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MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATION (ELECTIVE) 09TE326 6th Semester Dept of Electronics and Communication Session Jan 2012-May 2012 Question bank Why is data compression necessary for Multimedia ? Briefly explain how the LZW Transform Operates. What common compression methods utilize this transform? Suppose we want to encode the Oxford Concise English dictionary which contains about 159,000 entries. Can you transmit each word as an 18 bit number? What two levels of functionality are to be considered when multimedia systems are to be designed? Briefly define these levels. For each common multimedia data type discuss what common functionalities should be supported by a multimedia system. It is required to produce a Multimedia mail system. What media should be supported in such a mail system and how should an application facilitate assembly, delivery and reading of the mail. Suppose there are 24 bits per pixel available for a colour image. Humans are more sensitive the red and green than to blue, by a factor of approximately 1.5 times. How may we design a simple colour representation to make use of the bits available? Briefly explain why we need to have less than 24-bit colour representations and why this is sometimes a problem. Give examples where 8-bit colour representation have an advantage in terms of image/video processing? Give examples each of a lossless and a lossy compression technique Briefly explain the basic approach of entropy coding algorithms. Give two examples of entropy coding algorithm Briefly state the Huffman coding algorithm. Show how you would use Huffman coding to encode the following set of alphabets: AAABDCEFBBAADCDF Explain Transforms and Quantizers What are the main facilities that must be provides in a system designed to support the integration of multimedia into a multimedia presentation? What is MIDI? How is a basic MIDI message structured? In what ways can MIDI be used effectively in Multimedia Applications, as opposed to strictly musical applications? How can MIDI be used with modern data compression techniques? Briefly describe how such compression techniques may be implemented? Briefly outline the four broad classes of approach that one may exploit

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to compress multimedia data. Give one example of a compression algorithm for each class What advantage does arithmetic coding offer over Huffman coding for data compression? Briefly state an algorithm for arithmetic decoding. What is variable length coding? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of variable length coding over fixed length coding. ? What is MIDI ? How does one MIDI device communicate with another? What is a MIDI controller? What is a MIDI sequencer? How are standard MIDI files represented ? What is General MIDI ? A single MIDI connection can carry 16 independent streams, or channels. Explain How MIDI are devices connected ? What are the basic Performance Messages in MIDI ?