Geography Revision Action Plan Date of exams: Paper 1 _____________ Paper 2 _____________

How many times revised? 1 2 3 Case Study
(name relevant case studies)

Unit Map Skills Key words and command words Coastal Landscapes • Constructive/Destructive Waves • 4 types of erosion • Distinctive landforms eg caves, arches, stacks, wave cut platform • Types of transportation • Longshore Drift • Formation of Spits • Coastal Protection Schemes • Coastal Management schemes Tectonic Processes • Key terms • Distribution of fold mountains, volcanoes and e’quakes • Compressional plate boundaries • Tensional plate boundaries • Tectonic plates • Fold Mountains • Human/physical activities • Volcanoes • Composite cone volcano • Shield Volcano

Holderness Lara Beach, Blackpool

Alps Mount Etna Mauna Loa

• Volcanic eruption causes/effects • LEDC/MEDC response Unit Earthquakes • Causes • Effects MEDC • Effects LEDC • Preparing for an earthquake. • Measuring earthquakes • Why do people live in eq prone areas? Rocks and Landscapes • Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Definitions • Granite Landscape- Tor • Freeze thaw weathering • Economic uses of granite/Land use in granite areas • Limestone scenery • Chemical weathering • Chalk and Clay landscapes • Landuse in chalk/clay areas • Quarryingadvantages/disadvantages Managing Resources • seaside resort in the UK (MEDC) • tourism in LEDC • Benefits/Problems created by tourists • Non-renewable energy – advantages and disadvantages • Renewable energy- advantages and disadvantages • Acid Rain Revised? 1 2 3


Case Study

Kobe South East Asia 2005


Malham, Y. Dales South Downs Hope Quarry

Blackpool Kenya

• Global Warming • Recycling • Sustainable development . Green tourism population • World distribution of population • Sparsely populated areas • Densely populated areas • Birth rates/death rates/natural increase/infant mortality rate • Demographic transition model • Population pyramids • Migration- types • push factors • pull factors • impact of population change • solving population problems Agriculture • types and distribution • systems- inputs, processes and outputs • factors affecting farming • hill sheep farming • market gardening • arable farming • dairy farming • subsistence rice farming • changes in farming eg green revolution, irrigation • Agricultural policy in EU • Appropriate technology • Soil conservation


Sahara, Himalayas, Amazonia W.Europe, E. Seaboard.

Calcutta Eg one child policy

lake district Netherlands East Anglia Ty tanglwyst Ganges Delta Green revolution CAP Push barrow, magic stones Magic stones

Key terms revision- use the grids to help you. Best Wishes! Miss Sumner, Mr Taylor and Mr Eccles