); (hope?) (Eze. 47:16). Sichem shoulder (Ge. 12:6). Siddim plains (Ge. 14:3). Sidon fishing; (fishery?) (Ge.10:15). Sihon ruin (Nu. 21:21). Sihor black; turbid (Jos. 13:3). Silas wood; woody (Ac. 15:22). Silla highway (2Ki. 12:20). Siloah sent (Ne. 3:15). Siloam sent (Lu. 13:4). Silvanus wood; woody (2Co. 1:19). Simeon hearing (Ge. 29:33). Simon hearing (Mat. 4:18). Simri watchful (1Ch. 26:10). Sin mud; clay (Ex. 16:1). Sina thorny (Ac. 7:30). Sinai thorny (Ex. 16:1). Siphmoth bare or fruitful place. (1Sa. 30:28). Sirah retiral; departure (2Sa. 3:26). Sirion coat of mail; breastplate (De. 3:9). Sisamai distinguished; (fragrant?) (1Ch. 2:40). Sisera (order of battle?) (Jdg. 4:2). Sitnah enmity (Ge. 26:21). Skkims booth-dwellers (2Ch. 12:3). Smyrna myrrh (Re. 1:11). Socho hedge (of thorns) (1Ch. 4:18). Sochoh hedge (of thorns) (1Ki. 4:10). Socoh hedge (of thorns) (Jos. 15:35). Sodi secret (counsel) (?); (confidant?) (Nu. 13:10). Sodom place of burning (or line?) (Ge. 10:19). T Taanath-shiloh approach to Shiloh (rest) (Jos. 16:6). Tabbaoth rings (Ezr. 2:43). Tabeal God is good (Isa. 7:6). Tabeel God is good (Ezr. 4:7). Taberah fire (Nu. 11:3). Tabitha gazelle (Ac. 9:36). Tabor high; height (Jos. 19:22). Tabrimon Rimmon (pomegranate) is good (1Ki. 15:18). Tadmor palm (1Ki. 9:18). Tahan camp; place (Nu. 26:35). Tahrea astute; cunning (1Ch. 9:41). Talmai furrowed; furrow (Nu. 13:22). Talmon oppressed; oppressor (1Ch. 9:17). Tamah laughter (Ne. 7:55). Tamar palm (Ge. 38:6). Tammuz (son of life?) (Eze. 8:14). Tanhumeth consolation (2Ki. 25:23). Taphath drop (1Ki. 4:11). Tappuah apple (Jos. 12:17). Tarah place; station (Nu. 33:27). Taralah (reeling?) (Jos. 18:27). Tarea astute; cunning (1Ch. 8:35). Tatnai gift (Ezr. 5:3). Tebah slaughter (Ge. 22:24). Tebaliah Jehovah has immersed or purified (1Ch. 26:11). Tehinnah grace (1Ch. 4:12). Sodoma place of burning (or lime?) (Ro. 9:29). Solomon peace; peaceful (2Sa. 5:14). Sopater (the father who saves?); (saving a father?) (Ac. 20:4). Sophereth ascribe (Ezr. 2:55). Sorek choice vineyard (Jdg. 16:4). Sosipater (the father who saves?); (saving a father?) (Ro. 16:21). Sotai wanderer; he who roves (Ezr. 2:55). Stachys ear of corn (Ro. 16:9). Stephanas crowned; crown (1Co. 1:16). Stephen crowu (Ac. 6:5). Suah garbage swept (1Ch, 7:36). Succoth booths (Ge. 33:17). Succoth-benoth booths for the daughters (2Ki, 17:30). Susanna lily ( Lu. 8:3). Susi horseman (Nu. 13:11). Sychar drunken (Jon. 4:5). Sychem shoulder (Ac. 7:16). Syntyche (fortunate?) (Php. 4:2). Syria high land (Jdg. 10:6).

Tekoa (sound of) trumpet (1Ch. 2:24). Tekoah (sound of) trumpet (2Sa. 14:2). Tel-abib hill of corn or (green) grain (Eze. 3:15). Telah breach (1Ch. 7:25). Telaim lambs (1Sa. 15:4). Telem oppression (Jos. 15:24). Tel-haresha hill of a forest (Ne. 7:61). Tel-harsa hill of a forest (Ezr. 2:59). Tel-melah hill of salt (Ezr. 2:59). Tema desert (Ge. 25:15). Teman the south (Ge. 36:11). Temeni fortunate (1Ch. 4:6). Terah (place?) (Ge. ll:24). Teresh severe (Es. 2:21). Tertius third (Rom 16:22). Tertullus third (Ac. 24:1). Thahash (badger?) ; (aquatic animal?) (Ge. 22:24). Thamah laughter (Ezr. 2:53). Thamar palm (Mat. 1:3). Thara (Place?)(Lu. 3:34). Thebez brightness (Jdg. 9:50). Theophilus friend of God; loved by God (Lu. 1:3). Thimnathah allotted portion (Jos. 19:43). Thomas twin (Mat. 10:3). Thummim perfections (Ex. 28:30). Tibhath slaughter (1Ch. 18:8). Tibni (man of) straw (1Ki. 16:21). Tidal fear (Ge. 14:1). Tikvah hope (2Ti. 22:14). Tikvath hope (2Ch. 34:22). Tilon (gift?) (1Ch. 4:20). Timaeua unclean (Mk. 10:46). Timna restraining; restraint (Ge. 36:12). Timnah (1) restraining; restraint (Ge. 36:40; 1Ch. 1:51); (2) allotted portion (Jos. 15:10-57; 2Ch. 28:18). Timnath allotted portion (Ge. 38:12). Timnath-heres portion of the sun (Jdg. 2:9). Timnath-serah portion of the sun (Jos. 19:50). Timon illustrious; worthy (Ac. 6:5). Timotheus honoring or worshipping God (Ac. 16:1). Timothy honoring or worshipping God (2Co. 1:1). Tiphsah ford (1Ki. 4:24). Tlria fear (1Ch. 4:16). Tirshatha governor (Ezr. 2:63). Tirzah delight (Nu. 26:33). Toah humility; depression (1Ch. 6:34). Tob good (Jg. 11:3). Tob-adonijah the Lord Jehovah is good (2Ch.l7:8). Tobiah Jehovah is good (Ezr. 2:60). Tobijah Jehovah is good (2Ch. 17:8) Tochen measure;weight (1Ch. 4:32). Tohu humility; depression (1Sa 1:1). Toi error; wandering (2Sa. 8:9). Tola (crimson), worm (Ge. 46:13). Tophel mortar (De. 1:1). Tophet place of burning; (drum?);(alter?); (contempt?) (Isa. 31:33). Tou error; wandering (1Ch. 18:9). Trachonitis -rugged (region) (Lu. 3:1). Trophimus nutritive (Ac. 20:4). Tryphena delicate; (luxurious?) (Ro. 16:12). Tryphosa delicate (Ro. 16:12). Tychicus fortunate (Ac. 20:4). Tyrannus tyrant (Ac. 19:9). Tyre rock (Jos. 19:29). Tyrus rock (Jer. 25:22). U Ucal (consumed?) (Pr. 30:1). Uel will of God (Ezr. 10:34). Ulam solitary (1Ch. 7:16). Ulla yoke (1Ch. 7:39). Ummah association; union (Jos. 19:30). Unni depressed; afflicted (1Ch. 15:18). Ur light (Ge. 11:28). Urbane urbane; polite (Ro. 16:9). Uri enlightened; fiery (Ex. 31:2). Uriah flame or light of Jehovah (2Sa. 11:3). Urias flame or light of Jehovah (Mat. 1:6). Uriel flame or light of God (1Ch. 6:24). Urijah flame or light of Jehovah (2Ki. 16:10). Urim lights (Ex. 28:30). Uthai useful; Jehovah gives help (1Ch. 9:4). Uzai hoped for; (strong?) (Ne. 3:25). Uzal wanderer (Ge. 10:27). Uzza strength (2Ki. 21:18). Uzzah strength (2Sa. 6:3). Uzzi strength (1Ch. 6:5). Uzzia strength of Jehovah (1Ch. 11:44). Uzziah strength of Jehovah (2Ki. 15:13). Uzziel strength of God (Ex. 6:18).

V Z Zaanaim journeys; departures (Jdg. 4:ll). Zaanan rich in flocks; place of flocks (Mic. l:ll). Zaanannim journeys; departures (Jos. 19:33). Zaavan unquiet (Ge. 36:27). Zabad giver; he has endowed (1Ch. 2:36). Zabbai pure (Ezr. 10:28). Zabbud endowed (Ezr. 8:14). Zabdi gift of Jehovah (Jos. 7:1). Zabdiel gift of God (1Ch. 27:2). Zabud endowed (1Ki. 4:5). Zabulon dwelling (Mat. 4:13). Zaccai pure (Ezr. 2:9). Zacchaeus pure (Lu. 19:2). Zacchur attentive; careful (1Ch. 4:26). Zaccur attentive; careful (Nu. 13:4). Zachariah Jehovah remembers or has remembered (2Ki. 14:29). Zacharias Jehovah remembers or has remembered (Mat. 23:35). Zacher memorial; remembrance (1Ch. 8:31). Zadok just (2Sa. 8:17). Zaham loathing (2Ch. 11:19). Zair little (2Ki. 8:21). Zalaph (fracture?); (wound?) (Ne. 3:30). Zalmon shady (Jg. 9:48). Zalmonah shady (Nu. 33:41). Zalmunna shade refused (Jg. 8:5). Zanoah marsh (Jos. 15:34). Zaphnath-paaneah revealer of secrets; supporter of life (Ge. 41:45). Zaphon north (Jos. 13:27). Zara sunrising (Mat. 1:3). Zarah sunrising (Ge. 38:30). Zareah wasp (Ne. 11:29). Zared exuberant growth (Nu. 21:12). Zarephath (place of ) refinement (1Ki. 17:9). Zareth-shahar brightness of the morn (Jos. 13:19). Zatthu (sprout?) (Ne. 10:14). Zattu (sprout?) (Ezr. 2:8). Zavan unquiet (1Ch. 1:42). Zaza abundance; projection (1Ch. 2:33). Vashni strong (1Ch. 6:28). Vashti beautiful (Es.l:9). Vophsi (additional?) (Nu. 13:14). Zebadiah Jehovah has given or bestowed (1Ch.8:15). Zebah sacrifice (Jdg. 8:5). Zebaim gazelles (Ezr. 2:57). Zebedee Jehovah has given or bestowed (Mat. 4:21). Zebina bought; acquired (Ezr. 10:43). Zeboiim gazelles; hyenas (Ge. 14:2). Zeboim gazelles; hyenas (Ge. 10:19). Zebudah bestowed; given (2Ki. 23:36). Zebul habitation (Jdg. 9:28). Zebulun dwelling (Ge. 30:20). Zechariah Jehovah remembers or has remembered (1Ch. 5:7). Zedad (side?) (Nu. 34:8). Zedekiah righteousness of Jehovah (1Ki. 22:11). Zeeb wolf (Jdg. 7:25). Zelah side (Jos. 18:28). Zelek fissure (2Sa. 23:37). Zelophehad first-born (Nu. 26:33). Zelotes zealot; fanatic (Lu. 6:15). Zelzah shade from the sun (1Sa. 10:2). Zemaraim double fleece (Jos. 18:22). Zemira song; music (1Ch. 7:8). Zenan (place of) flocks (Jos. 15:37). Zephaniah Jehovah has hidden or hides (2Ki. 25:18) Zephath watchtower (Jdg. 1:17). Zephathah watchtower (2Ch. 14:10). Zephi watch; watchtower (1Ch. 1:36). Zepho watch; watchtower (Ge. 36:11). Zephon the act of watching or observing (Nu. 26:l5). Zer rock; flint (Jos. 19:35). Zerah dawn; rising (Ge. 36:13). Zerahiah Jehovah has appeared or risen up (1Ch. 6:6). Zered exuberant growth (De. 2:13). Zereda fortress; (1Ki. 11:26). Zeredathah fortress; (cool?) (2Ch. 4:17). Zeresh gold (Es. 5:10). Zereth splendour; brightness (1Ch. 4:7). Zeri balm (1Ch. 25:3). Zeror bundle; tied (1Sa. 9:1). Zeruah leprous (1Ki. 11:26). Zerubbabel born, sown or scattered in Babylon (confusion) (1Ch. 3:19). Zetham olive (1Ch. 23:8).

Zethan olive (1Ch. 7:10). Zia movement; fear (1Ch. 5:13). Ziba plantation (2Sa. 9:2). Zibeon dyed; colored (Ge. 36:2). Zibia gazelle (1Ch. 8:9). Zibiah gazelle (2Ki. 12:1). Zichri famous (Ex. 6:21). Ziddim sides (Jos. 19:35). Zidkijah righteousness of Jehovah (Ne.10:1). Zidon fishing; (fishery?) (Ge. 49:13). Zif in bloom; flowering (1Ki. 6:1). Ziha drought (Ezr. 2:43). Zillah shade (Ge. 4:19). Zilpah action of dropping; drop (Ge. 29:24). Zilthai shaded; shade (1Ch. 8:20). Zimmah damage; mischief; (counsel?); (purpose?) (1Ch. 6:20). Zimram famous; celebrated (in song) (Ge. 25:2). Zimri famous; celebrated (in song) (Nu. 25:14). Zin (mud?) (Nu. 13:21). Zina abundance (1Ch. 23:10). Zior littleness; insignificance (Jos. 15:54.). Ziph flowing; flux (Jos. 15:24). Ziphah flowing; flux?) (1Ch. 4:16). Ziphion the act of observing; to watch (Ge. 46:16). Ziphron fragrance (Nu. 34:9). Zippor bird; sparrow (Nu. 22:2). Zipporah bird; sparrow (Ex. 2:21). Zithri protection of Jehovah (Ex. 6:22). Ziz ( a flower?) (2Ch. 20:16). Ziza shining; brightness (1Ch. 4:37). Zizah shining; brightness (1Ch. 23:11). Zoar smallness; little(Ge. 13:10). Zobebah slow movement (1Ch. 4:8). Zohar whiteness (Ge. 23:8). Zoheleth serpent (1Ki. 1:9). Zoheth strong (1Ch. 4:20). Zophah a cruse (1Ch. 7:35). Zophai honey comb (1Ch. 6:26). Zophim watchers (Nu. 23:14). Zorah wasp (Jos. 19:41). Zoreah wasp (Jos. 15:33). Zorobabel born, sown, or scattered in Babylon (confusion) (Mat. 1:12). Zuar smallaess; little (Nu. 1:8). Zuph honey comb (1Sa. 1:1). Zur rock (Nu. 25:15). Zuriel - God is a rock; rock of God (Nu. 3:35). Zurishaddai my rock is the Almighty (Nu. 1:6).