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Volume XV, ssue 3

Summer 2011
Co|uory': IsOth Ann|uer:ory Ce|ebrot|on eq|n:
Ruth Speyer
On Sunday, June 5, 2011, Calvary celebrates its 149th anniversary.
This event will kick off a season of celebration throughout our 150th
year, culminating with a festive 150th anniversary weekend in June
2012. Mark your calendars for the following summer events, and stay
tuned for more details as the season of celebration continues.

149th Anniversary CeIebration
1. Sunday, June 5, 2011
Worship Service (11:00 a.m.)
Lunch in Woodward Hall (12:15 p.m.) Please email Jason Smith to
reserve your ticket. Tickets are $10
Historic Walking Tour in Calvary's neighborhood led by a
professional guide (1:30"3:30 p.m.)
Note: Walking tour is Free! But Reservations are required contact the church office.

2. CaIvary Presents. The Young PeopIe's Chorus of Erie
Thursday, June 16, 2011
Concert in Calvary Sanctuary (7:30 p.m.)
Reception to follow in Woodward Hall
Admission is free; donations welcome to help defray Chorus tour expenses

3. Camp Fraser FestivaI and Open House
Saturday, JuIy 9, 2011
(12:00"5:00 p.m.)
Family friendly, with games, activities, and a picnic lunch
Live bluegrass music!
"We turn not older with years, but newer everyday." "Emily Dickinson

Clara Ethel Schwengel maintains such a positive approach to life. Several weeks ago,
was privileged to have lunch with Ethel and her daughter, Dorothy (Dot). Ethel's
engaging smile and most gracious manners immediately took me back to the 80's,
when first met this charming lady at Calvary Baptist Church.

Ethel joined Calvary's fellowship through Watchcare in January 1955, becoming a
Resident Member on February 14, 1973, and cherishes being a part of the Women's
Missionary Union, the Lucia Green Circle and the Washington Baptist Fellowship. Ethel
says that "being a member of Calvary and meeting and making new friends with so
many nice people has brought much joy to her life. On Sundays, she "passes by many
churches to come to Calvary as often as she can.

Ethel is active in supporting the work of the United States Capitol Historical Society
Co|uory 5ot||qht: the| 5chwenqe|
Harold L. Ritchie
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history, promise, and hope on this same corner!
wonder if they ever would have imagined what
would be here 149 years later..
And, with birthday 149 coming up the first
weekend in June, we're preparing to pull out all the
stops and have a birthday party lasting the entire
year. 2012 is 150, so 149 marks the beginning of
Calvary's 150th Year Anniversary Celebration!
Our 150th Task Force has been hard at work
sketching out a schedule of events for the year of
celebration. You'll want to be sure to get a copy of
the schedule for the year and mark your calendar to
take advantage of the amazing music, lectures,
trips, and opportunities to celebrate, that have been
planned for everyone who loves Calvary. Most of all,
be sure to help kick everything off by joining us in
worship June 5, for lunch following worship, and for
a walking tour around the historical sites in our Penn
Quarter neighborhood. t will be a great day of
celebration, thanksgiving, and learning about the
great legacy built by those who have gone before
n the meantime, we move forward with the work
of the church for this time and place. t might seem
difficult, annoying, overwhelming, fruitless at times,
it's true. But when you think of it in the context of all
these years, you can see the work we do is truly an
investment in vital life for the future.
Thanks be to God for those who had the vision
and commitment to start this church and to sustain it
over these 149 years. Thanks be to God that we
now have been handed the vision and the gift of
securing it for the future!
Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
From Our o:tor
June is a big month
for birthdays in our
house, and it has gotten
bigger since we've been
part of the Calvary
would not have
known the importance of
celebrating the church's
birthday had it not been
for Cheryl Branham, our
Director of Music, who
has taught me over the years what a powerful
experience it can be to mark the years in a
community. After all, Calvary means so much to so
many of us; imagine the lives this place has
impacted over years and years of service in one
This June is particularly important because
Calvary is celebrating birthday 149. That's 149
YEARS of being the church right here. That's a long
time. 1862 the year our congregation was organized
was also the first year the US Treasury ever issued
paper money. There was all manner of fighting
going on all over the country with Civil War battles
breaking out one after another, and slavery was
abolished in all US possessions. As you can see,
there wasn't much else going on, so guess a few
motivated folks thought it would be a good idea to
spend their free time starting a new church.
Thank goodness they did, because here we are,
149 years later, recipients of the gift of so much
Thanks to the efforts of Amanda Butler and Caroline Armijo working with the Casey Tree Foundation, the
National Cherry Blossom Festival Committee and many volunteers, five Cherry Blossom trees were planted in
front of the church along Eighth Street and three Hornbeam trees along H Street. Join us Saturday, June 4,
for a landscaping work day as we continue to improve the 'curb appeal' of our church. See Amanda or
Caroline for more information.
A New Looh|

Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
Conqreqot|ono| Deue|oment
. . . Oortun|t|e: to :tudy, qrow, connect ond ||ue out Cod': |nu|tot|on |n your ||fe
ve Are 1ron:formed 5o ve M|qht 1ron:form
Edgar Palacios
The church's mission in the world is to transform. This was the mission of Jesus and this
is the mission of his followers. God has a dream for a different world, one filled with love
and passion and a world willed by Him. t is a world in which He can express positively
His true character. n the Bible and from the experience of the followers of Jesus, we
know that God is love. And this love is expressed in relationships and in the human
realities of justice, service, fellowship and friendship.

Following Jesus to fulfill the mission of the church in the world begins with a personal
transformation. Following God and His kingdom is like giving one's life to God. This
conversion is a necessary transformation. t reflects our passage from death to life. t
reflects the transformation of our selfish interests into a realization of the will of God in the world.

The main faith objectives of ancient srael and the early church communities were both personal
transformation and global transformation. We as a church should be geared towards these objectives.

Calvary is on a long journey. Every day we advance further, we learn a little more, and we have more and
more profound challenges. Our various church ministries serve to glorify God, and this is what we intend to do
in the Department of Christian Education. We want to create a department of Christian education oriented
toward life, justice, and love. Accomplishing this requires the right conditions for God to become active in us
and our action in the world.

With these ideas in mind, on April 20, we gathered for the Prayer for Peace, a public worship time where we
recognized the anonymous martyrs for peace. We focused on the thousands and thousands of women, men
and children who gave their lives fighting for their livelihoods, their land and water, their forests and
petroleum. We honored the thousands of anonymous martyrs for peace who gave their lives fighting against
slavery, oppression and exploitation, and we also recognized the millions who have died under unjust
economic and political systems.

Symbolizing life and rejuvenation, we began the first round of this year's Integrated HeaIth Project, aimed at
encouraging a healthy lifestyle and an altruistic sense of solidarity. We met from March to May and involved a
dedicated group of women and men.

Our Mission and Christian Education boards have enthusiastically begun walking alongside our immigrant
brothers and sisters in their struggle for permanent residence and fair Iabor practices. We intend to work
in partnership with other churches and organizations and continue to maintain our relationship with the Police
Department and support its role of ensuring public safety and combating crime with the confidence and
cooperation of citizens. We will seek to apply the measures of our Safe Communities project.

As part of our biblical and theological training for action in the world, we will study the Lord's Prayer as the
model prayer for Christians in our July and August Sunday school classes for youth and adults.

As a sign of peace, mission and education, on Sunday, July 17, we will have a luncheon to raise funds for our
ShaIom SchoIarship Project. This year, as in previous years, we will continue to carry out this activity as a
congregation; it's really just a party with several teams working together. Our Salvadorian students are at the
heart of our church.

Sunday SchooI Promotion Day will be held August 28. Life is about growing, and our children and youth
are growing in many ways. As a church, through our teachers and parents, we offer our children a Christian
education that leads to maturity in faith in Jesus. Our Sunday school is an integral part of this training.

We are honored to have Carol Blythe at Calvary as the president of The Alliance of Baptists. She is Chair of
our Board of Missions and along with her husband Rick Goodman are gifted children's leaders in Sunday
school. t is our prayer that Carol's rich ministry continues in the mission of transforming the world. As her
church, we stand with her and together remain committed to the Kingdom of God.

Conqreqot|ono| Deue|oment
. . . Oortun|t|e: to :tudy, qrow, connect ond ||ue out Cod': |nu|tot|on |n your ||fe
Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
For the past year, the Camp Fraser Task Force has
been diligently planning for the future stewardship of
Camp Fraser, Calvary's camp property and retreat
center in Great Falls, Virginia. With the vision of
Camp Fraser becoming a vibrant and self"sustaining
part of Calvary's ministry, the Task Force researched
numerous options to enhance Camp Fraser's legacy
of being a place where children, families, and adults
experience God's creation. The Task Force
recommended to and received approval from
Calvary's leadership to establish a non"profit
organization for the management and administration
of Camp Fraser and programming at the camp.
Ownership of the camp would remain with Calvary
and the governing board of the new non"profit would
be comprised of Calvary and community members.

With a non"profit organization status, Camp Fraser
will be best positioned for sustainability and to meet
the diverse needs of its visitors. nterim camp
administrator, Annie Sharp, was hired in January.
One of Annie's roles is to be the face of Camp Fraser
to the DC metro area.

f you are interested in adding your passion and
energy to the future of Camp Fraser, we need you!
We have a new, separate web address for the camp
and need web designers, photographers and writers.
We need folks with an interest in communications
and marketing to assist in spreading the word about
the many ways Camp Fraser can serve youth and
families. The kitchen equipment, which is more than
40 years old, needs to be replaced and we are
looking for new or gently used commercial
appliances. Please share your interest with the
Pastoral staff or a member of the Task Force: Ken
Butler, Chuck Andreatta, Paul Rosstead and Nancy

Please save the date: Saturday, July 9, when we will
host an open house and joint all church picnic at
camp with Washington Plaza Church in Reston. We
hope you will be there to greet our many supporters
who will be invited as our special guests.
Com Fro:er Udote
Nancy Renfrow
"Thank you for letting us use your facilities for the
week. We had a great time and it was in part thanks
to you. Good luck in all you do.
University Community Assistance Network,
Wingate University
(Stayed at Calvary March 6"11)
"To Calvary Staff and Congregation, We so
appreciate the hospitality that you gave us during
our stay there. You added so much to our Spring
Break mission trip as you shared your wonderful
facility. We were blessed by your kind and helpful
staff and we were inspired by your worship, ministry,
and history. Blessings to you as you continue to be
God's blessing to DC and beyond."
Shawn Zambrows and
Perdue University Baptist Student Foundation
(Stayed at Calvary March 11"17)
Co||er Auo||ob|e by mo||
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save paper and postage at the same time? For more information send an email to

Conqreqot|ono| Deue|oment
. . . Oortun|t|e: to :tudy, qrow, connect ond ||ue out Cod': |nu|tot|on |n your ||fe
Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
New o:toro| Re|ot|on: Comm|ttee:
Amy Dale
As many of you already know, part of our committee structure includes a Pastoral
Relations Committee for our Senior Pastor. This committee meets four times a year
and has about five committee members who serve one"year terms.

The committee serves as an advisory group to the pastor, bringing concerns of the
congregation to the pastor. They also serve as an advocacy group for the pastor's
leadership in the congregation. The committee encourages the pastor's professional
growth and well"being and promotes mutual ministry between pastor and

This year, the Senior Pastor's Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) discussed the
possibility of starting PRC committees for our Associate Pastors: Edgar Palacios and Leah Grundset. We
were all in agreement that we wanted to extend the same feedback and support to Pastor Edgar and Pastor
Leah that we already provide to Pastor Amy.

n the same way that Pastor Amy is involved in choosing members for her committee, we extended the same
courtesy to Pastors Edgar and Leah. (Having been a member of the Nominating Committee in the past,
knew how difficult it could be to find 10 people that would agree to serve on a committee.) am delighted to
report that every person we asked to join these committees wholeheartedly accepted.
which her husband, Frederic Delbert Schwengel, headed until his death in 1993. n 1995, she participated in
the ceremony that named the nterstate 80 Bridge over the Mississippi River near Davenport, owa as the
Fred Schwengel Memorial Bridge. n 1998, Ethel received the President's Leadership Award from Truman
State University.

Ethel was born August 6, 1909, on the family farm near Purdin, Missouri, to the late Frank Elliott and Miriam
Florence Cassity. Ethel was her father's right hand at the farm; while her sister Florence was her mother's in"
house helper. n 1932, she graduated from Truman State University. While a student, Ethel married Frederic
Delbert Schwengel on August 15, 1931, and they raised two children, Frank of Santa Monica, CA, and
Dorothy (Cosby) who resides in Alexandria, VA.

n 1944, her husband was elected to the owa House of Representatives serving for five terms and in 1954 he
was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives where he served from 1955 to 1965 and from 1967 to
1973. During the years that her husband was in public office, Ethel Schwengel was a strong presence in
public life as well. She campaigned for her husband, but says more importantly "she was a calm influence in
keeping the Schwengel household in hand.

During their years in Washington, DC, the Schwengels hosted "Week in Washington college students for
many years.

Ethel's hobbies include playing bridge, gardening and cooking. She enjoys five grandsons and nine great

By the way, did tell you that Ethel recently celebrated her 101st birthday?

Pastor Amy PRC
Amy Dale
Eva Powell
Allyson Robinson
Raimundo Barreto
Ed Meier
Our committee members are:
Pastor Edgar PRC
Raimundo Barreto
Annette Martinez
Rick Goodman
Eugenia Reyes
Laura Lee

Pastor Leah PRC
Allyson Robinson
Julie LaFave
Ashley Dalton
Jay Mayfield
Soren Dayton
"CaIvary SpotIight: EtheI SchwengeI" Continued from page 1

Mu:|c ond Art:
. . . D|:couer|nq ond u:|nq our creot|ue q|ft: |n the :eru|ce ond wor:h| of Cod
Mu:|c Deortment
Cheryl Branham

BRAVO, CALVARY MUSC MAKERS! The 2010"11 season was another fine year for
music at Calvary. Bravo and thank you to everyone who worked hard to bring us great
music each week:
Sanctuary Choir, both volunteer singers and our section leaders
Our fabulous team of organists: Matt Daley, Keevin Lewis and Kathy Cooper
Guest singers who joined us for Festival Choir in December and in April
Calvary's amazing children who participated each week in Music for Kids and who led
us in worship as Calvary Children's Choir
Our dedicated adult leaders in Music for Kids, including Danyelle Robinson, Natalie Barrens"Rogers,
Rameen Chaharbaghi and Katie Harvey
The adults and youth who participated in Handbell Choir this season and who rang so beautifully in
All the terrific artists who performed in special events
And most importantly, YOUif you participated from your seat in the congregation, if you sang in worship,
if you came out to create an audience for special events, and if you contributed funds to help support Music
at Calvary, thank you! You make Music at Calvary possible with your ongoing support.

Thank you to all. Bravo!

Calvary's music programs will run through Sunday, June 5. Then we'll take a break for the summer. See you
in September!

Be forewarned! Our Director of Music, Cheryl Branham, is making a list and checking it twice. So don't be
surprised when she comes calling to recruit YOU for Sanctuary Choir. Next year, for Calvary's
Sesquicentennial season, let's grow a Sanctuary Choir that is unlike any we've seen at Calvary recently. Let's
fill up both sides of the choir in worship each week! So if you have music in you, if you love to sing but haven't
sung in a while, if you are curious about music, talk to Cheryl. And plan to join Sanctuary Choir in September,
Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in Music Suite. Childcare is available in Calvary's nursery on G1. You'll be glad
you came out to sing with us, and we'll welcome you to our choir family. See you in September. 11!
Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
1he Fohey uotrefo|| on sth ond H
Thanks to Bill Fahey for designing and completing the stone and brick quatrefoil on the corner of 8th and H
Streets. t is an amazing addition to our outdoor Sanctuary garden.

Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
Commun|ty Outreoch
. . . reoch|nq out to the c|ty ond the wor|d w|th the Cood New: of le:u: Chr|:t
D|rect Deb|t Auo||ob|e
f you would like to set up a regular automatic
payment, contact Paul Rosstead in the Church
Office. Contributions can still be made online using
your credit card by visiting the Calvary website,, or if you pay your bills online,
consider instructing your bank to make a regular
payment to Calvary Baptist Church.
v|N Udote on enn uorter |oyqround
Caroline Armijo
n late March, Morgan Caruthers invited me to her
office and asked what was passionate about, as
part of her program with the Washington nterfaith
Network. had little sleep the night before and
mumbled something about a lack of playground in
the downtown DC area. Six weeks later, have
three meetings lined up with organizations and
elected officials to see how we can meet the
growing need of a safe, enclosed play space in the
downtown area.

A week before delivered Lucy in 2009, sat with a
group of expecting mothers as we listened to the
mother of an 18"month"old first express her
frustration. She pointed out that the first barrier to
living with a baby downtown was not the issue of
the schools, but the lack of playgrounds. There is
no safe, enclosed space for free play located
outside. The National Building Museum and Kogod
Courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery allow for
indoor play, but a place for rugged outdoor exercise
is lacking. And when my toddler doesn't get enough
exercise, she doesn't sleep. Our tiny downtown
condo doesn't provide her with the adequate
incidental exercise of climbing stairs or running out
into the back yard. Granted have gotten lots of
exercise pushing her stroller from one monument to
the next so that can hover as she chases the
ducks amongst the tourists. t would be so nice to
have a small space where can sit and relax while
she climbs, slides, runs, explores and maybe even
make new friends.

As part of the Washington nterfaith Network (WN)
program, we have identified three pieces of land as
potential play spaces " the Carnegie Library located
directly north of Calvary on 8th Street, the
Chinatown Park (aka Reservation 72) located at 5th
& , and City Center just under development at the
old convention center site. We have also held two
community meetings, started a web site (http:// and set up several
meetings. This week, will be meeting with a
representative from Jack Evans' office, offices of the
Chinatown Cultural Community Center, Terry Lynch
of the Downtown Cluster of Congregations and
Philippa Hughes of the Pink Line Project. We
understand that land is a premium in Downtown
DC, so we are open to creative partnerships and
out"of"the"box thinking.
ask directly for Calvary's support in this endeavor.
As we move into Calvary's 150th year in Downtown
DC, it is important to recognize the changing
demographics in the area. For years, Calvary has
served the local population in a countless number of
ways. At this time, we can reach out to new families
by encouraging them not to give up and flee to the
suburbs. By championing this cause of outdoor play
space, we can help support the physical and mental
health of small families during a very physically
demanding time in their lives " when their small child
will run without fear as hard as they can.

How can you help?
1 Spread the word. See a new family or pregnant
mom. Tell her about and the
growing number of families choosing to stay
2 Share ideas. Know of any land, sidewalk, parking
lot, rooftop, alley, new development, even empty
store fronts where kids might be able to play? Let
me know.
3 Show up. As we meet with developers and
government representatives, we will need people
present to show that we want our voices heard.

A new play space will not only serve the families
living downtown, but our youngest congregation
members who visit Calvary each week. Plus all of
the children who attend day care downtown while
their parents work. Some government day cares
have playgrounds, but many private organizations
do not. And the millions of children who visit our city
every year, who patiently contain themselves in their
strollers, but need a free place to burn off their
energy. As the case for play is being built
throughout the media each day, am excited to be
part of a WN project that hope will be recognized
as model for how to effectively implement play in
urban areas. Thanks for your support.

Conqreqot|ono| Deue|oment
. . . Oortun|t|e: to :tudy, qrow, connect ond ||ue out Cod': |nu|tot|on |n your ||fe
Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
1he M|::|on oord ond
the oord of Chr|:t|on ducot|on
Carol Blythe and Laura Lee
The Mission Board and the Board of Christian Education continue to work together on multiple efforts.

+ The Holistic Health Program met during March, April and May for meditation, education and exercise,
ending with a special program and lunch May 25.

+ The Boards held the second annual Yard Sale to benefit Camp Fraser on April 7"9. We raised more than
$2,000 for Camp Fraser! Thanks to all the volunteers, and our very special thanks to Gretchen White for all
her hard work in making it such a success.

+ Efforts to support the Shalom scholarship continue. The fund presently sponsors education for 10 students
in El Salvador. We are off to a good start in meeting our $10,000 goal for 2011 with the generous
contributions of the Good Friday Concert by Susan Sevier and an earlier jazz concert in April by Millie
Edwards Nottingham of Kansas City. Together the two concerts raised over $4,000! The annual luncheon to
benefit the scholarship will be held Sunday, July 17. nvite friends and family to join us that day for a
delicious lunch prepared by Chef Roberto and helpers followed by a special program.

+ The Boards have formed an mmigration Task Force to focus on how Calvary can be part of welcoming the
stranger. We plan to show part of a documentary movie about the detention centers in June and present a
forum on a recent report by the nter"American Commission on Human Rights in July. Members of this Task
Force hope to work with WN (Washington nterfaith Network) on two issues in the District, expanding
opportunities to get driver's licenses and resisting budget cuts to the Alliance medical program.

+ Vacation Bible School will be held Friday, August 5, to Sunday, August 7, at Camp Fraser. Contact Carol
Blythe for more details.

+ Calvary members Carol Blythe and Raimundo Barreto attended Ecumenical Advocacy Days in March.
The conference focused on economic security and gender. Participants learned about the current federal
budget debate and then visited Congressional offices to encourage on"going support to anti"poverty
programs and support for poor people, particularly women and children.

+ Board members continue to explore ways that Calvary will be involved with the Washington nterfaith
Network (WN). f you are interested in learning more, please contact Morgan Caruthers

+ The Alliance of Baptists held its annual convocation April 29"May 1 in Louisville, Ky. Two Calvary members
were part of the Convocation leadership: Carol Blythe presided at the Annual Meeting and Allyson Robinson
led a workshop on transgender issues. Along with Pastor Edgar Palacios, Eugenia Reyes, Roberto Reyes
Jr, Susana Reyes and Rick Goodman, they attended meaningful worship services and excellent workshops.
The group also had Saturday BBQ with former members of Calvary, Gina Underwood and David Grise! For
more information on the Convocation, please talk to one of these Calvary folks or visit

Saturday, May 21, was Calvary's first participation in the CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome
Poverty )walk to raise money for programs for hungry people, both in DC and around the world. Twenty"five
percent of the money raised will assist two local organizations, Martha's Table and DC Hunger Solutions.
The remainder of the money is used by Church World Service to address hunger needs and international
relief around the world. Morgan Caruthers coordinated Calvary's involvement in the CROP Hunger Walk
this year. Calvary contributed $1,000 from the Hunger Fund and the Children's Sunday school classes
raised and additional $32.30.

Calvary will once again have a booth at the DC Capital Pride Festival on Sunday, June 12. Courtney Rice is
organizing volunteers. Please contact Courtney at if you would like to help staff
Calvary's booth.

Erin CIine, MichaeI
SIater, Patrick and
Bridget joined Calvary
Sunday, April 10.
Michael and Erin are
originally from Georgia
and Alaska,
respectively. They met
as graduate students at
Brown University where
Michael was completing his Ph.D. in Religious
Studies and Erin was a visiting graduate student,
and then moved to Waco, TX together, where Erin
completed her Ph.D. in Philosophy at Baylor. They
were previously members of Lake Shore Baptist
Church in Waco, where they were also married.
They moved to DC two years ago to take positions
in the Theology Department at Georgetown. Both
teach philosophy of religion and Erin also teaches
Chinese philosophy and religion. Their greatest joys
are their children, Patrick (2), who loves music and
playing outdoors, and Bridget (3 weeks), who loves
being cuddled and studying people's faces. They
are all looking forward to getting better acquainted
with their new family at Calvary.
ve|come New Member:
2OII u:|ne:: Meet|nq:
As set by the Church Council the dates for the
remaining 2011 Business Meetings are:
7:00 p.m., Wednesday, July 27
(ce Cream Social at 6:00 p.m.)
1:00 p.m., Sunday, October 23
1:00 p.m., Sunday, January 22, 2012
Conqreqot|ono| Deue|oment
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Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
This summer Pastor
Amy has the incredi-
ble opportunity to be
part of the Baptist
World Alliance
meeting in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia.
The Baptist World Alliance, an organization repre-
senting Baptists from all over the world, exists to
help us know each other, work together, and im-
pact the world with our faith. As you might imagine,
our world holds many different expressions of Bap-
tist practice, and it's quite a stretching, growing ex-
perience to learn to live faith alongside each other.

The BWA Freedom and Justice Division is headed
by Calvary member Raimundo Barreto, new to this
BWA leadership position this year. Pastor Amy has
the opportunity to lead some sessions sponsored
by the Freedom and Justice Division at this upcom-
ing BWA meeting about the church in the world;
she will facilitate discussions about how we advo-
cate for social justice with the motivation of our
faith as our inspiration.

n addition to the invaluable gift of meeting Baptists
from all over the world, Calvary has a great oppor-
tunity to share insight and strategy from our unique
position as a church in Washington, D.C. Please
pray for Pastor Amy, Raimundo, and all the partici-
pants in the BWA annual meeting this summer.
o:tor Amy to ort|c|ote
|n vA meet|nq |n
kuo|o Lumur
Co|uory F|nonc|o|: o: of Ar|| 1O
Actual Budgeted Actual
2011 2011 2010
Pledges & Gifts: $127,799 $118,833 $103,115
Other ncome: 146,938 153,300 137,583
Transferred from
Endowment: 83,069 110,758 111,325

Total ncome: $357,806 $382,892 $352,022
Expenses: $357,959 $382,892 $366,873

Surplus/(Deficit) ($153) $0 ($14,851)

!"# %&'(
!"# '!)(*
!"# +&,( &) -!''")&%*
.( /(+!)0 %! 1!2

Conqreqot|ono| Deue|oment
. . . Oortun|t|e: to :tudy, qrow, connect ond ||ue out Cod': |nu|tot|on |n your ||fe
|ntroduc|nq the Co|uory Co|endor|
3 Kyaw Min Oo
James Clubb
5 Parker Brown
Kimberly Sisk
Rosemary Stafford
Efrain Tejada
6 William Michael
7 Wallace Shipp
8 Katherine Harvey
Najung Kim
Peggy Sugiyama
Ellen Sulerzyski
11 Hannah Butler
13 James Goon
14 Allyson Robinson
Ernest Williams
15 Leonard Downes
16 Camilia Fitzgerald
18 Burl Whitmer
19 Samuel Butler
Terry Hlaing
Langston Jones
20 Brian Toense
21 Christina Abbasi (Mein)
22 Molly Carr
23 Cathy Cooper
Juan Carlos Benavides
25 Julia Nelson
Judith Russell
27 Erin Cline
30 Paul Rosstead

1 van Strizenec
2 Susan Blythe"Goodman
Lance Mitroff
4 Berniece Harward
6 Amelia Din
Ling Zeng
8 Sandra Auman
Naw Hla Kyi
10 Mark Butler
Maria Nuez"Pereira
Dana White
11 Brooke Robbins
12 Brenda Shaw Nielsen
Meagan Wray
13 Kathleen Lansing
14 Dorothy Rosstead
Daniel Oo
Fernando Fuentes
Edgar Palacios
Jared Vsquez
16 Mark Alves
17 Eric Mein
Cin Cing
20 Grace Evans
Barbara Hoffer
DeAlphia Robbins
21 Patricia Belbusti
Penelope Meier
22 Soren Dayton
Andrew Lorenzen"Strait
Colin Jones
23 Wilson Canales
24 Sheri McFarlane
William Harward
25 Sarah Settels
26 Edward Meier
Nancy Thayer
Carleen Crespo
Clyde Morton
Marcela Estrada
Richard Goodman
Courtney Rice
31 Jade Kearney
Htoijan Maran

1 John Goon
2 David Pereira"Decorado
3 Saw Htoo
Phillip Renfrow
4 Jose Reyes
Jubilee Robinson
5 Sebastian Tejada
6 Troy Goodman
Ethel Schwengel
Kimberly Durham"Bates
5ummer |rthdoy:
Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
8 Jack Robbins
9 John Mein
Kyin Oo
David Quinlan
10 Virginia Lucas
11 Paul Burneston
13 Liubov Russell
Helen Alzate
14 Allan Hughes
Nancy Renfrow
Susana Reyes
16 Margaret Edmunds
David Lansing
Stephen Morton
17 Ruby Bradley"Cain
19 Eva Powell
20 Harold Stone
22 Janice Glover
23 Amy Dale
25 Hugh White
Connor Renfrow
26 Grady Renfrow
27 Gretchen White
Jeanette Mortzfeldt
30 Rachel Johnson

For current information and additional details regarding Calvary programs and events, visit Calvary's website, or Calvary's facebook page for our Google Calendar.
5 Anniversary Sunday. Worship at 11am and
Luncheon following. Walking tour, 2"4pm.
12 Pentecost Sunday" wear your red!
12 Capital Pride, all day

3 Combined Adult Sunday School begins,
9:45am in Kendall Hall
4 ndependence Day, Church Office Closed
9 Camp Fraser Open House and All"Church
Picnic, 10am"4pm
17 Shalom Scholarship Sunday, Worship at
11am and Luncheon following
24 Calvary.. Unplugged Sunday worship begins
(Sunday worship in Woodward Hall)
25"30 Youth at Passport Camp
27 Quarterly Business Meeting and ce Cream
Social, 6:30pm in Shallenberger Hall

5"7 Vacation Bible School at Camp Fraser

5 Labor Day, Church Office Closed
11 Fall Kick"off Sunday, Worship at 11am
25 Christian Education Lunch following worship

Conqreqot|ono| Deue|oment
. . . Oortun|t|e: to :tudy, qrow, connect ond ||ue out Cod': |nu|tot|on |n your ||fe
Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
o|m 5undoy ond o:ter 2OII
The Children of Calvary help lead
worship on Palm Sunday.
Easter Day Baptisms
Eugene D. Saupp, Jr.
and Jos Gonzlez
And if the excitement and glory of
our Easter Baptism Worship
Service and potluck luncheon were
not enough, there is always the
impromptu fire drill (a false alarm,
but a drill none the less) to add to
the thrill of the celebration.

R e v . D r . A m y K . B u t l e r , S e n i o r P a s t o r
H a r o l d L . R i t c h i e , E d i t o r E m e r i t u s
P a u l R o s s t e a d , C h u r c h A d m i n i s t r a t o r
2 0 2 " 3 4 7 " 8 3 5 5 ; F a x : 2 0 2 " 3 4 7 " 6 3 6 0
w w w . c a l v a r y d c . o r g
P u b l i s h e d M o n t h l y
P O S T M A S T E R :
S e n d a d d r e s s c h a n g e s t o
T h e C a l v a r y C a l l e r
C a l v a r y B a p t i s t C h u r c h & C o n g r e g a t i o n
7 5 5 8 t h S t r e e t , N W ,
W a s h i n g t o n , D C 2 0 0 0 1
C a l v a r y C a l l e r
S u m m e r 2 0 1 1
C a l v a r y
B a p t i s t
C h u r c h
N O N R O F | 1
A U 1 O
U . 5 . O 5 1 A C A | D
v A 5 H | N C 1 O N , D C
R M | 1 N o . 2 4 s 2
Summer 2011 Calvary Caller
Murder, intrigue, child abuse, arranged marriage.
faith? Welcome to the Dynasty that began with God's promise
to Abraham to make him the father of many nations. Of course,
he had to start somewhere, and the stories of family life with
saac, Abraham's son, his wife Rebekah, their children Esau
and Jacob.well, they are juicy enough to fuel several seasons
of prime time television. Or Sunday worship. Join us June 26
through July 17, to explore biblical stories of this family and their
struggle to faithfully follow God.
(The Sermon Series)
We're mixing it up this summer in worship! Join us starting
Sunday, July 24 for Calvary...Unplugged! We're a
congregation gifted with such a grand worship space;
Calvary's Sunday worship is filled with sounds of the organ
and the choir. And. worship happens in other spaces in
other ways, too. This summer we'll worship Sunday mornings
in Woodward Hall through Sunday, September 4, in a more
acoustical, relaxed style. Our services will be family oriented
and interactive, full of sacramental experiences and hands on
worship. We'll be looking at the basics of church, too, during
the sermon times. f you're a long"time church goer or just
beginning to learn, this will be a wonderful, accessible worship
and learning experience. Join us!