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Anonymous the uber-secret handbook

compiled by Anonymii Version 0.2.0 Date 20. February 2011

DRAFT V R!"#$% contains Typos contains &'-(-(-(-& contains no ( o ) ( o ) also% no *++++D also% tl,dr

Summary for the impatient

Anonymous - An Introductory Guide to Safety during Social Instability -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Foreword [fwd1] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Political activists, dissidents, and even nonpartisan bystanders caught in social instability are often fearful for their protection and protection of their families. Citizens may face harsh and even violent opposition by authorities and security forces in such situations. This guide is designed to introduce the reader to the mentality needed to stay safe during unrest and protests - both online and offline. It furthermore aims to assist in continued communications during periods of internet and phone line restrictions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Index [ind2] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Foreward *Index *Introduction *Personal Safety ---Physical Safety ---Internet Safety *Internet Security ---VPNs [fwd1] [ind2] [idn3] [prs4] [phy5] [int6] [isc7] [vpn8]

---I2P ---Proxies ---Tor Onion Router *Communications *Additional Information ---Temporary Emails ---Firefox Plugins ---Care Package

[i2p9] [prx0] [tor1] [cmm2] [add3] [eml4] [ffx5] [pkg6]

-----------------------------------------------------To skip between sections of this article, use the search function on your computer [Windows: Ctrl-F / Macintosh: Command-F] and type in the four character code listed after the section in the index listing. For example, to jump to the foreword on Windows, you would press Ctrl-F and type "fwd1" [without the quotations]. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** Introduction [idn3] *** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The first section of this article will focus on personal safety. Personal safety can be spoken of in two different spheres: Physical Safety and Internet Safety. It is important to remember that these two spheres overlap: a lapse of internet safety could lead to physical identification. However, by keeping in mind a few important rules you can drastically reduce the chance of being singled out and identified. The second section of this article will go into specifics regarding technology that can be used to communicate anonymously, maintain secrecy, and protest effectively.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** Personal Safety [prs4] *** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Physical Safety [phy5] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The key to physical safety is to act normal so as not to draw undue attention to yourself and to not reveal identifying information to anyone. Important steps in achieving this can be separated into two lists: The Do List, and The Do Not List. These steps are especially important if you are an activist, as this puts you at more of a risk to start with. The Do List: ----------------------------------+Blend in with crowds +Disperse into streams of people +Keep a low profile +Keep up to date on the news, especially protest rallying points and security checkpoints or roadblocks +Look for signs of plainclothes police in your presence +Cover anything that could be used to identify you such as tattoos or scars +If you come into contact with anonymous materials or protest guides, try to get them to protesters - they contain key safety information.

Additional Do's for Protesters: ----------------------------------+Establish secure means to communicate with other protesters +Plan your protest point, escape plan, and regrouping point before attending a protest +Make backup plans - not just one, but many +Search for communications by Anonymous and Telecomix - read "Communications" +Try to obtain Anonymous' Riot Guide for homemade gas mask instructions, advanced coordination strategies, etc. The Do Not List: ----------------------------------+Do not trust anyone to be who they say they are +Do not give any personal information that could be used to identify you to anyone +Do not mention anything about relationships, family, or relatives +Do not mention ties to activist groups +Do not mention the group Anonymous to anyone you do not know +Do not mention anything about your past - education, employment, etc.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Internet Safety [int6] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Any use of the internet could potentially be used to physically locate you. It is important not to reveal information on the internet. If you are doing anything controversial online - such as discussing protests or blogging - you must be sure to conceal your IP . Please refer to the section on "Internet Security." The Do List --------------------------------+Keep in mind that any interaction you have online may be seen by others +Think about actions before you make them - do not say anything that you may regret, as it could be recorded +Create unique and secure usernames and passwords - Use letters, numbers, and special characters +Use a VPN if at all possible - see "Internet Security" +Delete your history, cookies, and cache after each internet session +Use Private Mode browsing whenever possible +Try using clients like Firefox instead of Internet Explorer +Use temporary or throw away e-mail accounts to create facebook accounts, etc. See [eml4] +Use Firefox plugins for added security. See [ffx5] The Do Not List ------------------------------+Do not use any or all of your actual name in account and usernames +Do not mention anything that could be personally identifying - see "Physical Safety" [phy5] +Do not mention time zones +Do not mention physical characteristics or abilities

+Do not mention relationships, family, or relatives +Do not connect/disconnect from services such as Twitter and Facebook all at once - stagger your access so they can't be connected -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** Internet Security [isc7] *** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Each online device has an 'IP Address.' An IP can be used to help physically locate an individual. For this reason, it is important to hide your IP . There are many ways of doing this. You should use as many layers of security as possible at any given time to increase your protection. Prepare internet security methods ahead of time in case internet restrictions are enforced suddenly. The three primary methods that will be discussed in this article are VPNs, I2P , and proxies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Virtual Private Networks [vpn8] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a method of securing information communicated over the internet. When choosing a VPN service, try to pick a service from a country that will not easily hand over your private information. For example, services from Iceland or Sweden would be much safer than a service from the USA. Also try to find a service that does not keep user logs or payment information [if using a paid service]. Guides to installing the OpenVPN client: ----------------------------------------------------------* Windows: * Linux (Debian flavoured): * Mac:

Free VPN Services [Not Recommended]: -----------------------------------------------------------* * * * Commercial VPN Services [Recommended]: ------------------------------------------------------------* * * * * Free VPN Downloads [Not Recommended]: ------------------------------------------------------------*Windows: HotspotShield - UltraVPN - *Mac: Ultra VPN - *Linux: UltraVPN -

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I2P [i2p9] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I2P is an anonymizing network that supports many secure applications. We recommend using pchat to connect to and joining channels such as #anonops and #oplibya . I2P Websites -------------------* * I2P Tutorial for Windows Video -------------------------------------------* I2P Tutorial for Linux Video -------------------------------------------* Active I2P sites ------------------------* http://inr.i2p I2P Port Usage ------------------------*

* See also your router's configuration. I2P Installation and Running on Linux ---------------------------------------------------* Download and extract the installation files, no need for separate install (such as apt-get install). * Run the router from /i2p folder with <tt>sudo sh i2prouter start</tt>. In seconds, I2P should open a Konqueror-browser page of I2P-main console. * Configure your bandwith settings. You might also consider opening some ports on your firewall for optimising the use of your bandwith. Portable I2P (Windows Only) ----------------------------------------* -Contains I2P , several plugins, preconfigured browser, preconfigured IRC client and messenger. -Before you can use anything on I2P , you have to start the I2P router from the portableapps tray icon-menu with the button ''I2P Launcher''. Anonymous surfing with I2P ---------------------------------------* Go to your browser options or preferences (depending on your browser) -> ''network/connection settings'' * Select ''manual proxy configuration'' * In ''http'' insert , for ''port'' insert 4444 * In ''https'' insert , for ''port'' insert 4445 Make sure that you have No Proxy set for ''localhost,'' so you'll be able to reach your I2P configuration page. To test your anonymity, go eg. to:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Proxies [prx0] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Proxies are intermediary connections that may help hide your IP . They do not encrypt data. They may also help in accessing restricted web sites. Use them with VPN services to increase VPN security. See the following sites and [tor2]: * * * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tor Onion Router [tor1] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tor is a proxy network that helps hide your IP . It does NOT encrypt data. There have been some claims of specific countries [such as Iran] circumventing Tor protection. Download Tor --------------------* Download TorButton for Firefox (Enable / Disable the Tor on the Browser) ------------------------------------------*

Tor is also included in the Anonymous care package [pkg6] . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** Communications [cmm2] *** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anonymous encourages citizens of protesting countries to ask for assistance. This is best done using IRC to connect to #anonops. Please remember that it is safest to use a VPN [vpn8] or I2P [i2p9]. The IRC can be joined through a link at . In the event of an internet shutdown, you can be sure that Anonymous and Telecomix will be trying diligently to restore communications. There are a number of things you can do to help. *Try connecting to the internet at various locations - sometimes only certain ISPs shutdown while others remain operational *Try using dial-up connections if possible *Find ham radio owners and scan for communications by groups such as Telecomix - they may be able to provide you with directions for alternative internet connection methods. *Locate universities and businesses with fax machines - we often try to use these machines as one-way communication devices to provide updates, safety guides, and inspirational material.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** Additional Information [add3] *** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Temporary / Throwaway Email Accounts [eml4] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E-mails can be set up quickly at the following sites: ---------------------------------------------------------------------* * * * * An email provider with an emphasis on security can be found at: [not recommended, hands out data if Government demands it]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Useful Plugins / Extensions for Firefox [ffx5] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* BetterPrivacy - Removes persistent cookies from flash stuff * NoScript - blocks Javascript * Ghostery - Detects tracking pixels * GoogleSharing - GoogleProxy for locations where Google is censored * User Agent Switcher - Sends bogus browser identity to servers. * Optimize Google - Removes information Google uses to track searches * Outernet Explorer (MacOS) - Creates numerous searches to help prevent packet sniffing. * - Automatically loads https on a site if available. * Scroogle SSL search (Google Anonymously): -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anonymous Care Package [pkg6] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anonymous provides an often updated care package that contains useful guides and software. The best way to access it is to join an IRC channel and ask for it. The IRC may be accessed at and channels such as #anonops [ /join #anonops ] may be of assistance. Please keep in mind security protocols such as the use of a VPN [vpn8] or I2P [i2p9] when accessing the IRC.

End of summary

The -reatest threats to your sa.ety are A) social en-ineerin- and your beha/iour and 0) re/ealin- your "1 address. .or A) see !ocial Threats .or 0) see Technical Try to .ollo2 as many o. these su--estions as possible to ensure ma3imum pri/acy.

Social Threats
Basic rule: Blend in with the crowd, disperse into the stream. Keep a low profile. Don't try to be special. Remember, when in Rome, do as Romans do. Don't try to be a smart ass. FEDs are many, Anonymous is e!ion, but you are only one. "here are no old heros, there are only youn! heros and dead heros. Do not -i/e any personal in.ormation on the "R4 chat as it is public% you mom could read 2hat you 2rite there and so could the 1olice. And don5t mention your in/ol/ement 2ith Anonymous in your real li.e. do not include personal in.ormation in your screen name don5t discuss personal in.ormation% your address or 2here you5re .rom don5t mention your -ender% tattoos% scars% piercin-s% bodymodi.ications% o/er-6under2ei-ht% physical or psycholo-ical (in)abillities (-ot the idea7) don5t mention your pro.ession or hobbies don5t mention 2hether you5re in a relationship don5t mention your in/ol/ement 2ith other acti/ist -roups musical taste6pre.erred literature6.ilms is a -ood 2ay% to kno2 someone% don5t mention any o. these don5t use special characters% that are e3istent only in your lan-ua-e as they 2ould re/eal 2here you are .rom don5t -i/e e/en bo-us in.o. 8ot5s o. no5s% make a yes. /erythin- is completely seperate bet2een your real li.e and online

li.e(s)% don5t blend anythin- .rom your real li.e 2ith anon% don5t talk about Anon in real li.e e3cept postin- posters anonymously% etc don5t mention con-resses that you ha/e been at don5t mention your school% uni/ersity etc. don5t mention 2hat time it is 2here you li/e% mentionin- the time can re/eal 2here you li/e $e/er connect at same time. Try to alternate. Do not post on the public net 2hile you are in the "R4% and de.initely do not mention that you are postin- somethin- on T2itter. This is easy to correlate. Don5t discuss 2hether you personally are DD#!in- or 2ritin- 9o2-Tos or $map5in- the tar-et% makin- -raphics etc. or not% :ust discuss -eneral strate-y Do not post pictures hosted on Facebook. The .ilename contains your pro.ile "D. !ta--er your lo-in ; lo- out times on Face0ook% T2itter ; "R4. They can be compared .or user in.o.

Basic Rule: #se as many security layers as possible. "he $uestion is not, wether you are paranoid, but wether you are paranoid enou!h. A -ood be-innin- is to use a V1$ and runnin- Anonymous related !o.t2are .rom <!0 de/ice or a 8i/e 4D. A pro3y 2ill do also% but is not as secure as a V1$. Al2ays use as much security layers as possible. =ake sure to use them in the ri-ht 2ay. ". you don5t kno2 ho2 to use them% learn it be.ore you use them. =ost Anonymii use V1$ to hide their traces% they use !!8 encrypted connections and they use >/host% 2hen they are on

?hen thinkin- o. a V1$ ser/ice% think .irst about the le-islation o. the country. A <!A V1$ mi-ht pro/ide user data upon 2arrant issue. "n other countries% such as !2eden% and "celand this is unlikely to happen. They ha/e a stron- pri/acy policy% 2ich makes it harder .or la2 en.orcement a-encies to -et access. "n adition% some ser/ers do not keep lo-s o. users. Also try to -et V1$ ser/ices that accept anonymous payments (For those that keep user billin- in.ormation) =ore in.o@ https@66secure.2ikimedia.or-62ikipedia6en62iki6Vpn

Guide for installing OpenVPN client

(taken .rom the FAA by / ?indo2s@ http@66222./pntunnel.se6ho2to6installation-uideV1$tunnelclient.pd. 8inu3 (Debian .la/oured)@ http@66222./pntunnel.se6ho2to6linu3.pd. =ac@ http@66222./pntunnel.se6ho2to6mac.t3t

Free VPN -- $ot recommended. (see e3planation)

". they aren5t sellin- you a ser/ice. They are sellin- you. http@66cyber-host/ https@66anonymityonline.or-

Commercial VPN providers

http@66222.s2iss/ http@66per.ect-pri/ https@66222./

Free VPN direct downloads -- $ot recommended. (see e3planation)

". they aren5t sellin- you a ser/ice. They are sellin- you.

<ltra V1$@ https@66222.ultra/pn..r6do2nload6ultra/

<ltraV1$@ https@66222.ultra/pn..r6.orum6inde3.php7topic+20B.0

9otspot!hield@ <ltraV1$@ https@66222.ultra/pn..r6do2nload6ultra/pn-install.e3e!o.t2are

1.- Free V1$@ "t is not recommended% cause many .eatures are capped% and in addition% many .ree V1$ pro/iders 2ill hand user data upon 2arrant issue. Also% many .ree V1$s 2ork 2ith ad companies. 2.- 4ommercial pptp@ "t5s been said% as telecomi3 pointed out% that some operatin- systems (?indo2s C% Vista) mi-ht be /ulnerable to an attack consistin- in reDuestin- p2p conns% 2ich could lead the malicious attacker to -et the user real ip. !ee https@66222.ipredator.se67lan-+en For more in.ormation on this matter. !eems .la2 has to do 2ith ip/E conns% so :ust ensure you use ip/B. F.- Recommended V1$5s. All that use the #penV1$ ser/ice. And that include speci.ic policies on user data stora-e and policies re-ardin- that data. (0est option% no data lo--in G no user billin- lo--in% G sa.e payment methods ie@ <kash and similar ser/ices).

$%P & 'nonymi(ing Networ)

"21 is an anonymiHin- net2ork% o..erin- a simple layer that identity-sensiti/e applications can use to securely communicate. All data is 2rapped 2ith se/eral layers o. encryption% and the net2ork is both distributed and dynamic% 2ith no trusted parties. =any applications are a/ailable that inter.ace 2ith "21% includin- mail% p2p% "R4 chat% instant messa-inand others. All anonymous. =ake sure you start by launchin- "21 2ith the %&' auncher button in the portable apps tray icon. Iou can then use the inte-rated 14hat client% it automaticaly connects to the "21 "R4 ser/er anonymously. Join #anonops .or to keep track o. Anonymous acti/ity. =any #peration channels are relayed bet2een "21 and n:oy your anonymity and pri/acyK


$%P Tutorial for #indows Video

$%P Tutorial for !inu" Video$2MNV?L

+ow to set up your own we*site on $%P & Video*L/cC!A

$,C with $%P

12C.0.0.1@EEE* 4hannels@ >anonops % >ope-ypt % >opitaly% >opmesh !ites@ (currently all do2n) anonops.i2p Dr.i2p Telecomi3 "R4 allo2s i2p tunnel

For more and active $%P sites visit


The ports $%P is using

http@66222.i2p2.de6.aD>ports !ee also your router5s con.i-uration.

$%P installation and running on !inu"

Do2nload and e3tract the installation .iles% no need .or separate install (such as apt--et install). Run the router .rom 6i2p .older 2ith sudo sh i2prouter start. "n seconds% "21 should open a OonDueror-bro2ser pa-e o. "21-main console. 4on.i-ure your band2ith settin-s. Iou mi-ht also consider openin- some ports on your .ire2all .or optimisin- the use o. your band2ith.

Porta*le $%P -windows only.

contains "21% se/eral plu-ins (email% torrentclient)% precon.i-ured bro2ser% precon.i-ured "R4 client and messen-er. 0e.ore you can use anythin- on "21% you ha/e to start the "21 router .rom the portableapps tray icon-menu 2ith the button %&' auncher.

'nonymous surfing with $%P

Mo to your bro2ser options(preferences (dependin- on your bro2ser) -P networ)(connection settin!s !elect manual pro*y confi!uration "n http insert / .or port insert 4444 "n https insert .or port insert 4445

=ake sure that you ha/e +o pro*y .or as localhost, ,&-....., so you5ll be able to reach your "21 con.i-uration pa-e. To test your anonymity% -o e-. to@

Tor Onion ,outer

Basic Rule: "or does not encrypt the data you send. %t /ust hides your %' by means of cascaded 'ro*ies. 0ust installin! "or does not mean you're safe. For e*ample, if you use "or and lo! in to your real1life1email1 account, you're doomed. 0ownload Tor https@66222.torpro:ect.or0ownload Tor*utton .or Fire.o3 (enable or disable the bro2ser5s use o. Tor) https@66222.torpro:ect.or-6torbutton Anonymous pro/ides a so called 4are 1acka-e. "t contains Tor as 2ell as a bunch o. other use.ull thin-s. ". you cannot access the Torpro:ect 2ebsite% you may ask in the "R4 channels .or the 4are 1acka-e .

+ow to $,C
Basic Rule: #se 22 'ort 3in this case 445-6. Always. #se 78host. Always. %R9 is public, if don't want an information to be spread in public, don't !i8e this information in the first place. %!nore trolls. Always. ?hat is "R47 "R4 is a .ree chat pro-ram that people around the 2orld can use to communicate. "t .eatures multiple rooms .or di..erent chat topics% and pri/ate messa-in- bet2een users. ?hen you :oin the Anonymous "R4 net2ork% do so only /ia !!8 (point you "R4 client to port 6697). 1ort 6697 is an unusual !!8 port% :ust checkin- the Always use 22 bo3 2ill not .unction. 0y connectin- to !!8-1ort 6697 your "R4-4lient may -i/e you a 2arnin-% because the !!8-4erti.icate is sel.-si-ned. That is #O% you can trust the certi.icate. A.ter connection you re-ister you nickname by usin- a .ake email adress% then you /join #vhost and AFT R that procedure you :oin the channels.

1asic list of $,C Commands

/join #channelname /part /query nic /ms! nic "messa!e# /$hois nic /ms! nic serv identi%y "pass$ord# /i!nore "nic # /topic /list Joins >channel 1arts acti/e >channel #pens pri/ate con/ersation 2ith nick !ends &messa-eP to nick Displays in.o on nick "denti.ys your nick to i-nore a troll to see the topic o. a channel to see a listin- o. a/ailable channels

E"tended commands http@66222.ircbe-inner.com6ircin.o6m-commands.html #here to find current $,C information incase you can2t connect http@66222.anonne2s.or http@66222.anonops.ru67id+ser/ers Facebook (search Anonymous% #peration Tunisia) http@66222.anonne2s.or-6chat (8oads 2eb based "R4 client 2ith current ser/er in.o)

Security <se !!8 to connect to the "R4. !er/er port is EENC. <se V1$ so.t2are% or accounts to hide your "1. "R4 ser/ers are pretty secured% but not in/ulnerable. Tor so.t2are is $#T an option ("t5s banned in the net2ork due to malicious abuse). E"tra security consists in getting a vhost -Virtual +ost. Re-ister your nick@ /ms! nic serv re!ister pass$ord %a e& /join #vhost 2hen in >/host type@ 'vhost any.%a

ac Do2nload 4olloDuy .rom one o. these@*cLd.NNcEBE*Lec2e6mac6messa-in-6colloDuylatest.Hip Get a we*pro"y/ one of these3 a)e sure you connect with SS!3 -4ipadress5port4. E2.112.FF.2@*0 200.12L.2BF.122@*0*0 120.FN.2B.1LE@*0* L*.22.1L1.E@*0 http@66222.pro3y-list.or-6en6inde3.php7pp+any;pt+2;pc+any;ps+y;submit+FilterG1ro3y

6sage !inu" !tart 4olloDuy 4lick on +ew nter a $ickname (not your real name) nter a 4hat !er/er% .or our purpose% 4lick on Details !elect the 2ecure :eb pro3y and check the 22 option% use port 445Don5t put your real name in either <ser6Real $ame. "n/ent somethin-. ". you 2ant% click@ Remember 9onnection 9it 9onnect 4lick 0oin Room and enter the 4hat Room #tunisia% .or e3ample. #r% one o. these@ #op(unisia #)o**yVie2 =acintosh instructions belo2.

7chat -Gnome. Debian6<buntu6Onoppi3... @ sudo apt+!et install ,chat Redhat6Fedora(EBbit only)@ http@66222.3chat.or-6.iles6binary6rpm Mentoo@ sudo emer!e ++sync - sudo emer!e +av ,chat

6sage !tart Q-4hat 4lick Add button on the net2ork list% and rename to 2hate/er you choose. 4lick the Edit button 2ith ne2 net2ork selected% chan-e the ser/er entry .rom newser8er(444-% to (or use one o. the ne2er domains .ound .rom links belo2). Then select the t2o check bo3es that say #se 22 for all ser8ers on this networ) and Accept in/alid !!8 certi.icate. 4lick 9lose% then 9onnect http@66kon/ersation.kde.or8onversation -80E. Debian6<buntu6Onoppi3... @ sudo apt+!et install 6sage similar to Q-4hat #indows 7&Chat% Free2are /ersion@ http@66222.sil/ere3.or-6do2nload =irror@ http@66do2nload.cnet.com6Q-4hat-26F000-21L0RB-10NC21BL.html 7Chat http@663chat.or-6do2nload


irc http@66222.mirc.com6-et.html 6sage Do2nload !!8 8ibrary@ http@66222.mirc.com6do2nload6openssl-0.N.*D-setup.e3e "nstall it either in the m"R4 .older (typically 4@S1ro-ram FilesSm"R4 or 4@S1ro-ram Files (3*E)Sm"R4 ) or in the ?indo2s !ystem .older (typically 4@S?indo2sS!ystemF2). 0y runnin- m"R4 it should .ind and use the #pen!!8 library automatically. To con.irm 2hether m"R4 has loaded the #pen!!8 library% you open the ;ptions dialo- and look in the 9onnect(;ptions section to see i. the 22 button is enabled. Type /server #e**ased http599:;3chat3mi**it3com "n the mibbit pa-e% click on ser8er% and enter in the bo3@ $e* 9o2 do " kno2 i. it is 2orkin-7 Just do /$hois your0nic and it should in.orm you that you are usin- a secure connection. http599www3anonops3ru click 9hans

+ow to Vhost
#n the anon "R4 ser/ers you can ask .or a Vhost. This 2ill ensure that you are anonymous on the irc net2ork. 0y de.ault you 2ill ha/e a host based .rom you "!1% somethin- like this@ mynic)<theser8icefrom.,& or a hash i. you5/e lo--ed in by !!8@ mynic)<4545E,A,",9;9K,=&.45.%'. A.ter settin- a desired /host you could be identi.ied as@ mynic)<my8hostRoc)s.or!. 1.- Iou must o2n a re-istered nick to -et a /host. 4ommand /ms! nic serv re!ister pass$ord %a e& 3planation@ This 2ill tell the re-ister ser/ice to reser/e your nickname .or later use 2.- Iou must identi.y on that nickname to -et it 2orkin-. 4ommand@ /ms! nic serv identi%y pass$ord. 3planation@ #nce you do this step you are ready to set up a /host. #utput@ sets mode >r ?ournic) 3planation@ The Gr .la- states a -i/en nick is e..ecti/ely re-istered and identi.ied. F.- Join the >/host channel in order to -et the /host 2orkin-. 4ommand (in channel)@ 'vhost %a 3planation@ A.ter you apply .or a /host% the ser/ice 2ill ban your nick .rom that channel .or a -i/en ammount o. time. Reasons are many. 8urkers can -et real ip5s .rom people. !2itchin- /hosts each 2 seconds mi-ht la- the ser/er% and so on.

F.b.- /entually you can directly ask .or the /host /ia command 2ithout -ettin- in the speci.ic channel. 4ommand@ /hs request vhost&hosthere 3planation@ this 2ill a/oid -ettin- into the speci.ic channel. 0ut is not enou-h to -et it 2orkin-. The vhost& part is optional% the important part is the hosthere part. 4onsiderin- the pre/ious e3planation% use the .ollo2in-@ /hs request hosthere 4ommand 2@ /hs on 3planation@ This 2ill e..ecti/ely acti/ate the /host.

Vhost Trou*le Shooting

A@ " ha/e re-istered my /host% but once " lo- in it doesnt acti/ate. A@ 9a/e you identi.ied 2ith your nick7 Iou 2ill only -et your re-ular /host back once is correctly identi.ied% redo step 2. A@ A@ " :ust chan-ed my /host but it 2ont apply% 2hy7 Iou need to update your status% in order to make it .ully 2orkin-. <se this@ /ms! nic serv update #utput@ @ost2er81 ?our 8host of hosthere is now acti8ated. #utput@ +ic)2er81 2tatus updated 3memos, 8host, chmodes, fla!s #nce you do that% you normally should ha/e a .ully .unctional /host.

your nick

General 1rowsing Safety

Basic Rule: Always browse in A'ri8ate BodeA so that fewer traces of your web history remain on your @DD. ;pera, 9hrome, Firefo*, 2afari, and %nternet E*plorer all include a form of 'ri8ate Browsin!. <sin- a .ree V1$ 2ill ensure your pri/acy in most situations online. ". possible% use <!0 dri/es. Iou can nuke them i. needed and i. lea/es no traces on your harddri/e <se a di..erent V1$ .or each o. your online personas. ?hen checkin- real email accounts% Face0ook% use a di..erent V1$ than .rom the one you use .or Anonymous acti/ities. Recycle your online accounts as needed. A /irtual name is :ust that% somethin- people use to to you in -i/en situations. ?hen creatin- accounts% use V1$ or T#R bundle% that 2ill -i/e a bo-us ori-in as 2ell and make use o. the Thro2-a2ay-emails.

6seful -mandatory. plugins9e"tensions for Firefo"

0etter1ri/acy (Remo/es persistent cookies .rom .lash stu.. PP T.sol) $o!cript (blocks Ja/ascript) Ad0lock 1lus (blocks Ads) (!ubscribe to asylist and Fanboy5s 8ist) lement 9ider .or Adblock 1lus Mhostery (trackin- pi3els) TA4# (=ore adblockin-) Redirect 4ontroller Re.control ?orld"1 (kno2 your country% kno2 your ri-hts) Fla-.o3 Moo-le!harin- (Moo-le1ro3y% i use it because Moo-le is censored 2here i li/e% anonymiHes the search) - !croo-le.or- is also a /ery /iable (and 2orth2hile) alternati/e <ser A-ent !2itcher@ !ends bo-us bro2ser identity to ser/ers. #ptimiHe -oo-le@ Allo2s to block loads o. scum -oo-le uses to track searchs. #uternet e3plorer (=ac#!) @ !earches .or a 2hole pile o. shit on the net e/ery 10 seconds or so% ensures anyone tappin- packets 2ill ha/e a hell o. a time. https@66222.e...or-6https-e/ery2here@ automatically loads https on a site i. a/aliable. !croo-le !!8 search (Moo-le anonymously)@ https@66ssl.scroo-le.or-

System Safety
Basic rule: 2ecurity is a continuin! process, not a state. Do audits on a re!ular and scheduled basis. And do encrypted bac)ups. Bac)ups are important, as there are two types of people, those who ha8e bac)ups and those who ha8e lost their data. use the operatin- system you are .amiliar 2ith (8inu3 and <ni3 are better thou-h) uninstall e/erythin- you not need disable all remote tools shred or encrypt 6temp% 6/ar6temp and all 2orld-readable .iles ncrypt your hard disk (Truecrypt @ 222.truecrypt.or-) Debian and other linu3 distros to encrypt the harddri/e durin- installation. <se it. <se a distro that boots .rom DVD64D6<!0 $e/er e/er keep lo-s !hutdo2n all unneeded ser/ices <se a .ire2all 1ublic access points are per.ect - :ust about. (correlatin- lo-ins 2ith 44TV could pro/e disastrous so security cameras should be a/oided 2hile usin- such 5.ree5 ser/ices. 4yber ca.Us% =c Donalds% and many companies Free internet access% remember thou-h% not to sur. those nets 2ithout a V1$ and6or Tor. Oeep pri/ate keys (p-p6-nup-p) in a remo/able de/ice% and that remo/able de/ice a2ay .rom curious eyes. ncrypt the pri/ate key be.ore doin- this.

Oeep V1$ certs a2ay .rom curious eyes /ia remo/able de/ice% or common hidden .olders. $e/er use the same users6pass2ords on reinstall. Take the time to create a ne2 one each time. <se pass2ord -enerators. 0 paranoid. All rare acti/ity in your computer must be checked and monitored. That 2ill pro/ide 2 thin-s@ kno2led-e once you identi.y it% and added sa.ety.

0etecting potentially security flaws on <Ni"

0ut be care.ul% i. you don5t kno2 ho2 to read 8ynis5 output% you5ll become paranoid delu3e. http@66222.rootkit.nl6pro:ects6lynis.html

Scanner for root)its/ *ac)doors and local e"ploits on <Ni"

A-ain% i. you don5t kno2 ho2 to read Rootkit 9unters output% you5ll -et paranoid. http@66222.rootkit.nl6pro:ects6rootkitRhunter.html

0estroying data securely

6ni"9!inu" To securely destroy data under T$i3 you ha/e some possibillities. The command shred +u o/er2rites sin-e .iles and deletes them .inally% 2ith $ipe +rc% you o/er2rite and delete directories. 0e care.ull because the shredded62iped data cannot be reco/ered. #pen a Terminal and type shred +u &.ilenameP $ipe +rc% &directoryP ". you .eel the need to 2ipe the 2hole harddri/e% the command is as .ollo2s .or "D -9Ds (6de/6hda is the .irst 9D) $ipe + q /dev/hda For !ATA and !4!" 9Ds you type (6de/6sda ist the .irst 9D) $ipe + q /dev/sda ". $ipe is not a/ailable to you% you can use dd. (a-ain the .irst 9D) dd i%1/dev/2ero o%1/dev/hda dd i%1/dev/urandom o%1/dev/hda <se TbothT commands% one a.ter the other% i. especially paranoid. <se them multiple times.

ac Anonymous5 1ri/acy 1ack .or =ac users. "t includes a Top !ecret Docs secure !hredder ; A !-2LE ncryption tool (and some Desi-n as e3tra stu..) F or*:pyNb2a1 =DL (Anonymous-=ac1acka-e-1ri/ + FEeNeaL2Ba*EbNBaBL1LCCcaBEdFe1L. #indows A34rypt http@66222.a3antum.com6A34rypt

#n non-/iolent protests (compiled .rom@ http@66222.aeinstein.or-6or-aniHations10Fa.html)

Formal Statements 1ublic !peeches 8etters o. opposition or support Declarations by or-aniHations and institutions !i-ned public statements Declarations o. indictment and intention Mroup or mass petitions Communications with a #ider 'udience !lo-ans% caricatures% and symbols 0anners% posters% and displayed communications 8ea.lets% pamphlets% and books $e2spapers and :ournals Records% radio% and tele/ision !ky2ritin- and earth2ritinPressures on $ndividuals V9auntin-V o..icials Tauntin- o..icials FraterniHation Vi-ils Sym*olic Pu*lic 'cts Displays o. .la-s and symbolic colors ?earin- o. symbols 1rayer and 2orship Deli/erin- symbolic ob:ects 1rotest disrobin-s Destruction o. o2n property !ymbolic li-hts Displays o. portraits 1aint as protest $e2 si-ns and names !ymbolic sounds !ymbolic reclamations Rude -estures Group ,epresentations Deputations =ock a2ards Mroup lobbyin1icketin=ock elections

0rama and usic 9umorous skits and pranks 1er.ormances o. plays and music !in-inProcessions =arches 1arades Reli-ious processions 1il-rima-es =otorcades #ithdrawal and ,enunciation ?alk-outs !ilence Renouncin- honors Turnin- one5s back

+onoring the 0ead 1olitical mournin=ock .unerals Demonstrati/e .unerals 9oma-e at burial places Pu*lic 'ssem*lies Assemblies o. protest or support 1rotest meetin-s meetin-s o. protest Teach-ins

The methods of social noncooperation

Ostracism of Persons !ocial boycott !electi/e social boycott 8ysistratic nonaction 3communication "nterdict Noncooperation with Social Events/ Customs/ and $nstitutions !uspension o. social and sports acti/ities 0oycott o. social a..airs !tudent strike !ocial disobedience ?ithdra2al .rom social institutions #ithdrawal from the Social System !tay-at-home Total personal noncooperation VFli-htV o. 2orkers !anctuary 4ollecti/e disappearance 1rotest emi-ration (hi:rat)

The methods of economic noncooperation5 -;. Economic *oycotts

'ctions *y Consumers 4onsumers5 boycott $onconsumption o. boycotted -oods 1olicy o. austerity Rent 2ithholdinRe.usal to rent $ational consumers5 boycott "nternational consumers5 boycott 'ction *y #or)ers and Producers ?orkmen5s boycott 1roducers5 boycott 'ction *y iddlemen !uppliers5 and handlers5 boycott 'ction *y Owners and anagement Traders5 boycott Re.usal to let or sell property 8ockout Re.usal o. industrial assistance =erchants5 V-eneral strikeV 'ction *y +olders of Financial ,esources ?ithdra2al o. bank deposits Re.usal to pay .ees% dues% and assessments Re.usal to pay debts or interest !e/erance o. .unds and credit Re/enue re.usal Re.usal o. a -o/ernment5s money 'ction *y Governments Domestic embar-o 0lacklistin- o. traders "nternational sellers5 embar-o "nternational buyers5 embar-o "nternational trade embar-o

The methods of economic noncooperation5 -%. The stri)e

Sym*olic Stri)es 1rotest strike Auickie 2alkout (li-htnin- strike) 'gricultural Stri)es 1easant strike Farm ?orkers5 strike Stri)es *y Special Groups Re.usal o. impressed labor 1risoners5 strike 4ra.t strike 1ro.essional strike Ordinary $ndustrial Stri)es stablishment strike "ndustry strike !ympathetic strike ,estricted Stri)es Detailed strike 0umper strike !lo2do2n strike ?orkin--to-rule strike Reportin- VsickV (sick-in) !trike by resi-nation 8imited strike !electi/e strike ulti&$ndustry Stri)es MeneraliHed strike Meneral strike Com*ination of Stri)es and Economic Closures 9artal conomic shutdo2n

The methods of political noncooperation

,e=ection of 'uthority ?ithholdin- or 2ithdra2al o. alle-iance Re.usal o. public support 8iterature and speeches ad/ocatin- resistance Citi(ens2 Noncooperation with Government 0oycott o. le-islati/e bodies 0oycott o. elections 0oycott o. -o/t employment and positions 0oycott o. -o/t depts.% a-encies% and other bodies ?ithdra2al .rom -o/t educational institutions 0oycott o. -o/ernment-supported or-aniHations Re.usal o. assistance to en.orcement a-ents Remo/al o. o2n si-ns and placemarks Re.usal to accept appointed o..icials Re.usal to dissol/e e3istin- institutions 0omestic Governmental 'ction Auasi-le-al e/asions and delays $oncooperation by constituent -o/ernmental units Citi(ens2 'lternatives to O*edience Reluctant and slo2 compliance $onobedience in absence o. direct super/ision 1opular nonobedience Dis-uised disobedience Re.usal o. an assembla-e or meetin- to disperse !itdo2n $oncooperation 2ith conscription and deportation 9idin-% escape% and .alse identities 4i/il disobedience o. Ville-itimateV la2s 'ction *y Government Personnel !electi/e re.usal o. assistance by -o/ernment aides 0lockin- o. lines o. command and in.ormation !tallin- and obstruction Meneral administrati/e noncooperation Judicial noncooperation Deliberate ine..iciency and selecti/e noncooperation by en.orcement a-ents =utiny

$nternational Governmental 'ction 4han-es in diplomatic and other representations Delay and cancellation o. diplomatic e/ents ?ithholdin- o. diplomatic reco-nition !e/erance o. diplomatic relations ?ithdra2al .rom international or-aniHations Re.usal o. membership in international bodies 3pulsion .rom international or-aniHations

The methods of nonviolent intervention

Psychological $ntervention

!el.-e3posure to the elements The .ast Fast o. moral pressure 9un-er strike !atya-rahic .ast Re/erse trial $on/iolent harassment

Political $ntervention #/erloadin- o. administrati/e systems Disclosin- identities o. secret a-ents !eekin- imprisonment 4i/il disobedience o. VneutralV la2s ?ork-on 2ithout collaboration Dual so/erei-nty and parallel -o/ernment

Economic $ntervention Re/erse strike !tay-in strike $on/iolent land seiHure De.iance o. blockades 1olitically moti/ated counter.eitin1reclusi/e purchasin!eiHure o. assets Dumpin!electi/e patrona-e Alternati/e markets Alternati/e transportation systems Alternati/e economic institutions $on/iolent obstruction $on/iolent occupation

Physical $ntervention !it-in !tand-in Ride-in ?ade-in =ill-in 1ray-in $on/iolent raids $on/iolent air raids $on/iolent in/asion $on/iolent inter:ection Social $ntervention stablishin- ne2 social patterns #/erloadin- o. .acilities !tall-in !peak-in Muerrilla theater Alternati/e social institutions Alternati/e communication system

Guide to Safety in Street Confrontations

compiled .rom@ http@66222.dailykos.com6story62011626F6NB10L06-Muide-to-!a.ety-and-Victory-in-!treet4on.rontations-<1DAT The tips belo2 are pro/ided by /eterans o. street battles 2ithin /arious conte3ts. /eryone 2ho seeks to use them should try to brin- as many o. the described materials as possible in order to pro/ide e3tras to others. 0ut don5t carry too much% as it 2ill make it harder to mo/e Duickly 2hen Duick mo/ements may be reDuired. Remember@ ?hen you record and document% you allo2 the 2orld to 2atch% and to act, brinmore than one recordin- de/ice and keep one concealed i. possible% and in such a 2ay that you may set it to record 2ithout it bein- kno2n. Remember% the carryin- capacity o. the -roup also counts. Distribute supplies as per your -roup strate-y and do so as e/enly as possible amon- protestors.

Protection > Safety

+ead 0icycle helmets pro/ide -ood protection. Those desi-ned .or do2n-hill racin- pro/ide .ull-.ace co/er and are the most secure. 4onstruction helmets (hard hats) 2ill also help protect the head% and are as 2idely a/ailable as bicycle helmets. A to2el or thick cloth 2rapped around the head can pro/ide some protection% but is not optimal. "t can then be co/ered 2ith a metal bo2l or pot .or more protection but it is important that you are still able to see. Remember@ The momentum shock to the head can still cause internal in:uries% e/en i. the outside o. the head appears unin:ured. DonWt 2ear thin-s 2hich can easily be -rabbed (such as dan-ly earrin-s or other :e2elry). Face =asks make it di..icult to identi.y indi/iduals% and i. e/eryone 2ears masks none 2ill stand out. 9oods 2ill co/er most o. your .ace and baseball caps protect you .rom most cameras mounted abo/e. !ome o. the best masks are t-shirts. 1ut your head in a shirt% use the neck hole .or the eyeholes and tie the slee/es around the back o. your head The best protection a-ainst chemical 2eapons is a -as mask. Any kind o. mask should be tried on and siHed be.ore youWre in the streets .umblin- 2ith un.amiliar straps. ?hen paired 2ith -o--les% respirators make an e3cellent alternati/e to -as masks. "t is necessary to do some home2ork be.orehand and .ind -o--les that are shatterproo.% donWt .o- up% and that .it ti-htly on your .ace 2ith the respirator. Respirators may be a/ailable at sa.ety supply or 2eldin- supply /endors. Ask .or .ilters .or particulates and or-anic chemicals and tell the clerk 2hat youWre .ilterin- to double check.

A bandanna soaked in 2ater or /ine-ar and tied ti-htly around the nose and mouth is a last resort. "t is .ar better than nothin-% but remember that it is merely a barrier and not a .ilter and so 2onWt do much .or lon--term protection. Iou can keep it soakin- in a plastic ba- until ready to use. 0rinse/eral% as multiple uses 2ill render a bandanna as -assy as the air around you. For protectin- your eyes% s2im -o--les 2ork 2ell as they ha/e a ti-ht seal. !hatter resistance is /ery important (a rubber bullet to the eye can be disastrous). =ost -o--les ha/e air holes to pre/ent .o--in-X.ill these 2ith epo3y. 4o/erin- these holes 2ith duct tape can 2ork in a pinch a-ainst an initial attack% thou-h not .or lon- term protection. Try them on 2ith your respirator or bandanna to ensure that they are compatible and that both 2ill pro/ide a ti-ht seal. DonWt 2ear contact lenses% 2hich can trap irritatin- chemicals underneath. Clothing ?ear thick clothes i. you 2ill be in ran-e o. rocks or other ob:ects bein- thro2n. =ultiple layers may help protect a-ainst broken bones or other se/ere in:uries. ?ear hea/y-duty -lo/es i. you plan to handle hot tear -as canisters% .resh clothes in plastic ba- (in case yours -et contaminated by chemical 2eapons) Shoes These should be relati/ely sturdy% but still com.ortable to run in% and non slippery% and% i. possible% resistant to chemicals. Dont 2ear anythin- that may slip o..% make sure laces are double knotted% etc.

S)in A/oid use o. petroleum :elly% mineral oil% oil-based sunscreen% lotions% moisturiHers% or deter-ents on skin because they can trap chemicals and thereby prolon- e3posure. ?ash your clothes% your hair and your skin be.orehand in a deter-ent-.ree soap. ?e recommend usin- a 2ater or alcohol- based sunscreen (rather than oilbased). ". your choice is bet2een oilbased or nothin-% 2e ad/ocate usinthe sunscreen. Mettin- pepper sprayed on top o. a sunburn is not .un. ?e also recommend minimiHin- skin e3posure by co/erin- up as much as possible. 'rms !omethin- to protect .orearms 2ith as these are a natural -uard to co/er .ace6head. 4hin -uards or rolled up ne2s papers are -ood alternati/es. Foam plastic is a handy and li-ht-to-carry protection a-ainst all kinds o. blo2s. 4hairs% and .oldin- step ladders also 2ork as personal protection. Supplies Oeep blankets and 2ater on hand to be used to-ether in case o. a person on .ire. <se a 2et blanket to put out the .ire. Do not try to use 2ater to put petroleum (-asoline) .ires out. /en a simple .irstaid kit can pro/e /ery help.ul in unpredictable circumstances (see belo2). Safety in num*ers Remain alert and a2are o. your sa.ety and the sa.ety o. people around you. Remember you must try to a/oid /iolence to protect the le-itimacy o. your mo/ement.

Food A/oid hea/y protein intake durin- acti/e times. "t is di..icult to di-est and 2ill slo2 you do2n. 4arbohydrates are recommended to keep your body in ener-y. 0anana5s are -ood. !u-ar is a Duick remedy in situations o. ener-y lack% but it can cause your blood su-ar le/el to drop rapidly later on. Take care o. drinkin- enou-h. At do2ntime% 2hen you 2ill ha/e a .e2 hours to rest% try i. you can to eat a healthy balanced meal% and -et some rest.

!ist of o*=ects needed to assist protesters

To2els ?ater Fire e3tin-uishers (do not take all .ire e3tin-uishers .rom an area% only e3tra5s you can spare) 0lankets% and .ire blankets i. possible 9ard hats% bicycle helmets% and other head protection% sports protecti/e -ear% motorcycle and o..road eDuipment 1ots and metal bo2ls 2hich can act as protection .or the head in combination 2ith a to2el or other paddinThick clothes First Aid kits% supplies% and banda-es 8adders !tep ladders or other items 2hich can pro/ide some use as shields !oap and disin.ectants !a.ety 1ins and Tape

Some ,ecommended Contents for a First 'id 8it Adhesi/e tape Alcohol Rubbin- and 2ipes Aspirin 4otton s2abs Disposable late3 -lo/es lastic banda-es Face mask .or 41R Flashli-ht 9ot-2ater bottle 9ydro-en 1ero3ide !a.ety pins !alt !cissors !u-ar or -lucose solution Thermometer ?aterproo. tape The source o. this document 2ill ha/e other documents .or you soon. Also see the Muide to 1rotectin- the $orth A.rican Re/olution series .or additional e3pertise on de.ense% o..ense% tactics% and security, this may be .ound /ia Moo-le.

$f e"pecting ". you see it comin- or -et a 2arnin-% put on protecti/e -ear. ". able% try to mo/e a2ay or -et up2ind. !tay calm. 1anickin- increases the irritation. 0reathe slo2ly and remember it is only temporary. 0lo2 your nose% rinse your mouth% cou-h and spit. Try not to s2allo2. ". you 2ear contacts% try to remo/e the lenses or -et someone to remo/e them .or you% 2ith clean% uncontaminated .in-ers. $f e"posed to For the eyes ?e recommend a solution o. hal. liDuid antacid (like =aalo3) and hal. 2ater. A spray bottle is ideal but a bottle that has a sDuirt cap 2orks as 2ell. Al2ays irri-ate .rom the inside corner o. the eye to2ards the outside% 2ith head tilted back and sli-htly to2ards the side bein- rinsed. "t seems .rom our trials that it needs to -et into the eye to help. This means that i. the sprayed person says itWs okay you should try to open their eye .or them. They most likely 2onWt be able62illin- to open it themsel/es% and openin- 2ill cause a temporary increase in pain% but the solution does help. "t 2orks -reat as a mouth rinse too.

For the s)in ?e recommend canola oil .ollo2ed by alcohol. 4are.ully a/oidin- the eyes% /i-orously 2ipe the skin that 2as e3posed to the chemical 2ith a ra- or -auHe spon-e saturated 2ith canola oil. Follo2 this immediately 2ith a rubbin- o. alcohol. Remember that alcohol in the eyes hurts A 8#T. Anyone 2hose eyes you -et alcohol in 2ill not be your .riend. Secondary treatments can include spittin-% blo2in- your nose% cou-hin- up mucous (you donWt 2ant to s2allo2 these chemicalsK)% 2alkin- around 2ith your arms outstretched% remo/in- contaminated clothin-% and takin- a cool sho2er. "n .act% it is essential to sho2er and 2ash your clothes (this time in real deter-ents) as soon as you are able. This shit is to3ic% and 2ill continually contaminate you and e/eryone around you until you -et rid o. it. <ntil then% try not to touch your eyes or your .ace% or other people% .urniture% carpets etc. to a/oid .urther contamination. Remember% it is only temporary% and 2e are e3tremely stron-.

Staying Safe > Sensi*le in an 'ction

A demonstration 2here police mi-ht attack reDuires a hi-her le/el o. tactical a2areness than your run-o.the-mill picket. 9ere are some -enerally applicable su--estions to help you stay sa.e and e..ecti/e in the streets. Al2ays ha/e a sa.e space in mind. All demonstrators need to be a2are o. a sa.e place to -et to i. a situation -ro2s out o. hand. Iou de.ine Ysa.eZ and Yunsa.eZ .or yoursel.. For some% sa.e is amon- the locked arms o. .ello2 acti/ists% ri-ht on the .ront lines, but thereWs no shame in a lo2er threshold% .or any number o. reasons. !a.e spaces chan-e dependin- on mo/ement and barriers by other demonstrators and the police% etc. "n some cases they include 2ide open spaces or public areas. #ther times they may take the .orm o. an alley2ay or similar hidin- spot. ThereWs no hard and .ast rule about .indin- a sa.e space% but the time to ha/e one in mind is be.ore the shit hits the .an. Al2ays ha/e an e3it in mind. Assess ho2 to lea/e a bad situation. =aybe it is best to be in a lar-e -roup .or protection. 0ut i. the police are herdin- you like cattle% then the lar-e cro2d is their .ocus and you may need to break up and lea/e in small -roups. Mettin- a2ay one moment mi-ht be your only chance to be acti/e the ne3t. Arran-e 2ith your buddies ho2 to lea/e% and ho2 to re-connect i. you -et separated. <se the buddy system and mo/e in a -roup. ". at all possible% make sure to ha/e a partner you can trust% to 2hom you 2ill al2ays stay close. That 2ay% at least one person al2ays kno2s your 2hereabouts and condition. ?orkin- in small -roups o. people% all o. 2hom you kno2 2ell and trust 2ith your o2n sa.ety% is another important .actor. /en i. you are not part o. an or-aniHed -roup 2ith a plan o. action% it is help.ul to at least be 2ith .olks you can rely on.

0e a2are o. cro2d dynamics and dan-ers. Iou need to kno2 2hat is -oin- on - not :ust in /ie2% but around the corners and a .e2 blocks a2ay. 1ay attention to the mood o. the cro2d and the police. 4ertain actions like property destruction and /iolence 2ill likely be caused by or result in /iolent beha/ior on the part o. police. 0e a2are o. police mo/ement and di..erent -roups o. protestors enterin- or lea/in- an area. Try to monitor the /ibes and .ocuses o. .riends and .oes at all times. Ono2 2hat is -oin- on out o. /ie2 by re-ularly sendin- out scouts to in/esti-ate 2hat the police and other demonstrators are up to. !ince the situation at a dynamic protest 2ill chan-e .reDuently and rapidly% scouts need to check around and report back o.ten. "tWs a -ood idea to appoint a pair o. -roup members as scouts. DonWt act on rumors. "tWs common at demonstrations .or someone to approach a -roup o. acti/ists shoutin-% YThe riot cops are comin-KZ As o.ten as not% o. course% there are no police comin- at all. These people may simply be panickin-% or they may be a-ents tryin- to con.use you. Actin- on bad in.ormation is disrupti/e at best% and o.ten dan-erous. All critical in.ormation needs to be /eri.ied. ". the person con/eyin- in.o canWt claim to ha/e 2itnessed somethin- directly% or i. he or she is a stran-er% then that in.ormation is unreliable. Assume the riot cops may be comin-. ?hile actin- on rumors and .ear-mon-erin- can be disrupti/e and dan-erous% it shouldnWt be surprisin- 2hen the YauthoritiesZ do decide to blockade% surround% penetrate or break up a demonstration. This happens .reDuently% and the key to not bein- cau-ht o.. -uard is to stay prepared.

DonWt panic, help others stay calm. !ometimes at actions% the situation -ro2s :ust plain .ri-htenin-. 0ut panic reduces critical :ud-ment% adaptin- and copin- abilities% and it can spread rapidly. #ur best de.ense in a crisis is our collecti/e cool - keepin- each other centered ; .ocused. ". you canWt stay .ocused and centered% then you need to Duit the demo to calm do2n. !imilarly% i. someone else canWt be calmed do2n% they need to lea/e. Iour best o..ense and de.ense is bein- part o. a solid -roup. Mroups combine /arious skills and po2ers. !a//y -roups practice o.ten% plan% and de/elop amaHin- strate-ies and tactics that are beyond the abilities o. indi/iduals. They ha/e the numbers to do the /arious tasks@ act% scout% medical% communicate 2ith others% security% etc% yet they are small enou-h to act Duickly. Fighting Police Tactics #.ten% the police strate-y at a protest they 2ant to end is to disperse the participants. They tend to operate in coordinated units% and use the .ollo2in- tactics !ho2 o. .orce to intimidate and scare people a2ay. !urprise attacks by troops hidden in reser/e. !urround and isolate entire cro2ds sometimes not allo2in- people to lea/e or enter. They may also try to di/ide the cro2d by mo/in- into it at its 2eakest point. ". you see the police about to attack your 2eak spot% try to rein.orce it. ?hen dispersin- demonstrators% they may try to dri/e them like cattle to2ards certain areas and a2ay .rom other areas. Iour -roup can a/oid the cattle dri/e dynamic by splittin- o.. .rom the cro2d. This can be e..ecti/e i. the police are operatin- as small units and not splittin- up to deal 2ith smaller -roups outside the cro2d.

1olice 2ill o.ten use snatch sDuads to per.orm surprise arrests o. indi/iduals they ha/e chosen at random .rom the cro2d% or 2hom they identi.y as YleadersZ or YtroublemakersZ. !natch sDuads o.ten are made up o.% or collaborate 2ith underco/er a-ents% and can strike at any time. The best time to stop a snatch is as soon as the snatch has happened. Iou need a -roup o. people to break the policeWs -rip and some people to act as blocks. An important and lo2 risk role in the de-arrest in/ol/es simply placin- your body bet2een the police and their tar-et. #nce you ha/e your person back% all should link arms and disappear into the cro2d. The police may try to snatch back or arrest one o. the de-arresters. !urroundin- police /ehicles containin- arrestees and pre/entin- them .rom mo/inmi-ht lead to them bein- released. 4ars donWt mo/e /ery 2ell 2hen they ha/e .lat tires% but keep in mind that 2hen tires are punctured they can be loud. Always be on the loo)1out for where your friends are, and be ready to act clearly and sensibly at a moment's notice. Outmaneuvering The Police DonWt let yoursel. be intimidated onto the side2alk. 1olice 2ill push marches onto side2alks in order to thin them out and di/ide them into smaller -roups. #nce the police .orce a march onto the side2alk they can much more easily direct its mo/ements and sin-le out troublemakers. !treet crossin-s can be used to mo/e into the road2ay thou-h -roups may ha/e to turn. "n instances like this people 2alkin- bicycles can help .orm barriers% 2hich 2ill slo2 do2n police tryin- to push into the march.

1olice mo/e slo2% so mo/e Duickly and in a lar-e ti-ht -roup. #ccasionally runnin- in a coordinated manner 2ill help to keep the police al2ays behind you. 4ountdo2ns 2ill not only intimidate the police but they -et you all char-ed up be.ore runnin-. =o/in- the 2ron- 2ay do2n one-2ay streets my thin out the demonstration (as people ha/e to make room .or stopped cars) but it makes it /ery di..icult .or lar-e -roups o. police to .ollo2. 8ook out2ards .rom the cro2d. ". someone is bein- administered .irst aid% .ace a2ay .rom them. Form cordons around anythin- the police 2ant. (buildin-s% sound eDuipment% etc.) !ittin- do2n is -ood .or dissuadin- police char-in- but only in lar-e numbers. !ometimes sittin- is not really 2orth it. 9orses and camels are unpredictable. 1articularly /iolent cops% especially those employin-ases or rubber bullets% may be dan-erous to sit in .ront o.. Thro2in- is a de.ensi/e act. "t may not be 2ise to thro2 stu.. at the best o. times that 2ill only pro/oke them and make them 2ant to hit you harder. ". you 2ant to thro2% do it de.ensi/ely% strate-ically% and en masse a constant hail o. debris 2ill create a [sterile areaW 2here the police 2ill not 2ant to -o. Remember@ donWt thro2 to attack or cause in:ury. Thro2 .rom the .ront and then disappear into the cro2d. #nly :erks thro2 .rom the back. Mas canisters can be thro2n or kicked a2ay .rom the cro2d be.ore they e3plode. 0e care.ulK DonWt pick up 2ith your bare hands% as they can be /ery hot. They 2ill e3plode. 0arricades can be more hassle than they are 2orth. "mpassable blockades may be an incon/enience to you 2hen you need to run. The best barricades are random material like ne2spaper bo3es% dumpsters turned on the side% and road or construction material% stre2n all o/er. #ne or t2o -roups can li.t small parked cars

and place them in the street 2ith out dama-in- them. The best de.ense is chaos. ". situations chan-e constantly the police cannot keep up. Oeep mo/in-. 4han-e your appearance. #pen ne2 directions and possibilities. 0e unpredictable. ?atch out .or pro/ocateurs includin- but not limited to Ypeace policeZ. These sel. appointed en.orcers o. YpeaceZ in.iltrate demonstrations and try to pre/ent people .rom 2alkin- in the street or en-a-in- in many .orms o. protest. They sometimes 2ear armbands (usually 2hite) and 2ill report people to the police or attempt to apprehend them personally. Also 2atch out .or indi/iduals tryin- to insti-ate /iolence a-ainst ob/ious non-tar-ets. These people are o.ten police or employed by them to discredit us. Countering the Police ?ith any ro2dy cro2d% the police 2ill be tryin- to break it up.They 2ill try to intimidate and disperse cro2ds usin- baton line char-es% horse char-es% /ehicles% -ases% rubber62ooden bullets and a .e2 /iolent arrests. The dance steps 2ill include one or more o. these@ 4ops in lines 2ill surround you. ither .rom the middle or one side% the cop lines 2ill .orce e/eryone onto the side2alk tryin- to create [spectatorsW ; [actorsW out o. the cro2d. 0aton6horse6-as attack to lo2er morale. 8oud speakers% and concussion -renades% to disorient and breakup the cro2d.

8ine char-es 2ill slo2ly push the cro2d do2n the street to 2here they 2ant you (rush o. cops \ .all back \ stren-then line \ repeat). The police cannot arrest lar-e -roups o. people unless they ha/e lots o. little plastic handcu..s. The police 2onWt use tear -as unless they ha/e their o2n -as masks on. !top the lines .rom .ormin-K !urroundin- you% pre/entin- you .rom -oin- 2here you 2ant to -o% and pushin- you do2n the street to 2here they 2ant you to -o% all reDuire the police to be in a ti-ht line. "t is important to pre/ent the .irst lines .rom .ormin-. ". the cro2d seems /olatile% they 2ill hold back and .orm their lines a distance a2ay. 0ut i. the cro2d is han-in- around lookin- con.used and passi/e they 2ill sneak in and .orm the lines amon-st you. DonWt stand and 2atch them. Al2ays stay mo/in DonWt look like youWll let them any2here near you. !pot -aps in the cro2d and .ill them. stick to-ether. Fi-ure out 2here they 2ant to -o and -et there .irst. 1rotect your escape routes by standin- in .ront o. them. Met those people 2ho turned into [spectatorsW back into the cro2d and mo/in- around. $o2 they may :ust char-e and start arrestin-. At least you are in a stron-er position to deal and your escape routes are secured. ?hate/er happens ne3t% donWt stand there 2aitin- .or it. Oeep mo/in- and actin- de.ensi/ely.

$f they have *loc)ed your only e"it try counter advancing this in/ol/es mo/in- your lines into theirs thus -ainin- more space and openin- up more e3its. <se the .ront line as a solid 2all% linkin- arms and mo/in- slo2ly .or2ard. Try a countdo2n .or a .aster ad/ance. <se the banner as a plo2 (this pre/ents them .rom breakin- your line). Dumpsters on 2heels% sa2 horses and .encin- also 2ork. $f they have *loc)ed your only e"it try reforming al2ays look .or 2ays to increase your number% by :oinin- up 2ith other -roups and absorbinstra--lers. /eryone has to -et out and youWll stand a better chance o. -ettin- out unharmed% 2ith all your belon-in-s and eDuipment i. you lea/e to-ether at the same time.

FAA (in no particular order)

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