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Here’s a hug and a kiss to you. - Happy Trucking from East to West, Coast to Coast. Happy Valentine’s Day to someone who means the MOST!


Dave, I like rock, You play jazz. I like white, You take wheat. And for 29 years My love for you canʼt be beat! Love Always, Lisa

A $50 Pressroom Restaurant Certificate will be mailed to you!
Our love is like your old truck Fueled by commitment and a little luck. Sometimes the ride is bumpy But mostly it is smooth. Can’t beat the reliability So it’s the only one I choose. The miles might be high But I can’t deny You’re still looking good Under the hood. And there’s nothing more I’d rather do Than keep on trucking down the road with you.

Mollie and Marlee Smart phones, iPads, Facebook, text. Oh, my goodness, what is next? Grandma may not know the latest; but I do know You two are the greatest! Love Ya, Grandma


Love never dies. We’ll meet again in God’s good time.
Ollie, Lucy and the Gang

Through 42 years of joy and sorrow, You always promised a better tomorrow. Life with you has been a wonderful dream. Together we have made a wonderful team. You are totally loved and completely adored, Sent to me as a blessing by our Lord. Our love and faith have remained strong. The race is not over and I pray it will be long. With you as my partner we will take it in stride, Be ever grateful for an amazing ride.

My Carl (SSLB) I love you more than words can say, and you know I won’t ever go away. So please tell me when I ask you to be mine, that you say you are My Forever Valentine! Smile ‘n Love, Your Nancy (SSDG)

Sunsets are gold Oceans are blue I can’t wait to go on the cruise with you We’ll miss the boys That’s no doubt No problem We have a great sitter Nothing to worry about

Esposa -

I Love You “Just the Way You Are!” Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Anniversary … and Many More!!!! XOXOXOX



To my husband of 50 years
On Valentines Day of ‘63 A diamond ring you gave to me. In April of ‘64 in Spring Wedding bells for us did ring. A honeymoon to New York Word’s Fair Was taken by the lucky pair. On this our golden anniversary year I love you then, I love you now, Dear.

Ray, God bless you for being faithful to your vows you made to me 40 years ago! Hope we have many more years! Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Pit-a-pat

My Lady,
I am loved! The warmth I see in your eyes, the velvet soft touch of your hand and the feel of your heartbeat when we embrace tells me I am loved. I can ask for nothing more. I love you!

Your Knight

Be Mine Gentleman Sweetheart, This is for you On this special day You opened my heart Showed me the way I love you forever More than words can say To my beautiful love Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Sally

I Love You Just The Way You Are. Happy 34th Anniversary. Happy Valentine’s Day. I Love You,


Lovely Lisa,
Through the snow and ice Your fire glows, quite nice. That keeps the flame of our love yearning, burning, and we still are learning the ins and outs that enhance our romance.

Lynn, You came into my life many years ago. We were sad and alone. The years since then, were filled with many wonders of love and life. I’m so proud my love, You made me your wife.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love, Essie

Your Wife

Love Always, Dave

Tootie, It’s so hard to believe we’re married almost thirty years already! I want you and everyone to know that I love and cherish and appreciate you more now than ever! You’re an awesome woman!! P.S. - Little Victory loves you, too. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Much, Much Love, Eel

To My Dear Husband, I love you always & forever. To My Little Princess, I will always love you more. You two are my life. XXOO, Mom

Pokey, Our latest adventures took us to Atlantis and Niagara Falls. Can’t wait to see where our next adventures take us. I am thankful for every day with you.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Blondie

LOUISE Some Roses Are Red Some Violets Are Blue It’s One More Year I Still Love You. Jerry

Dear Brian & Sara, Happy Valentine’s Day to the two most special people in my life. Brian, I fell in love with you the very first time I saw you in1988. I knew from that day on I was going to marry you and here we are, married almost 20 yrs. I want to thank you for giving me the most beautiful gift ever - Sara. Sara, Dad and I could not have asked for a more beautiful young lady as our daughter. HOW can you POSSIBLY be almost 16?!? I love you both so much! Love, Susan

Cindy, Roses are red Violets are blue I like Elvis and so do you. Whether you’re taking care of business in a flash, you are my flaming star and loving you is a blessing from above. I often ask why me Lord that I have been blessed with you in my life, so my friend, my Elvis buddy, I love you and have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Penny

My Pears, Happy Valentines Day to a strong and sexy man. You’re my best friend who makes me laugh like no one else. In your arms and eyes is my favorite place. My Love, Your Monkey

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