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Kulliyyah Department Pro ramme Cour!e Title Cour!e Co"e Statu! Le#el Cre"it $our! Conta%t $our! Pre&re'ui!ite! (i) any* Co&re'ui!ite! (i) any* In!tru%tional Su e!tion! Cour!e A!!e!!ment Engineering Manufacturing and Materials Engineering All programmes Engineering Management II MME 4272 Required 4 2 2 hours of lectures MME 3271 Nil Lectures L 1" 2" 3" 4" # 2" 4" # 2" 4" # 1" 2" 3"4 1" 2" 3" 4" #" , Method $ui%%es &ase 'tud( Assignment Mid*term +est -inal E.amination ! 1# 1) # 2# 4#

In!tru%tor(!* Seme!ter O))ere" Cour!e Synop!i!

/r0 A0N0 Mustafi%ul 1arim " /r0 Err( 20+0 Adesta" /r0 3etullah 40 &etiner and /r0 Mohd Rad%i 5a6i &he /aud E7er( semester rgani%ational 7ision and mission" 8eha7iour of people and corporate culture" organisational structures and change" functions and acti7ities of human resource management" financial management" 9e( mar9eting concepts" engineering and the legal aspects" entrepreneurship" management of technological inno7ation and management from Islamic perspecti7e0 +he o86ecti7es of this course are to 10 Emphasise qualitati7e aspects of engineering management0 20 E.plain the elements of human resource management" leadership and

Cour!e O+,e%ti#e!

Learnin out%ome!

moti7ation0 30 /e7elop 8asic understanding of financial management0 40 Introduce concepts of mar9eting and entrepreneurship and legal issues0 #0 :ro7ide understanding on Islamic aspects of management and finance0 After stud(ing this course" the student ;ould 8e a8le to< 10 &omprehend the 8eha7ior of people in the conte.t of corporate culture 20 &onduct performance appraisal for effecti7e utili%ation of human resources 30 Appl( the concept of organi%ational structures and handle organi%ational change 40 :repare financial statement and appl( appropriate techniques for in7estment #0 E.plain modern mar9eting concepts and legal issues0 ,0 Recogni%e the importance of entrepreneurship and the essence of management from Islamic perspecti7e0
Content Outline! Topi%! Ta!./Rea"in


Re7ie; of :rinciples of management" management functions< planning" organi%ing" leading" and controlling0 Reqd0 1 &hapter 1 7ision" mission statements" core 7alues rganisational hierarch( and structures" le7el of management and managerial s9ills" organisational change" Reqd0 1 &hapter 1 centralisation 7ersus decentralisation0 and &hapter = 3eha7iour of people in organisations< 3eha7ioural management theor(" 5a;thorne studies" +heor( > and theor( 2" moti7ation" e.pectanc( theor(" Reqd0 1 &hapter 2" Maslo;?s hierarch( of needs" 5er%8erg?s moti7ation* 12" 13 and 14 h(giene theor(" po;er and influence" leadership" 4roup d(namics 5uman Resource Management @5RMA< -unctions and acti7ities of 5RM" 5RM?s importance and Reqd0 1 &hapter trend" Bo8 design and performance appraisal" incenti7e 11 s(stems -inancial Management< -inancial accounts" 8alance sheet" income statements" cash flo;" depreciation" management ratios0 8rea9*e7en anal(sis In7estments decisions< MARR" pa(8ac9 period" rate of return" principle of discounting" net present 7alue" in7estment alternati7es" Mar9eting< 1e( mar9eting concepts" mar9eting mi." mar9et segmentation" product life c(cle" de7eloping customer relationships0


Reqd0 2 &hapter 7


Reqd0 2 &hapter ,


Reqd0 2 &hapter =


3randing" legal considerations< Intellectual propert( * patents" trademar9s" cop(rights" and trade secrets 5andout


Entrepreneurship and management of technological Inno7ation< patterns of inno7ation and commerciali%ation Management from Islamic perspecti7e< Islamic 8usiness philosoph(" Islamic 8usiness ethics" resolution of conflicts0 Introduction to Islamic 8an9ing" finance and ta9aful


13* 14



Re'uire"0 10 Bones" 40R0 and 4eorge" B0M0 @2))3A" Contemporary Management" Mc4ra;*5ill0 20 &hang" &0 M0 @2))#A0 Engineering Management Challenges in the New Millennium" Dpper 'addle Ri7er" NB< :rentice 5all Re%ommen"e"0 10 3ennett" -0L0 @1==,A" The Management of Engineering" Bohn Eile( F 'ons0 20 A8od" '040' @2))CA0 Islamic Economics and -inance" &ER+ :u8lications 'dn 3hd" 1uala Lumpur 30 1haliq" A0 @2))CA" Management from Islamic :erspecti7e" IIDM :ress" IIDM 40 Ba8noun" N0 @1==4A Islam and Management" Institut 1a6ian /asar0 #0 3lan9" Leland +0 and +ar9uin" Anthon( B0 @2))2A" Engineering Economy, Mc4ra;*5ill ,0 Armstrong" 40 and 1oltar" :hilip @2))3A" Marketing: An Introduction, :rentice 5all Seme!ter II1 2334/2353 2334 Inta.e an" on7ar"!

Propo!e" Start Date (Seme!ter* 6at%h o) Stu"ent! to +e A))e%te"

Prepare" +y0

Che%.e" +y0

Appro#e" +y0

Dr8 A8N8 Mu!ta)i9ul Karim

A!!o%iate Pro)e!!or1 MME Department

10 20 30 40 #0

Dr8 Erry A"e!ta $ea" MME Department

Pro)8 Dr8 Ahma" :ari! I!mail Dean Kulliyyah o) En ineerin

+he course outlines should reflect the course descriptionGs(nopsis and Islamic mission of the uni7ersit( as ;ell as to pro7ide the room for Islamic critique0 Latest editions of te.t8oo9s and references should 8e used unless other;ise necessar( or if the course is classical in nature0 :lease chec9 ;ith the li8rar( to ensure that the 8oo9s are up*to*date and incorporating the latest edition0 +he reference lists shall 8e presented in accordance ;ith A:A 8i8liographic practices and in alpha8etical order0 +he reference title shall 8e italicised or underlined or 8old0 If in dou8t" please consult the Li8rarian0 :roposed ne; course outlines should 8e presented to the 'enate 'tanding &ommittee for appro7al at least )our month! prior to the course offering0


An( changes to the course outlines must 8e reported 8ac9 to the 'tanding 'enate &ommittee t7o month! prior to the course offering0


utcome 4 utcome , utcome 7 utcome C utcome 1) utcome 12 utcome 1 utcome 2 utcome 3 utcome # utcome = utcome 11

No0 1 2 3 4 # ,

Learning utcomes of the &ourse

&omprehend the 8eha7ior of people in the 1 2 3 conte.t of corporate culture &onduct performance appraisal for effecti7e 2 1 2 3 1 2 utili%ation of human resources Appl( the concept of organi%ational 2 2 2 structures and handle organi%ational change :repare financial statement and appl( 2 2 2 appropriate techniques for in7estment E.plain modern mar9eting concepts and 1 1 2 legal issues0 Recogni%e the importance of entrepreneurship and the essence of 2 management from Islamic perspecti7e0 H1 Io86ecti7e addresses outcome slightl(" 2 I moderatel(" 3 I su8stanti7el(

2 1 2 2 3 3 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 3

+he educational out%ome! of the programmes conducted 8( the Kulliyyah o) En ineerin are as follo;s<
6y the time o) ra"uation1 manu)a%turin en ineerin !tu"ent! at IIUM are e?pe%te" to .no7 or per)orm the )ollo7in !0 No 10 20 30 Pro ramme Out%ome )or KOE1 IIUM En ineerin Kno7le" e (T* *Appl( 9no;ledge of mathematics" science!" engineering fundamentals and manufacturing engineering to the solution of comple. engineering pro8lems Pro+lem Analy!i! (T* J Identif(" formulate" research rele7ant literature and anal(%e comple. engineering pro8lems" and reaching su8stantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics" natural sciences and engineering sciencesK De!i n/De#elopment o) Solution! (A* J/esign solutions" e.hi8iting inno7ati7eness" for comple. engineering pro8lems and design s(stems" components or processes that meet specified needs ;ith appropriate consideration for pu8lic health and safet(" cultural" societal" economical" ethical" en7ironmental and sustaina8ilit( issues0 In#e!ti ation (D* &onduct in7estigation into comple. pro8lems" displa(ing creati7eness" using research*8ased 9no;ledge" and research methods including design of e.periments" anal(sis and interpretation of data" and s(nthesis of information to pro7ide 7alid conclusionsK Mo"ern Tool U!a e (A @ D* &&reate" select and appl( appropriate techniques" resources" and modern engineering and I+ tools" including prediction and modelling" to comple. engineering acti7ities" ;ith an understanding of the limitationsK The En ineer an" So%iety (ESSE* *Appl( reasoning +a!e" on conte.tual 9no;ledge to assess societal" health" safet(" legal" cultural" contemporar( issues" and the consequent responsi8ilities rele7ant to professional engineering practices0 En#ironment an" Su!taina+ility (ESSE* *Dnderstand the impact of professional engineering solutions in societal" glo8al" and en7ironmental conte.ts and demonstrate 9no;ledge of and need for sustaina8le de7elopmentK Ethi%! (ESSE* JAppl( professional ethics ;ith Islamic 7alues and commit to responsi8ilities and norms of professional engineering code of practices0 Communi%ation (S* *&ommunicate effecti7el( on comple. engineering acti7ities ;ith the engineering communit( and ;ith societ( at large" such as 8eing a8le to comprehend and ;rite effecti7e reports and design documentation" ma9e effecti7e presentations" and gi7e and recei7e clear instructionsK

40 #0


70 C0 =0

1) 110 120

In"i#i"ual an" Team -or. (S* &-unction effecti7el( as an indi7idual" and as a me8er or leader in di7erse teams and in multi*disciplinar( settings0 Li)e Lon Learnin (S* &Recogni%e the need for" and ha7e the preparation and a8ilit( to engage in independent and life*long learning in the 8roadest conte.t of technological change0 Pro,e%t Mana ement an" :inan%e (S* & /emonstrate 9no;ledge and understanding of engineering management and financial principles and appl( these to one?s o;n ;or9" as a mem8er andGor leader in a team" to manage pro6ects in multidisciplinar( settings" and identif( opportunities of entrepreneurship0