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CIImb: I oct|on- MV |n |nche:, connot u:e onother oct|on unt|| done.
|f h|qher thon 5Z |n |nche:, mu:t mohe o LD chech I1-2O ond the un|t
fo||: (chech on|y once er turn).
Jump: From MV to IMV |n |nche:, mohe o LD chech. I9- Fo|| rone ot end
of MV, 2O- Fo|| ot beq|nn|nq of ottemt oreo.
Jump 0ew: LD chech |f qreoter thon 5Z, Fo||ure meon: |o::e: oct|on.
|f o::, |oce mode| u to MV owoy.
Necrorqon|c: don't need to mohe LD chech: to jum down.
Chech for domoqe :ome o: fo|||nq,
PoIIIg: |oce mode| ot bo:e of terro|n.
|f d|:tonce |: qreoter thon 5Z then mode| |: rone.
Domoqe- o:e - I for eoch |nch qreoter thon 5Z
|f 5Z x2, DAM - x2, 5Z x1, DAM x1, ..
|f torqet of fo|||nq mode| mohe: LD chech - fo|||nq mode| 5Z
1hen ouo|d: domoqe.
|f mode| |: on wo|t, |t ouo|d: domoqe outomot|co||y, but |o:e: wo|t.
MIImIze retece: Front orc reduced to 9O, crow| to moue.
Attocb ActIet:
CIete Cembot
Roged Cembot
8reob Awoy: d2O - CC - 51, th|: ro|| |: on oo:ed te:t, :mo||er 5Z qet:
-I for eoch :|ze d|fference. F|yer: outomot|co||y breoh owoy. |f
breoh|nq owoy from mu|t||e oonent:, -I of eoch odd|t|ono| mode|.
AIm: -1 to RC unt|| A|m|nql1orqet moue: or turn end:. Not cumu|ot|ue
ond mu:t f|re on fo||ow|nq oct|on to qet bonu:.
Cecetrote: -2 to v. No cumu|ot|ue ond mu:t un|eo:h on fo||ow|nq
oct|on to qet bonu:.
tpet: LD chech to :ot. Any mode| |n :quod, or thot the :ott|nq mode|
q|ue: order: to. 2
ottemt ot -2, 1
-I, 4
-I, .. Cumu|ot|ue.
RoIIy: LD chech, :ub:equent chech: ot -1. |f |eoder|e::, -1 chech ond
on|y once er turn. Ro||y Other: con on|y be u:ed once er turn.
0Iwe 0rdert: Moy on|y C|ue Order: once er turn, ond on|y to mode|
thot ho: o |ower LD thon mode| q|u|nq order.
|f chorqed, mode| con: Counterchorqe, roce, F|re, v|thdrow or D|ue
for Couer.
Counterchorqe: Moue mode| I |nch forword
oth mode|: mohe CC ottoch: w|th chorqe bonu:e:.
|f mode| |: not torqet of chorqe, then |t mu:t o:: LD chech ond
mu:t be w|th|n MV, |f |t fo||:, remoue wo|t counter.
|f the combot cou:e: o moro|e chech on e|ther :|de, |t |: ot -4.
|f the chorqe |: to the reor orc, there con be no counterchorqe.
F|r|nq from vo|t: LD to come off wo|t, no bonu: from o|m.
roce for Chorqe: oth houe combot w|th no bonu: for chorqe.
v|thdrowo|: Moue owoy MV ond end w|th boch to chorq|nq mode|.
|f the chorqe :t||| connect:, ony :uru|u|nq mode|: mu:t mohe o LD
chech ot - or on|c. 1h|: |: |n odd|t|on to ony on|c te:t: cou:ed by
D|ue for Couer:
|f torqet of tem|ote weoon, mohe LD chech.
|f mode| o::e:, moue u to MV-I
At end of moue moy |eo rone to troue| I more |nch.
Mou|nq between enemy mode|::
o Con moue |f qo |: ot |eo:t 4
L|m|t|nq 1erro|n:
o 5mo||er thon 5Z uo|ue con be moued ouer
for I oct|on. Lorqe mu:t be c||mbed.
Rouqh 1erro|n:
o MV |: ho|ued, m|n|mum I |nch.
o |f M|n|m|zed re:ence or crow||nq, connot
moue throuqh rouqh terro|n.
rone ond M|n|m|zed re:ence
o 1ohe: one oct|on to :w|tch between
:tond|nq, rone or m|n|m|ze re:ence.
o Mounted troo: con not M
o |f M, mu:t Crow|.
o |f hnoched rone, connot Crow|. Mu:t
:w|tch to M to Crow|
Mod|f|er Chort M|n|m|z|nq
F|r|nq Arc 9O NlA
C|o:e Combot
mod|f|er (defender)
CC-2 CC reduced
Adj to RClCC when
ottoch|nq o mode| |n:
-2 RC, CC |:
-4 to RC or
A mode| con on|y crow| |f |t |: |n M. |t:
MV |: ho|ued.
Vou con Crow| under :ometh|nq thot |:
5Z but not :mo||er thon 5Z.
Mounted troo: connot Crow| un|e::
otherw|:e noted.

weope Roget

O- o|nt |onh ()
-I2 5hort (5R)
I2-24 Med|um (MR)
24-1 Lonq Ronqe (LR)
1- xtreme Ronqe (R)
Off|cer: s
Force Commonder: IO
Out of Commond: On|y o||owed
moue oct|on:, -4 on moro| ro||:.
F|yer: commond d|:tonce: - I
U|t|mote vorzone ott|e 5heet
No Moro| Chech:
Con't A|m, lum, D|ue, M|n|m|ze
re:ence, 5ot or vo|t

CIete Cembot
Defender': 5Z-Attocher': 5Z: 4 ottocher:
Defender': 5Z-Attocher': 5Z: -I ottocher er
o|nt of d|fference
Defender': 5Z<Attocher': 5Z: -I ottocher er
o|nt of d|fference
Mu|t||e Attocher: qo|n -ICC (mox -1) for
eoch enqoqed fr|end|y mode|.
Chorqe: -I CC, -I DAM on f|r:t ottoch
A mode| w|th |nf||trote, 5teo|th, or 5to|h ho:
-2 CC ond -2 DAM on Chorqe.
Cr|t|co|: -4 DAM on ottoch, Fumb|e: -4 CC on
next ottoch.
PIrIg I te CIete Cembot
Crunt: mu:t mohe LD chech, ||te do not.
|f :hot m|::e: by more thon 4 then fr|end|y
qet: h|t.
|f torqet': 5Z |: -2 from fr|end|y f|qure: then no
LD chech requ|red.
|f torqet': 5Z |: -2 from fr|end|y f|qure: then
connot :hot them.

Roged Cembot
LO5 |: 1O, mo:t f|qure': f|r|nq orc |: IsO
1orqet |: -2 5Z then -I RC, -2 5Z then -I RC
1here mu:t be o I qo between fr|end|y f|qure: to f|re
between them.
Cr|t|co|: -4 DAM on ottoch, Fumb|e: -4 CC on next
IdIrect PIre
|f :hot m|::e:, d|fference |: :ubtrocted from DAM
1o f|re ouer terro|n, ottocher ond torqet mu:t be qreoter
thon terro|n': he|qht owoy.
L|m|t|nq terro|n b|och: LO5 |f to||er thon mode|.
Hord Couer: -1, 5oft Couer: -2, Ob:cured: -I

wbe te Cbecb
vhen 5quod |o:e: or|q|no| 5|ze
vhen 5quod |o:e: odd|t|ono| member ofter
vhen effected by 5ec|o| Ab|||t|e:
5quod mu:t mohe LD chech to moue toword whot on|ched
-1 RC, CC ond LD
Moy not Chorqe, A|m, vo|t, M or u:e :uernoturo| ob|||t|e:.
Mu:t u:e one oct|on mou|nq owoy from whot rohe them,
Act|on: other thon Moue requ|re o LD chech.
- RC, CC ond LD
Moy not Chorqe, A|m, vo|t, M or u:e :uernoturo| ob|||t|e:.
Leoder mu:t oct|uote f|r:t ond mohe LD chech, |f o::e:, o|| of
:quod |n Commond Rod|u: moue u one :totu:., fo||ure, |o:e
5ub:equent ottemt: ore ot -1 on :econd, - on th|rd. |n
odd|t|on to ony other LD eno|ty.
|f Leoder |: w|th|n Commond D|:tonce of o mode| w|th h|qher
LD, con u:e h|qher LD.
AttocbIg PrIedIy medeI
-s to LD chech. |f fo||: then |o:e o|| remo|n|nq oct|on: for
VebIcIe LImItt
7ype 7ur 7erroI LImIt
|he IsO MV |n rouqh, no L|m|t|nq
F|y 9O |qnore 1erro|n
5h|mmer 1O No MV eno|ty, no |mo::|b|e, -I to woterloct|on
1roched 1O None
vo|her IsO Moue ouer ob:toc|e :|ze
vhee|ed 9O -I MV on L|m|t|nq or Rouqh
AI MeroIe (AM0K}
A| do not ro|| for on|c or feor
Ro|| under LD - A|, |f fo|| ro|| on tob|e:

I- uffer Ouerf|ow (|o:e I oct|on on next oct|uot|on
1-I2 Re-oot (|o:e 2 oct|on: on next oct|uot|on
I1-Is Recoqn|t|on Fou|t (LD te:t to ottoch)
5y:tem Fo||ure (|o:e 2 oct|on:, LD chech for ony
remo|n|nq oct|on:)

RC MedIIIert
2 5Z |e:: ~t
2 5Z more +t
Hord Couer ~z
5oft Couer ~z
Ob:cured -t
VebIcIe tyttem PoIIure Cbort

Armer ReII
PoIIed 8y 0omoge EIIect
I Co:met|c Noth|nq.
2-4 5teer|nq
efore turn, ro|| d2O, |f -IO cont|nue: :tro|t. 2
-s. 1
mohe: :teer|nq |mo::|b|e
s-1 veoon:
A|| :hot: o -1 RC. 5ub:equent domoqe, odd|t|ono| -1
er h|t. |f RC |: -<O, weoon connot f|re.
s-IO nq|ne
Reduce MV by 2. 5ub:equent h|t: further reduce by -
2 MV unt|| ueh|c|e connot moue.
II-I1 1ron:m|::|on
efore moue, ro|| d2O, |f -IO Veh|c|e fo||: to moue.
Veh|c|e con not reuer:e. 2
wound -s, 1
Veh|c|e |:
I4-I Co:cod|nq
efore oct|uot|on, ro|| d2O, |f -IO o|| crew mu:t :end I
oct|on. 5ub:equent h|t: cou:e odd|t|ono| ro||:.
I1-I9 5tructuro| Veh|c|e': AR reduced by s for eoch h|t |n th|: |ocot|on.
2O Cho|n Reoct|on
Veh|c|e :uffer: on odd|t|ono| vound ond mu:t re-ro||
on th|: chort

wrecbed VebIcIet

ReII RetuIt
vreched: 1he mode| |:
not noth|nq more thon
De:troyed: Any mode|
w|th|n I mu:t mohe
Armor Ro|| oqo|n:t o
DAM 9 ottoch. Any
mode| |n couer moy
ottemt to ouo|d w|th
o LD te:t w|th -2 for
5oft ond -4 for Hord.
Mode|: on vo|t moy
D|ue for Couer.
Remoue ueh|c|e mode|
from the qome.