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Response Request Lettersof Interest to for

Relating theRedevelopment Dunnell Road, Twp. Of Maplewood to of 125

Prepared South Mountain YMCA bythe
Decemb 17,2008 er Contents Response Appendix C: YMCA Collaborations Appendix F: Financialcalculations for expected revenue Appendix M: 2007Annual Report, 2006,2007 Financial Statements, Metropolitan YMCAs of the Oranges Appendix P: Principlesof Good Practice YMCA Collaborations in Appendix PF: simple Pro Forma on proposedfitnessYMCA

The South Mountain YMCA is pleased respondto the Township of Maplewood's to of Requestfor Lettersof Interestrelatingto the Redevelopment 125 Dunnell Road, dated November14,2008. GeneralPrinciple: The redevelopment 125 Dunnell Road,howeveraccomplished, of should include a full-sized fitnessYMCA. Having a stateof the art YMCA on this site meets the goals set by the Township Committee-Increased revenue,enhancedrecreation opportunities, and a positive impact on Maplewood Village. A YMCA advancesmodern town interestswhile preservingthe original OlmsteadBrothers' vision of a "civic square" surrounding Memorial Park. Our unique proposal draws on the YMCA's ability and flexibility to provide a "best use" for this vital Township location. The YMCA standsready to partner with the Township, the School District, Essex who sharethe Township's vision and high County, New JerseyTransit, and developers property. The YMCA, foundedin 1851,is the nation's largestnonfor standards the profit community service organization. Appendix C details dozensof successful transit agencies, non-profits,and collaborationsbetweenthe YMCA and developers, municipalities. AttachmentP outlinesthe "Principlesof Good Practicein YMCA Collaborations." Abilify, Flexibility-the YMCA Organizational Capacity The Metropolitan YMCAs of the Orangesis the largestsingle YMCA in New Jersey. Foundedin 1885,it consistsof five facilities servingmore than 95,000peopleannually. Appendix M (Annual Report 2007,CombinedStatements FinancialPosition 2006, of 2007) demonstrates financial strengthand stability of the YMCA, with steady growth the ($26,770,620 in2007, a record),and contributionsof over many years,both in assets $ 1,3I 8,460,alsoa record. has successfully Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges built and rehabbed numerous tacilities. Notably, both the Metropolitan YMCA and SouthMountain YMCA worked well with the Township during the construction of the West Parker Avenue Child Care site. South Mountain YMCA is one of the five memberYMCAs of the Metropolitan YMCAs of the Oranges. South Mountain YMCA has successfullycollaboratedfor more than 35 years with the Township and its various departments,as well as the Board of Education. South Mountain YMCA Child Care programs continue to grow, to improve, and to receive high satisfaction ratings in parent surveys. South Mountain YMCA summer recreation and year round activity programs also continue to grow, with renewal rates and general satisfaction well above industry and YMCA averages. Financial Capacity organizational and financial capacity of South Mountain

Three components--fundraising, debt service (and balancesheetstrength),and continuing operational revenues-all contribute to a positive outlook for South Mountain YMCA's financial capacityto contribute significantly to the redevelopment. South Mountain YMCA has surpassed ambitious fund raising goals for the 2008 Strong Kids Campaign,raising $149,000for financial aid and programsupportfunds. That's a25Yo increase over 2007r. The community servedby South Mountain YMCA has the capacity to raisemillions over the next five yearsfor a fitnessYMCA. Combining South Mountain YMCA's, strongbalancesheetwith a lack of major capitalprojectsin the pipeline meansthat South Mountain YMCA's annual debt service capacity standsat $125,000 startingin2012. SeeAppendix PF-(simple pro forma) for detailson (conservative)forecastsofannual surplus revenuesfrom the operation ofthe proposed YMCA.

The YMCA can be extremelyflexible-YMCAs have collaborated with municipalities goal is to have a acrossthe county, with all kinds of ownershipstructures.Our developmentthat works both the YMCA and the Township. The YMCA will participate in discussions regardingleasebacks,tax exemptbonds,rent, sharedparking revenue, percentage ofrevenuesand rents,land purchases, land leasing,depreciation schedules, and in kind services. Revenue from sale or lease Given the allowablebuilding size on the site, the YMCA can reasonably suggest providing the Township with more than its expected annualrevenuefrom a development twice as valuableas the private propertieson either side of 125 Dunnell Road. The financial calculationsare attached Appendix F. Additionally, the constructionof a as full-sized fitnessYMCA within walking distanceof JeffersonSchool,TuscanSchool, Maplewood Middle School,and Columbia High Schoolwill createtremendous opportunities for expansionof the long standing and successfulpartnershipbetween SouthMountain YMCA and the SchoolDistrict of SouthOrangeand Maplewood. Together,South Mountain YMCA, the Township,and the SchoolDistrict can provide servicesto improve the quality of life in Maplewood. Collaborationis a creativesolution to future tight budgets. Opportunities for public recreation uses South Mountain YMCA's proposal is a "home run" opportunity to forever improve public recreationand public healthin Maplewood. Depending on the final proposal, the site could include modem office spacefor the Maplewood Department of Recreationand Cultural Affairs. The proximity of 125 Dunnell Road to the train station, Maplewood Village, schools,the West Parker Child Care site and Memorial Park will createthe opportunity for all kinds of programming for Maplewood residentsand the school district. Recentpublic discussionsconfirm a

general conclusion of the Township's Master Plan-Maplewood has a shortageof public recreation and fitness facilities. Additionally, the Maplewood Municipal Pool is open three months out of the year. We can addressall theseissueswith the building of a fullsized fitness YMCA as part of the redevelopmentof 125 Dunnell Road. Impact on Maplewood Village-enhancing the economic and aestheticviabilify of Maplewood Village Building a stateof the art YMCA as part of the redevelopment 125 Dunnell Road adds of a major destination located stepsfrom Maplewood Village and the train station. The YMCA welcomesbeing part of the MaplewoodVillage Alliance SpecialImprovement District, and is open to providing a contribution equal to the expectedassessment from private residential development,either directly or in kind. We will entertain any creative offer, from membershipdiscounts for SID members,residentsand employeesto event staging that bridges Memorial Park and the YMCA with Maplewood Village (think 10000Fencersor the Ultimate PlayersHall of Fame Weekend!). We expectto work closely with the Village Alliance to ensurea building compatiblewith their excellent designstandards.We also expectto collaborate with the Township and the Historic Preservation Commissionto exploreevery aspectof greenbuilding, including adaptive reuseof the fagade,bricks, and fixtures of the current building. Impact of the proposed development on the public schools/publicfacilities The YMCA proposalis a "slam dunk" for the improvementof our public schoolsand public facilities. Redeveloping125 Dunnell Road with a fitnesscenter(as opposedto new housing)providesservicesof our currentresidents, addingresidents not without additional services. The site is within walking distanceof schools,town offices, and the proposedbikeway linking Maplewood with SouthOrange.We will have the opportunity to improve the healthof our children,Township employees, and other residents.It addsa neededpublic recreational facility and a clear sign of Maplewood's commitmentto our children's well being. Integration of the development into the Township's conceptsof a green community. The YMCA sharesthe Township's belief in sustainable,green development. We plan to work closely with Township staff, the Historic PreservationCommission, the Environmental Advisory Committee, and the Green Team through all stepsof the design and constructionprocess. The YMCA's proposalis a "touchdown" for promoting wellness-it's a destination easily reachable foot, bike, jitney, or train! The mission statement the Metro by of YMCAs of the Orangescites "programs that build spirit, mind, and body, welcoming all people, in an environment nurhrring positive values." Maplewood can demonstrate visibly its commitment to the health and wellness of its residentsby partnering with South Mountain Y and building a 30,000 squarefoot YMCA devoted to improving the health and well beins of all who walk throush its doors.

Narrative and preliminary layout regarding Respondent's proposal for The YMCA has two proposals----one 125 Dunnell Road by itself, and the other combining 125 Dunnell Road with the propertynext door (111/115Dunnell Road) and, if desired, incorporating the Township property occupied by the Main Fire Station. The core proposalis to erecta29,421squarefoot fitnessfacility with an adult of membershipcapacityof 1,550as part of the redevelopment 125 Dunnell Road. Attached as Appendix A are the simple pro forma assumptionsused by the YMCA to generatesize of facility, membership capacityand cost (very conservatively estimatedat pool, a 7200 squarefoot $10,601 ,737). The facility containsa six lane instructionaUllap full size gymnasium,a wellnesscenter, locker rooms, and administrativeand support areas,as well as ample storage. What is addedto this facility is entirely up to the desiresof the town and the capacityof planning the site. The YMCA will work closely with the Township during a professional goalsfor the properties. It's an processto find good usesthat meetsthe Township's lots of enthusiasm.Among have generated exciting location,and preliminary discussions for the Departmentof Recreation and usesare modern office space the possible suggested Coastoffice for the Ultimate PlayersAssociation, Cultural Affairs, a Hall of Fame//East Program,a fencing facility, medicalrehabilitationspace,or offices for the After School even a small hotel! A rare opportunity Working together, we can dramatically and permanently improve the quality of life in Maplewood, and provide a worthy useof a terrific Township asset. We look forward to and suggestions. the Township's questions

Disclaimer: This is a preliminary document. The suggestionsand data in this report are also preliminary and hypothetical, but are presentedhere so the Township can know of redevelop125 Dunnell and ability to help successfully the YMCA's interest,resotffces, YMCA role, we will begin aformal, Road. Once the Township approves of a stakeholdermeetings,andfeasibility collaborative process including needsassessment, Mountain YMCA will promptly provide any specific information, such as studies. South timelines or site plans, on request. No one is ever turned away from the South Mountain YMCA for inability to pay.

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