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In the name of All°h, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

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Lectures on Akhl°q given by His Eminence
Ayatull°h al-`U®m° al-Ø°jj ash-Shaykh N°•ir Mak°rim ash-Sh¢r°z¢ (may All°h protect him)

Translated by Saleem Bhimji – –
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Topic: Showing Thanks for Divine Blessings

Text of the Øad¢th:

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TRANSLATION TRANSLATION TRANSLATION TRANSLATION: It has been narrated from (Im°m Ja`far ibne Mu¶ammad) as-Æ°diq that, “It has been written
in the Tawrah (thus, in reality this is what is known as a Øad¢th-e-Quds¢) that, ‘There is no end to the Divine
Blessings if thanks are given (for that blessing) and there is no longevity for it (that blessing) if thanks are not
shown (for it).’”

Commentary of Øad¢th:

Very many of the Divine bounties which a person has at his disposal actually go from hand to hand through a
series of complex intermediaries and agents until it reaches the person, and in reality, we only see the outcome (of
all of these agents and what part of the plan they are responsible for).

For example, the shirt which a person wears is a blessing from the many (combined) Divine Blessings of All°h i
and very many people and items have been put together hand in hand so that this blessing would reach the
person. The person who plows the land and then grows the cotton; the person who harvests the cotton; the
factory which processes the cotton and makes thread and yarn from it; the factory which takes the thread and
from that, makes the cloth; and then the factory which extracts iron from the ground and makes the machinery
needed to make the shirt and… Thus, there are thousands and thousands of people who were responsible for the
making of that one shirt. In addition to this, there is also the knowledge and experience which has gone in to
making all of these factories which has come about through thousands of years of trial and experiment by

The Theological Seminaries (Øawzatul `Ilmiyyah) which we presently have access to is also the result of the
struggles of countless people. Many people became Shah¢d (Martyrs) so that this blessing would be able to reach
us. If we were to sit down and calculate the time it took those people who laid the foundation stones for the
Øawzah and the great scholars who went through great difficulties to expand and develop the Øawzah to where

Al-K°f¢, Volume 2, Page 94
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it is today, we would definitely see that it is the outcome of more than a thousand years which has gone into
making this blessing reach us today and those of us who wish to study in this system must have peace of mind
and the respite – which are also other blessings of All°h i.

Here too we see the outcome of all of these struggles however we do not sit and think about how many struggles
have been put through until today in this Øawzah to reach where it has gotten to.

If we think upon this introduction which we have just mentioned, then the inner feeling of thanks shall definitely
be stimulated within ourselves and we shall arrive to the station of being able to thank Him and at the same time,
we also ask All°h i for Divine Success to be conferred upon us (while in this Øawzah), however it must be noted
that the preliminary steps to achieving Divine Success are in our hands.

Showing thanks is not merely a verbal declaration – rather, we must, in our actions, show thanks and the way to
do this is to make the correct use of the bounty which is given to us.

Since it is the beginning of the new year for our studies, we should make a serious resolution that we will study
properly and that from the first day of classes, we will be attentive in our classes and this is the true meaning of
showing gratitude for a blessing.

There are people who were not thankful for the blessings which they were given, who ended up wasting away
their time and in the end, this Divine Blessing was taken away from them and they were plagued with problem
and thus, there were not able to reach to any station (in life). We must show thanks for this Divine Blessing so
that until the end of our life, we will be able to be amongst the soldiers of Im°m al-Zam°n and so that we can
be defenders of Isl°m – since the eyes of the Sh¢`a world are on this Øawzah.

It was imagined that with the removal of Æadd°m, the Theological Seminary of Najaf would be revitalized
however unfortunately, with the situation which is currently ruling over Iraq, it Is not clear when this Theological
Seminary shall be brought back to life again.

…and all praise belongs to All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him), only the mistakes are mine