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F R E E G if t # 3

‘H e a lt h y P r e g n a n c y W I T H O U T t h e e x t r a p o u n d s ’

You're about to learn the TR U TH about w hy

you D O N 'T have to go through pregnancy
feeling overw eight and unattractive…

Ifyou'd like to finally avoid gaining excess pregnancy w eight,

get fit to deliver so you can enjoy an easy labor and lose your
pregnancy w eight quickly after delivery w ithout allthe dram a of
stretch m arks,nausea,fatigue and m isery,then this free gift
m ight be the m ost valuable one out ofthe 3 you have received.
So you are planning to get pregnant soon…
D o you ask yourself those questions?

• H ow m uch w eight S H O U LD I gain?

• A m I gaining too fast?

• W hat exercises can I do to stay toned?

• H ow can I gain w eight only in m y tum m y area?

• W hat should I eat? W hat do I need to avoid?

• W ill m y stom ach ever go back to norm al?

• H ow can I prevent stretch m arks, sagging

breasts and cellulite?

• W ill m y pregnancy m ask ever go aw ay?

• W hat can I do to have an easy delivery?

• W hat should I be doing now to speed up

m y w eight loss after?

W ell if you’ve answ ered “YES ” to som e or m ost

of these questions, I am very happy to tell you
that I have just found the A N S W ER S to all of
those questions, and m uch M O R E…
M ost ofthe fashionable pregnancy books and m agazines are
either too m edical(m aking us m ore anxious and nervous) or
too playful(not giving us enough practicaladvice).

The generalfeeling out there is that pregnancy is a struggle

and that pregnant w om en gain tons ofw eight,w ear over-sized
shirts,feeluncom fortable and have N O energy…


It is possible to LO O K good and have TO N S of energy

during pregnancy. You can also be FR EE of aches and
pains, dress sexy A N D have an easy tim e losing w eight
after delivering your baby.

M ost N ew M om s are FullofRegret… :o(

M ost pregnant w om en let them selves go, indulge in their

cravings,stop exercising and use pregnancy as an excuse
to eat the house.

There’s no denying that w hen you have a big belly,feel

nauseous and have aches and pains – the last thing you
feellike doing is getting up offthe couch or thinking about
w hat you’re about to put in your m outh.

And that’s w hy m ost pregnant w om en gain m ore w eight than

they should,struggle to lose the excess pounds afterw ards,
and feelm iserable.

H ow m any tim es do you hear m om s com plaining about the

“last” five or ten pounds from pregnancy that they just CAN ’T
seem to lose?

And how m any w om en do you know that have turned to using

restrictive diets and strict exercising routines (allthe w eight-
loss “tricks”) to get rid ofthose U N W AN TED post-pregnancy
In fact,m any w om en spend the rest oftheir lives feeling like
they’llnever get their “pre-pregnancy” body back– they don’t
feelsexy or attractive.

Should've,could've,w ould've – don’t let this happen to you.

D on’t be fullofregret.

You CAN m ake your pregnancy a SUCCESS for both baby and
you – it’s not as hard as you think (and it W ILL set you up for
afterw ards!).

It just takes a little effort for H UG E gains.


W here are you going to putyour w eight?

O fcourse every pregnancy and every w om an is

different - but based on m y experience in w orking
w ith w om en - w here you w illcarry your extra
pregnancy w eight depends on your BO D Y TYPE.

There are tw o M AIN body types for w om en:

• “APPLE” and
• “PEAR”

There are also tw o other less com m on body


• “CELERY” and
G round Rules for Understanding Body Types:

1) You can have a heavy or a thin “apple” or

“pear”,but the w eight w illstay distributed
around the areas specific to that body type.

2) An apple can’t becom e a pear or visa versa.

W hen pregnant,the apple is a “pregnant apple”
and a pear is a “pregnant pear”.

3) You can be a com bination oftw o body types.

For exam ple,I am a “pear/celery”.

H ow do I know w hat BO D Y TYPE I am ?

1.The “APPLE” carries w eight around the m iddle.

She has a strong,thickset skeletalfram e w ith
broad shoulders,a large rib cage,narrow hips
and m uscular lim bs.Typically she can build
m uscle easily.She tends to love m eat/protein.

2.The “PEAR” on the other hand is “bottom ”

heavy.She has narrow shoulders,a relatively
sm allw aist, little low er tum m y and larger hips
and upper thighs.The buttocks are curved and
rounded and the thighs extend outw ard laterally
and m ay touch or rub on the inside.Bread,
chocolate and cheese (cream s) are her favorites.

3.The “CELERY” body is straight up and dow n.

She typically likes stim ulants like coffee and
cigarettes (hopefully not using either w hile
pregnant!).The celery is thin and her w eight
gain in pregnancy is usually alltum m y.

4.The “CAULIFLO W ER” body is round and puffy.

She typically likes salty food and puts on w eight
evenly throughout her body.The “cauliflow er”
usually has problem s w ith w ater retention.
6 G reat A erobic E xercises for P regnancy

1.W ALKIN G - alw ays one ofthe best and

m ost convenient exercises you can do
(pregnant or not)! M ake sure you w ear
loose, light clothing (to deflect the sun),
and w ell-supported and cushioned shoes
(preferably running shoes).

2.SW IM M IN G - an excellent,A+ form of

exercise.Sw im m ing,w ater w alking and
jogging,deep-w ater running,and w ater
aerobics are EXCELLEN T form s ofexercise
during pregnancy.

3.AERO BICS (low -m oderate intensity) -

gets you m oving, is fun (choreographed to
m usic) and best ofallkeeps you social
(especially the pregnancy classes).
Rem em ber that it's crucialyou listen to your
body.M odify any activity that does not feel
com fortable and avoid any w eight lifting
above your head,jum ping,or lying dow n.

4.W ATER AERO BICS - highly recom m ended!

Because ofthe buoyancy,you don't incur
the sam e im pact and jarring ofregular
aerobics, w hich ofcourse is easier on your
changing body.

5.ELLIPTICAL TRAIN ER - this is one ofm y

favorites,although I didn't have this as an
option during m y 9 m onths.Ifyou don't
already know w hat it is, it's a cross betw een
a stair clim ber and cross-country skiing
m achine.It's great because there is no
im pact involved.The m otions are sm ooth
and body-friendly,m eaning they are not
contra-indicative like a bad stair clim ber
tends to be on the knees.
This is a good non-w eight bearing exercise
that is quite easy on the body.I recom m end
the stationary bike because there is too high
a risk offalling offa regular bike.
W hen the body becom es m ore flexible from
the horm one "relaxin") there is m ore risk of
injury (and believe m e - sim ply w alking can
be hazardous!).
Spinning Class is another form ofstationary
cycling.This is also good exercise.It is
social,entertaining,m otivating,and
em pow ering.The only precaution is to m ake
sure you exercise at your ow n pace and do
not let yourselfbe "pushed" by the energy in
the room .Listen to your body and O N LY do
w hat feels good.


W hat's G ood To E at D uring P regnancy?

1.Foods w ith good sources of VITAM IN B

and FIBER such as w hole grains (brow n rice,
oatm ealand m ultigrain bread,oatm eal)

2.Foods w ith good sources ofIRO N such as

green leafy vegetables,red m eat, breakfast
cereals,and raisins.

3.Foods w ith good sources ofCALCIUM like

yoghurt,m ilk,cheese,cottage cheese,salm on
w ith bones,sesam e seeds,and alm onds (dry
roast them - they are delicious).

4.Foods w ith good sources ofFO LATE such as

green leafy vegetables,peanuts,eggs,cheese
fish,potatoes and oranges.
5.Foods w ith good sources ofPRO TEIN such
as fish,chicken,m eat,eggs,dairy products
and nuts.

N O TE: Try organic products and avoid farm ed

fish.W atch out for fish w ith high levels of
m ercury such as shark,m ackereland tuna.

Folate Facts:
•20-50% oftotalfolate is lost in cooking and
90% offree folate is lost w hen vegetables are

•The average absorption offolate from food is

50% - so taking your supplem ent in im portant.

•Take folate before,during (first trim ester) and

after pregnancy - lactating m others excrete
folate in their breast m ilk.


W hich of These A ggravating Issues W ould Y ou

Like To G et R id of or A void E ntirely?

W hat ifI could help you:

• Speed up your post-delivery w eight loss?

• G et a BETTER than you had before you w ere pregnant?

• H ow about getting rid ofpregnancy acne?

• Avoiding a long,draw n out and painfullabor?
W hat ifyou could look and feelbetter than m ost non-pregnant
w om en? (I know ...They'd just hate you :-)

Ifyou could reduce your pain and suffering after your baby is
born,w ouldn’t you w ant to do so?

W ell,I believe getting your body back to norm alis m ore about
your M IN D SET than pounding the pavem ent (exercising) and
restricting calories (dieting)!

Let m e ask you this: Ifyou could learn O N E great TIP or

STRATEG Y that w ould help you look and feelfantastic during
your pregnancy,just O N E, w ould it be w orth your w hile?

You don’t have to be like so m any other pregnant

w om en and feel depressed about your body. You
can be different. You can feel good about yourself
and your body! A nd it isn’t hard w ork—in fact, it’s
quite easy!

Learn how *YO U * too can look great and feel good
by subscribing to our FR EE N ew sletter at:

http://w w w /look-great.htm l

I w ish you allthe best and a w onderfulpregnancy,

Candace H opkins,D irector

The Birth Planning Center
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