In the name of All°h, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

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Lectures on Akhl°q given by His Eminence
Ayatull°h al-`U®m° al-Ø°jj ash-Shaykh N°•ir Mak°rim ash-Sh¢r°z¢ (may All°h protect him)

Translated by Saleem Bhimji – www.al-mubin.org – al-mubin@al-mubin.org
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Topic: A Noble End

According to some of the a¶°d¢th, today is the death anniversary of Sayyidah F°ßimah Ma`•£mah binte M£s° ibne
Ja`far (blessings be upon her).

At the end of her Ziy°rat which we read, we ask this noble woman:

' ` · : ' . `- . . ¸ ` · · · · · ` `. · ` ¸ · ' · ·,
“O’ All°h! Please grant me a noble end (to my life) and do not take away the true faith, security and consciousness
of You which I possess.”

And it is due to this occasion which we are commemorating that we bring forth a ¶ad¢th which speaks about
having a noble end (to this life) which is a very important issue as sometimes we see that a person may live a life
while traversing on the path of the truth, however an issue may then come forth and as such, the end of his life
would be one filled with that of disbelief, sins and open rebellion.

Sometimes it may be that a person lives a life of total sin, however, the opportunity is made available to him such
that at the end of his life, he completely changes and turns out to be a person such as Øur ibne Yaz¢d Riy°¶¢ such
that within the course of a few hours, he changed and today, people stand in front of his grave and proclaim:

' ¸ ' ` ` `. ' `· ¸
“May my father and mother be sacrificed for your sake!”

And even those who are Ma`•£m (peace be upon all of them) also stand in front of the graves of all of the Shuhad°
and say this line! Thus, having a good end to this life has various causes and there is a ¶ad¢th in the book,
Miz°nul Øikmah which has been narrated from the work, `Uy£nul Akhb°r al-Ri§° in which this issue has been
alluded to:

Text of the Øad¢th:

. · ' . · `· ' ´. · `· E `· ¸ ' ´ ¸ : . ' `· . ' . `- . - . · : - ¸` ¸ ' ` . · ¸ ' · `. ¸ ' . `· . · · = . ·
- `· ' . · ·· . ¸ · · . ·, `· .' - · · ` : ' ¯ `· ¯ ¸ · `¸ - · ¯ · ´ ' ` `· ¸- . `· .
TRANSLATION TRANSLATION TRANSLATION TRANSLATION: Im°m Ja`far ibn Mu¶ammad as-Æ°diq (peace be upon him) has said, “If you wish that you have
a good ending and that your soul is taken from you in the best of states, then do not use the blessings of All°h to
commit transgressions. And if you have performed a sin and All°h has not yet punished you for it, then do not
be proud or haughty at the forbearance of All°h, and consider as noble any person who speaks (narrates) the
words of us, the Ahlul Ba¢t and who accepts and has intense love for us.”
Commentary of Øad¢th:

In this ¶ad¢th, the Im°m (peace be upon him) has stated, “You should perform these three tasks so that your end
(in this life) will be a righteous one – first off, whatever blessings All°h has given to you must not be used in the
way of transgressing against His laws.”
In reality, this part of the ¶ad¢th points to this issue that we are told that, “O’ you who are incessantly
transgressing - wake up! Why are you taking the blessings of All°h and using them in disobedience – your life,
wealth, body parts, etc… are all blessings from All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him) and yet you still make use
of these in the way of sins! This is something despicable!”

The second thing mentioned is that, “When you commit a sin, and All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him),
through His patience and forbearance gives you the opportunity to repent and turn back to Him, you use this
opportunity to feel proud and arrogant and think to yourself that what you have done is nothing bad.”
The third thing mentioned in this ¶ad¢th is that, “Those people who have a strong love and affection for the Ahlul
Ba¢t (peace be upon all of them) and who are their Sh¢`a, true followers and who are continuously speaking about
them, must be respected and esteemed.”
It is in observing these commandments that you shall have a righteous end.

A person does not know at what time he shall leave this world, and how good it would be if a person were to
leave this mortal world while in a state of performing righteous deeds within the Masjidul Øar°m or one of the
sanctuaries of the A’immah (blessings be upon all of them); and how bad it would be if he were to leave this
world in a state of open disobedience to All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him)!

All of the great scholars always feared their end and the actions that they would be performing at that time and
thus, they always asked All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him) for a good end to come to them when they die.

The reason why this is so important is that which is the most important thing is the final page of our deed of
records and thus, we must always entrust ourselves to All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him) and if we fall prey
to committing sins, then we must immediately ask forgiveness for them.

…and all praise belongs to All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him), only the mistakes are mine

Miz°nul Øikmah, Øad¢th 4621