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In the Name of All{h, the Source of General Mercy to all of Humanity, the Source of Specific Grace to the Believers

Topic of Discussion: The Effects of Sins
âad|th 57 · Discussion 71
Lectures on Akhl{q [Isl{mic Ethics and Spirituality] Delivered by
his Eminence Ñyatull{h al-`UÉm{ al-H{jj Shaykh N{Äir Mak{rim Sh|r{z|

Translated by Saleem Bhimji
for Al-FatÅ Al-Mub|n Publications [ --] and Isl{mic Publishing House []

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Text of âad|th:
· ¸· · ¸. ·' .,. · ·-- · · ¸· .' ·,- ·.·· ¸· ·· · ¸· · . ¸.'
-. . ·,· ·' ,· ·-- · ¸· . = ¸. ,· . · ¸- · ¸· · ,. .' ¸'
-' ,· .··.' ' · .
Translation of the âad|th:
As-B{qir has said: “The person who sees his Muslim brother in need and is not ready to help and assist him, All{h will make that
person face a tribulation in that his energies will be expended in an area in which there is no reward for the next life and no reward for the
transient world. And there is not a single servant (of All{h) who is miserly in his spending of his wealth in that which pleases All{h except
that his wealth will end up being spent in the forbidden and prohibited channels in which All{h’s anger is kept.”

Explanation of the âad|th:

The Sins and also Obedience (to All{h) have two effects to them:

1. Effects within the physical world;
2. Effects within the spiritual world.

For example, the act of taking interest has a spiritual effect to it which is the punishment on the Day of Resurrection and the squeezing of
the grave. As for the effects in the physical world, these include things like that person who takes interest will be accursed and hated by
others in the transient world.

The effects within the physical world are broken up into two categories:

1. Some of them have a logical reasoning to them which we can understand with logical proofs. For example, we read in the Qur`{n that:

.· . .´- .· .·
“ ““ “… …… …and do not quarrel for then you will be weak in hearts and your power will depart…” ”” ”

TuÅafatul `Uq}l under the short sayings of the 5
Im{m and also BiÅ{rul Anw{r, Volume 75, Page 173
S}ratul Anf{l (8), Verse 46
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Thus we see that the effects in the physical world include the arguments and differences amongst the people and thus, we are able to
understand the logic of this outcome since when there is an argument and difference, then naturally the power and force of the people is
dissipated and scatters away. Instead of fighting and arguing with the enemy, one would end up fighting and arguing with those of the same
faith and close to the person.

In addition, the Qur`{n also tells us (as another example of this phenomena):

¸ ··· .,~ ·` ¯ ·· ·, :, . ·,· ¸-' ¸·
“…repel (evil) with what is best, when lo! he between whom and you was enmity would be as if he were a warm friend.”

Thus in the response to one who says something bad, we must respond in a nice way and this goodness would lead to the hard-headed
enemy changing his heart and inclining to be one’s close and loving friend. The A’immah and the Noble Prophet were exactly like
this verse and it is through their love that they were able to embarrass and humble the enemies.

2. Another of the effects in the physical world are the relationship which are not clear to us and which we can not understand. For example,
it has been mentioned in the aÅ{d|th that:

· .- ·. ·. ·
“The act of the keeping the family bonds strong and tight enable the cities to be fortified and increases the life span.”

This is another of the physical acts related to this world, however it is not clear how the life span is increased through this act of maintaining
the family ties.

In another place, this time in the Qur`{n, we read:

· ` ¸ , ·.. ` - · ¸ ` · · ` - - ` ` · ` · · ` ¸ - ` , . . ` - ` .
“…and whoever is careful of (his duty to) Allah, He will make for him a means out (of his or her difficulties) and will grant him sustenance
from where he imagines not (that it would come)…”

Thus even here, what is the relationship between having Taqw{ of All{h i and being granted a great deal of sustenance from places where
one can not even imagine it coming from – truly this is something which we can not even fathom or imagine!?

The issue which is important here is that all of the forms of worship and all the acts of transgression possess these forms of effects.

It is possible that a person would repent after committing a sin and All{h i too would accept his forgiveness, however the effect of that sin
in the physical world still remains.

Thus, the repentance of the sin merely takes away the effect of the act in the spiritual realm, however its spiritual effects remain for a time
period and is just like a poison which enters into the body of a person however is not taken out quickly from the body and thus, an antibody
must be given to the person so that the tragic effects of the poison do not stay with the person.

In the Åad|th which we have quoted for today we also see that it refers to two effects of one’s acts in the physical realm and if the society
were to pay attention to these effects then they would definitely correct themselves much quicker (than they currently are working at).

It is our hope that All{h i grants all of us the opportunity to be able to pay close attention to the various educational programs and
injunctions which Isl{m has blessed us with.

…and all praise belongs to All{h i – only the mistakes are mine. (Translator)

S}ratul Fussil{t (41), Verse 34
S}ratul äal{q (65), Verses 2 and 3