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Aamaal for 13, 14 and 15 (Ayyaam-e-Beez)

Recite Ziyarat of Imam Husain (a.s.)New


13th, 14th and 15th of Rajab, Shaa-baan and Ramzan are know as Ayyaam-e- eez! (the days of s"r#ass$n% s#&endo"r) '(mam )aa-far b$n *"hammad As Saad$+ (A,S,) had sa$d.hoso #rays d"r$n% the n$%hts of Ayyam ayz!, $n fa/t, stands at the door of s"#erab"ndant fa0o"rs, bo"nt$es and benef$ts a0a$&ab&e $n these months1,

(2) (3)

(t $s h$%h&y des$rab&e to obser0e fast on 13, 14 and 15, ha0e a bath ea/h day, and %$0e a&ms $n the way of A&&ah, (n the n$%ht of Ayyam ayz! #ray a 12 Rak-at 3amaz as "nder ($) (n the n$%ht of the 13th #ray 2 Rak-at(n ea/h Rak-at re/$te Soorah A& 4aat$hah, Soorah A& 5aa Seen, and Soorah A& *"&k, ($$) (n the n$%ht of the 14th #ray 4 Rak-at- $n 2 sets of 2 2 Rak-at, ea/h e6a/t&y a ($), ($$$) (n the n$%ht of the 15th #ray 7 Rak-at- $n 3 sets of 2 of 2 Rak-at, ea/h e6a/t&y a ($),


(n the n$%ht of 15th($) ($$) Re/$te 8$yaarat of (mam 9"sayn b$n A&$ (A,S,) :ray the fo&&ow$n% 12 Rak-at 3amaaz $n 7 sets of 2 Rak-at ea/h-

(n e0ery Rak-at re/$teSoorah A& 4aat$hah Soorah A& (kh&aas Soorah A& 4a&a+ Soorah A& ;aaf$roon Soorah A& 3aas Soorah A& <adr Aayaat"& ;"rsee =asb$haat "& Arbaa After e0ery Sa&aam re/$te 4 t$mes4 t$mes 4 t$mes 4 t$mes 4 t$mes 4 t$mes 4 t$mes 4 t$mes 4 t$mes

Allah! Allah! My Lord! I associate not anything with Him. I choose no protecting friend beside Him. That which Allah wills (come to pass). There is no might and no strength save in Allah the Hightest the Almighty

(5) on 15th ($) :ray 3amaaz of Sa&man 4ars$, A 1> Rakat 3amaaz :ray $n 5 sets of 2 rakat ea/h ,(n e0ery Rakat re/$te S"ra 4aat$hah , on/e ,S"ra (kh&aas 3 t$mes? S"ra ;af$roon 3t$mes,

=hen after sa&aam ra$se both yo"r hands towards the sky ? re/$te @AA (@AA9A (@@A@AA9A .A9BA9CC @AA S9ARDD;A @A9CC @A9A@ *A@;A .A @A9A@ 9A*BA 5A95DD .A 5A*DD=A .A 9A.A 9A55A3 @AA 5A*CC=A ( 5AB(9(@ ;9A5R .A 9A.A A@AA ;A@@( S9A5-(3 <ABDDR E(=here $s no %od sa0e A&&ah,no one other than h$mFso0ere$%n$ty be&on%s to 9(* ,a&& #ra$se $s for 9(* a&one,%$0es &$fe,#"ts to death,(be/a"se)9D $s e0er&$0$n% ,(mmorta&F$n 9$s hand $s the %ood9e $s ab&e to do a&& th$n%s) =hen say A@@AA9A**A @AA *AA3(-A@(*AA AA-=A5=A .A @AA *AA=(5A @(*AA *A3AA-=A .A @AA 5A34A-ABA@-)ABB( *(3;A@ )ABB E,(C my A&&ah there $s no obsta/&e when tho" %$0es , and there $s no a//ess to anyth$n% when tho" #"ts a sto#F there $s no #rof$t $n e6ert$n% ones se&f $n a matter when tho" &ooks the other way! ) ? re/$te the fo&&ow$n%-

The one tr!e "od! #ingle! $ni%!e! The eternally beso!ght! He did not choose any associate nor a son


($$) ($$$) Re/$te 8$yaarat of (mam 9"sayn b$n A&$ (A,S,) :ray 4 Rak-at 3amaaz $n 2 sets of 2 Rak-at ea/h, After Sa&aam re/$te the fo&&ow$n% d"aa-


& my Allah! & He who p!ts the pro!d tyrants to shame! & He who glorifies the faithf!ls! Tho! was my choice at once when I came across many schools of tho!ght (religions) Tho! bro!ght me into e'istence a favo!r to me tho!gh Tho! was able to dispense with my creation not needing me at all. If not for Thy mercy I am of those who perish. Tho! ma(es available reliable s!pport to have an !pper hand over my adversaries. If not for Thy help I am of those who shatter and brea( into pieces. & He who sends forth mercy from its permanent self) generating origin and brings o!t blessing from its depository. & He who has reserved for Himself that which is the highest and the loftiest so His intimate friends on acco!nt of His might vie in hono!r and glory. & He before whom bend low the r!lers their nec(s b!rdened with the yo(e of disgrace and abasement panic) stric(en scared stiff in awe of His absol!te power. I beseech Thee in the name of Thy #!preme *eing that derives its meaning from Thy timeless eternal greatness I beseech Thee in the name Thy timeless eternal "reatness that derives its meaning from Thy omnipotent a!thority+ I beseech Thee in the name of Thy omnipotent a!thority with which Tho! occ!pied the Arsh and created all that which has been created by Thee+ so they !nto Thee are very obedient to send blessing on M!hammad and on the people of his ho!se.


#.e In/o0a12on of S.a3an2ya.

My Lord bestow ,o!r blessings on M!hammad and his descendants+ respond to my prayer when I pray to ,o!+ listen to my call when I call ,o!+ and t!rn to me when I ma(e my s!bmission to ,o! in confidence. I have come r!nning to ,o! and am standing before ,o! imploring ,o! in h!mility and hoping to get the reward ,o! have for me. ,o! (now what is in my heart and ,o! are aware of what I need. ,o! (now my mind and are not !naware of my f!t!re and of my present of what I want to begin my speech with+ of the re%!est I wo!ld !tter and of the hopes I have in regard to my !ltimate lot. My Lord whatever ,o! have destined for me !p to tbe end of my life whether concerning the open aspect of my life or the hidden aspect of it is bo!nd to come. -hat is to my advantage and what is to my disadvantage ) all my losses and gains are in ,o!r hand not in the hand of anybody else. My Lord if ,o! deprive me who else will provide me+ and if ,o! let me down who else will help me. My Lord I see( ,o!r protection from ,o!r anger and from earning ,o!r displeas!re. If I am not fit for gaining ,o!r Mercy ,o! are

certainly fit to be genero!s to me by virt!e of ,o!r Magnanimity. My Lord I see as if I am standing before ,o! protected by my tr!st in ,o!. ,o! said what befitted ,o! and covered me with ,o!r forgiveness. My Lord if ,o! forgive me then who is more s!ited than ,o! to do that. If the time of my death has come near and my deeds have not still bro!ght me close to ,o! I ma(e this confession of my sins a means of approaching ,o!. I have been !n/!st to my so!l for I have not loo(ed after it. It will certainly be doomed if ,o! do not forgive it. My Lord ,o! have always been (ind to me d!ring my life time. Therefore do not c!t off ,o!r favo!r from me at the time of my death. My Lord how can lose the hope of ,o!r loo(ing (indly in me after my death when yo! have always been good to me d!ring my life. My Lord in my case do what befits ,o! and bestow ,o!r favo!r on me ) a sinner enwrapped in his ignorance. My Lord ,o! have concealed many of my sins in this world. I am in a greater need of their being conceded in the ne't. As ,o! have

not revealed my sins even to any of ,o!r pio!s bondmen do not e'pose me on the 0ay of 1es!rrection before everybody. My Lord ,o!r generosity has e'panded my aspiration and ,o!r forgiveness is s!perior to my deeds. Therefore gladden my heart by allowing me to meet ,o! on the day ,o! administer /!stice to ,o!r bondmen. My Lord my apology to ,o! is the apology of him who cannot afford his apology being not accepted. Therefore accept my apology ,o! the Most Magnanimo!s of those to whom the evildoers tender their apology. My Lord do not t!rn down my re%!est+ do not foil my desire+ and do not c!t off my hope and e'pectation of ,o!. My Lord if ,o! had wanted to disgrace me ,o! wo!ld not have g!ided me+ and if ,o! had wanted to e'pose my fa!lts and vices ,o! wo!ld not have (ept me safe and so!nd. My Lord I do not thin( that ,o! will t!rn down my re%!est for that in as(ing ,o! for which I have spent my whole life. My Lord all praise is d!e to ,o! always and forever growing not diminishing as ,o! li(e and please. My Lord if ,o! condemn me for my crimes I will cling to ,o!r forgiveness and if ,o!

hold me for my sins I will cling to ,o!r granting pardon. If ,o! ha!l me into the hell I will tell its inmates that I love ,o!. My Lord if my deeds are too small in relation to how I sho!ld obey ,o! my aspirations are high eno!gh as compared to what I sho!ld e'pect of ,o!. My Lord how can I go away from ,o! !ns!ccessf!l and disappointed when I had a high hope that ,o! will be (ind eno!gh to send me away en/oying safety and deliverance. My Lord I have wasted my life committing the crime of forgetting ,o! and played havoc with my yo!th into'icated with (eeping myself away from ,o!. My Lord I did not wa(e !p when I was !nder a del!sion abo!t ,o! and was inclined to earn ,o!r displeas!re. My Lord I am ,o!r bondman son of ,o!r bondman. I am standing before ,o! trying to !se ,o!r own magnanimity as a means of approaching ,o!. My Lord I am a bondman of ,o!rs I want to rid myself of the sins I !sed to commit in ,o!r presence beca!se I lac(ed the sense of feeling ashamed that ,o! were loo(ing at me. I re%!est ,o! to forgive me beca!se

forgiveness is a characteristic of ,o!r 2indness. My Lord I was not strong eno!gh to move away from ,o!r disobedience e'cept when ,o! awa(ened me to ,o!r love. I was e'actly as ,o! wanted me to be. I am than(f!l to ,o! for introd!cing me to ,o!r 2indness and p!rging my heart of the imp!rities of being inattentive to ,o!. My Lord loo( !pon me as the person whom ,o! called and he responded to ,o! whom ,o! helped by !sing his ser)vices and he obeyed ,o!. ,o! 3ear &ne -ho is not far from one who is away from ,o!. ,o! M!nificent -ho does not withhold His reward from one who hopes for it. My Lord provide me with a heart the passion of which may bring it near ,o! with a tong!e the tr!th of which may be s!bmitted to ,o! and with a vision the nat!re of which may bring it close to ,o!. My Lord whoever gets ac%!ainted with ,o! is not !n)(nown+ whoever ta(es shelter !nder ,o! is not disappointed+ and one to whom ,o! t!rn is not a slave. &ne who follows ,o!r path is enlightened+ and one who ta(es ref!ge in ,o! is saved. My Lord I have ta(en ref!ge in ,o!.

Therefore do not disappoint me of ,o!r Mercy and do not (eep me secl!ded from ,o!r 2indness. My Lord place me among ,o!r friends in the position of one who hopes for an increase in ,o!r love. My Lord inspire me with a passionate love of remembering ,o! so that I may (eep on remembering ,o! and by ,o!r Holy 3ame and 4!re 4osition cherish my cheerf!l determination into a s!ccess. My Lord I invo(e ,o! to admit me to the place reserved for those who obey ,o! and to attach me to the nice abode of those who en/oy ,o!r good pleas!re. . . I can neither defend myself nor do I control what is advantageo!s for me. My Lord I am ,o!r powerless sinning slave and ,o!r repentant bondman. #o do not ma(e me one of those from whom ,o! t!rn away ,o!r face and whom his negligence has secl!ded from ,o!r forgiveness. My Lord grant me complete severance of my relations with everything else and total s!bmission to ,o!. 5nlighten the eyes of o!r hearts with the light of their loo(ing at ,o! to the e'tent that they penetrate the veils of light and reach the #o!rce of "rande!r and let o!r

so!ls get s!spended by the glory of ,o!r sanctity. My Lord ma(e me one of those whom ,o! call and they respond+ when ,o! loo( at and they are th!nderstr!c( by ,o!r ma/esty. ,o! whisper to them secretly and they wor( for ,o! openly. My Lord I have not allowed my pessimistic despair to overcome my good opinion abo!t ,o! nor did I ever lose my hope of ,o!r benevolence. My Lord if my errors have degraded me with ,o! ,o! may forgive me in view of my !n%!alified reliance on ,o!. My Lord if my sins have made me !nfit to receive ,o!r tender affection my firm belief has reminded me of ,o!r 6ompassion. My Lord if my disregard for preparations to meet ,o! has p!t me to sleep my (nowledge of ,o!r (ind bo!nties has awa(ened me. My Lord if ,o!r severe p!nishment calls me to Hell the ab!ndance of ,o!r reward invites me to 4aradise. My Lord I as( ,o! and pray to ,o! earnestly I desire and re%!est ,o! to show ,o!r favo!r to M!hammad and his descendants ma(e me one of those who always remember ,o! and never violate the

pledge they ma(e to ,o! who do not fail to show ,o! their gratit!de and do not ta(e ,o!r orders lightly. My Lord let me be attached to the Light of ,o!r Ma/estic "lory so that I may (now ,o! alone be away from others and have a heart fearf!l of ,o! and an eye watchf!l of ,o!. May Allah7s blessing and peace be on M!hammad and those of his descendants who are p!re.

In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful. O Allah! Bestow Your blessing on Muhammad and his progeny the tree of prophet hood and the afrode of Your Messages, the place of !isits of the angels, the mine of Your "nowledge and the people of the #oly #ouse of re!elation. O$ Allah I Bestow Your blessing on Mohammad and his progeny who are a boat sailing in the deep waters of fathomless sea. %afe is he who boarded it and drowned is he who discarded it. &hose who went ahead of them were misled and those legged behind them were ruined and those who adhered to them were united with them. O$ Allah! Bless Mohammad and his progeny who are the strong refuge, rescue for the distressed and the helpless, shelter for the fugiti!es and protection. O$ Allah! Bless Mohammad and his 'rogeny with plenty of Your blessings which should please them and grant them their due and it should be fulfilled with Your might O$ the (ord of the )orlds! O$ Allah! Bless Mohammad and his progeny and embellish my heart with obedience to You and disgrace me not with disobedience to You and bless me with tenderness for one struc* with po!erty from Your sustenance for You ha!e blessed me with affluence in li!elihood and because You ha!e displayed Your +ustice on me and bestowed life on me to li!e under Your shade. And this is the month You ha!e attributed to Your 'rophet the chief of Your 'rophets month of %ha$aban You ha!e encompassed it with

your mercy and pleasure. &he Messenger of god used to *eep !igil in de!otion during its nights and obser!ed fasts during its days humiliating himself before You honouring and respecting it till his departure from this )orld. O$ Allah! #elp us in following his life pattern and in achie!ing his intercession. O$ Allah! Appoint him as an intercessor for me and his intercession is accepted by You and appoint him to show us a simple path towards You and ma*e me his follower till I meet You on the day of resurrection in a state that You be pleased with me ignoring my sins for You ha!e prescribed mercy and pleasure from you and my entertainment a peaceful abode and the abode of !irtous people,

'eace be on you, O the son of the Messenger of Allah! 'eace be on you, O the son of the (ast 'rophet! 'eace be on you, O the son of the Messenger in -hief ! 'eace be on you, O the son of the first successor! 'eace be on you, O Aba Abdillah! 'eace be on you, O #usayn bin Ali! 'eace be on you, O the son of .atimah /ahra, the leader of the women of the worlds! 'eace be on you, O the intimate friend of Allah, and the son of #is intimate friend! 'eace be on you, O the sincere ser!ant of Allah, and the son of #is sincere ser!ant! 'eace be on you, O the e!ident proof of Allah. and the son of #is e!ident proof ! 'eace be on you, O the dearest belo!ed of Allah, and the son of #is dearest belo!ed! 'eace be on you, O the representati!e of Allah, and the son of #is representati!e! 'eace be on you, O the custodian of the record wherein deeds are put in blac* and white! 'eace be on you, O the inheritor of the &awrayt, In+eel, and /uboor! 'eace be on you, O the administrator of the di!ine mercy! 'eace be on you, O the part and parcel of the #oly 0uran! 'eace be on you, O the pi!ot of the religion of Allah! 'eace be on you, O the gateway to the wisdom of the (ord of the worlds! 'eace be on you, O the door of sal!ation through which whoso is allowed to enter gets amnesty! 'eace be on you, O the treasure of the di!ine *nowledge! 'eace be on you, O the depository of the confidential and pri!ileged matters of Allah! 'eace be on you, O he whose blood claimer is Allah, #e is the blood claimer of your father also, as those who persecuted you, your relati!es and friends ha!e not been punished for their crimes. 'eace be on you, and on the souls of those who came and stayed with you in your camp for good. I, my father and mother are at your disposal O Aba Abdillah 1erily, terrible was the calamity , and your suffering casts gloom upon us and on all the Muslims %o, curse of Allah be on those who planted the seeds of hostility persecution and organised cruelty to crush you and your family -urse of Allah be on those who too* away your rightful office from you, and set aside your authority. consolidated by Allah. I, my father and mother are at your disposal O Aba Abdillah! I bear witness that, !erily, the foundation of the Arsh shuddered and +olted when your blood spilled o!er the sand and e!ery li!ing being shi!ered and trembled2 the hea!ens

and the earth, the dwellers of 'aradise, the inhabitants of land and waters, one and all, were in tears, sad and troubled. Blessings of Allah be on you, count and measure of which Allah alone *nows. #ere I am for your ser!ice O he who in!ited the people unto Allah. Although I could not put myself 3bodily4 at your disposal when you as*ed for help, and could not declare my readiness to help you when you sought support, but my mind and soul, my understanding and insight, are at your bec* and call. 5lory be to our (ord, that the promise of our (ord is certainly fulfilled I bear witness that you are pure purity purified2 and the offspring of purified pure purity, you are pure and the land where you are present is rendered pure, and the earth wherein you are resting has been purified, and also your #oly 6#aram7. I bear witness that, !erily, you +ustly and fairly dealt with people, and ad!ised them to adhere to +ustice and fairplay. 1erily, you are the truthful who *ept his word, told the truth and pro!ed true that unto which you in!ited the people. 1erily, you stood up for Allah in the earth, I bear witness that, !erily you fulfilled the tas* for which you were commissioned by Allah by your grandfather, the Messenger of Allah, by your father, the Ameerul Moomineen by your brother, #asan2 ga!e sincere ad!ice and stri!ed the way of Allah, till the ine!itable came unto you &herefore, Allah rewarded you the best reward e!er won and indeed blessed you and greeted you. O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad, and send blessings on the much wronged martyr, #usayn, who showed the right path, who bathed in tears, whom sorrows surrounded from all sides, growing, prompt and multiplying blessings, let its beginning begin from the highest height, do not let there be a beginning or the end of its ceaseless course much and more blessings that &hou had bestowed on any the children of &hy prophets and Messengers. O the 5od of the worlds.

3ow (iss the holy grave and place yo!r right chee( on the grave then place yo!r left chee( !pon it circle the grave and (iss all aro!nd it. #hay(h M!feed (a.r.) says8 After this go to the grave of Ali bin H!sain (a.s.) and standing at his grave recite8

To!ch yo!r body to the p!rified grave and say8

After this t!rn yo!r attention to the other martyrs of 2erbala and say8

After this come bac( and stand at the head of the Imam7s grave and pray nama9)e):iarat and pray for self the parents and other believers.