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Bumble Bear Daycare: Frequently Asked Questions

When will Bumble Bear Daycare Open? We are anticipating starting gradual enrollment by October 2014 and enrolling all children by the end of November. Based on our enrollment policy, families at the top of the list ill be invited to tour the daycare, meet teachers and learn about the !eggio" #milia inspired daycare philosophy in $ugust 2014. %f the daycare is the right fit for their family, spaces ill be offered and families have 4& hours to accept the spot ' pay the registration fee. Where is Bumble Bear Daycare? Bumble Bear (aycare ill be located at 2)0* West +th $ve ,at -ine .treet/. 0he (aycare is located in the re"developed 1itsilano Neighbourhood 2ouse. 3or more information please visit http455 .6itshouse.org5about5redevelopment"ne s5 When does the waitlist open? 0he aitlist ill open 3ebruary 24th, 2014. Is there a waitlist ee? 7es. 0o be on the aitlist families must complete the aitlist form and pay for a 810 annual membership and a 82* aitlist fee. 0he 82* aitlist fee ill be applied to first month9s fees once a child has enrolled in the program. %t is the family9s responsibility to ma6e sure their annual membership is up"to"date. !ow do I "et on the waitlist? 0o get on the aitlist, parents are to visit the 1its 2ouse main office at ):&) West 4th $ve ,at $lma/" 2nd floor to fill out the registration form and pay the aitlist ' membership fees. 7ou can either print off a copy of our aitlist form and bring it in or fill out one once you are at the office. Our offices are open ;onday"3riday <am"*pm e=cept for public holidays. %f you are not able to access stairs please call :04"+):")*&& and e can ma6e alternative arrangements. >lease be advised that it is your responsibility to notify us of changes to your contact information, address or childcare needs. What i I can#t come into the o ice to si"n up or the waitlist?

7ou can mail in the registration form ith a che?ue for the registration fee ' annual membership fee. @he?ues can be made out to A1its 2ouse9. %f you do not receive email confirmation of receipt after 2 ee6s please contact us at :04"+):")*&&. What is your enrollment policy? >riority is given to4 " " " families living or or6ing on the Westside of -ancouver ,Branville est to CB@, Water south to 4)rd $ve/ children currently enrolled in Bumbletree @hildcare and moving up to our three to five programD siblings of children currently in another 1its 2ouse @hildcare >rogram ,Bumble 0ree or Out of .chool @are >rogram/ or siblings of children ho have been in the (aycare during the last ) years children on hat is best for the group ,balance of ages, gender ' development

We enroll ne needs/.

!ow lon" do I ha$e to wait to "et a child care space? %t is very difficult to predict hen a space might become available for you. 0here are many factors hich are used to offer spaces ,i.e. the date you came onto the aitlist, here you live and or6/ 0ypically, the maEority of spaces become available bet een Fune and .eptember of each year as children ho are leaving for 1indergarten move out of our programs. Why does my waitlist place number chan"e? 0here are a number of priorities for enrollment. 3or e=ample4 currently enrolled children, siblings and neighbourhood priorities. %n some circumstances this means that children may come onto the aitlist after you, but because they have GpriorityH they may in fact move ahead of you. !ow old does my child need to be to attend? Bumble Bear (aycare has 2) spots for children aged )"* years and 2 spots for children aged 2.* years. What are the hours o the daycare? +4)0am" *4)0pm Do you o er %art&time 'are? We only offer 3ull"time care. What are the daycare ees? 810*05 month.

Is there a deposit to be paid when I accept a space? 7es. When you accept a space, you are re?uired to pay a non"refundable 81*0 registration fee and half a month9s fees. What happens i I turn down space? %f you turn do n a child care space offer you ill remain on the aitlist. 0here are a lot of families on the aitlist and e as6 that if you do not need a child care space anymore that you remove your name from the aitlist. What i I accept a space and then decide I don#t want it? We have a :0 day ithdra al policy that applies to all parents ho accept a space. %f you accept a space ,sign the acceptance letter/ and then change your mind, you are responsible for those fees. %f e are able to fill the spot after )0 days e ill refund one month9s fees.