The Circled Square Summit


These are powerful times. Crisis or Opportunities? Breakdowns or Breakthroughs? How do we find our way together whether a corporation or a community? An individual or a collective? Yes, it can be overwhelming, but we are interconnected and perhaps it’s time to circle round the box. All community stakeholders are called to begin to focus on a new group technology called Systemic Dynamics which offers significant HOPE! Through ancient wisdom modern solutions can be found.

The path forward doesn’t have to be

that difficult!

Systemic Dynamics technology teaches that an organization operates the way it does because it is a living

system. Over a period of time, no matter how large or small our teams and organizations are, each develops patterned ways of functioning that affects it’s ability to be effective and efficient. No matter what new systems we put in place they will be affected by the past. This is a method of results not just more information. “Understanding the unconscious patterns /dynamics and loyalties that shape you and your business will allow you to turn potential pitfalls into smart successes.” ~ Judy Wilkins-Smith

Community Summit Events
A diverse cross-section of people are invited to an evening designed to demonstrate systems apparent need for for balance, internal order as well as their need for reciprocal exchange with other systems by using our own city as an example. Enjoy an opportunity to take off your professional hat in a neutral space and witness an example or two of Systemic Dynamics Dimensional Mappings. An evening devoted to the local community & shifting perspectives both on an individual level and as a whole. $50 to reserve your place (or pay what you can at the door)

About Judy Wilkins-Smith
As a Systemic Dynamic Specialist, Judy Wilkins-Smith has worked with companies and organizations from family businesses to Fortune 50 global companies. Presently she works with executives and senior team leaders, health care associations, global manufacturing and technology giants and is a trusted advisor to executive coaches globally. She is an international consultant for mergers and acquisitions, succession planning and visionary leadership. She has also consulted with educational, health, and financial institutions. Judy’s passion is partnering with companies and their families, to break through blocks, stagnation, and conflicts into a practical clear and logical path for the dreams and visions of future generations to grow in.

February 25, 2014 6:30 -9:30 pm
Guelph Innovation Center
111 Farquhar St. 3rd Floor, Guelph Register:

February 26, 2014 6:30- 9:30 pm
Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery (KWAG)
101 Queen St. North, Kitchener Register:

Full Day Introductory Training

Judy Wilkins-Smith will facilitate this interactive workshop on the principles that guides systems. It is a safe space designed to demonstrate how to apply systemic principles to businesses. Explore the potential in this technology as well as the experience to assess the ROI of this internationally certified training.

February 27, 2014 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
The Courtyard 141 Whitney Place, Kitchener $225 + HST (If you register by Feb 22nd you will have a catered delicious vegitarian meal by Little Mushroom Catering ) $250 + HST February 23-26, 2014 Full Day Intro: 40 people max. Group discount $200 each for 5 or more.

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