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Reseaich Seminai
'Nen can leain too: engaging excluueu men in non-foimal leaining. '

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Conceins about men's attituues to anu involvement in lifelong anu life-wiue leaining have
iecently emeigeu in many countiies. Theie is a giowing inteiest in finuing ways to inciease
men's paiticipation anu piomote piactices that will contiibute to men's leaining anu wellbeing,
paiticulaily in contexts anu life stages foi men beyonu paiu woik. This seminai will celebiate
the launch of a new book 'Nen Leaining Thiough Life'. Biawing on expeiiences fiom nine
countiies, the book examines men expeiiences of exclusion, ieflecting on what can be uone to
inciease anu wiuen theii paiticipation in euucation. The book seeks to infoim national anu
inteinational policies anu piactices ielateu to the leaining anu wellbeing of men which is of
paiticulai impoitance in the cuiient context of iising men's unemployment as an outcome of
the iecent anu eaily withuiawal of laigely woiking-class men fiom paiu woik anu giowing
conceins about men's functional liteiacies, health anu wellbeing in many uevelopeu nations.

Piogiamme :

2.uu-2.1u Welcome. Nike 0sboine, 0niveisity of ulasgow

2.1u -2.SS Sally Wyke, Inteiuisciplinaiy Piofessoi of Bealth anu Well-being, Institute of Bealth
anu Well -being , ulasgow on '!"#$%& ()"%&*+ ,-. /$,*0 1)* 2-3*. -, ,--14"// 1- )*/2 5*%
/*"6 )*"/1)$*. /$,*+17/*+89

2.SS-S.uu Baiiy uoluing, Piofessoi of Euucation in the Faculty of Euucation anu Aits,
Feueiation 0niveisity Austialia. '!*% :*".%$%& ;).-<&) :$,*.'

S.uu- S.1S Rob Naik, Beau of Centie foi Lifelong Leaining at the 0niveisity of Stiathclyue,
ulasgow on '!*% "%6 /$1*."(789

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Piofessoi Nichael 0sboine is Piofessoi of Auult anu Lifelong Leaining at the 0niveisity of
ulasgow anu co-uiiectoi of the Reseaich Clustei in Social }ustice, Place anu Lifelong Euucation.
Bis main inteiests in ieseaich anu uevelopment aie: wiuening paiticipation to highei
euucation, teaching anu leaining in highei euucation, the vET¡BE inteiface anu the
uevelopment of leaining cities anu iegions.
Piofessoi Sally Wyke has woikeu as a social scientist, health seivices ieseaichei anu lectuiei
at the 0niveisity of Wales, the NRC Neuical Sociology 0nit, Queen Naigaiet 0niveisity College,
0niveisity of Euinbuigh anu the 0niveisity of Stiiling. Sally's specific expeitise is in applying
social scientific theoiy anu methous to uevelop woikable anu piactical inteiventions to
impiove health anu well-being.

Piofessoi Baiiy uoluing is a membei of staff at the Faculty of Euucation & Aits, Feueiation
0niveisity Austialia. Baiiy's ieseaich has focuseu on equity anu access in auult anu community
euucation, with a iecent emphasis on men leaining in Austialia thiough paiticipation in
community oiganisations. Baiiy is Bonoiaiy Pation of the Austialian Nen's Sheus Association
anu Piesiuent of Auult Leaining Austialia.

Bi Rob Naik is Beau of Centie at the Centie foi Lifelong Leaining, 0niveisity of Stiathclyue.
Be has woikeu as a teachei anu ieseaichei in the auult, fuithei euucation anu community
sectois. Bis ieseaich has focusseu on access to highei euucation anu wiuening paiticipation
foi uisauvantageu auult gioups. Be has a paiticulai inteiest in auult liteiacy anu cooiuinateu a
pioject which focuseu on leaining anu liteiacy among oluei men in Noithein Iielanu.

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