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ECAESH 65 Non Destructive test Personnel Qalification

Rules overning !ssue" Rene#al" A$$ition An$ Evaluation of Non Destructive %esting Ratings 65&'(' eneral

The aim of this part is to provide the ECAA requirements for NDT personnel training programs, experience, examination, and certification 65&'(5 Definitions For the purposes of this international standard, the following definitions apply a! Authorization. A permission to wor" issued #y the employer or responsi#le agency #ased on the individual$s suita#ility for a specific %o#& 'n addition to the certification, amongst others the %o#(specific "nowledge, s"ill and physical a#ility could #e assessed& #! Qualification. A demonstration of the "nowledge, s"ill, training and experience required to properly perform NDT tas"s& c! Certification. The procedures leading to a written testimony of the qualification of an individual$s competence in an NDT method& d! Certificate. & )ritten testimony of qualification& e! Candidate. The individual see"ing certification under the qualification and certification scheme& f! Employer. or responsi#le agency The organi*ation for which the candidate wor"s on a regular #asis+ candidates may #e self(employed& g! Basic education. The minimum formal education required for qualification+ it may #e used to determine duration and level of training and experience required prior to qualification& h! NDT training. A process of instruction in theory and practice in the NDT method in which certification is #eing sought, which may ta"e the form of training courses to an approved sylla#us and periods of practical wor" under qualified supervision #ut shall not include the use of specimens used in the practical examination& i! experience. The period during which the candidate performed the specific NDT method as his main activity under qualified supervision including personal application of the NDT method to materials, parts or structures #ut including tests performed during training courses& %! NDT method. The discipline associated with applying a physical principle in nondestructive testing for example, ultrasonic testing!& "! NDT technique. A specific way of utili*ing an NDT method for example, immersion ,ltrasonic testing!& l! NDT procedure. An orderly sequence of rules which descri#es in detailed terms where, how and in which sequence an NDT method should #e applied to a product& m! NDT instruction& A written document detailing the precise steps to #e followed in testing to an NDT procedure& n! Qualification. Examination An examination administered #y the national certifying #ody or an authori*ed qualifying #ody, which shall include a general examination and a specific examination for each level of competence& o! general examination. The general examination includes #oth a written and a practical part for levels - and ., and only a written part for level /& a! The written test is concerned with the principles of the applica#le NDT method and, at least for level 0, covers #asic "nowledge of other NDT methods, of materials and processes, and of discontinuities arising through the use of various materials, manufacturing processes or service conditions& For level 0, the requirements for certification of NDT personnel are also included& #! The practical test for levels - and . is to verify a#ility to set(up and operate test equipment, and perform the necessary settings to yield satisfactory test results& p! specific examination. The specific examination includes #oth a written and a practical
!ssue 5" Rev& ) Date$ May" *)'*

to an extent determined #y individual company$s quality procedures . codes and acceptance criteria& For level 0 only. record and analy*e the resultant information to the degree required& q! trainee. systems. A trainee is an individual who wor"s under supervision of certified personnel #ut who does not conduct any tests independently. operating procedures and test techniques commonly used in a particular industry or industrial sector& 't involves the demonstration of "nowledge related to the product #eing tested and covers the applica#le specifications. standards and specifications > analy*ing results and assisting in esta#lishing inspection criteria where none are specified & they shall have general familiarity with all other NDT methods and if required to test products Date$ May" *)'* !ssue 5" Rev& ) .. prescri#ing and approving procedures and techniques .evels . and only two written parts for level 0& a! The written test is concerned with components.%E those methods will #e reviewed whenever a new method is esta#lished internationally 65&'(. evaluate.evel !!+ 4ersonnel competent to set up and cali#rate test equipment .f Qualification + a! There are three levels of qualification levels '..( .and .interpreting relevant codes .T ! -<( =isual Testing =T ! N.interpret . not interpret test results and does not write reports of test results& 1e may #e registered as #eing in the process of gaining appropriate experience to esta#lish eligi#ility for qualification to level . '' and ''' & .and .evel ! + 4ersonnel competent in the application of prescri#ed techniques who. for levels . the demonstration of familiarity with and the a#ility to operate the necessary test equipment on prescri#ed components.ltrasonic Testing . equipment.& 65&'(6 Relate$ N$t Metho$s + -( Acoustic Emission Testing AE! . inspection requirements and accepta#le :re%ection criteria& .( Eddy Current Testing ET ! 0( 2ea" Testing 2T ! 3( 2iquid 4enetrate Testing 4T ! /(5agnetic 4article Testing 5T! 6(Neutron 7adiographic Testing N7T! 8(7adiographic Testing 7T! 9(Thermal:'nfrared Testing T'7! .a technique formulation endorsement is required& .or for direct access to level . report and certify results in accordance with prescri#ed techniques& level '' personnel shall #e sufficiently familiar with the scope and limitations of the NDT method to #e a#le to supervise the wor" of level ' personnel &where level '' personnel are required to formulate technique . are under the general supervision of level '' or level ''' personnel & level ' personnel shall have no discretion in either the interpretation or the reporting of results& techniques shall specify the test equipment to #e used and provide specific information on cali#ration procedures.evel !!! + 4ersonnel shall #e capa#le of preparing .ECAESH 65 Non Destructive test Personnel Qalification Ministry of Civil Aviation Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority part for levels .. this examination includes the writing of one or more satisfactory procedures& #! The practical test involves.

evel ! Qualification An$ Certification The qualification .interpret.! initial experience may #e gained simultaneously in two methods if the candidate spends a minimum of /<? of wor" time on each method for which certification is sought 0! the minimum num#er of samples or @AT per month are 9 different samples for each method 65&'3( ND% .3 3< -6 3< 3< 9< 3< 3< 3< 9< -6 .f 7A An$ C8 . or report the results of any NDT& 65&'(/ 0ritten %ests Re1uire2ents + all level ' .3 -6 3< 3< 3< -6 7 Hours 8 .etc& 65&'3' Eligi4ility %raining An$ E5perience inimum !equirements For level ' and '' the ta#le #elow will lists the minimum training and experience requirements %raining E5a2ination Metho$ ET 5T 4T 7T T'7 .r Hol$ers . the required experience shall consist of the sum of the times required for level ' and level ''& and the required training shall consist of the sum of the hours required for level ' and level '' . 0 6 0 6 0 .%E > while in the process of #eing initially trained for qualification and certification individual should #e considered a T7A'NEE & A trainee should wor" with a certified individual & the trainee shall not independently conduct .icense 3< 9< . '' and ''' written examinations should #e closed &#oo" except that necessary data such as graphs .n 9o4 %raining 7Months8 0 . 0 6 N.%ES+ -! for level '' certification.icense 0ithout %ype Rating .ta#les .r . 0 -9 0 .certification and certification renewal shall #e the responsi#ility of the employer examining authority in approved maintenance organi*ation ! or approved training center& !ssue 5" Rev& ) Date$ May" *)'* . evaluate.ev el ' '' ' '' ' '' ' '' ' '' ' '' ' '' 6or %echnical School .T =T .r E1uivalent 3< .3 E5perience . the experience shall consist of time at level ' or equivalent if a person is #eing qualified directly to level '' with no time at level ' .Ministry of Civil Aviation Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority ECAESH 65 Non Destructive test Personnel Qalification and structure must hold a current level '' certificate& they should #e capa#le of supervising and exercising technical control of level ' and '' personnel& N.

< .evel !! Certification For NDT level '' certificate the individual shall pass three examination Beneral .ECAESH 65 Non Destructive test Personnel Qalification Ministry of Civil Aviation Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority 65&'35 ND% .T ET 5T 4T T'7 =T No& of questions for general exam 3< 3< 3< 0< 0< 3< 0< No& of questions for specific exam . cali#rate equipment. The NDT level ''' shall have sufficient practical #ac"ground in applica#le materials fa#rication and product technology to esta#lish techniques and to assist in esta#lishing acceptance criteria when none are otherwise availa#le & the NDT level ''' shall have general familiarity with other appropriate NDT methods.< -/ -/ . specific C practical exam ! with the following minimum 5 &C & D ! questions 5ET1@D 7T . interpret and evaluate results for the method in which he is certified & #! Ehould #e responsi#le for on %o# training and guidance of trainees and NDT level ' personnel&! c! @rgani*e and report the results of NDT according to esta#lished technique& 65&'5' ND% .evel !! E5a2ination A$2inistration Beneral and specific exams administration grading shall #e the responsi#ility of ECCA &the practical exam shall administrated #y authori*ed examining committee consist of NDT level ''' personnel or qualified representative of NDT level ''' personnel and ECCA representative 65&'3/ ND% . NDT level ''' shall have graduated from a minimum four year college or university curriculum or equivalent with a degree in engineering plus one year experience in an assignment to that of an not level '' in the applica#le NDT method s! #! Eligi"ility !equirements.< .evel !! Privileges An$ .fa#rication and product technology & iii! . c! NDT #e$el %%% Examinations& The examination of level ''' personnel shall #e the responsi#ility of approved examining authority including approved level ''' personnel .ND% .< 65&'3.< questions that are similar to pu#lished level '' question for other appropriate NDT methods .< .i2itations a! 2evel '' is responsi#le for setup .evel !!! a! Education.< questions relating to applica#le materials .! FAE'C EGA5'NAT'@N required only once when more than one method examination is ta"en! The minimum No of questions which should #e given is as follows & i! -/ questions relating to understanding standard practice document& ii! . ! 5ET1@D EGA5'NAT'@N for each method ! i! 0< questions relating to fundamentals and principles for each method and ii! -/ questions relating to application and esta#lishment of techniques and procedures for each method and Date$ May" *)'* !ssue 5" Rev& ) .

years 65&'5/ .< questions relating to capa#ility for interpreting codes.ali$ation .f Previously !ssue$ Certificate + . interpreting codes.f Certificate a! The period of validity of certificate is one year #! The certificates shall #e invalid if i! The holder does not exercise the privileges of his certificate for at least 6 month within the last . 65&'5.Ministry of Civil Aviation Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority ECAESH 65 Non Destructive test Personnel Qalification iii! .f 6oreign Certificates + For foreign certificates their holders should present evidence of fulfilling the ECAA required training .pon applying for renewal of previously issued license it will #e replaced #y new type of license 65&'6' .< questions relating to specifications . experience and examinations along with the certificate to consider its validation !ssue 5" Rev& ) Date$ May" *)'* .ali$ation . equipment Techniques and procedures d! NDT #e$el %%% 'ri$ileges > -!Ehall #e responsi#le for NDT operations for which qualified and assigned and must #e capa#le of interpreting and evaluating results in terms of specifications .ali$ity An$ Rene#al . or equivalent type and si*e letter at a distance of not less than -inches 0<&/! on standard %ogger test chart &this should #e administrate annually& . years of its validity ii! At the option if the ECCA after reviewing evidence of unethical #ehavior or any violations to the privilege and limitations& iii! 'f the individual #ecomes physically incapa#le of performing his duties& c! To renew a certificate the holder shall apply for renewal at least two wee"s #efore the expire date of his certificate using the application form for a new period provided that he presents satisfactory wor" activity for at least 6 months within the pervious .!Ehould #e capa#le of esta#lishing techniques and procedures . specifications and procedures 0!Ehould #e capa#le of training and examining NDT level ' C '' or other level ''' personnel for certification in those methods 65&'5( eneral Qualification Re1uire2ents > a! =ision Examination -! Near(=ision Acuity The examination should assure natural or corrected near distance acuity in at least one eye such that the applicant is capa#le of reading a minimum of %aguar num#er . standards.! Color Contrast Differentiation the examination should demonstrate the capa#ility of distinguishing and differentiating contrast among colors used in the method this should #e conducted upon initial certification and at three year intervals 65&'55 Re:E5a2ination The re(examination procedure shall follow the 4A7T -F : 9.. standards and specifications relating to the method & 0 ! E4EC'F'C EGA5'NAT'@N .

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