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0008 - Fall 2009 - Western Civilizations I (Ancient-1648 CE)

CLASS MEETINGS: MWF 6:00pm – 8:50pm


Instructor: Mr. Michael Deliz

Email: (See Procedures Section below before emailing me)
Office: Colbourn Hall 413
Office Hours: MWF 3:30pm - 5:00pm (or by appointment)

A. Daniel Frankforter, et al. “The West: A Narrative History” Vol. 1, 2nd ed. Prentice
Hall. 2009.

ABOUT THIS COURSE: Western Civilization I is the first half of two courses
designed to familiarize students with the history of Western Civilization. This course
will span the time period from ancient times to 1648 C.E. and will focus upon the basic
historical foundations behind civilizations across the globe. The goal of this course is for
each student to master the following sets of skills:

Historic: Students must be able to identify and interpret the different events,
personalities, and ideas that contributed to the development and history of the
Western Civilizations.
Geographic: Students must understand the relationship between geography and
the development of civilizations across the western world.
Cultural/Societal: Students must understand the dynamic nature of human society
as it is continuously evolving. Emphasis will be on mass migrations, international
relations, religious conflict, and ideological conflicts, which all greatly
contributed to the history of the modern West.

Scope and limits of this course: This course, like many others in the field of History,
draws extensively from other fields in the Social Sciences, including Religious Studies,
Sociology, Political Science, Geography, Cultural/Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, and
Linguistics. The course, despite its breath, is however limited by the time allotted in the
semester. Due to this limitation students may find that further reading, beyond the
assigned text, will be advantageous to acquiring a greater depth of understanding.

Gordon Rule: EUH 2000 is designated as a Gordon Rule course under the General
Education Program (GEP) of UCF. This means that under the requirements of Florida
State Rule 6A-10.30, students enrolled in this course will also be evaluated on their
ability to write at the collegiate level by way of essay assignments.

Success in this course: Students are expected to demonstrate a depth of understanding at

the collegiate level. Success in this course will be determined by the student’s analysis
and interpretation of historical topics, not memorization. If you are not willing to read
the assigned chapters, attend class, and follow class discussions, you most certainly will
fail this course.

Expectations: Students are expected to come prepared for class with a notebook and a
pen or pencil, or other means of note-taking. On Exam days, students will be required to
come prepared with whatever material (blue books, scantrons, etc) is requested for the
exam. Students are expected to have all assignments including reading assignments
completed by the beginning of each class.

Grade Policy: Grades are determined by points earned in three exams, five quizzes, and
one Research Project.

Exams 100pts/ea x (3) = 300pts

Quizzes 25pts/ea x (6) = 150pts
Research 50pts/ea x (1) = 50pts
Total Points = 500pts

Grading Scale: We will be using the 10 point grading scale as follows:

100-90 = A
89.9-80 = B
79.9-70 = C
69.9-60 = D
<=59.9 = F

Email: 1) All emails should contain the class prefix/number on the subject line (ie:
EUH2000, AMH2010, WOH2012). 2) All emails must be signed with your first and last
name. 3) Under no circumstances will any assignment be accepted by email.

Attendance: Although attendance will not be taken, it is mandatory and extremely

important to your grade. Students who miss class for whatever reason will NOT be
excused from assigned work and its due dates. Missed lectures are also the responsibility
of the absent student.

Make-Up Work: There are no make-ups for quizzes. A missed quiz automatically earns
ZERO points. If you should happen to miss an exam, a make-up exam can be scheduled
with prior arrangement.

Extra Credit: From time to time an extra credit assignment may be extended to the class
at the discretion of the professor. By policy, all extra credit assignments will be made
available to the entire class, there will NOT be any extra credit given to individual
Academic Dishonesty: All forms of academic dishonesty are obviously prohibited at
UCF. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, cheating,
furnishing false information, forgery, alteration or misuse of documents, misconduct
during a testing situation, and misuse of identification with intent to defraud or deceive.
Students shall take special notice that the assignment of course grades is the
responsibility of the professor. When the professor has reason to believe that an act of
academic dishonesty has occurred, and before sanctions are imposed, the student shall be
given informal notice and an opportunity to be heard by the professor. Any student
determined by the professor to have been guilty of engaging in an act of academic
dishonesty shall be subject to a range of academic penalties as determined by the
professor. These penalties may include, but may not be limited to, one or more of the
--loss of credit for an assignment, examination, or project;
--reduction in the course grade;
--or a grade of “F” in the course.
Students guilty of engaging in a gross or flagrant act of academic dishonesty or repeated
instances of academic dishonesty may also be subject to administrative and/or
disciplinary penalties that may include a warning, probation, suspension, and/or
expulsion from UCF and the State of Florida University System.

Disclaimer: Changes to this syllabus may be made at the discretion of the professor.

Calendar EUH 2000.0008 - 6:00pm - 8:50pm

Wk 1 Wed. - Aug. 26 Course Introduction -
Wk 2 Wed. - Sep. 2 Chapter 1 & 2
Wk 3 Wed. - Sep. 9 Chapter 2 (Chapter 2 Quiz)
Wk 4 Wed. - Sep. 16 Chapter 3
Wk 5 Wed. - Sep. 23 Chapter 3 (Chapter 3 Quiz)
Wk 6 Wed. - Sep. 30 Exam 1
Wk 7 Wed. - Oct. 7 Chapter 4
Wk 8 Wed. - Oct. 14 Chapter 4 & 5 (Chapter 4 Quiz)
Wk 9 Wed. - Oct. 21 Chapter 5 & 6
Wk 10 Wed. - Oct. 28 Chapter 6 (Chapter 6 Quiz)
Wk 11 Wed. - Nov. 4 Exam 2
Wk 12 Wed. - Nov. 11 Chapter 7 & 8
Wk 13 Wed. - Nov. 18 Chapter 9 & 12 (Chapter 9 Quiz)
Wk 14 Wed. - Nov. 25 Chapter 12 (Research Paper is Due)
Wk 15 Wed. - Dec. 2 Chapter 12 & 13 (Chapter 13 Quiz)
Wk 16 Wed. - Dec. 9 ****************Final Exam @ 7:00pm - 9:50pm