Annual review 2013

2013 has been a year of both growth and consolidation for the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit (FCCT). The start of the year was focussed on creating new resources and re writing e!isting ones. "ithin the s#ace of one week we launched the new $ersion of our Carbon Calculator% an e!#anded and re written Toolkit and a whole new website& From then on we embarked on a #rocess of im#ro$ing communications% networking and consolidation. Towards the end of the year we concentrated on running a more effecti$e organisation% im#ro$ing our communications to farmers% adding new content to the website and a##ointing a new contractor. 'n 201( we #lan to take the organisation forward to reach out to more farmers and growers% and engage in more #ro)ects. "ith limited resources this has been a successful year for FCCT% under#inned by hard work from both directors and contractors. This has laid the foundations to gear u#% and in 201( we ho#e to encourage more farmers to engage in acti$ities to mitigate the effects of climate change on *+ farming Farm Carbon Calculator 'n 200, the CFF Carbon Calculator was created% enabling farmers and growers to calculate their carbon foot#rint was created.

The Farm Carbon Calculator 'n 2013% re named as the Farm Carbon Calculator and now a #art of FCCT% this online tool for farmers was com#letely o$erhauled and re worked. 't was

relaunched in February at -uchy .ome Farm in /loucestershire. 't is one of the *+0s leading farm carbon calculators% with a re#utation for accuracy% good user e!#erience and the most com#rehensi$e assessment of carbon se1uestration of any carbon calculator. 2uilding on the basis of the #re$ious $ersion of the Calculator% the new $ersion has fully u#dated emissions and se1uestration factors drawn from the latest scientific studies% a new section to encom#ass non organic in#uts% e!#anded factors and a better user e!#erience and inter#retation of results. This is a ma)or achie$ement for the organisation and is a core ser$ice that FCCT can offer. The launch of this $ersion of the Calculator re#resents many years of work towards a tool that offers all farmers and growers a chance to accurately work out their carbon emissions and se1uestration.

FCCT created a dedicated new website to house the new Farm Carbon Calculator. Toolkit The other ma)or #illar of FCCT is the Toolkit% offering farmers and growers information% insight and ad$ice on all issues associated with greenhouse gases and farming. 't has been written in a user friendly way% making sense of often com#licated issues. 'n con)unction with the re launch of the Carbon Calculator% the Toolkit was com#letely o$erhauled% re written and e!#anded o$er the course of winter 2012313. This is another ma)or achie$ement for the organisation and re#resents weeks of work. 4$ailable free on the FCCT website% it is a useful resource for farmers to get direct and un com#licated information of use to their businesses.

A page from the Toolkit

Website The website had a com#lete o$erhaul with new design% structure and content. This has im#ro$ed the 1uality of content% user interface and management o#tions. 't was launched at the end of 5anuary. 4 considerable im#ro$ement on the #re$ious website% it also allows us a greater degree of day to day content management and a greater ca#acity for web traffic. Communications 2013 has seen the establishment of a Twitter account% now with o$er 2%100 tweets and 160 followers. That% and our Facebook #age% are reaching out to new followers e$ery week and dri$ing traffic to our website.

"e ha$e #ublished o$er 60 blogs% with the fre1uency increasing to three #er week through the autumn. 7ur e$ents #age details any e$ent in the *+ rele$ant to our audience% listing o$er ,0 e$ents for 2013. -ecember saw the launch of the first newsletter to o$er 180 #eo#le who ha$e signed u# for the newsletter or attended e$ents in the #ast. This is an im#ortant strategic de$elo#ment going forward to kee#ing #eo#le in touch with what we do. Traffic to the website has been growing steadily through the year. From around 80 $isits #er week in the s#ring it more than doubled to o$er 120 uni1ue $isits #er week. 'n addition the Farm Carbon Calculator has a$eraged o$er 30 uni1ue $isits #er week. Events 7n February 1st we hosted the launch of the Carbon Calculator at -uchy .ome Farm in /loucestershire% attended by 38 #eo#le and re#orted on in Farmers "eekly% and by 9"4:; .ub% the 9oil 4ssociation% 7rganic /rowers 4lliance and others.

Group discussion at Duchy Home Farm, Farm Carbon Calculator launch event "e attended the Oxford Real Farming Conference in 5anuary< the ma)or 9:*C conference Sustainable ntensification in 9e#tember< hosted a trade stand at the 9oil 4ssociation0s Soil Symposium< attended a min till e$ent with French farmer Frederic Thomas in =ortham#tonshire< and !orld Soil Day e$ent at

:eading *ni$ersity. Networking >inking with organisations doing similar work is im#ortant for FCCT so that we can use our resources to ma!imum effect and widen our outreach. "e ha$e made good working relationshi#s with many organisations% including 9oil 4ssociation >ow Carbon Farming (#ro)ect now finished)% 9"4:; .ub% 9:*C climate farming grou# and /arden 7rganic. "e also ha$e a grou# of o$er 180 farmers and growers on our mailing list. Staff 7ur -irectors% 4dam Twine and 5onathan 9mith are also both full time farmers% so ha$e limited time to #ut in to FCCT. *ntil February we had the ser$ices of contractor Frank /ordon and from ;arch to =o$ember contractor /raham 9haw% each for )ust one day #er week. "ith $ery limited human resources we ha$e com#leted a large amount of work and feel we are 0#unching abo$e our weight0. e!resentations FCCT has made an official re#resentation to the recent -efra C4? consultation on s#ending #riorities% #utting forward the case for inclusion of carbon emissions and se1uestration as a criteria for determining 9ingle Farm #ayments. "ress#!ublications "e continue to #ublish articles and letters in trade maga@ines% including Farmers "eekly% Farmers /uardian% 7rganic Farming and The 7rganic /rower. $ooking forwar% to 201& 7ur #riorities are to grow the organisation% find ways to better connect with farmers and im#ro$e our resources and effect greater changes. 't will be a year where we build on the solid foundations that ha$e been laid and try to engage more farmers and growers in the essential task of no )ust reducing carbon emissions from our farms% but also seeing them as a huge #otential carbon sink. The ma)or #ro)ect for 201( will focus on soil carbon% encouraging more farmers and growers to engage in building the health of% and carbon in% their soils. 't #romises to be an e!citing year.

?ublished in February 201( Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit is registered in the *+ as a Community 'nterest Com#any :egistration number 0A220,63 Colleymore Farm Coleshill .ighworth 9windon 9=6 A?* 0136A A00616