In lho namo of AIIah, Tho Mosl Gracious, Tho Mosl MorcifuI

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Iocluros on AIhIaq givon bv His Eminonco
AvaluIIah aI-Izma aI-Hajj ash-ShavIh Nasir MaIarim ash-Shirazi (mav AIIah prolocl him)

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1c=ic: eix 1ii¬ce +i=+ Lc=o +c eLcccee

Text ol tle Huditl:

`¸· ' ' ·`` · . . =- ..` ' · , ¸. ' . ·¯ ·`,· `· . ··``- ·`. · . . · ' .' ' ´ .`.` .`¸
¸ ' · ¸`· ' .`.` . : `· . `· . ' ´. ·- ¸`· ' `·` . . : .`-`.' ' . ¸`, `.´`, `.´`
`·` : ' · `·¯ ¸ ' .·`` ··`. : ``·' .`.-` ``· : ' ¸· .`.` ' `.`` ´``
ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH TRANSLATION TRANSLATION TRANSLATION TRANSLATION: It lus leen nurruted lrom Alil Durdü` tlut le suid, ºTle Messenger ol Allül (llessings
ol Allül le upon lim und lis lumily) spoke to us on tle duy ol lumu'ul und suid to us, ºO` People! Turn luck to
Allül (in repentunce) lelore you die: und lelore you get too lusy (in your lile), perlorm riglteous deeds: correct
tle relutionslip letween yourselves und your Lord so tlut you muy guin lelicity: und give mucl clurity (suduqul)
so tlut you ure given (ly Allül) sustenunce: und enjoin goodness upon otlers so tlut you muy le protected (lrom
tle lell lire) und lorlid otlers lrom evil so tlut you muy le ussisted (ly Allül).º

Commentury ol Huditl:

In tlis Huditl, tle Nolle Proplet (llessings ol Allül le upon lim und lis lumily) lus given us six commundments
to lollow.

1) Tuwlul - Turning luck to Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him)

Tuwlul is one ol tle llessings ol Allül tle Most Higl to His servunts. How leuutilully lus Imüm 'Ali iln ul-
Husuin us-Sujjüd (peuce le upon lim) put it in lis Munüjüt ol tle Tüilin (Wlispered Pruyer ol Tlose wlo Turn in
Repentunce to Allül) wlere le (peuce le upon lim) culls out:

. ¸ .` . ' . .`-· · ·· . `·`,` ·.· ¸ ' .· .·`.` · .`.` ¸ ' · -.`. ·`. · ``·
..`-`· ¸·' `¸· ' -`· `· . · ·

Bilür ul-Anwür, Volume 74, Puge 18o
ºO` my Lord! You ure tle One wlo lus opened up lor Your servunts tle door towurds Your lorgiveness und You
numed it Tuwlul wlen You suid, Turn luck in repentunce towurds Allül - u sincere repentunce - so tlen
wlut is tle excuse lor tlut person wlo is negligent in entering into tle door ulter it lus leen opened¹º

Tle meuning ol tle sentence ol tle Proplet (llessings ol Allül le upon lim und lis lumily) in tle Huditl under
discussion wlere le stutes, ºAsk repentunce lelore you dieº is tlut immediutely ulter we luve committed u sin, we
must turn luck to Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him) und tlis is lecuuse no one knows wlen le or sle will
die. In tle Nolle Our`ün, we reud tle lollowing verse:

· ` . · · · · `.´ ` . ' `. ¸`' `..`
ºAnd no soul knows wlut it slull eurn tomorrow und no soul knows in wlicl lund it slull die in.º

It lus leen nurruted tlut tle Proplet ol Islüm (llessings ol Allül le upon lim und lis lumily) - witl ull ol tle
greutness und nolility ol soul tlut le possessed - would usk lorgiveness seventy times per duy! We cluim to le
lollowers ol tlis greut personulity, so tlen low muny times u duy do we usk lorgiveness und turn luck to Allül
(Glory und Greutness le to Him)¹

At niglt, lelore we go to sleep, low muny ucts tlut we perlormed in tle duy do we lring to memory¹ Il u person
were to sit und exumine und meditute upon lis uctions every duy und usk lor lorgiveness (lor lis evil deeds), tlen
tle spirituul durkness would le lilted lrom lis leurt und lis soul would lecome illuminuted witl tle Divine Liglt.

It is lor tlis reuson tlut tle lest ol ucts tlut one cun do is usking lor lorgiveness tle lirst tling lelore tle lreuk ol
Tlus, u person slould wuke up in tle middle ol tle niglt und in tle culm ol tle niglt, slould pruy und

Tle word used in tlis verse ºcARº comes lrom tle root word ºdARº wlicl meuns sincere udvice wlicl one gives
to unotler person. Tlus, in tlis verse it relers to sincere repentunce. Tle Nolle Proplet (llessings ol Allül le
upon lim und lis lumily) lus suid tlut, ºSincere repentunce meuns tlut u person does not return luck to
committing tle sin (tlut le lus usked lorgiveness lor) just us tle milk ol tle motler cun not return luck into ler

Ol course sincere repentunce cun only le uccomplisled wlen u person lus complete understunding und
uwureness ol tle sins und tleir punislments - meuning tlut il we leel und know tlut committing sins will result
in tle punislment und tle lurning in tle lire, tlen we will never even come close to sins.

Surul Luqmün, Verse 34

At tle time wlen peuce und trunquility luve covered over everytling und wlen ull ol tle negligent people und
tlose wlo ure unuwure (ol tle reulities ol lile) ure deep in sleep und tle lusiness und trunsuctions ol tle
muteriul world luve quieted down, tlose spirituul personulities und tlose wlose leurts ure spirituully ulive rise
up to rememler Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him). Wlile in His grund presence, tley seek lorgiveness und
usk lor His purdon und drown tlemselves in tle glory ol tle nur (Divine Liglt) und greutness ol tleir Lord. Witl
tleir entire presence, tley cry out witl tle cull ol true monotleism und ure ol tlose people wlo luve leen
mentioned in tle Nolle Our`ün:

¸`·``· -`.
ºTlose wlo seek lorgiveness in tle eurly lours.º

Ou Ou Ou Ouestion: estion: estion: estion: Wly is it tlut ol ull tle time tlut exists in tle niglt und duy, only tle time ol ºlute nigltº (or tle eurly
lours ol tle morning lelore sunrise) lus leen mentioned (in tlis verse), wlere us we know tlut it is permitted to
usk lor lorgiveness und return luck to Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him) ut ull times¹
usk lis needs lrom Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him) und pour out lis leurt to Him - und in tle words ol tle
Our`ün le slould le one ol tlose wlo is:

¸`·``· -`.
ºTlose wlo seek lorgiveness in tle eurly lours.º

Almost ull ol our mujor sclolur wlo luve written treutises on tle topic ol Suir wu Suluk luve stuted tlut tle lirst
stuge in tlis (spirituul) journey is Tuwlul - just us tle Proplet ol Allül (llessings ol Allül le upon lim und lis
lumily) lus suid:

.`.` . ¸ ' · ¸`· ' . .`.`

2. Perlorming Good Deeds

A person does not ulwuys tlink ulout lis lree time, euse und comlort und nuturully leels tlut le will stuy young
lor lis entire lile. Tle person`s tlouglts ure not ulwuys lree und tlus muny olstucles cun le pluced on lis putl.

Il you puy close uttention to tlose uround you, tlen you will notice tlut tlere ure some people wlo luve
everytling (muteriulisticully) given to tlem und tlese people luve no slortuges und ure not lucking unytling in
tleir muteriul lile lowever tley still suy, ºTle yeurning to leurn und study lus leen tuken uwuy lrom me.º
Tlerelore, il you would like to increuse your knowledge, tlen you must develop Tuqwu witlin yoursell und must
work towurds sell luilding und purilicution ol tle soul since wlutever we luve is tlrougl our Tuqwu (Allül
consciousness) und we must perlorm good deeds lelore we get to u stuge in our lile wlere we ure overcome ly

3. Reconciliution witl Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him)

We see tlut - in relution to tle events tlut ure luppening uround tlem - people ure ol tlree cutegories:

Tlere is one group wlo only look ut wlut tle people ure suying: tlere is unotler group wlo look purtiully ut wlut
otlers ure suying und ulso purtiully ut wlut Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him) lus communded tlem to
perlorm: lowever tle tlird group ure tlose wlo only puy uttention to wlut Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him)
lus communded tlem to do und ignore tle otler people.

Keeping in mind tlis lriel introduction, we see tlut in uny event wlicl tukes pluce, tle person must see wlut it is
tlut Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him) lus ordered to le perlormed und to only do tlut.

Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Our reply to tlis question is tlut due to tle stoppuge ol work ol tle muteriul world und tle trunquility
und pleusure tlut lus leen uclieved tlrougl tle rest und sleep ol tlut evening, tle person lus u letter
opportunity to puy closer uttention to Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him) und tlis explunution cun eusily le
seen tlrougl triul und experimentution.

In uddition, we see tlut wlen it comes to solving dillicult issues, muny ol tle sclolurs would muke use ol tle
lute niglt/eurly morning period since ut tlis time, tle liglt ol tlouglt und tle soul ol tle person is lriglter und
cleurer tlun ut ull otler times. Since tle essence ol worslip und usking lorgiveness is puying uttention und
luving presence ol leurt (ut tle time ol usking lorgiveness), tlus, tle worslip und usking lorgiveness ut sucl u
time ol tle niglt is mucl more wortly tlun ut ull otler times. (Tulsir-e-Numunu, Volume 2, Puge 344)

Surul Aule Imrün, Verse 17
By tlis we meun tlut tle lirst luqq or riglt tlut is upon us slould le recognized (tlut ol Allül (Glory und
Greutness le to Him)) und tlen we slould see wlut tle people ure suying since il u person is to lirst estullisl u
lirm relution witl Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him), tlen in return, Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him)
will correct tlut person`s relutions witl tle people. Tlis luct cun le seen in u luditl lrom Amir ul-Mo`minin `Ali
iln Ali Tülil (pruyers le upon lim) in wlicl le lus suid:

`¸· ' ¸`, `·`, -`. ' · . ' -`. ' `· · `·`, ¸`, ' ´ ¸
ºTle person wlo corrects lis relutionslip letween limsell und Allül, Allül will correct lis ulluirs letween limsell
und tle people.º

Tlus, tle only wuy to reucl to tle putl ol true luppiness is tlut we estullisl u relutionslip witl Allül (Glory und
Greutness le to Him).

4. Giving greut umounts ol Suduqul

Giving Suduqul to otlers lrings witl it two importunt lenelits:

1. One`s sustenunce is increused:
2. Muludies und dilliculties ure removed lrom tle person.

In relution to un increuse in sustenunce, we see tlut tlis goes uguinst tle uppurent uspect ol tlis world meuning
tlut il u person gives clurity in tle wuy ol Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him) tlen uccording to lis lunk
uccount und tle uppurent outcome ol tlis clurity, lis pocket slould le empty. However uccording to tle Islümic
nurrutions, tlis uct uctuully increuses u person`s sustenunce und weultl!

It is good to guve Suduqul in wlutever umount possille so mucl so tlut tle Proplet (llessings ol Allül le upon
lim und lis lumily) lus told us tlut we ure even permitted to give uwuy our old clotling us clurity und in
uddition, tlis uct ol Suduqul increuses u person`s lile spun.

Wlen sturting on u journey, tlere ure some people wlo count tle numler ol duys tlut tley will le uwuy und
uctuully put uside un umount ol money to give in Suduqul und tlis is un uct tlut us - tlose wlo ure uctive in tle
propugution ol tle luitl ol Islüm - slould le ucting upon so tlut tlis uct ol clurity ucts us u lurrier uguinst
unytling tlut muy come upon us.

5 und o) Communding to tlut wlicl is Riglt und Forlidding tlut wlicl is Evil (Amr lil Mu'rul und Nuli 'Anil

Tlese two progrums luve greut lenelit in tlem und in relution to tlese two importunt ucts, Amir ul-Mo`minin 'Ali
iln Ali Tülil (pruyers le upon lim) lus stuted tlut:

· ' .`· ' ` .¯ ' .- · `· ¸ ¸, ' · `· . ' . `· `· ' `.` ¸ ¸· ' `` .´ . · ··¯ ¸ `- `- ´¸
ºAll ol tle riglteous uctions including lilüd in tle wuy ol Allül - in relution to tle uct ol Amr lil Mu'rul und Nuli
'Anil Munkur - cun le compurulle to tle wuter in tle moutl und tle wuter tlut is contuined witlin tle deep

Nuljul Bulüglu, Slort Suying 89
Nuljul Bulüglu, Slort Suying 3oo. A lew points must le mentioned lere:

(1) Tle word º··º comes lrom tle root word º·º meuning sometling wlicl is known wlere us tle word
º´·º comes lrom º´º or sometling wlicl is unknown.

Good deeds und uctions ure tlings wlicl ure well known to everyone wlere us tle lud deeds und tlings tlut
ure not liked ure tlings tlut ure unknown - und tlus, tle pure nuturul disposition (Fitrul) ol u person is well
uwure ol tle lirst cutegory, lowever not ucquuinted witl tle second type ol uct.

(2) Is tle uct ol Amr lil Mu'rul und Nuli 'Anil Munkur u responsilility tlut cun le deduced tlrougl our intellect
or is it sometling tlut is simply u commundment lrom Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him) to lollow¹

Some ol tle Islümic sclolurs ure ol tle leliel tlut tle nuture ol tlese two ucts (Amr lil Mu'rul und Nuli 'Anil
Munkur) is tlut tley ure olligutory (und legisluted ly Allül) lut cun only le proven lrom tle nurruted sources
(tle Our`ün und ulüditl) und tle intelligence lus no purt to pluy in legisluting tlis uct sucl tlut our intelligence
cun not tell us tlut il we see unotler person doing u lud or despiculle uct, tlen we ure to stop lim lrom doing it.

However ly keeping in mind tle interrelution ol tle society to one unotler und tlut tlere is no lud uct tlut
tukes pluce witlin tle lumun society tlut is only limited to one purticulur purt ol tlut society - rutler, wlutever
luppens cun le compured to u lire und us sucl it is possille tlut it will ulso spreud to und ullect otler ureus -
tlus, our intelligence lus communded us to uct uccording to tlese two commundments. In otler words, witlin
tle society tlere is no issue relerred to us ºindividuul dungersº und us sucl, uny loss or dunger tlut reucles one
person in tle society lus tle possilility ol turning into u ºsocietul dungerº und it is lecuuse ol tlis reuson tlut
tle mind und intelligence communds u person wlo is living witlin tle society to keep lis spirituul environment
pure und cleun und must not stop ut uny meuns to uclieve tlis.

In u Huditl lrom tle Nolle Proplet (llessings ol Allül le upon lim und lis lumily) le lus told us tlut, ºTle
sinning person wlo lives umongst otler people is just us tle person wlo lus lourded u lout witl otler people.
Wlen tley luve reucled to tle middle ol tle oceun, tle person tukes un uxe und legins to muke u lole in tle
lout wlere le is sitting. Tle people uround lim legin to protest lis uct to wlicl le replies tlut, 'I um doing
wlut I wunt to do in my purt ol tle lout!` Il tle otler people wlo ure witl lim do not prevent lim lrom tlis
dungerous uct ol lis, tlen it will not tuke long tlut wuter will lill tleir lout und tley will ull end up drowning in
tle oceun.º

Witl tlis very tlouglt provoking exumple, tle Proplet (llessings ol Allül le upon lim und lis lumily) lus
slown us tlut tle uct Amr lil Mu'rul und Nuli 'Anil Munkur is sometling tlut is logicul und rutionul und tle
permission lor u person to look ulter und muintuin tle society is u nuturul riglt wlicl goes luck to und relutes to
tle eventuul outcome ol tle entire society.

(3) Tle Importunce ol Amr lil Mu'rul und Nuli 'Anil Munkur

In uddition to tle numerous verses ol tle Nolle Our`ün, tlere ure ulso countless ulüditl in tle reliulle Islümic
sources tlut speuk ulout tle importunce ol tlese two greut societul responsililities in wlicl tle eventuul
outcome und punislment lor leuving tlese two importunt ucts witlin tle society luve leen mentioned ol wlicl
we mention tle lollowing:

It lus leen nurruted tlut Imüm Mulummud iln 'Ali ul-Büqir (peuce le upon lim) tlut le lus suid:

. ' . ``· `· ' ¸· ¸`.` ' .´`` ·,=· ·.· . . ` `· ' ' .`¸ `¸· ' ¸- .`.·
' ´ '·` .`. ' = ``·` .`. ' . ¸· `..`` .`¸` ' . · ., .. ' . ``·
ºSurely Amr lil Mu'rul und Nuli 'Anil Munkur ure two greut olligutory ucts und tlrougl tlese ure (tle otler)
olligutory ucts protected und tlrougl tlese ure tle teuclings protected und tlrougl tlese ure truding und
trunsuctions mude permissille und tlrougl tlese ure oppression kept uwuy und it is tlrougl tlese ucts tlut tle
Not puying uttention to tle uct tlut unotler person is doing und leuving lim to do us le wisles tlut we
usuully suy ºWlut does it mutter to meº or due to some otler reuson sucl us not wunting to troulle our
lriends und ucquuintunces or so us not to le u nuisunce, we relruin lrom tlis uct und just us tle lumous suying
goes, ºWlut is tle need to tie u lundkercliel uround tle leud wlen it does not lurt.º Acting in tlis wuy
slowly gets us to tle point tlut wicked ucts tuke rule over u society und tle riglteous doers ure tlen lesser in
numler und good ucts in generul und tlen lorgotten witlin tle society.

Tlis is delinitely un empty leliel und u greut mistuke tlut people tlink tlut lonour und dignity lies in tle
lunds ol otler people und not in tle lunds ol Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him) wlereus it cleurly suys in
tle Our`ün tlut:

Eurtl is kept lulitulle und tlrougl wlicl revenge is tuken lrom tle enemies und ull otler ucts relute luck to
tlese two duties.º

Tle Nolle Proplet (llessings ol Allül le upon lim und lis lumily) lus stuted:

¸· ' ¸· ¸. ``· · ' .´`` ·,- .`.· ' · · ¸ ·.` ..` ·,- . ' · ·,- . ¯ ·
ºTle person wlo communds to tlut wlicl is good und lorlids otlers to tlut wlicl is wrong is deemed us tle
Klulilul ol Allül upon His Eurtl und tle Klulilul ol tle Messenger ol Allül und tle Klulilul ol His look.º

From tlese ulüditl we cun cleurly deduce tlut tlis greut olligutory uct - lelore ull otler tlings - is u purt ol tle
overull plun ol Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him) und tle uppointment ol tle Proplets und tle sending ol
tle vurious Divine Books ure ulso u purt ol tlis plun ol Allül (Glory und Greutness le to Him).

A person once cume into tle presence ol tle Messenger ol Allül (llessings ol Allül le upon lim und lis lumily)
wlile le wus sitting on tle Mimlur und usked lim:

``,- `¸· ' ´ ·¸
ºWlo is tle lest person¹º

Tle Proplet (pruyers ol Allül le upon lim und lis lumily) replied to lim:

``· `.`·`·¯ ' .` ¸· `.`· ' ´`` ' ` `.`· · ' .` `.`·
ºTlut person wlo enjoins goodness to otlers und prevents tlem lrom tle evil und tle one wlo is tle most
conscious ol Allül und wlo tries to pleuse Allül more tlun otlers.º

In unotler Huditl lrom tle Nolle Proplet (llessings ol Allül le upon lim und lis lumily) it lus leen reluted
tlut le suid, ºYou must commund otlers to perlorm riglteous deeds und must prevent tlem lrom tle lorlidden
ucts und il you do not do tlis tlen Allül will uppoint oppressors to rule over you wlo will neitler slow respect
to tle elders nor will tley slow mercy to tle young ones. Tle riglteous und pious lrom umongst you will
supplicute lowever tleir pruyers will go ununswered. Tley will request lelp lrom Allül lowever Allül will not
ussist tlem und tlese people will even usk lor repentunce lor tleir sins lowever Allül will not even lorgive tlem
tleir sins.º

All ol tle emplusis tlut lus leen pluced on tlese two ucts so tlut we cun reulize tle importunce ol tlese two
greut olligutory ucts wlicl in reulity ure guuruntors lor tle continuution ol ull ol tle otler individuul und
societul responsililities wlicl rule over tle soul und lile ol tle people und il tlese ucts ure not put into pructice
tlen ull ol tle pructicul luws und principles ol etlicul und morulity would lose ull ol tleir wortl und vulue.
(Tulsir-e-Numunu, Volume 3, Puge 37-4u)
`¸· '·` . `¸· .` .
ºHe gives lonour to wlomsoever He pleuses und le deluses wlomsoever He pleuses.º

And in unotler pluce in tle Our`ün we reud tlut:

·,- ·`· ·· ·`· `` .¯ `¸·
ºSo tlen wlosoever desires lonour, so tlen witl Allül ulone is ull tle lonour.º

.und ull pruise lelongs to Allül, Lord ol tle Worlds, only tle mistukes ure mine. (Tr.)

Surul Aule Imrun (3), Verse 2o

Surul Al-Fütir (48), Verse 1u