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SAIL/ BSP hereinafter referred to as Employer invites tenders from reputed and experienced bidders for Gas Cleaning Plant Rectification (Pkg. No 3803) ( Part - A : Technological & Part - B : Water System ) on divisible turnkey basis. Interested Bidders may obtain further information from office of the: Shri J.P.Agrawal, Dy. General Manager I/c (Proj-PCC) TK, Expansion Building, Steel Authority of India Limited, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai-490 001, Distt: Durg, CG, Ph.No. 91 788 285 2394 Fax No. 91 788 222 1197/1170 ; Email : 3. A complete set of bidding documents may be purchased by any interested Bidder on submission of a written application to the above by paying Rs 5,000/or in Equivalent freely convertible foreign currency in the manner shown under point No.5 below. Bidder may also down load the bidding documents from website at and submit the bid for which no tender cost will be charged. Salient features of the bid : DGM/PCC/TK/5(499)R1/2013/5079, Dtd.16.12.2013 Design , engineering, manufacture, supply, storage, civil work, erection, testing, commissioning and demonstration of performance guarantee tests for Gas Cleaning Plant Rectification consisting of Part-A Technological and PartB Water System for SMS-II on divisible turnkey basis as detailed in enclosed Technical Specification No. 11/40/9101/TS/ 038-03 , Rev.03 May, 2013 and General Technical Specification No. MEC/S/1901/11/38/0/ 00/00/ F1889/ R2, July 07. Rs.5,000/- (Rupees Five thousand only) or in Equivalent freely convertible foreign currency, in the form of Demand Draft/ Pay Order/ Bankers cheque in favour of SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant, payable at Bhilai. However, No tender cost shall be charged from bidders who submit the tender based on tender documents down loaded from SAIL website. Start: 16.12.2013 Close: 21.01.2014,17.00 Hrs Indian Standard Time (IST) (By Hand) Close: 21.01.2014,17.00 Hrs Indian Standard Time (IST) (Downloading from website) 22.01.2014 by 11.00 Hrs IST Office of the Dy.GM I/c (Proj-PCC) TK, Expansion Building, SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai-490 001, Distt. Durg, Chhattisgarh, India. Tel :+ 91 788 2854823 / 2221197, 3336 Fax : + 91 788 222 1197, 1170




Tender No. Description

Cost of Bidding Document (Non Refundable and Not Exempted)

Sale of Tender Documents

Tender Submission Place of Submission of Bid

-2Opening of Tender Bid Security Time For Completion 22.01.2014 by 15.00 Hrs IST. Rs. 65,00,000/- (Indian Rupees Sixty fifty lakh only) or Equivalent freely convertible foreign currency. Twelve (12) months (for both Part A & Part B) from the effective date of the Contract i.e. the date of signing of contract or 30 days from the date of issue of Notification of Award cum Letter of Acceptance (LOA) which ever is earlier. Bid shall be valid for One hundred eighty (180) days from the deadline for submission of bid. Bhilai Steel Plant at its option can decide for opening of sealed price bids or discover L-1 price through on-line Reverse Auction, even after calling of sealed price bid. In case of resorting to on-line Reverse Auction, Eligible bidders shall be intimated for participation in price bidding through on line Reverse Auction over internet to be conducted by BSPs service provider M/s MJunction and Rules of the same will be handed over to them. The General Rules and Regulations governing conduct of Online Reverse Auctions are enclosed herewith as Annexure.

Validity of Bid Reverse Auction


The tender document consists of Section I i) Invitation for Bid (IFB). ii) Bid Data Sheet (BDS). iii) Duly signed Integrity Pact iv) Special conditions of contract (SCC). v) Technical Specification No. 11/40/9101/TS/ 038-03, Rev.03 May, 2013. vi) General Technical Specifications (GTS) MEC /S /9101 /11/ 38 /0/ 00/ 00/ F1889/ R2, July 07. vii) Appendix-6 of SBD - Approved vendors/ preferred make list. viii) Safety code for contractors. ix) Procedure for Banning of Business Dealing x) Vendor Code format (to be filled by bidder) Section II (Standard Bidding Document , May 2009 (SBD) i) Instruction to Bidders (ITB) ii) Form of Contract Agreement iii) General Conditions of Contract (GCC) iv) Safety code for contractors (given in this section is to be ignored).


The documents (SBD) listed in Section-II can be downloaded from Standard Document Section appearing in the home page of website or hard copy can be obtained along with the tender documents. The bid will consist of three parts : Part-I: Bid Security and Integrity pact duly signed. The Integrity pact (duly signed by the Employer and sent along with the tender documents) shall be signed (seal & sign on all 17 pages)by the bidder and shall be submitted along with Part-I of the bid. Deviation /changes are not permitted in the integrity pact format.
(Bidders may also opt to submit duly filled in format of Customer/ vendor details.)


-3Part-II: Part-II includes Eligibility Criteria Fulfillment, Technical & commercial Bids and un-priced copy of price bid (Part-III) with marks XX wherever prices have been quoted. Price Bid only. The price bid shall be submitted in the formats given in the Appendix-1 of SBD. Bidders are required to affix a transparent tape over their quoted prices, both in figures & words in the original copies of the priced price bid. 9. (a) (b) Bids must be accompanied by the bid security in the following forms: a Bank Draft / Bankers cheque/ Pay Order or a Bank Guarantee from scheduled bank in the form provided in the bidding Documents having validity of 240 days from the deadline for submission of bid. The Bank Draft/ Bankers cheque/ Pay Order or Bank Guarantee should be issued by any nationalized bank or scheduled commercial bank in India except Co-operative and Gramin bank. 10 (i) Integrity Pact The Bidder(s)/ Contractor (s) is required to enter into an `Integrity Pact (enclosed) with the Principal i.e. SAIL. The Integrity Pact has to be signed by the Proprietor/Owner/ Partner/Director or by their duly Authorized signatory. In case of failure to return the Integrity Pact along with the offer/bid, duly signed by the authority as mentioned above, will disqualify the offer/bid. The Bidder(s) /Contractor (s), if feel aggrieved, may raise complaint/pass on, information, if any, to The Competent Authority/Operating Authority of the Tender/Contract or to The Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), SAIL, Ispat Bhavan, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003 or to The Independent External Monitors (IEMs) of Integrity Pact, through Integrity Pact Secretariat, 19th floor, Scope Minar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092. The Independent External Monitors of Integrity Pact in SAIL are: a) Shri Janki Ballabh b) Shri S.K.Tuteja c) Ms. Chitra Chopra The Bidders may be required to explain/ justify the basis of their quoted price as and when asked for. In case, any bidder fails to justify his quoted price or refuse to co-operate in this regard, such bidder will not be considered for participating in the re-tendering, if the contract is not finalized from the present bidding. The surrounding value for insurance purpose shall be considered as Rs.25,00,000/- (Indian Rupees Twenty five lakhs only) or in Equivalent freely convertible foreign currency. Bonus Provision : Not Applicable Tenderers shall furnish proof of ESIS registration from ESIC or furnish an undertaking to the effect that they will obtain ESIS registration from the office of ESIC within reasonable time (if the job is awarded to them), the first payment under contract awarded under such circumstances will only be made after ESIS registration proof is submitted.






13. 14.

-4Contractor will have to obtain Employers Code No. from Employees State Insurance Corporation, to facilitate payment towards ESIS contribution in respect of labour employed/ likely to be employed and will have to comply with all the provision of the ESI Act and Regulations framed thereof. [ Ref. - Govt. of India Notification No.S-3801/28/2007-SS-1 dt.17.09.2007 notified that ESI scheme in areas falling within the municipal limit of Bhilai, Dist.Durg has been implemented w.e.f. 01.10.2007] 15. Central Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)/Government Undertakings are exempted from submission of EMD/Bid Security. However, in case of Bid by Consortium not having all members as PSUs/Government Undertakings as members are required to submit the stipulated EMD/Bid Security along with their Bid. SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant takes no responsibility for delay, loss or non-receipt of documents sent by post. No financial obligations shall accrue to SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant in such an event. Mere submission of bid shall not mean eligibility of bidder. The un-priced copy of the price bid is also required to be submitted along with commercial bid clearly marking XX wherever price has been quoted. The bid shall be kept valid for a period of 180 days from the deadline of submission of bids. SSI units having valid NSIC/ Certificate may also be exempted from submission of EMD/ Bid Security on fulfillment of the following conditions: i) ii) iii) iv) 20. Notorised copy of the NSIC certificate is to be submitted along with the techno commercial bid. Validity of the NSIC certificate should be for at least 240 days from the deadline of submission of bids. The exemption from submission shall be granted only for the items for which it is registered. In case of bid by consortium not having all the members as SSI Units are required to submit the stipulated EMD/ Bid Security along with their bid.


17. 18. 19.

The tenderers who are registered as Micro/Small/Medium Enterprises with the prescribed authority under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006, are required to submit copy of the registration certificate and indicate the Entrepreneur Memorandum number (twelve digit) along with the techno-commercial bid. In case such details are not provided, it will be presumed that the Enterprise is not a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise as per the provision of the above Act and consequently they are not eligible to the benefits admissible under the Act. The tenderer also shall furnish the following: a) b) Whether the tenderer is registered as Micro, Small or Medium Enterprise under MSMED Act 2006 - Yes/No If yes, furnish Entrepreneur Memorandum number and enclose a notarized copy of Registration Certificate issued by the prescribed authority under the Act.


List of approved/ preferred makes given in TS are applicable in addition to vendor list as per Appendix-6 of SBD, to be read in conjunction with the list uploaded along with the tender. The successful Bidder shall be required to provide at least thirty (30) copies of signed contract agreement for Employers use.


-523. The company reserves its rights to remove from the list of approved supplier /contractors or to ban business dealings, if any Agency has been found to have committed misconduct, and also to suspend business dealings pending investigation. The procedure under which removal of an agency from the list of approved suppliers/contractors or suspension or banning of business dealings will be dealt may be referred on our website as a part of the tender documents. 24. It shall be the responsibility of the persons submitting the bid to ensure that the bid has been submitted in the formats and as per the terms and conditions of the tender documents and no change should be made therein. In the event of any doubt regarding the terms and conditions/ formats, the person concerned may seek clarifications from the authorized officer of SAIL. In case any tampering/ unauthorized alteration is noticed in the Bid submitted from the Bidding Document available on the SAIL Website, the said Bid shall be summarily rejected and the company shall have no liability whatsoever in the matter. However, deviations, if any, proposed by the bidder may be separately indicated for acceptance or other wise by SAIL. Such proposed deviations will not be treated as tampering for the purpose of application of the clause. As the job is to be executed in the existing plant, bidder may visit the site to get acquainted with the site conditions, if so desired, before submitting the offer with prior intimation/ appointment with BSP. Address for correspondence: Dy. General Manager I/c (Projects-PCC) TK, Project Contract Cell-TK, Expansion Building, SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai-490 001, Distt. Durg, Chhattisgarh, India. Tel : + 91 788 285 4823, 2313, 3336, 222 1197 Fax : + 91 788 222 1197, 1170 Email : Registered Office : Ispat Bhavan, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110 003, India. **********


ANNEXURE ON-LINE REVERSE AUCTIONS General Rules and Regulations 1. Service Provider: For conducting the Reverse Auction, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) has engaged the services of (hereinafter referred to as Service Provider or SP) for conducting the Reverse Auctions. SP is fully authorized to give clarifications / coordinate with the supplier on behalf of SAIL w.r.t. conduct of Reverse Auction. Their address and contact details are as given alongside.
Mjunction Services Limited., Tata Centre 43, Jawarharlal Nehru Road Kolkata 700 071 Phone :033 22248607 / 8585 / 8669 Fax : 033 - 23422078 Bhilai Office : Room No.321, ISPAT Bhavan, Bhilai-490001. Phone: 0788-2227136,2853397


Introduction to General Rules & Regulations: The General Rules and Regulations provided herein govern the conduct of On-line Reverse Auctions operated by Private Ltd. These rules cover the roles and responsibilities of the parties in the On-line Reverse Auctions on the MJunction platform. Acceptance inToto to these General Rules and Regulations is a prerequisite for securing participation in the On-line Reverse Auctions on the MJunction platform. Role of Service Provider: MJunction is the agency (operator) primarily providing the platform for conducting the Reverse Auction. As the agency providing the auction engine, the role of MJunction would include: Setup the auction based on Tendered item details and bidding rules as mentioned in tender document. Providing access through user-id protected by password to the approved bidders to participate in the auction. Enhancing bidder awareness by providing them the details / steps of auction process to enable them participate in Reverse Auction and comfort with the auction mechanism and bidding rules. Summarizing auction proceedings and communicating of the outcome. Role of the Bidder: The role of the bidder is outlined below. a. Give written consent to General Rules and Regulations. b. Access to auction mechanism shall be provided only after such consent. c. Ensure that user-id and password to access the auction is not revealed to unauthorized persons. d. Participate in the Reverse Auction with the aim of bidding to secure the auctioned items in the auction (being selected for supplying SAILs requirement in a Reverse Auction). e. Convey last quoted price in writing to SP, immediately after close of RA. f. Provide breakup of quoted price (if required) within stipulated time as mentioned in tender document or otherwise communicated. g. In the event of winning an allotment, fulfill all obligations under the contract. Bidding Rules: The Bidding Rules refer to the information and terms defined specifically for a particular Reverse Auction. The purpose of the Bidding rules is to provide approved bidder with the information and terms specific to the auction in which they are bidding. This would include: a. Start Time and duration of the Reverse Auction. b. Any extension of the duration of the auction in the event of bids being received towards the end of the pre-specified duration. c. Start Bid Price (if specified) d. Minimum & Maximum Bidding Quantity (if specified) e. Price Decrements and any reduction in the price decrements in the auction in the event of inactivity f. Other attributes (informational/non-negotiable in nature) g. Participation in the auction process presumes complete awareness and understanding of the bidding rules.




-26. Conduct of the Reverse Auction: The Reverse Auction shall be conducted on prespecified date & time. MJunction retains the right to cancel or reschedule the Reverse Auction on any of the followings reasons: a. Some of the confirmed bidders are unable to access the module due to infrastructure problems such as sustained power failure or telecommunication breakdown. b. Bids are received but above the Start Bid Price. c. The duration of the Reverse Auction may also vary from the pre-specified period of time on account of termination of the auction by Mjunction : d. On the advice of the SAIL, or, e. On its own accord in case of situations where it is felt that continuance of the auction proceedings is prejudicial to the smooth conduct and / or integrity of the auction process. Problems during the conduct of the Reverse Auction: In the event of any problems being faced in the smooth conduct of the auction, MJunction shall have the right to undertake one or more of the following steps: a. Cancellation of a bid b. Locking of bidders account (suspension of operations in the account) etc. Such intervention may even happen without seeking prior concurrence of SAIL. c. MJ shall inform SAIL, clearly stating reasons, of such cancellation / suspension. Ensuring Participation & Loss of connectivity: The bidders have to participate in the RA from their own office/ own arrangement. The bidder has to make arrangement for ensuring Internet connectivity throughout RA. For this, the bidder shall be solely and exclusively responsible for ensuring continuance of connectivity. SAIL shall in no way be responsible for the consequences arising out of disruption of Internet connectivity. In case the bidder desires, efforts will be made to provide assistance during the Reverse Auction phase by deploying skilled persons from Service provider/authorized representative at the participating vendor locations. However, SAIL or Service provider shall in no way be responsible ensuring Internet connectivity. Liability of Service Provider: MJunction shall not be liable to the SAIL / bidders in the auction or any other person(s) for any breach of contract by any party in the fulfillment of the underlying contract. Any delays in initiating the online auction or postponement / cancellation of the online auction proceedings due to any problem with the hardware / software / infra structural facilities or any other shortcomings.




10. Confidentiality Clause: MJunction undertakes to handle any sensitive information provided by the SAIL or confirmed bidders for the Reverse Auctions conducted on the MJunction platform with utmost trust and confidentiality. 11. Jurisdiction: Any disputes relating to the online Reverse Auction module shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the district court of the Bhilai Steel Plant. 12. Right of SAIL: SAIL reserves the right to fully / partly accept or reject any or all bids placed in the online Reverse Auction without assigning any reason whatsoever.

-3Definition of Key Terms Reverse Auction 1. Reverse Auction: Reverse Auction refers to a forum where the requirement for one/more Lots of an tendered items is stated and the participants are required to bid down the price to be selected to supply the requirement. On-line Reverse Auction: On-line Reverse Auctions refer to those Reverse Auctions conducted through the Internet with simultaneous bidding (from one or more locations). In other words, the venue for the auction is on an Internet website/ platform. The MJunction website ( ) or any other URL assigned by MJunction would constitute the venue for the purpose of the On-line auction. Award at the Reverse Auction: The bidder quoting the lowest price is normally allotted the tendered items unless otherwise specified by the SAIL. Buyer i.e. SAIL: SAIL is the individual/business entity who has contracted MJunction to conduct such Reverse Auction. In case of Reverse Auction, the purpose would be to meet their requirement for tendered items from among the sellers desiring to sell the tendered items to the SAIL. Bidder: Bidder is the individual/business entity participating in the Reverse Auction, intending to supply the tendered items to the SAIL. To be become a Bidder in the auction, a business entity has to secure SAILs approval for participation and also provide written assent to the General Rules and Regulations. Auction Engine: Auction Engine refers to the software that encapsulates the entire auction environment, processing logic and information flows. MJunction is the sole owner of the auction engine and retains exclusive right over the utilization of the same. Preview Time: Preview Time refers to the period of time that is provided prior to the commencement of bidding. This is to facilitate approved participants to view the auction details such as tendered items specifications, bidding details and bidding rules. The purpose is also to familiarize participants with the functionalities and screens of the auction mechanism. It is not mandatory for MJunction to provide Preview Time. Start Time: Start time refers to the time of commencement of the conduct of the Online auction. It signals the commencement of the Price Discovery process through competitive bidding. Duration of the Reverse Auction: It refers to the length of time the price discovery process is allowed to continue by accepting bids from competing bidders. The duration of the auction would normally be for a pre-specified period of time. However, the bidding rules may state the conditions when the pre-specified duration may be extended/ curtailed. The conditions include: Curtailment of auction duration in the event of no bids for a specified period of time (Inactivity Time) Automatic extension in the event of bids being entered towards the end of the scheduled duration to facilitate the other bidders to view and react to the bid.


3. 4.






10. Auto Extension of the Auction Timings: In the event of bids in the last few minutes of the scheduled bid time, the Bid Timings are automatically extended for a specified period from each such bid. Such Auto Extension shall continue until no bids are placed for the specified period (Engine remains inactive for the specified period). The Inactivity Time for Auto Extension purpose is normally 7 minutes. MJunction however retains the right to change the same. The Inactivity time applicable for the particular On-line Bid shall be communicated to the bidder if it will be set to a value less than 7 minutes.

-411. End of the Reverse Auction: End of the Auction refers to the termination of the auction proceedings signaling an end to the price discovery process. 12. ID and Pass Word: Pass Word and ID shall be given to all the eligible tenderers by the Service Provider for enabling them to participate in the Reverse Auction. 13. Start Bid Price: Wherever indicated, Start Bid Price, is the Maximum Price, which will be accepted by the Reverse Auction engine. Supplier have to quote a price lesser than the Start Bid Price for participating in the Reverse Auction. The computer shall not accept Price higher than Start Bid Price for a lot. Bidding will start at start Bid Price to be intimated in advance to the vendors eligible for bidding. This will be put up on the site. 14. Minimum Decrement: Minimum decrement is the minimum amount by which, a supplier has to reduce his bid value in order to beat the latest lowest bid. For example if a bidder bids Rs.10,00,000/ - for a Lot, others, in order to beat this bid, have to quote a lower price with a minimum decrement say of Rs.2,500/- i.e. in order to be eligible they have to quote Rs.9,97,500/- (or lower) for the same Lot. This minimum decrement shall be pre-decided by SAIL and will be in-built in the RA event. 15. Proxy Bid: In the following circumstances, a bidder may opt for proxy bidding. Where the bidder is not confident of a reliable Internet Connectivity. Where the speed of Internet Connection is slow and unable to catch-up with the speed of competitors bids. 16. To remain a leading bidder till the lowest bid value fed in the auction machine. Where the bidder is required to put bids in more than one Market/Lot at a time. Bidder is preoccupied and not in a position to put bids live as the auction is going on. Proxy Bid is a bidding option through which, the system places bids on your behalf. You need to check (click) the proxy bid box on the screen and place the lowest value to which you can bid and then place submit button and confirm. Once the proxy is activated the bids are placed automatically as per the minimum decrements. The lowest value of your proxy bid amount is not visible by any other bidder. When a bidder exercises the proxy option, the proxy bid remains L1 till the lower bid value fed in the auction machine is exhausted i.e. a lower bid, less than the lower bid value offered by the bidder exercising the proxy, is offered by another bidder. If a bidder bids a price equal to the lower limit of the proxy bid, the proxy bidder gets precedence over him at that price. Example: Suppose, the current bid in the market is Rs.10000 and the min. decrement is Rs.100 and you have activated proxy till Rs.9500. Now say a bidder places a bid of Rs.9800, the system automatically bids Rs.9700 on your behalf at the same time and keeps you as a leading bidder. ********

BID DATA SHEET The following bid-specific data for the Facilities including plant and equipment to be procured installed & commissioned, shall amend and/or supplement the provisions in the Invitation for Bids (IFB) and Instructions to Bidders (ITB). Whenever there is a conflict, the provisions herein shall prevail over those in the IFB and ITB. Name of Facilities/ Contract Name Name of Employer Employer details Gas Cleaning Plant Rectification (Pkg. No 38-03) at Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant. General Manager (Projects-Commercial), Expansion Building, Steel Authority of India Limited, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai-490 001, Distt: Durg, Chhattisgarh ,India Tel : + 91 788 285 2711 /2221197/ 2852313 Fax : + 91 788 222 1197/ 1170 e-mail: MECON Limited, Vivekananda Path, Doranda, Ranchi - 834002 English. In case any document furnished in another language, translation in English language, duly authenticated, to be submitted. The Bidder should fulfill the following eligibility criteria : A. Technical Eligibility 1. The bidder should have proven technology and must have designed, engineered, supplied, performed erection / supervision during erection, commissioning / supervision during commissioning of at least two (2) Gas Cleaning Plants based on Suppressed combustion process for BOF converters of minimum 80t capacity. At least one (1) of the gas cleaning plants referred to under 1 above by the bidder must be operating for a minimum period of one (1) year. This completion of one year should not be after date of issue of NIT. Supporting documents duly notarized clearly bringing out fulfillment of requirement elaborated under 1 & 2 above shall be submitted by bidder in the form of Contract Agreement or Work Order or Purchase Order clearly defining the scope of work and Commissioning certificate or Performance certificate or Completion certificate by the Purchaser. In case, the Bidder is a consortium of two or more parties as members, the experience of the concerned member should be commensurate with the responsibility matrix provided in the consortium agreement and either of its members or combination of members together should meet technical eligibility criteria elaborated under 1 & 2 above. In case bidders / consortium members are of overseas origin, then in addition to the above they should have experience of designing, engineering, supply, erection / supervision during erection and satisfactory commissioning / supervision during commissioning of at least one Gas Cleaning Plant based on Suppressed combustion process for BOF converter of minimum 80t capacity in a country other than their country of origin.

Name of Consultant Language of bid ITB 7.1 Eligibility/ Qualification requirements for Bidders ITB 8.3 (b) & (c)





Eligibility/ Qualification requirements for Bidders ITB 8.3 (b) & (c)


-2Experience of designing, engineering, supply, erection / supervision during erection and satisfactory commissioning / supervision during commissioning of GCP by the bidders / consortium members to a company, which is either a subsidiary or any part of the same corporate or even conglomerate of the bidder / consortium member will not be considered as a valid document for technical eligibility.

B) Financial Eligibility Average annual turnover of the Bidder shall not be less than Rs 600,000,000 /= (Rupees Six hundred million only) during last three (03) consecutive financial years, i.e. during financial years 2010-11, 2011-12 & 2012-13. The Bidder shall submit copy of Audited Annual Reports clearly evidencing the Annual Turn-Over figure for last 3 (three) consecutive financial years in support of their meeting above stipulated financial criterion. In case of non availability of Audited Annual Reports for any genuine reasons, as an alternative, with reasoned proof, the bidder may submit certificate(s) from a practicing Chartered Accountant, duly notarized, in support of their financial credentials, in lieu of the Annual Report. ITB 8.3 (b) Spares ITB 8.3 (c) (ii) Consortium requirements will be as per SBD. List of O&M Spares required for operation of 2 years following completion of the Facilities. Price of such items shall be submitted 6 months before scheduled commissioning by successful bidder valid for a period up to 12 months. However, placement of order for such spares will be considered separately, if required. The price quoted for spares will not be taken into account for evaluation purpose. Alternative Bid(s) are permitted along with the offer as per Technical Specification. However, Employer shall have the right to accept/reject the Alternative Bid(s). In addition to Indian Rupees, the Bidders may use any freely convertible foreign currency. However, Indian consortium member(s)/ bidder shall quote in Indian rupees only. Rs. 65,00,000/- (Indian Rupees Sixty fifty lakh only) or Equivalent freely convertible foreign currency. The clause shall be read as follows : The bid security shall be forfeited if bidder i) Unilaterally withdraw its bid during the bid validity period (ii) Modifying the bid unilaterally after opening of tender. (iii) Submit false information/ particulars and failure to establish authenticity of the documents filed in support of eligibility. (iv) Refuses to enter into contract after award within the stipulated period without sufficient justification. (v) Not commence the work after the work is awarded. (vi) Refuses to give performance bank guarantee, in case the bidder is not able to justify the prices quoted by him and awarded the job. Suspension of business with L-1 bidder in case of backing out :SAIL, BSP reserves the right for suspension of business on account of backing out of L-1 bidder after opening of price bid/ price obtained in online sealed bid in RA/ price obtained in the process of RA during validity period of price bid.

Alternative Bids ITB 8.3 (f) Bid Currencies

Amount of Bid Security ITB 11.1 ITB Clause 11.6

-3Bid Validity Period ITB 12.1 Copies ITB 13.1, 17.2 (a) Bid Submission ITB 14.2, 15.1 Bid shall be valid for 180 days from last date of submission of bid. Bid Part I & III One (1) Original and four (4) copies Bid Part II One (1) Original and fifteen (15) copies along with soft copy in CD. Address of Employer for bid submission : Dy. General Manager I/c (Proj-PCC) TK, Project Contract Cell (Turnkey), Expansion Building, SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai-490 001, Distt. Durg, Chhattisgarh, India. Deadline for bid submission 22.01.2014,11.00 Hrs IST Bids shall be opened at 15:00 Hrs IST on 22.01.2014 in the office of the Employer Dy.General Manager I/c (Projects-PCC) TK, Project Contract Cell-TK, Expansion Building, SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai-490 001, Distt. Durg, Chhattisgarh, India. Tel : + 91 788 285 2711, 4823, 2313, 3336, 222 1197 Fax : + 91 788 222 1197, 1170 Email : Deviations in Bid ITB 20.3 Technical evaluation of bid Generally no deviations are acceptable against the tender document. As per TS The following additional criteria will be used in the evaluation in the manner stated there under : NIL.

Bid Opening ITB 14.2 (b) & 18.1

Conversion to single Currency chosen for the purpose of converting to a common currency currency ITB 26.2 shall be local currency, i.e. Rupees (INR). Source of exchange rate: [As the common currency shall be the local currency, exchange TT Selling rates observed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and notified by the State Bank of India (SBI), will be used for converting prices quoted in foreign currencies.] Date of exchange rate: The closing TT Selling rate of exchange on the previous working day of the date of opening of Price bid shall be considered. Price bid evaluation ITB 25.3 The following criteria will be used in the evaluation in the manner stated below : The taxes & duties, which are to be borne and paid by the Employer, shall be considered on the quoted price for imported supplies & services for the purpose of price evaluation as follows :

Basic custom duty (BCD ) @ 5 % on Assessable value on (FOB price + Ocean freight +Marine insurance + Landing charges) Countervailing duty (CVD) including Education cess @ 12 % on (Assessable value + BCD) Education cess @ 3 % on (BCD + CVD) Additional Duty of Custom (ADC) @ 4 % on (Assessable value + BCD + CVD +education cess)


Income tax including surcharge & Education cess to be on grossed up value as per the double taxation avoidance agreement or 25% as per Income Tax Act, whichever is lower. Service tax including ED cess on the value of services.

Landing Charges are 1% of (FOB price + Ocean freight + Marine insurance) Note: Bidders to indicate the value of supplies on which Entry Tax are to be borne by them and not required to be loaded for the evaluation of their Price, failing which Entry Tax will be loaded for the full value of Supplies. The contract price shall not include Entry Tax. Entry Tax of 1% shall be loaded to both indigenous as well as imported supply, which shall be paid and borne by the Employer. The bidders may indicate the portion of supply, on which entry tax is not required to be paid by the Employer below the Summary Price Schedule and while evaluating the offer further entry tax will not be loaded on above declared goods. However, while raising invoice for such goods, the invoice should contain the following : a) Tax payer Identification Number under C.G. VAT Act. b) In case of supplies manufactured within Bhilai Municipal Local Area, then Goods Sold are Local Goods is to be endorsed. c) In case of Entry Tax paid supplies, Material is Entry Tax Prepaid is to be endorsed. The price evaluation will be done on the basis of Net of CENVAT and VAT input credit. The CENVAT will constitute the CVD including Education Cess thereon, ADC, Service tax component for the imported services as above and the amount of CENVAT credit and VAT input credit on indigenous supplies & services as quoted by the Bidder. The contractor is to provide the VAT invoices for reimbursement of the VAT amount. Chhattisgarh Value Added Tax (CGVAT) is applicable on purchase and sale of goods made within the State of Chhattisgarh. The contractor is to provide the VAT invoices for reimbursement of the VAT amount and to enable the Employer to avail the VAT Input Tax Credit thereon. The applicable VAT input tax credit available to BSP is indicated below : The VAT component considered by the Bidders are to be provided in the following tableVAT Rate as per CGVAT Act (%) 1 3 5 14 25 VAT input tax credit available to BSP (%) 0.51 1.53 2.55 11.55 NIL CG VAT Amount (Rs.) CG VAT Input Credit (Rs.) tax


The bidders are to indicate the CG VAT input tax credit to be passed on to BSP in the price bid for the evaluation of their offers. The VAT input tax credit committed by the contractor will be reconciled and necessary adjustment effected. Bidder has to see CG VAT Act for items on which VAT ITR is not applicable. Negative list is attached for ready reference. However, the same may be verified by bidder from the VAT Act before submission of Price bid. Similarly, while quoting minimum guaranteed CENVAT on account of Excise duty and Service tax the bidder has to ensure applicability of CENVAT credit as per latest CENVAT credit rules. Time Schedule ITB 25.5 (b) The successful Bidder shall be required to complete the whole work within twelve (12) months from the effective date of the contract. However, in the event of completion period offered by the Bidder is beyond the period specified in Tender Document and if such deviation is acceptable to the Employer, then the bid price shall be subjected to loading @ 0.5% of quoted price excluding taxes & duties per complete week beyond 12 months. Methodology for calculating life cycle cost of the Facilities : Operation & maintenance cost shall not form the part of evaluation. The Bidder shall quote his price conforming to the Performance guarantee parameters and the acceptable limits as specified in Chapter 22 for Part A and Chapter 15 for Part B of TS no. 11/40/9101/TS/ 03803 , Rev.03 May, 2013 Additional details on the evaluation method or reference to the Technical Specifications : Not Applicable Performance Security amount shall be five percent (5%) of the Total Contract price in Rupees or any other freely convertible foreign currency. Performance Bank Guarantee(s) from any of the banks enlisted in Annexure-1 of Special Condition of Contract (SCC) and in the manner as specified in clause 6.0 {Performance Bank Guarantee(s)} of Special Condition of Contract (SCC) shall only be accepted. Integrity pact to be signed: Yes, All 17 pages are to be signed by the bidder and also ensure the seal of company on each page. In case of consortium, same is to be signed by all consortium members. Yes, (As per SCC clause No. 5.0) i.e. The interest rate shall be benchmark prime lending rate of SBI at monthly rest. Bidder is to submit the check list, duly filled as per format provided in Annexure- 2 SCC along with part-II of the bid. ***

ITB 38.3 (c) Performance Guarantees ITB 25.5 (c) Additional details on the evaluation ITB 25.5 (e) Amount of Performance Security (Performance Bank Guarantee) ITB 33.1 Integrity Pact ITB 38.1 Mobilization Advance Check list for submission of bid

List of goods on which input tax rebate not available Negative List

S No. 1.

Description of goods Petrol, diesel, aviation turbine fuel, natural gas, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gas. Capital expenditure on land and civil construction for use in manufacture or trade, including office building and other related constructions. Second hand capital goods. Furniture and Fixtures including air conditioners and refrigerators. Motor cars, two wheelers, parts and accessories thereof. Capital goods used in generation of energy / power including captive power plant. Capital goods used in manufacture, providing service or trading activities not liable to tax under the Act. Such other goods, as may be notified by the State Government.


3. 4. 5. 6.



SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT (To be filled in Sl. No.1.3 & 2.2) The following Special Conditions of Contract [SCC] shall supplement the General Conditions of Contract [GCC]. Whenever there is a conflict, the provisions herein shall prevail over those in the GCC. The corresponding clause number of the GCC is indicated in parentheses 1. 1.1 Definitions [GCC Clause 1] Employer Steel Authority of India Limited Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai Pin Code No. 490 001 Telephone No. + 91 788-2852711, 2221197 e-mail- Facsimile No. + 91 788 2221197, 1170 1.2 Engineer Dy. General Manager I/c (Proj- Steel Zone) Project Department, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai Pin Code No. 490 001 Telephone No. + 91 788 285 3795 Facsimile No. + 91 788-2221197, 1170 1.3 Contractor M/s. ____________________ ([Name and address) Telephone No. ____________ e-mail ___________________ Facsimile No. _____________ Bank Details: Name of Bank ________________ Branch ______________________ Branch code _________________ Address _____________________ A/C No. _____________________ MICR Code: IFSC Code: PAN No. ____________________ 1.4 Consultant M/s. MECON Limited, Vivekananda Path, Doranda, Ranchi 834002. Telephone No. 0651 - 2480216 / 2480002 / 2262194 Facsimile No. 0651-2482189 / 2482214

-22. 2.1 Notices [GCC Clause 4] Employers Address for Notice purposes [Reference GCC Sub-Clause 4.1] General Manager (Projects-Commercial) Expansion Building, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai Steel Authority of India Limited Bhilai Steel Plant Telephone No. 0788-2852711, 2221197 E-mail- Facsimile No. 0788-2221197, 1170 2.2 Contractors Address for Notice purposes [Reference GCC Sub-Clause 4.1] M/s. ____________________ [Name and address] Telephone No. ____________ E-mail ___________________ Facsimile No. _____________ 3 Transportation by Wagons [Reference GCC Clause 21.4.2] The destination for consignments to be Dispatched by wagons by the Contractor shall be as under: BSP Railway Sidings, SECR, Bhilai 4.0 Use of Fly Ash in road construction and Fly Ash Bricks in masonry work is mandatory. Bidders to ensure use of fly ash accordingly. Mobilisation Advance Interest bearing mobilization advance may be granted to the successful bidder on his request subject to the following conditions: Contractor shall mobilize resources for i) ii) Conducting site survey for preparation of drawings and documents and/ or ; Procurement/ hiring of special construction equipment, such as, heavy duty mobile cranes, excavator, concrete mixing machinery and plant etc. to meet the specific requirement of the tendered work; and / or ; Procurement of raw materials for manufacturing and purchase of equipment.

5.0 5.1 5.2

iii) 5.3

Contractor shall indicate the amount of mobilization advance. However, the amount of advance shall be maximum up to 10% of the contract price (excluding taxes & duties and free supplies/ supplied as cost on recovery basis). The advance shall be paid in installments (not less than two). The advance along with payable interest shall be recovered from the supplier/ contractor through the progress bills till the advance including payable interest is fully recovered within the contractual completion. The interest rate shall be benchmark prime lending rate of State Bank of India at monthly rest. Advance to the supplier/ contractor will be paid against submission of Bank Guarantee of amount equal to the advance and payable interest as per 5.4 & 5.5 above, but not less than 110% of the advance amount.


5.5 5.6

-36.0 6.1 Performance Bank Guarantee(s) Performance Security/ Bank Guarantee amount shall be five percent (5%) of the Total Contract price in Rupees. Performance Bank Guarantee(s) from any of the banks enlisted in Annexure-1 of Special Condition of Contract (SCC) and in the manner as specified in clause 6.0 {Performance Bank Guarantee(s)} of Special Condition of Contract (SCC) and as per annexure-I of GCC/SBD shall only be accepted. 6.2 Performance Bank Guarantee(s) issuing banks should have a branch at Bhilai, or New Delhi, or Mumbai, or Kolkata, or Chennai and shall be meeting the requirement as per Clause 13 of GCC. The stamp paper used for the Performance Bank Guarantee(s) must be of the appropriate value and should be purchased on behalf of the issuing branch and issuance of amendment / extension of Performance Bank Guarantee(s) should also be made on stamp paper of the appropriate value purchased in the name of the bank. Name, designation and authorization number of the person issuing the Performance Bank Guarantee(s) must be clearly indicated in the document. Performance Bank Guarantee(s) shall be sent directly to the Employer by issuing bank at the address mentioned in clause 2.1 of Special Condition of Contract (SCC), through registered post / courier. In general, the vendors are to be selected from those mentioned as Preferred Makes either in GTS or Appendix-VI of the contract for procurement of Indigenous items except where Preferred Vendors are specifically mentioned in the TS. In such cases where Preferred Vendors are specifically mentioned in the TS for procurement of either Indigenous or Imported items, any Vendor other than specified in the TS cannot be considered by the contractor without prior approval from the Employer. Also, in such cases this SCC dominates all other Contract Documents (Article 1.2 of the contract) over riding Order of Precedence (Article 1.3 of the contract) (Reference GCC Clause 2). Maximum number of items should be supplied as Indigenous. Only those items, which are highly specific in nature and are not manufactured (or even assembled using Imported sub-assemblies / parts) in India should be Imported. Even for these imported items it must be taken care while selecting the vendor that imported items should be of internationally established manufacturers and their spares are readily available in India. In case of Import category Design Engineering and / or supply of Plant & Equipment, only International Standards such as ISO are to be followed. Other countrys standard may be considered only if their specifications are either equivalent or more stringent than ISO or IS. The Contractor shall pay Special Allowance @ Rs.10/- per day of actual attendance to the labourer engaged by him against the contract. The rates quoted shall be inclusive of the implication involved due to payment of this Special Allowance also and no extra payment shall be made to the Contractor on this account. The onus of getting requisite technical experts at site will be responsibility of successful bidder (Contractor). Any issue related to visa of their technical experts shall not be taken as force majeure condition or delay on part of employer for extension of contract.


6.4 6.5






-412.0 Successful bidder (after signing of contract) will be required to make communication with the Employer as per Communication protocol to be issued by Employer for speedy implementation of the project. Employer shall not bear and pay additional cost for Income Tax, R&D Cess (if applicable), Service Tax and Education Cess on imported engineering/ Technical Services, supervision services by Overseas Contractors experts & training, for which prices indicated in the Contract are in Foreign currencies due to non furnishing of PAN No (issued by Income Tax Authority in India) by Bidders.( Refer GCC clause 14.3 ). For the imported supply under the contract, the contract will be registered under Project Import with Customs Authority at one of the geological locations in India. Therefore, the successful bidder will be required to specify one of the geological location as point of discharge in India. The same will be mentioned in the Letter of Credit (L/C). Further, the activities related to Custom & Port Clearance shall include registration of contract and its final assessment under Project import at the Port of discharge with appropriate Customs Authority. The necessary documents required for registration of contract will be handed over by BSP to the successful contractor, for which successful bidder will be required to finalise billing schedule for supply of imported equipment on priority. 15.0 Work Program (Refer GCC clause 18.0) Contractor shall provide Master PERT Network in Primavera software. 16.0 The Contractor shall provide report every month in updated Level-II network (detailed project schedule) along with progress report in approved format. In clauses 2.1.4, 2.1.5 and 2.1.7 of Appendix 3 of Standard Bidding Document for the words "Two and a half percent (2.5%) of the Contract Price excluding taxes, duties, Service Tax & Education Cess" the words "Two and a half percent (2.5%) of the Contract Price excluding taxes, duties (except Service Tax & Education Cess there on), " may be substituted. In clause 2.1.6 of Appendix 3 of Standard Bidding Document for the words "Five percent (5%) of the Contract Price excluding taxes, duties, Service Tax & Education Cess" the words "Five percent (5%) of the Contract Price excluding taxes, duties (except Service Tax & Education Cess there on), " may be substituted. 18.0 RBI indices given in Appendix-4 of SBD have been amended as follows : RBI indices given in SBD
Heavy Machinery & Parts Table-40 Ka1 Electrical Plant & Equipment Table-40 K(b) Iron & Steel Cement




RBI indices given in SBD Industrial Machinery Table - 21 Electrical Machinery, Equipments & Batteries Table 21 Steel - Long Table -21 Cement & Lime Table -21


Annexure-1 - SCC S.No. 1. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 BANK NAME SBI AND ASSOCIATES State Bank of India State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur State Bank of Hyderabad State Bank of Indore State Bank of Mysore State Bank of Patiala State Bank of Saurashtra State Bank of Travancore NATIONALISED BANKS 19 Indian Overseas Bank 20 Oriental Bank of Commerce 21 Punjab National Bank 22 Punjab & Sind Bank 23 Syndicate Bank 24 UCO Bank 25 Union Bank of India 26 United Bank of India 27 Vijaya Bank

09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Allahabad Bank Andhra Bank Bank of Baroda Bank of India Bank of Maharashtra Canara Bank Central Bank of India Corporation Bank Dena Bank Indian Bank


OTHER PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS Industrial Development Bank of India Ltd. PRIVATE SECTOR BANKS Federal Bank Ltd. 35 Karnataka Bank Ltd. HDFC Bank Ltd. 36 Karur Vysya Bank Ltd. ICICI Bank Ltd. 37 Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. IndusInd Bank Ltd. 38 South Indian Bank Ltd. ING Vysya Bank Ltd. 39 Axis Bank Ltd. Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd. 40 Yes Bank Ltd. FOREIGN BANKS ABN Amro Bank N.V. 49 American Express Banking Corporation 50 Bank of America 51 Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Ltd. 52 Barclays Bank Plc 53 BNP Paribas 54 Citi Bank N.A 55 Calyon Bank

29 30 31 32 33 34

41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48

Deutsche Bank DBS Bank Ltd. J.P.Morgan Chase Bank N.A. Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd. Societe Generale Standard Chartered Bank The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.


Tender No.: Bidders Ref. No.: Name of Facilities:

DGM/PCC/TK/5(499)R1/2013/5079 , Dtd. 16.12.2013 Gas Cleaning Plant Rectification (Pkg. No 38-03)

Sl. No.

Details of document

Remarks (Applicable/ Not applicable) (Attached/ Not attached) If not attached, reasons

1 2

Part-I (1 original + 4 copies) Bid Security Integrity Pact duly signed Part-II (1 original + 15 copies) Bid Form Attachment-1 Power of Attorney. Attachment-2 Bidders Eligibility & qualification. Attachment-3 Eligibility and conformity of the Facility. Attachment-4 Vendors proposed by the Bidder for Indian component Attachment-5 Deviations, if any, along with softcopy in MS word format in a CD. Attachment-6 Alternative Bid (If any) MOU between consortium members, if applicable, along with division of work. Un-priced copy of price bid with mark xxx wherever price data is furnished. Bar Chart 3-yrs. Audited Balance Sheet (s) and profit and loss statement. Details like complete address of Bidder/Consortium for correspondence incl. names of authorized persons with contact phone/mobile no. and email address Others, if any. Part-III (1 original + 4 copies) Price Bid ***

1 2 3 4 5

7 8 9 10 11 12

13 1