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In the Name of All{h, the Source of General Mercy to all of Humanity, the Source of Specific Grace to the Believers

Topic of Discussion: The True Followers
[Sh|’a] of `Al| ibne Ab| ä{lib
âad|th 51 · Discussion 64
Lectures on Akhl{q [Isl{mic Ethics and Spirituality] Delivered by
his Eminence Ñyatull{h al-`UÉm{ al-H{jj Shaykh N{Äir Mak{rim Sh|r{z|

Translated by Saleem Bhimji
for Al-FatÅ Al-Mub|n Publications [ --] and Isl{mic Publishing House []

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Text of âad|th:
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Translation of the âad|th:
hen Im{m `Al| ibne M}s{ Al-Ri~{ was requested to make his way to the city of ä}s (present day Mashad) and was ordered to
be the heir-apparent of Ma’m}n Rash|d, a group of the Sh|`a came to see him and requested permission to enter into his
presence. The Im{m asked his servant who the people at the door were, to which the servant replied that, ‘They claim that
they are the Sh|`a of `Al| .’ The Im{m did not give them permission to enter into his presence. This event continued on the
second day, third day and continued on for a period of two months – every day they would come, ask for permission to see the Im°m to
which he would not give them the permission. On the final day this group of people told the servant that, ‘Tell the Im{m that if we are to
return back to our home town after being in the city of ∞£s for two months and the people ask us if we had a chance to visit the Im{m or not
and we tell them that he did not give us the permission to meet him then none shall respect us.’ The servant went to the Im{m and told
him what these people said and at this point, the Im{m then permitted them to meet him. After they entered into the presence of the
Im{m and wanted to sit, the Im{m did not give them the permission to sit down. These people protested and said, ‘O’ Son of the
Messenger of All{h! What have we done to you that you are acting in this way towards us?? The Im{m replied to them, ‘You claim that
you are the Sh|`a of `Al| whereas the true Sh|`a of `Al| are people like Im{m âasan , Im{m âusain , Ab} Dharr, Salm°n,
Miqd°d and MuÅammad ibne Ab} Bakr.’ These people replied, ‘We ask forgiveness, what else can we say?’ The Im{m replied to them,
“Say that you are the lovers of `Al| .’ When the people said this, then the Im{m ordered his servant to show these people

Explanation of the âad|th:
ruly this Åad|th is one which (spiritually) moves us. We normally state that we (Iran) are the country of the true followers (Sh|`a) of
`Al| ibne Ab| ä{lib , where as those people who had met and had contact with the Im{m are much better than we are.
Thus, it is clear that this claim to be a Sh|`a is something very enormous. In this Åad|th we see that Im{m as-à{diq has stated
(in relation to the characteristics of the Sh|`a) that:

BiÅ{rul Anw{r, Volume 65, Page 157
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“Truly my companions are those people who are the strongest in Wara` and who fear the punishment of All{h and who are hopeful of the
reward of All{h – these are my companions.”
As we know, Taqw{ is a lower level of Wara` since Taqw{ means that we keep away from sins whereas Wara` means that we keep away from
doubtful things and as we see Im{m as-à{diq has told us that, “My companions are those who are the strongest in Wara` and who are
fearful of All{h and who are also hopeful of the reward of All{h and surround themselves with the commandments of All{h.”
We have consider the various issues that come up around us as trivial things such that with the performance of the Tawassul, Ziy{rat and
Du`{, we consider ourselves as Sh|`a. We do not wish to lower the worth and value of Tawassul and Ziy{rat however there are many other
things which must be performed – and this is what it means to be a Sh|`a.
To be a Sh|`a means to be self-sacrificing, to show altruism, to possess cognizance of All{h, to be a person of Taqw{, etc… and our entire
life, our house, our market place, our religious programs, our travels, our entire presence must all take on the aroma of Wil{yah (of the Ahlul
In these regards we must first start with ourselves and our families and we must implement the Wil{yat which Im{m Ri~{ has stated and
thus, those who make this claim (that they are Sh|`a) must first ask repentance for lying! Thus, we must first start with ourselves and must
realize that to be a Sh|`a of `Al| does not only mean the performance of these mere acts (of Tawassul, Ziy{rat, Du`{).
We hope that All{h i gives us the ability to truly be the lovers of All{h i in place of just claiming this station such that when we claim that
‘We are the Sh|`a of `Al|” we are in that form of a Sh|`a that would be pleasing to Im{m as-à{diq and to Im{m al-Ri~{ .

…and all praise belongs to All{h i – only the mistakes are mine.