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Name: Andrew Daley Name of Actor: Shinead Byrne

Character (circle): Claire

Position: Director

Traits Passion Confidence Acting Attitude Professionalism Overall Suitability 2 Good points

Rating 0 - 5

2 Bad points

Additional comments

Inspir3 Films The Brother Code Judges Sheet

- Discuss yourself, how you got into the industry, the films/shows/tv/ect you enjoy, inspirations - What have you been working on? - How was that. What did you learn or get from it? - What type of projects do you want to work on in the future, is there a role, industry, genre you really want to do or get experience in? - How would you describe your acting style in a nutshell? - Tell me in 30 seconds who your favourite actor is and why? What was his best role - Imagine youre a door to door salesman, Id like you to sell me a bottle opener, if you wish, you can call it something else. - Is there anything you can bring to the role from previous work? What do you think is Unique or you that you can bring to the character? - What have you worked on previously, experiences in the industry such as theatre/tv/film - Opinions on the role, good/bad - How do you imagine this character? Mannerisms, clothing, accent, hair style? Travel Arrangements? Date availability? Opinions on the script, good bits, bad bits? Opinions on payment for role? Expenses covered, copy of finished product - Are you okay with a contract for the role to ensure you are certain and set on the project if chosen, wont drop out, ect. - Do you have any questions for me? - Roles will be set from 14th 17th.

Inspir3 Films The Brother Code Judges Sheet

- Got in through musical theatre, loves the singing and dancing side, wants to do more work in Film to get more experience with it and to develop herself more through the different takes/ect - Been working recently in Panto at Northampton over Christmas. Co-producing a play with her friend in London, worked at the Edinburgh fringe festival. Had her play filmed and put into the archives - Wants to get more into film and television, producing in theatre and writing - Very forward-going, loud and bubbly. Likes actresses such as Judi dench and Julie walters, expanding as an actress and completely changing in roles. Likes creating character backgrounds and becoming part of the role. - Has a real consideration of the character and her background, wants to bring some struggle to the character and breathe life into her. Interested in improv and having a go through the film with it. - Imagine her to be very well spoken, neutral, well spoken. Blazers and jeans, casual clothing, wants to appear strong and make an effort to be positive. Would deliberately put herself up to go and do stuff instead of staying in the house, being active and practical to keep busy. - Would need to get the train. - Available for the dates - Interested in the part as she thinks its good for her as an actress, happy to work unpaid or experience as an artist.

Inspir3 Films The Brother Code Judges Sheet