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CAPE TOWN 25 & 26 FEBRUARY 2014 3

Wayne Barker, Hope (Detail)

Art Inspired
by Madiba
Curated by Natalie Knight
Pat Mautloa Billy & Jane Makhubele Daniel Mosako Velaphi Mzimba Roy Ndinisa Richard Stone Dean Simon Alfred Thoba Susan Woolf Zapiro


This section of the auction features works by 10 of the 22 artists participating in the exhibition WE LOVE MANDELA: ART INSPIRED BY MADIBA, which is currently on show at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town through February 2014. Stephan Welz and Company are proud to be offering works by these artists to enable them to show different aspects of their creativity. Richard Stone, the leading British portrait artist who has painted portraits of the Royal Family, including the Queen, has donated his study of Nelson Mandela to this auction with proceeds of the sale going to CIDA Foundation. Based in the UK, this foundation supports CIDA City Campus in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg. CIDA City Campus helps to address the legacy of apartheid and break the cycle of intergeneration poverty in South Africa by offering low cost tertiary education to students, mainly from townships and rural areas all over South Africa, who would otherwise be unable to afford to go to university. The study was one of the works produced leading up to Madiba’s final portrait, which was painted for his 90th birthday in 2008. The painting was auctioned by actor Will Smith in London and sold for approximately £400 000. Richard Stone donated all proceeds to the 46664 Foundation. In addition to the study, the artist has also donated a signed print of Mandela, produced from the original portrait for auction with the proceeds going to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. WE LOVE MANDELA: ART INSPIRED BY MADIBA previewed at the Peacemakers Museum in Johannesburg on Mandela’s 95th birthday in July 2013. The world launch of the show took place at South Africa House, Trafalgar Square in London in October 2013. It garnered local and international media coverage including live interviews by the BBC. Requests for the show have been received from the South African embassies in Paris and Berlin, with plans in motion for the exhibition to travel to the United States and Canada later this year.
See the website for more details and CV.’s on each artist. Below are images of guests who attended the opening at South Africa House in London in 2013.

Prof. Adam Habib, Fatima Habib and Prof. Belinda Bozzoli

Xolani Xala, Greg Horton, Kathy Scott, Kagisho Dikgacoi and Bulelwa Sompeta

Alan Demby, Richard Stone and Natalie Knight

Richard and Rhonda Stone and Bernard Jenkin M.P.

Oyster wallet by NMCF.

Gugulethu Mhlanga, John Battersby, Stuart Round, Kathy Scott and Kagisho Dikgacoi

CAPE TOWN, 25 & 26 FEBRUARY 2014 • 145


Richard Stone
(BRITISH 1951-)

Richard Stone
(BRITISH 1951-)



oil on canvas 21 by 29,5cm

print, signed, an edition of 5 sheet size: 122cm by 104cm This print is limited to an edition of 5, signifying the 5 years that Nelson Mandela was president of South Africa.

R 100 000 - R 150 000 The proceeds of this sale will be donated to CIDA University

R 20 000 - R 30 000 The proceeds of this sale will be donated to The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund


The artist and Nelson Mandela sitting for the work

‘The work had been a labour of love as it had been a long held ambition of mine to paint a portrait of Nelson Mandela. When I was invited to his office in Johannesburg for sittings in the early spring 2008, I felt it to be a rare and extraordinary privilege, a truly humbling circumstance to be in this great man’s presence. The challenge was not only to capture a good likeness, but also fulfil a public expectation to record something of his extraordinary spirit - to get a sense of the essence of the man. It certainly was not easy, time on both our parts was tight. We talked of many of the people we had in common and especially our mutual friendship with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Our reminiscences and shared memories brought about an easy-going relationship to the sittings. He had a marvellous face with all life’s experience etched upon it; the intelligence in his eyes , the care and compassion, the indomitable spirit and gentleness were all part of the man.’
Richard Stone CAPE TOWN, 25 & 26 FEBRUARY 2014 • 147

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