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Anchored To Our Prophet, Priest and King

by Pastor Tom Schaller
March 11, 2009

Pastor John Love

Heb. 6:19 - which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast
and which entereth in within the veil. Our hope is the Lord jesus and what He
accomplished for us...In these times we are living, thank God the anchor holds. He
holds. We need an anchor. It keeps us from becoming shiprecked and losing ground
that we have gained. The anchor keeps us fixed in a place where we hear and
receive from God. Tonight, as we meet as the BOC, I'm so grateful that the anchor
holds. We're praying for Pastor Ed Murphy. He is really going through a difficult time.
Pastor Ed, the anchor holds. We can't say much about our faithfulness, but so much
about God's faithfulness. We can't say much about our own goodness, but we can
talk forever about God's goodness. We are in a place where we can exhalt and see
him. I can't imagine going through this life without knowing Jesus as the anchor of
our soul. We will be held. No matter what the storms...or the currents that try to
bring us into dangerous conditions, it won't happen. By God's grace, the anchor
holds. He is our anchor. We are so grateful and thankful. We worship you
Jesus name...Amen!

Pastor Schaller
Pastor Love didn't know it, but my notes are from Heb. 6, the anchor holds. That is
our subj. tonight. Ps 34:5, they looked unto him and were lightened (beamed). Their
faces were not ashamed. Who looked unto him? What did they see?
Its so gt. to go to church and be edified. We look unto him and beam. WE have an
impartation of his life.

Heb. 12:2 - looking unto Jesus. We look unto Him, the new context of our life. Now,
here's a person. THey have a geographical context, psych, educational, life based on
self. Many have their life based on themselves, their exp, their background, their
education. We learn here, God has put us into a context. WE look unto Him. This is
Heb. 12:2; Psa 34:5.

They looked unto him and were beaming. They were edified. THey found a new life. I
received an email from Mickey Constam. He said, I wanted to share a few more
thoughts about context...Your msg has been running through my mind all day. There
is the context of faith we oper. in, that comes from God, as we hear and rec. the
Word in meekness, bringing us into rest as we trust God for all things. There is
context of teh Kingdom of God, above the KOD. We also learn to live in it. THere is
the context of the body, where our self life go through death and a new identity is
given. I think of the new people coming into our fellowship, into teh family of God.
The Fathers love. We have the priv. of exp'g this...and grow in it as we obey him.
There is the context of prayer, not just activity, but where we exp. Gods' presence,
in the absolute stillness of the soul...I'm aware of these and am growing in them by

Think about the fellow in this picture. He is thinking in his life about personal
problems. He thinks, I've labored to get rid of my sin. I've labored to be understood,
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but people don't und. me.

When we look unto Jesus, what do we see? He is a PROPHET, PRIEST, and KING.

1. Jesus is a PROPHET. Dt. 18, Moses said, a prophet would come, referring to
Messiah, who would tell us all things, Jn 4. When we follow Jesus in the gospels, we
see his insight. A prophet always tells the truth. He is anointed of God to speak truth
in a dark world. Jesus did taht. His healing were diff. from majic. Majic is an illusion,
or a manif. of the supernatural, but there is no msg there. IN every one of Christ's
healings, there is a msg. When we follow him, we are convicted of our need for God,
and we are drawn to look at him. When we listen to him, he tells us truth. Its

Pv. 28:8 - the eyes of a King scatters away evil. Jesus, when he looked at his
disciples...Peter went out and wept after denying him. Jesus was a heavy weight. He
could not be bought. He told the truith. We need that in our world, in our country, in
the pulpit, in our lives and families. We need someone to tell the truth.

2. When we look unto Jesus, we see him as PRIEST. This is Matt. 23;24. Heb. 5:8.
Look at that with me. Though he were a son, he learned obedience by the things he
suffered. He was a son, who became a priest. He learned in his humanity, what it
was to be human. In God, he knew all things. In becoming a son, he suffered and
was made perfect, vs 9. He became the author of eternal salvation. He was a High

When we look unto Jesus, this is what lightens us, it comes from His HS, revealing
Him to us, when we see Him as our priest, seated in heavenly places. On the earth,
so kind and gentle, yet so truthful. The woman taken in adultery, go and sin no
more. The high preist of God...seated at the R-hand of the father.

We labor to get rid of our sins. But, we are disapointed. When we look at him, then
we und. something diff. That's not that we labor to get rid of our sins. We collapse
into His arms. When we look unto him, we start beaming. WE see a prophet and
priest. He lives to make intercession for us. He is accepted by the father, Heb. 9:23,
and he is in heaven on our behalf. He looks into the fathers face and into the face of
sinful people who belong to him. He says, go and sin no more. You are free. I am
your priest in heaven that lives to intercede for you. The blood speaks on your

Think of all the self help books in the world. What do we say? They come from the
cry of the human heart to be what people feel they are made to be. Bec. they feel
they are not what they should be, they do something to help themselves. Where is
the anchor...the revelation...the be4aming, the life from above. The revelation of
God in our lives. I like the idea, that people are looking for self help. Its a cry to the
church. What do you have to say. They looked unto him and were transformed. He is
the only answer. He is the only savior. We labor to get rid of sin, to be und, to be
loved, but can't find it, for success but don't know what it is, we labor for happiness,
but its not enough.

They looked unto Jesus. That's what we have found. He is a priest in heaven. Jesus,
what are you? Where are you? I'm seated in heaven, and you are with me. I am the
Alpha and Omega. Trust me, with all your heart. Jesus is our comforter. He will
never leave or forsake us. He is the answer for our life.
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We say, where are you? Without faith its imposs. to please him. Heb. 11:6. Walk by
faith and trust me, I'm closer than you can imagine. I'm the one. The creator and
bishop of your soul. Who are you Jesus? I see you in the gospels...I see you walk on
the water...multiply are a healer a miracle worker. I'm more than
that...I'm acutally all you need. You don't need anything more. I'm the bread, the
door, the rock, the truth, the captain, your brother, your God...I'm the one. That's all
you need.

They looked unto Him. It happened. Someone will say, No...I've tried that for years.
I go to church all the time. I buy self help books weekly. I'm looking for help. I'm
looking for an anchor. We say, there is no anchor but Him. He is the anchor for our
soul. A real anchor that isn't moving. Everything above is moving, the ship, the
water. The anchor is down there quietly. The fish go by. The strom is up above.

Our anchor is in heaven. Our ship is on this earth, tossed to and fro. If our ref. is too
small, we'll not have peace. If our ref. is us, our emptiness, our lonliness, our
waywardness, our self orientation, our little frame and we say, what must I do? Our
Father is saying, from heaven, I've given you everything in my Son. I've given you
all things. In Him, Rom. 8:32, how shall he not with him freely give us all things.
What all things? Those important eternal things: love, joy, peace. The real stuff of
life. Love in our heart, joy in our hearts, peace. Looking unto him. Have you seen
him lately? hanging on a cross to free us. At a tomb talking to Mary, going up in the
clouds, Acts 1. 10 days later Pentacost came. They looked unto him and were
lightened. They were beaming. They und. its all about him. Their context was
changed. We have found the KOG on the earth.

WE look unto Him. Our church is one of the happiest churches I've ever been in. I've
never met people serving so, little
silent gifts, serving, loving, giving unto Jesus. We really see the Lord. We are being
prepared for our future.

As our dear brother, Pastor Ed Murphy...God knows we have faith for a miracle...WE
have an anchor.

3. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. He is the executor of God's will. He's doing it. We
don't always see it. He's doing it. Its not in our timing, our way, but our king is Lord
of all. He brings R on the earth. It happens his way and in his time. Its like planting
seed in teh ground. You go to sleep and by and by it grows up. We say, Lord, Now,
execute your judgement. Jesus cast the demons into teh pigs. We would have said,
cast them into hell. But, they went into the pigs and afterward, they went off and are
still active today. Its not yet their time.

But, our King, no lie can stand, no authority can stand in the presence of our King.
Have you seen Him? When we see Him we are beaming with a sense of R and justice
in an unjust world. When their is murder of unborn children...when a baby can live
on its own...Lord you are the King. WE've seen it. WE believe it. Your waysa re not
our ways. When we look unto you, we are lighteneed. There is no trick, game,
murder, deceit, treachery. We have an anchor for our soul. We have no right to be
linked with him. He decided, with his blood streqming down his body, and we look
unto him. Where are our sins? They are gone. Where are our accusers? There are
none. What about unrighteousness in the world? Judgment is coming. Its
guaranteed. Get out of the way. Its a slow train coming. Its happening.

Closing: I like it when we are weak, weary, frail, frustrated, and empty. WE can go
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before God and say, we are frail. I'm crashed. Jesus says, take a nap. Cool it. Look
unto me. I'm God. I'm your savior, not you. I'm the answer. When your sin abounds,
Grace does much more abound. We repent bec. we are empowered to. WE have a
life of consecration. We won't touch ever...Crhsit sustains and upholds
us. Its not in the picture at all. WE've decied, by grace, we are looking unto him and
are beaming. WE say, O, that's good. I believe and have found the way for life. The
anchor of our soul.

vs 19 - we have an anchor of the soul. We lay ahold of the hope set before us. The
anchor is sure and stedfast...where the forerunner has entered, even Jesus. He is a
high priest forever. Do you und. that? Isn't that amazing! We have an anchor for our
soul. We are fine bec. of Him. WE rejoice in him. WE have seen him.

IN the gospels, he's the son of God, in the epistles, he's our...In Revelation, he's our
coming King. We look unto him and are beaming. That's our reality and THE TRUTH.
Would you pray with me